Below the Surface : Avoiding Scams This Holiday Season w/ Ashton Bingham & Art Kulik

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With Covid19 cases spiking across the country consumers are more likely to do the bulk of their shopping online. In fact reports are already estimating that holiday ecommerce is going to increase by 35% this year. But as more people complete their shopping list from home they can become easy targets for those seeking to scam online shoppers. So how can we shop online safely? Should additional measures be taken this year to avoid scams and rip-offs? This week Dr. Hirsch chats with Ashton Bingham and Art Kulik of Trilogy Media about avoiding scams. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Below the Surface
Each week Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Dr. Elliot Hirsch, sits down with patients, celebrities and experts to go below the surface on topics within the field of medicine and current events.

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Straw media. This holliday season isgoing to look a lot stranger this year.
As more people complete their online shoppinglist from home, they become easy
targets for those seeking to scam onlineshoppers. So how can we shop online
safely? Today we'll talk about howto avoid online scamps. I'm Dr Elliot
Hirsh. Welcome to below the surface. A few months ago, my wife
got a call from a local numberclaiming that if we didn't pay our water
and power bill, they were goingto show off our electricity. Of course,
we had to do this with visagift cards, and so they wanted
us to buy the Visa cards andthen read the numbers to them. This
didn't make any sense, of course, so she hung up and immediately called
the real water and Power Company andreported it, and the person who picked
up the phone told her that therehave been a lot of older people who
have fallen for the scam recently,and I've lost hundreds of dollars. I
personally get calls all the time.They are prerecorded messages threatening all sorts of
schemes, ranging from law enforcement issuesor mail fraud type things. They've been
around for a long time. Youwould think that law enforcement will be able
to shut them down, but it'snot that simple. Today we'll talk to
Ashton, being an art Kulik CEOSor children media, about these scams and
how to avoid them. Ashton andart, welcome to below the surface.
How you do and thanks happening.Thank you for having us. My pleasure.
Guys. Thank you. Thank youboth for I taking the time to
talk to me. I thought wewould start just kind of you could tell
me a little bit. What istrilogy media? Who are you guys?
Trilogy Media? You could it's anumber of things you could say right now.
This is after them. This isour yes, we got truly do
media. Start Care. We're we'retwo dreamers that move from very different parts
of the world, very different backgrounds, but our paths crossed. She's about
a decade ago here in Los Angeles. You know me coming from northern Nevada
and being an aspiring actor and filmmakerwanting to make my own content and work
for myself, and you know ourcan speak to to his background. But
we came together to create content andwe kind of got launched into this scam
busting realm. About five or sixyears after first meeting with an accidental video
that went crazy viral, and afterdoing some research and in some proaction,
I guess you could say we foundthat it was the perfect marriage of us
wanting to be who we are andcreate content true to our hearts and also
be able to do something that's goodfor the society and for world and raising
awareness about something that's really important.Being a filmmaker's being content creators, being
in practical jokers with a lot ofpositivt, with a lot of comedy,
but, like my brother just said, sorting, you know, like a
public service. It's busting scammers,fighting all these scams that happening nowadays,
starting from irs, social security debtsupport, Microsoft, almozone, name it
all. Steve Millis checks right now, huge scam going on, and that's
what are we doing right now,and daily basis, streaming, every single
day investigation videos and busting scammers,interrupting the packages. So whatever we can
do to us to cage by theguys. Let's let's back it up a
little bit. That, you know, getting into a scam busting business.
That does not seem like a naturalsegue for filmmakers aspiring actors. What was
the you know what was the impetusfor this? It's, I assumed,
they just wake up one day andsay, wow, I want to start
busting online scammers. Yeah, it'sdefinitely not the traditional route. You would
think no, but yes, wearen't. And I had already known each
other and been working together for fora number of years. It was two
thousand and sixteen that we really faceda catalyst. We had already opened trilogy
media, created as a production companyfor the for the sake of wanting to
create content for a comedic stuff,create films and do what we wanted to
do. And any we've been doingthat. Yeah, it was very shortly
after that that we made a viralvideo on accident. I myself was getting
inundated with those those robot calls thatcome to your phone, you know,
tell you that the money to theIRS. You know, I was getting
so many of those and because ofthe word and showing them to them to
art saying, you know, likethis is happening, I know it's a
scam, but it's just it's comingin so much so I was like,
you know what, I'm just gonnahave some fun, answer the call,
mess with the guy. Maybe they'llstop calling me. That was real.
Maybe I'll have a funny video toshow my friends. That was my entire
goal, trends and family. Andwhat I expected to be a two or
three minute video ended up being analmost an hour long call with this scamra
and did ended in a very vulgar, loud explosion of this guy with and
he was I rate that I wastedso much of his time that he threatened
me, he took responsibility for elevenI mean it was unbelievable. And so
this video was posted and up tillnow has been viewed over two hundred and
fifty million times. Yea. Andso we took that new found attention and
realize, you know what, thisis a huge problem, these scams,
and we're like, why don't wedo what we already know how to do,
which is make engaging content pivoted intosomething that people are really responding to
and something we already have traction with, and just see what happens? And
we did and we ran with theYoutube Channel. It resonated, it grew
and the rest is kind of history. Given work with law enforcement, the
FBI or anything like that, Iwe, you know, some nut sometimes
the the the investigation that we doas a private you know, like he
toobers, or privately independent, youknow, like filmakers. When we find
a bad guy, we would callpolice. So police would be cold on
Oz right. And unfortunately we donot work with prior with FBI or police,
so somebody else low enforcements. Butwe run into a problem quite often
because we are what we call scamdaters, and basically what that means is
we pretend to be a victim sothat we can string along a scammer,
making them think they're about to hita payday. And it serves a few
purposes. One, it's entertaining because, especially the way we do it's a
little outlandish, but it's fine.Number two, it lets the scam play
out on camera, and I'll wedo so many live streams, so it
plays out live for people to beeducated on how the scams work and what
is tree and what the triggers are. And number three, it wastes the
scammers time, so it's less timethey're spending actually stealing from real victims.
But the only problem is that,since we are not real victims, were
only pretending to be, we runwe hit a road block every time we
get law enforcement involved because we're notreal victims. We didn't actually lose money,
we didn't actually get stolen from.We only let them up to the
point of them attempting fraud, eventhough it wasn't successful. And it can't
tell you how many times we've actuallyencountered law enforcement with some kind of a
bust, but they say, well, you didn't actually lose money, you're
not actually a victim, there's nothingto prosecute. So say yeah, so
our best at our best mission here. I mean of course we want to
put people behind bars, but we'renot cops. We're here to raise awareness,
entertain people and in exposed as muchas we can be, you know,
citizen journalists. If you well die. We we discovered recently we actually
the collaboration in s camemera payback anotherawesome Youtuber who's actually cybersecurity guy who's can,
you know, tracks cameras all theway overseas and see what's going on
their phones, you know, likesee like everything. So we created a
new show that's called scammed and literallywe found out that here in America plenty
of like, I don't know howmany, but plenty of scammers locally here
scamming elderly people, any people arereceiving like cash mules, you know,
like making victims send a package,put cash on the box and deliver and
pick up. So recently we startinterrupting those packages, seeing that dark side
of that basement that never been openbefore. And and again we're running into
the same problem, you know,like we will send that fake package and
scammeras things that is going to getdelivered, you know, Fiftyzero, Hundred
Tho three thousand dollars. But youknow, it's it's it's what pieces me
off, especially coming to the beautifulcountry America, when I see how many
bad people finding these loops, fightingthose arrows in in law and they breaking
law and they know that that theycan get away with the murder without,
you know, scamming people. Sure, and it's a crazable untruckable. So
it's a lot of you know,Bumpson and you know like and on on
those roads, but we doing whatwe can. You know, it's funny.
I remember my GRANDPA. He was, yeah, uses early s.
He was pretty with it. I'mwere going into his medicine cabinet one day
and I was in med school atthe time, and so I was curious
what medications he was taking. Iopened the cabin and hit all these things
in there that we're just I knowhe got them online and and and you
said that were interacting with his likehigh blood pressure medication, is kidney medication?
Things he was ey. Say,GRANDPA, why are you buying all
the stuff? And he said yeah, I remember said he's. I saw
it ad online and I called andyou know, they said I needed all
these things, so I buy.I said Granville's are dangerous, and so
I either throwing it off and thenwhatever his house. Like two weeks later
he bought all more stuff again,these these yeah, I mean that's that's
a whole nother realm of something thatwe don't need, mind anything, as
you probably know even more about thatthan we do. But it's we it
all boils down to the same thing. You know, these scammers or these
frogsters or whatever it is are,are looking to instill fear. They're looking
their master manipulators and they will,they will use your fear and your everything
against you, especially these days withthis pandemic and everyone spoke freaked out about
not being able to get work andgetting stimulus money and getting hacked and the
millions of things that go with especiallythose popops that coming from, you know,
like from Microsoft, up from Apple, and you like hey, you
got a pop up. You willgoogle something, right, and you spelled,
we spelled like Lujie, like websiteat target, to Walmart, and
immediately leads you to a pop upon your computer that it says cold,
these number to free you know,like and especially being elderly person, you
know, like you, you trusting, you kind, you innocent, and
you click on that popop and youthink you have virus and you called that
number, and that number it's hellalready set up for goal center does gonna,
you know, remotely access to yourcomputer and and it's eat, wipe
all uniformation, get your viruses,wipe your bank information. So it's it's
crazy. What happening nowadays cyber securityand cyber hacking. It's that he's no
more freaking the Russian and they tellin Muffy, you know, those got
mother got fathers, you know,movies. It's still there somewhere. But
cyber security, this is a national, national problem. So if it's not,
if it's not the Russian mafia andor troll farms in China or whatever.
Who are the people who are pullingoff these scamps? They're all over
the world and could be a Barista. It's and that's and that's one thing
we've really learned as of late.You know, he mentioned we we've had
the opportunity to work with a lotof collaborate with a lot of other youtubers
that you know. I mean there'sthere's a huge community of people scam dating
and we all do it a differentway and that's what makes it really interesting.
We can utilize each other skills.You know, we used to just
think that, oh, there,it's all just robo calls and and stuff,
calling from call centers in India,you know, but then you know
you are diving into the craigslist scamsand the dating scams and you get that
you know a lot of people andfrom Africa doing it. And now that
we've really dived into a lot ofthese tech scams with our with our collaborators,
were there. There's a whole hugenetwork of people here in the United
States facilitating it. People are sendingboxes of cash. You know that that
they would out there. You know, old people are being tricked into thinking
that they owe this money. They'rebeing sent to addresses all around the United
States, even here locally in LosAngeles, and that's where we have a
recently hit a big surge in ourchannel, and something that's ever been done
before is going and finding out whois collecting this money. You know,
and and it's the network is hugeand this is happening everywhere, every single
place to be down the street.You know, it's it takes a unlimited
amount of shapes and forms side,I believe you know. And it's especially
gift cards. Look what happening withthe GIEF cards when you know same stuff,
you know, like they pretending tobe a government social security ir on
Gift Card and they will tell yougo to Walmart, go to target by
five Tho gief cars, Onezero GIEFcards. You know, scritches in the
back, read me in numbers,and when you read those numbers they vanished
as the wind. So it's crazy. They're just doing gift cards because it's
not traceable and it's much easier todo rather than like a bank account or
Checker or something. It's a commonsolution. Again, it depends on the
type of scam, but the onesthat you find where they're they're posing as
the government, and right now thatbig one is the social security scam.
So you'll get a robo call sayingthat you are have an arrest warrant because
there's been some identity theft under yoursocial security and ultimately they go through a
whole script, but if you willlook to it boils down to them saying,
you know, your social security isgoing to be suspended, your bank
accounts going to be wiped. Sofor you to safeguard, quote unquote,
to your money, you need togo put it on electronic federal bonds,
which are really just they they eventuallyhave you get gift cards, but they
always have a different name for itand then, yeah, as soon as
you give them the gift card numbersin, the money's gone and it's yeah,
it's hard to trace, it's instantaneousand it's a way that they can
do it, you know, thousandsand thousands of times over, even if
it's a little amounts of money,and it can still be massively profitable.
So when you guys are tracing who'sreceiving like these boxes of cash or whatever
you're sending as a box, whatare you finding out? Are they just
going to like re immy. Canyou say they just go to random addresses,
or is it like one address isgetting all of them? Well,
what we're realizing is how tall thistear structure is of people in Buyre me.
And this, this specific one aboutthese packages, is as called a
refund scam. So they'll call youand pretend to be a big company like
Microsoft or Amazon or Paypal, andthey'll put they'll tell you that they owe
you a refund for security services orwhatever they make up, you know.
But ultimately what they end up doingis they manipulate your your the html on
your computer to make it look likethey overpaid you. And so then they
scare an old person into thinking,oh my gosh, we overpaid you ten
grand. You got to go toyour bank right now and send us that
money. So they'll give you anaddress and you're talking to somebody in India,
but they're giving you an address that's, you know, could be like
just distled it. Just today,not to spoil a video, we have
priman. We went to Dana Pointtoday. Oh, there was a package
going to Dana point of collecting whatwas supposedly five grands from one of you
know obviously it's not a real victimbecause we're just bating them. But we
you know, and showed up andwe see and we find that it's students,
it's immigrants, it's people that oftendon't even really know what they're doing.
They know it's wrong, but theydon't know how high up it goes
and they don't know how to answerour questions because of how wide the spreads.
And it's really scary. Sometimes werun into the bosses, sometimes students,
but basically they collect those packages withouteven knowing what inside. They getting
paid her package even it's like,you know, like if it's kipty grind
package, they're going to get liketen or fifteen percent and they just gonna
either over ship it, you know, like shoot it internationally back to India,
or they're gonna take that money.If you or not a bottom feeder
all the way in on the bottomof chain or that criminals organization, they
will deposit to their account and thenthe buyer money to India. So it's
crazy. Wow, there really is. Are you guys sitting them like glitter
bombs or anything like that? Orjust maybe one day, you know,
with this particular medio. Yeah,that's that's always fun. You know really
well are in this particular instance.What we try to do is, you
know, we just send a dummypackage, you know, with just magazines
in it, and we just beatthe package there. You know, we
have the address, we have thetracking number of where supposed to go and
then and then we just show upan hour before it is delivery and we
say hey, who are you,what are you expecting here, and just
ask questions. It's really all wecan do. You know, we can't
we're not cops, you can't arrestthem, right, but we can certainly
expose what they're doing and confront themabout their wrongdoings and and see what they
have to say for it. Andif that's all we can do, that's
that's what we're going to hit ashard as we possible. Again they including
sorry, go ahead. No,they putting mules, those cash mules,
in R and B and be apartments, homes to use somebody else address the
baby, you know, like theygo to different CD you like today mule
was from New York. The previousyou know, we went to San Francisco
couple months ago, the mule wasfrom Los Angeles. So they will rend
them a car, they will rendthem are andbnb to use that address.
So it's that is a seating thatthey've been going on for years and years
and they know that nobody catch them. So they've been successfully stealing a lot
of money. Are you guys everyare worried about any of that getting violent
with you any think when you confrontthem? HMM. Well, you know,
there's a question, there's an alwaysthere's always inherent risk and you know,
we do as much planning and haveeach other's back and are protected as
we possibly can be. But atthe end of the day, we are
we move. Both moved to thiscountry, especially this Russian guy over here
who's, you know, supposedly fearlessand runs up on me a lot.
You know, we don't like waitingon people. It's like we're we're going
to do what we got to dobecause we believe it's right and you know,
if we think we're in danger,we were not going to do it,
but we do. We take everyprecaution we can. Everybody Watch each
other back, as video was,they are prayer. Go for it.
Yeah, you know, we're we'reAshton is behind me, behind astal is
the other guy. I will knockon the door pretending be a delivery guy
and, you know, like andthe seat and I read situation and as
soon as I mobrine move in withthem, you know, like getting that
signature from these you know, CashMule Ashton immediately approaching, but the camera
and we start doing our you know, investigation, asking questions, you know,
like and stuff like that. Wow, that's you know, it sounds
it sounds well you're doing. Imean sounds very dangerous. I mean,
I want to yeah, I don'twant to. I don't want to like
give any negative thoughts of it,because it's really great work and the fact
that you guys are doing this,I mean it's it just set as such
a hole in our law enforcement thatyou guys actually have to be doing this.
You know this. This should bea massive ring that the FBI is
get a bust of big scammers.And I mean this sounds like a multi
international organizations and it doesn't sound likea mom and pop thing. No,
no, it's worldwide, worldwide,and it's a multibillion dollar industry. And
Yeah, you know, hopefully oneday we'll have that kind of reach and
thankfully, you know, we've havegotten so much support from the people that
follow our channel. That's great.We have a lot of doors opening as
far as bigger fish than us,considering the things that we're doing on a
much bigger platinum, much bigger platforms, you know. But all we can
do is keep doing what we're right, be safe, as safe as we
possibly can. And you know thesescammers are you know, most of them
aren't stupid. You know they're thereto utilize every loophole they can find and
they they you know, they poppedthis through and you know, unfortunately it
works for their favor. But youknow, we're there to cause as much
interruption and headache for them as wepossibly can. That's good Skim Bait,
escape bating, Skim bating community.You got together and it was in the
use actually a couple of months ago, like the summer, when, you
know, like Austin bators unite togetherwith a Cybersequito, huge guys that actually
able to shut down cold centers,you know, like in India, and
put American police and American FBI tothose law enforcements in India and literally do
raids and shut down and put allthese billionaires, you know, who's making
so much money scamming Canada, America, UK, Australia and and literally,
you know, like, but again, you shutting down one call center,
yeah, and another hand product.Yeah, but the the they think that
we found out because we we madetwo cameras queet their jobs and we move
them back to their families and wewill help them open business and start them
fresh. Well, they chose todo it. We showed you always exactly
help them to exactly escape that arelike the criminal organization. What we found
out from people who used to workfor that organization. They said, guys,
police is on the payil government andthe pay will sheriod knows exactly what's
going on. We actually getting protectedby police, because that's how much freaking
money we making by scamming your marriage. Ye, is that is so scary.
The problem is bigger that people caneven people can even think. Yeah,
no, it's say that's not yeah, that's not the kind of thing
that's going to be solved easily whereyou yeah, yeah, but it goes
all the way up to the top. Yeah, I'm sure there's government officials
who are in in different countries,and so it would take it would take
a huge, huge international effort tosound to shut down, and so it's
what it sounds like to me.Absolutely, but awareness is key and that's
how you can help it fight,even one grandmother at a time, just
awareness and exposing and, you know, and one one bed at a time,
one victim at a time. Let'stake a good break and when we
come back we'll discuss how to makesure your personal information is protected when online
chopping. So I ask you guysa question. Since the coronavirus step has
been going on, I mean Ihaven't gone shopping other than for groceries in
like. I mean it's been sixmonths. I feel like everything I'm buying
is through Amazon, which, yeah, me, on some level Amazon it's
probably safe. But then if mycredit card, something got a hold my
credit card and they were buying steffthrough Amazon, unless they change the shipping
address, I probably wouldn't know it's. Amazon does itemize, you know.
I mean when you get your creditcard statements, how safe is it to
actually have your credit card out thereon the Internet? Well, I mean
it's just it's I mean, inmy opinion it's safe as you want it
to be. It's never perfectly safe. You know, hackers are all over
the place they're they're going you.You can take as many precautions as you
can. It's never going to flowlyfully, fully protect you. I mean
I've just from a technological standpoint,I always recommend people, you know,
use a VPN when they're rousing andshopping, just so it's not you know,
your location and your bank details aren'tbeing on our a lot less susceptible
to being stolen. Certainly being carefulabout the sites you are entering your credit
card in. I mean, youknow, sites like Amazon, the ones
you recognize or are our reputable,and paypal and stuff like that have a
reputation for a reason. But fromthe perspective that we come from, the
ones you really got to watch outfor is when someone is soliciting you,
because these scammers will pretend to bethese companies and they'll get very, very
sneaky about how they do it.You'll get an email from Amazon and it'll
have the same letter head on youremail. It'll appear as if it's coming
from Amazon. It'll have the samecredentials sometimes and it will say, Hey,
your account has been hated. Youneed to click this link and reset
your password. But that link doesn'tgo to Amazon. That link goes to
the website that they want you togo to. So they can not only
get your Ip address in your bankinginformation, but they'll have you enter your
password, and an elderly person won'tknow any different. They'll put their password
in and then, once the camerahas that been I'll help breaks loose for
you. So you got to bevery careful when people are reaching out to
you asking you for information, askingyou for your passwords or your credit card
or or anything, especially the emailand especially via robocall or voicemail of any
kind, because Amazon will never callyou and ask for your password and apple
will never ask you for your password. So being very careful about people reaching
out to you and just being aware. And that's way, when you got
that email, you don't have toreply. You actually come to go and
Google, do real you know,like applecom, and you can pull them
and, like a will find aperson to talk to, find the manager
or if somebody's claiming that he's doingvicent. These we doing right now like
couple, you know, like maybesix months, I'll already these almozone,
and it's exactly you. Like Ashtonjust said, they will leave you a
voicemail, even a voicemail that youalmost in prime account. God Hacked Alo.
It's got suspicious activities and somebody's buyingiphone eleven five hundred dollars. And
what do you want? To cancelit? It was you or not?
And you like yeah, that wasnot me, let's cancel it, and
that's called the process starts. Theyget you, you know, like online
to fill a publication, you knowthat consolation fees and stuff, and boom
and you literally in that Web,like with the spider, like you know,
like being that butterfly, that cannet. Even get out from that by
that spider anymore. Yeah, it'svery smooth how it's done to where.
That actually happened to me once.I don't remember the context of the call,
but it was something like that,where they called and they said they
called, and you know, Igenerally pick up those calls just because what
I mean the operating room. Sometimesthe nurse will pick it up, but
when somebody calls I don't recognize anumber, could be a patient calling me,
so I'll pick it up. AndI remember it was something along the
lines of they said my credit cardbeen they are allerding me to fraudulent activity
on my account and they start askingme questions. Did you buy? This
is mist I said no, Ididn't. They said, okay, great,
we too, you know, canceledyou. I cancel? I said
sure, and they said, okay, what's your account? Pastor Nice,
I said, and obviously that gotmy got my attention. I said,
she you gotta read as yeah,right. Unfortunately, not everyone, especially
those that aren't a technical logically savvy, might not have that second thought,
unfortunately. But the best advice wecan give with that stuff is just,
you know, if anyone is everproactively reaching out to you to ask for
information, even if they're claiming thatsomething was wrong, that was done,
it's on you to disconnect that callimmediately and proactively yourself go and reach out
to the institution that claiming to beso if you're getting a call from your
bank saying that there's stuff and hangup and call your bank back directly,
though, number you have not thenumber they gave y'all. Google it fun
number. Yeah, not the onethat they provide them. That, eam.
Apple says you have a virus,then don't call that number. Go
to Google and get apples applecare numberand call them yourself and ask, you
know, like just do the researchyourself to make sure you're connected with who
you're who they're saying we really meanto be. Yeah, now what if
you with if you're not really payingattention and you know you maybe you give
up that information. You're like youhang up the phone. You're like,
Oh, I shouldn't have done that. What's what's your recourse if you realize
you've been scammed? Well, itdepends a number of things that you know
of what happened. If, forany reason, you let them connect to
your computer, that is a tragedy. You want to make sure you you
change every turn off your computer andchange every password you can possibly think of.
If it's a particular company that youjust gave Info to, like if
it's apple and you gave them yourApple Id and Password, then you're of
course going to want to reset thatpassword and then call apple a level that
them what happened, like a playimmediately. Guy Got Sign, someone got
my past word. I want toput extra level of security or if it's
your credit card or anything, youknow. So proactively do what you can
to change any security settings and informthe real company of what happens, so
that they can keep an eye outfor any additional fraud that might happen,
you know, behind the scenes.With with regards to the like you mentioned
before, the websites online, isthere a way to know if there is
one day is particularly safe, oris it just the ones that you are
familiar with, like, obviously Amazonis going to be safe, but if
is it generally the ones that reachout to you that are not safe?
Or how can you identify unsafe website? Well, I mean, the first
thing to look out for. WhatI do is just make sure that the
website is ssll secure, you know, especially if you're going to be putting
any personal information, and you shouldnever enter personal information into a site that
is not as a cell security.If you're on Google chrome, you can
tell right away just by looking onthe top left of your browser. It'll
tell you if it's if it's secureor not. Well, how's it?
Let's ty. Can you explain SSLsecurity and then then maybe the different levels
of online security? Yeah, sobasically SSL. I'm actually looking for what
it stands for. They don't actuallyknow secure, secure sockets layer. I
just Google bad and full of closurebecause, you know, I'm I don't
claim to be a cyber security expert. I'm kind of more of a creative
video editor guy, but you know, going into this stuff you have to
kind of learn of what you're dealingwith. But when you look at the
url of any website, you know, if you go to Amazon and you've
look at the full you R L, it starts with https, mole and
slash and if you're on chrome,you'll notice there's a little picture of a
padlock on the top left of thebrowser. That's that's an SSL secure that
means that that site has been securedand approved by whatever hosting it's on to
make sure that whatever personal information haspassed through it is done so safely.
You'll notice a lot some sites thatare maybe not as reputable won't have that
security and it won't have the ASSit will just be http. And then
the rest of the URL and chromewill specifically tell you not secure on the
top left. So that's one thingto look out for, especially if you're
shopping on a website that you're notnormally on. If it's not secure,
don't put your personal information. It'sjust a you know, a rule of
thumb. Stick to what you know. You Know Amazon, you know target,
you know all the ones that havea reputation, you know. You
know paypal. Stick with those,especially now with such a huge uptick and
online shopping. It's a lot ofone day website that you literally go the
the's no reviews, that's no like, you know, yell nothing. So
it's really good to do a resourcebecause you can find all these awesome prices,
very like. You know a lotof these counts, and you put
you information and you start shopping andnext thing you know you'll already you already
on the wrong page with their ownpeople and you'll create caught. Your debit
card already's actually wiped out. Yeah, it's so it's so easy for that
to happen to now. Every timeyou google something, the next time you
go back in to the computer there'stwenty different ads popping up for whatever you
just googled. And so if youwant to click on that and you have
no idea what these sites are,you're clicking out, but it's just they're
right there, they're in your facethe whole time. It's hard to get
away from it. And that's justthe today's Day and age and that's not
even indicative of a scam. That'sjust that's just representative of how, how
freaking connected you are, more thanyou even realize. And that's that's one
reason to use a VPN. Atleast a VPN will hide your actual location
and Ip address when you are browsingthe website or the Internet. When you're
if you are going to a website, entering personal information or logging in,
you know, use an incognito browserand chrome. That way it's not going
to like a store and you area in your browser history and souff.
So there are certain precautions you cando to prevent that kind of stuff,
but at the end of the day, if you're online, you just got
to be careful no matter what.You're never up toy shop. You're never
perfectly safe. You to do yourresearch. If you're ever unsure, have
a red flag, it's probably fora reason. So stop what you're doing,
think about it, ask a familymember and especially important to tell our
grandparents this. That's right. It'sask somebody for help. Don't don't operate
out of fear or haste, becausethey, these scammers, especially when they're
on the phone with you, wantyou to make fast irrational decisions so that
you'll pay them and you know it'sit never ends up well for you know
for sure is there is being apayment? is their method of online payment,
that's say, for a more securethan others? I mean, just
from personal experience, I paypal ispretty trustworthy. You know, they're pretty
stingent about that stuff, especially ifyou are sending money to like a person
or a contractor, you know,paying for goods or services. As one
of the options when you're checking outon paypal right, and I can,
you can give money to friends andfamily or you can give money for a
good, goods or services, andit's got sellar protection, which means that
you know if there is any kindof fraud that they're don't know, they're
going to have your back more oftenthan not. So good. I use
a venomom, Ben went by MultileHuh. Both of goes well. And
Benmo. You know, I wouldn'trecommend Venmo as much for like professional services.
If you're just sending money to afriend, yeah, it's between and
you trust the recipient, then Venmoseems to be pretty secure atly because I
believe paypal owns Ben Moo. Butas far as like sending money to company
or like an etc store or somethingthat you haven't ever done before. Paypals
pretty secure. I'm very wary aboutdebit cards. I don't like using my
debit card for certain things that I'mnot familiar with, especially at gas pumps
anywhere that it might be skimmed.You know, at least credit cards have
some sort of consumer protection against fraudand stuff, so I would use a
credit card if it were something Iwas unsure of. What's the what's the
deal with a that gasp of skimmything? We had a whole conversation the
operating about this the other day andI follow what they were saying. But
there's there's something like if you puta debit card into a machine at a
gas station paying your better off justgoing inside rather than just swiping at the
pump. Yeah, it's a itcould be a gas station pump, that
can be an ATM, it canbe anywhere that you insert your card yourself
and it's basically a little housing thatsits on top of the actual housing of
where your card is inserted and it'sbasically reading your card as you are inserting
it, and it looks like it'spart of the ATM are, part of
the gas pump, but it's reallysomething a hacker or some kind of a
criminal has installed there that you can'treally see, as you know what you're
looking for. And then when youswipe your card and then you type your
pin number, it's you know,it's basically like you're handing them all your
cash. You know they can accessyour account and it's scary. So I
don't use my debit card at thepump, at least not the self service
pomp. I'll go inside and anddo a prepay, you know. So
stuff like that. You know,just at the end of the day,
it's about being aware, it's aboutjust knowing kind of knowledge. Now they're
these scams are taking shape because they'rechanging constantly with the technology, with the
awareness, and just kind of knowwhat to look for, know what the
red flyinges are, stay alert anddo the best you can. Well,
I will tell you, guys,after this conversation I am going to go
lock myself in the closet. Andwe don't want to scare you to we
still have to live alive, youknow. We just have to beat you
weak up, to be pay attentionand be careful, because at the end
of the day, this is ourfull you know, like if you don't
know the rules, it means,you know, like you just feel like
an idiot. And that's why whenwe we talk to victims, they like,
you know what, I don't wantto even tell my family members how
our shame I am after like,you know, like being so naive and
and it's crazy, but we justhave to, you know, look out
for each other and if we haveanything, just to tell people and bring
awareness, and that's what will wedo. Yeah, well, that's that's
all you can do exactly. Imean, you guys are you're out there.
You guys are putting yourselves out thereand doing this stuff. And you
before, before I talked to you, I really didn't know that this type
of community existed. But it's actuallyreally positive to hear that there are people
out there who are trying to helpand doing more than just kind of like
bring awareness to them. You guysare actually tracking people that I think that's
pretty cool. Yeah, and it'syou know again, please, it looks
back to who we want to be, which is make good, riveting content,
and it just have it was aperfect marriage of ideas and fields for
us to be able to express herself, do the content we want, but
also do something that is really importantthat all people don't don't know about.
You know, when you independent,fielm make fielmaker creator, you you you
have to go, you you haveto find finance, you have to go,
and kee's a lot of blots thatyou don't want to keys and you
like literally, especially like, youknow, having Russian the ego, and
we like that's on me. Andafter them we you know, like we
will, we will sell a show, we will shoot show, like our
project, you know, it fromour own money or like we have,
you know, like whatever money wecan find, and then you take your
freaking script, you go to thestudio or you go to the private investors
and you have to put your visionand somebody else had in. The first
question is is like, okay,I will give you this amount of money,
but can you put my wife?CAN YOU PUT my first trap?
Can You put my sister? Andyou like, God damn it, I
don't want that, and that's it. But he's normal movie, because it's
going to be like freaking yeah.So we were always looking for that freetottle
expression, you know, express ourselvessure, being counting creator and being dependent,
and you know what we need tocreate, and that was a perfect
marriage. Now that's really heat.What's the what's the youtube channel or what's
the best way for people who arelistening to to follow you guys on Youtube
or Instagram, wherever your social mediais? We're all over the place,
but the home base of our contentis youtube. So if you go to
youtubecom trilogy media are just search trilogy, trilogy media. We got hundreds of
videos. Our website is trilogy MediaInkcom Imccom, where we have a live
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on facebook and Instagram as well.But yeah, for the latest videos and
the shenanigans were up to, hitup the Youtube Channel, subscribe and you
might see something that makes you laughand makes you learn something and hopefully doesn't
scare you into the closet exactly.Well, thanks you, guys. I
appreciate you coming on today's great conversation. Thanks Great, thanks for having you
so much. Yeah, my place. One day we can meet together on
yeah, absolutely. That's it forthis week. I hope you enjoyed episode.
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