EPISODE 53: Reading Ryan Like a Book w/ Frank Paris

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Show Notes

This week, BETTER TOGETHER podcast producer Ryan is put in the hot seat and receives a reading from renound psychic Frank Paris. In this episode, Anne and Heather ask the question: Is it possible that we are carrying around baggage we aren't aware of? You'll want to hear Frank's answer.

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Straw media. Hi, everybody,
welcome back to better together. The show

today is very special because it is
a life changing moment, in a deepening

moment, I think, for all
three of us. He are on better

together and unfortunately and fortunately for Ryan, he is in the hot seat the

time. We have Frank Paris on
today, a healer and a reader and

and a life changer, and Ryan
has agreed, probably not totally knowing what

he's in for, to sit and
have a reading with Frank. And I

don't think Ryan knows how good frank
is at what he does and he's about

to find out. So you've got
some are you? You've got to listen,

better to listen and everybody, welcome
back to Bena together. It is

our pleasure to have our show today
with them. Such a wonderful man who

has changed our lives and will change
yours, most likely by listening to him,

with the healer and spiritual guide and
friend, and Frank Paris is with

us today. Hi, frank,
thank you for that one who introduction.

Frank Paris is a healer of hearts
and minds. He specializes in transforming his

clients into their whole selfs and truest
potential. Frank was born with psychic,

clairvoyant, telepathic and empathic abilities that
he's honed over the years to help heal

and awaken people to their truest designs. As early as five years old,

frank could look into the hearts of
others and recognize their lived trauma that was

blocking their transcendence to their true potential. He coined the phrase original wound,

and frank has learned to enters others
subconscious minds and shepherd them away from the

mental and emotional scars that began their
journey of in authenticity and unconsciousness. When

the original wound is addressed and healed, full consciousness is finally free and divine

awakening begins. Nice. Amen.
Amen, I'm gonna do what we're gonna

do today. We have a really
fun show for you, because today what

we're going to do is a session
here with our producer, Ryan and Frank.

So you guys are going to see
and hear what he does and how

he works in action. And also
we want people to know that he doesn't

know anything about right. Try to
not get I try to even tell him

a little bit, just as any
stop stops. Don't say a word doesn't

think it's going to be anyhow and
just says you all know, on our

show we always pose a question that
we hope by the end of the show

that we answer. So today's question
is really about is it possible that we

are carrying around baggage that is impacting
our lives in a negative way that we

don't even know we're carrying around?
I mean, need rank to tell us

what it is. You just sail
a, just tell us a little bit

of about you, b about your
spirit and how you came came into this

incredible art and craft of yours.
Sure. Well, when I was little,

I was you know, I thought
everybody had the abilities I had.

I would look into people's eyes and
I would actually start crying because I could

see what they were actually thinking was
different than what they're actually saying, and

I realized everybody just lies all the
time and I was like, Oh,

lookay, this is how it is
here. And it took many years to

get to where I could like here
on this planet. Yeah, and so

I it took till I was almost
eighteen years old before I could actually look

somebody in the face and not cry
if they were being dishonest, because I

was just so empathically sensitive in my
emotions. Probably my grandfather was probably undiagnosed

idiot, sabant or some sort of
spectrum, and I believe that that ability

helped me to grow into this gift, because I did. I've never had

the ability to turn off my emotions. So when I get upset, it

just flows and it's very difficult for
me to hide it. So, but

anyway, that's where it started and
I went on to be a champion Latin

dancer, like on Dannity with the
stars, for twenty five years. No,

Kay, oh, yes, maybe, wow, we have to go

dancing? Yes, I would love
that. And then I started this when

I came to California, to Los
Angeles, to dance one last time with

an American, United States champion,
and I started doing the work and it

just took off and took over my
life. And it's been thirty years now,

or twenty seven years now. So
could you define the work when you

could, when you say you want
is you what? What? What would

you say? Your work is?
My work is I meet people and I

show them where they're really at.
So maybe with psychology and psychiatry that they're

training to listen and they actually can't
speak and tell you witting and I psychically

see what's going on. So I
can, as as long as I'm certain,

I can, open the cavern up
of the things that are going on

and show people what's repetitive in their
life and what it's causing their situations,

because most people are about ninety percent
and conscious to what's going on in their

lives and they're just reacting to things
that they're accidentally creating all the time.

And so when you learn something like
if you've got something inside that's festering and

creating and creating and creating and creating
suffering, once you know what it is,

you see the value of it,
almost like a lesson or the teacher

has done so the classes graduated and
life just changes immediately and it's incredible what

happens when somebody figures out, oh
Aha, that's why I'm doing that.

You know, that happened to me
and this is how it works and I've

been doing with, you know,
ten different lovers for their middle life.

It just unfolds everything and life begins
again. So the work is really about

restoring people to their authentic balance as
close to possible as possible and then also

beginning their awakening process, which is
an ascension into the mind and learning who

we really are and the abilities of
the mind. So, speaking from experience,

this is exactly what you do.
Do you find the people sometimes,

as you know things about people,
but they're not open to it. Does

it have to be an agreement to
do people have to be ask you,

is that a conflict for you to
know so much? And sometimes do you

feel that that's not, that's not
where people are, because it's very deeply

you do well. You know,
in the beginning, when I started the

work, I wouldn't get that with
a lot of people and I would have

to negotiate with their maybe you call
it their ego mine, and kind of

convince them. And I'm a really
good condoon sirs. I can talk to

gold, but come on, let
me in. But now people won't even

come see me if they're not ready
to do the work, because I just

energetically know I'm going to tear them
the shit out of them. Then this

no way that they can stand with
me or sit with in front of me

and not come apart so I can
see. Okay, I don't care.

What are you doing? Gotten me
into hey, friend's gonna get two party

right, but not too much negotiation
anymore. Once in a while I get

somebody who's you know, when I
tell them this or that, they go

what and I'm like just listen,
calm down. Does it just shoot out

of your mouth, like if you
honestly you like, if you're at a

dinner party, do you see all? Like if you're with eight people at

a table, do you know all
about them? Yeah, and I've learned

to turn it off, luckily,
over the years, because it was a

growing process and in my twenties and
s it was very difficult because I would

walk like I go to movie there
and I like that person pizza for lines,

that person's being abused, that person's
father died at six. The whole

room I was watching everything, and
I say watching metaphorically because it's really like

I just a knowing. Sometimes it's
images, most of the time I just

know everything, and I call it
Google God these days because i's just pull

a pull of file down. But
I've learned to try it all. Yeah,

do you see the past more than
you see the future? When you

see people? I see that.
I see what needs to be healed first.

Is that what the original wound is? Yeah, usually, and it

all came to a head in Los
Angeles about maybe I must have been about

fifteen years ago, and I was
standing on the starbucks and there's a little

girl with her father and she looked
up at me and her spirit said to

me, he's molesting me, help
me, and I just collapsed and went

aside in the corner and I said
I've got to learn to turn this off

because I just can't function here anymore
if I don't learn to turn this off,

because there's just so much suffering in
the world and I was seeing live.

So I've managed to just shut it
down and kind of, you know,

say whom I'm not just like everybody
else. Now I can go into

a room and just have fun and
not see. It's like bobbing on the

surface but not looking at the sharks
underneath the water. So but when I

get in session it all comes clear
out still. So yeah, so that

the string of them. We go
through the things that I've heard and thirty

years of doing this work, from
you know, billionaires to celebrities to murderers,

the things that cause us to do
what we do are just unbelievable.

In the things we've done are just
unbelievable. So it takes a lot of

hope and humanity to keep very good. I do sometimes. Can I ask

a question I've never asked before,
like if you if you're watching a new

story, or if something happens like
can you see, like did Oj Oj

did it? We all know Oj
did it, but like, like things

like this, like you to give
me a hard need a more difficult one,

but like on it, you know, on a date line or on

a you know what I mean.
Like something that happens in the news.

Do you know the outcome already,
or do you know what has happened?

Yeah, yeah, I always know
what happened. I these days I do

not look at it, though,
just to be clear, I don't.

I won't even look into it.
I'm like, Oh, that's interesting and

I just shut off because I used
to have that dead people talking to me,

that Oh, she's in a in
a in the ground somewhere, and

it wasn't. You know, people
said, why don't you go work with

the police and help discover boddies,
but it it was never liked that for

me. It would just come and
go with that kind of stuff. You

know, my my abilities are specifically
tuned into where people are broken away from

themselves and they can't feel love for
whatever reason. I'm able to access that

part of the love button and people. So do you feel like incredible amount

of responsibility having all of it this
this gift? Yeah, it was.

It was a long journey and you
know, I was raised Catholic and I

went to Catholic school and somebody else
was to I don't know what her name

is, sather. I know we
have that in coming, the thing for

our happiness. So I had a
tremendous amount of pressure from my religious upbringing

and then to be giving these abilities
and have to negotiate with them and feel

like, you know, I felt
this huge responsibility that almost beat me to

death. Yeah, until I was
in my late s and I worked in

Hollywood for a long time and I
was doing forty sessions a week and,

you know, a month waiting list
and I literally collapsed and had to leave

Los Angeles because I thought it was
going to just and I was very sick.

I almost lost it. So because
I just wanted to help. Everybody

want to help, everybody went help. Ever, and then there was a

TV show that was built out and
when it got close I just started having

nightmares about people and coming to me
and saying save my child, help me,

help me in the streets. I
was rest of my life people are

going to be doing this shit to
me and I'd say somehow made it energy

energetically go away. But these days
I'm pretty you know, I don't feel

much responsibility for it anymore because I
understand from a bigger, broader picture what's

going on and I can also learned
how to control it more. Yes,

it's taken a it's taken it's been
a lifetime of my own learning. There's

not been a lot of resource and
my friends and clients call me the Pathfinder

to consciousness because I've done it all
the hard way. And then I'm like

just do this, because it's easy
for them out to they you know,

after I go with the Bush whacker
and get eaten alive by mosquitoes and whatever

else happens. You do you have
the shortcuts? Yeah, yeah, I

have the short but do you keep
do you keep the information with you?

Is that part of what you've had
to learn to let go? Once you

do a once you do a healing
that you, because I would imagine you

would just keep all of I know
what I told you, like I mean

not that your empathy is so,
so strong. I think you would be

difficult for you to let that go. Let the people again. The same

it was the first twenty years of
doing the work, probate, fifteen,

eighteen years of doing the work.
It was very difficult and I, like

I, you, know how to
every there was killing yourself with a certain

product and then three months later I
was with, sick with the same thing,

and then somebody else would be doing
something and then I wouldn't get the

same thing because I was key carrying
the energy for so long, and what

I learned to do is I just
everything goes through me now. So it's

like like I don't remember anything we
talked about either one of you right now.

I couldn't possibly because I said some
shitty stuff. I just do want

to say that he has changed both
of our lives. I will say yes,

one hundred percent yes, and one
thing that I will say is that

is that I continue because of what
we uncovered, is basically my original wound.

I continue to uncover more. Yes, because of that, me too,

and and and that is. That
is a true gift. Absolutely,

absolutely. I booke, and I
will say this, my original wound was

those fucking nuns. So I got
some does those. I'm just gonna say

it. Okay, so they are. I cut to the chases. You

got in the chase. I love
it. I just have to commend Ryan

for agreeing to this. Hen this
is this is not an easy this is

not an easy thing to do,
to hear that somebody is going to begin

to you with a spatula of your
heart. Ever, you yeah, with

an audience. So I just I
like, perhaps I have no idea what

I'm getting myself into here. So
that's why I'm saying very tall, dig

and on top of you. All
right, hi, frank, how are

you? I'm good. Are you? You're definitely in the hot sea right,

I can tell the first I want
to say that it's very brave of

you to do this, and it
won't think even that in itself is a

step in what I'm going to say
to you. Oh Gosh, my heart

is racing now. So what's happening
is I'm connecting to your energetically. Can

we're all connected energetically, but because
of my abilities, are so skilled.

It's like a plug where I'm plugging
into your your system with you right now.

Okay, so, yeah, so
the space that I wanted to speak

to you about, that's very clear
around just the relationships with women. Huh,

okay, all right, you your
career, everything is moving openly,

but there's a there's a tear inside
of you about your value with a woman.

Oh yeah, thank to I mean, I don't know, I'm about

to get married this month, but
so, as that the woman you're talking

about, I would maybe thought all
women. So there's a but this one

space in you. Yeah, so, and that love is a very deep

love and it's it's going to be
great. But there's this part of you

that is shuts yourself down when it
comes to women and goes into a passive

mode and in the long term of
the relationship, you you just side words,

edit out. In a long term
of the relationship, it's going to

mean gastruation and not and not happiness. So what I want you to do

is look into yourself and see where
I mean. I think I have an

idea of what of what you're of, what you're talking about about about a

particular woman who, that's right gave
birth to me. That's right. That

particular woman touch you something that's not
accurate. What do you mean by not

accurate? Well, her behavior was
because of her own damages and of course

she did her best, but what
she did as she made you feel that

a woman's love is conditional, and
the space in you that is hooked on

to proving your value with women is
and you're very good at it and you're

so smart and you're so you're good
looking guy and you're doing everything right,

but it's going to bite you in
the ass later because you can't live in

that situation in long term. So
what I'm saying to you is this needs

to be repaired for your marriage to
be forever, because as good as it

feels right now to say yes,
dear and you're in the heart of yourself,

it's not going to last because it
becomes you. Will you become a

doorstep by anyone you do that with, and it's very easy to do.

I'd get the same thing with my
own value with other partners. So I

want you to look at yourself and
see those things that she was going through,

that particular woman, your mother.
Yeah, that's were all about her.

Yeah, yeah, they were.
Yeah, so feel me. So

stay with me, try to look
at me and stay with me. So

in the space that I'm trying to
get to, I want you to find

the little boy in there that actually
started to tell himself things about himself.

So she's doing this to me because
I'm this, I'm that, I'm this,

I'm that. I'm not going to
go through the whole list because it's

all, it doesn't matter and you
know what it is. So, yeah,

what's go what's you know? Yeah, that particular incident happened when I

was twenty one years old, so
it's like I wasn't even a little.

I mean, I guess I was
still very much growing up. I still

feel like I am growing up,
but like it. I mean it still

has a huge impact on me.
Yeah, and it was going on all

the time. Yeah, yeah,
so what is normal to you in relationship

with a mother and son or a
woman and a man is not completely normal.

So you have a system in there
that thinks this is how it's supposed

to be, and what I'm telling
you is it's it's a it's a broken

system. It's got a virus.
And if you can just stay with me

and try to stand into your male
power, which is in the very root

shock of your body, and just
feel yourself and say it's okay to let

this go now. Is it okay
to stand in your power, to be

that, because I want you to
be Ryan, the man that you are

and the man that your wife deserves, and that's what she actually wants to

so if you can step into that
power right now in yourself and let all

those voices go, just let them
rewrite themselves. there. You Go,

right there, and just be willing
to let this marriage be the new beginning

of your relationship with women. Feeling
your spine and when we betray these voices

inside of ourselves, these things that
are ancient, these original wounds, it

feels like we're betraying our everything,
like we're doing something wrong, and I

would just want you to feel that
you're not doing anything wrong. You're actually

healing yourself right now, and all
you have to do is be willing to

listen and follow me, and it
will. It's an automatic system. We're

built to be perfect in God's image
and as soon as you go into this,

it's going to feel itself into the
right way. So just be willing

to let go of what you know
about relationship with women and yourself and the

voices you believe about yourself when it
comes to women, and how you have

to do a little bit of a
show Pony Act to be loved and you

don't, and no woman who loves
you actually wants that. And she doesn't

want that either. She wants you
to step into your power. So what

would it feel like right now if
you there, you step right into your

power, into your spine, and
say today I become a man, I'm

not still growing up, today's the
day I become a man, the man

I was born to be, and
I put down these voices in my head

that I created. They're not even
your mother's fault. She just did the

best she could and she loves you
very much. She's just has her own

problems. You internalize them and your
conscious reasoning mind determine what was wrong with

you, and every word of it
is a fucking lie. Everything you think

about yourself in relation to women,
which has to do with your unworthiness or

our broken parts, it's all lies, every word of it. So just

here in your own mind, these
are all eyes. And what would it

feel like to be brave enough to
let go of them right now and step

into vast unknown change where I'm just
a man. I'm a good looking man,

I'm a good man, I'm going
to be a great husband, and

that's okay to say no and it's
okay to say this is what I wanted,

is how it is going to be, and because it will adjust itself

she actually wants it to. You
know exactly where I'm talking to about.

That's right. Can you forgive yourself? Can you forgive yourself for believing those

voices? I don't know. Yeah, I don't know. And forgive yourself

for creating this feel like I have
control over it, you know. So

it's like I don't really know how
to forgive myself over something I don't even

feel like I have control over.
Yeah, yeah, and that's why it's

there, because you believe that you
don't have control of your mind, and

you do, and none of us
really know that we do until we learn

to have but I want you to
feel what it would feel like to forgive

yourself forever creating those voices, and
to forgive your mother, because she's not

actually the one that put them there. She demonstrated behaviors that made you feel

unloved, and you know that,
not completely, but you know, just

to get these systems going. But
you design this whole thing and this is

a system that's been running with you
and you've had three relationships now, right,

three. This is the third one. Yeah, I think so,

and this one is the best and
it's beautiful. And if you want it

to last a lifetime, look up
at me. If you if you want

this to last for your lifetime,
you're going to have to step into your

powers a man. The marriage is
and going to make it last forever.

The man that you are, Ryan, that man in there, it's growing

up right now and kind of he's
what's going to make the relationship last forever,

and he will, because he's a
good man. And you don't have

to be afraid of your voice or
your power, because there's not a piece

of you in there, even if
you are demanding Embossi that has any mal

intention. So it's okay to be
a neruth yeah, I'm your gentle giant

and you have a lion's heart and
I want you to be not afraid to

roar like a lion. You feel
it. Yeah, yeah, so when

we're done, I want you to
go sit somewhere when the show's over.

I want you to sit somewhere and
just say I am enough and I'm choosing,

in this moment today to become the
man who was born to be,

and I'm willing to let go of
these tapes of unworthiness, or whatever you

want to call them, because their
garbage. I am amazing man and I'm

going to be a great husband and
I deserve to have an opinion and I

deserved how to say and I deserve
to be in charge when I want to

be in charge. It's all okay, and it's a most actually, and

a woman is no different than a
man in aspect of whose has first priority.

And that's where you're confused. Yes, you take care of your woman,

yes, he put her up there. Yes, you buy her flowers,

yes, you tree like Queen,
but you also say no and you

also take your seat of power when
you need to, as the keen of

her life. Yeah, yeah,
and if you look at your mother's relationship

to the father situation, there's no
that's in balance, so incongruent. You

see, it doesn't have anything to
do with what I'm saying, and that

didn't demonstration that you watch without me
being too specific. Is what caused this

idea and to power a little bit
with your energy for love. And I

want you to stand in your power
for love, because, no matter what

any woman tells you, they all
want two thirds Sir Lancelot and one third

cave men, and they'll say no, no, I want Sir Lance a

lot only, but you becomes her
lance a lot only and you get powered

right. Girls, every woman needs
a little cave men and that primal part

of you that's so strong in there
that your father didn't have to stand up

your mother, and your mom mother
actually demonstrated a lot of that as a

male energy. So it confused you
that women should have that. And some

women are very alpha and they do
have it, which means you have to

balance in a different way. But
your situations beautiful. This is a life,

a lifelong love. But you have
to stand into your back, into

your power, and let this idea
go because if you, if you spend,

you know, three or four years
as the pleaser, it's going to

get dull and dry, it's going
to become a cold relationship and I want

you to do everything you've ever wanted
to do, starting with this marriage as

a man and don't tell me because
I don't here. I'm sure it's very

great. So do you have any
questions? No, so it just blew

up a part of your mind and
it's like a computer just needs to reboot.

So just do the best you can
to finish the show and rest for

a little while. When you wake
up you'd be like, Oh, I

feel different, yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah, I guess.

So, yeah, I put on
I definitely. I think you said

something along the lines of putting on
a front with my mom, and I

do. Yeah, it's been very
interesting. But okay, I don't know

how to change that, but it
already changed by me bringing the light of

it to your subconscious mind and to
your conscious mind to understand it. It

all breaks apart. So anything the
light is brought to of love disintegrates anything

that's untrue, and all that garbage
you're carrying around is untrue. Even amazing.

Man. Well, thank you.
You're welcome. Thanks. One to

know him, but it's done to
care. If you have any specific questions,

I give it to just tell me, but I would I don't even

know where to begin with specific questions. I have no idea you have.

Okay, how should he change his
interaction with his mother. Now what should

he have? Should he deal with
his mother? You don't have to do

anything. That's the beauty of it. It's an automatic thing. So all

of reality that we're witnessing is a
result of our own state of mind,

and that's a whole other episode.
But you're as you change your state of

mind, you interact with people different
and they immediately treat you different. You

know, the person who has the
consciousness of lack gets more lack, person

who has the consciousness of abundance gets
more abundance. Whatever we put out there

comes back to us in the same
form. So as you know yourself stronger,

your interaction with your mother's going to
bump around for a minute, but

then she's gonna go, Oh,
he doesn't put up with my shit anymore.

Oh, he tells me. No, this is what I'm doing and

I don't really care what should take
or whatever whatever you gonna say, and

she'll adjust and it will actually help
heal her too, because she'll start taking

that male powerhouse energy that she has
on top of her to protector and start

to come come a little back into
her female side. But the answer to

your question howther's. It fixes itself
and if we get into the how to,

how to demonstrate out there and fix
it too much, then we lose

the thing and we start to combat
with it. So it's got to just

be an internal change that we start
emanating and everything solves itself. People come

and say, should we get the
worse of them like you don't need to

make a decision. So you need
to stand in your power, understand that's

who you are, and you look
at each other when they and go,

we love each other, we're staying
together forever, or we don't long to

get let's go the other way.
And it's that way with everything. Your

mother and you will settle into a
new behavior and the relationship, because she

loves you so much and you love
her so much, will turn into something

pure by itself. Yeah, I
mean I definitely would. Would hate to

have whatever I'm holding on to affect
my current relationship. You know. I

know that it affected ones in the
past. Yeah, it did. That's

why I brought them up, and
it not would it is. Yeah,

it is, and this girl is
a tender, beautiful heart and she loves

you so much and she's going to
be so happy because she wants this for

you to what's happening right now.
So yes, it is, and I'm

willing to do different now and you
can shoot. Can hear this and she'll

say, wow, that's really true. And I want you to be more

assertive and I want you to step
in your power and I want you to

feel like you can tell anything and
she'll move into a different space with you.

And as long as love is the
the middle of two people, all

the dynamics kind of work themselves out
like a puzzle, you know. But

you can't be happy if you're both
have on costumes, pretending we love each

other. But I'm gonna pretend them
this costume. I'm pretend this costume because

at the end of the day,
suffocating and the relationship will starve because it

love can't grow inside of a customer, inside of a pot. You like

that? Yeah, I agree.
I think that makes a lot of sense.

But she's definitely your life love.
She definitely loves you. And when

I speak of the future, all
I'm doing is telling you what you've already

imagined into being for yourself. So
that's another point. Nobody can really predict

the future if there's not a fixed
future. There's only what we've imagined and

the most likely possibility. There's a
few things we imagine and then there's the

most likely when we're going to target
and the most likely when you're going to

target. And then won't be a
suggestive because it's your life, but there's

there's two kids in this beautiful picture
and you know, moving into a whole

different area of television, radio,
all those things, and everything you want

is coming. So it's going to
take yeah, but you'd got to grab

onto that piece of your spine because
it it's all going to present challenges for

you and the whole of your career. Everything that's holding on to you right

now has to do with this relationship
with women. Look behind you everything.

Yeah, that's right. Yeah,
so, and it'll free you up.

It is it's untying the not in
you and it's already happening. You don't

have to really do anything. Just
listen to what I say and when you

go to bed tonight it's going to
it's going to marinate some more and just

try to stay on top of Oh, what do I really want? Oh,

I'm enough. Oh this is how
I really feel. Oh, I

can say no. Oh I can
do this and it does feel like self

betrayal and it feels like you're doing
something wrong for a little while and just

look for that feeling and go,
there's that wrong feeling. I'm going to

do it again and you'll grow up. And you are growing up right now.

So we've already I've already ripped it
all the parts so that nothing has

gonna happen once I do. It
is done. Just do it as fast

as you can so doesn't hurt.
All right, thank you, thank you.

Thanks for telling me what's happening.
Likewise, I got a fucking win,

an invitation to yeah, yeah,
you want to come to Mexico,

maybe. Well, I've got extra
room, frank. Thank you. Thank

you. All right. I'll let
you guys come back in. Hey,

yeah, yeah, I mean,
I just had to. I mean,

how can we possibly say what an
honor it is to be a part of

here, to be a part of
a reading with somebody is is is,

first of all, so personal.
You are so brave for doing that.

It's I'm I'm so appreciated. I'm
so appreciative and so thank you. I

mean your bad ass motherfucker head as
Motherfucker, I mean, but but okay.

So I was wondering if people were
going to see what we are talking

about frank and and and I hope
that you take this and and feel it

and and have it impact your life
in the way that that it can and

I think will. And I'm really
excited about the two children, you know,

yea, and the beauty of that, heather, the cannon will part.

We once we reveal light to something
like that. It's autonomous. So

it may take, like if he
was resistant to doing paying attention to what's

happened, it may take a few
bumps and grinds for, you know,

a few years and it's going to
sort itself out. Or if he gets

right on it, like he's doing
and says, Oh, I'm handling this

shit now, it'll be immediate change
in the next chapter of his life.

Will be the beauty of that bloom. But either way, what I just

did as permanent. There's no going
back. I've had clients to come and,

you know, blow them to hell
up and then they don't do anything

for three or four years, go
running subs and the circles, maybe back

on druggs, the same thing.
Like I had a celebrity that went back

on the drive. So this to
the trash can, basically, and she

is absolutely Golden Ou and so,
oh, I get it. Now it's

like three years later. You know
that it doesn't go away. The work

is done, once it's done.
So I think, right, you can't.

You can't learn what you know.
You can decide how to deal with

it. You can't know what you
don't know, but you can't unlearn what

you do. And the the impact
is also something that I mean to be

a witness to that you're going to
have a reflection of us and you know,

we said that on this show we
were really going to try to get

deeper and more vulnerable. I don't
know our stings and and right, I

think, to the biggest the biggest
leap for all of us. But I

also wanted to just acknowledge when you're
when you're speaking and somebody is open and

hearing, that's for all of us. I mean, I mean, I

can't tell you to be reminded of
our strength, our power within ourselves,

the journey that we have to get
over it and the ability to learn and

know and already have made the change
is is is something that we got a

blessing of it today as well,
and we will be the encourager of you

being like what you call them,
kick ass motherfucker. That is the not

enough, an easy thing to do. Ryan. Yeah, yeah, I

don't I mean, yeah, I
don't know. I don't know what I'm

going to do. I don't know
what to day. I'm just I'M gonna

as a beauty of it, because
the inside part of you automatically knows.

Ryan, you don't have to know
anything, because what I think you know

what you did before. What's do
you know is all that you were before.

What you don't know is what we're
looking for, and I think an

important part of this for you is
you can show mags this. Sure,

Kad help you, you know,
and you guys do it together, and

it's the perfect time. Like he
said, it's the you guys are starting

this new life together. What a
perfect time to have a fresh start.

And I can actually say is somebody. I think I've told this story before

on the podcast, but when he
was when he was talking about you,

it reminded me a little bit about
me when I when I got married and

I went to this, because it
all comes back to the nuns. I

went to this Catholic engaged in counter, which is this weekend where you go

away and they, you know,
lock you in barracks and teach you how

to be a good Catholic wife and
husband. And one of the things that

this old married couple said was every
time you say an unkind word to your

spouse, it's like a brick being
put up and and I took that to

heart. So I never, I
never said an unkind word and I think

I have a similar personality to Ryan
in some ways that we both don't like

conflict and and so I would avoid
conflict at all cost and I never spoke

up with in my marriage about what
made me happy. And because I did

that, I I built this quiet
wall of bricks without realizing it, because

I wasn't speaking, not for what
made me happy. And I swore when

I because my marriage ended and in
part because of that, because I never

stood up for what made me happy. I just went along with whatever he

wanted and and I have to take
accountability for that. But I said if

I was ever in another relationship that
I'm going to say, like this is

what I need to be happy,
and I think that maybe that is something

that you could like an active thing
that you and Max could even talk about

and keep revisiting over time, because
it's like here's, here's what I need

to be happy and and really think
about it, like what what do you

need to be happy? And and
keep going back to it over time,

like maybe that's an anniversary thing you
do, because it changes every year as

you get older and then you have
kids and work things change, like to

make that be a thing that you
keep, keep revisiting, keep checking in

with with with each other and and
I think, and I think you can

set those traditions now that you're getting
married, you know, like you can

start those those those new checkens.
Well, we think we're doing somebody a

favor by not expressing who we are. That's the lie that we're told and

and and that is called is well, a part of our of our culture,

it's a part of our society and
it's and it's not true, even

even like look at it up.
Just sharing, hearing you has deepened my

relationship with you absolutely and my relationship
with heather. It we are forever changed

and I I want you to know
what a gift it is to know you

more. And I know that,
mags, so that anybody who knows you

right, because you're such a beautiful, amazing, shit living, loving person.

Like Frank said, you just don't
have you just don't have it in

you to have anything negative but come
out of you. So your honesty is

a it's a it's a gift,
it's a growth process and and and that

it heals. It heals, it
heals us. The Ryan say right now,

thank you. Thank you as own
that right now, because she just

gave you. The whole thing is
already breaking apart. You See, the

whole thing, your relationship with these
two, is already becoming the new thing.

You see it, this is and
and your parents. I thank you

and claim that for yourself and feel
different today. And one other thing I

wanted to say. Heather, in
those relationships, if you had in your

marriage, if you had stood up
for yourself, it's still when it work,

because that's what people do. And
I know to be willing, you

have to meet, you have to
just be what you are, because if

you're standing up, yeah, say
what you are, you don't believe it.

Well, in my case he just
hated who I was. So like

that wasn't I've had that relationship.
It's hid to be high, to be

loved. We're talking hid to be
loved, hid to be loved. Yeah,

what did you say? You can't
have a relationship in costume or in

a pocket? Did you say in
a pot? So in a in a

cost and two people are pretending their
hiding who they are, and then becomes

a pot that you die in.
Yeah, it's so much of our relationship

is not only but it's not only
loving relations. It's the facade that we

put on for anybody, the pleasing
that we the we will go through,

the thinking that we know what they
can handle. It's like, well,

if they the truth is handleable.
Yea Truth is a gift and we just

it's just not encouraged enough, frank
and you just students. But it's also

beyond all the time. Bryan is
such a kind person, and kind people

want other people to be happy and
they forget to be kind to themselves.

So you have to remember to be
kind to you too, because, by

the way, if you're kind to
you, then you're your best self for

her right, which makes her happier. So by being kind to you're actually

being kind her. Ryan, you
haven't. He hasn't been praised as much

since it's third birthday, Ryan.
That's what I'm talking about. Brother,

see it, feel the love,
baby, I feel it. Feel the

power of it all. Yeah,
that's it. To just say over and

over again, when you when you
take care of yourself, you are giving

a gift to others. That is
that is just it. A hundred percent

and it does not get said and
it's scary and it's vulnerable and it's not

what we're taught, but it is
the absolute truth. We get better with

honesty and truth, that's for sure. We're better with you, frank thank

you for making us better today.
All of us are, you know,

intuitive and empathic to some degree and
very sensitive people, and when you're like

that, it almost feels like there's
a responsibility. Certainly with my gifts to

it felt like those responsibility to always
put other people first. And if you're

not, if you're not first in
your own life, you're absolutely last in

your own life and there's no in
between. And you really can't love another

person fully unless you can love yourself. It looks like you do, but

you actually it's not real. It's
conditional love, it's mass love. So

the most important journey any of us
have here at the end of this when

we were where we all are as
to learn how to love ourselves and and

stand in the embodiment of our authentic
selves, because it shines so bright and

it's what the world loves about people
that are like that. You know,

that's it's well drawn to people who
just shine their light. You know,

it's like the really shot there.
So I'm shine bright like a diamond.

It's just that's the thing is to
shine bright like a diamond and attract another

diamond, because if you dim your
light to try to put other people first,

it always just going to end poorly. It just us so well,

were the exact distance between that kind
of love and the love we have,

it would like them as much as
we give ourselves as the exact what we

get back right. So it's it's
such a funny little equation. There's no

in between. If you're kind of
a little bit not showing yourself, you

kind of a little bit don't get
the life you want. Like it's just

suit's it's so easy to explain and
so difficult to execute. Reasoning minds don't

understand the things that simple. It's
we've we've thought ourselves into mine fuckery and

the world is running in this thing
as everything's up here, and the feeling

system of us is the hook,
is the only thing that passes between our

conscious mind and our subconscious mind,
which creates everything. So if your feelings

are blocked with mine fuckery and you're
overthinking everything, you're not passing the messages

of you and what you want and
you're just not flowing right, it's like

a kink in the hose. So
having the real feelings about yourself, but

how you were born to be,
and expressing your real feelings. You know,

the yesterday I had someone come through
my yard and a drug addict and

I said please, don't walk through
and you started calling your names and it's

called me a beat a bitch,
and I literally went after him. I

was like say it again and I
don't ever do that and I got ready

and he was like and he left
and as I came inside, I was

like, damn, that fuck good
just to just to have to you know,

when you get angry, it's okay
to be angry for a minute then

just get right back on the good
and good, good person bus, you

know. But it's okay to have
a moment where you express yourself. Even

if you're angry, you can say
God, you know, I'm fucking angry

at you right now. It's okay
to get that out. We need to

get it out, you know.
Yes, it's okay to get it out.

Clear is the space for them,
for the joy, right, and

hopefully not with other people like I
did yesterday. But I mean it's when

down there today, that's like I'm
a big bird whatever, a bit.

The thing is is cut the bullshit
of you know, the spirituality is this

little mystical thing. Rise cellbooks and, you know, charge people for seminars.

I'm just like everybody else. I
just have these abilities in my mind

is developed through this. And you
know, there's there's a wise man once

said about a hundred years ago.
If you're if you're teaching people the Truth

About God, you have another source
of income, because you know it is

not very popular when you say you
know that I did that yesterday and I

teach people how to love, you
know, but that's just we're all that

dichotomist nature. We all have pieces
to work through and we all I don't

hide mine, because why would i? Because then I'm just posturing the same

bullshit that we've all seen before.
So well, then our active participation becomes

hiding, and then hiding becomes a
habit and then the habit of the behavior

becomes a list. We can do
like well, we went out to dinner

and that was kind of sexy,
and then I did this and I did

this and I did that. That
look looks like a relationship or what.

We start to list it, whether
we do it with our children or whether

we if we're not honest about it, then we're just boord in the behavior

of this makes me a good mom
right. I mean, I did do

that for me. If we don't
get it, get it expressed, and

sometimes it's it's sometimes it's easier said
than is said than dot. I think

that's what we're encouraging here. It's
a truth and speaking, speaking about who

you are, because it's a gift
to be who you are to others.

We're also individually unique and you know
there's we all have pieces we hide from

others and then we have pieces we
don't know as pieces of me that I

wish, I g wish US I
would die. There's that side of it

too. I can argue on that. No other you had a you started

with a question and I would love
him on me and I feel like this

is this. Yeah, I mean, I'm Beau Suis. I mean our

question is was you know do are
we all carrying baggage around that is affecting

our lives that we may not even
know we were carrying? And yes,

and and and and, and it's
helpful to know what you didn't know.

Without right it's yeah, I love
you, Ryan. Yeah, you specifically

with Ryan, I would be a
couple of relationships all operating on the same

system of this thing that didn't came
and went and a couple of opportunities have

come and when, and a pause
in the careers, things that you wanted

for three years. God Damn the
career stuff. So it's impacted his career

as well. Everything and everything.
When you can't stand in your power as

yourself, any of us, whatever
the reasoning, whatever the original wound,

it affects, the closer you get
to your dreams, the more of the

wound has to be addressed, because
if you cannot get through that at a

certain point of evolution, yeah,
you hit to see like that's right,

you can't get through to that thing
that wants a matter can't be felt,

the original, the child, and
there won't let you go past a certain

space because it's doesn't feel safe.
Like how would it feel for you just

to be in front of the you
know where you want to be right right

now. You can do it like
I, like all these people, say

my name and say I wonder why, but an hour ago is like m

you know. So I also think
too, and when I want to.

I mean I will be encourage telling
you the stories. Why? Why?

I mean why do we tell our
story? So they hopefully other people do

too. But the fact of the
matter is when we hold on to our

stories, we think they're way worse
than they are, and once you tell

it is, we just become like
well, a little shit, yeah,

fuck, you know some yeah,
I don't know, I haven't met whatever.

It releases in a way that is
a way less powerful than you think

it is when you're hiding it.
And that's when you get to celebrate.

When we share our stories, that
are insecurities. First of all, we

all have the same exact ones,
so it's sort of reminder that, hey,

we but it's an encourage her for
us to to be more in ourselves,

but it also helps other people feel
like hey, okay, man,

I could just be myself. That's
why we tell story. That's and you

know, that's why the society engages
in it, in a beautiful horrid lie,

and that if we tell the truth
about ourselves, it's going to be

worse than if we dawn in.
That's just a love that you've encouraged us

all today, frank to to live, to live ball old, bold and

powerful and in our faith. Thank
you. I love all of guys.

Now, right, we can have
boys or girls. Your mom is don't

i Jesus look like that, but
at the boy and girl, but they

might actually be twins. The Oh
my goodness, say, he's like first

I got to get into this power
thing and then I'm kids. It's some

ways off. It is a ways
off. How Fun. Yes, right,

right now, as long as he
doesn't change his projection or imagination of

his you know, the Path is
three or four years, so that feels

soon to me. Talk my kids
later. I just want to thank everybody

for listening and, Frank just thank
you. Thank you for making us better

today. More so, thank you. Run and everybody to be like,

wait, how do I get myself
some thanks? You gotta get yourself far,

frank, Paris healercom. That's right. Well, we'll put the links

up and and we couldn't be more
grateful for you. I think the work

you do is so so important and
so valuable and so on point with better

together and making the world better,
and we're just so appreciative to know you

and grateful to our friend Robin for
bringing him to La totally. We broke

through a ceiling today. Until next
time, folks, we love you,

frank, later than you. Thank
you for fantastic that was great and a

big, big thanks to our better
together team, Ryan Tillotson, Silvana,

Alcohola, Daniel Ferrara and, of
course, and in Heather. If you

haven't already, please subscribe on whatever
device or platform you're listening to this on

and, as always, see you
next week.
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