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Straw media. The mood is humid
and humorous. HMM, interesting. Wow,

from Straw hut media. This is
brandy gland bill on the field.

Hey Ryan, Hello Brandie, welcome
to Brandy Glanville. I'm filtered. Thank

you for having me. Thank you
for having me, thank you for having

me in your home. Well,
thank you for coming to my home.

Ex for forty when it's gonna be
so fun driving back to this because it's

going to be the worst. Actually, it's the opposite way of traffic,

so I don't think it we that
bad until you hit the four or five

dish yeah, and then you're fucked. I'm going to do all side roads.

I think you should talk for our
Burger. I can recommend a place

really now. Okay, it's near. Why? Okay, okay. So

today we have a very attractive man
who's rebranding, going through a transition.

Yes, not sexual. No,
no, no, we're not at all.

Um is name Cyrus. Yeah,
believe, yeah, pronounce you our

Bro. Yeah. So the thing
is, like he's been on reality TV

longer than I have, since I
thought ninety seven. But he said S

S six. Well, this interested. We don't know what he said,

but maybe we were guessing that it's
ninety six because my hair is currly now.

I don't know, a little drunk. Okay, the real world.

BOSTON, I think, was the
first one. Yes, so that's like

that was. I didn't have MTV
and like I just was busy, like

doing drugs. I was in middle
school in ninety six. Really Right?

You Act so old. I started
high school in two Tho. I Graduate

High School Two Thousand and four.
Yeah, you will move in to high

school for four years. I don't
know what's happening. Yeah, years as

you go. Um, seven.
Okay. Well, I think high school

started different for us, though.
We started in sixth grade. For I

school, this wave was danglar.
I don't know. That sounded like like

a dingleberry. Yeah, for those
you just listening, I've there's no,

she's not. I didn't just pick
something off of her, but I throw

up. How is your Easter?
You know, I worked the whole time.

I didn't do anything. We did
an interview for another show and like

you, okay, Shent to New
York. You've been to Mexico every other

weekend. I do not will start
for you or it's busy, though.

I'm working yeah, I'm working.
I worked. I didn't do anything for

you. Start worked all day.
I love what you did tree. You

know what, somebody had to do
it. It will buzz cut on that.

Yeah, you know what I didn't? I didn't realize it to the

next day, but I definitely want
a little too fire, luckily. Yeah,

I saw some white dogs. I
don't think those are good for trees.

Oh, it's probably some kind of
fungus. Yeah, that's what I

thought. So I was really getting
an in there. I'm like, Oh

God, no, it's maybe candida
or something. Yeah, so I had

to go. Really just gave her
a real good trend. Yes, huzzy.

anyways, Cyrus, the fuzzy,
like a picture? We'll send it

to you. Yeah, like,
I'll show you what I did. So,

Cyrus. Yeah, Cyrus. Yeah, Bro is going to be off.

Did you? Were you a fan
of the MTV shows that do you

know? Those are like the first
reality show, very first reality shows,

like like the real world, had
this Guy Eric on it. Like all

my friends are obsessed with them,
but we didn't have, like I said,

cable or anything. So yeah,
I didn't get to I didn't get

involved in them. But however,
I had like, like Chrisha, I

think it's Rochelle, like I'd like
a saw and watch. I haven't sive

and I have. I give them
all mad props to like to give us

what they've given us in say,
such a great gift to set the listener.

So yeah, highly low. Here
the it right, highly low.

Yeah, I get it. I
think I get it. Let's see if

that's the if Irus gets out this
for you. mean. Okay, okay,

and his audio might sound really bad. Maybe it's just warning. It's

right, my Lord, nice dress. Thank you. It's like my Easter

dress, because I decided not to
participate in Easter. That kind of makes

two of US, right. Okay. Well, do you have it?

I just just not feeling very like
eggy. Wow, yeah, I wasn't.

Easter's like been so commercialized. It's
not about Jesus anymore. No,

I mean, yeah, all right. So now that you see yourself,

are you happy when you hit fifty
test? Let me tell you, I'm

almost there. So I'm right there
with you. Almost doesn't count. So

I did fuck his morning Babes,
right, really, really nakedive person.

All right, what's sing? Are
you in ready? I mean calabastard.

Oh, Calib BLACKLISS. Yeah,
well, not anymore, Babes. Yeah,

I just moved out of there.
Trust me, that dracos around the

corner and I don't know, it's
different now. That's what it is.

No, it is, but yes, I'm I just moved here. People

with the last brother there, so
I had to leave after him. Yeah,

I mean, not gonna lie.
I just moved out here in November

and it's pretty I call a calibastard
because there's nothing to do and it's super

boring and I'm kind of miserable.
But my son all his friends are out

here and it's his dad lives Tivem
is away and it's just easier for me

to deal with all of them back
and forth and the kids and Shit.

So I'M gonna do it till it
gets his license and then I'm back to

Sherman Oaks. Um, that's about
the same thing, though. I'M gonna

look. No, I'M gonna Monica. So it's the same thing. I

know I read about your basketball player
ways and how they can all of the

stuff I read, but sat of
Monica, really big Badass him. Baby.

HMM. I just so. I
don't like I'm not a fan.

It's just always overcast. I don't
like that. Well, I could say

the Valley's always had a hell.
I like that. When I was there

and was a hundred and sixteen degrees
and my car was helping, not a

good look. My dogs didn't like
it. Let me grab me a drink

really quick. Take your time.
We keep me real around these parts.

Okay, ma'am, Oh, do
not call my mom. Do not call

my mom because I'm already no,
no, you can't, no one can.

I'm you can call me miss or
brandy like. That's it. I've

not been a mom. I'm not
man. I don't like it. That

means I have to say that just
so you know. We don't like the

boundaries, you know, worry you
right now. Are you in Boston?

I'm in the Midwest right now.
Oh, in the Midwest. Are you?

I look, are you filming the
show right now? No, busy

family right now having some family issues. Saying obviously, because you're in a

hotel. So I'm guessing they don't
want you at our house. I mean

no, I would be at home
help them. I'm sorry, Brady,

I'll give me at a hotel.
Okay, well, now I get that.

I'm just here enjoy myself, working
out like I do quite a bit

now. I can tell doing my
two days. Thank you. Thank you.

I'm down about sixty pounds from where
I was. Sixty pounds would like.

What did you gain weight over covid
because you always like everything that I

saw. You looked really lene.
Thank you. I lost weight over Covid

I told my Achilles a couple years
back, in a spiral of depression and

hard to get out of that and
when you're known for partying. Yeah,

a lot of alcoholic goes into that
and a lot of not good eating that

goes into doing it deficiently right and
one day I just decide to stop.

It's been over three years no alcohol, no weed and no sugar for over

two years. My woman, bless
her heart, she cooks these crazy kido

mills and and snacks every now and
again. So don't get me wrong.

I'm having two ice creams a day. Hey, Bronsky meal. I do

my two ice creams at the end
of the day if I've done my workout

and it is what it is and
I can still, you know, look

flex a little bit. You know, I want to be that's a bit,

just a little bit, like you're
wearing a muscle shirt right now.

Not wearing a muscle shirt, ma'am, this is called shame Jesus fucking Jeeze,

cruise crystal. or it's a okay, well, it is a muscle

shirt with shameless promotion, ma'am.
Mr Sir, sure, right, I

don't know what to call it.
An older man, what do you say?

Older? You call you put like, wait, when are you born?

Not, what year? What date? And like, what's your what's

you're sign? I'll give you a
piece of tricky. Oh, I'm September.

I'm a vergo. Oh really,
I would not have guessed that,

because you, like Vergos, are
generally really positive. You know what Brandy

made? You have clearly good as
good health. Yeah, yeah, absolutely,

no. No, yeah, my
best friend's actually vergo. So just

I think of maybe having like some
angry issues, will sugar. Maybe I'm

good. You have to have some
carbs, though, by the way.

Now you don't. You don't.
Yes, you do. For what?

Because your body actually needs it.
You have to, otherwise it, like

it will start the fat you have
and then you'll like it will eat you

alive. You had I don't know. If you do las thing, you'll

be fine. Trust me. I
can't do that. But are you good?

Right? Well, I smoked pot
yesterday for Easter and then I trimmed

my tree and I like my tree
is I don't know what I did,

why was crying, I did.
But yeah, it was a gold like

skipped out on Easter with the family. A what do you call on?

I don't know. It was an
emotional joint. You must be smoking and

downers, you know. I know. No, no, like I had.

It was like. No, it
was good. I don't know what

it was, but I would like. I went to get it for my

son. Actually, that's all.
Yeah, but he's over eighteen, so

it's fine. He was he's breaking
up with his girlfriend, so he's he

really needed, I guess. So
you're excited, folk. What's that?

No, do I encourage it?
Absolutely not. But what I rather,

I'm be honest with me, then
not. Tommy. Absolutely, and would

I rather have him do it under
the safety of my home then be out

on the streets? Do it.
For sure. I can't believe you have

an a year old. That's crazy. I know he's so sweet. You

look like a half Oh you calling
Mam what your bipolar? What are you

talking about? I'm other Mam or
eighteen and a half. Hey, if

we give you a backpack, you
might get stopped for truancy. Oh,

we're going like Um, well,
I act like I'm eighteen. So regardless

of how old I am, I
am very immature. But we're really into

basketball. Are you watching the new
show on Hbo Max about the Lakers?

Actually, a good friend of mine
is in that body from Michelle Las Vegas

is into that. The Lakers are
huge part of my I passed and present.

A lot of people don't know,
but in high school I live with

someone that was in the bus family. I moved out living with them,

and so all the Lakers my building
and it was a big deal. There

is a really big deal growing up. That's trouble anyway. But I mean,

no, no, no, no, I'm watching the show. I

actually watched the whole show, like
the whole season, already, I like

in one day because it was just
so good and I've like always love the

Lakers. I follow like we sho
have season two tickets and like I'm a

big basketball fan. My kids go
to see her like they were to see

our canyon. I'm sure you're familiar
with it. Pretty Basketball School, you

know. We have like, you
know Brownie, we have all of the

basketball kids. They're so, you
know, like that's her jam. So

when I was like yeah, so
when I was watching it, I was

just like Oh, well, I
mean, like I actually missed going to

the basketball games, like because Jake
decided he wants to beat people up now

and do MMA instead of basketball,
because, yeah, gotta protect mom.

Well, yeah, well, he's
already like six foot two and my other

one six six. So, wow, they're good. Yeah, I'm five

ten, so we are a tall
family. Six is playing ball, though,

right, he better be playing ball. I. Nope, don't even

get me started. When we went
to see her canyon, like I'd like,

I would like, you are bored
for this sport. But no,

right, we gotta get the right
personal coach for him. It's too late.

He's just smoking weed. Do and
do know he's actually started working out,

but like, you know, mom, what's up? I blame mom.

Fuck you. And Yeah, this
is a BG podcast. No,

nothing about me is PG. My
friend, not one thing. gave me

the hot one. Yeah, because
mom is like the best in the whole

entire world. Nothing like asked the
boys. Okay, thug mom. I

did grow up in Sacramento, Back
Down now on six danger island. I'd

like. I grew up in a
really my dad was like a drug dealer.

Yeah, something you're cooking? Oh
yeah, so there we have it.

Yeah, that's why you got me
on this podcast. Yeah, I

was like, well, honestly,
like when I well, I think you've

been on reality t be longer than
I have and it's really hard to find

to have someone like continue to get
reality shows for so long. I'm like,

I think I've done more than anyone
and I finally found the one person

that's done more than me, and
it happens to be you, and you

looking with me. They got me
on one show. I got to say.

I was doing the news and Dallas
one time and they came in and

she came in so hot. They
announce it is. She's like, how's

it good to be reality TV pioneer, and this is ten years ago.

I was like, Oh God,
you say that. All is matter that

we were live on there was amazing. It's amazing. I mean it's at

the end of the day, it's
a compliment because if you hadn't been good

at it, you wouldn't have continued
and it wouldn't be such an amazing thing

that it is right now. I
mean like it really drives so many drives.

I think social media a ton.
I mean I gets it. I

mean I consider myself not only the
first black reality stuff, yeah, also

consider myself one of the first,
should we say, influencers. When you

consider the weight influencer game is now, if it had been around when we

started doing what we do and are
still doing, we would be the ones

with the you know, ten million
followers and so forth. That would call

it the US. We basically pay
the round for that kind of thing,

right, but you know, we
get no proples like that. I wish

these kids nowadays would understand giving props
back to their their predecessors. So we

were here pay the way, but
it's a little different time, though.

Then look at it the same way, but they you know what, though,

I really do think that it's not
going to be the same for very

long. It's like it's getting to
the point where I want to see real

pictures again. I don't I'm sick
of it all. Like I'm so sick

of all of it and I'm sick
of seeing the same shit over and over

again. Are you? I am, I really am, like I don't

even do my own social media anymore. I hired a company to do it

for me because I'm done with it. Like I'm like, it's a job

in and of itself and I'm not
that narcissistic. I can't be sitting like.

The one thing is I like to
take pictures. I said that,

like we need content. We need
content. I'm like, you know,

I'm like, I don't have I
don't have anything for you today, but

you know, like if I have
to ask the kids if I could post

a picture of them, and usually
it's a big fat no. I posted

one picture and I got a call
from school like take it down now.

I was like really, story,
they're stalking me? Why? Yeah,

yeah, it sucks that when they're
like kind of assholes for all that I

do for them. I'm kidding,
no, they're really sweet, but like,

I got it. It should be
their choice if they want to be

on social media or not. I
shouldn't just like be putting it out there

and I feel like, you know, do you have kids? No,

no, I don't, but I'm
currently working on who working on them?

You're looking for twins. If she's
actually in the line of possibly have twins.

Oh well, Cyrus and a Cyreta, Hey manreme first in Cyrida came

afterwards. Actually, the name will
be Cyannara. Wh that's not a good

name. Yes, anythion are like, oh right, like, no,

I mean, that's really positive.
I don't know. You going to have

it'sues. All right. So I
when I was youngerer, and we're about

the same age, like you have
like nine, nine ish monthes on me.

I didn't get to watch on TV. We didn't have cable, we

didn't like half the time we didn't
even have a TV. But the fact

that you were like a pioneer for
all of it and, like your you're

continuing to get like this. These
offers, like, do you think it

stunted your growth? Otherwise, like, do you think that they kind of

like made you not look for what's
that thing I should other thing I should

be doing? I really I mean
at that time I was having opportunities overseas

to go play ball. Nothing was
in concrete, and then a few things

start to come through and it's like
make a decision to leave the country and

go make not great money, but
decent money right, or stay home.

I end up on Baywatch. I
made on the show and I had,

you know, I was my summer
job during college. So I go to

school in Hawaii, come back watching
and go back. And so I started

throwing parties and so forth to great
a little revenue for myself, bringing all

the different cast and, should I
say, extras, all those hot women

my parties at the century C love. I'm sure you heard of that spot.

Oh yeah, Um, I promoted
centry club for so many years and

it was such an amazing opportunity me
and a good friend of mine, Stevie

loves and and we work for Brad
White, of and we just literally created

a whole spher of positivity at the
nightclub scene in Los Angeles. And I

don't think the fact that Baywatch is
there for me to keep going like that

and move forward in that and I'm
still doing events now. I do events

in La I do a little bit
everything. Girl Tapp D. All right,

I can tap Um. So you
don't feel like the shows that you

like chose to be on like hinderd, like any other dreams. If you're

so, I always wondered like,
had reality TV not found me out of

my marriage, what would I have
done? Because it's just been like show

after show after show after shows in
great because, like you know, I

was it's allowed me to have an
amazing time with my children and like here

for them, you know, and
see for me it's kind of same thing.

Like, realistically, reality TV gave
me a voice and so I can

be heard in any room or any
situation, and I'm not the type to

just be heard. I'm going to
type to actually kick up some dust.

So it's allow of really any and
every one of my dreams I've ever had

in my life and I'm still pursuing
more. I create goals every year and

I try and achieve them all as
much as possible. I try and bring

positive vibes eating everyone out there.
It's brought me to twenty seven different countries,

wow, be making an appearance or
doing a lecture. I didn't even

know there was twenty seven different countries. I mean our shows over a hundred

countries. So you know, it's
wow, crazy, like I remember being

in also work behind the scenes and
I've been the casting director for several shows.

I did you a millionaire and the
next you a millionaire, send me

to Eden for a few months and
I was looking for women. I had

any five hundred women be on the
next we were in there. That was,

you know, quite the job.
Now, I mean I can only

imagine. It bade me well.
Had to go to all these different places

that sweeten had offer and basically incruit
some amazing women to be on the show.

Now, I mean, that sounds
like a dream come true to any

man. To be honest, I
was. I would love to cast like

women or men like it's not like
I'm using it as like the way you

used it. Where the job for
me, getty, I don't just joking.

I don't know. Will you do
you let you made it sound a

certain type of way, so I'm
just saying I'm no, I do events.

So it was perfect for me.
I was in Sweden, I had

interview women. I was like on
the move with that made me sense.

Had interview them at the hotel,
but it was one of those things where

I had I learned a lot.
Like when it comes to like the racial

tension and stuff like that. It's
not the same overseas is here. And

I had any women and asked him
if they would day outside of the race

and what would that mean to them
and how would that be, and so

forth, and I got a whole
different perception of race on in a national

skill there. Tell me that.
Tell me about that. That's very interesting.

We're just prejudiced toward the refugees only
that were there, and their common

thought was they were there taking advantage
of their government money that was being given

to them and that they could go
there and just live and be comfortable,

and they didn't like that. Refugees
from where? From Africa, Afridia,

and that was the one issue that
kind of had. But they said had

no bomb. Did Not Start of
the race, though, and being one

of the people, it was just
a question I had to ask. I

to formulate something to get people to
talk. As a Manspector, you really

want to get to know people and
get them to open up, and so

one of my ways in Tactus to
doing so was going there and I was

learning while they were giving up information
the whole time. Is Really, really

cool experience. Right. So,
how do you say blowjob in Swiss?

How would I know? Because from
I was trying to trick you. You're

the worst. See, I didn't
tell it's gonna be like the runty podcast.

You know you have you ever googled? I'm joking, Brandy Kay.

Mr Sir, I did say she's
keep messing with me. Okay, I

have to know. I was just
saying, like you know, we think

that's this is a Raunchy podcast,
but I also like to get real information.

But I feel like we're having like
a little happy hour kind of,

even though you're not drinking. Your
eating Pecans and pork grins. WHOAA,

that's would be a lovely organic raspberry. You know, they're sugar and raspberry

is right. It's called two girls. It's a natural sugar. Allowed to

have twenty of the he's a day. Good number fourteen. Now you are

hilarious. All right there, what's
that? Stomach is ground pretty loud.

Well, I can only imagine if
you're not really eating that much. I

Made Pasta for four days in a
row and it was really good. Just

not you know that. But I
don't have the average. I have two

ABS at the moment. What is
it? Six, I know, but

it's cute because I still have the
other lines. Like I have other lines.

They're got stress marks. I'm getting
to know you have kids. Now

I don't have stress marks. That
I don't, but I don't kids.

Well, thank you, that's very
sweet, but I am a little bit

overweight. It's fine, are you
no for where? I'm normal or normal

for my normal? My normal.
Okay. Is Your husband happy? Yeah,

he's really happy with his new wife. Oh Wow, is a new

man happy? Oh yeah, he's
thirty three, so he's happy. Oh,

I forgot about I don't even remember
his last name. Robbing the cradle

one. That's who I got.
Either get like a hundred year old guys

or like thirty five year old guys. Like, I mean, where you

going to pick? You know what
I mean, like at my girl,

about ten years. So yeah,
so I think that that's like actually great.

But the guys that are ten years
older than me or doating eighteen year

old. So you know what I
mean. So it's like I get the

younger guys, right, I get
younger. It is what it is,

but I'm not down for like old
like Dick. I'm saggy balls. It's

not happening. Don't go through the
Y Mza. No, I write.

Don't. I don't work out,
Babes. No, I work out like

on my precord. That's right there. That's kind of it. You know

what you do. No stops ever
do those? They work. I can.

I know how to work out.
I can. I can have an

orgasm right now, heavy, Whoa, whoa. Well know, with Kate.

No, with cagles and like my
crunch. I could do it the

giggle or Cagle. I think it's
I think it's whatever you want it to

be. Well, my wife to
be worsh in the government now, so

this might not be appropriate conversation to
have. HR is an HR. My

mom works for HR, for the
government. So she's like and she's like,

and you're my daughter. This is
very inappropriate. She's like, I'm

not telling anyone. You're my daughter. I mean, don't worry, your

wife should be will not get in
trouble because of me. I will get

in trouble because of me. I'm
used to that. Okay, awesome.

So when are you getting married?
We'll go. We kind of mess that

up right. We pushed it past
covid and then you're supposed to be on

January fifteen in the people state of
Florida and do it on the beach and

Fort Lauderdale. Oh Nice, covid
wrapped up again and we opted not to

do it. Because did anyone tell
you they didn't have covid and Florida they

were running things as normal. But
when you have to, when you give

a wedding place your money and they
don't respond accordingly and they blame it all

on covid from all angles down to
I didn't know what kind of plugins I

needed for my DJ. I know
how long the walk is going to be

on the sand. They couldn't give
me any information, so we pulled the

plug. I was like, I
can't do that. You at your money

back, though, right, not
all of it, but let me enter

use you to my lawyer and my
best friend, favorite parks, because she's

amazing and we just finished a show
together and she's actually representing me for something

right now and she is a boss
Bitch, like she does not fuck around.

Like the emails. I'm like scared
of them a little bit. I

like them. Well, I'm like
really, we doing this? I've get

excited. You don't fuck with her. So it's very awesome, but you

should be getting all of that money
back. And People in Florida or shady

as fuck, and my best froom
lives are so I could say that I

have a very strange life. WHO
lies those stage to mind. Same thing.

You have something to do a reality. Just the experiences that we have

are a little more amplified than most, I think. Do you? Do

you ever find? This is a
great I was thinking about the stars taking

out my son today. Do you
find when you're in normal situations after being

in reality, like with cameras around
and all like people going out of their

way to be noticed and being loud
and like camera time, camera time,

can't. Do you ever find like
when you're in like normals straations, you

get like where's the noise? Where's
the craziness? Where's the no my err

realit TV wasn't about that. It
was about you having a story that you

felt like should be heard. Right
knows it. You don't have to be

the one the loudest, the craziest
thing like that. It was never about

that for us. It was about
something new, something fresh. The difference

is we were all getting props from
celebrities. They were our fans and they

actually spoke with us like we're on
their level. Back then, now you

got five million shows and the quality
of person is different than it was then.

Oh so you're better than me now
known for being US ass how they

try and create a perception of themselves
based on how they can get more likes,

how to be on TV, them
on all that. We were just

living our lives, being us.
There is no doovers, no redos and

that kind of stuff. Now Ye
know me either. Yeah, that's what

I'm saying. So that was a
different type of way of casting. Nowadays

we want to cast for shock factor. If you going to be the crazies

dude out there and not harm yourself, be great television. They basically cast

for a bunch of pucks that are
more lookers, complete looker, they ca

yeah, if you got to look
a hot body or hot face, you

got a great chance of reality happens, and beyond that, the substance matter

is different. That's my opinion.
True, I could be completely wrong,

but that's what I see through my
eyes, and I why every show known

to man. My favorite shows right
now ninety day fiance, for so are

the awesome. It's not watching nine
a fiance. I'll watch all the challenges,

of course. I watched married at
first sight. I saw I watched

that. I watched that. I
was very disappointed with certain people on that.

What about the what about the locked
up love after lock up? I

did not watch that, but it's
one of the lists. Gotta Watch this

girl. It is phenomenal now.
But those are the ones that are real

to me, like the ninety day
fiance, the lead, like love is

blind, like all of the those, like people are desperate to actually get

married, and that scares me in
general, number one. But it's like

they're not acting, like they're not
doing what they think there's just to do.

For reality, they're literally there to
find their husband or their wife,

which is shocking to me. Right. Think I would like I might actually

do it. I mean I think
it works with some of them, but

you know, I couldn't personally do
that. There's no way. But different

those for different folks. That's what
makes us us. I feel like at

a point, like I just probably
am worried about someone to push my wheelchair

and change my oxygen machine, like
just like a partner, not like we're

going to have crazy wild sex,
because I'm doing that now. So I

like, yeah, and in a
bit, in a bit, you know

what I mean. I mean now
you you I think. I think it's

about the full circle and I don't
feel like my woman completes me completely,

but I had to go through what
I went through before her in order to

get to this point. And because
you're a giant child, like men are.

Don't get them me wrong, and
this men are giant children, and

I think, no, I think
it's great that you like like got everything

out of your system and you know
your person now, because I feel like

these kids that are on like the
Bachelor and they're twenty three and they want

to get married or they're like twenty
seven, like you know, they're they're

not done growing, especially the boys. I could I have to you,

boys like they're still children, even
though they're, you know, almost nineteen

and just turned fifteen, like they're
still regardless of how old they act.

But like my dad's elder and child. He came, he came over here

like in the he turned into a
dariant child. I was like, Oh

my Lord, we don't look which
that's it. But also like the space

to grow. And then I think
ultimately, like when these other shows like

everyone so young, like that's not
happening. It's we all know that's not

going to work out. I just
feel like it's part of the cycle,

though. You know, love is
something that we hear about and are fed

our entire lives and no one can
really describe what love feels like because it's

different for everyone. Right, yeah, and I think it's different every time.

To write. There's levels to it, I would say in my book

there's levels to it and until you
meet that to what you think is the

epitome of that, you'll see that
same thing in the other person and it

will be reciprocating and that's how you
know that it's to me that it's really

love, because there's nothing I wouldn't
do for my woman. There's that she

would do for me period. That
is the sweetest thing. I thought when

I said when are you getting married, like I thought you were going to

be like, Oh, down the
road. I'm like, so I'd like.

I think it's excited. So you
would you put your wedding on reality

TV? She is the furthest from
reality TV and exploiting things. Like I

said, she's defending our PhD soon. She was in the White House for

eight years under Obama and now she's
back with the government doing some things as

well. She's only going to take
a job. It's going to help people,

and if we were doing a reality
show where our wedding would help people,

she may consider it. Outside of
that, forget about it. She

wants complete consumers. That is ours
and she wants to be ours, and

that's just it. Oh, I
love the way you speak about her like

you, like that is the positivity
that you came into this talking about.

We're talking about work, because otherwise
you've been slightly negative, mucking a way,

always positive here, Ma'am Oh sir. All right, well, we

love you here. Thank you for
being here. You are amazing and you

are, you know, a trailblazer, and we only wanting vineer. Thank

you. Know, I was looking
for that word in my brain and I

couldn't come up with it. I
am having a nominal event that I would

like to invite you to yes this
make more teen in the beatiful city set

a MINCA. Like I said before, I want you to come join me

in a whole host of reality stars. It won't be cheesy at all.

I'm then I can't come because I've
love cheese. So it will play the

from Unda. Don't worry about it, you have a good time. Just

make an appearance door, drive by
I got the call to a quick room.

Pop in, smile a little bit, pose, pose, pose,

picked your picture, picture, politic
a little bit. Kiss PABIES. That

won't be any babies here, right, that you can roll out. Yeah,

why? Up to what? Have
a company that does events. It's

Riz entertainment. Ris Is my dog, so it's resentertainment. I'm doing that.

I have a clothing line you can
also check out. This is one

of my pieces. This is my
logo. This is the side logo.

My initials are shy in they come. I check out black designer clothing.

I am black, I'm a designer
and I do work clothing, muscle shirts

in general. You know, I
keep it up away, Ma'am at the

short at some point went to do
summer, though. I'M gonna be the

guy out there in a medium speed
again. Never, God, not again

do that. Okay, right,
Pot Olympics. Oh, flu. So

I got a little something. I've
never been known from, from at all.

Not Now. You have you have
a great body of your you and

your wife to be will have amazing
sex to I'm sure. So I'm gonna

go and thank you for me.
Keep trying to take my little innocent woman

and turn her into it. Whatever
you want. Ever, I'm actually like,

she sounds amazing and she sounds a
completely pg thirteen, which sound like

I am just trying to take he
I'm trying to drag you down with me

and we're to leave her up the
angel that she is just because you're negot

its being it. We have to
be there an that's what gonna go.

Okay, then check me out.
You guys. I'm around. I am

Cyruscom's the website for now. I'll
be changing over to something else soon.

Check it out. Check me out. I'm Cyrus MTV on all social media

handals, snapchat, twitter, Tick
Tock, instagram. Check me out.

Awesome. Thank you so much for
bring here your Rad have a great night.

Thank you. You to buy all
who. Wow, so crazy that

we were so right all so many
things in the intro. Sorry about his

audio. Oh my God, that
sounded very I feel bad about it's not

great. Right. It's not your
fault. It's not say it's say.

It's a it's not my fault.
It's say it out loud. I'm gonna

hit you if you don't say it. It's not my fault. A louder.

It's not my fault. Say it
one more time. Scream it.

I'm not going to scream. Screw
scream. It's better like very girly.

It's not. Okay, that felt
really good. You gotta get it out

sometimes. Hey, Sus Christos,
okay, Hiko, he was great.

He's awesome, like I want you
and ray really just like man like,

but it seemed like you were both
playing off each other, but also seems

a little grow yea like at the
same time. But it was fun.

I really enjoyed listening. I think
he's like someone you got banter with,

and I I love the way that
he talks about his girlfriend, sash fiance.

I'm like, you could just I
could hear her laughing in the background,

but any one looking over to her, and I think that was really

sweet and cute and like he's rebranding. But he cleared. They didn't Google

my name, because I'm that he
knew all about the pub. Okay,

but we do love you, Cyrus, and I got to come to his

party. Yeah, absolutely, yeah, drive by, drive by. Oh

did he did he do that emotion? That's the part that's best. Never

do that. It's horrible movies and
stuff. Yeah, that was bad.

Wet and funny. That's me,
honey. I get mad hate, but

I get stilled the date, Dick
Peanuts cooking both. I get cocking balls,

Pussy y'all. I get them all. cocking balls, Pussy y'all,

get them. Oh, thanks for
listening to Brandy Glanville unfiltered. download new

episodes every week and, if you
haven't already, subscribe and be sure to

leave us a rating and review and, while you're at it, check out

some of the other great shows available
on Straw hunt media.
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