EPISODE 22: Vol.. 2 - Talk That Talk with Monique Heart and Mariah Balenciaga

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Drag Race faves and friends of the podcast, Monique Heart and Mariah Balenciaga are kickin' it and dishing on the show, their personal and career challenges, the challenges being a person of color in the industry, and where they're headed! Get Mariah mug in your feed! Let Monique change your life! If you're not Kickin' It with C Jay and Paress on social you're fired. Make sure you stay in the know about the show! And always tip your mesh tank top wearing producer, Will. Plus, want more great podcasts? Visit strawhutmedia.com or follow us on social! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


Strawt Media Pilla. Good. Oh, this is such a treat. Oh,

this is such a treat. So, look, this is one of

these special kind of shows. It
is magical, it is black, its

fuck and we are all the way
excited. Me and P have to share

a Mike today, so you're going
to be getting US really special and close

saying in the background, which means
the Jay going to maybe lean over like

this like a dumb ass. Shut
up, nickel, but it's going to

be fun. We have a friend
of the pod, Mariah Paris Valenciaga,

with us. He's so good to
be bad. You're like one of the

most asked about interviews we've ever had
on ours. All the time, gentleman,

suitors, all of them, all
of them, and awesome, all

little white girls too. Will tell
them. STAP MY DM. You know

what I want, Bro and if
you hear that, laugh. We also

have the amazing, the in comparable
from season ten, the one that should

won the first episode, because that
outfit, I have look no disrespect to

everybody else, I get it,
but that outfit to be the anyways.

So it's season ten and from all
star season, for it the top that

got into the top four bi my
motherfucker, Monique Carts in the building.

Hi. So we recently hung out
and we were having conversations and I was

like, this is just too good
to not have all this energy in the

room with P and imp is such
a fan. So Pe, you just

have to go and because I know
I'm so glad you're here. No,

I'm so incredibly glad that you are
here to hang out with us and to

kick it. We just be talking
shit. So we just want you to

talk shit with us. That's what
we do. Walked in, we was

talking about what if. Oh,
yeah, have you? Have you?

You haven't right, you have not
watched it. Not Letting spoilers damp in

my viewing experience. One of US
reading peoples are coming. If you have

not watched and you don't like spoiler, spoil ass on out the room.

Come back, Miss Netflix. Okay, they are doing it. They are

achieving at such a high level.
Very there. You can tell money well

spin. Can we just first of
all talk about the progress? We may

write like we used to go online
back in the day order our little DVD.

Hmm, we MM thend it back
to get the next way. If

I love dingy white envelope to come
through, you bitches. We got it

and then keep it for three weeks
and wonder why? Yeah, I wonder

why you ain't. And now,
if you have insomnia or you're just addicted

to the series, right are you
just feel like procrastinating me watching? What

if it's so good, Mazel wigger
girl, I had to go. I

was like, who's this white what
was she is? Oh My God,

that frost changers used to the puff
pain right. That the plot. She

changed it. PUP page. She
changed it and then she messed it up

and then I feel like she's doubt
it back a little bit, back because

it's back to kind of normalish.
Looked like, oh, not, hmm,

like somebody went and choking that pause. But she did have this good

squam hmm, this whole thing,
and I was like, well, she's

always had she's always been very good
with the squint. Yes, since empire

records in like the wind is blowing
and she's always does. Park was out

of N Hmmmmmm. Very much so. But it was so progressive in the

sense of they had a the storylines. You had the successful black couple that

was going through what. You had
this educated black woman I love that.

She was a dark skinned black woman
and beautiful toful. Oh She's beautiful,

very, very that, and had
two man's fighting after her. Grab was

like, Yeah's her kitty is what
good fine ass man hit a surgery.

Yeah, he was just like come
in here, baby, hold his heart

right quick. You give me away
from my husband. You tell me to

hold a hart real quick, but
try girl. He could have got yum

yums and his little fire. People
call it the grocery car. Okay,

the whole groceries, but I love
it because they made him look so young,

like they think he didn't have to
act young. You knew exactly who

that motherfucker was. You like,
okay, yeah, my lame name.

They had a black guy that was
the lover to the lap La Mexican guy.

HMM, first of he was just
some first fine, fine as hell.

I also love the fact that you
know they were exploring the relationship,

is, deciding if they wanted to
be open and not in hmm, they

kind of played. One was like
I don't know, and he was like

look, you are my man right, I got it. I don't care

where you go. Put that thing
to night. Yeah, I got me

one to see this. It was
so good and I love that. Their

relationship was the healthiest. Yes,
they knew how to communicate with each other,

like they were still going through their
shit, but they were so incredibly

loving, so supportive. And I
had just gotten into an argument with the

narrow mighted motherfucker, but that was
trying to say some bullshit about gay relationships

and I was like, you know
what, you will find the basic opal

about communication or respect period is of
what direction you want to take relationship with.

Everything is work. Every come I's
got, every relationship is going to

be work, whether it's romantic friendship, businesswise, whatever, it's going to

take work. But communication is key
and I think that's where, when people

are trying to explore different avenues for
the relationship, they don't communicate that.

And, furthermore, communication like making
sure that you are one hundred percent clear

with what you're communicating, because people
will say the same thing and be meaning

two totally different things. If your
sentence ends, are your thought ends with

know what I'm saying? No,
absolutely do not. So I need you

to tell me what you're saying.
Right. That part I loved it.

They said they were going through it
and they were just saying, like he

says, well, what about this? Then will communicate about it. But

what if I feel this after?
Will communicate about it. But what if

I want to go back? Will
communicated about that. Like I was like

that not take all your clothes,
sail it. I'm sitting, I'm black

UDO. Some good did and then
Black, oh, I want to really

want to go back. But we
initially said it was going to be a

onetime thing, but I really liked
it. Well, tell him that.

Man, I want to hear yesterday, when I first came out, he

had like so we both were in
fulltime ministry. He had previously been out,

you know, pray the Gayway,
and was boom boom boom, saw

me, was like you are sister. took me under his wing. Anyway,

we came out together, but he
told me to sorry. He said,

look, don't go home and play
with threes or choose or whatever he

goes, because somebody's gonna Liking more
than the other. And he said when

I was in Orlando, girl,
my best friend, got shot because dam

had a little square and then when
one of the husband wasn't there, he

went back for extra husband, came
home and up pop pop, okay,

go back for another school. I
said to scoops. SCOOPS, no,

go back for a third. HMM, no, don't do it. Yeah,

I didn't have been clear about it. Right, right, I'm gonna

go about you, one of the
scoop, because I was gonna go.

Well, he wants Thursday. Okay, yeah, that's and if I want

to resist all temptation, go ahead, have a burn foam for when you

go to another country and then y'all
go ahead and had that and then leave

that shone in that country. A
burn from that's actually a burner. APP

to it, don't. You can
create. You can create a burning number,

like if you want to check on
the Nigga, like a dude and

you want to find him, you
can create a number. This is head

for working purpose. I mean like
the working, working number, working number,

working now, okay, no,
but not not to get off track.

I'm going to talk about you too. So how did the two of

you first meet? I like,
was it on drag race or have you

known of each other before drag race? Very much after I have always been

mariah. I will say. So
he got so that, when it comes

to drag race, legendaryness and when
it comes to girls that are stamped for

their face, Mariah was one of
the first, in my opinion, that

was like. So in my opinion, were go be be, Mariah,

m you know, other girls were
up there that we're cute, but when

it came to Mug, you can
paint anything, but when it comes to

Mug and bone structure, yeah,
the paint on it. Does it sound?

It was not very that. And
I met her, I was like,

Oh my God, I think was
at a Dragon Right, Mickey's one

day know make he's actually hard.
Nicky's after she was like hey, girl,

coming. She was just so chilled, so nice, and I was

like this is this is real right, not the fan, girl, Girl.

It was so much fun and it's
like seeing the girls, the newer

season girls, is still such a
pleasure and I'm like, once I get

invested in them, I become fans
of theirs, because I'm still loving a

fan of the show, and so
when I see girls going on there being

their authentic self, not trying to
be a brand, but letting themselves be

the brand, right right. Monique
was definitely one of those people for me,

and I lived from the beginning.
I was like bitch. Where does

she put this energy out from?
It's my brand of crazy. Everybody I

know is a certain kind of crazy, yes, and she's definitely. It's

a real and authentic is. It
is go crazy. It is so funny.

Did and doesn't stop at all.
So that won't stop. But it's

not like also, it's not like
those girls that try to be on for

the FANDOM. It's truly her personality
and I love it. So civilian.

What changed in about it? I
M right. So what was? So?

I have a bunch of questions.
Okay, because you know, we

got we got very real the other
day. Say, I'M gonna try to

still keep it cute, but what
was a favorite? Maybe ELLIPSYNC, from

your seasons, your respective seasons?
Oh my gosh. Well, the one

that touched me the most was jeremy
season. Yeah, was the one Alexis

and Yado when they battled it out
that for then they were tough for and

because I know how much a Yada
had fought and how much she helped everybody

else to see the some of the
girls, especially earlier in the season,

make fun of her accent, yeah, and poke at her, but they

were still behind the scenes asking on
her for Hell and to see her go

that far and it finally got to
her. She's just like no, I'm

done right, I'm done right.
I'm tired of playing y'All's game. Right,

yeah, what about it? I
literally was cry like her. That

was yeah, everywhere, because she
was like fuck the dress, I don't

care to yeah, all right,
yeah, that was out. that.

Yeah, I do from my season. None of them. Oh, come

on, oh, keep it here, you go on. There was only

one and that was at the finale, and that's when Ms Aquaria came out

with that little firestarter thing. Yeah, that was yeah, because, yeah,

I was there. Yeah, that
was good. The I'm looking at

the I mean dusty and money's was
kind of cute or whatever. I will

say that money started out when she
looks since sink, sunk whatever against mayhem.

Oh, yeah, no, Mo
Nai's was messy as he help,

but that whole do what I dare
check called change my hair moment. That

was put. Yeah, that's rope
about it. Everything else that was just

like, you know, minds was
iconic because of that cart wheel. What

you know, Trag I love a
good card this way, but I ended

up girl. That shit happened.
It looked at me like girl, right,

it is over. But then did
you take some of that into coming

in all starts, because you were
killing those all star Lib sex that when

you did that fan one. Let
me tell you when that or baby,

I've watched that, because the way
you pulled up that fan and I was

like what is that? I had
the fan topped in my so monique,

like I said, my issue was
not talent, it was Miney, and

so I have known how to take
my sister scraps of their Nice eatron fabric

and patch your costume together. So
taking nothing and making something was easy for

me. And so I had buried
that costume on the side the fan,

on the side of my little hum
little whatever area, and bitch, I

said okay, I said I'm not
going home because we're walk came up to

me after I sent the trees home
and said, so, how do you

feel about your choices? And I
got what do you mean? He goes,

we you sent the trees home.
He goes, you feel anything about

it? I go no, he
goes, what? Because it's competition.

Come on. I came to say
all y'all Hos, I don't care be

friends. After I as okay,
that take care. My mom waiting right.

Come on, a bitch, I
said okay, and like they the

productive remember, and actually was like
hey, we need you to be engaged

with the I said, Huh,
I gotta get these words because I'm be

on you. I can be looking
at my mouth. Let me to know

all of them and I'm going to
destroy you. What stock can I do?

I've said I love to, you
know, a little reveal. Mommy

gives me the Oh, girl,
you get a wig room, not that

I always said, but I said
I don't want to just do like a

brown too, you know. And
he you know, the problematic afro to

a blond wig. But that part, oh, but who always that?

Today I was like why do Nobuddyes, okay, so I said I'm gonna

go from this lovely brown to an
orange because that's the color pop. See

that, you know the different MHMM, and it didn't. Then, you

know, for the coopery. She
called someone else's name first. Just to

let me know. Girl, this
is my show, and that's buzz because

it's her show. Great, but
now age, you know, to be

absent in about it, to be
present with the Lord all right bright.

What did you think of that season? I've all stars with Oh chall I

live for the fact that she sent
l tres home, because other everybody else

seems so scared of what the how
the fandom would react to me. If

you're scared of the FANDOM, you
shouldn't be on all stars. Yeah,

and I think that so many times
that the contestants are their narration, their

narrative, is steered by what they
think the fans are going to it is

what because I think a lot of
it has shifted from in the fact that

nowadays you can go and online and
watch all the drag Ray sistors. Right,

all of these babies now right out
about it. Right, they know

something, and right, promoters like
we know how the FANDOM is. Right,

if you are one of the favorites, you'll pack the House and drove.

So I think girls think about that, because you want to think about

like the longevy of your career,
right, and if you go home early,

still work because they still like you. Well, they still like you.

You put all of this money that
you probably won't make it to the

until he's a cute instagram pictures pay
the way. You can't you. I

mean in debt and damn now,
I went home early. Now you're going

to turn on me. This is
just all of the things that you think

about. So it is very true. How you will get there and not

be your most authentic. There's your
word. You're trying to produce yourself for

the fans and not give yourself the
best. Do you think it's even more

so that story for Queens of color? Like do you think House that completely,

because I think that vixen shift really
kind of even put it. Vixen

came in and it was so funny. And now that you know how television

works, girl, I'Ma tell you, if y'all want to go work in

television, watch unreal. Oh,
it will get you right together before you

go do anything. Real said.
She came in and she did her line.

I'm here to fight right, and
she was just in a Chicago to

La Right, I'm here to fight
for the crown. Now, looking back,

for be able to fully complete the
sentence would have helped in the long

run. She came in, they
made her do her line like three times

because they wanted or whatever right,
and then we were okay, Jesus,

and then she was very clear,
don't fuck with me if I tell you

to leave me alone. Yeah,
now, I don't know where everybody else

grew up, but on my side
of the world, as I said,

I tell you, if your Mama
says you better be in this house when

the street lights baby, know,
when the street lights hit Bam, you

better be hitting the door, not
running to the house. One Toe end,

one toe end. You. Well, you should have listened enough.

I handle your ass. Not My
problem. The problem is the other half

of the FAMOM likes to be called
old, HMM, and when you're not

used to having the truth told to
you, Nigga. Well, she could

have said it in so many different
ways. And promoters, and this is

very true, promoters will play House
Nigga, Field Nigga with us. They

will praise me as house Nig you
know, Oh, you would this,

you with that. Now I also
know how the game works. I was

a little bit smarter about how I
responded. Right, but then too,

you can't do that for the fact
that on air she said leave me alone.

Right, well, you get to
say what you want. And now,

Oh, now, you're the dance
of in distress. Well, society

has taught us, media has taught
us to nest, the game that Y'all

play right so lately, Barby Cubacky
all up them on the phone being all

tough, but when they get arrested
or when you set the shit out of

girl, you're like, what is
going on? Why are you doing this

to me? It's not grass that
someone came for me because of the finale

of season ten and I had called
out the bullshit and then someone made a

video and then she posted it and
I saw the video and then I called

her as that's it. Says,
don't be bold now. HMM, after

they are when you could have been
bold in the moment. Come on.

So I said. Everything I said
was accurate, factual. You did this,

you did that, did you not? Should then you need to go

take this statement down. MMM,
took it down to that. Yeah,

because that's what it is. Yeah, that girl then be the girl,

but if you not, i'Mna let
you know that you're not take that down

right. Leave alone, because you
really could. When I speak, I

think before I speak and also I
love a good mother cut. To go

back to that thing before you speak. Your mom used to always say that.

Baby, I look at every angle, every possible come back everything that

you think you could know, Aquarius. My Mom was a gym and I'm

like, so, when I do
call somebody or when I do address something,

there's very little bit that you can
combat me with every every single scenario.

Yeah, it's just like reading.
Honey, I close it up before

you can even think you're going to
use a comeback on me. I'll all

go ahead and used to come back
on myself before you get a chance to

so already think about what you're simple
ass going to say after I say what

I've stated. My mom used to
say don't let your mouth right to check

your ass can't cash baby and bitches
out here. When I bounced in,

check, but my mouth, honey, it's like the Iron Bank. Dribble,

dribble. Wait, so let's take
a break real quick so we could

come back for some more with Mariah
and Monique. Right back, look,

welcome back, Oh monique, come
on now, you had all the gems

in the break. We're talking about
being in black and drag and I think

that's interesting for kids to hear that
are listening. That membership stories we get

told. You know, those are
yeah, that's not that's not what's portraye.

That's not the narrative that anybody wants
to hear. It's really nice.

It's not what any producer wants to
edit into a show. Being successful and

black in any in any profession is
not image. Is Not the imagery that

we've been given as an option.
Right, our futures? Yeah, told

to be pulled up by a boost, right, yeah, right, only

the talent to ten. Oh,
yeah, that part, right. Yeah.

It's just so weird how you live
in a society. It really I

could cry, because you live in
a society where you grew up told that

you can be whatever you want,
do whatever you work hard, work hard,

work hard, and opportunities and everything
is really there. And then when

you get older and you recognize that
you worked, haired complexion can be a

defining thing. M A shade,
HMM, like what? And it just

breaks your out. Men, when
you find and you see yourself in today's

society. Way, this is two
thousand and nineteen, and like the fact

that you're still fighting for like equality, visibility, to be heard, be

seemed to be no, why?
Yeah, and yeah, country. And

then it's funny because the blessing of
being a drag race girls that you get

to travel and you get to travel
the world. So I did a tour

in Canada and then I spent some
time in Amsterdam specifically, and I met

some people from the West indies,
from the Caribbean, and I'm like where

are you're from that journey? Like
no, we're from Dada, and I'm

like okay, great, and they're
like like why are y'all here in Canada?

Where's code? Like Brown, we
don't do that kind of code.

Sixty five, that's called. That's
co when it's in minus fifty twenty degrees

and you live here by choice.
Why, Nigga, we didn't want to

live in America. Why not?
And you go, I will never forget

it, they said, for the
same reason you want to leave. Oh,

I did not recognize. Like what, Oh my God, because we're

still we're giving that the we're fed
the paper, gas and of Oh,

the greatest country in the world,
the riches, this the best. that

the land of opportunity. It's the
land of opportunity being dangled in front of

you. HMM, but the land
of opportunity it is not, because every

time look at just history tells us
it, just in this young country,

that every time a black community has
started to thrive. It's terrorized by the

black community, by the whites.
It's burnt down, it's bombed, it's

lynched infiltrated and sabitize. infrastructure.
Highways are built right through prospering neighborhoods so

that way the the money, revenue
in the traffic to those businesses is cut

off. It's like every time there
are like ten ten steps forward in progress

in the black community or Latino communities, it's being cut off and stifled and

choked to death by the establishment.
But the gag is this is the other

half that hits me as I got
y'alls love money more than anything, more

than y'all hate us. Y'All love
money and power. Yeah, we wouldn't.

You won't hours like don't you?
You know, but there's constantly rather

see us like. So at what
point? That the that's my thing.

If you don't want harm money,
then at what else? Is kind of

like how you feeling. Something else
is down the line, because you yea,

let us really get there. Well, yeah, you can't get there

because you're the well, why is
it? This is something also notice.

Why is it that the Jeffrey Dahmer's
and the what was that? The new

movie that Zach or Zac Efront did
said Bundy, Ted Bundy, like they

are these murderers, terrorists and come
from a line of terrorism, just history.

They're studied, MMM, questioned.
Why? Because they killed little white

girls. HMM. So what's the
signs behind it? In the Fbon they

say they have built. You know, this ideology as what criminal. It's

so cerebral, so cerebral, but
yet for us it's just me underthals and

the right. So you can look
at his childhood, his upbringing, his

mom and all of this, but
you refuse to look at the bullshit that

you did to a people group that
we did not come here Brown. MMM.

And then you constantly like the Misdiagnosi, Mis diagnosation of just black people

and what they called Dreptominia. Wouldn't
we want it to run away? You

know what I mean? You go
how you constantly just see that constant like

every time you try. Well,
this is why, right, right,

when can you? And then to
constantly like Oh, were you know,

black people, we are what's the
word that sexy black man uses, van

something, he goes. We are
resilient. We and I'm like, how

long do we have to keep being
resilient. How long do you have to

keep yeah, how do you go
to the people that put you in chains

and then ask them to give you
freedom? When true freedom is taken?

Come on, and when they got
to fight for their freedom and like they,

you know, the Germans and whatever
their names were before they were these

country, right, they fought for
theirs. And when you try to fight

for yours in someone else's country,
you will not. HMM, and I

feel like so to me, I
go the only way to truly do it

as you have to come together.
Yeah, as a people. Yeah,

the most fractured people, but the
most like we are, the culture we

are. It I recognize also a
music and entertainment. It's like we gag

or and we have gag. We
grew up gagging over the little white boy

who dance like us, the little
white girl who who could hit a run.

But yet they will get there.
And we know Keisha. To me,

Shan everybody else who can think under
the bench it. Hmm, I

think she is messy as hell,
but miss not Kishiko, the one had

the booty and and she had taken
out Oh quis Ko, Cay Michelle hers

in Country Music. The fact that
she can yodel. You got a scholarship,

tell you your whatever, and you're
not even allowed simply because of shade.

I listen to that little trap song, the little country one. I

said, wait, this was the
little black boy and Y'all hated it until

Mr Billy Cyrus got on it.
Yeah, right, right. It just

like when do you ever? How
do you like you know anything? And

it's just like we have to really
come together, go we if we don't,

then we will keep waiting for them
to do it. Yeah, yeah,

and I think you know it's so
it's so divisive and it's so said

to me that so many black and
Brown folks don't see it, but there's

so much self hatred that's just pedaled
to us and so it's you know,

it creates that tear in the fabric
and the texture of who we are and

really keeping us from being able to
come together and create revolution because there's so

much self hatred. This push.
Look at it. You'll have the crew

that you'll have the black population are
like kind of middle America, upper middle

class. They're like, you know
what, those ghetto people, we don't

do that. That's got a lot
until they see the same style and same

fashion, stolen walking down the runway
a Gucci Yeah, very bad. Yeah,

and so it's like when you would
going back, going back to our

like our money. They know we
have money, but see, that's why

every time we start to have a
thriving business front or a thriving core,

it's gets shut down because they know
we have money, they know we spend

money, but they want us to
spend it have no choice but to spend

it at their businesses. That's what
when integration really happened, that's why they

kept shutting down all of the black
communities, so that you have no choice

but to reluctantly go spend the money
in a white community where you're not welcome.

But then you also at the same
time, a signs that we have

not talked about today, about about
that, is the fact that it has

always been we have money, we
spend money trying to attain the stabbing.

HMM, that vision right. Usually. So if I look like I have

money, then I look like I
have truly have freedom. Right, then

I look like I have obtained self, but says no shade. I grew

up where all the kids had Jordan's
living in the project. My mom is

struggling to keep you know what I
mean, so we can live in a

decent neighborhood. And was wearing Kim
specials, you know what I mean,

like I so, but the white
kids is wearing kids. Come on,

it really is horrible because the being
of color, being black, being brown,

you have to over you have to
be an overachiever, or at least

look like you're overachiever, just to
achieve a slightly different PERC perception. Going

into a sore, going to okay, at least if you're dressed to the

nines, you won't get chased or
you won't get followed around the store as

much. M I see used to. I caught myself and I refused to

do it now. But Yeah,
because I'm thirty three. So over the

past three as I've recognized, because
I work, glasses or whatever, dark

ones, like I don't want to. Don't look at me very much that

to you know, I don't know. And I used to wear them and

walk in and I walk into a
sore like I own the bitch, right,

but because I am brown with the
dark glasses and I wear a fitted

hat. Oh, who are you? And so when they come up to

me. Do you need help?
No, no, my dear, I

don't. Well, no, no, are you asking that? Get then

go that part and I'm a clock
you real quick. Right, I'm fine.

The fact that I need to take
off my shades and not look threatening

to you, it's bullshit. Yeah, so I'm gonna make your ass nervous

the whole daymn time for the simple
fact that you're ass thought when you came

up to me and you let this
man run freely, free, and I

mean Rome freely. That's what the
thing. We're not doing it. Maybe

I worn't in one, only because
I do enjoy the you know, I'm

not going to put the French at
the business on blast, but I worked

at a cosmetic company before I moved
out to La and the employees were so

busy and I would hear them in
the in the lower headpiece in a little

waukee like it's. They would call
look code as soon as the Group of

Brown folks, of black folks walked
in. But y'all are not paying attention

to these little Asian girls that are
clearing y'all out in the wires. Sell

out the little white girls over there
at Stella and Becca staring down up but

see, they went and realize that
the Group of black folks that was coming

in, I knew them, hmm, missing and they could have bought this

whole aisle if they wanted to.
True, I'm just like, looking at

them, I'm just like a y'all, I'm just like, yeah, I

don't work. I was like y'all
can go on and watch some other bitches

boom these folks folk. To this
lady coming back from Canada and we were

talking about racism. She's like it's
so different in Canada. Go girl,

it's not, I said. She
was like it's so. Well, we

don't ask it. Yeah, you
do, I said. White supremacies where,

everywhere, says so we enough.
I said now how y'all made respond

to black people? Might be a
little nicer than they do in America,

but we know for the native Indian
people that were there, y'all, slaught

of them fit. Don't act like
and she was like up, that part

says right, don't do it.
But I sit media, like we,

media is very, very powerful and
like you dump. They tell us this

that when a different world was on, that's when the most you saw the

high numbers of African, American men
and women going to college and universities right

there. And just think my I
never could. Always wanted to be dwayne.

Wayne and educated black men a white
man's worst nightmare was. Well,

I will never get that scene.
or he got it locked up for doing

some petty bullshit and he was in
in some man JEM. My mom was

like that will be you will know
that you're educated that and to have a

sense of purpose and identity and whatever. And it's just like when you don't

see that constant visualization and you constant
see super predators right, all of the

shit you like. Well, maybe
we are, and then when you see

another black men on the street,
you get nervous. Right, my quench

in my wallet. and was so
terrifying about exactly what you said is that

now there is a a very calculated
smear campaign going on of a lot of

the people that we held and still
do continue to hold in high regard.

Yes, and you know bill cars, like dead roby, Luther, the

king, that bullshit like it.
There's just so much. It's like when

you when you look back, I
mean human beings are human beings and in

everybody has their skeletons, everybody has
their dirt everybody has their thing that they've

done that they wish nobody knew about. But for me to uproot and unearthed

such trash on a man whose legacy
was to me, untarnishable, right,

but but to even feel like you
have to compile FBI tapes of him saying

that he did this or he was
this way sexually, like it. To

me it's calculated. It's very calculated, especially after this fact that they already

destroyed Malcolm back then. And then
we write because there's a quote from Malcolm

X, I mean for Martin Luther
King. This is I led my people

into like a battle award that they
will not win, thinking that like,

Oh, this is the way,
when my Malcolm was like no, cut

the bullshit, and it's it's very
calculated, because you look and you see

why is it I feel like this? I watched this. WHO's the guy

who did the nine hundred and eleven
movie? Michael Yeah, has another one

called where to invade next and where. The concept is America. He goes

all these different countries that are successful
and he goes why, and all of

them are successful based on these American
tradition of values or whatever, of honor,

and that which we don't live up
to and should. I just had

an I lost it. Say it
again. You just said you calculated,

oculate, tarnish time boot that part. Lost it again. Just go ahead

oft back this, but it really
is. If you go back at least

twenty, thirty years, segments or
increments, you can see where, like

the leaders of that time, we're
tried. They actively tried to tarnish those

people. Black Pants and movement was
a terrorist group. Right, but Ki,

okay, the people, they right, right, nothing with right.

They held guns right like. That
was the part Germany. They said in

Germany that Germany paid the Jews Bat
for what they did and then they teach

them for an hour, Germans each
other, Germans in school for an hour,

what they did to the Jews here
in America, because the Nazis were

white people. Huh? Because the
Nazis went away in Germany, you know,

like it can move on and progress. And they said, yeas were

freed, master, I got a
check from the government, right, truety,

right, and then nothing happened.
Right, Nazis were supposed to be

like the white people that were here, that were bad plantations, that at

all were like, oh now,
it's all gone, but it was it

because you have not paid us the
reparations. You still look at us his

trash and, truthfully, we have
no nation that has ever tried to claim

us either. So I feel like
when you don't China, we threw that

man off that plane when American Airlines
didn't hang trying to show it up on

the assence it. Oh, but
you going to pay? Right? Without

that kind of thing, you lose, without that nation backing, you kind

of lose like the power. Yeah, I'm so, because we have no

power. It's very easy to turnish
our leaders when in this country we know

that y'all are terrorists by trade.
Right, you forget, like Y'all kill

the native America's then told him where
they can live and then think, oh,

because we don't charge your taxes,
everything's okay, right, and then

you still take away their land.
To this day, you still are put

are polluting their land with pipelines and
shit as they're protesting. America's watching and

allowing it to happen. M Well, and you can't, ever, you

know, you can't educate people on
the end of slavery, because slavery never

ended. It just got turned into
the prison industrial complict. Come on now,

come on over. Actually, no, okay, and if you taught

about it that it would be very
clear to see, because it's Shit's right

there and thirty. When we watch
the thirteen and you see them as customer

service representatives, and sometimes you'll get
just someone on a random phone call calling,

you be like who the hell is
this person calling right now? All

Right, oh, because you have
paid what ten cents for an hour?

Oh what is ide hoe potatoes is
out there having them, like all these

different companies in you go y'all just
switched it around. Yeah, and the

other guy for me, is that
why people can't even see the Charles is

enslaver to like if they fucking as, they fucking you, but they already

said you know who. I can't
remember who said it, but there's general

journally quoting it. It's like you
can, if you can convince the porous

most the the porous least educated white
man that he's better than any black man,

you already got it. You already
got his vote. So, like

every snaggle tube, poor white trash
dude out here has been taught to believe

that he is better than any black, educated right, you know what I

mean, and I think that that
is really why they voted so hard and

rights their opinion sorties, because one
that because truthfully like that, is as

people Miss Humanitarians and the on that
Nice level. Right. First, people

system that we couldn't our feed our
families either. Right, U, because

we were black. Right, but
when you're not black and you can't feed

your family, this supposed to be
a country? Wait a minute, now,

what's going on? Yeah, for
me, now we know that job

are never going to come together with
us and say, okay, we need

to uprise, but wouldn't y'all at
least think? Wait a minute, where

is the the hope, the prosper
the the the proaching problem? That's what

I called the poaching prosper like,
where is the coin? Well, the

thing is, it's blamed on that
group. Your impoverishment, Your lack of

education or lack of resources is because
of this group of people. Right.

So they somehow convince you that your
inadequacies as a human being is because of

this whole group of people. Somebody's
taking your job. True, yeah,

somebody is taking your jobs, and
Mexicans like they taking jobs. Not,

since they don't the jobs that you
don't want to take right, don't want

that. You won't do that.
Your son won't even go. Yeah,

because he's a busy planned play station
that you can't afford that point. But

he eat a man a sandwich to
me, and that, to me,

was really like, you know,
you can, you can poke, you

can poke holls an eating presidential administration. But and people, you know you

there were a lot of things that
were wrong with the Obama administration because it,

you know, is an administration within
a broken system. But one of

the things to me, that made
Obama's campaign and his administration so promising and

so wonderful and so beautiful was that
people from all walks of life rallied behind

the idea of yes, we can, yes, we can do something to

change it. And it wasn't devised
and it wasn't about blaming other people for

what was wrong. It was about
that really pick yourself up by your bootstrap

mentality and say there is something wrong
in this country, fundamentally wrong, and

we can come together and fix it. And that's when inspired people and that's

why his inauguration was one of the
most beautifully diverse inaugurations that we have ever

had and will ever have, because
people were standing next to each other and

they felt fucking inspired, and that
has just gone away. And the Oh

God, what was the documentary that
Dude, that Steve Martin, plays on

Sano where he's talking about the whole
the way that they did the campaign?

Call Me, give me Roger Stone. They outline it perfectly. This is

exactly what we did. We knew
that we could in in infuriate people and

inspire people to come together under fear
and hate more than we could but love.

So that's exactly what we did and
it worked. It did work.

I would say the one thing that
has come out of the trump administration is

somewhat of education. A lot of
people who were not like finding out.

Bernie Sanders said this when trump first
got left you, he said, during

the Obama Administration he goes. People
were energized and ready, but they did

not necessarily know what to do and
where to go with it. Right and

I feel that when trump came and
off as people that, Oh hell no,

we don't read a book, we
can't find something. Now we gotta

get you govern on some way.
His Stupidity and ignorance has lit a fire

under people to like really bring change. The problem is now I feel like

those that were even in the Yes
we can because they wanted to change for

their own life, Hanley, are
now on the side of the fence of

yes we can, but if we
do it separately. Right, right,

yeah, we gotta take a break
and be right back. You know,

I fell off right when. Okay, so, which was season is out?

Now? I know it's done final, but I'm saying it was eight.

Okay, so I think I left
when six. Had just happy for

five, but we're it into yeah, but I heard try, I heard

it got. I think they got
this. I heard they ran out of

material. Did you hear that?
They're trying to do the riders of game

of thrones? Heard it the about
this leave. Yeah, like three hundred

years after, like now. But
if the civil war would have not like

prevail. Oh, I wonder what
that writers yeah, and they're think.

I'm just so tired of like y'all. Hose is coon. And now did

you hear about the movie called a
Quesha? Yes, the white he got

radio HOS. Yeah, I go
for OK SIS. Look, we Sha.

She is a dark skin black woman
and you are a white man who

couldn't get the GIG, decided to
pretend that you are black woman who we

already know don't get drunk. Yeah, and then the black guy who was

a writer was like, oh,
it's not. I love how it's like.

No, you know what I call
that? Who's the guy who got

beat up in La real bad?
I call that the rocky King Syndrome,

when they beat you up and then
they send you out there to go.

Okay, can you please go make
his fifty dollars? Can you please go

make peace? No, Sunny,
watch this, I'm about to shake it

up even further. Yeah, they
fucked it up. They did this.

It was him. I'm gonna get
you. Have a question. I want

to know where Steve Harvey is,
a his big ass mouth. Win Seen

or heard of him, SIS because
they let him go. Let him go.

They canceled all his TV Chook Oh, one by one, one by

one, they said, Oh,
let that is one thing. That something.

When I sent you that message other
day and I said I want residual

income, but I want Kanye may
be retarded in a little touch. I

believe he's on the scale somewhere and
spectrum. He's very verse on the spectrum.

But when that man said that you
need true financial freedom, he's not

financial reing. This man is a
Multimillian. It or was whatever. It

is true, because Steve Harvey,
who is a million and who has worked

from started from the bottom. I
was here living in this car and now

he's a multimillion, has had three
wives and, you know, all these

children by all this whatever, but
giving relationship at us. Oh, they

that part. They reminded him because
he had his own little company and he

was taking like a bigger trunk and
they were like, Oh, you're the

talent. Yeah, we owned there, and they sure they did. Let

him know, and so that's all. We can see them. But he's

like, oh, your guards about
to do this and that. That cute.

Says cute like you say that without
a mother. Black preachers can't give

in counsel to trump, seeing which
you could do, talking about you trying

to get up. What was the
housing? The Urban Housing Committee? But

first of all, we can't put
being costing on nothing. First of all

we can't because they don't have good
black people in their lives. Because his

wife should know that we wear bundles
the these days and not plastic synthetic.

So that part, first of all, that part, we cannot, we

cannot minute that. I knew that
nobody had introduced him to a cocoa,

let alone shay butter. These are
simple, stamped one hundred and one things

that we know as but no,
and then he tried to tell and then

that lady, when he took them
to his house, he grew up in

shoot. She had let them have
it stain. But no, baby ain't

you know, get on my God, get on my graphs. Hey,

so we're back, O good.
Yeah, yeah, yes, and that

was good. I just feel like
it's just really sad. You know,

Monique said this the comedian, and
it is. She was quoting a writer,

but she said what. The word
triggers me sometimes. But what one

Nigga won't do, another one will
part and understanding the divisive it. That's

why I love what is. But
see, that's that, because she was

sucked into the the a lore,
which is what I feel that we are

like. I've had to learn how
to fall back in love with myself as

a black man and with black people
and with black features and everything. Yeah,

you are trained in condition. Think
that that is the world in which

you will experience the most blessing happiness. Yeah, once she got over the

actually, once he took her over
there, she recognized, Oh no,

you are beneath me now, not
only for the fact that you're black,

but the fact that you're a woman. Right, you know what I mean.

And I said, Oh, I
gave Kudos to Netflix for showing the

bullshit of white supremacy, maybe not
from all of them, but from at

least the system as a whole.
That is what it is. I think

that's like also to being gay and
black when you come specially the West,

Hollywood, and you know, one
of the first time I came out,

I was just like, there's nobody
here that looks like me, and white

people even only want big black cock
and or they don't look at you at

all. I've noticed this because,
okay, so there's a show on you

too, called the grape vine.
Have you caught it? Oh, SIS,

you would love it allmist and you
all of it, says, I've

been bought. It is a round
table like this. Are Just Black,

young Millennium Poles. Issue would be
very into it, very intimate, gral

we can watch right of the after
that. Okay, they okay, you

just said. What did you say, Donovan? So it's Ashley a cone,

who is this beautiful black Nager woman, and Donovan Summit, who's this

black west Indian man who's gay.
Right, and I love that because a

lot of them you don't see straight
and gay black people together. So I

love that in the form is predominantly
straight and they have a few, you

know, of us is there with
them. They Donovan said something like the

expression in the gay community is a
little different and he didn't go deep enough

to me and I feel like the
reason that you don't see a lot of

one black, healthy black gay couples
one because we grew up in a culture

where it wasn't safe right, right
to generally a lot of the black men

that we like, that we thought
were cute and attractive, shamed us for

being different in queer and gay.
So how do I run to arms of

safety that look like me? Right, when you were the ones persecuted me?

When a lot, at least for
me and for a lot of black,

queer black gay men, they found
safety and comfort and white people's communities

right like I came out amongst white
people that were safe, when black people

growing up were like I wasn't good
enough because I didn't wear designers and I

wasn't I wasn't butch enough and I
wasn't these things. And then I grew

up, I started going to Bromley
white churches that we just want you here

to be around us. And then
you're in that the world for so long

because I and then you watch tons
of television and then you're out and you're

like, Oh, I want this, yeah, yeah, and I recommend

that. It's not even the blond
hair, blue eyed man. It is

the tall white men with dark features. They gives you a racially ambiguous fantasy

that you were still with a black
man. Right, right, shit,

girl, like the lat when you
sit back and you watch the shenanigans and

you watch it and they come up
and they talk to you and or you

at home. You took one home
and you want and able all put that

big black day. But I'm I'm
going home now, because you just let

me know what you want. MMM. So, which is probably why I'm

the biggest black bottom that you but
because I'm not giving you none of this

luscious Black Dick. No, bitch, you probably can get it on the

third day, if that, I'll
let you smell it. You know what

I mean? I was I was
talking to someone about just kind of the

the tear that has happened, in
my opinion, just in black relationships period.

And how, you know, I
think in I think we're all of

about the same generation. Too Young
ASS and come Ye, younger, but

you know, you had to me. It's like, as funny as we

want to say it, like the
death of true rb right, factual to

me is is a is again and
divisive and a huge part of why so

many black relationships are broken. You
know you have because in the S,

I think you have a really,
really interesting thing that happened in the s

where you had, you know,
the birth of this new kind of gangster

rap that was talking about bitches and
hoes and bitches ain't shit and snoop and

Drey ushering in this whole, you
know, and too short, ushering in

the just this whole new era of
bitches ain't shit, right. But they

grew up on the love, on
love music and the S and we're living

their lives in a way. That
was not what they were saying, but

you had all of these young people
thinking that this is how they were really

living. Where as SNOOPE has been
with the same woman for however long,

got all his babies with her.
So you have all these young men,

so cool J, so does Ice
Cube and all these dudes that were wrapping

a certain way that these young men
were believing was how they should live into

treat and now have started to treat
their others in that way. Say,

because when you were opening up and
saying the fraction black relationships, I was

going to say you see, it
go back to slavery and the sense where

you see Massa come in, rape
your wife and you can't do anything about

it because he kill her, kill
you and kill your children. So then

you have a man that is like
left helpless because you're my wife, I

can't do anything. And then you
have your uns and your daughters perpetually watch

that, you perpetually see the devaluing
of black women and black men, and

then you see how the dissonance where, once again, if Massa liked her

than she because you know once again
now, well, I'm favored, I'm

not experienced. Yeah, I'm not
experiencing the BS, the bowl, you

know whatever. And then you see
how the government did it in what the

seven is the ABS and we're with
Welfare. Yeah, and how like,

if he's not in the house,
I will give you a chat, what

soon as your daddy leave. But
then you know my okay. So my

white friend came and visited me this
past weekend and he was talking about how

what he looks for in a partner
in the first thing he said is,

I wonder, can I take this
person home, and what my parents think?

Oh, he's great and will it
will help ease the bump of the

gay. But he was like,
well, this be a good partner and

that. And I notice I said
I love how you're upbringing was different to

the thoughts were, will this be
a good partner with my parents like him,

because your upbringing was different. You
saw mom and dad and right and

life and families and right your home
at five o'clock, you eat dinner and

you're on the couch and your unde's
eating ice cream. Better as sissist.

That wasn't our lives, right.
So when you don't see healthy, functional

relationships, it's very hard to then
model that. It's very hard to take.

You know, you have all these
songs where black women are singing about

I can't take, I can't make
you a man. I can't teach you

how to be one, but when
you haven't had him in the house,

because you see how legislation work,
if there's no black man, just all

the be and you go. This
is why our relationships, and now you

see the wave were in media.
I'm sorry you see it where there's a

push for I feel that. I
feel like they it's either a double edged

store, where there are other saying
that. I feel like it's either we

will move forward as a people and
as a nation if we blend and become

all these mixed race Mulatto people,
feeling like the mix is better than the

original, because they will praise the
racial ambiguous child more than that block my

more Black Daddy, and then to
it's like the only way to truly move

forward is to them again, find
you a light right or one that you

know what I mean, so that
you're never and then the shades at that,

like, Oh, you too dark
for this, even with the yeah,

even more than like last time I
was here, I discuss the fact

that I've gone to different places and
I'm very aware that there's colorism because even

within the the POC spectrum, I
have privileges that other people don't like some

friend I and I light and I
always let my friends. Now I'm like,

bitch, we can leave. I
don't need to be here, because

one of my friends, he's Mexican
and he has to have a white boy

haircut, and I'm doing air quotes
if he doesn't want to get pulled over.

Like I walked right he took me
like one time before I moved here.

He took me to this bar downtown, a couple doors down from redline,

and I walked right in. Baby. I turn around, I'm thinking

he's right behind him, about to
ask him what he wants to drink.

He's been he's full cavity search.
HMM, because he looked too MEXIC,

he looked too threatening. Yeah,
and I was t know, you go

ahead, crazy, it's real,
like colorism is so real, and how

it plays how you and then you
look at features, all it at the

same time like bright. Don't recognize
that you're doing it, but you're doing

it. Yeah, yeah, let's
do bigger you cheeks, to rounding your

nose, to Biggs joke. Alberg, you know, what is this?

You know, how do you look
any whatever I can recognize even in myself.

For the longest time I didn't recognize
why I like the type of dude

that I do. Well for them. You know, I'm open now to

all of it, especially the child
very, very melanting. Bring it home,

Lord, tell me about girl.
The way that man said you are

mine last night I was like girls, send me a black bad Jesus.

Yeah, send me a DMITCH.
Can I just get a DM just get

a dinner, baby. But what
okay? So for me, when it

comes to relationship, being a gay
guy of color, black, I mixed

with black and white. So whatever
I am, I'm happy in the skin

that I'm in. But the thing
was hat my mom's White, my dad's

butt. But Dad was never in
the picture. But I was never taught

to act a certain way in our
household. My House hold is always been

united. Colors have been a time. My older bread brothers blood hair,

blue, wide my young brother's little
lighter than me, with Green Eyes and

Sandy Brown hair. My sister looks
black with high cheek, high she gone

to mind, and she got all
the ass in the family. But when

it comes to having that positive imagery
of a relationship, the thing that I

got from my mom is I won't
be abused because she's all. She's always

pretty much single. We didn't have
like a rotating cast of guys through the

House. So I know how to
be fined by myself. HMM. Yes,

I have those lonely moments, but
I in my like my upbringing,

I know how to be fined by
myself. But the up the flip side

of that is, okay, how
do I engage and be a partner with

somebody? That part I only I'm
sorry, I feel that I totally identify

with that, because I go,
okay, JS, I'm thirty three.

I've had beautiful moments. I've never
liked dated right. They we're in the

same boat. And so I go
and not like I'm very independent, like

you know. I wanted this constant
like love and information. Bitch, leave

me alone. I'm Moody. I
you know, like I might want you

it like you know, from the
hours of like thirty two, like ten

am, and you can go home. You go to something, nails,

call me around to let me learn, thinking about me. Dinner will be

ready, but you can go home. I just Oh, like, how

do you because how do you do
a relationship? Because it's very hot.

My mom was married for a time, which is also why I recognize I

went to him Sadam and had a
little love affair and the man that I

had it with is a short version
of my dad, my Stepdad. My

stepdad was full like Cherokee, high
cheek bones, dark haired, dark beard,

angular everything. And for the long
time I'm like, I like this

and I couldn't figure out why.
And when I kiss this dude and I

backed up as a Jesus who it
was trickery. I'm praying that. We

have to pray that whole like Daddy's
son thing. I don't use that language

away. I want to fuck Mr
Johnson down the street, but I don't

want to Fuck Kevin's Dad. No, man, little, but see a

lot of times and the perverse Americana
perception of relationships and love. There's like

everybody, we're taught, Oh,
you're you are attracted somebody like your mom,

because it's weird or your dad.
No, it's because that was that

feeling that made you safe, feel
nurtured right and a partner. And then

and with your with like when you
are attracted to someone who seems like a

paternal figure, is because you knew
that they were reliable, responsible, was

a security and took care of that
is that's weird. That really is where

that comes from. It's not a
visual thing or a sexuality thing, which

a lot of times in American culture
everything twice gets turned into that, and

it's more of what was that?
What's that familiar feeling of reliability, of

safe comfort when we are attracted to
things or people or two people that remind

us of our parents? It's that. It's not something sexual. It's emotional.

But how does this work now,
with you guys being on TV and

being recognized and when you travel the
world now, is it easier for you

to kind of go through it?
Because I know people come up and have

the fantasy of it but are like, are you able to now? It's

weird. People don't come up to
me. I don't know if whatever energy

I give off because I don't have
insightful conversations with people in the club that

are the creepy drunk person stalks me
till they think I'm drunk enough, and

I am, except for that one
time in the parking lot. That was

you girls. She said, if
you don't get your face white, no,

get up. No, I didn't
know damn it. When we drunk,

we lose. Don't recognize each other, but I do that big black

caught with all the day. Wait
there, no one is that Monique Card,

that thing on my face? You
know what. So let's say go

a lot international that question, though. What will you say dating pear period?

I'm dating right now and I fucking
hate it. I hate it.

I I recognize about myself. I
don't like getting to know people. I

just want to know you. I've
I have such an amazing group of friends

that I have had for so long. When I got to get to know

somebody new, I'm like fuck,
it does right. So when is this

version of you, this best version
of you that you putting forward, is

gone? When is that going?
Bring me the dirty shit, like I

want to see you first in the
morning, when you wake up, when

your face is swellowing. Are you
still cute after you eat brand bread?

Gonna lie. Okay, well,
I'm a little different. Get he got

to have a separate half bathroom.
Church, Church, Church, getting that

that part. I'm a part leaks
with it. That part. Yeah,

over there are need. I need
like separate houses on the same compound.

That part too. Your place that's
my place. We can share a kitchen

there. I don't care. It
like that part. Oh, you far

in front of me because I know
you love. No, no, nope,

you do that. I'm leaving.
You better go out for a few

hours. You can tell. They
always say you meet somebody's representative, or

they just showing you like the best
parts of them. I would rather just

get down to the dirty, like
who's the real you? Okay, I'm

so fucking get into no potenses,
though I think we're friends. I'm I

like if I feel like one.
I'm thirty three and I'm not from La

and so I don't. I'm not
you, because there's a love of bullshit

here and passive aggressiveness, and I'm
just like, waste time, as they

want a cloud chasing, just get
famous. Yeah, I'm not going to

give you the bullshit. If you
are physically attractive, that little wrever,

they would tell you, but I'm
not going to show Ke your ego.

So you can keep the bullshit over
there. But I feel like it's just

this every narcissism in us, like
I want you to like, yes,

but then I don't, which is
why you see sometimes like, Oh,

I have the trade and I kicked
him out like after. Like you want

to feel special, but you don't. I feel it is communication has gone

out the window, because we are
in constant communication. Yeah, everyone.

So I feel like that when your
Grandmama or your granddaddy or in Moses days

like you had to wait on the
response. I see why the Lord said

wait on the Lord bid actually right
back. But then sometimes it's good because

then when you when you don't see
that one, it's yes, but you

know it. To me that is
a playing game. If I miss you,

I'm gonna tell you I missed you. I J I enjoyed being around

you. So, Hey, two
days later, are we going to go

have lunch? Yeah, are you
free? Absolutely, I think it.

Right now everybody is so used to
instant gratification, with the minimal opportunity will,

minimal effort, but also minimum risk
of having shit. I'm losing my

vocabulary. Rejection. Yes, I
think now everybody so used to having a

trophy be for like just kind of
yeah to the game, that nobody's used

to having that rejection. And Me, I'm a big bitch, I'm a

big girl. I'm if you if
I'm not your flavor okay, cool,

just say that right. Cool.
I think how you say it, though.

That's the biggest thing, is that
I feel that people lose respect for

other people. Like you could be
the tea or whatever, and I come

up to you, but what's up? That it out? If I'm not,

I'm not. But for the simple
fact that you know what it is

as well to go up to someone
and you not want to be rejected,

it's be like hey, babe,
that it about. I'm not that.

Okay, Q, we can have
a conversation after that. Care you know

what I mean. Right, and
find it that you could be a good

judy or find out that trash actually
was into it. A right have the

nerve, but you needed one more
competed to be like, what's that?

They shouldn't do it. Don't do
it until you slay. More about,

still on this kiddy cat, talking
about can you look at you can,

but you're going to pay for it. Right, talking about you could have

been the one. Don't tell me
what. I'm getting ready to move to

another still, oh, have right
to that song. Oh, write that

part. Yeah, drags all,
like, okay, all right. So

we gotta wrap up. We can
have y'all but a lot of topics.

Be Good gotta be real. So
what? Hey? Ye, yes,

but what's next for both of you? Part to put that part, that

part. Of course it's a part
two. I am Jesus. We just

need the funds. Right there.
I'm about to release my EP. I

am working with they, the producer
who work, who is working with Halsey,

who's worked with halls wood. He's
also working with her and some new

stuff. So I'm really excited about
that. will be a five track ype.

I will do too full songs and
then we're going to do the like

a minute to interlude, like interlude, sons, like a minute and fifteen.

Really excited about that. That's finally
going to happen at like writers block

is real. But then when you're
trying to be your most authentic self and

you're fraid to be that vulnerable,
which is also, I feel, like

couples and bullshit, because people don't
want to be Vorne. It's hard because

if I opened up will you didn't
like me that part. And then I'm

also talking in Netflix, because you
know I'm trying to have my own little

spiel. I don't want a special, like a comedy special. I want

like a like a series, like
will be here season two, write on

such and such and such and such, tune in. That's come on,

residuals, I kind of want my
own like nailed it, but just drag

related. Okay, okay, look
that now me consider I have no tangible

skills to speak of. I just
want some like some beauty brand to realize

that very non skinny and white girls
need cosmetic report can paint the house down.

Do you know? True to real
quick. I wrote him on hopefully

you have this is yeah, I
wrote her and because I have a like

a whole concept that I want to
do for a foot, not just in

high shore, like I want to
do a whole path, but the whole

thing. You just take the whole
thing and that is your face. Yes,

but girl, well, I have
a title for a poet that I

want to do. I'm going to
reserve that, but hopefully somebody is listening.

And also make sure y'all follow me
on my social media because, baby,

I'm going back to my roots and
I'm like, yes, bobroom,

seen up and there's there's a lot
of balls coming up. In October,

the Moon Glare ball was happening in
New York. It is for ten grand.

I'm putting my hat in the race. So, bitch, y'all better

watch out. And then, of
course, Labor Day in Atlanta is going

to be a huge one. It's
always a huge affair on Labor Day.

So I'm pretty much going to recharge
my battery back into the ballroom. Seeing

are you hoping a brooch? Oh, Oh, yeah, oh, baby,

hi, NY. July thirteen I'm
going to be in Bakersfield because Ross

Matthews drytastic bubbly brunch has franchise the
fuck out of it and I'm going to

be the hostess for the Baker's field. So I'm fortunately, we well,

fortunately, we've already sold out for
our July thirteen, but unfortunately for the

people who didn't get their tickets early, but fortunately for those people, we

have an August show coming up,
so y'all, make sure y'all look out

for that. and that is August
seventeen, and there is an amazing lineup.

See, I'll make sure y'all follow
me. I'm work for days on

INSTAGRAM IN EUG number four, day
Z Y zy, because I want to

be different. Bitch. That part
I'm wait, I'm time this is I

guest. So we in any ACOHOL. Thank okay to thay. Y'All.

We'll see you all next week
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