EPISODE 48: Just the Two of Us: Better Thanksgiving!

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Anne and Heather (plus producer Ryan) talk about their eventful last couple weeks. Stories of magic mushrooms, Kenny Rogers, and the Tijuana ensue. Also, they go around and say what they're thankful for this year- spoiler: it's Better!

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Straw media. We're better together with
some and hey, everybody, welcome back

to better together than and Heather and
Ryan, we are in a celebration this

year. First of all, I
just have to say we have come through

an entire year with better together than
together. We have done over forty now.

I think we're like a forty five. We've had some of the most

incredible guests and I think this is
a little bit of looking back at the

year saying our perseverance, which we
do talked about, to about with our

audience, is that we did something
that we set out to do and and

what we wanted to do with better
together is put something into the world that

would make things better for other people, that would encourage loving kindness and that

would bring us to a place where
we feel like we are more because we've

listened to the show, we've listened
to the experts and we've listened to the

love that we have tried to build
for not only our families but our friends,

and I guess I feel like we
can say, well, we accomplished

that, we did it. I'm
very proud to be your partner in this

and I feel I feel very grateful. I mean I think that, likewise

and and I think that we set
out to kind of learn from other people

and from, you know, from
them learning from us, and I just

think about all that we've got from
doing this together with each other, learning

from each other, from from all
of the honesty that our guests have had,

from us just being honest with each
other talking about the things that are

going on in our lives. We've
learned about money, we've learned about relationships,

we've learned about raising our kids,
we've learned about marriage. Like,

we really have taken on a lot
and I feel personally, we set out

to do this to give something to
other people, but I feel like I

have just gained so much from from
everybody and I can't wait to continue to

do it in the next year.
I know I was when I was looking

at Bitcoin. Okay, so one
of our things, with Jason Tarteck,

of course, is that we were
going to buy bitcoing for better together,

and I just have to say we've
stayed exactly even so, you know,

we have not lost anybody on our
fifty bucks are good, good, but

but I do I want to say
that when we when we when we give

to ourselves and just like what you're
saying. When we support, quote,

give to others, we are giving
to ourselves. And I had to Giggle

at myself. I mean, I
did say a couple of months ago I

knew nothing about bitcoin. It was
confusing as hell to me. I did

not know what was going on with
my taxes. That was confusing as hell

to me. I didn't understand.
I don't know what's going on with my

taxes. Like medic God and looking
at the Truth and seeking it and and

having the courage to face it sometimes
leaves you in a place a going all

holy Toledo. But I will tell
you I have turned around facing the demons

that I bear worry. This is
something that has happened this year, whether

we were talking about with Dr e
and talking about our great red zone and

Green Zone, the things that have
become puzzle pieces to help me face the

things that I don't want to face
are huge in my toolbox this year,

right is money, and money and
technology, body and technology. We're still

wearing about a little bit about technology, but now I feel better already saying

that, because we have. We've
gone through a lot this year, by

the way, faced a lot.
Last night, beanie came in and said,

mom, this really weird. I
got this really weird job and and

I said what is it? She's
like, will look at this picture first

of all, and it's a picture
of beanie. was like a thousand cameras

on a stick. And what are
they doing? She's like, I'm going

to be they're making an nft out
of me. Oh my God, they're

sending to space. And I said, what in the world are you talking

about? But since I had a
little bit of knowledge from Jason, that

yeah, and FT is a non
fun fungible token. Yes, and I

learned a little bit what that is. And and so they're making an nft

of Beanie Boylston that they are sending
into space, which I still need to

talk to Jason about this because I'm
still confused. Well, but she gets

sixty percent of whatever it makes.
Well, I don't understand why we wouldn't

have a blow. I mean,
come well, you must happen. Let's

have a better together and have ting. Of course, that is where my

next song went, yes, but
anyways, it I never would have known,

I wouldn't have had a handle lot
it. So you, Jason,

probably would have laughed as I was
explaining it to beanie. You know,

yeah, Oh, good for her. Cool, I'm I'm not only is

that cool, but I think of
being according to to homer now, who

is big into NFT's. I think
we can invest in that. So that's

the other question you have to ask
me. If we can buy a bit

of Beanis Nft? Well, I
and again we got to go back to

Jason. So we won't harp on
this too long. I do believe that

one person owns it. I think
it's this. I think that it's a

it's digital art, and that one
person owns it. Then they sell it,

obviously. So I mean we might
want to investigate if we want to

buy beanies. Well, not,
I mean lunge goal, whatever the Frig,

yes, and then watch her rib
wash, watch a rise to start

up, actually want to do,
and then, all right, well,

let's Agustin Bean. Absolutely person I'd
like to invest in it's being boils divorce

or so. anyways. That yeah, I thought that was fun. So,

Moll, congratulations to bed. I
want to talk about what we did

this fee leading up to our Thanksgiving
weekend, because they have been some really

wonderful things that have happened in some
reconnections that I know that you had your

best friend in and talk about that, because she came in from Europe and

then you guys took a little girls. We don't we talked, we talked

to it's actually that's two separate groups. But we talked about with Dr e

planning for Thanksgiving and I had mentioned
my friend who has a difficult family dynamic

that has had had difficult trips in
the past. So this time she came

with a full plan. She actually
went so far as to ride out in

itinerary to tell her parents when she
would be spending time with him. So

there was no expectations. Yes,
my about you know. Are you going

to yes, come AL alleviate.
So that where are you? Why don't

you here? anyways, you all
working like a charm and I just thought

I'd give that update. Good other
schedual health. Yes, she it's working

like a charm. But before that
I went to a place called three rivers

with three of my best friends from
High School, Don, Marco and Laurie,

and we went up to three rivers. Don bought a place by the

river there. So Marco comes to
pick me up and he has rented a

Porsche my dream por show. No, it's good ortable. No, it's

like it's white. It's the white
commortable Porsche. And we drive it by

my Gud the three rivers, and
now we're on the way there and of

course Lri or doam text me and
they're like we need to get some oat

milk. Okay, so picture US
pulling into this tiny little town and three

rivers to the little market like douchebags
in our Portcha looking for Oat milk.

Yeah, totally. I was barrass
of my face. Yes, yeah,

you know, ver scream. Yeah, but Lo and behold, they were

out of oat milk. Yeah,
I actually have out a dog outs and

they were out of oat milk.
So we drive up to this place that's

on the river. It's fantastic.
I walk in there and dom and I

live together in our s. We
had this fabulous place off of Melrose and

our S and Marco to and we
just had a blast. But I walk

in there and it was all the
furniture that she had in storage from our

apartment. So I walked in there, I it was a blast from the

past. Aground this little coffee table
that we would have our meals on when

we were twenty, and so it
was. It was. It was fascinating

to to be there in that space. And you did you like drop assid

or like I mean. Well,
I'm funny. The exciting one was the

exciting thing that you did. Let's
go, girls and boys on vacation.

I brought well, first of all, we're all, I'm a scientist,

about not getting a hangover. I've
got I've got a patch on my wrist

yet that is supposed to not give
you a hangover. I've got some juice

that I drink. I've got,
you know, I've got the whole set

up. Yeah, and then we've
got a shit ton of wine. You

done, I douche and all of
this. And and I did buy some

legal Mare Juana. Partake it,
but half of them won't smoke it anymore

because I don't even know why.
But what dom would do is mushrooms.

Oh, let me go get your
bad a magic mushrooms. That I have

not done in thirty years. Yes, and I'm I'm always afraid to do,

you know, drugs. So I
did a tiny little bit right,

but just enough. And then Marco
says, guess what, you guys,

there's a lunar eclipse tonight? No. So we were at the river,

lying flat on our backs, looking
up at the moon for this lunar eclipse.

Yeah, in the moon lit up. It was. It was fantastic.

Not all of us partook in the
mushrooms. So I had to say,

is it is amazing to you?
Is it to me? Right,

and apparently it was pretty amazing.
There are bears there, which freaked me

the fuck out. Yeah, give
me an earthquake any day of the week.

Yeah, but at the idea of
a bear. Yeah, did you

see what? We did not,
but she showed me pictures of it on

the property, like when it was
there before, and so I was a

little bear scared and we went and
hiked in the sequoias and it was just

amazing. Well, I got to
get back to the mushrooms, becase mushrooms

are supposed to dive you into all
but you know, a did a deeper

maybe of more open space of consciousness. Did you experience that? Or just

the moon? The Moon? Yeah, no, it was. You know

what? It was different than I
remember it to be. It was more

than they were laughing that the mushrooms. When I did I had done mushrooms

since like college and that was like
mind altering. You'd see like trails and

lights and right, this wasn't quite
that. You think it's because we're older,

or was because I'm more cautious,
I'm sure. Back then I probably

ate an entire bag and this time
I took a little mushroom cap, right,

all right, little bit of a
stem, and we played Jenga and

magnet tiles and gin. But and
then, you know, I have horrible

taste in music, you know.
So there's always the point in the night

where it's like, Oh God,
you got you just gotta let Kenny Rogers

happy, because you know, you
know when follow up, because this is

where I'm dad the way. Yeah, there has three top songs that she

likes to sing. And it was
and it is and they've known me since

high school and I did that in
high school. Yes, so there was

a discussion about me of all the
musically that that went on for for a

bit till I got aggravated and I'm
like, I like what I like,

and now is the portion where you
play. You know, Kenny Rogers,

aren't you glad? I know the
words? Well, I've I've I love

your three rivers and next time you
do much rooms. Please invite me,

when we come back for talk to
our Dearest Ryan, because he took a

trip to Mexico City and we want
to hear how he prepped for his Thanksgiving

in Mexico City. We're back and
and our producer Ryan took a trip that

we want to hear all about,
start to finish. The surprise. Yes,

balls that it was a birthday surprise
and we know this. So it

started with a birthday surprise fromags.
If we want to hear, we want,

we want to hear what the delight
was. Buddy, how did it

go? Well, I love to
Mexico City. I was so fun.

I mean, the surprise got ruined. I told you that I asked her

family wanted me to give them advice
on like what to get her for her

birthday, and so I was like, well, I'm doing this trip,

if you want to like contribute,
like by us a dinner or like a

do like a tour thing there,
if you want an idea. And and

anyway, they ended up not doing
that. But then on her before her

birthday, they said have fun in
Mexico and she was just so concent so

confused. You didn't know what that
men only did they not help, not

only did they not like add the
pot. There stole the pot. I

stole it. We're gonna take the
glory. We're gonna tell her that you're

going to Mexico. I was so
bummed. But regardless, we still had

a lot of fun and what I
did what I wanted to do, because

I found out this thing that you
could do in San Diego is walk across

this bridge into the Tijuana airport,
and so we parked in San Diego and

I walked across this bridge and I
walked in and I walked right into the

Tijuana airport and we flew out.
And your flights are only like forty bucks

to Mexico City around for I kid
you not. WHOA. Yeah, well,

that's something for everybody to understand,
because it we'll look. I think

we everybody's trying to take a trip
and understand how they can do it economically,

because it's a really hard thing to
do right now. And if I

used to figure out how to travel, I used to go to Tijuana when

I was when I was in college. Like that, we'd parked in San

Diego, walk over and drink BECA. So we weren't twenty. The cool

thing about this, if anyone wants
to look it up, it's called C

B X, and they actually do
shuttles from La to CBX, the bridge,

and and it's not you're not dealing
with that typical. You're not dealing

with the Tijuana border. You're dealing
with you're just it's you're just literally walk

across across the bridge and then you're
in the airport and you're just and it's

there, and then coming back is
the exact same. So it's incredibly safe

and secure. Yeah, and we'll
and it's like, you know, if

you, if you've ever driven across
the border, like it takes like four

hours to get across driving really,
whereas this is, I mean it took

like five minutes. You know,
I walked, I'm in Mexico and then

vice versa, coming back. It
was so slain this out my friends that

I mean I grew up in San
Diego and I have friends that, yeah,

this'n and so I was so great
with some okay, so then,

but then you get in the airplane
and then what do you go into?

Where do you fly into? And
is that a huge pain in the neck?

No, no, Yo, yes, so we walk across the bridge,

I mean the Tijuana Airport, I
hop on a plane, I go

to Mexico City. So I was
it. It was it was easy and

it's it did so. So you
don't have to go through customs in Mexico

City. No, wait to get
right back up. So when you go

through, we're all lascinated. Yeah, so when you cross that bridge?

Yeah, I asked for your passport. Yes, seems like if I'm ever

going to commit a crime and want
to leave the country, I'm going to

take that bridge to that yeah,
airplane, great idea in Tijuana. Well,

you don't know what I'm planning,
because because robbing pigs might be our

so okay, so you get into
Mexico City, get then it was only

three nights. We are only there
for three nights. We Oh Uber is

that? You know? It's so
expensive right now here in Los Angeles gas,

we did it one of our trips. So the airport is twenty minutes

away. That ouber costs eight dollars. And then we did this. The

my are by the biggest thing that
we did in this trip. We went

to this town called Zocchi Milko,
and it is the coolest town in the

world. It's fight forty five minutes
from the heart of Mexico City. That

ubercasts fifteen, you know, and
I got to show you what. I

got to show you this video of
what this, this, this. So

there's this, these canals that were
built by the Aztecs, and then you

can hop on these boats and you
can rent them by the hour or by

the whole day, and there's these
little boats that come up next to you

and those served you tacos or making
Margarita's, and there's like all these little

yeah, I got our right,
and not a hundred and fifty dollars like

at the eighty exactly, and they're
and they're not, and there's a guy

just and they don't paddle, they
just have these long sticks and they push

you. It's like a Mexican like
it's a Gondela Ya. I'll show you

this video. And there's like all
these stops and if you want to just

stop, you tell your driver or
whatever, just pull over, I want

to buy a plant here or we
want to go get tacos. That I

how do you communicate that? Do
you speak fluent Spanish? I know enough

words, not very well. Mags
is much better. She she has much

better. But let me show you
like these. Okay, here we go,

hip play on that video. All
right, so you can see what

this looks like, because they are
so you're going to be able to all

beauty is. Oh my God,
it looks light. Now stop here.

Okay. So what we're looking at
and if you go on to Youtube,

put this video up here. It's
just fantastic. It's these colorful boats like

this all the time. It's just
all the time. I fall it is

yeah, that all that time.
So why do we not live in Mexico

City? Is My question. Honestly, have no idea. I wow,

all right, we make a living
there. Oh my God, okay,

that's fantasy. We want to be
show that video. You'll have to.

You'll have to go look at that
now, because it's worth it. And

you had you rent the you rent
the whole boat and it can seat maximum

of eighteen people. And so what? We didn't know anything about this.

We just wanted to do it,
and so, you know, ended up

costing us like fifty bucks, but
just for the two of its two of

us, but if you had eighteen
people, you split that. You guys

ways look like ballers there did me
driving up that little market. It was

crazy. It was make it rain, but you can bring on your own

booze. We didn't do that,
really we when we found out we could

do that, there was a liquor
store like right there, so we walked

in and grabbed like a six pack
of beer and walked back, but everyone

else had like decked out tables on. They were like ready to go for

the whole day, like I will
do. So I'm already planning the next

time I go back, I mean
and we made to go with you.

Yes, I made friends with the
guy who runs one of the boat like

he owns like five or six boats
and he's one of the few that speak

English. So if anyone wants to
go to Mexico City, I'll introduce you

to paco. He's great. He
had drinks with him. Afterwards he took

us to this like speake easy Puka
place is great. I can speak Spanish

when I drink, but until then
all I know is UNO MOSS, Sur

face upport for that's a good one. She knows that you don't know the

fuel. Give me, give me, give me another drink. Yes,

and where is the bathroom and that's
all I got. Well, that sounds

I'm from Maggie. was was beyond, beyond even even, even though I'm

surprised, got stove on Stoke Expyr
family. What do you doing for Thanksgiving?

Ryan, might have a big family
and that mostly lives in Los Angeles

San Diego. So we all meet
up like hundred people, like five Turkeys,

fifty pies. It's going to be
wild. So I'm bringing a bunch

of vegetables and making a pie and
going to Manhattan beach. Fantastic fantasy.

What are you guys doing? Okay, well, I am going to a

friend's house who I met at the
Tennis Club Atlas is now playing. For

anybody who has made attention on the
incredible celebration that Atlas has been having playing

tennis, he's actually really, really
good at hit and and now looking like

he's going to really commit being a
pro, which is one of the miracles

that happen this year and I cannot, but I can't believe that. So

a couple of his friends are having
us over, since I don't, I

don't, I have a family here
and we're going to go over and because

everybody knows that I'm a bad game
and I just love it. It's one

of my favorite games in the world. has to be one of their.

So we're having a bad game and
Thanksgiving everybody plays. They're going to have

about forty people. Everybody who's plays
is going to bring over their back Gamon

board or going to make. I'm
going to make an apple pie, but

it's not an apple bike crumb brulet. It's an Apple Pie bread pudding that

I'm going to be making to go
with our and get our get our fingers

all, I don't know, Gloey, I guess, to put all over

the pieces of back GAM that's what
I'm doing it. How about you?

That a righty. Well, I'm
going to pass Furdi's not far from Ryan,

to my little sister's house and her
Saint, Stephen is what we call

him. Her husband is the nicest
man in the universe and a fantastic cook,

so he always makes a great Turkey. The kids are coming with me

bean he's bringing her boyfriend from the
all my time while meet my family,

which will be easy, and that's
exciting. That's going to be fun.

So I'm just I just go and
help be Steve Soux, chef and make

some veggie dishes to bring over,
and after that we may go to Derek's.

He's having a little Shindig in West
Hollywood, so we might go there

for a nightcap. And everybody knows
deregnized that it a little Shindig. Is

it's a little Shit Day. There's
about any glittering lagatur. He's and feathers.

A day of yours is a real
feathers. He's Turkey, but wasn't?

He doesn't block his Turkey. But
you know, I love Thanksgiving.

It's such a fun holiday and you
already feel I don't know if you feel

this in other cities, but it's
one of those you feel the the vibe

of the city, like the energy
changes. Yeah, and it's just it's

a fun holiday. It's it's a
drinking, eating holiday. What's wrong?

The Best? That's I like that
more. That's one of well, I

hope everybody drinks and and and my
kids drive now, so I have a

designated driver home. So you can
you can drink there and you can't drink

on your way back. I'm hollow. Yeah, my sister's gonna drive and

she doesn't drink. Yeah, you've
also been good for me. Yea,

is got for me think about.
All right. Well, everybody have a

wonderful I mean we were saying this
on Thanksgiving days. What could be one

can yes, we hold everybody has
a fantastic Thanksgiving and if you've, if

you listen to better, together with
the other we all who are wishing you

the most, the most beautiful light, love. And what are we all

thankful for? We have to go
around the table like we do it thanksgiving.

Okay, pry, okay. Well, I'll start. I'm thankful that

I've met both of you, that
we've started this project, that I think

it's going to lead to something incredible
and I'm excited. Well, we are.

We are taking a break. For
what? I'm taking a month off.

I think we're just at the December
break. Yes, the December break,

and I'm excited to come back stronger
than ever and make something great.

I have too. I think it's
we have some fun guests lined up,

for sure. Do we come back? Ye, yeah, I'm I think

that's the year has been a lot
of learning and growth. I feel like

I've found my voice. I feel
like we've really found him a place where

we're in sink. I it takes
longer than you think, folks. It

like every single thing that you dedicate
your life to and dedicate to making others

feel better for and and you create
a team and I want to encourage more

than anything, the perseverance that takes
and the commitment that that takes from partners.

So we're here and we've done this
a year and I can't wait for

the next one. I'm very,
very grateful and I'm grateful for both of

you. I'm grateful for this podcast, I'm grateful for the people listening to

it and supporting us and I think
that it's such a gift to be able

to do something that is fun for
a living and with people that are fantastic,

and I always I haven't always been
lucky like that. I've spent a

lot of time in my career having
to do work that I did not enjoy.

Yeah, and so to be able
to do something that I enjoy is

just a just a huge gift that
I'm so grateful for. Well, I

hope everybody is having a wonderful prayer
for everybody who is here, for everybody

that we've lost it for everybody who
will come into our lives in this next

year. Happy thanksgiving. Everyone has
some thanks time every thanksgiving. Let my

kindness and don't be a Dick,
and a big, big thanks to our

better together team, Ryan Tillotson,
Silvana Alcohola, Daniel Ferrara and, of

course, and in heathern. If
you haven't already, please subscribe on whatever

device or platform you're listening to this
on and, as always, see you

next week.
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