Brandi Glanville Unfiltered : Frenemies w/ Tamra Judge

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From enemies to besties?! 👀

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Brandi Glanville Unfiltered
Reality television star Brandi Glanville provides uncensored access to celebrities, and dishes about pop culture, fashion and celebrity gossip in Brandi Glanville Unfiltered! Listeners get the inside view of her latest reality tv appearances, personal gossip, family fun and relationship drama. It's Brandi at her best, and she's sharing it all with the world.  From Straw Hut Media 

Episode transcripts

Right corner to the settings and thenclick audio output. Or wait, I'm
sorry, audio input. Yes,Yay, that was our fault. Sorry,
my fault. Yeah, Ryan's fault, not mine. Actually it's generally
my fault, just not with liketechnical stuff, because I don't know how
to do any of that. Butas a middle child, everything was my
fault. So from Straw hut media, this is randy grand wheels on the
field. Hey Ryan, happy NewYear, New Your Brandy, Ryan's off
camera today. He's wearing a maskat my request. I'm grown. Is
Real, guys. I don't haveit, but I don't want to get
it. No, a lot ofmy friends have covid right now. A
lot of them do, and it'sscary. TAMRA has covid and she's going
to be here with us. Yeah, she's passage. She's testing negative right
now, but she did have herfish. It's fresh show. That's like
actual, real friendshit. Like shesaid, yes, I'm going to do
your pod, and that's good.She shows up. She shows up and
on time and she looks pretty.So let's get her in here, because
she's in the green room already.She is a ready to rock and roll.
We're going to talk all things,all things roll girls, steals.
No, we're not going to talkall things girl tripped, girls choke,
because I think we're getting in troublebecause we're telling too much about girls and
we still have a lot to shoot. So all things housewives really okay,
right here, right, that's good. I feel like I've talked to you
more than anyone at this point.Like I don't talk to my friends like
I would like that are here andI feel like we just talked and now
we're talking again. We're like oneof it, but I know it's great.
I think we're a lot alike inthat sense. So, like,
I'm not, yeah, I'm nota friend collector, like I don't like
meet people and like on the phonewith them all the time. It just
not I I am like, Idon't know, I'm kind of stuck in
no Rt. I'm like friends.I just don't have to text them every
day all the say. I cantalk to him every day, right,
I don't, because I don't reallymean to say, like, what did
you yesterday? Nothing. Where doyou do that? Like it's covid.
We're not like it were. Everyoneof my friends has covid. Everyone did
you want to have it? Yeah, I just tested negative. Yeah,
so I actually took Sophia to school. Today was our first day back,
because she had the two weeks offfirst, you know, yeah, it's
break, and then she got covidlike ten eleven days ago. So I
took her back and she's like,mom, come pick me up right down.
No one can they our school.No, she's like I guess.
Evidently the protocol is is that youhave to wait like ten days after your
last negative test or something something crazylike that. So then I go pick
her up from schools like our firstday back, and she's like it's so
embarrassing, like they're like Ah,Sofia, you have to go to the
nurses and then nurses like do don'tyou have covid? And she's like well,
I'm I tested negative. She's likewell, win. And then I
go pick her up in the nursecalls me and she's like, Oh,
I made a mistake. She probablycould stayed in. I'm like, I'll
I'll worry about on Monday. OnMonday right now. I mean it.
We went back to school, butwe had to test Sunday, like they
all had. They had like takenSunday Monday off, so we all do
go get tested. What the kidsdid? One of my kids, the
other ones in college and probably hascovid and just spreading it around, because
he's like, I'm fine because I'vealready had it. So I'm like,
I'm like, what about all ofthe rest of us? Mates? I
don't know honestly, like people aregetting it over and over and over again.
So this is the first time I'veheard that. I've know most of
the people, though, that getit and have as long as they're vaccinated.
It's just like a cold. Yeah, my mind's been I wouldn't say
it was horrible, but it wasn'tgreat. Like I'm on week two and
I'm still coughing up shit. SoOh really. So I have a little
post nasal drip and I'm going toget a test tomorrow again because I don't
I don't feel a hundred percent,but I keep testing negative. So I
feel like maybe it's just old Iwas just run down after the holidays.
I'm hoping, because fucking ever boostinto right. Yeah, didn't you get
boosted? Booster knocked me out.Yeah, I've been hearing that. I'm
all my friends. I'm like Idon't even want to get it. Now,
after being two weeks, I'm likeI'm not going stir crazy. I'm
not good sitting at home just lookingat the walls like I I can't.
You mind goes crazy and then Iget like everybody hates me and I get
like, you know, I'm psychohard, like at least you can go
outside and go for a walk oryeah, I mean, I'm not trying
to walk around like and like abusy area. My friends like that's go
to the farmers market. I'm likeno, no, I'm not going to
works record. I stupidly like postedmy positive test and now I'm like,
Oh, I can't leave the housefor for a long time because people are
like aren't you positive? So I'mright. It's like Oh, you're like
no, that was like that wasfrom two weeks ago. I just thought,
Oh, yeah, interesting to postlike now. No, I am.
I'm just hoping that. I feellike we should shut down right now
for two weeks. Yeah, Ijust I don't. I my kids are
not safe. I'm like, orunder their nose. I'm telling you,
they're dirty. Noise. Like.I'm like, what the fuck this is?
Go to your dad's like get out. I love them, but I'm
not that LEA on. Yeah,say away from me. Yeah, okay,
so I did. You read aboutthe Vicki and Steve Situation? I
did. I did, and Italked about it on our podcast yesterday,
which is coming out today. ButI'll be more and happy to tell you
what I know. Well, Iknow, I'm just like I was,
like, you know, I wasin shock. But and this doesn't come
out till next week. So,but I just feel like what man is
attracted to someone? I mean,what is there? Twenty years? I
may guess all men are attracted totwenty younger. Third Ball. They're thirty
years apart. Yeah, he's inthis. I feel so bad for Vicky.
I feel like we need to doa show where we find Vicky love.
I know, I know, andyou too. Yeah, but I
feel like if the guys want tobe on TV, I probably don't want
to date them, so we'll justuse vicky as a guinea pig and see
how it took. It's a greatshow idea. Like she really needs her
love tank filled. I know sheknows. She's in Mexico right now and
he's not there. He's with hisfiance, which is so bizarre to me,
is like he literally, like whenwe filmed the girl's trip, he
moved out of her house, Vicky'shouse, and according to Vicki, he
moved right into this new girl's house, so he had to so dating her
at the same time, which ispretty messed up. That's where I'm like
yeah, that OCE lap for sure, for sure, and I'm like,
you know what, if he's happylike whatever, like that's good. Maybe
just because didn't work out with themdoesn't mean he should be miserable the rest
of his life. But still,like, I mean, but you need
to post it, like right now. I mean I'm sure she said,
like listen, and she's excited theygot engaged, but I feel like there
has like he knows he's gonna gethey, or maybe he just wants any
attention, like for him, anyattentions good attention. I know people like
that. He gave the story topeople magazine that he engaged, like like
really, like that's great news,like great, and because he's like why
are they reporting it? It's,I said, because he's connected to you.
That's why. Right. Yeah,I like he wasn't gonna him.
Nobody gives a flying fuck about him. But what they do care about is
it's shady, it's quick, it'sweird, like what are you doing?
So she's like I wouldn't give itanymore energy, and I'm like you shouldn't,
but I have a feeling she's goingto run into on Mexico the next
few days. Why be would youeven there if he knows she's there?
He rented a one bedroom, likein the same complex that she owns her
Condo, and I'm like, soyou're going to seem at the pool like
Dude Ghost somewhere else. It's almostlike he's asking for the drama, which
is pretty he is. That's that'sthe thing. He definitely is. He
wants to stir the pot. Imean he would be, be, should
be a housewife. Well, Ithink he thinks he is. Yeah,
I think a lot of the prettydo. I know that Eddie doesn't think
he is, and you can tellhe really doesn't want anything to do with
it. He's out going for abike Riad but I'm out. Yeah,
I mean he's even to this dayhe's like, I don't want you to
ever go back ever, like hewould never stop me from doing anything,
but he's like, I don't wantany part of it. No, I
guess. I mean I feel likefor to keep a relationship, like it's
hard enough to keep a relationship withoutcameras, to have a campus on,
especially if you don't I like.I like the fact that he looks uncomfortable
on camera because you could tell hedoesn't want to be there because of the
cameras. It's like, dude,your minds when you have to film,
but you could just daddy doesn't wantanything to do with it. Yeah,
I could. You guys want Imean, no, don't, one hundred
percent. I mean he a lot, a lot of times we would film
in group settings and he would standback with like the camera guys. He'd
be back there with Pablo and himback be Pablo. He's so hot.
I don't know if you can butI loved him. I used to sectually
harass all of them before the wholeart stood too. Yeah, I mean
it was important, it was allright. Yeah, but yeah, they
were. They were game to playalong. But like you're sitting in a
room for twelve hours of all thesehot guys and you're just like, so,
who's circumcised? What do you talkabout? Would ask that. Yeah,
I just wanted to know, likeone of the guys, because I
really want a dapt sex with theyhad to put him on a desk which
on rainbows kind. They call himrainbow. I don't remember him. He
was hot. Yeah, well,because they made him go away high.
I gottta Pushon that. You scaredhim, you scared him off. Well,
because I think we were gonna,maybe would make out in Hawaii and
then they were like Oh, no, no, no, and I'm like
no, I'm staying gold. Wedidn't candy marry one of the production guys.
Yes, but if it is sincepossibly have married him. He was
like twenty five. So No,not really looking for that. But so,
okay, I was thinking about thingsI wanted to ask you that I
don't pertain to other people, butnow you get the fact that you were
doing a podcast. You have to, as your job, have an opinion
on other housewives. Yeah, areyou getting like people saying shut the fuck
up, because this I get thisall the time, like why are you
so that? First, stop talkingabout it one hundred percent and we act.
I actually talked about that yesterday.It's like, evidently the public thinks
once you're no longer a housewife.You need to go lay down and die,
because you're not allowed to post,post on social media. I mean
it doesn't matter if I just post, you know, a family picture.
I don't really post family pictures,which, if I post anything, there
like and why are you trying tostay relevant? And I'm like, wait,
I'm on Instagram, like I've beenon for ten years, just like
you are to break up. Imight will just this. We're all have
it, we're all allowed to useit. Yeah, but anything I say
or do our comment. You're justthirsty, you're just this, you're just
I'm just like, Oh my God. So, you know, recapping orange
count right is like a nightmare tome, because it's a no win situation
no matter what. Like, ifI know I get this alerts, it's
like Tamra, Berney, I lookTam or, not Bernie, Tam or,
judge straight. Sorry, sorry yourself. This I like every day there's
a google thing that's Tamor says,that's Tamor slams this Tama. I don't
like you guys. It's her job, it's our fucking job. Leave it
alone. And it's like, Idon't even really feel like yeah, I
do have an opinion. I'm notI don't really feel like I'm slamming people,
but that's how, you know,that's what sells stories. is or
gets PAT by stories? Is itthe headlines? You know, just like
recently I made a comment on heatherto brows page and somebody had tagged me
in it and they said like youand Heather, like your fit, your
you look young and don't and somethingabout alcohol. Well, I put my
tooth fitness sense in and I justbasically said and I'm like yeah, you
know, drinking and gaining weight definitelyages. You, like what you put
in your body's going to show.And Yeah, I didn't read the seventeen
hundred comments that were so shaming Shannonabove me. So I'm like, Oh
shit, yeah, so you like. I mean, yeah, but it's
true. But I look at JenniferLopez. She doesn't drink, she works
out every day. She looks likeshe's twenty five. So yeah, drinking
in nineteen, one hundred percent.Yeah, not drinking and maintain a healthy
weight it it helps you not age. Like as soon as I gain like
five pounds, I can tell,like I'd say it on my face,
like I'm like a contus older,just the five pounds. So you know,
it is what it is. InElizabeth Taylor say it's either in your
face your ass. So yeah,no, I I said that too.
But honestly, like I feel likeI wish I could keep my butt and
just I'm thinking, look very seriouslyabout my prossection. I've never thought about
it before, but this covid weightis not coming off. And also,
though, I eat burgers and tacosand don't work out, so back could
be part of the problem and Ilike to drink. So I think just
like. No, it is goodfor like isolated areas, like if somebody's
really overweight and they're like I justwant to be skinny, take it out.
No, that's not going to work. But like if you have like
a little love handle or a littlepooch, like, I think it works
like that. There is a newethat, I guess, but that's what
I want you to probably you probablygo on a diet for but you were
saying you want to keep your butt. Right do, because I gained weight
all over and I like my bootybecause it's a little bit bigger. But
yeah, my belly and my mylove handles and the back of my arms.
I'm not super excited about so Ijust want to take that part out
and keep welcome the age. Welcometoday girl's work out. I'm like no,
I just don't. I have notebecause for so long I didn't do
anything and I was just Guineay,and then now it's like certain age and
it's like well, it's all justafter I blame covid. It ruined my
body and when I can get hatmy face looks like weird and people like,
Oh shit, plastic surgery, likeno again, fucking wait. Sorry,
know we talked about the filters thatthe other house. I was sometimes
use that like the Hotti Stinger pictureof Vid. You, you look the
same eyes, but I feel like, well, I don't know about that.
I had like a joker smile fromear to ear, but I I'll
never forget like we you were supposedto meet us at night. It was
your birthday. Then you had otherplans and then patty went out with but
she met us at the restaurant andyou were taking pictures and she was very
forceful, like I want to takethis, take this, take this,
take that. She even had usto Patty style. Can you do a
little hello to my friend? Andwe're like yeah, sure. Next thing
we know we're like well, canyou say that his business is the best
business ever? And we're like toPatty, that's just patty right, right,
and so we're like whatever, youknow, it's cool. And then
she I'm like Oh, send usthe picture so I can post and she's
like well, I'll send them toyou later and I'm like, Huh,
she's gonna just gonna be work onthem, although and really yeah, and
so we had some of the originalsbecause Biggie had taken some on her phone.
And then when she sends him over, I'm like, what the fuck
is this Viki, and we seewe were doubled over laughing. I go,
I am not posting this. I'mnot post like I can't standing up,
like no nostrils and no pores andnot a crows feed, and I'm
like, I'm fifty four field thatshit. Yeah, I mean we all
like to to use a good filteronce in a while, but that's anything.
That's right. Like if you takeeverything on portrait and you have a
ring light, I think you're good. I mean I feel like a really,
that's enough, of it because,well, but that's what we did
when we work together. And thispicture for really good. I thought,
well, fader took so many pictures. Have you seen any of them?
No, no, I don't wantto. It was like the worst,
like my skin was the worst hasever been, my hair was the worst's
ever been, my body was theworst. I'm like, well, good,
I don't want to say I don'twant to see them. I'll just
yeah, I saw you in abig right. Thank you, your sweet.
But you know what, when you'reused to something else and then we're
all going to look have your onTV, because it's just, I know,
so friendly. I was so smartnot wearing a bathing suit because I'm
like I don't feel comfortable, Ifeel like I've game weight whatever. And
then what happens? I took mydress off and I'm in my underground braw.
I'm like, you know, youcan be worse. Best Body.
You were like like not super tinyand super tight. We were all saying.
It's kind of annoying actually, otherthan like Um, you have a
normal, like perfect little body,like I thought. I think the Taylor's
too skinny, but she's always beentoo skinny, like it's just I think
that's how she's built. She's likeactually like that. Yeah, she is
very thin. They're very thin.Okay, so tell me what do you
think? Your most iconic line fromall of your time on housewives is like
with' What are you get the memesfor the most like. What do you
thought's my opinion? For sure,that one's huge, and of the fact
that, like my daughter's like mom, people still talk about it in high
school, like she's. I rememberbeing at the I remember being at the
lunch tables in elementary school and somebodypulled it up and they were laughing and
she just said, oh, that'smy mom. They're like no, it's
not. She's like yeah, that'smy mom and she's like to this day
people still bring it up. Yeah, Um, Jesus juggs was another one.
Yeah, that's what I was thinking. That's what I was thinking for
you. Did that just all off, or is that something you thought about
before, something I heard? Iheard it before. I didn't make it
up. I can't take credit forthat right. And then is your ass
jealous of the shit that's coming outof your mouth? That's another one that
people loved to hear, which Iremember that. Go hunting. Yeah,
that was and then what about watchthat happens live. What was your favorite
time? I mean, you've beenon there so many times. Maybe the
boob chances you gave and you showedinto your tits and then you gave him
your tits. Yes, and Iflashed him. Yeah, I like that.
That was fun. I always liketo, you know, make a
statement. That was one of them. I mean, there's been so many
bad ones where you drink too muchand then you go on and then you're
slurring your words and I don't watchmyself ever, but Eddie'll be like you
were slurring your words. I wantto hear I don't want to see it.
Whatever. I'm worried about the girl'strip, though. That's going to
be rough to watch. I don'teven know that I'll watch it. But
I am too I am too like. I'm like I really do that much.
I kind of feel like I waskind of boring and I'm hearing no,
you are no. We, Imean you and I had a good
time. You're definitely hilarious in thepool. I think that you kind of
got stuck babysitting Vicky. I lookat it, give me eyeballs, like
she would say something crazy and youwere just give me be big guys,
like this is what I have todeal with, and I would just like
we were just speaking through our looks. I'm like, yeah, I don't
think I was a little bit orhalf that it. Thank you. It's
a little pain, but the firstfew days, that's for sure, and
then, of course, as youknow, she goes with doctor and suddenly
she's better. But yeah, that'swhat me baby saying. Vickie. Yeah,
I mean that's kind of what peopleare going to see. I mean,
you and I had fun and therewere some fun moments, but I
really felt like you were like youwere. It was almost like not fair
because you couldn't have fun because youalso knew it Vicky was going through.
And then rest of US didn't likethe Steve Right, like I didn't know
any of that. I just thoughtshe was up right. So I'm like,
she just doesn't want to be here, so she should leave. I
mean, like I she didn't knowshe really didn't want to be there,
like she really didn't like she foundout he was going to be movie now
as soon as she got there.And I don't want to give too much
a way, but I don't thinkshe did want to be there. She's
one of the money, right,but that's not how it works. Sorry,
I know, but she snapped outof it after she felt better.
I think she snapped out of it. Yeah, yeah, I know she's
saying again. Fun We had werenot pre empt too much, because I
feel like we need to hurry upand get the show on the fucking air
because we still have three more interviewsto do. Well, we're doing our
interviews on the same day. This, this much twenty. You right,
very lovingly shared your hair and makeupwith me and yeah, I've decided and
love you. They are so goodand I've decided I'm going to go to
Michelle and get highlights. This ismy plan in Orange County so that we
can have lunch and I can visitMason and it made a day of it
rather than going to visit Mason andhe stays for half an hour and then
he's like, okay, gotta goand that's not worth the drive. Let's
be honest. I'm like, whatdo you just do? Like Orange County?
I don't know. HMM, yeah, I mean, I mean it
reminds me a little bit of whereI'm living right now, because I'm in
one of those like places where allthe the houses look the same and yes,
it's not like yeah, I theother day got in a fight with
my neighbor, shocker, because Iwas on the phone and I pulled into
the wrong driveway. I've done thisthree or four times, but the houses
look identical and there's no like.And so I pulled into the driveway they're
walking by, pulled out, wentover to two houses, to my car,
like get out, and they're like, oh the Guls, like I
could honestly say I've never seen anyonepull into the wrong, wrong house.
I go well, I don't knowif you noticed, but all the fucking
house is look the same and I'veonly been here for two months. And
he's like, Whoa, Whoa,you get a pass all right. I'm
like yeah, keep it moving,but why don't even care, like I
like business. Hey, you're allsunny pissed off if I walked in and
started making out with your wife.Right. They're lucky I didn't back into
them. I let them walk behindmy car before I moved it. So
I was like what I was thinkingabout it. No, I'm kidding,
but yeah, so I'm making friends. Not Really. Yeah, that's what
me and teddy say every single dayafter a podcast comes out. Will Not
every single day, but once,once twice a week, from just making
friends, just making friends. Ithink in the housewife world, I don't
know if you I feel like theiconic status of a housewife is kind of
it's all of the girls that wereon before and now it's like these they
feel like they feel like they haveto bring on New People every season and
I don't know that the audience reallylikes the recipe changed. So I don't
know why you were going to beseeing like a bunch of like icon it,
you know, these these people sayingand doing things. I feel like
those like it's it's done and weneed to stop bringing on New People and
just kind of like like, youknow, bringing back how they're great.
Still think she's up tight. Shealso is too thin for my taste.
I like, I mean like she'svery fit, but I can't see her
like having a burger, which Ienjoy. Yeah, that she I mean
she's naturally like that as well,like she's just tall and thin framed.
That she does work out and shedoes watch what she eats like she's always
been, you know, good aboutthe raget. Well, yeah, she's
better. You could tell she's regiment. Yeah, she's. Oh, yeah,
she has discipline. Like I've beentalking to her lately because she had
foot surgery and she's, you know, down and out, and I know
that's not easy. Just be likenow around. I think, you know,
I think that the house you brokeyour foot. Ill, I told
her, I go that's the worstpain ever. was she had surgery on
her foot. But back to thehousewife just in general, like I feel
like it's changing. In a hole, it's not the way it used to
be. Yeah, and there,you know, it's like, I don't
know, it's just different. I'mcurious to see where it's going to go.
Yeah, I think that these girlstrips are going to be the people
want to see their favorites from before. So I was trying to think.
Let's think of who you would wantto see from two girls from each franchise
that are, you know, belike on now or fired. That you
think would make a good girl's trip. Oh my gosh, okay, so
like so two people from each cast, right, they can have eason before
or still. Okay, well,I think that if you put like Bethany,
Nannie, Kelly Dodd, yeah,Teresa, like you put those solids
uned girls, I do. That'sall you need. Yeah, put that.
I would love to see Kelly.I would love to see Kelly,
Dad and Bethany together or yes,Kelly. So I think teddy should go
on with Camille from Beverly Hills.Yeah, because she had said he's not
going to put up with Camill Shitand Camills gonna, yeah, be annoying.
But I don't think that he's gonnaHire Nannie or Bethany. Now.
I doesn't think so either. Idon't think that they would even do it.
I don't know who. What doI know? But I think there's
so many ways that you can mixthis up to make good shows and they
can keep doing it. You havewas season interests its foreple. I mean
there's like a hundred and something housewives, right. Yeah, so, I
mean, and they always need likea filler girl. Like I kind of
feel this is mean, maybe,but I kind of felt like Taylor was
kind of, you know, she'svery quiet and timid, like kind of
just the filler girl. Yeah,I feel like that, because I they
knew they had a lot of bigpersonalities. They are probably needed someone to
shut the fuck up. Yeah,I mean I knew her part. I
mean she definitely came. She didn't. Oh, yeah, but maybe that
I'm not saying it correctly, butlike somebody that's not as outgoing like they
raise. Need One person like thaton on the county. You have to
have it. Evan flow. Yeah, I would go to see some like
powerhouses on there that just go atit right. I'm trying to think.
Maybe, like WHO's on you?I don't know. Like the past New
Jersey girls very much. I thinkbad ass. Yeah, I like her
either. Yeah, because she's aBadass, like she's not going to put
up with any one shit. No, who do you think on the current
Orange County housewife would be good onthe girl's trip? For the girls trip?
I don't know. So we cha. I really I can't. It's
I don't know them well enough yet. Yeah, and I don't know if
I want to get to know them. That sounds horrible. Sorry, Alex
Baskin, don't get mad at me. I this is just my opinion,
but we're early in the season.Yeah, so it's just like I'm not
that invested I think that. Ithink, think a lot of people are
not that invested. Yeah, notyet. I think that we're getting because
it's hard to get to know NewPeople. We don't know they're bad.
Like we're getting to know them.That's why I feel like changing the recipe
too much. It's difficult because thenit's like, I think that's time to
know you're I don't want to watchright and I think that's what the issue
is with Orange County, if Ihave to say, they do have an
issue. Like, I'm enjoying theseason. This is the first season I
watched since I've been gone, andI don't hate it, but any means.
But I just feel like I'm watchingit and I'm like, what is
this show like? What is it? China and Emily? Yeah, Gina
and Emily have been on for fouryears, but yet I still feel like
they're new, which is weird.You too? Yeah, I don't feel
like I'm a hundred percent. Knowthat. I think emily really know.
They a shady shit that comes outof her husband's mouth is probably the most
entertaining part of it. Right.He's more entertaining than she is by far.
But yeah, yeah, I wantto see Shannon on the girl's trip.
I don't really want to see thatnow. I think Gina will probably
be the best. Yeah, it'shard because, like there's we I just
like I don't know them well enough, Guy, so I'll put off watching
until I have like a stack ofthem to watch. Before, when it
was like people I knew, theylike you guys, and I was on
a fighter with you, I wantedto watch. Yeah, because I knew
you guys and I like I knewyour whole story and we're like and I
remember when Eddie had a Fab right, because my dad had it really bad.
I wanted to reach out to youbecause I was going to tell you
what my dad went through, butI was pissed at you, so I
did not and they said, Ohmy God, that's so funny. Oh
my God, you're done. Helpis your that's funny. Is Your Dad
better now? Yeah, he hadY had he's had six heart surgeries,
but then he he had that reset, you know when you go in.
I think Eddie probably did you andthey called you overs. Yeah, the
Yes, yeah, so he hadthat a few times actually. Yeah,
and he has done much better.So, yeah, how has that been
doing? He's good. He's stillon blood thinners and he will his doctors
in Texas. So he used totravel here and work out of San Diego
Script's hospital and and also one inLa but because a covid he hasn't been
able to do that in our insurancenow won't cover for him to go to
Texas to be treated. So he'swaiting for the doctor come back. He
still has some remain on blood thinners. He might need a watchman put into
his his heart, which is basicallylike a big tamp on. Is What
it is like at a pacemaker?No, no, it's not a pacemaker.
It's called a watchman. And there'san area of Eddie's heart that was
ruined by all the oblazons. Hehad done so right when they went in
there. It's a little it's theappendage and it's basically how your heart develops
when you're, you know, inEutrah. So it stopped beating. So
blood can pull in there and thenhe has uting just a stroke. Soak
it out. Yeah, yeah,so, so that in their Tampon for
the heart, Tampon for the heart, save in the world, Obie,
in your man Ngina. Yeah,no, I mean I like I feel.
I felt for you, but Iwas mad at you so and I
think that that's the fun part too, is to watch the girls that know
each other kind of fight on socialmedia. I think it's fun for like
the fans, but now it's like, if I don't know them, I
like, why do I care?I'm not going to start a night with
someone I don't know. That's notfunny to me. I know, I
know, I'm just kind of whenthey start fighting on social media now I'm
like like, Noel, I don'tknow if you're following her. Like she's
been fighting with her ex husband tobe and I'm like stop already, just
stop social yeah, that's not goingto do. And he's a lawyer.
Maybe maybe don't put things down andwriting. I know what I mean,
like don't like that's to be smart, honey Um. Yeah, also,
he's like I listened to kiss atthem in the morning and he still has
his commercials on there called Sweet James. No, he's still practicing law.
He's got a law office here,but he lives in Puerto Rico, I
believe. So it's yeah, I'mlike, I don't know. Is he
running from the taxman? I whoknow? I don't know. Oh,
I'm not answering that. Actually said. Let's talk about that, that fight
that we got into. So basically, I was at a a interview.
The show was starting to air andI made a comment saying that the Kelly
was a new brandy, and Iwas saying it that way, which I
was actually friends with Kelly at thetime, because she just says what,
anything comes out of her mouth,and I always felt like you were like
that. Like I thought when youwere not on Beverly Hills anymore was like
a huge mistake, because they don'thave anybody on there like that. And
so I was saying it like that. So I wasn't really putting down.
And then you, I thought youand Kelly were fighting at the time,
because maybe we were. I meanwe were. Yeah, we went up
and down during the show, butI can't remember if it was I can't
remember when I did the interview,so I can't really say that we weren't
fighting. So that was an accuratestatement. But but in my mind it
wasn't really a dig. It wasjust like she's a new brandy like that,
and just say we're not thinking,yeah, she'll say whatever, like
she's just unfiltered, and then itjust turned into like horrible, yeah,
or but it is kind of fun. I'm like, you know, I
was doing my podcast. I wasstaying this Youtube Channel and I was like
Vicky fire, her Tamra fire,he so listen. I'm a like I
poked the bear too, but Iwas just like their story, you know.
So I understand, like you cancome for me, I can come
for you, but when I don'tget happy offended, now I don't really
either. I wasn't really don't know. It's over, but I was very
nervous when they said. Like mywhole outlook changed when they said that you
were coming on the trip. I'mlike, God, I don't want to
find I've been fighting so much.I like just out of Covid I really
wanted to just go and be chilland have funds. So and was originally
asked. I was. I sowas. I. I wasn't originally asked
when all you guys were asked.I know. That's why I'm happy.
And then so when Vickie told me, I'm like, Oh, well,
think odd announced me because Brandy's going. That would be horrible. And then
literally two weeks prior to filming.Andy called me and asked me and I
thought it was because they thought thatVickie probably was not going to make it,
because she got it. That's I'mlike. And I and I was
like am I taking Vickie spot?And he's like no, not that I'm
aware of. I'm like, areyou sure? Because I wouldn't feel really
I wouldn't feel good about myself ifI was doing that, because I know
that she got, you know,chicked off the first season of the you
know, right, whatever. It'scalled ultimate stars, all stars. That's
what I call it. So Idon't know. I don't know if I
was an afterthought or well, I'veever just tings. Are No one from
more chowne. He was going.So I was like yes, I don't
know why I because I just thought, like I'm going to I just knew
that I'd probably but heads with Vicki. And then we had our thing and
I was like all Gung Ho,like happy. I'm like getting now,
I liked everyone. I was excitedto meet the other girls that I didn't
know. And then they call thenand he's like so, I just want
to tell you, because you know, Vicki had covid and we're not sure
if she's going to make it.That's what I was told the because that's
what I thought camera on and Iwas like what am I a whole fuck
id that. I got crazy anxiety, like I was like fuck, I
don't want to fight with people,but as you know that, no,
I don't think we did now,but you also will have to watch.
We definitely had a moment, butit was all mostly fun. So to
how's your Jim Duke doing right nowbecause of Covid and everything? What are
you guys doing? Well, we'restill open. We're us. We're a
small like bow teach Jim, sowe only really work off of appointments.
So we do like mostly personal training. So we have our our employees out
there and they have to have anappointment to come in. So it's not
like a big box gym. We'reright have, you know, tons and
tons of people there all the time, so we're able to manage it that
way. It hasn't been that typical. We also have a chiropractor that rents
space from us and then we alsohave on the other side of our Jim,
because we're pretty for about Sevenzero squarefeet, we have a sports athlete
that trains with like professional athletes andup and coming athletes. So a Hog
Mormon over there, and then wedon't he I'm not going to say that,
to come back. And then wealso have a massage therapist. So
we have a lot of things goingon there. So it's been fine.
It's been fine. We've been opennine great years and is creep I feel
like I just watched you guys openit. It's so well because time it
really goes by. You don't likeI feel like it's still new. It's
really not new. It's really notnew. I'm I'm kind of over it.
It's a lot of work. Abrick and mortar business is, you
know, it's difficult. It's allcost a lot of money to operate.
It's yeah, you know, youhave to have so many cells. It's
hard, like we have good months, we have bad months, we we
go up and down like any smallbusiness. Now, with our CBD business,
that was like instant money the second. The second we launched and I
was like what the hell this?Yeah, that's same Venus. It's called
Venus Right, Vina Vena? Yeah, Vena, NA side Vena. So
that was probably the best decision weever made was to start that business and
now we're three years into it andwell, probably sell pretty soon, probably
what would wow, that's amazing.While congratulation, she gave me that little
bag and it's like iridescent. It'smy favorite bag because it makes me happy,
a good bag. It's it's likeGli, yeah, butter. It's
like it's so cute. Yeah,I'm just looking good things like behind.
But know, I remember we areworking together and your instagram had gotten hat
for that for Vina, and Iwas like it took a month. Took
a month to get back and I'mlike, well, thank God it was,
you know, my business want andnot my personal one. Right,
yeah, it was. If somebodyin Turkey hecked it change the language on
it. Crazy, I know,and it was. It's a verified account
editor. Was it maybe a competitoror someone? Just don't know, just
something. How I want to notfind out. That's so crazy. I
don't know. So all they cando is go in and reset it,
but every time they reset it itwould somehow the guy would get it again.
It was crazy. It was insane. It took like weeks of talking
to different people to get it backup. And running now scared me.
So make sure you yeahs frightening yourto factor auth the what's IT called author
authenticity? Or Yeah, I knowyou're like where they have to send you
like a text to yeah, makesure you have that on your social media,
because people can break into anything.So I'm do you and Taddy were
asking me about like, oh,would you hit this? Like would you
like a house eyes? Oh you, would you hit that? I just
wanted to be clear with you aboutsomething. I'm not a Predator, like,
I don't go after women. Ireally am not. No, no,
no, but like, I don't. I'm not, like I would
never like women come to me likepeople. That's it. I mean,
like, I'm sure and and honestly, like it's mostly men that I date,
but yeah, there's been a fewwomen, but they've always been after
me. I don't, I don'treally think about women. Like what.
I hit that, like she's beautiful. Would I make out with her?
I'm a kissing brandit. We allknow that. Yeah, so wrong with
that? No, but I amtoo actually, well, I mean it
is what it is. I rememberyou and Brown and are making out.
So besides her, you have topick two housewives. And it can't be
me or teddy that you wouldn't makeout with. Just waste up shit,
nothing, crazy me. Okay,wait, okay, let's go over a
cast. Probably Melissa Gorga. Ohyeah, absolutely, she's hot. I'm
actually doing her podcast this month toNew York. I don't think there's no
I don't know facts, but no, nope, nope, I don't think
that's going to happen. And thenBeverly Heels, Oh my God, like
who would? So, HMM,maybe jury? Maybe? Yeah, probably
dree, but I feel like shewouldn't have it. So I think maybe
Lisa Nne, because I know sheprobably have it. Yeah, absolutely,
yeah, they're made her. Kissingby would be like, HMM, no,
what? I don't even know whatother franchises are. Oh, Salt
Lake City, I definitely like Whitneyand like WID Oh yeah, definitely,
she's fun. She's like us,she's just on girl. Yeah, she's
so cute too. And then Miami. Oh my God, have you been
watching? I I'm a little behindeverybody, except for Orihanna, Adriana.
What's her name? A dameria.Oh yeah, she's annoying. She's annoying,
she's negative about everything. It joinsme nuts. And she also really
flirts with the other lady, likethe the Lesslian Lady, but I know
it's that is so confortable. Fellto yeah, super I mean like and
I went someone's married. I don'tfuck with that, like you don't fuck
that, not a gun. Likeall my friends are married, like I
have a brother sister relationship with theirrent just because it's safer that way.
And it's not like you never wantto do that. You never want to
make anyone uncomfortable. And why isthe lady doing why is the wife doing
it? On TV? Well,and I know. And then Martina,
who I love. I love her, and she's just like just takes it
all in and she's like a lotof cleavage showing there. Yeah, she's
like something my has and would sayto me like that's right, leave it
over there. Used to. Idon't have a lot anymore about that too.
But really quick, like Larsa isgorgeous, like I know her from
here. Our kids go to thesame school, I don't think or her
son goes the same school with myson, but now she's in Miami.
I think the daughter goes to schoolout there, but she's like beyond gorgeous.
I mean she has there's a lot, but she's done and whatever like
I want to give it to me, I'll take it. What are you
doing? I tell me, tellme the secrets, because the only she
don't like, I know forty eight. I think the only thing I don't
like is when the girls are doingthose big booties, like I don't even
that doesn't even look comfortable to me, like I couldn't imagine sitting on that.
I don't even know how they doit. Is it implants? Is
it injectables? What is it?I don't know either, but I think
some people get full on implants.What if it bursts? But that's what
it's like, sitting on your boobsall day. Yeah, I can imagine
doing that. That would be souncomfortable. I don't know. I don't.
And then what happens if it's outof what happens when it goes out
of style? As my question,it's like yours gonna be, but I
know. And then you got totake them out, I guess, eventually,
right like you're implants, like yougot to Redo them or take it
out and you have stretched out bootyskin. That can't be pretty. I
just sounded Yucky to me. StasI tried to look up that girl that
we talked about, that the heatthat guy the doctor had the emotional affair
with. I can't find her.I'm also horrible on the Internet, but
I want to see how you areso badly. She's beautiful, beautiful,
absolutely beautiful. So yeah, it'sshe her pictures and surfacing around social media.
But Weah, that's brutal. Idon't having an affair and then talking
about it on the show. That'sgot to be hard. I think she
just probably wanted to pre empt it, like get it out there before people
said. Listen, this happened,you're in a fake ryus, blah,
blah, blah, which is,I think, smart of her, because
hotally. But it's got to bean hour because then your people are second
guessing and every time he, youknow, doesn't respond to her, they're
like, oh, it's not goingto work right. It's like, hmm,
kind of feel sorry about situation.When you started housewives, did you
kind of go on? Were youand Simon and a good place, or
did you go on to kind ofgive it? Do you think to get
out of a marriage you didn't wantto be in. I didn't have a
plan to get out of a marriageand I think that my marriage is going
to last forever. No, didI think that he was going to go
on the show or even agree forme to go on it. No,
it was really like when I filleddown an application, it was just me
being a smart hoss. I knowmeet with anybody. I didn't show up
to a casting call and then whenthey called me, I'm like what the
like, seriously? So I letthem in and interviewed with them and I
thought he'd be like, no way, and he was for it. It
was totally for it, but itonly made our marriage worse faster. I
mean I was going to and eventually, but it just, you know,
sped that up and you know,I started making my own money and he
didn't like that. I think thenget by that. Yeah, sure,
in the wind and you don't hateme any more. I think the good
thing with my relationship with Eddie islike I was on the show when he
met me. So this is whatI did for, you know, five
years or so before and although hedidn't love the show the first season,
he wasn't comfortable at all. Thesecond season was on not comfortable. Third
Season he's like I don't want todo it. I'm like wait, no,
you're here, you're already two yearsin. You have to do it.
What do you mean so far?Yeah, and so it became a
little bit of a fight between usand then he ultimately agreed to do it
and then I don't know, it'sjust not his thing. He's actually no
shy we I think a lot ofthe guys don't really want to show up
and they do it for their wivesbecause they generally go off into a little,
you know, huddle. But thereare certain ones that really love the
camera and you can tell. It'slike, Oh my God, shut get
out of the shot, get out, I've got away. It's it's never
good. You know, Eddie wouldtell any new housewife that came in.
He would talk to the guys,you know, and say, my advice
to you is just stay out ofit, don't get bed. It's the
girls. When the guys that girlsdo it's not it makes them look like
a MANGINA's. It's like stay out, like this is a called dichebags.
Yeah, yeah, big old dichebags. So, yeah, so I'm glad.
Yeah, MMM. So what aboutyour implants. What's going on?
And they're gone. There are run. Yeah, I had them. Yeah,
I had them removed in July.July, so I was having on
come to autoimmune to issues and mythory road was just going down. He'll
quickly had inflammation. I joint hurt, my bladder was always inflamed and I
go to the doctor and my guyhave a blader infection. She's like no,
you don't, and we couldn't figureout what it was. I did
all kinds of lustings and see tscans and ultra sounds and, you know,
gut things. I had to breatheinto like all kind of stuff,
and everything came back fine. Andso so you really think it was implants?
Like yeah, because I'm one hundredpercent better. I don't even take
thyroid medication anymore. Wow, whydon't? Like fourteen years old, fourteen
and a half years old now.So I gotta I mean I feel fine.
Well, you would know. Iwas having I was having like issues
like gasteritis attacks, like in betweenmy breastbone, like I'd be doubled over
and nothing would take it away.It would last for like three days and
then go away. And then mybladder would just randomly, just I'd feel
like I have a bladder infection.I'd be doubled. Oh you did,
and yeah, in the next dayto be gone. So it was just
inflammation in my body and it wasnow due to the implants and I was
insolent resistant. So if I atecarbs at any kind of my body would
puff up. I mean, thisis a mess, wow, but I
feel so much better now. That'slike you Landa like she took out everything,
like her metal and her tea.She took our implants when she had
last he's like she was like sodesperate to just feel better. And if
she under her did she ever getover that? Like, is that something
you have forever? Is that something? I don't know. I mean she
definitely has done a good place likeshe lives. She has a farm in
Pennsylvania. She looks great, youknow, she's spout instagram she feels so
much better. So I think it'ssomething you just kind of manage. I'm
not I'm not a hundred percent more, but sure, I know for her,
no, but I don't want it. Definitely sick. I don't want
to either. Yeah, I didn'tyou say hout of didn't you say when
we were in Massachusetts and get yourfriend, like we was wait, a
mosquito didn't your for you have afriend the head. Oh yeah, by
side, don't like. I likeyeah, but she got super sick,
wheelchair like, and I only saidthat because she was on my podcast right
before. But all the mosquitoes around, all I could think about is like
I'm gonna go in a wheelchair,wheelchairs eating. I was, oh my
God, there when I did myinterview, they're like Vicky smacked one on
your face and blood just went squirtingeverywhere. I'm like, Oh right,
I'm gonna say I have like severeacne on the show because I had so
many bites on the sides of myface. I'm like, Oh, lovely,
that's just going to be beautiful.But I was just amout beating alive,
eating everything. They really like you, I mean more. I was
like all of us, but mylegs were covered in then I didn't have
them so much like everywhere else.I was my thighs. What happened?
I had her bees getting I don'tright. I had bruises from scratching.
That's how bad it was. Itwas I but I always get like that
if I go outside. There's onemosquito. It's gonna bite me. I'm
staying. I guess I always lookat love perfume and I love to smell
good. Is My favorite thing,and I drenched myself in it. So
I got outside. Then all thebugs come for me because they like the
smell. I'm like, I haveto smell so sweet. That's why,
because they're sweet. That's why.We all right. Well, thank you
so much for being here. Iyou know Rader, you and I know
you're not feeling crazy. Thank youfor showing up and doing nice. So
that's all right and I'm a tellEddy. I hope he feels better.
Tell your daughter, I hope shefelt better. And we're Orange County lunch
hair situation. We are definitely.And then I'm going to see you in
a few weeks. WE'RE GOING TOBE YEA in La doing our interview.
I don't know what time. Istill fit in that dress right. I'm
like think got I had a bigblazer and not like a like a sleeveless
shirt with my arms going to beflapping. Oh my God, I like
I can feel the fat. I'mlike, what am I doing? This
sucks, but I'm not happy rightnow. I'm like how? So today
I'm like, I haven't eaten anythingtoday, and I'm like, I'm an
ass, because usually, like,if I do like one day of fasting,
it'll like, you know, becauseit retakes so much out of you
to reset and then all of asudden I'm like okay, well, after
going through twenty four hours of fasting, I don't want to put that shit
in my mouth. You know,you take it more serious. So that's
how I like to jump start workingout, but I mean Diet. So
we'll see. I haven't eaten yet. I haven't eaten today either. Maybe
I'll try to do I don't thinkI can do that, but I'll try.
I'M gonna try. My son,I can't, so it's mine.
Right now. I'm like, uh, I'm gonna last, all right,
but we'll have a great day andthank you. Ran of a week's all
right, thanks for doing can't wait. Okay, fine, bikes, that
was so great to have timer on. I feel like I've talked to her
so much that we almost don't haveanything to talk about. This fine,
but I just wanted to hear aboutthe fight part because, like, well,
play clips in the beginning of that, of the old fight that when
we were doing the youtube video.Yeah, you were in a big fight.
It was definitely not like she's likehi, he's a new brandy for
Britt, but not in a goodway. We're definitely they were fighting and
like she was saying, Kelly's adrunk in the stable. She's a new
brandy. I'm like, fuck off, we're going to talk about how stupid
people are. Allegedly, Tamer Grudge, I mean Tamra judge, right,
is that her name? I don'tremember. I asked Alexa what her birthday
was on Alexa was like, HMM, I don't know. So I don't
really know that much about you,bitch. Um. What I do know
is that you went to the pressand decided to call me unstable after you
threaten me with a lawyer because youthrow out the first stone and tweeted me
something horrible. Coward Mutch Bitch,come on. I was just so curious
because it was so weird to mewhen I heard that you were doing the
trip together and I was like,are you guys okay? Can I help
do that? And I was Idon't know how you made it up.
I don't understand how that worked out. I don't. You will see.
You will see it was. Itwas interesting. But no, like also,
I think, if you're I don't. When I get over something,
I'm over it. Yeah, Idon't hold on to shit like I'd really
that's good grudges, except for againstLisa Vander pump. Yes, otherwise,
no, I really don't. Ireally liked your what's your most iconic line?
Question? You. Yeah, whatdo you think? Yours is at
least I don't do crystal Meth inthe bathroom all night long, bitch,
and then, thank God, versannex. People may not, I mean
all the times, like every likemy friends will send it to like I
don't want to see myself, butbut the crystal mething is has been around.
It's definitely not growing away. Theywant like they were not people asking
to do something. That's what theywant me to say. I'm like,
that wasn't the like the midst ofme crying, having to break down,
like it's when people can really connectwith you, when I'm crying to drinking,
when breaking down. We got you. No, but it was great
to talk to Himra. She isvery regimented. I'm I'm not. Yeah,
she makes it feel you'll start herown patreon and and she'll just kill
it. I don't know, justbecause she saw a regimented because she's just
like she has. Likely she's likeKristin where they have to be busy,
they have to be do it,like you said she was. She needs
to be busy and do the things. Yeah, I'm not like Kristen or
Tamra. I enjoy lounging, layingand but I do I want like this
is, but since this is minenow, like I want to engage with
my audience and I want to getto know them on a person more personal
level. I really am excited aboutwhich is what is happening, because you're
going into the discord and you werechatting with the people. We're doing the
live happy hours every week. Soif you're not on patreon yet, get
the fuck on there. Come on, guys, let's do this, let's
happen all little like Brandy Club.I was gonna say free of that's not
really it, but like I wantmy babies back. Yeah, I don't
know if you guys are missing outif you're not on there, because there
is stuff that goes into this podcast, but you are not. You see
are here or see because, yeah, I'm not drunk yet. Number One.
I say yet because it's very earlyin the day. Number two,
I'm going to be sharing a lotof my instagram photos, or not instagram.
Is a lot of photos that Idon't share on instagram because I just
don't want to deal with the fuckingcomment. So on this I'm going to
share the photos with you and notlet you comment. So you get to
see or not read them. Youcan know. No, I don't want
to comment. Okay, there,you could see him. You can say
I'll share my life with you alittle bit more. That's sweet when I
don't have to deal with the haters. And I know that if you're here
for me and Patreon and you're supportingme, then you're not a hater,
because it's a good point. Let'sbe honest. I if you're a hater,
support me too. But I can. I can hang with the best
of you haters, but I wouldrather do something more personal and be on
people that get me. Yeah,and it's just it's a great place to
get some new perspective on all thingsbrandy. Yeah, we have a lot.
We still much to talk about today. Our first happy hour is today.
Yep, Geez, it's right.WHOA, I'm excited if my niche
who knows they're cute, after say, I do have a really good perfect
nipples really? Yeah, well,that's great, I'll show you. Okay,
okay, I got two things beforewe do a high kup. You're
ready? Yes, my one ofmy questions that came up during this interview
was Tamara mentioned that housewives are changingand I'm curious, like, of what
that? What do you mean,or what do you think she means exactly?
I think that the women that arecoming on the new housewives have seen
housewives on TV for so long now, because we started it was new.
I see, I've heard the time. You can watch, you know,
something that I didn't even know existed. So it was like rose on.
It was authentic in the moment.I feel like a lot of these women
have watched the show for, youknow, ten, twenty years, because
it's been on, and now theygo on acting like what they think they're
supposed to act like and setting beingsome bad thing. Yes, okay,
because I think authenticity are trying tobe, but they're trying to be entertaining.
Yeah, it's true. You wantpeople to be authentic. You,
okay, like, I think authenticcan be entertaining. If you look at
Bethany, you look at myself,you'll get came richards. You look at
like people that are Derinda like we'revery authentic, I would say that whole
group. And Yeah, it's prettyfucking there being. Yeah, yeah,
so I think the people that arethey do you talk about that? We
first it. Yeah, I likeit. They like playing their lines,
you know, things like. Allright, another the other thing I wanted
to mention our talk about that wasbrought up in the interview. It was
you, you, you asked youa question, but you preceded it by
saying something like I'm not a predator. All right. So I'm curious,
like what was said in the podcast. What they made you feel this way?
Okay, so when I did Tedand Tammers to teas in a pod.
Yeah, they were like showing mepictures of House. I S are
asking me about like which house.I was like, would you hit that
ready? Would you hit that?Like I'm not a dude, I don't
hit things. Yes, and usually, like I'm the girl and the relationship
us, to be honest, thegirls come after me. Yeah, all
of them have been after me.I'm I'm I'm the Bait. Have you
ever liked had a mark and you'relike, I'm gonna figure out how to
make out what this person or I'mgoing to have sex with them, some
female? No, no, no, okay, no, I mean no,
really, even after me? Yeah, I don't. I'm not like
I'm wants to just go through.You just want the flow. Hello,
and you like it, you'll he'llget it. The like thinking a flow.
Yes, she's back in town.amp flow. WHO's in flow?
Let's WHO's that? Your hit justcame back blue. No Way, yeah,
haven't had it for like four monthsand now it's like hey, girl,
hey, I'm like, what theactual fuck I was is that?
Does that feel good? Or isa best? No, I mean I
think mark made it happen because hesaid he wanted to have a baby.
Oh, with this person on TV, on this making Magic Mike, which
is the best show ever. Hewanted to have a baby and obviously he's
not a female yet and even whenhe does transition he can't have baby.
I think he'd willed my period backso that I could have mats baby interesting
and that's a great yeah, Damn, all right, Hiku. Yes,
I happy New Year. We stillgot those beers. COVID doesn't yet in
the rear. You can't wait toget three code bridges. Let us be
to you go. It sucks,covet sucks, covet sucks, everybody.
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