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EPISODE 221: Channeled Messages From the Famously Undead with Lisa Najjar

Show Notes

Lisa Najjar is a medium/channeler who has heard from many historical and well-known people who have passed away. From Abraham Lincoln to Cleopatra to George Harrison, she has tapped into the uplifting messages they all wish to share about life here on Earth....and beyond! * Lisa Najjar Dying to Tell You | * ♫ Songs Featured on this Show: George Harrison: "My Sweet Lord" Jesus Jones: "Right Here Right Now" Youngbloods: "Get Together" Van Halen: "Right Now" From our guest, Lisa Najjar: "Dying to Tell You is my first book. That said, I hesitate to call myself an author. What I am is a psychic-channel-medium. What I also am is a court reporter (you know, the lady who sits in the courtroom using that funny machine to record and transcribe the proceedings). So how I like to put it is that this court reporter is now reporting for a higher court – not the Supreme Court, but the Celestial Court. I am a Celestial Court reporter, you could say. This book wasn’t so much “written” as it was “transcribed”. I took dictation, while those in Spirit (celebrities, historical figures and higher Master Beings) shared their wisdom from the other side, from behind the veil of death. The book is a collection of deep, soulful, inspiring channeled messages, shared from the heart of each one of my “guests”, in an effort to help us here on Earth to live better, more meaningful, more fulfilling lives NOW, while still in our bodies."