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EPISODE 251: Enneagram Experience with Shannon Nicole Bobo

Show Notes

۞ "The Enneagram is a mandala used for transformative self-realization and serves as a psycho-spiritual map of the psyche. This ancient wisdom has been used by mystics from all major wisdom and faith traditions to tap into the subconscious mind and reconnect to one’s true essence."

"Incorporating key aspects of Yogic Philosophy, the Pathway of the Chakras/Energetic Body, Ayurvedic Philospohy, Egyptian & Sufi Wisdom, Sacred Numerology, Sacred Geometry, the Hero’s/Heroine’s Journey, Archetypal and Mandala Psychology (just to name a few!); it is truly a powerhouse tool for awakening the soul while aligning body, heart and mind." []

♫ Songs featured in this show:
1) Florence & The Machine: Dog Days Are Over
2) Jessica Sirena: Mother I Feel You
3) Rising Appalachia: I Believe In Being Ready
4) Deya Dova: Walking Water
5) Jessica Berezan: Returning