EPISODE 392: He Wants Me to Fail w / Shayne Lamas

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New episode of #unfiltered with actress and TV personality Shayne Lamas! From her time on the Bachelor, to marriage, motherhood and co-parenting through a divorce, find out what she’s up to now and how she’s handling it all!

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Straw media. I'm so glad I
got to take this headphones off. Yes,

I'm glad you got to take him
off too, because now I'm just

talking to me. Yeah, and
I look like Mickey Mouse at this stupid

headphones on. It's really helpful when
making a podcast. Yeah, I guess.

So, wow, from Straw hut
media, this is brandy land bill

on the field and Hello Brandy,
how are you? Oh, Mr Max,

I know I'm married man. I'm
a married man. Let me see.

How does it feel wearing it?
Horrible. Keep touching it, you

know, I just like that's a
thick one, I know, and it's

like I feel like I need to
get it sized down. It's actually ables

on me. Also, you can
get like silicone ones that are less that

that look great, but they're less
than uncomfortable. Oh, like, I

just rusk our neck. That's a
good idea, because I'm like having a

real hard time. You see,
are always touching it. Never worn jewelry.

So like, yeah, it's hard, but anyway, yeah, but

you have to you have to wear
it, you know. I know I

left it on the I after I
shave this morning. I left it on

the counter and, yeah, whatever, and Max is, like, don't

forget your wedding ring. Like I
used to take mine off to wash my

hands all the time and I would
us oh instantly, and that was a

big ass. Did I get insurance
on it? Everyone said, like the

the ring, the people who made
the rings that week. You should add

it to your renters insurance. Just
look like because you've probably have a blanket

policy. Just let them know and
I'll make it a little more sense,

but you should add both of them
on there. Okay, all right,

that's a good idea. That's gonna
be very, very smart. Um,

guys, huge announcement. Okay,
okay, we've been waiting for this.

The World Premiere on my rap song
life of our housewife is coming out on

Saturday and Sunday. Well, Saturday
first we're Djho okay on serious Xm radio

shade forty five and he's gonna play
the whole song. Oh my God,

it's gonna be fucking awesome. Wait, what time is the is the show?

Well, the show starts on Saturday. It's at from tenny him to

zero am and they repeat it twice
and then you can also listen to the

show. Got It. They repeat
it on Sunday. Okay, D M

to four am to chances to hear
the premiere, the premier, the world

premiere of wife of a housewife,
shady as fuck. Then I'm gonna love

it. Are you gonna do a
music video with that's the plan. Yeah,

and I'm so good. I told
Andy about it and he wants to

hear it and I'm excited. Oh
Man. Okay, all right. Finally,

I'm looking on this for about six
months. I know, I know,

really hard. So this is something
that's so important to me, so

excited and it was so fun and
stressful a lot, but youruys have to

check it out. So that's Dj
who, Kid Seioux, ex serious x

and shade forty five. Saturday and
Sunday. You've got this. Let's listen.

Do It, do it, do
it, do for me. Okay,

today, today's episode. Yeah,
we have Shane WOMAS. Okay,

do you know about Shane? Do
you know who she is? Who?

What? Tell me. Yes,
it's so funny because I actually she I

watched her on the Bachelor, sure, of course, years ago, and

I was obsessed with which she did
her hair, because it was always perfect.

It was like she had the cutest
like always a ribbon and a poof

that if dive it. Gud Team
for that. Like did they again?

I don't. I mean I'm actually
probably not. I don't know much about

the bachelor, but I did.
I do remember watching that like probably fifteen

years ago. Thanks stick in my
head when I like something. And then

she had another show on e and
her brother's were on it and they were

hot, as I was like,
Damn, is the whole family attractive?

Yeah, yeah, maybe, just
yes, good jeans. Yes, and

then she married Nick Ritchie, who
we've also had on the podcast and who

she's not a divorced. So we
are going to get into that a little

bit. Like in the process of
a divorce. Yes, and so you

know, we're just gonna we're going
to have a shoot the shit, as

some girl talk. Yeah, yeah, see how she's doing. Let's do

it. I have Shane Lama's hair. Welcome to Brandy Glenva and filtered.

How are you, beauty? I
am good. I am well. I

mean going through life. Life sucks
right now, but other than that,

that's I kind of real. I
kind of know a little bit about it

and and I watched you when you're
on the bachelor a long time ago when

you always had the cutest hair does, I was like, I don't know

if this girl's going to the Master
Guy, but I love her hair does,

like at the order written. Oh
my God, that is so amazing.

Yeah, well, you know,
when you're blond, you could literally

like throw on a headband and it
looks cute or like brow your hair and

a hair bone. But yeah,
I always tried to like do something.

There was no hair and makeup,
so this kind of like free for all.

That was a fun experience. Yeah, that was pretty fun. No,

you definitely had the cutest air and
I was like, Oh, I

love her, but I didn't think
you guys were a match. But that

was how many years ago was that
hat? Oh my God, so that

was like seriously, Oh my God, I was twenty one. I'm thirty

six. I don't even know.
I can't do math. So like it's

fifteen. That's fifteen years ago.
Well, I still remember your hair,

oh my God, like certain things
stick with me when I like them.

I'm just like, you know already
know. I know that is totally true,

because I remember the first time that
I saw you ever on TV.

I will never forget it. You
were like in crutches and I'm like,

she's got the best mass. Like
if anybody could like rock, I just

will never forget it. So whatever
I think of you, I think of

like these beautiful legs and like short
Um, like you just had no god

even I didn't tell them I broke
my leg when they called me for the

show, because I thought they were
going to go, okay, well,

we don't want you, so I
just showed up with my crutches going hi,

I'm ready. You were like the
cutest thing ever and totally I was

just like, Oh my God,
like I this, this, I like

her hot, like she's just a
no bullshit kind of goal. So I

appreciate it. That was a rough
time. So that's what I remember.

And then since then you've been you've
been through a lot. So tell us

kind of like where your journey has
gone. I mean I know personally because

I have, you know, friends
that used to work with your ax that

no longer work with him, and
I kind of I know him as well,

and I was kind of caught in
the middle of a second but just

business stuff. But tell us,
like what what happened after the Bachelor?

How'd you meet your husband. You
like, what with what's going on with

that? So my ex husband right, very, very important to bit.

Well, almost soon. You know
the drill. Yeah, God only knows

when, like I will have a
party when that happens. So I basically

married the worst person in the world
to marry as far as they aligedly,

elligedly right in my opinion. Yes, you just don't want you to get

sued. Oh, yeah, that
well, I mean, yeah, that's

true. unleged late. Yeah,
so, I don't know how you do

this. Like, if I had
a podcast, I would get in so

much trouble. Oh, I do. I've been sued so many times.

That's where I'm trying to help you
not get sued. But the Times these

days. So anyways, yes,
I left the bachelor and I did like

an e reality television show called leave
it to lamas, and we did that

for one season and it was just
nuts. It was just too much for

me. I was a line producer
on it and behind the scenes is what

so it was like my family and
me trying to be a boss of my

family and I just was not.
It was not my thing. Like I

just didn't want to be like yeah, I kind of remember get like two

handsome brothers, or maybe one,
I can't remember. Like yeah, it

was my brother. And then like
it was supposed to be like a Oh

shit, chain show, just kind
of like about me and my just life.

But of course, like my dad, for him to be in it,

he had to be in all that
episodes and me to change the title.

So it like became you know how
that all goes. So I was

like whatever, like I let's just
because I was just trying to make my

mom money, everybody money, you
know, let's just roll the the cameras.

And so I didn't. I didn't
want, I wasn't intending to become

like a second Kardashian family at all. Like that is not my thing.

Anyway. So we did leave it
to lamas and I was it was just

a lot and my family was just
nuts and my brother went off and spend

all his money and, you know, it was just too much and I

told e I was like look,
I can't do it with my family anymore.

So if you just want to do
like a show around me in my

life. So anyways, make a
long story short, we pulled leave it

to lamas and I took like six
months off and I was like, you

know, since I just had any
shows, like getting paid to do appearances

back in the day, when I
of course show up to like a clump

and get fifty grand. So because
I'm getting my well, I went to

stower for fifty, but here it's
like twenty. But they're not so much

anymore. Yeah, member, like
back in the day, like it was,

I mean legit, legit, and
I mean now like you'd be lucky

if they offered you know, I
don't even know. I but so we

could ask got disc it. I'm
sure he knows. I'm sure it's getting

a lot more than are there are. YEA, yeah, that's like his

whole bill. So, although I
don't know him personally. But what was

I going to say? I have
no idea. Totally through after leave it

to llamas. Like we're like you
decided to kind of you, did you

know your parents has and then you, I'm guessing you that's how you met

your husband. Or how did that
happen? Yeah, so we I was

like my step ex step mother,
Shawna sand, who is just a nightmare

in a half, asked me to
go to Las Vegas with her for my

little sister at the time she was
eight years old, her cheerleading competition.

We're going to drive all together,
all of my sisters and Shana, we're

going to drive to Vegas. I'm
like sure, what I was, you

know, kind of like hanging out
with my little sisters at the time.

They were all super young. So
we drive to Vegas. Sean and I

get into a massive sight because she
wants to bring in her alcoholic beverage to

the cheerleading competition at the Forum Caesar's
right, and I'm like you can't.

Yeah, it's Vegas, but like
this is we're here for like a convention

style cheerleading competition, like it's not
veg yes, right, right. So

we got into an argument and I
was just like, you know what,

instead of like adding field of the
fire as like I'm just gonna step away.

I'll be act for the words,
and I go sit down and going

through my phone, like trying to
figure out either I'm going to fly home,

like I cannot deal with Shan anymore, and Lonnie, I'm sure you

know Lonnie. Lonnie, what's his
name? Heat Lonnie. He like runs.

He used to run like Dultchit and
all like the big clubs and stuff.

anyways, Lonnie Moore, I think, is what his name is.

so He's always like in Vegas and
I'm like, you know, I'm going

to see like if he's here,
and he's like yeah, I'll meet you,

I'm going to come, I'm going
to come right down. I'm like,

Oh, you're here. And so
literally I'm sitting there waiting and in

walks this guy in a bathrobe with
painted black finger nails, all like drunk

and sits down and mind you,
like I'm going a Fedorra, and I'm

like not vegas mode. I'm like
here was my family, and he goes

so hello, and I'm like,
I mean, I just didn't even give

him the time a day and and
he's like hello, I'm like hi.

He's like still, what's your story? And I'm like, Um, none

of your business, like I'm good, like just please, I'm not in

the mood, you know. And
in Hindsight Lonnie Moore was his friends and

sent Nick Ritchie to the bar where
I was and was like a hot blonde,

go meet her and he tries to
hit on me. I was not

interested. He's like do you not
know who I am? And I'm like,

Oh God, no, I don't. He's like the dirty, the

dirtycom and back in a day,
like it was just TM Z and like

Perez Hilton and like a Hollywood.
Yeah, I mean like we weren't.

It wasn't like blogs or like big
big right, I have no idea with

the dirtycom is and he's anyways.
He was just I was not not with

it. But, long story short, because of Shawn is sands and her,

she's just too much. I couldn't
handle it. So I ended up

going out with him that night and
we got married. Okay, well,

I mean not that night, though. Yes, that night, got married

that night, the day you met
him. Who got married after he was

gross with this nail, Polish nail, the dirty. Don't you know who

I am? Yeah, wow,
no, so quint a story. I

mean there's a lot like you know, one day we can get like into

it and how it all kind of
went from Oh to like, I think

I could like love this guy,
because it had nothing to do with like

in what I think about it,
I absolutely worst idea. Don't ever,

like I don't mind us too,
so don't worry, I mean, but

I was like in my mind was
like I have okay, we can get

it an old like I always try
to think like where I was at mentally

when I did that. anyways,
we got married and the next day,

like we wake up and I kind
of forgot that, like people might find

out, like I don't know,
you know whom? I right? So,

like who really cares? But he
might write the story. Yeah,

so, yeah, exactly. Or
Yeah, little did I know that he

was like a theme. anyways,
so it says Shane Lamas, Mary's Nick

Ritchie from the DIRTYCOM and I'm like
okay, and he and he's like wait,

what your name is before my name, like I got the first billing

credit, and I'm like, Oh
my God, what, who are you?

The DIRTYCOM? Like, who are
you? I have to put on

regular headphones for one second. Yeah, no worries or yeah, I hate

the way I look at these headphones
are so big now I look like an

alien Woll. If I had some, I put some mom to join you,

but I'd like you don't have these
things. I do, but my

kids have them all upstairs and they're
all fucked up. You know what I

mean? The kids are boys.
Everything's like broken, the wires are broken

and they still all my shit.
Do they really even boys. All My

chargers, like right, I can
write a chargers have all the rooms and

then all the chargers are gone and
so, you know, gouse and then

take some to their dads and I'm
like where the fuck are all my chargers?

And like bring them home from Your
Dad's because they're expensive. Don't even

get me started with that whole dad
see you, like I've done every system

imaginable with the clothes and me labeling
moms like, but it's just, Oh,

so you are. You guys in
that phase right now, like so,

wait, you got married day you
met and then you were together for

quite some time. Twelve years.
Yeah, fuck, that is I mean

that is a long, successful marriage. I mean, I thinkly. I

mean I don't say like what people
say they got our divorce, that it's

not that it failed, it's just
that the relationship Kip Itig came through an

end. You know absolutely that new
persons kind of it like we grow and

sometimes we grow apart, and that's
exactly like what happened. And there we

just kind of like there was no
love and I was unhappy and he was

unhappy and it to be honest,
in the beginning of our divorce we agreed

and it was like okay, we're
doing it, but I actually pulled the

trigger and filed. Yeah, and
it became now his ego was ruined and

he was going to war, when
in reality we both had agreed to divorce

and to do this am equally we
were. I was like we can be

like the role model co parents,
you know what I mean, like and

be best friend. And it went
from that to his whole entire ego got

smashed because I filed first, and
I mean he just put he's put me

through hell and back the last year. It's crazy that when you love someone

so much at a certain point,
then you go through the divorce, it's

crazy how much hatred can come out
and like the person that you love more

than anything in the world, then
you see this person literally trying to ruin

your life. And I went through
literally like literally just go in like I

want you to end up with nothing
and I don't care if you and my

kids are have no place to live, you know what I mean? Like

it's hundred percent. It's so bizarre
something house. Yeah, it's like it's

mind boggling because I was so naive
to think that, like, Oh yeah,

I don't need to pull the money
out now, like obviously it's our

money and he will. You know, he's not going to leave me with

nothing. Oh my God, I
was beyond like the man sold my car

one day, like I didn't have
a vehicle to take my children to private

school in. I'm like literally never
paid a bill in our entire marriage.

He was the one that did that, and it's like, okay, he

doesn't care if I like, as
far as even till today, like if

I don't have money in my account, who? He just doesn't care.

It doesn't care, and I'm like
the mother of his children. I mean,

I've tell you, divorce brings out
the worst. I was in the

same boat. I Like I only
had a credit card that I used for

everything and he paid all the bills
and then he when we got, you

know, separated, he canceled my
credit card. I didn't know it.

I'm at the grocery store buying diapers
for our children and, like all you

everything for the kids and groceries declined. After it's like five hundred dollars and

I'm can you call the bank?
It's just so crazy because they don't really

think about the fact that you are
the mother of their children and this affects

the kids. It's like it's like
I have to win, right, right,

right. It's more or less like
she's not my problem anymore. Yeah,

he needs to figure it out.
She's an adult, like I'm going

to. And granted, there are
men that get a divorce and take care

of their yeah, right, but
I didn't marry one of those. Know

that I'm not, and I say
one, and unfortunately mine is a really

big narcissist, and so there's really
no wiggle room with anything. Like I

have to just accept like I can't
with him because I literally it just goes

back and forth. There's never any
I mean and what he says to the

children and how he brings in our
children into it, like he didn't make

spouse to support payment, and I
live off of that. Like literally,

I'm like, I have ten dollars
in my account, like you're in the

court document that you sign, that
we sign like this, you're supposed and

he'll just get a job. Did
it, did it, and it's just

like, oh my God, I
mean it's just a pure six cycle and

it's a no no. When we
were married, I made money to you,

but I just gave it to you. I don't think I saw a

check ever that I made. It
literally was just and it's like I've never

ever seen somebody wants somebody to fail
so bad. Then he wants me to

fail. I mean, I have
friends that have recently split working with him

and he literally is on a rampage
to allegedly, because I'm hearing one side,

to ruin their business and I don't
understand, like they're they're there,

has to be away. Well,
you should actually write about I wrote a

book about it, like any like
when people are getting married, and like

make sure your name is on the
House. Make sure, because mine,

like, I didn't have anything when
we left and I signed my name off

the house because I signed whatever he
put in front of me, not knowing

he was cheating. So like it. Really you should write a book about

like what you would have done,
like what like for young women getting married,

like make sure you have your you
know, your own financial stability.

Make sure you have your own money, your own checking account, because I

didn't. I wish I would have
known you when you started, because I

could have helped you write. You
know, it does, I mean it

will get better. It's going to
take one a decade. It's going to

take a decade. I'm just saying
literally been like a year, like two.

I filed in May of last year, so it's been pretty much a

year and I'm like it's been wow. So that's where I'm at right now.

I'm literally like we have fifty fifty
custody, even though, like he

rents like a five bedroo furnished house
on the beach and I have the well

rental for my kids, but I
created a home again for my children and

yeah, it's just it's he took
everything. Nothing was in my name,

so it's not like he took it
away from me, it just didn't have

anything. Yeah, literally, eat, my phone was shut off because he

called a tent. was like just
so I had to walk into a TT

and be like you know, and
you need your own phone service, and

then he needed to call just say
that I could take my number. It's

like I felt like a child again, and I mean just the littlest stuff.

Like today, the trash guy just
drives by my chroach to trash cans

and I'm running down the street.
I'm like, you forgot my trash.

He's like, ma'am, ma'am,
you need to pay your bill and I'm

like, so, where does my
tax money go? So I had depending

here to trash and for Supek me
off. I'm literally like it's all new

to me, like I get it. It's and I'm not complaining or asking

for any no, I mean,
but it's, it's, it's, it's

life. You you know, I
came out of my marriage at thirty six

no credit, because I didn't need
any because, like Eddie, got everything

had, I ranged over this and
that. It all got taken away.

And, speaking of broken legs,
I didn't know my insurance, I medical

insurance, was canceled. So when
I broke my leg, I had no

medical insurance. That costs me Fiftyzero
dollars that leg. And I mean it

was just it was such a shit
show and I literally was in the place

that you're in now, trying to
coparent. Like he would send the kids

back to me with the with the
same clothes. I sent them to his

housin because, God forbid, I
get the nice clothes that he has at

his house, and it was I'm
like I would, it's for the kids.

I put them in Nice clothes.
Like why are we like being petty

like this. But divorce brings out
the worse some people, unfortunately, and

it takes a while to get through
it. But like what, I've been

pushed to a limit that, like
he has made me feel things for him

that I never have felt for anybody
else before, like true anger and like

just and I just breathe, but
literally it's it's the evilness, like it's

it of the petty of just why, you know what I mean. Why,

and even to the point of where, like when the kids go to

him, he does fun things,
right, like he'll take them to Combo

and didn't rent it, and so
he's doing like that, and I'm Dil

it's the Disneyland Dad thing I have, that my kids are on vacation every

other week with their dad like that. That was the whole it's it is

such a Cliche, but it's a
cliche for a reason, because that's what

Dad's do when they have money and
they get a divorce and they want to

punish the x for some reason,
he like he's the one that cheated on

me. I'm writing. Punished right. And if you must, even worse,

if you guys agreed to get a
divorce like this shouldn't be happening,

like it shouldn't. No, I
agree, I mean no, but I

understand divorce is not fun for anybody
and you know it will bring out the

nastiness, but like he's gone way
beyond below the Nastiness and like it's just

sickening. I mean, I try
and call my dad and talk to him

about it, like how did the
hell did you get through like seven,

eight divorces? Like you need to
break this down for me, because he

married that. Oh my God,
I Love Your Dad because we did on

my show together and he was just
the sweetest most, like he was the

best gentleman. But, like,
I did not realize who is married that

many times. So I love my
dad and he's like such a lover and

like yes, so he's been married
a few times and literally he just stopped

paying his last like my sister just
turned like eighteen, like seven months ago.

So like he's been paying child support
since my brother, my brothers thirty

eight to just six months ago,
right, and I'm just like you,

and he says, daughter, I
never missed a payment, even though there

was no work going you know,
in and trust me, it's not like

I wanted to pay her like.
I get it, but at the end

of the day, when you're in
a marriage that to agree like your going

to be the breadwinner, you'll we're
going to put all the baskets in your

basket because I'm going to be home
with the kids and being the mother,

which is the hardest, the hardest
job in the world is bring a mom

that really is the hardest job in
the world. And then to be completely

just hit to the curb when you
know I'm not his arm candy anymore or

what have you. It's just it's
just sad. It really is sad and

I do need to write a book
that. Honestly, writing stuff down it's

like so Cathartic and even if you
don't do anything with it, like writing

shit down, your anger, put
it on paper, because it kind of

frees you a little bit to like
breathe it out, like you get rid

of it a little bit when you
write it down. Um, if you're

married for twelve years, isn't half
of everything yours? Yes, it is,

but he is he's just fighting it
and prolonging it and dragging it on,

and the courts right now are a
nightmare because of covid so they're like

Kate. They are like a year. So it's like we've been to court

via zoom like twice, but it
and we agreed on a deal and it's

he supposed to go through with the
deal and transfer half of what he had,

but he's so shady about his business
being. He's just it's like you

really don't have you have to get
like a forensic accountant, which is Super

Expensi did that. Yeah, I
found like twelve grund on one, and

you know what ended up happening for
Eddie and I, like we fought for

over two years and we wasted all
of the money we could have been we

could have si it on our divorce. So when we did five hundred percent

ideal, we really didn't have anything
to split anymore. And and it's like,

I wish I could talk some sense
into these people that are getting divorce.

I learned from my mistakes. Go
immediately, so you save your fucking

money. I mean, but we
were so angry and pissed, like we

wanted to fight. I write totally, but and that's him, that's that's

and I understand, like you had
every right to want to fight too,

because you felt just the injustice that
was done, you know what I mean.

But me, like we agreed,
this was like and then all of

a sudden, because his ego,
because I went, you know, and

in an interview I said how we
hadn't had sex in a year. All

of a sudden he's getting text messages
from his friends, like like you'd you

know, weren't fucking your wife for
a full year, and like his just

whole ego is just when I was
just saying, look, we just grew

with him, like this is why
we're getting a divorce, like because,

yes, we haven't been hint to
any here, and what's the point?

They totally is gone. I don't
think that's anything. Like to be touched.

please. Thank you. So I'm
just like, and I'm sure he

would too, you know what I
mean. Yeah, and it's not healthy.

He's just, yeah, he's turned
it into a war and that's where

we're at. Like literally, I
text him the other day. I'm like

all he was just going on.
He's like you made this bed, now

you have to live in it.
I go, what do you mean?

What bed did I make? All
I wanted was a divorce. Yeah,

and you wanted war, and now
we're somewhere in the middle and it sucks,

like it totally sucks when we could
have just agreed. We don't even

need lawyers, you know what I
mean. But he's Nick Ritchy and you

know he's a fare. Well,
do you see, like, is there

anyone in your life that could like
talk to Hey, like mediate, just

with not legally, but you have
had every body, and our not like

everybody gives up because he's just so
like that, like she's impossible. Literally,

it's just well, I'm so sorry
that you're going through this. I

mean, I feel like it's almost
stage our view, and I wish I

knew you personally before, like you
know, happened, because I could have

helped you. I really tell young
people like make sure things are in your

name, make sure you have your
own accounts. I've a friend going through

like possibly getting a divorce. Nothing's
in her name, like you need to

start getting money at like and putting
it away in your own account, like

you can't. You know, she's
in a loveless marriage and again no sex.

You know, it's like we're getting
to an age when you're on your

s and s like it's this is
our prime of our rights. We need

to be happy and totally I don't. I don't mortally. And is he?

Did he move on with anyone yet? Maybe would leave. I wish.

I like mate. I pray at
night that he just finds a girlfriend

or has somebody like just because he'll
just leave me alone and just you know

what I mean. It's just no
he and you know, I mean I'm

sure he's whatever, but not that
anybody serious that he's introduced the kids.

But I feel like I know nick
didn't have like some medical issue or he

has he has ms. that's what
it was. Yeah, because I had

him on my backcast a while ago. So he he was diagnosed with Ms

Gosh, I want to say like
six or seven years ago, and he

doesn't really help his cause with that. He drinks alcohol, I mean all

the things that you're not supposed to
do, and he's got his own demons

and anger. You're inside of him. But I think like this MS,

like you know, and then he'll
say the MS is my fault, which

you said the other day. Wait, it's your fault. Yeah, because

my fault that he has. I'm
not possible. I caused him to literally

have Ms. and I'm like,
wait, is that eve in sight.

I was thinking in my mind,
because he's so like drilling in my head,

in my mind, is that even
possible? It could always come.

Let you know it's not, but
you know. anyways, that's where I'm

at right now. I'm kind of
just, you know, trying to figure

out my single life like and all
this. It's hard, and the Times

right now, the world every I
mean that's what you have to figure out,

that you don't need a man.
You can do anything by yourself.

It's just hard when you come out
of having someone taking care of you.

And I was in the same boat, to learn everything. All it went

like you have to learn, Oh, I have to pay this bill,

this bill, this, and like
it's a lot. It's overwhelming. You

have to work on your credit.
Like no one wanted to rent me a

house because I didn't have credit.
Like in my first car I had at

thirty six, I had to have
my dad cosline for me. I might

be this is insane, but you
know, you'll get through it. You're

going to get stronger. It will
it will die down. It takes time.

Just try not to if I could
give you any advice, just try

not to push the buttons like you
know what I mean, because it's just

not worth it. It's so unhealthy, like he would want to fight like

he would, just like he knows
that push he would, and it's just

unhealthy. I was sick. I
was I waited like nothing. I was

so I was divorced, Diet.
I looked like super gone. I was.

I was like worried about me.
I'm like, I'm stressed out all

of the fucking time and I'm taking
care of two kids and I don't know

how I'm gonna pay my bills.
Like it's a lot of stress. I

wish I had that stress right now, because I guess some weight over Covid

Oh my God, you're tiny.
Stop It. No, I promise.

I don't fit in anything like this. Is a swimsuit. Pever up because

it's loose. Mexico, I think
I read somewhere you were just in Mexico.

So I mean Mexico at a wedding, but I did not put a

bathing suit on. I just some
bay suits on either, and if I

do, they're like the long sleeve
ones. Well, God, all of

mine are tiny and none of them
are fitting right now, but I buy

the twenty fit by the twenty,
I'm gonna be back to a size for

what. That's happening? All Right, I'm gonna I'm going to keep your

word to that. All Right,
I'm gonna send you staily screenshots of my

scale. No, I really am
not gonna. I don't even to myself.

I do too, but I'm figuring
out ways, like, especially with

medication. Yeah, but my doctor
gave me somebody Atian that's supposed to like.

You're not supposed to get hungry,
so hungry, but I'm not eating

as much. So, yeah,
we'll see, because of my cholesterol is

so hi that. Yeah, well, when we get older, all these

fun things start to happen. They
do, but you wouldn't do this,

I promise. When I was one
thousand nine hundred and eighteen, just ran

around. I'll like drinking coffee and
like. You know, anyways. Do

you have a young spirit? Thank
you. You were awesome. I love

you and I feel like I could
talk to you for hours and pick your

brain about everything. I'm going to
have to sit down with you and,

yeah, and talk to you about
a few things, but we will do

that. It was so lovely catching
up with you too. I was great.

West of the week. cohuted.
I all right, stay strong,

but thank you honest see, it
was a really nice interview, like I

informational. Yeah, like, I
think a lot of people can get a

lot of information and value out of
it. Yeah, I mean it's I

was kind of in her same exact
place, except I do know how to

Potty, but to drain my kids. Yeah, exact same age, coming

out of a divorce with no idea
how to take care of myself in a

lot of ways. Yes, I
had, I mean I had certain skills,

like obviously like a be a mom. And you know, how old

were your kids at that? Him? They were two and six. You

don't know what her age I I
think we didn't ask, but she's,

you know, she's done on reality
to be a few times. She's,

you know, got this very famous
family. I'm worked with her dad.

He's super kind but, like,
I can't believe he's been married seven times,

I know, and he seems like
he's the good, the good.

Yeah, right guy. I felt
really, really bad for her. Vader

parks is calling me right now and
I cannot answer. Sorry, guys,

Um, I just like I can't
wait for you. that. I do

hope you guys get together and I
hope that you can just shed some information,

give hers give you know, I
want to. I feel like she

needs some guidance. She's like she's
hurting right now, right and she doesn't

it's hard when you you really don't
know what to do, where your next

dollars coming from, how to Co
parent and I think, you know,

I think nick likes me a little
bit, not like like, and you

know, I think that maybe I
could be a mediator for them a little

possibly you can be a positive thing
to have some kind of mediator. Yeah,

absolutely. I mean, you can
lose all of your money because you're

fighting over it and you're so mad
you want to punish the other person and

you know they're in the public eye
to an extent. He could write whatever

he wants on his you know,
the dirty or whatever he's doing now,

and she can do interviews and talk
about him and it's you know, I

feel like I did all of those
things. Don't know that it helped,

but you know, maybe maybe I
can help her down the road. Yeah,

yeah, absolutely. I hope you
guys would make it happen for that.

That that's really great. Now she's
she's lovely. He seems really lovely.

Yeah, she seems very grounded and
I thought her closet was a little

messy, but she couldn't figure out
her only sound like half of her face.

Every once in a while we saw
her beautiful smile, but you know,

I yeah, I'm gonna have to
help that one out. Yeah,

but let's do hi Ku, let's
do like, because it's over. Let's

do high. Could wait before we
do the Hik? Who Do you want

to chew? What? Oh,
hey, guys, huge news, big,

huge. Okay, we've been waiting
for this. My rap song,

my new song, world debut this
Saturday, which the date is. Date

is the eleventh, June eleven,
and you can find it on this huge

DJ, Dj who kid is going
to release it on his radio station on

serious Xm. It's called shade forty
five and it's going to be playing all

day Saturday and all day Sunday and
it's called life of a housewife and he

will also be interviewing me for the
release and I'm so excited to share it

with you. So please again,
you have to hear it and then you

can down load it on anywhere you
can get I think it's going to be

on spotify, Dadada, Dadada,
Dadada, all the places again. That

is Saturday and Sunday with Dj Hugan
and it's on serious, serious Xm shade

forty five, and it is shady
songs who're going to on a can not

wait to hear the whole thing.
I am so excited. Okay, Peach,

she's now. You're just teasing.
Now. Was that our hi Ku?

Yeah, also part of by thanks
for listening to Brandy Glenville UN filtered.

download new episodes every week and,
if you haven't already, subscribe and

be sure to leave us a rating
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