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EPISODE 214: Angels Among Us with Author, Keith Leon S.

Show Notes

On this show, best-selling author and lecturer Keith Leon S. shares insights from his newest book, “Walking With My Angels: A True Story”, providing many helpful tips on how to communicate with your personal Guardian Angel (which he says we all have.) You will want to have a pen and paper ready, as there are so many valuable insights he had to share! ABOUT OUR GUEST: "Thirty years ago, Keith Leon S. received a message from angels. He was told that he would write a book that would change lives. Anyone who held this book in their hands would be raised to their next level of vibration. Finally, here it is." ... "This is the true story of a man whose life was spared over and over again with the help of his angels. He has witnessed miracles. He has witnessed time reverse. The stories of his adventures with his angels are thrilling, as well as being full of humor and wonder. Now, Keith is on a mission to introduce you to your heavenly helpers in this, a pivotal time in history." Book: Website: ♫ Songs featured in this show: 1) Keith Leon S: We are One 2) Keith Leon S: Perfect 3) Keith Leon S.: It’s A God Thing (live in studio) 4) Thievery Corporation: It Takes a Thief