EPISODE 58: Anne Heche on "Confess Your Mess w/ AJ Gibson & Emile Ennis Jr."


Show Notes

Listen to this episode of "Confess Your Mess w/ AJ Gibson & Emile Ennis Jr." featuring our very own Anne Heche! Be sure to subscribe to their show here! ---- This week, AJ and Emile get messy with the iconic, Emmy winning trailblazer Anne Heche. She and the guys get down and dirty with secrets about queerness, relationships and sex, and Anne shares two jaw-dropping confessions, along with some deep wisdom and life lessons you won't want to miss. Anne can currently be heard hosting her weekly podcast Better Together, and was most recently seen on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars, The Vanished, where she co-stars with Thomas Jane, Best of Enemies, where she starred opposite Taraji P. Henson and Sam Rockwell and in My Friend Dahmer. Heche also starred in the Lionsgate feature film Wild Card, opposite Jason Statham. She followed that with the films Catfight opposite Sandra Oh and Alicia Silverstone, The Last Word opposite Amanda Seyfried and Shirley Mclaine, and Opening Night, with Topher Grace, Taye Diggs, and Rob Riggle. Some of Heche’s most iconic feature credits include Rampart, Cedar Rapids, The Other Guys, John Q, Psycho, Volcano, Return to Paradise, Six Days Seven Nights, Wag the Dog, I Know What You Did Last Summer and Donnie Brasco. She will next be seen starring opposite The Weeknd in an upcoming HBO series. If you want a chance to hear your secret revealed on the podcast, you can submit your secret on our website: ConfessYourMess.us IG: @_AJGibson / @EmileEnnisJr / @ConfessYourMessPodcast Twitter: @AJGibson / @EmileEnnisJr / @ConfessPodcast Watch on YouTube From Straw Hut Media ---- This episode is sponsored by: Munk Pack - Go to MunkPack.com and enter BETTER at checkout to save 20% OFF your first purchase Magic Spoon - Go to www.MagicSpoon.com/Better and use code BETTER for $5 OFF Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

Anne Heche's Better Together
Anne Heche's BETTER TOGETHER w/ Anne & Heather is a space where guests introduce us to the person that makes them better. For me, that's my friend, Heather, and that'... View More




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