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EPISODE 39: Willie Macc - Getting Locked Up

Show Notes

Willie sits down with Niko and Monique and talks all about the time he got locked up. It involves lesbians and fry machine. Sure to be a good ride :) Willie says, "if it wasn't for me getting locked up in St Louis I would have never came to LA. Idk what I'd be doing in St Louis if I was still there. I didn't get accepted into college bc my grades were awful, I was a teenage father, my sons mom hit me with a car. What a crazy life we live?! Sometimes life not going according to plan is the plan." Check out Willie on IG! Do you have a first time story you want to share?! Reach out to Niko and Monique on Or call and leave a quick message on the My First Time hotline 833-4114-SHM Follow Straw Hut Media for updates on My First Time or some of their other shows @strawhutmedia Tune in with Niko and Monique on instagram! Check out more great shows from Straw Hut Media @ Learn more about your ad choices. Visit