EPISODE 5: The Incomparable Alec Baldwin

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Show Notes

Today, Alec Baldwin makes us better! Anne and Heather talk to Alec about what it's like be misunderstood in the industry and how to own your story. Plus, Anne and Alec muse about their past times together: the good, the bad, and... the bloody? Tune in!

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Straw media. Hi, y'all,
you're about to listen to our interview with

the One and only Alec Baldwin.
It was as incredible as we knew it

would be. I barely got a
word in Edgewise, which I knew I

would with these two, but it
was incredible. And Anne actually tells the

One story that I told her.
Under no circumstances can she tell this story

on this interview with Alec Baldwin,
but he actually lobbed it up in such

a way that there was no other
way but for her to answer the question.

And so you, guys, I
hope you enjoy listening to better together

with a tither. Alec Baldwin makes
us better this week. Cheers. Were

better together. Listen and hello,
Sir Baldwin. Ha Ha, oh my

God, you know I am running. I don't know if you got my

email. I'm running for office for
the President of the PODCAST Association. We

formed an association because, of course, everybody, my dog, has a

fucking podcast. Yeah, and I
want to know what's going on. How

did are we recording? Are we
recording? We are recording scounded and Hash,

the great and Hash, the brilliant, sexy wild animal that is the

and Hashi know what her major decide
to sit down in front of a microphone

and just let it rip. How
did that happen? Well, I think,

Alec that I wanted to do a
podcast called better together, so I

could introduce the people in my life
who make me better to each other.

I honestly I am sitting here because
I have as you know, and thank

you for introducing me on your show. Welcome to my show. Yeah,

I quite like I quite like the
interest there is and I like how you

introduced me. I hope our introduction
is is as complimentary. There is nothing

more fun for me than to be
able to introduce two of my greatest friends.

I would like you to meet Heather
Devy, my cohost. These are

out low, heather, nice to
meet too. And Are you guys?

Where are you? We're in Los
Angeles. This is my home. and

Are you in your home? and
Are you in there any Stampton? Yeah,

we're still out here. We've been
out here, you know, since

March twelve. We've been out here, which is a blessing ultimately, that

we have a house and some property
and if it were stuck in the city,

would be tough because everything is closed, like you can't take the kids

anywhere and Bah, Bah Bahs you
and not in Mexico any were you in

Mexico? No, I was,
and I just want to say, like

with when I know that I'm going
to be talking to you, Alec,

whether it's in person or whether we're
on stage, I have to tell you,

the sensations that go through my body
are are multiple and they're not all

sexual. So don't worry, although
I have spent night after night it with

you into the wee hours, day
after day and evening after evening, and

I will get into that, but
I just want to say, is there,

is there ever ever a moment,
Alec, when when you had these

six beautiful children and a gorgeous wife
at home? And I want to just

get back to the sex part for
one minute, yeah, about what we

feel around you. Is there ever
a moment with your gorgeous wife, Hilaria?

where she is? She is,
she says, you just just just

Alex, just just just back off. Dude. I need, I need,

I need a yogurt, Kenda,
a protein bar and up glass of

water. Get off me. Yeah, yet off, I mean. Is

it doesn't ever come up, or
are you just are go. You have

kids. You have kids and you
know. Now how do you have kids?

I do. I have to changers
the teenagers so well, you know,

with my wife. You know now
we're with the COVID and we're here

inside a lot were home and you
know, like on occasion, we know

work with whatever frequency. You know, we get into that zone. It's

naptime for the little kids, the
other kids are occupied, and I look

at my wife and I'm like,
I need to talk to you. Yes,

I need you to come upstairs,
down and talk to me about something

very important. We're having a talk. Yes, we have to go upstairs

and talk. It's urgent. Don't
have any time. You know me how

many times. But I don't even
mean like sexuality in the basics, says,

I mean just like the Hass of
time together just to be alone,

because we used to. We used
to in the city before everything shut down,

obviously, and you've lived in New
York and you know the New York

way, which is that we would
my wife would feed the kids, babe

the kids, put the kids to
bed, read them a story every night

and we were in a restaurant in
Manhattan eight thirty or nine o'clock every night

we go to dinner and that was
my only time alone with my wife,

only time alone, and I missed
that because we can't go anywhere. Everything's

closed out here. Let's take out
only so we do get to that point,

maybe with some frequency, where I'm
like, I have to talk to

to you about that thing. Remember, remember that topic. We were going

to talk about that we said we
were going to talk about a couple of

days ago. Weys telling our piece
about world peace, because we're not going

to have much world peace if you
don't get up here. Yeah, you're

ass upstairs for some world, piecing
some world peace. Of Me a piece

of your world. I leave your
world and I need a piece of it

upstairs. But I tell you how
we're. I when I say this to

people all the time and they and
I'd I've board you with this before,

and I'm sorry I really have,
but we we you and I did.

I can definitely say without one moment
we hesitation. You have never board me

alcohol, but we did a movie
together a million years ago. We did

this movie and there's a scene in
this movie right before my character, whose

goal is to murder you, it
decides to force you to take this drug

overdose. Is this crazy movie,
really weird movie, and we did this

movie the Juror with to me and
we do a scene where I'm pulling you,

and know you're pulling me, through
this labyrinth of this disco and only

people are grinding in the music's playing, and we go outside the door of

the geography doesn't matter, and we
go outside the door and and you put

a pill in my mouth and then
you stick your tongue of my mouth and

suck the pill out of my mouth
into your mouth. And when you did

that, a new improvise that.
And when you improvise that, I said

I want this woman to marry me. I'm so she sucked the pill out

of my mouth, making out with
me and her you, she had her

legs wrapped around me, were up
against what I go. I've never been

more in love with an actress if
work with in my life in this woman.

That's so. That's why the next
thing I have to talk about is

too. I've always wondered why you, it became my hero. Now I

will jump to and why. We
start on aunt. Why on Broadway together

doing a screwball comedy called twenty century, and this was during a time,

Alec, where this is the moment
that you became my hero. No,

I did not know that I became
your hero because of my tongue, and

I have to say that his very
fitting for me to be doing a podcast

today and my tongue is able to
suck pill out of my mouth and I'm

gonna suck you right now, because
you at the moment in my life when

I was at my bottom. I
will say I had been blacklisted. As

you knew, I had written a
book called call me crazy. That came

out four days before eleven and I
was pummeled into the darkest, dark as

deepest burial dungeon that could possibly have
done. I was I was labeled call

me crazy. I said, if
I had written in the book and I

knew people to do it, I
said I would have called it, called

be saying, for God's sake,
and I think perhaps you maybe have.

And we're the only person who stood
up for me, and this time I

knew this. WHO said fuck what
everybody else is they give about an h

I don't care, and I this
is what I want to ask you about.

I don't know if you became my
hero on this day. Because you

knew that you were saving my life
and what it is to have a savior

in our moment. One of the
things we're going to talk about today is

what a hero means and what a
hero is. War. One two day

that lives and it gets to experience
what it is to have a savior come

and back the literary up out of
their grave and say, which is what

you did, if I'm gonna do
twenty a century on Broadway, I am

going to have ann hate be my
Lily Garland, or I'm not gonna do

it now. Is it true form? Well, let me let me just

say first of all, Heather,
can I get you anything? Would you

like a coffee or a team Belcrowe
you to the wall, Heather, are

you good? Another question? Go
ahead, you hit hit me with your

question. Hither it's time for you
to chime another. What your question?

Do you have an answer to her, but you go ahead. Okay.

Well, it's in line with this
because I just finished reading your book nonetheless,

which was fantastic, and as I
was reading it, I know everything

about Anne. We've been friends for
years and years and I realize that you

guys have so much in common.
You know you both. You both started

out and soap operas well. We
started working when we were twelve. We

both started working when you were twelve, you washing cars and mowing lawns and

and saying in the dinner theater.
You know, you both have been completely

mistreated and misrepresented by the media.
Misunderstood is the word we like. Yeah,

misunderstood, no, I think.
And people, you know, read

that crap and regurgitate it and it's
just not true. And you guys have

both, you know, suffered from
that. You guys both Lost Your Dad's

before they got to see your success. You guys both made difficult decisions in

your careers that, I think,
really showed the integrity and character that you

have, but they impacted your career. So it was just I was just

taken by the similarities between you both. But let me just say that that

two things, and I really mean
this. I'm not to say this to

be kind, because I learned this, you know, from working, and

not every project I've done, but
but particularly in the theater, where people

have a you know, there's a
pool of very talented people. Even though

the film, even though the theater
business mimics the film and TV business.

Now where they need stars and want
to sell tickets there. They're aiming for

names and so forth. Typically,
you walk into a situation in the theater

and everybody's good. You know the
we know if it's a revival, we

know the material works. And the
thing with twenty century, this is my

recollection, was that Walter Bobby,
who directed it, was himself an actor

and when I did street car on
Broadway, he was doing a guys guy,

by the way. He he was
doing guys and dolls on Broadway with

Nathan Lane and and he played nicely, nicely and the end the Broadway revival

of guys and dolls, and you
know, Walter's an actor and performed a

lot. And Walter and I knew
that. You know, I didn't save

you. Walter didn't save you.
Your talent saved you. They could have

had anybody the list of people,
these dames who wanted to chew up this

role because it was a great role
and she had comin in in for a

Tony for this per performance and she
they could have had. Because I'm Broadway,

you know, a fun show.
It's one thing to go out there

and, as we have both done
in different ways, and do O'Neil and

just ring yourself out for three and
a half or four hours. You know,

you know by the time you get
to the Saturday and that Nay,

you want to overdose on heroin in
your dressing like please, don't make me

go out there and do this fucking
show again. Yes, well, if

it's a fun, crazy comedy which
still requires a certain kind of energy and

commitment and rigor to it, there's
a music to it. You know,

they could have had anybody, and
Walter and I both know that. We

were like, Oh God, it's
got to be her. Can't be anybody

but her. You know, a
man, because you have to have somebody

who can who can pop, who's
got the pop of the of acting for

Broadway or from like for camera sitcoms. Not Everything is single camera and your

inclose on somebody. It's very delicate
in the theater. You got to have

that. You got to have that. You got you got a of the

high on the low, you know, and we'll talk about her. have

her like she's not here. She
had it all. She had it all.

Well, you see, all at
the extraordinary moment that that that we

were, you know, I was, I was crawling back to a need

for people to be reminded of my
talent, because I was the last thing

that would they were being reminded of
that. That did and that's what I

want to say to you and for
you. Didn't know, first of all,

how flattering that was for me,
but that changed my life. There

are moments in in in your life, and I look back at mine and

why I have such pride and calling
you my friend is that it could have

gone one way or another, and
it was looking like and hate was going

the other and if not seen and
recognized and put into a spotlight, literally

that you did in putting me to
play Lily Garland in the greatest spotlight that

you possibly could, because it was
not only saying this is a movie star

wars. Lily Garland was the biggest
movie star in the world. It was

a famous role, it was a
comedy role. Nobody had been reminded of

my comedy, let alone wanting to
see anything but me crying my eyes out

with the Dorama they were putting me
through and not understanding that I had written

a book about getting over sexual abuse
and in fact, at for some reason,

that the highlight of my career.
For some reason thought that I would,

as an actress, just write a
book blathering about how crazy I was.

Nobody took the time or the moment
or the inclination to even ask one

how crazy is this crazy girl?
Because that's a stupid thing to do.

If, in bact there is not
something she is trying to say in a

voice that she is trying to connect
with in a moment, she has to

do it. And you did it
and you put me night after night on

your back and saw no, no, no, no, no. But

but the thing is, the thing
is is two things. One for you

and I both. We both hit
spots in our lives where it's we hit

the white water and if we don't
try to figure out how to get out

of that. The next thing for
us was adult films. It was a

point of weather. Girl would have
been doing exactly been doing a whole other

kind of films after that. We
didn't, if we didn't haddle our way

out of those dangerous currents. That's
right. As you know, I just

did a spoof about that because that
is exactly where I thought I was going.

I I have had that feeling before. We better dig with and now.

I looked at two of you visually
and it is a bit of salt

and pepper. You know, when
is the Blonde Brunette? Yeah, and

and and with her white clothes.
Now are you salt and pepper? Are

you yet in Yang? And always, heather, did you just grow up

and your parents were both guides at
Disneyland and everything was Candy Canes and Unicorns

in Your Life was without any drama
or pain. Pretty much. Where are

you from? I'm a California girl. I'm in Irish, Catholic and in

California. What town? Palace Verdi's? Yea from the race. Yeah,

but I grew up, you know, riding horses and palace Verdi ID up.

Palalas furnace is where we would always
go. Maybe Anne had this.

I think every single movie actor in
the business knows. Palos firties is where

you go to shoot. That looks
the most like the east coast. Oh

really, because of the cliffs?
Yeah, I did the move. I

did the movie. What was the
movie? I did malice with Nicole kidmit.

We had to shoot in Palos verities
to be the e coast of the

eastern United States. A palace Vertie
is beautiful. So you got up after

I was blacklaced to. The only
places I got to shoot were in spokane

or in, you know, somewhere
in Canada that nobody could find me in

case the RV rental that I was
in there was shooting and being coming the

entire set for the lifetime movie I
was going to do. You know,

would if I got lost up there. That was fine with everybody. You

know, let it to your drive
off the cliff. I went to I

went to shoot a film in Canada
and I was heading up there and a

lot of very polite, very low
energy, very low keeping, less very

formal Canadian officials guiding me into another
room when I came to customs and Immigration

and they were all murmuring very grimly
because I had been accused of punching this

photographer the day that my ex wife
and I brought my daughter Irel and home

from the hospital and I was given
these assault charge is. And I come

into this like you're going to Canada
and I have all the paperwork in on

my my my work papers and everything, and they called me and told me

I wasn't allowed into the country because
I had not because they had not a

judicated the case of whether I was
guilty or not. They we hadn't finished

the case and they were going to
let me in. I was running.

Did you have the same problem?
And they almost not let you into Canada.

Now they almost didn't let me back
into America. I'm a stuck up

there ale for two weeks because my
book came out on them on this seventh

and then I was on my way
at Boston the same for night, the

same day of nine eleven. I'm
flying to Boston at the same time as

the plane that went in. So
I landed for my second book reading in

Toronto, walked down the tarmac where
the second plane went in. So instead

of doing my second book reading,
I held a vigil and I was trapped

in Toronto for I know this isn't
the same time you're talking about. However,

I was trapped in Toronto and watch
is David Letterman and every Athleta and

every late night talk show host only
had one person to joke about it.

It was an h because anything that
could be spoken about other than terrorism was

at zero point. Other than you
know, what we can joke about is

the fact that this chick just wrote
a book. Call me crazy and let's

go. We gonna do her anyway
we can, because it's the only joke

we can make. You know,
some bring good, heather. That reminds

me. Heather, I think it's
very selfish of you that you haven't pitched

in in this way. Why can't
you run naked down Hollywood boulevard with a

gun in your and what can you
contribute? Why can't you see triguing that

Hollywood scandal files? And you're so
cast were so lazy, your stars so

lazy and selfish. Heather here to
tell her not to do that. That's

my role. So you have two
kids and they're how old? Nineteen and

sixteen. You know, how like
when you Callin a girl, when you

talk about our bettering and why?
But Heather, heather and I are better

together. When we've decided to do
this podcast, it came out of the

the understanding that it was now twenty
years after I'd written my book and it

was time for me to be in
the voice that that that you were a

guide to and and a supporter and
collabter. Know Each Other? How do

you know each other? So we
met at a tennis club and and I

didn't know how to play as she
did, but we've taught. Told that

story a lot and I'll bore you
with it at another time. I she

did just say I started for and
this clinic. That's, you know,

women who, you know play in
their minds professional tennis, you know,

by playing against other tennis clubs.
And she shows up in sweat pants and

all the women are in Lulu Lemon
and and she doesn't even have a racket,

you know, and I know she's
coming into this lion's den of women

and I've never met. I'm literally
out of the cage. Is Looking at

them all shaking and like a but
like literally shaking, because I had told

homer, who, you know,
he was six years old. Listen,

if you go take a tennis lesson. So well, Mommy, so mommy

is they're like screeching at this side
and I and I and I hear a

boy saying, Oh fuck, then
do you want to cup a Commis in

high heels? That no, heather, no, heather, you did you

grow up playing tennis there in the
ghetto of Polos, theirity. So you

grew up. Yeah, you put
you play your whole life. That's great.

Writing Horses now. I didn't play
serious, you know. I didn't

play as seriously as you know some
of those people that now played in college

or high school. I mean they'll
kick your ass, but but I did

play and your man have the you're
married now. It's completely not but listen,

but how thin was the first time
I ever took any I'm married ish.

I'm still married. He lets in
the backyard for that Dja insurance.

He knows about bad divorces. He
wrote a book about it. Yeah,

okay. So so heather. Heather
looks at me, of course, and

first of all says, you know, fuck them. Second of all,

why you dressed like that? You
know, they do whatever. But the

first piece of advice eather gave me
was she said it with her eyes.

Here's exactly she goes. Here's a
tennis racket. When the ball comes at

you, try to hit it and
if you don't, get in the next

line and try to hit it again
with a clinic, not a and I

was a clinic. Right. So, so there's the first piece of advice

that she gave me and I thought
it was pretty good. After the tennis

captain hit me in the head and
I fell to the ground. The second

piece of advice he gave me as
get up and don't cry, but now

let's do this as a partnership,
and she and I became friends. That

was twelve years a third piece of
our Party was don't post on social media.

You drink all good advice and I
had never listened to anyone's other than

yours. Come to Broadway now and, by the way, you knew I

had only ever done one show.
Now I want to take you into a

moment where Alec is well, of
course we're indulging in and I of course

I read your other books, but
we're indulging in a new one with you

where I think you're revealing a lot
more to me personally about the things and

and when I hear and we talk
about your father and the experience there,

I'm I wonder if there was a
moment or a person who did because this

is better together and we're sharing about
who the people are in our lives who

make us better. Who if there
had been people, because I consider you,

of course, my hero, but
also one of the most unique voices

in the world that does not listen
to anybody else's shit. You are a

singular. You are a singular.
What was my mistake? That I love.

My mistake I didn't. I didn't
listen to those voices and I that's

that's part of what I would be
a better tennis player, that's for sure.

Were you what happened when you're well, I know you lost your father

young and and who became your guides
in in your who I consider such a

center, moral, grounded character of
a man who I just admire so much.

Who will think that? I think
that? In my book I wrote

that I made the mistake, which
is an understandable path, of trying to

replace my dad with other men and
other kind of paternal figure us in my

left was I was in the beginning
of my career. So my dad died,

I was just about to turn twenty. I was twenty five. He

died in one thousand nine hundred and
eighty three. I two weeks after my

birthday, my twenty five birthday,
and each job I had before he was

when he was ill and then after
I would meet, you know, I

don't almost a powerful and influential but
just highly creative men, like one guy

that I loved. I always mentioned. The same guy was David O'Brien,

who played my father on this soap
opera in New York, who is this

very elegant like this almost inconceivably urbane
guy who would go to who went to

lambda, he started at lambda in
London and he was like a lot of

people in the cast of our show
who they were real serious actress and heavy

duty actors who were spent a lot
of time in the theater and the soap

was a paycheck and it was medical
benefits and insurance and we're on a retirement

plan now. Yeah, that was
a kid. It was a GIG and

it was a paycheck. And then
when they had their breaks from the show,

when they got their hiatus from the
show, they go to the macarter,

they go to the paper mill,
they go do Shakespeare, they go

do check off. There was like
half the cast were very heavy duty actors.

And my point is is that,
as trite as the material was,

and the soap opera I was on
was very poorly rated and it was canceled.

stors, crast, the doctors was
on forever, but we were but

it was dwindling. David, I
used to David used to call it off

off television and I love that.
And End we would do the show and

he and about a handful of other
people there. They would say to me,

Hey, man, take this seriously, don't phone it in and pretend

and we know it's it's the material
is thin, but you got to work

hard. That makes me have to
work harder and just try to be the

best thing in the scene you can
and find something to play and take it

seriously, because if you don't take
it seriously, you're screwed. You'll never

going to make it if you don't
take it soon. The material sucks,

okay, until Spielberg calls you and
asked you to play the lead in Lincoln.

He's not calling now, as a
matter of fact, so why don't

you go ahead and try to make
the most of what's in front of you?

And that was some of the most
powerful advice I was ever given.

Do you feel like now? And
I know that I think about that as

I you know, I really got
to a place where I can say,

wow, I I feel very at
home with myself. I have fought very

hard in my life to gain that
feeling, to be able to say,

you know what who I am,
what it is that I fought for,

what it is that I've lived through
with it, how I have taken care

of my family, my son,
just to share with you, homer,

who is three months old. I
think when you met him, homer used

to toddle around in the backstage and
you would pick them up. He was

a baby. HOMER was a baby. Is homer now? Homer is eighteen

and he just got into too late
and he is in Gona. Want to

share that with you. He is
in New Orleans right now and he is

eighteen years old and he is into
lane. Mother Viger. Why does he

want to study side? You want
to study so business. Are you kidding?

He's not going to be his Mama. He's going nowhere backstage. He

wants nothing. A lot of the
you or there to means our son's don't

take care of all, though.
I do have to tell you, when

heather and I called homer last night
to tell him that we were interviewing you,

how I have to tell you not
only could I be prouder or braver,

and this is one of the moments
that goes back to twenty century,

because if I had not been rescued
by you, I would not be saying

this today. When people change the
course of your life, they change them

forever. You are depositing something into
them that puts them in a place where

they can take continue, which is
what you did for me. And that

woman went from twenty century to her
son getting through a private school his entire

life and getting into two lane and
calling me last night while heather and I

were in the car heading home from
a champagne toast with our friend, and

got to tell him that we were
interviewing, recovering. And you remember?

Do you remember? We remember when
we first chatted. I always remember that

because everyone think of my life now
with these visual images, kind of like

a movie, and that was you
would do wing proof on Broadway. Yes,

and I went back and we went
back to your apartment. You're a

husband. You're then husband. Yes, we went back to your put.

You were living in the Ritz Carlton
or rich Carlton will, I was had

an apartment. The producers of the
apartment got you an apartment. It was

like a sit it was like a
set out of a Carry Grant Grace Kelly

movie. It was time, gigantic. It was. This apartment became me.

Well, they thought that they were
going to close down because proof was

closing down and it was only selling
out. Three hundred seats with the girl

behind me. They thought that I
was just going to close it down and

I started selling it out and they
couldn't very well take me out of the

ristcaut and where. They thought they
were only gonna have be for a couple

of months, still closing, and
it went eight months after that. So

hormer was raised at the Ritz for
eight months. Department was the most gorgeous.

I remember the part you. I
was stunning on the park and you

did the show. And you know, for me, people I've worked with,

I think people always say, oh, like plays obviously are in my

mind and go into my my bones
a little more because you do it again

and again. Yeah, and we
have relationships with people that are fun to

work with. Or maybe not for
the that for that matter, but the

people I've worked with who are really
wonderful actors. And then I learned from

it. I did the movie hunt
for Red October. Yeah, yeah,

and they had cast an actor in
one of the lead roles and he couldn't

do the film. I think he
got ill. He was slightly older.

He wasn't that older, but he
was there and then he was gone.

and Richard Jordan, who died.
He had brain cancer. The wonderful character

actor and what he was, a
leading man, Richard Jordan. He was

married to Blair Brown and they have
a son together. and Richard Jordan was

a very hands and he was a
wonderful actor. and Richard Jordan's there and

John mctierden it says to him,
do you mind if I put the M'M

I know I've made you do this
again and he has this long speech.

He says, I made you do
this again and again, but I want

to drop the camera, remember back
and get a shot of you guys.

It's a really beautiful, you know, very austere kind of set in the

lightnings, very dark. I want
to get a shot of you guys,

drop back you and Mirichard Jordan said, of course I'll do it again,

because I'm an actor, that's what
I do. And it was like the

answers always yes, you know.
I mean like just every take is an

opportunity. Well, because we're going
to be out of work when the show's

over form like six fucking months,
so enjoy it while you've got it.

And he taught me that that when
you're shooting, make the most of it.

Better again with well, ALEC I
mean I don't have you want as

many beautiful cameras, but I but, but, but I am going to.

I acknowledge how precious your time is
with us today and, in the

spirit of always saying yes, I
would, I would. I would like

to, if you don't mind.
And he also said every take and an

opportunities, an opportunity. So I
would like to challenge you on this and

ask you if it's okay I if
I, if I quote something that you

said earlier this week, if that's
all right with you, and then ask

you a question. Is that it? Would you agree, sir, only

if I get to tell another,
another embarrassing story about you, and I

am the Jur Oh, that's fair. No, I have a worse embarrassing

story on I got told it to
her and I have actually been told her

she couldn't tell embarrassing story because it
was too so I've got the most embarrassing

story of the worlds of the so
so the answer is yes, we can

tell our stories about this after perhaps
this this opportunity go ahead this week.

You said in one of your recent
instagram posts I do not hate trump,

but the force that meets something that
ugly, that hateful, that monstrous.

Looks like hate, but it's not. It's justice. In the spirit of

justice, would you please be my
hero, Alec Baldwin, one more time

and give us the concession speech as
your Saturday live character, Donald Trump,

that America deserves to hear. It's
like an itch that needs to be scratched.

I didn't lose, everybody knows.
We all know that. Everybody knows

that I didn't lose, but this
only creates another opportunity for me to come

back and conquer again and make American. Joe Biden, sleepy Joe, creepy

Joe, grabby Joe is going to
bring the country down into this spool again.

He's going to fill up the swamp
and now right in again and save

America and make America great again.
In the meantime, as La Vista America,

I just want to say I want
this to be an Alec Baldwin Challenge

of you, if you can tell
up that I like my favorite, my

favorite, my favorite moment of the
juror is we're there and we're lying in

bed and and Haitiana from basically he's
I don't know, and he Shan I

were basically naked in bed, going
to kill you, because this is the

story. Yep. And I have
a shot and there's a sheet over us

and she says to me and the
crew is lighting and they're all bees buzzing

around and hand and an Hay says
to me. Have you you've done a

lot of scenes like this, some
scenes like this, these kinds of scenes

before, you haven't you? I
said yes, and she because I'm very

it's very uncomfortable for me. I'm
completely naked here and all this a hundred

men are around me with all these
cables and wires and meters and everything,

and she it's very uncoup I said, don't even worry about it, I

said. I said twenty minutes from
now, thirty minus from now, we

won't even have the sheet over us. They don't care. They've seen it

all. They don't care. It's
nothing to worry about. Then they call

lunch, they go lunch, and
I was married at the time and I

looked at Anna and I got and
we I just couldn't help it because I

was in the dream state of having, you know, those those tender moments

with Anne and electronic go what do
you want for lunch? Han and she

just sticks. She just looked at
me like you know what I want.

So it was so real. It's
some of the realest acting I've ever done.

Okay, now can I tell the
real story of why I looked at

you like that. Did Not know. I don't know if you remember what

happened. IFECES finishing my teeth,
what do you do? You remember why

they called lunch? Alec's called early. All, I was called early.

Now, Alec, I have been
living with this story and I will.

I will tell you. Okay,
this is bads. are going to make

me feel bad you. Oh No, this is if anything, this is

this is me put myself on the
line. This is my lowest. Okay,

what happened? Now? This is
not when I say that you saved

my life. It was the second
time, when you said to play your

Lily Garland on Broadway. The first
time you saved my life, Alec Balbin,

is when we are doing the scene
that you describe so aptly earlier.

Yes, we are going to be
in a tormentuous love seen, fucking our

brains out to the wildest extent that
we possibly could, and then you are

going to put a gun to my
head. And forced me to kill myself

because I am the distance, I
am the threat to Jemmy worst character,

who you are trying to not testify
against you. Yeah, right, and

so you're manipulating by killing her about
something like that. Yeah, but you're

going to fuck her best friend,
who I remember that. And it's and

it's my first day. I'm like
twenty four years old. It's my biggest

movie and and it's a sex scene, and I we come on and you

go, you know what, fuck
billing the sex scene up. Let's come

in in the middle, let's come
in with it on fire, like we're

already into it. Who wants to
watch the beginning? Let's just get the

fuck into it, like light said, be sweaty already, like, let's

do it and get get better.
And then I haven't did then the gun

comes out. I like okay,
so we go to the art like corners,

the beds in the middle and and
we start, but, you know,

jogging and big sprayed. You're like, fuck it, let's just be

blue on what's donging being straight.
Yes, let's get into let's just fucking

do it and just go for it. So I'm like okay, and we're

johning is that? And we get
down to a thing. Looks like a

bit like a bandaid on my vagina, but that's okay. Let's go.

Yeah, ballot balls, dinner.
Fuck me right now. I better.

I'm come in an access God,
Dad, go yes, and don't go.

Climax of a lifetime. You put
the gun to my head, you

give me the pills. I take
the pills. My God, it's a

great scene. Off We go.
It's a back to our corners. We're

jogging and I'm and a wardrobe woman
comes over and whispers in my ear and

I like yeah, I can.
She goes, did you do? You,

but did you buy any chance?
Are you buy any chance? And

I'd like. She is not going
to say mestrate right now your she says,

menstrting, got our period. I'M
gonna. I'M gonna lose my fucking

balls. Don't look something to ruin
my story, bitch. I go.

I go and hit the right.
Not Look down and do not look down

at yourself. They start wiping as
you you do not look down, you

did not look over it. Alec
Baldwin, you did not look at all.

Baden, you look at Alec Bother. He is being white. He

has blood on you. Yes,
he does, and they are furiously why

are you do I look out at
the crew is removing the sheets. The

crew this she's they're screaming, what
the fuck happened? Because you have a

here. It call lunch. There
is no second fret. A sheet set,

Alec Bald Witten, because they did
not think that they would have to

take blood off the sheets before we
could do takes to go back to my

dressing room. That they called lunch. You look at me and you said,

what do you want to do at
lunch? I want to throw myself

and tried to an eighteen wheeler and
never see you again. I want to

quit axing and quiz ever being seen
on said and I have to go back

it lunch and be wiped down and
scrubbed off from what the words real woman

is said. Don't worry about it. Sometimes, when people get excited,

how do they get their period d
early? I like judge. If you,

if yeah, do you not talk
to me like that. I did,

do not. I have to come
back after lunch. I'm take credit

for that. I'm to take look
over, Alec, and you are joking

and I am like dry not weep
and I start jogging and you look over

and you go, well, sweet
let's make this second take hotter than the

first. And I had been waiting
to tell you that story. That is

why I did not come ahead and
fuck you at lunch. It would have

been my life's fucking trophy, as
I hold you as my hero. Now

me to say, see, you
were a man on my belt. If

you I gotta said, I want
have cheated on it. Let me just

say, just say, I can't
believe. That's an insane story. And

and the and the and the real
problem with that story was, or the

actually the beauty of the stories.
We actually needed blood coming now, you

just not from there. We need
to leading on the same now. They

say it off the steets, from
the forehead of the neck or something.

The Gun. There wasn't a gun
shot now now, yeah, I remember.

I remember that day. I remember
that day. Well, what what

I mean and when I say you're
my hero and what you taught me that

day the series, when I when
I do, I don't know if you

know that I started to try to
do stand up in preparation for doing this

because I wanted to learn how to
make my stories, because they're all so

many of them tragic. How I
could speak humorously about what it is to

overcome abuse in a way that reaches
out to people in a language that they

can be understood and revealed as getting
on the other side of somethody. So

you can look at your life through
joy and you have different moments in your

life with these folks come along and
in my acting career, I just want

to say, on one level,
that moment that you gave me, the

moment when you're watching a girl be
crushed. You may not have understood why

I was crushed, but what you
did was a raise from me, the

the hurt, the fear, the
embarrassment, and you turned it into something

that made it funny. And I
believe, and have always believed that in

that moment, not only did you
teach me how and what it is to

be an actor, when you have
the responsibility of a younger actor with that

you're working with, to give them
the privilege of your grace, to allow

them, when you see them going
through something, to lift them up and

build them to the top of what
they can be. Well, you began

a habit for me and understanding and
deliverance of what it is to be a

true actor. You're you know three
things before we go, because I got

to my kids are going to wake
up at three things. One is,

in truth, we do it for
ourselves as much as I think. We

cash you because that was good for
us. Yes, we put you in

the play because that was a smart
move for us. Number two. Number

two, are you still with Tom? You went Tom Still Together? I

am I am not. I am
you're not. I can now say if

I ever been with a man over
fifty again, I'm if anybody ever says,

Hey, listen that, but it's
not possible. Is a wonderful ever,

has a way. He's a wonderful
he's a wonderful actor and did a

great job in our film. We
pretty he's a great actor. He's a

good he's a great too. Well, our movie that we did, the

vanish. Right now, I love
Thomas Today, I guess great, he's

a great guy, but I'm picking
the I'm picking the next guy. But

our movie right now that Thomas and
I did together, and you know that

we short of short film about him, sexy. But Thomas and I have

a movie are allowed now called the
banish. That just got to do shoot

netflix and it is doing very well. And kind of film that it's called

the banished and it's a it and
it's a it's a Bi psychobological thriller.

I can and it's how we met
again. You know, we known each

other for twenty five years, but
just know he is one of my dears.

He's a man that I love,
a good his soul as deep as

you true. I love him.
I love you. Let me say this

as as I leave. I'm going
to say what is a people say this

all the time, but I mean
this. I love you. You look

great, by the way. I
love you and you're one of the most

talented actresses I've ever worked with.
And I'm want to finish by saying,

heather, it's been such a pleasure
to get to know you so well during

this covers and to plunge the depths
of your who you are, and now

hearing so much about you rambly.
Will be hopefully more continuous conversations where I

love to really Oh, I love
no, no, go ahead, but

this is how we sign off.
All the time I was ballowing. It

has been my leisure, in my
joy to have you better us together today,

on better together and until next time. Everybody lived loving kindness. Don't

be a Dicke later everybody is an
her better together. Listen, we just

invid Alec Baldwin last week. What
you think? He was funny, he

was polite, he was so sweet. Worried about like including me in the

interview. Well, you called your
bell girl on. I'm like person,

like, Oh, did he uh
what? He called me Felk Weir on

the wall? He said No.
He's like, what a Dick. Listen,

it wasn't meant to be a no, no, did he did?

He call me a CRONA ball be? I think was that between the stages

of our lives and what was going
on. I mean, I was clearly

a third wheel and I knew I
was going to be going in there.

I mean, he wasn't meaning as
an insult. He was mean as it's

the An and ball and Baldwin show. Well, I'm clearly I'm not an

actor and I've met enough for you
to know that you need to be the

center of attention and that he introduced
me. He introduced me. I'm like,

Hey, I welcome to your show. Thank you for your introduction.

And how about how you say that
I didn't contribute to any sort of scandal.

Clearly he didn't know me in my
s and I is funny when you

interview. So what do you take
out? The things that you think you

want to hear? Your like you
hear certain things, which is always,

of course, point of view.
We hear and we seet. What was

your biggest takeaway with Alec Baldwin?
The amount of respect he has for you

as an actor, and I could
tell, you know, you can just

look at and I'm pretty good at
reading people, and I could tell that

that when he first saw you,
he was just covered his eyes for a

minute because he just was so over
calme with, you know, all sorts

of different I could tell that he
really adores you. It's really amazing to

have many of us saved my life, and we've talked about this on our

show. There are there are saviors, and one of the things we talked

to Alec about is is Heroes,
and Alec has been a hero in my

life. I don't think he ever
knew that. One of the fun pleasures

of this podcast is that I got
to tell one of my heroes why it

is that he's my hero. And
what was even better than that is that

he didn't know right. And and
you know when you keep kept saying that

this man is my hero. Now
we live in a world where it's like

not quite politically correct. Well,
to do anything, but but to say

that a man is your hero,
because we have to be so strong.

And he just happened to be a
man. It could have been it was

somebody who was your friend who stood
up for you. You know at a

colleague who who stood up for you. Well, and you'll only the Alec

Baldwin Voice can and this is the
thing that we want to encourage people to

be a unique voice in the world
takes some gumption. It's not a word.

Yeah, I like Comphin. It's
kind of old timy, but I

like it. I know that's why
you're kind of like fiddlesticks. I've used

to play tennis with this old woman
who's fantastic, and she would miss a

shot and she would say fiddle sticks. Oh well, it's like you saying

I Shan't I Shan't I Shan't dis
we digress, we do, we do.

But but to be able to have
a moment with this, with this

met and it is the reason it's
important to tell and say that it's a

was and he's a man in my
life. Is because when I was going

through what, what the repercussions were
of a standing up for myself and love

and being blacklisted and the writing my
book on me crazy and really speaking on

topics is intense and is is is
in depth of as sexual abuse. People

didn't know what I was going through. I Baldwin didn't know why or what

was, which we, once we've
interviewed him, completely understand. He didn't

know. Don't know everything that's going
on in somebody's life. However, when

you are a human being who looks
at another with such clarity, which is

what we want to be, he
knew anyway. He saved me anyway.

He had no idea what the fuck
I was, why the details, but

he came to do it anyway.
Well, I mean the perspective, people's

different perspective, right, because now
people have listened to the podcast, it's

the end and so we can say
talk about the story that you tell when

you actually get your period and he
thinks you guys are going to the trailer

to get a nasty yeah, and
the different he's thinks that you're looking at

him like I'm in and you're and
you were probably looking at him. He

saw that as like, you know, want and love, and you were

like, Holy Shit, I done
hit the rag on Alec Baldwin. Why,

and he says, do I finish
in my teeth? Because I reject

him. Now, men on sets
do not get rejected. Right. This

is something we know and something he
thought I was rejecting him. Do you

remember when he said? But I
think he was just making a joke.

But I read, but you didn't
show up in his trailer. I didn't

show up. Yeah, and and
so he's making the but he didn't know

the period story. So so he's
in his mind. He's held on to

it. Do you understand? Blue
is mine without story live. I've held

onto that story forever and he's been
wondering why I didn't show up in his

trailer. And it was all that. He's like, did I have finished?

Like what the fuck? This is
what girls do, like we get

it on, like what the hell, and jove up. He's thinking it's

finished and I know it ain't finished. It's that we got a blood.

Oh my God. I mean,
yeah, that was the story. It

shocks to the balls often it really
did. It really did. Poor little

thing can't do to a man is
often is shock the bands. He probably

close that that zoom call. You
know when you do that, when you

close a zoom call and you're like
that, and and was probably just like,

Holy Shit, Holy Shit, now
I know why and didn't come to

come to my trip right. Oh
my God, I've been holding on to

it as Holy Shit. This is
why in the man guys, well,

who knows what would happened if you've
gone to there. You never would have

had all those babies. For him, though, I mean, by the

way, ally. As you know, I often wonder why I have not

sucked the day of many men I
have been asunder and listening. We're better

together with goodness. Were always the
Dick Sucking. I'm just saying. That's

what he was wondering. Oh my
God, all right, by I'm cutting

her off. Better together with me, with there, and a big,

big thanks to our better together team. That's Ryan Tillotson, Sebastian Alacla and

Elizabeth Keener. Oh thanks, Ryan, and of course Ann and heather were

better together with s and
Better Together w/ Anne Heche and Heather Duffy
Anne Heche's BETTER TOGETHER w/ Anne & Heather is a space where guests introduce us to the person that makes them better. For me, that's my friend, Heather, and t... View More




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