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EPISODE 37: Vol. 3 - Blow the Whistle

Show Notes

C Jay and Paress are playing a new game and blowing the whistle on some racist ass idiots who got themselves fired for, you guessed it, being racist idiots. Plus, breaking down perspectives on Elijah McClain and white privilege. And a fresh batch of roses to some of our faves! Follow and check them out below. Sing that WOOWOOWOOWOOOOOWOOOOOH part along with C Jay on Instagram! Follow the show page to help share our pics and spread the word! Your producer is Will Sterling. Check out I May Destroy You from Michaela Cole on HBO Max. And don't forget to follow: @flawlesscrowns @milesregis @moniqueheart - @mug4dayz  aka Mariah Balenciga @nigelwithdknife aka Nigel Henderson Learn more about your ad choices. Visit