EPISODE 45: Better w/ Jason Tartick: BITCOIN UPDATE

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This week with Jason, Anne and Heather give updates on their Bitcoin journeys. Plus, They answer viewer questions, including the topic of life insurance. No matter how stressful these things are to tackle, Jason shows you how attainable they all are!

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Straw media went better day. GET
WITH S and hi everybody. Welcome back

to better together with Jason Tartoo,
our favorite our favorite month, and we

do have to say that we had
the pleasure of being on Jason Show last

week. We were interviewed and I
think it's very exciting that we were.

We were trading, we were trading
secrets on trading secrets. It was so

much fun to have you guys and
to hear, I mean everything, about

both of your journeys and kind of
your partnership as a team, everything from

dancing with the stars to, you
know, all you're the book you wrote

and the stories you've told, and
I think what's really cool is like each

chapter you are both of your lives
have impacted you guys in such a way

that it's accelerated everything you've done in
the next chapter and why and kind of

piecemealing that story together. It was
such a pleasure and I've been listening to

it back and it was really a
special time. Thanks for having that.

It was sun special. I think
we have something to sing to you.

A happy big birthday to you,
happy birthday to yea happy day, days

and day, happy birthday to you. I mean, did you have a

fantastic birthday? I know I want
to know. How. How did how

did your Gorgeous Galen celebrate you?
Oh it was, you know, as

really cool as a special, thoughtful
gift. So there's a football team,

the Green Bay packers. Is like
form aware of it? Backers. I

said it would be a dream of
mind to check off a bucket list to

go to Lambo field. I just
said that in passing. Yeah, came

on. So then nothing. You
don't know, nothing happened. There's my

birthday. Should sit down, I
have a gift for you. And all

sudden the mayor of Cream Bay is
on my TV. Hey, jattle here,

I heard that it was a dream
of yours to come to Lambo.

So we're going to have you and
Caitlyn come to Lambo January. Second for

the group ACKERS Minnesota Vikings game.
Awesome, my God. I say that

Jason Lives my boy like I know
I was a boy, I would be

Jason Tarde. Mean they really too. And the the gifts. I mean

she is really Ott, I gotta
say. I mean the amazing things that

she does, the surprise, over
the top, nothing Otte. I Damn

WITHOUTTT. I mean I don't even
know. I would feel like that's an

acronym that you both know. I
thought I learned it from you. No,

show over the top when you,
you guys, are you guys,

are so beautiful with the gifts that
you give it to you each other.

News really so wonderful to hear about. But it didn't. She surprised you

for? Are you surprised her for
Anand of no, no, the gift.

No, no, no, when
she did April fools on you.

Oh yeah, that wasn't so secial. That's Ott. That wasn't especially you

didn't let us here. So relative
break, but it is over the top.

That's why I said Ott. Anyway. Well, we don't take the

backers. Some sports of hard break
issue. I'm sorry. Your bills lost

to Tennessee and my dodgers lost.
I know, I'm sorry. If they

didn't lose to Houston it well,
no, it was, really, was,

really sad, and that was a
sad day. I was like,

you should be. You played some
tennis and you played to know my guys

one, but my God's loss.
It is a big crazy how my guys

wanted my guy. There is and
it's about have a sports team like it.

In a lose it's hurts you for
like a week and I never know

why, like I always try to
understand. You know why that is?

I don't now. Yeah, there's
a difference between winning and losing. Let's

talk about winning today. So we
Jason J want to recap when we talked

about with doing the BITCOIN and etherium
plunge. Yeah, so we were doing

the BITCOIN and etherium plunge. Last
episode we talked a lot about cryptocurrency,

which I think is really cool,
and I actually passed side and one of

the places I was at, someone
told me I think they honestly listen to

this podcast and it said I bought
my first crypto. I just thought was

really cool it was. I was
I'm trying to think where I was.

I was at some type of sports
game. It was the bills game,

and someone stopped. No, I
was in Edmonton. I was and Menton

an oilers game and someone said they
heard our crypto podcast and they bought their

first piece of Crypto. Point it. That is well, one of the

things I want to talk about.
Yes, that how I was surprised at

how attainable it is. We bought
we by did we did a wondering what

I'm gonna pull it a fight dollars, but still, you you, at

least I could. Now you're interested, right. This is what people don't

understand. They probably think that you
have to have a lot of money to

do this, and you don't.
You could buy twenty bucks worth or yes,

yes, yeah, in fact what
I did because I want to buy.

Want our listeners to know that that
we do our homework along with you.

So when we challenge ourselves, one
of the things that we love about

having Jason on the show is the
challenge not only to expand and teach us,

but heather and I go along and
do it. And and it really

does because do our home we do
we do our homework. And so there's

a thing that I don't know if
everybody understands, which is this concept of

coin base. Yes, and and, and maybe that's a way to help

explain, because it did take me
a minute, I have to say,

to try to figure out because when
you go on corn coin base, everybody

just so you, I mean.
And if you are going to have to

take some steps, Jason, you
want to talk us through those? or

how would you like to talk about
how would you like to talk about cryptoker

and say today. Yeah, so
I think I will do to like kind

of refresh this. First of all, be interesting. If you guys pulled

the clip when we did talk about
this a month ago, I think Bitcoin,

I'm going to guess think bitcoin was
trading at like forty five ish thousand.

I could be wrong. Right in
the last like week or so bitcoin

hit sixty six thousand a share.
It hit its all time wow. So

it's interesting that since we spoke it's
increased significantly. So if you guys did

buy, you should be up now. What we'll talk about is we will

talk about a little bit about coin
based and what it is. Okay,

based and as an other one called
finance. They're just an exchange, finance,

binance. That's one I use,
like coining finance. Yeah, now

here's the cool thing about coin base. Suppose you say I don't want to

buy cryptocurrency, I don't know how
to do it. It sounds weird to

me. You could still get involved
by owning the stock coin base, so

you can go to a normal's interesting. You would buy a stock and the

ticker for that is CEO. I
N they're now public and they were probably

when we podcasted. They are trading
about two hundred and thirty dollars a share.

They're now over three hundred a share. So that's that's something. You

could be in the game and just
buy stock, you know, to want.

That's answerest interesting. Yeah. So
so we are. So bitcoin right

now is at fifty Ninezero, and
so you would you would suggested we do

a bit going North theoreum and and
I really went after the two main ones,

and which is what those two are. And so we have ninety dollars

in Atherium, where we send it
out with fifty. And we started out.

No, we did not start out
with fifty. We started out with

ninety and were at so here it
is. We started off with ninety and

now we're at one and thirty seven. There we right about thirty seven.

We did we made a buck thirty
seven, and I'll tell you what we

started and we started with etherium at
ten and now we're at ten dollars and

twenty four cents. So we've made
some money. That is so that's a

better together did in the last week. So you congratulations around. You're now

a wealthy man. I want to
up thig. Did you buy a beer,

we can get two dollar drink.
Did you guys buy those, the

Crypto coins through coin base though?
Yes, I did, and that's then,

and that's why I'm saying the coin
base, I think is I mean

it's kind of interesting because you also
said to do your research and I think

there is a lot of intimidation always
around finance, but I was totally intimidated

by all of the words that were
in front of me when I went and

started looking for what what is that
we were going to purchase, and they

I guess I want to say to
the audience that it is not as complicated

is it looks like. Once you
start reading, there are very clear,

distinguishing, understanding words that people have
put a lot of thought and care into.

And one of the things that I
wanted to ask you about is a

thing called the so you can buy
the US dollar. This is just something

that I didn't understand. So can
you, can you explain that to me?

Why I can buy a US dollar
and what's different, because as this

is different currency dollar, the dollar
cost a doubt. That's what that's why

it's so weird. It is it's
dollar for dollar, and so we're buying

a currency that's made by the US
government, but you're not. You're but

it's a different kind of investment.
So I wanted that clarified for me,

please. Okay, totally. So. So I think we'll start, like

right from the beginning. Coin Base. It's just think about it. It's

an APP that you can buy,
store and trade different, different cryptocurrency.

So that's what the APP does.
Now what you do is you, guys

did it. You downloaded the APP
and then you'll link some type of exchange

that has your US dollars to transfer
those over. What does that mean?

You download the APP, you link
your bank account and boom, they'll send

your US dollars over. Now what
I think you're referring to and is when

you have those US dollars, you
then have to go buy crypto on this

exchange platform that is coin base.
Yes, and so what you'll do is

you'll take the US dollar and you
can buy a Crypto coin that mirrors the

US doll so, however, the
US dollar fluctuates, this cryptocin has the

same exact value of a paper dollar, and it's this cryptocoin that you can

now go buy other coins with.
Right. Yes, you can buy this

US dollar coin and now you can
trade that on coin base with someone who

has bitcoin, and that's how you'll
get your ownership or your bitcoin. Wait,

I have another question for you.
Okay, since we've talked about this,

have you invested any more money into
crypto? Because I know that you

were talking about percentages and your and
your friend, and I'm forgetting his name,

has, say, ninety five percent
in and as I was reading about

the value of Bitcoins, and that
really, I mean you really were talking

about a major fluctuation. It can
go up, it can go down.

There's a lot of warning signs about
that. However, it looks, and

you from what you're saying, that
it pretty much is going up. Are

you investing more into the coin?
So what I'm doing? So the guy

that you reference, if anyone wants
to check them out, he's really,

really good at what he does,
names Anthony Pop leano, okay, the

Populano on twitter. Find them that
pomp. This whole thing is he's done

really well with business and he has
ninety, I think it's ninety six percent

of his net worth tied into bitcoin
and keeps putting money into Bitcoin, even

when Bitcoin went down to like thirty
Twentyzero a coin like within the year.

He was still like you guys should
buy it, you should buy it.

So what I do is, like, I mean, we always have very

open conversations with one another. So, like the exact amount I have,

like about a hundred twentyzeros. It's
tied up in different cryptocurrencies. And so

what I do is I try to
buy the dips. So I'll be tracking

when the current the coin is at. Now, yes, and no one

can time a dip, perfectly,
nobody. But I keep track of what

it's at and I try not to
buy it at a ties and I try

to buy it at its dips.
Well, that's what go ahead and go

ahead. No, no, you
go. But I mean there are charts

on there that say that, because
it I mean, I'm I'm I can,

I can show what the screen looks
like to Jason. I'm doing this

for the audience. But but so
what it tells you right then, when

it's down, are you looking at
a the down slope? Being saying,

say, right now it's at fifty
nine, but it's at fifty nine,

but thousand right, Yep. But
are you looking for dips that go to

fifty eight or are you looking for
dips that go down ten and to,

you know, further ten percent to
like? What what should be be keeping

an eye out for? That's a
good that's a great question. What,

like the Technical Day traders, will
do is we'll take these charts and they

will watch to this second what's happening
and then, based on what the graph

looks like, that will determine what
their decision will be. So that's how

granular gets imagined. Like I it's
like to bring it back to something we

know. Imagine a doctor is keeping
very close track of, like a patient's

heart rate. You know the monitors. That's going. Yes, they're trying

to. It's what it looks like
actually, right, take care of the

patient based on how they're seeing it. Yes, what a day traders doing?

I think it's interesting. I don't
have the time to do sit there

every second and do it, and
I just maybe one point. I would

like to, but I just right
now. I'm good. I don't want

to. So what I do?
It's called swing trading, and swing trading

means that you're not making a trade
in a day period, right. So

a day trader all day they're making
different yes, swing, as you might

make it over two days, three
days, four weeks, two weeks.

Okay. What I'll do is I'll
keep an idea of like where the coin

has moved over, like a thirty
day moving average. So I'll just see

like the highs lows, where it's
at, and I want to target it

somewhere within that range. So,
for example, right now bitcoin is trading

at like two days ago. Is
that K? Now it's at k.

So this would be a dip for
me. If I see what I'm going

to like personally waiting for. If
it dips below fifty six, I'm gonna

buy it. If it dips below
if we get if it dips below again

before fifty, I'll buy it again. But there's different I don't want.

This is something you don't sell.
When you hold on to this, you're

holding onto this well wrecked. Well, I'll tell you I sold. So

you're exactly the amount I sold.
I sold about fourteen thousand US dollars worth

of Bitcoin when it hit its fifty, when it hit the sixty six thousand

range, Uhhuh, only because I
was like this. I've never seen it

hit this number. Right, I'm
sure it's going to supersede that. But

look it. I sold it at
sixty six. I can give as it

right now at fifty nine, but
I'm going to wait. If it pulls

back more, I'll get back it. So I'm trying to make my entry

point as low as right got.
What what is that translate to? Let's

say that you did. You pulled
that out. You had fourteen grand.

It gets below what you want,
you put back in. How much money

did you make off that in the
end? Then well so, if so,

off that fourteen grand. Let's I'm
just going to do like a high

level. Yeah, if I pull
the fourteen grand, based on probably what

I bought the corn at when I
was in like it's like s S.

let's say I doubled it. So
I made seven grand off that transaction.

Let's say we take that fourteen grand, we put it back in at K.

goes back up to K. you're
talking just with that fourteen, fourteen

thousand dollars. You're making roughly on
like Twelvezero. So if you think about

the returns on that, forget about
the money right, twelve, think about

your you're risking fourteen thousand and you're
making twelve. That's almost a hundred percent

returns. I'm right, it's.
And what is your bank account pay rate

now? Our bank accounts paid point
zero one percent. Right, anything above

inflation is really a win. That's
that's incredible. And there's all in there,

the variety of coins. I mean, I can tell how people can

really get obsessed with this, like
and because you start to think, because

there's so much positive feedback coming.
I mean, when I hear that,

Jason, what it makes me want
to do is go take my five dollars

out of my God, I'm teasy, but it does make me want to

move more money into it. It's
like I'm not making I'm my savings account

makes absolutely zero dollars per year on
anything that I have in there. So

why wouldn't I move why wouldn't I
do that and take the ride of Crypto?

I mean, is there a possibility
that if I say because I can

tell myself I'm interested in going in
looking at my bank account, I'm sure

our listeners are interested in going in
looking and saying, do you know what

I want to do? I want
to take tenzero out of my bank account.

I want to move it over because
I want those gains. Is it

a possibility that if we take out
that Tenzero of our bank it out of

our bank account and put it in
Crypto, in one of the big ones,

Bitcoin, or do am I,
if you're am I looking at maybe

be putting that on the line?
Am I going to lose that Tenzero?

I think you said if best.
You said, why do I not want

to go on the ride with Bitcoin? That's all your question was. What.

Yes, yes, and I think
that the exact answer. Is it

just that are you mentally, emotionally
and financially prepared to go on that ride?

Yes, you're willing to do so. You got guys like Anthony Populiano

who are were millions and millions of
dollars, literally putting everything at stake.

The only thing I would advise are
you ready for that ride, because it

is a ride we have seen from
March to now November. In March it

was trending around Sixtyzero a coin bitcoin. In the summer it went down to

Thirtyzero. Imagine you bought one coin
for Sixty K, then boom, you

just lost half of it. Right, right, right, right right.

It's extremely volatile. So that's why
I always suggested people get in the CRYPTO

game by a dollar's worth do you
want? You know, I wouldn't exceed

more than the ten to fifteen percent
range of what you can mess with full,

because it could be it's a move
so quickly, so high and so

low. Can you stomach that?
You know, we had when we had

Peter Thomas Roth on and talking about
starting up a business, he said something

that really resonated with me and I
think it's applicable here. He said when

you're when you're taking a risk financially, you need to imagine the worst case

scenario and if you can't sustain the
worst case scenario, you you might rethink

doing it. That's where, like, if the worst case scenario is going

to, yes, in completely annihilate
you, you probably don't want to take

that risk. But if it's just
going to suck a little bit, then

you know exactly. Think that's a
good that's a good kind of litmus yest

Yor yes, the different the way. Yes, I that you so that

you don't just break your heart completely. Agree with him again. You said

like if I have tenzero dollars and
I put it into bit quiet, what

a my question back to you would
be like, so if I take that

tenzero dollars away from you and you
don't ever see a penny of it.

Are you sustainable? Do you have
three to six months saved? You Right,

some retirement funds going? How pertinent
is that to you? And if

you said, you know what,
it wouldn't really change my life that much.

I would say go for it,
begin so maybe give it a go.

And the one thing is dollar cost
averaging. We talked about it before.

I'll say it again. For beginners, dollar cost averaging is the easiest

way to get into a stock cryptocin. What is it? You pick one

day a month, you pick the
same time and at that time, no

matter what the price is, you
buy a certain dollar amount of that stock.

Because if you do that the first
of every month at twelve o'clock,

you now have twelve different entry points
to that stock at different prices, and

it helps you with the swings.
Okay, well, I'm a bumble.

I'm I'm loving this. We have
some other things that we want to talk

about day. We always find that
we have so many things that we want

to ask you about. Well,
you take a quick break and when we

come back to the dive into a
little more great love. We're back with

Jason Tartick. We just kind of
gave the update on our bitcoin. I

think everybody's Gayn going down, get
cook going and looking into etherium bitcoin.

How much money do I have my
bank account? Well, and it brings

us to having any extra money.
Right. Well, I am so,

so and that and that pets are
much things like saving for retirement, yes,

and in security of life insurance,
like all of those things, you

know, are obviously extra extra money. Yea. And so we had a

question from one of our viewers about
both of those things and and they were

kind of when to start saving for
retirement. I think that. I think

we already should have started. I
can hear Jason Going, well, if

you girls haven't started, you probably
just you. We've we're good. I

think we're gonna Jason. We're gonna
Jason. We're gonna Jason, Jason,

because I never thought I would get
that old. Didn't all, of course

not. Never, thank you and
awsome. Never think you're we're not old

to Jason. You also never think
your kids are going to be old enough

to go to college and all the
set and that exactly so. anyways,

let's dive into yeah, all those
and he's take us where where. We're

sure kick up wherever you want to
start. Yeah, I think the both

the comic denominator with both the both
of those things, life insurance and retirement,

is you really have to think how
dependent are people on you? So

right, let's first talk about retirement. How many people are dependent on your

financials? Is it just maybe you
and your husband or you and your wife?

You have to assess that. And
essentially all you're doing when you retire

is you are saving so that when
you leave your job, that money will

survive the entirety of the rest of
your life. So it becomes it becomes

kind of a big difficult conversation because
you're starting to think about how long will

you live and how do you a
lot laughter than we used to do.

Why? Longer than you used to
and you want to pass money on.

And so the best thing I could
tell anyone that's retire that's starting to save

for retirement, is the sooner you
start, the better. You should start

yesterday if you don't have a plan
in place, because the best thing going

for you is time. The more
time you have, the more money you'll

make on your money. Now also, I think it's important for people to

know. A lot of people will
say like, I'm relying on social security,

I'll retire with social security money.
The big thing is with with social

security is that you can start to
you you ideally want to take it when

you retire. So let's say it's
sixty six and a half right. Let's

that the retirement age. Yeah,
even for actors you can start the benefit.

You can see you're like, Oh
shit, I got oh my God

six. You can start the benefit
of social security at sixty two and you

could you could wait until seventy.
Why would you wait to take this social

security benefit? Because the the government
incentivizes you. That the monthly amount they

will give you once you retire.
It will be more if you wait to

take yes, there's an example.
If you were to get a thousand dollars

on your retire if you took it
early at sixty two, that would pay

you seven hundred eight dollars a month
for the rest of your life, but

if you waited until seventy, that
would pay you about twelve hundred and fifty

dollars a month for the rest of
your life. So which, of course,

we all want to wait as lone
as we can. However, and

then you also have your pension from
from vas, from Sagan. That's that's

IM. I'm lucky in that my
I've been working as an actors since I

was twelve, but it is kind
of amazing and I think about that and

and please tell us about what early
retirement is and what well, of course

it's going to decrease because you're going
to get penalized for for taking out early

retirement before, but I think that's
also a possibility to I think people are.

I mean, of course everyone lives
in some fear and goes in and

out, but I start thinking about
that and I like that you're saying how

hard it again looking at things that
are really difficult to talk about, because,

yeah, I start going, wait
a minute, wait, sixty five,

and what does that look like as
an actress? There's so much fear

and now it's been so much,
so much be ight. I just feel

such a heartbreak for what everyone went
through during covid because they think a lot

of people are really looking at their
different options right now going well, if

I have this it, maybe I
should retire early, because how am I

going to there's just so, so
much unset instability. It seems right now

in in in the work a day
person, the people who are really going

paycheck to paycheck a hundred percent.
I think that's one of the things you

have to do is like understand what
your monthly expenses are and what you think

they'll be. And then it's tough
as and like be. You have to

kind of project like how long,
based on family history and health, do

you think that you'll live and do
you have enough money for that? One

of the issues is people rely,
I think, too much on social security.

But if we look at these numbers, if you're getting eight hundred dollars,

let's just say, a thousand dollars
a month, that means you have

to live your life the rest of
your life off twelve thousand a year.

And so if you sup oppose,
you didn't have any retirement and that is

devastating. So one thing I would
say, like you know, what everyone

should do is a starter as to
wake him up a little bit, is

you can go to social security dot
Gov estimator. Yes, that will tell

you what your earnings should be like, what you should get for social security.

So then you could start thinking like
oh shoot, if I'm only going

to get eight hundred per dollars a
MoD. I really got to start putting

a plan in place for myself,
because social security won't be in other that's

that's something I think. I mean
you. That is our to do this

this month. Folks that go and
look and get one of the things that

Jason, you encouraging us so much. Tell the truth about your finals.

Look and open your mapic call.
Remember, open your mind, as I

did to open. I didn't open
my mail. I Open my mail now

and it's true, very imp and
sometimes I'll be like, I'm not in

the mood, I don't want to
see. This is some random you know,

I have the top of the line
insurance and a healthy family, yet

I have more medical bills with that. It's the most frustrate every bill.

It's like it costs me two hundred
and seventy five to get a mamogram after

insurance. Well, you know so. Anyways, I just don't like I've

always it's always going to be like
some lame a thing that I'm gonna you

know. So I'm always like,
I'm not in the not in the mood.

I know I'm not in the mood, then I'm not going to be

in the mood later. So I
just tear that thing about. I've been

I've started to make my son open
them, like open it, tell me

what they want, you know,
and he's like the Yes, he's so

funny. Yeah, it's funny how
we he'll say, like I don't think

this is real. Let me see. He's like, well, you're going

to get a check for Thirtyzero from
you know, like no, that never

done, that is that's Jock mail. Rely with Lee, with vision was

real. The flip side of that
is when it isn't anything, that's a

bill or something, that's painful,
because I'd go through the same thing you

did with mail, as you know. And when you don't, the flip

side just like Oh Yay, I'm
not being build something. The point,

the point of it all, is
to not ignore it, and I think

that retirement is something that we ignore
the shit out of. Yes, it's

UNPLEAS last thing we we don't think
it's going to happen. We always think

it's going to be different down the
line and then all of the sudden it

is down the line. And I
can say that for for college, for

saving for College, like I thought, like I'll be fine by then.

You know and it's you know,
it's fine, but it's not like I

wish that I would have put a
better plan in place to slowly build that

college account. True, me too. I I wish I had to.

You're making me feel really good for
so on college account for my twelve year

old Avis. I would encourage everybody
to, and myself and you to really

today kind of think about like,
all right, let's not ignore this anymore.

We know it's coming. When small
step can what's your stuff? Can

I even? Can you even set
up? I know that I have something

set up with my bank that you
know. Every month they throw a bunch

of money into savings for me.
I usually take some of that night from

time to time. It's kind of
like my rolling it's not my real savings

account. It's kind of just like
it's there. But but is there a

way to have them take away money
that you can't get? Yeah, well,

you could set up Auto Ach,
so you create that auto transfer.

So it has sort of recommend is
anyone out there that is working for a

company sit down with your HR director
to understand all the benefits your company will

provide? You were already mentioned insurance. They can walk you through what you

could do with your forel on Ka, how to set up a Roth,

how to use your health savings account. They can get you discounted stock.

So as it employed. There's a
lot of companies that will give you discounted

stop. I mean the the list
of better they do that. How they

give you discounted stock? That seems
almost because they're the company that has the

company, so they'll buy it.
Is like in their company. Yeah,

it's like, when I understand it, like they give you that as a

as it. They do that a
lot for an like an investment that I

give you that rather than a salary
or the like. You get the x

amount of x amount of what are
they collect when the guy wanted to take

your bitcoin and I said there you
go, have it now. So that's

the signment. Would say all your
views, like sit down with your hr,

terrific for your someone and go over
all your retirement benefits. Don't give

you insurance. They have a most
companies will give you life insurance up to

a certain DOLLEDG. I will get
an advantage of that. You gotta get

on it. Let us talk about
well, I have one other question.

Can I also go to my set. So can you go to your unions,

to the unions are the ones to
provide. But do all unions provide

retirement? So all you it depends
on what the setup is with the union,

but they may and they may have
a pension, they may have other

retirement vehicles. The thing is is
if you have a union like Za Sagatter,

you go to the representative and say
I need someone to lay out exactly

what my options are and who you
guys work with, because the thing is

is a union has a lot of
pool the money. When you have a

lot of pool the money, you
have the ability to get the best institutions

in the world managing that money.
So they have connections and people that they

could introduce you to because you're part
of the Union. Okay, okay,

well, it's so next time to
have seven hours to wait after HAH.

They literally we're not trying to call
the do something, and it's like we

will with you in three and a
half hour. It is. It's absolutely

true. The thing is the dude, it's so, so so whatever unions

were talking about. My Union and
I just got back from shooting a movie

called what remains. What remains.
It's not a good title to talk about

when you're talking about money. What's
left? That's but, but you have

to pay dudes. But I didn't
know that I had. They sent it

to my old business manager. So
so heather is calling me saying like listen,

we need to pay your dues,
and I'm like, I'm on set,

and she's like, well, you
need to let me do it for

you. Just can be with well, it took her to the end of

the day. She's like, they
just told me I was going to be

on the open for four hours,
like not show. It was like and

then like you know, yeah,
and that. Yeah, thanks. So

should be illegal right there that I
was not doing it. Only two hours

for something to my dog stepped on
the phone. I'm like, brow,

no, that's hilarious. Jason Stos
would never do that. Ha Ha,

oh yeah, like so can we? Did we talk about Life Insurance?

I can, I tell might say
that for next time. Might be save

it for next time, because I
have to tell you I started looking into

it for a homer. Okay,
so you know, an atlas, because

of course I'm I'm thinking about all
of these things facing I need it for

you. You do need to know, but that's good. Jet's a real

thing for me. By the way, what insurance with your partner? It's

called key man insurance. It's a
very real thing. Key Man man.

We need some of that. Key
Manager. Okay, think about if a

key man in your company, I
mean pass away like they have a value,

man or woman. Of course they
have a value that we don't think.

Well. Well, and let's talk
a little bit about insurance for companies,

because you know I have, I'll
have to I have one for all

for my company and and I have
one for our company and it's it's only

you know, I use a company
called his sicks, and it's like twenty

nine dollars a month to to cover
yourself. Well, and anybody that has

their own business should have that business
insurance, for which is the business insurance

cover? It covers your ass in
case of like, look, I don't

do I mean look at the tragedy
that happened on that film. Oh my

goodness sakes, I mean this really
takes us. I know, Jason,

we were trying, we're trying to
be that care of your your your your

yes, that tragedy, that's what
you have insurance for. We're taking care.

I mean, obviously that doesn't bring
anybody back, but it but there

is going to be massive civil lawsuits
and those if they didn't have insurance,

they you just never know what can
go wrong. Obviously. I think another

good takeaway maybe for the next yes, place to come back to the table

and you identify if you do have
health insurance and what it is and how

much you're paying for it. To
we could walk through the different types of

insurance. There's because there's a whole, there's there's term and then there's universal,

there's permanent. There's different types of
insurance, okay, come at different

costs, and I could also send
you guys with a resource after next episode

to send you to check and see
if you're getting the right rate for your

insure. Oh that would be great, incredible. So tell us again.

So what are we to do?
Do? Give us. Our to do

is so your to do is ore, and Ryan, you have to recap

this back to or send me this. Yes, so I'm prefas. So

we're okay. Good. I'm gonna
get you guys accountable. Yeah, okay,

so fine, and understand one.
If you have any type of life

insurance out there? Okay, you
do. Who It's with what kind of

insurance it is? Yeah, much
for fantastic. Okay, and you also

gave us another job, and that
was what's this? That is for both

you two to go to social security
dotcom. Yep, estimator. That is

what I would ad recourage anyone listening
to do too. I'm going to say

that so our audience. Yes,
please, let's all do this together.

We are getting we are getting better
with Jason Turneck, and we cannot thank

you enough for being on the show
with us today. Is that a wrap

up? Yes, but by the
time this comes out, our episode on

trading secrets will be out. So
I hope our tribe will move over to

the trade and secrets five, and
if you haven't subscribed to trading secrets,

it's a must do so on our
episode so that it just shows the chap.

Is the numbers exactly. I mean
millions of people locked Jason Titans,

cheating secrets, the ways when trading
secrets drop. So trading secrets drops every

Monday there's a new episode, and
so this is I think we'll come out

together, because usually we're the first
one. So I believe next Monday is

November one. All right, if
you really a double any yeah, well,

we'll come out Thursday. We do
the first the yeah, you'll come

out Thursday and I guess we'll come
out on Monday on your show. So

by then it'll be out. So
with people. When you're listening to this,

you can go straight to wherever you
listen to your podcast and subscribe to

trading secrets. You have to subscribe
before you can listen to it. Always,

always, always, a pleasure and
also learning experience with you, Jason,

what a pleasure. Until next time, everybody, don't don't be a

Dick. What I took your saying. What are you saying? What do

you say? Don't be a Dick? You're trying to steal my line.

Still in a thunder, you're still
doing living, loving kindness, and don't

be a d amen. We love
me, Jason. Love you, guys.

Thank you for and a big,
big thanks to our better together team,

Ryan Tillotson, Silvana, Alcohola,
Daniel Ferrara and, of course,

and in Heather. If you haven't
already, please subscribe on whatever device or

platform you're listening to this on and, as always, see you next week.

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