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EPISODE 40: Jane Johnsen - Recruiting for a Soriary, Sorriety, or So...

Show Notes

In this week's episode, Jane Johnsen talks about her first time rushing at a Sorority, and her twisted maniacal take of hell week! Get ready for the hell tales of the elite barbie dolls of sororities, and hear how Jane sucked Monique into joining a "fake" sorority. Sorry Niko no boys allowed! Check out Jane on IG and her comedy show BirdBath! Do you have a first time story you want to share?! Reach out to Niko and Monique on Or call and leave a quick message on the My First Time hotline 833-4114-SHM Follow Straw Hut Media for updates on My First Time or some of their other shows @strawhutmedia Tune in with Niko and Monique on instagram! Check out more great shows from Straw Hut Media @ Learn more about your ad choices. Visit