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Best known for his time on the Bachelor/Bachelorette, Ben stops by to talk dating on reality television, his new marriage, and we both share why we think it’s time for a dating show for middle aged men/women who are looking to settle down and not just looking for camera time!

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Brandi Glanville Unfiltered
Reality television star Brandi Glanville provides uncensored access to celebrities, and dishes about pop culture, fashion and celebrity gossip in Brandi Glanville Unfiltered! Listeners get the inside view of her latest reality tv appearances, personal gossip, family fun and relationship drama. It's Brandi at her best, and she's sharing it all with the world.  From Straw Hut Media 

Episode transcripts

Straw media from Straw hut media.This is Brandy Glandville on the film.
So, Brandy, sorry, I'mnot there to tell you. Hold on
one second. I have to showyou some okay, I didn't. I
did not get time to put pantson. It's hard to hear you,
but like, is that? Isthat a bathing suit? Are you wearing
just is that your underwear? It'shis shirt. I was just you were
texting my son because you're gonna getAhold of me, and he's like,
you started getting me like anxious andI just ran downstairs without getting pants.
Well, are you trying to callyou like three times and like I think
the thing was at one thirty.So I'm yeah, I'm sorry, I'm
confused, but thank God he's inthe waiting room. I'm excited. I
dressed up like his wife from LoveIsland, so that I want to see
if he notices. Okay, whyare you laughing? I don't know.
Well, I think it's very sweetthat you dressed up like his wife.
Yeah, I was like, I'mlike good vibes here. I want to
see if he can tell I don'thave orange. Sarah Highland is so pretty.
I don't have this is like theclosest thing I have to orange,
but it's just sure not address.And I was wearing a dress for real
housewife's trip. That was address.It just was address that fit me before
I gained my weight and not after. But I still decided to wear it
because there were no boys there andI wasn't going to be inappropriate in front
of by someone's husband or something good. That's what I'm glad you were thinking
about that and now I'm excited totalk to Ben. So I want to
know everything. I have so manyquestions. Let's get it also, you
know, we probably could address somethings maybe after the conversation and talk about
some girls trip stuff. Oh,oh, yeah, I need to.
There's the last episode is coming outand I need to tell you a lot
of things. Okay, let's kindof here, because Ben's been waiting.
I know, I know. Okay, okay, why do I always look
so pale? Hi, Ben,How are you? I'm so good.
How are you doing? I'm good. I'm sorry I made you wait,
but does anything look familiar to you, because I was trying to copy your
wife's look from a violin last night. That's not my wife, like no,
that was. That's wells his wife. Oh, well, you guys
all look really handsome and the kindof similar, except for the blobes that
I don't like blond is. I'msuch a Dick. I think we've met
before. We have. We havemet before. But Wells, I just
got back from his Bachelor Party twodays ago. Um, so he's a
good buddy. So I take itas a compliment because he is a good
looking fellow. Yes, and nowI feel like a fucking asshole, but
I am like, I don't needto look him up and I totally know
this guy. Um, I thinkwe did like a thing together where we
sat on stage right and like hadpeople asked a stumb question. We did
a it was I forget what wascalled, but I think it was called
something like a love panel or something, and we talked about love. Yes,
in L A at a comedy showit was. Remember that? Yeah,
that's so. I just I'm anidiot today and I'm very sorry about
that. Um, but you're veryhandsome and you kind of do look like
the other guy. M Yeah,he's he's he's skinnier than I am and
about seven years older, but heis a good looking dude. And I
will and he's one of my bestfriends. But so tell me about Ben.
Yeah, well, I I ammarried. I got married from somebody
not on the show, in Novemberof this last year. So I've been
married for about, I guess,over eight months now then. Oh yeah,
still in the puppy love stage,I am. I was the bachelor
in two thousand and sixteen. Butsince then I started a coffee company called
generous coffee, and we sell coffeeand then donate a of the profits to
nonprofits around the world. So that'smy full time job that I focus almost.
How do you make any money ifyou donate of what you're doing?
That's a good question. That's agreat question. So I work for IHEART
radio. Also I have a showwith IHEART radio that I can make a
living from, and so then,since that takes up about two hours,
three hours a week, I havethe rest of the week then to focus
on selling coffee. The Best Ican is, I mean, to be
able to work two to three hoursa week and make a living. First
of all, is fucking amazing.It's pretty nice. Ryan, I want
to raise if you're listening, UM, because this is not like yeah,
this is like gas money and shippedkind of Um, well, I have
an electric car, but you know, it used to be like gas money.
But that's incredibly kind. Like,what made you decide to do that?
And how did this come about?Brady, you ask good questions.
And so, when I was fifteenyears old, I went to Central America
for the first time and saw extremepoverty. UH, left there. My
buddies and I said, hey,we can't just be on the sidelines,
knowing this exists, without doing somethingabout it, and so we started nonprofit
called humanity and hope united. Um. Once humanit and hope united started,
nonprofits need fundraising. It's not alwayseasy to call friends and family all the
time to get money, and sowe started generous with the idea that we
could sell coffee, have a forprofit company called, we call ourselves for
purpose because we think it's cool,Um, and then, uh, we
could sell as much. The morecoffee we sold, the more we could
donate back. And our beneficiaries arehe meaning hope united, and now an
organization I joined the border of calledProject Hope, which does disaster relief and
healthcare work around the world. Andso, yeah, that's how it started.
We just had our hearts tugged towardsit and want to do something about
it. That is such a nicestory because I think a lot of the
bachelors are dicks and obviously you're notone of them. I mean, I've
only I don't watch every I meanwe all have our moments Um, but
so tell me, because I'm reallyinterested. I was trying recently to start
a nonprofit for Um. My bestfriend had pancoratic cancer and then it he
had it a surgery called the whippleprocedure. It was removed, but now
he has these tumors are called NewNeuro Endercan turners, and so I wanted
there's not a lot known about,you know, this type of cancer that
he is now back. So Iwanted to like look up how to start
it nonprofit just for for research forthis kind of cancer, because it's we
don't have a lot of time.I'm not very business minded. Yeah,
it's a it's a process. Youknow, I think all of us starts
something because our hearts are pulled inthat direction, either we have an immediate
family member or we have a directum interaction and it kind of makes our
hearts go wow, I have todo something I want to do something,
I want to help. Uh,you know, I always tell people now
that you know, Project Hope andhumanity and hope united exists. There's some
great organizations that already exist. Butif you, like you, you're saying,
Hey, I'm looking out there andthere is no research, then maybe
you've got to start something, becausemaybe there isn't something to build onto and
there's that space that is open thatyou want to fill because you feel called
to do it. Well, I'mstalking the doctors that won't see him because
of his insurance. And Yeah,definitely. Yeah, I'm a stalker.
I've gotten their personal emails and I'mnot leaving those fuckers alone. Um,
fair. Yeah. So, sotell us about your radio show. What
do you talk about? Well,I uh, we talked a lot about
pop culture and so brandy, ifyou uh, it's called almost famous.
It's been with my heart now forwe're going on five years. I've heard
of it. I've heard of it. Yeah, yeah, it's been.
It's grown, it's continues to grow, which is wild because when we started
it we didn't think it, wedidn't know what we're doing, we didn't
know what it would become. Butnow it's became a very, uh,
great resource for anything pop culture.My job is very easy. I have
the best co host in the world. Her name is Ashley, I can
Eddie, and she knows everything aboutevery show, every relationship, who's dating
who, and I know nothing,and so I get to play the ad
of touch human and she gets toeducate me every week. And so my
job is easy. My job isliterally just be out of touch and be
dumb and let her tell you what'sgoing on. Yeah, my thing.
He literally watches nothing. I can'ttalk to him about anything, and then
he has these takeaways that are justthey don't it make sense. Yeah,
no, yeah, they're stupid.Not, not all of them buy it's
just frustrating. You don't watch anyof the shows and of any of the
guests that we have on. None. Nothing. So, yeah, well,
that makes two of us. Soyeah, that's the that's the show.
We bring in people from mostly thebachelor world because that's where people know
us best, especially as the season'sprogress. There's new you know, there's
new material every year and people aredoing crazy things that make headlines and so
we get to talk about it andtalk about it with them and hear their
side of the story. It makesit interesting and makes it fun. But
yes, it is definitely nothing Ithought I would ever be doing, is
talking or being a part of anytype of you know, popcorn. Yeah,
well, that's awesome. I feellike I have a question because you
were on the Bacher and this isfor you. Is it required that the
girls jump on the batcher and wrappedtheir legs around him, because it's so
fucking annoying to me. You've neverdone that. You don't do that when
you say hi to people. I'mI mean, I don't. I mean,
I don't. I wouldn't do thatto someone. Yeah, no,
I don't know if it's required.There is a level where before, like
group dates especially, they say gorun towards the batchelor, but once you
get there, like once you meetface to face, I feel like it's
just a natural reaction to like jump. The problem is, here's a little
behind the scenes. When I wasthe bachelor, right I had just had
a C L surgery about five monthsbefore I was the bachelor and so my
knee was still pretty weak and soanytime somebody jumped on me, there was
a risk of me going down withthem. I'm sure it happened at some
point, in fact, because Iwasn't very strong right that point, so
it became a risk. But yeah, I I don't know. It does
happen. I think it for somethey feel like it's cute, and maybe
it is the first time, butmy wife has never like ran and jumped
on me. I don't think.I don't think it's the way she says
hello. No, I feel likethey feel like they have to do it
because everyone else does it um andit grosses me out. I don't know
why. I just want people tobe individuals and themselves, and I also
don't like and tell me if youdid this when you're on a group date
and you can't a girl in frontof other dates, at your other dates.
I never did that. That wassomething I was not going to be
okay with either. It's hard enough, brandy, to be on the show
and try to share your emotions withothers and share a person with with other
people. It became where it wasone of the boundaries that I could set,
where it's like, Hey, there'sno physical intimacy if somebody else is
watching, because it just hurts.It's not fun, it's not ideal and
so, yes, I would agree. It's something I wouldn't do. I
know it has been done many timessince, but it is something that I
felt like, Hey, this isn'tsomething that I feel like it's going to
be helpful for my relationships or myexperience here. So I never I can't
I can't say I never did it. I don't know if I ever did,
but at least try not to.Well, tell me now did you
go? I mean, obviously you'remarried now and this was a whild a
girl and you've grown, but likeyou were young when you did the bachelor
like very to me, very youngfor wanting to settle down. I mean
because I feel like I have choosedall my son I have two teenage boys.
Um, I don't want them gettingmarried before they're thirty, like I
want them to have a life andbe an individual and know who they are
before they want the white picket fenceand all of that. Yeah, so,
I grew up in a in asmall town in Indiana, uh in
Indiana. At five years old Iwas the only one of my friends and
not in a serious relationship. We'renot married, and so at the time,
because I was twenty five when Iwent on the bachelor. That made
me, I think, the secondyoungest bachelor ever out of twenty. someome
bachelor. I Guess I was bachelortwenty. So you had a twenty bachelors
at the time. I felt backthen like I was really ready. I
felt like I was actually behind thecurve. My friends were having babies at
that point. Um, you know, and that's kind of a more midwest
thing. Now I live in Denver, Colorado, and it's it's more common
for people to get married at alater age. I now didn't get married
until I was thirty two years old. Um, sod. You Ready,
though, you know. Yeah,it all played out how it was supposed
to. You know, I thinkwe could have made it work. I
think at twenty five maybe I couldhave settled down, I could have been
committed, I could have done allthe things that were needed as a husband.
However, the amount of growth Idid as a as a as a
person from twenty five to thirty twowas incredible and I don't know if I
would have done that if I didn'thave the opportunity to kind of be free
and explore and experience things on myown. Absolutely that's why I'm always like
why don't they do like one forus middle aged gals that are like actually
wanting to settle down? Because,you know, I've been married. I
did the early I was twenty threewhen I met my husband. And you
know, Brindy, you're not oldenough, Um, and so unfortunately you
don't characterize or you don't fall intothis category. But the bachelor is at
least looking at this point at havinga show four people, uh, that
are not in their twenties and thirtyany longer, uh, to start dating
and to have the more bachelor bachelordexperience when there maybe, you know,
have gone through divorce or maybe losttheir spouse, or trying to Los Angeles,
where all of my guy friends aredating eighteen year olds. That's that's
a problem too. I've publicly saidthis. It's it's I've never asked for
a job from ABC since I wason the show, but that's a job
I want to host because I can'timagine the really cool stories. I mean
even that story in itself, like, Hey, you live in L A,
you're trying to date, but everybodythere is interested in dating the youngest
person possible so that they have greatinstagram picks. UH, that they can
post and maybe not interested in findingthat soulmate or that that partner for them.
Like that's a story and I wantto be a part of the show,
uh, and and be a partof helping those stories come out.
Oh, you would be great,but but so far no phone call.
You know, all these young peopleon these bachelor shows, they don't end
up. Very rarely do they endup staying together, when you know,
we're single MOMS and we're living inlike she lives in Atlanta, I live
here. You know, I mean, it's just so hard. I'm on
the APPS or whatever, but it'sjust difficult and also being on TV and
people that know me, I alwayshave trust issues, like are you here
for me or you want to beon the show with you know what I
mean. It's just bizarre, Umand hard. So I feel like if
we could get some good guys fromthe Midwest, I do not want anyone
that just wants to be on TV, because I feel like there's a lot
of those. What did you feelthat way when you were Um the bachelor?
Did you feel like some of thegirls were there for the fame?
And first of all, I wantto see that it is frustrating hearing your
story. I mean, you know, it's frustrating for so many and so
many people are out there, youknow, they want to find a partner,
they want to find somebody to dolife with and they're just looking around
being like I can't, I feellike I can't find that person that just
wants to be there for me.Uh. You know, on my season,
social media had just started, infact, which is crazy. Yeah,
two thousand and sixteen, instagram wasjust becoming a thing and that was
the first season that people really startedto get followers from the show. I
uh, I did feel like peoplewere there for the experience, which is
the same reason I went on.I had gone through a breakup. I
was not dating. I couldn't figureout how to date. I wasn't I
have never been somebody that's really greatat going to a bar and staying up
late and trying to flirt in publicsettings. I just didn't have the confidence
for that. And so when Iwent on the show, I needed two
things. Brighty, I needed anew story to tell in life, because
my my current life did not feellike I was creating anything new. And
the second thing was I just wantedto give it a shot and I still
feel like there's people like that todaythat go on the show. However,
sometimes they don't stand out, theydon't have because they don't show their personalities
as well as they could, becausethey're really just there to try to date.
They're not there to try to makegood TV and unfortunately, think a
lot of those people end up goinghome very early because they have a hard
time expressing themselves on television. Yeah, because the camera. A lot of
like my really outgoing friends would goon and shows with me and they would
be like a deer in headlights.I'd like to wake up, because the
camera it can be like for youand I you just you don't even realize
it's there after a while, likeyou know. But like these people are
like really outgoing and then they getin front of the camera and they're just
like they don't know what to do. So like, but you can tell.
And like some of the girls arejust self involved and are there and
like they want to win rather thanit's like more of a competition rather than
actually finding love. Like I don'twant to win a competition, I want
to find someone to push by wheelchairexactly well, and I think genuineness.
Like, I think you can readthrough that fairly quickly. I'm sure in
your life, you know, you'vebeen on television, you've done a lot
of things in the public eye.Uh, you get pretty good at reading
people and what their intentions are withyou. Uh, you know, if
they're extra nice to you all thetime, you know they're probably being a
little fake, because nobody's. Mybest friends aren't that nice to me all
the time. Exactly. Yeah,so, love and and finding that partner
is worth it. I just feellike in today's world, this world especially,
we have to be a lot more, Um, I don't want to
say cautious, but it is theword coming to mind. Cautious on who
we decided to settle down with andwe have to make sure that we settled
down with somebody that will expand ourlife, make our life greater and not
take the things that we like.Yeah, so I'm curious for you,
because I always think it's really importantto be an individual before you're a couple.
Um, when you got married,how did your lifestyle change? Well,
UH, less time on the golfcourse. Uh, that's uh,
that's a thing now, and thatalso is not only because of her she
would never ask me not to gogolf. But it's also because we got
a puppy, brandy, and thosetake up a lot of time. Yeahs
behind me. Yeah, it's likehaving a it's like having a child,
but you can't do a diaper onhim. It's almost hard. It's honestly
like with a kid, you throwa diaper on you put him in a
crib, but these a little critters. They like to just Chew Things and
Bite and pee and he's trolled.Then he's still an asshole Um. But
yeah, that's a that's a bigresponsibility, but it's great training for having
a baby. It is. Theother thing is, you know, I
want to I just like being homemore now. It's not even anything she's
asked of me, but I enjoyedbeing around my wife and so, you
know, instead of nights out withthe guys, which still happens, we're
making to watch a game and westay out till, you know, late
at night. Now, when thegame's over, I want to come home
because I want to be there withher, I want to, you know,
chat with her about her day,and so those things have kind of
shifted, uh, in my life. And also, when it comes to
work. Uh, you know,I now have a responsibility of she works
too, and she makes a greatliving as an instetician and she's incredible at
it. Um. But we,you know, we have the shared responsibility
of helping support us so that wecan have kids one day, hopefully,
and continue to live in the housewe live in. And so that is.
When I was single, it don'treally matter where I lived, photos
on the table. Now there isa new heightened responsibility that I enjoy,
but it does change the way Ican operate in my life. Yeah,
I understand that. Um. Theonly thing I will say is I didn't
like is no boys trips. Ihated the Bouchelor parties. I don't know
how your wife dealt with that,but like when the guys get together in
Vegas and there's no one watching andyou know it's about your party and you
know they're strippers everywhere and Hooker's.Um, I'm not. I'm not a
fan. I'll just say that I'mwant to be a fan of that either.
That's, you know, because becausea lot of my friends were already
married, the bachelor parties had alreadybeen done. Um, but a lot
of my buddies. You know,maybe I'm fortunate like our guys. Trips
look like golf and dinner and hangingout. Like at Wells's Bachelor Party this
last weekend in Cabo, we neverreally left the house. We stayed at
one house the whole time, playedgolf, the guys came around. Wills
has a couple of musicians who arebuddies. They would play the guitar on
the beach or by the pool andwe would hang out in the evenings and
that is my perfect bachelor party.That is that, and my wife has
no problem with that. And also, I mean, do you feel like
you have to be extra careful becausepeople know who you are, I mean,
and you're like you're with other peoplethat are also recognizable, and I
feel like everyone everywhere has a cellphone and they're are not that you're doing
anything wrong, but God forbid somebodygets a picture and there's a girl in
the background or something like, somethingstupid. I mean, because like I'll
go to our restaurant somebody's like videovideoing me when I eat and then then
of course I'm dropping my food andit doesn't go well for me. But
I feel like every all eyes areon you when people know who you are.
Yeah, that that is true.I mean it is a concern.
I kind of gave that up.Um, I tried for a couple of
years to do the right thing ineverybody's eyes, and even when I was
doing this stuff that I thought wasreally helpful for humanity and for my friends
and my family, people were stillcritical. And so at some point I
had to give that up and say, okay, are my intentions good here?
Uh, and if my intentions aregood, then I then I'm okay
with it. But yeah, it'suh, it is tough. It's hard
in the public eye to to knowwhen somebody's going to capture a certain moment
with you. You know, Ispeak at events and a lot of following
from the bachelor are women, whichmakes sense, right, and so they
come up and they want to geta hug and they want to you know.
Yeah, in my life I thinkover time has seen hey, you
know, she trusts that, likethat's going well, but the wrong picture
at the wrong time can make ascenario look a lot different than it actually
was. But and that's why Ijust I can't worry about it anymore.
Yeah, I stopped caring about whatpeople said on social media about me or
about all. I just don't givea funk anymore because it can you show
a live and honestly, people cansay whatever they want. They can make
anything up, they can say,Oh, yeah, this, you know,
and and that is something that Ihad to learn. It took me
years and not give a ship.You know, I was like always like
upset about this or that or youknow, but you realize most of the
comments are negative. It's a lotof haters online, like they just don't
want to see happy people. Um. But yeah, I know. I
definitely feel like when you're known,you have even a bigger weight on your
shoulders just because any little thing.I mean, your wife was probably like
so used to it because I hada very handsome husband, much like yourself,
and he's an actor. He wasan actor ever when people knew who
he was, and I used toask for pictures so and used to annoy
they'll funk out of me. Tobe honest. I would use it was
like before, like the cell phones, like when people have cameras, when
he would go to like a soapopera event or something, and I would
cut the people's heads off because theywould hand me the camera, like yes,
that's what I want to so I cut the Lady's head
off or my husband's. That wasa little main but now we have cellphones
that you can check, check thepicture right away. Um, but yeah,
no, so, I mean Ithink it's hard. You know,
it's hard when you have, youknow, such a handsome husband and he's
well known and he gets a lotof attention. Takes a very strong woman
to be able to deal with that. Yeah, she's she's very strong.
Uh. And in our life,I mean we live in Denver in a
small little neighborhood. She goes towork every day, I go to work
every day and the evenings, youknow, we're back here at the house,
like most of I'd say nine ofour life is very quiet. Um.
Also, an interesting note about mywife is she's never watched the bachelor's
season that I was on, andI bet in our relationship we've talked about
the bachelor maybe five times, likeit's just not a thing for us,
and so that keeps it healthy too, because that isn't a part of our
relationship. It also was one ofthe reasons when we first met that I
knew that she wasn't into dating mebecause of my time on the show.
Yeah, she wasn't at all.She had no clue, which was refreshing.
I love that. I love thatfor you, that's amazing. Um,
I feel like I want to heara little more about the coffee thing,
because that's such a great thing thatyou're doing. So, do you
go to an office? How?How do you like produce the coffee and
all of this? Yeah, Great. So, in short, we source
our coffee from farms all over theworld, uh, within the within the
globe right now. Uh, youknow, coffee is a commodity and the
price of coffee has been pushed downvery low so that a lot of the
smaller farmers aren't able to survive.They don't have clean water, they don't
have access to education or healthcare orfood for their families, and so we
want to buy from those farmers andbuy at a fair price, uh,
so that they can make a betterliving. We bring that coffee then to
the United States re roast our coffee. In my hometown of worse, Indiana,
we have a roasting facility there.That's where we roast, package and
ship everything that generous does. NowI live in Denver, Colorado, and
so I go back and forth betweenIndiana and Denver and I worked for my
house. Uh. It's where Ican do everything. Well, it's uh,
it's and I enjoy working from home. I don't have people bother me
during the day or I want peoplerandomly stopping into my office. Um.
So then we distribute this coffee,both wholesale and retail. We have a
bunch of different coffee shops and churchesand schools that, you know, serve
our coffee, and then on retailyou just go online and buy it for
your own home. Uh. Andthen at the end of each quarter,
we can donate the profits uh tothese nonprofits uh and be a part of
their story. Um. And onour whole team gets really jacked about that.
You know, obviously, as youmentioned before, most of the people
on our team don't make a lotof money working for generous but they're doing
it because they're they're really caring people. We have a great team, and
so they get fired up about isthe stories being created from from the profits
and UH. And that's why wehave to do and that's why we're doing
what we're doing. Uh. Andwe have to have generous people working for
us and also buying our coffee.So how do what? Website do I
go to purchase some coffee? Imean, I I don't drink coffee right
now. I'm I had to quitfor a while, but I do have
Diet Cook but my kids, myeldest, he loves coffee and he goes
to starbucks every fucking morning. I'mlike, that's an expensive habit. I'm
not paying for it. You know, we can. We can save him
some money if you go to generouscoffee DOT COM. So it's generous,
like you Spell Generous G R INUH E R O U s coffee dot
com, and you can see everythingwe provide and offer there. You can
also read more about our story.That is so amazing. I'm gonna,
I'm gonna just buy some coffee forMason. Um like that is I just
feel like your Mama raised you right. I'm raising this one right. So
don't worry. Um, he's alittle lazy, but have you ever gotten
like coffee and there's like a cocainein it on accident? Uh, in
fact, here's a crazy story.One of our old coffee farms, Um
used to be so we worked witha nonprofit that would take old coca fields
and turn them into coffee farms.Uh, not that any you know any
of the picked me up was stillluck in the coffee. We do find
weird stuff. So oftentimes in coffeeyou can find like when they're when the
beans are raw, you can findsnakes, you can find metals, you
can find a lot of stones,and so we have a machine that sorts
through all the coffee and make sureall that stuff is is sifted out of
it. But you find wild stuffthat has been sometimes been shipped from like
Ethiopia to the United States that stillexists inside of us. You have to
make sure all that's gone before youcan start the roasting and purifying process.
Now do you guys have the podsor is it just like you regular coffee
maker? So the pods, youknow, because of our clientele, they're
they're very socially conscious and very environmentallyconscious and so with the pods they're they're
not great for the environment and sowe chose not to do the pods because
we wanted to continue to Um supportour clients who have asked for it.
And so we don't have pods,but we do have ground coffee. If
you have other replaceable pods, youknow, you can dump some ground coffee
in there and make your coffee thatway. I don't. I quit the
pods. They were too expensive andyou're right, it's ridiculous. Um,
do you guys have an instant coffee? Because that's something that I kind of
like right here. Yeah, Hey, I love instant. I'm like,
because I don't. I gave MineEsprecio, so I don't have the coffee
maker, but I made Mason becauseI have I do like it. I
just had to quit it for alittle while, so maybe I'll definitely go
on and get some instant coffee.Ryan drinks a ton of coffee. Drinking
some right now. I like alittle acidic coffee, you know. It's
like a little I just like theinstant so I can do it real quick
and then I put it in thefridge because he likes the cold coffee thing.
Yeah, I'm kind of their bitch. Do you smoke a lot of
pot because you live in Denver?Because I know a lot of potheads that
live in Denver. I don't.You know, a lot of my buddies
do. Uh. It always hasgiven me more anxiety than anything else.
And so, uh, years agoI just said, Hey, I'm no
longer, uh, you know,in the cannabis space. Yeah, now,
obviously it's been a part of mylife out here for ten years because
it's been legal out here for tenyears. And so I go back to
Indiana and it's weird for me thatpeople are still getting arrested for it because
out here it's like going to theliquor store, going to the gas station,
everywhere. It's everywhere. It's everywhere. But no, it's not for
me. I don't know what,if it's chemically messes with me or what,
but if I did, I'd bein the corner and the you know,
Um, just freaking out. Iit gives me anxiety as well.
Um, but yeah, I don'tdo it much, but like every once
in a while I'll do it andthen I'll take an edible, the edible
that I found. That is amazing. It makes you just want to have
sex, but then you have aboyfriend to have sex with, but it's
like, I swear to God aboutI'm gonna buy like a ton of it.
Well, well, you should getyou should get them to promote the
podcast, because I feel like oneday. You know that's going to be
very, very helpful and you're gonnabe a massive fan of what he that
is. Well, the guy thatgave it to me was hot and kind
of hitting on me, but Iwasn't in the mood and then I tried
it. I had it for likesix months. I tried it. I'm
like, this is amazing, likemy vibrated a crazy workout. I'm just
letting you guys know. Well,you know, it sounds like. It
sounds like you maybe found the perfectthing for you. Um, I haven't
found that yet, but I'm stilllooking. Stay tuned. It'll, it'll
find you. But thank you somuch for being here and I'm sorry.
I'm a fucking asshole because I thoughtyou were well and I should have known
better. Like that's why I waslike fuck, I don't even need to
look this guy up, but Iknew when I saw you that we had
met before because I thought you werehandsome and you're tall. You're pretty tall.
Yeah, we met in L Aat some love panel, I've heard
it was, but it was.It was a riot, forget it,
and so it's good. It's goodto see you again. You two,
and Um, good luck with everythingand just stay positive as you are.
Thank you for being here. Appreciative, Brandy. Thanks. Ryan. Wow,
I'm a dick. What a fuckingasshole I am. I was like,
I don't even need to research thisguy because I have so many questions
for him. And honestly, Ithought it was a really great conversation,
though, like it got really likeyou don't think so. I mean,
I just feel like I would beoffended, but I'm sensitive. But he
took it really well and he's veryhandsome and he's doing a really amazing thing
with his coffee. I like,like I just love people that want to
get back, you know what Imean. The question is is, like
we need to start making more moneyon this podcast. That's what we need
to do. I think we worktwo to three hours a week. What
are we doing? You know,like maybe we should sell our podcast.
To my heart, it's a goodidea, and then get just paid the
employees. Just get those checks,because I know what Tamra makes and it's
a lot of sucking money. IsYeah, she has to cheese and a
pod. That's M hmm. AllRight, okay, alright, you know
what I mean. Yeah, maybejust just we don't need to be working
as hard as we work. Imean, I shouldn't be like trying to
run down and set up all ofthis and put my pants on. I
know that he still has to dothat for him when he does it,
he's going to but two to threehours a week. I mean that's and
you just he could live off ofthat. Also, Denver is probably a
lot less expensive than a Los Angelesbecause you know, there it's much cheaper.
But Anyway, I think it wasa good conversation, even though,
well, I was just trying toget ready to look like Sarah Highland,
even though I don't have dark hair, and because I watched love the island
last night, which I'm obsessed withJesse and the Brazilian soccer player guy.
That's my type. They're like they'remanly. I cannot do there are a
few very handsome managinas on there,but I can't do it. If your
eyebrows are like more arched than mine, we are not going to have sex.
I mean if if you're a dude, if you're a chick, it's
a whole different situation. But yeah, I don't like a super you have
a you you don't have a afeminine eyebrow. You're good. And Ryan,
I have to tell you everywhere thatI go, people come up to
me and say what don my eyebrowssay to you because of the show,
and I want people to know thatI was so high. I don't I
really felt like what I was sayingit. I really meant it in that
moment, because I feel like Imeant yeah, I mean I brows are
expressive. Um, yeah, Um. But I also want to say I
just got the last episode of girlstrip, which now you will have seen
it. Not You, because youdon't watch me. Um, you will
have. It's so sad because it'sthe last episode and there's so much they
left out and I feel like ifthey left everything in, this last episode
should have been two episodes, becausethere's some crazy shit that is not in
there. Um, maybe they're gonnado like a lost footage, like yeah,
I don't know, but there Ican tell you right. Are you
guys gonna do like a reunion typething? Well, everyone's fighting right now,
so I think it would be smart. But I'm like, luckily,
not fighting with anyone. I'm theonly person that's not really fighting with anyone,
which is honestly wild. Yeah,for the first time ever. It's
not. It's not. You know. Mean, if they were texting you
today, then you might be enoughto have been in a fight with them.
Because, right, let's see,because we have been texting all day
with them about the last episode andwhy they left certain things out and put
in. NOPE, yeah, noton here. Um, Tish, there's
something weird on my phone. Oh, I don't. Don't do any updates.
If you if you're out there,don't do any updates. Um.
So good news, even though Idon't. I want to explain a couple
of things. First of all,about girls trip. All right, so
it's the middle of Covid and Ihad burned my face like and had like
third degree scars in like many differentplaces and I had I visited you in
the hospital, I remember. Youknow that was not that time. But
Um, well, that was whenmy spider right, no, that was
after. But but I also hadgained twenty pounds and so people know I
have this world's shortest nail beds,like they're like a little baby. So
when I get acrylic nails put on, there's not a lot to hold onto
them. So I always have nailglue or broken nail at all times,
and my friends always are like whydo you always have nail issues, and
I have explained this to them ahundred times that might have a short,
tiny nail bed and it grows likethat. So you can't the nails don't
want to stay on and they're ugly. I'm like the shirt nail, but
people like, don't do your nails. I'm like, I can't have man
hands from Seinfeld. I'm not doingit. So that was one of my
favorite episodes. Um. But sothat's where I am people. I am
on the journey to losing some weightand I've lost about five pounds. And
what are you doing? More togo. I've been wanting this. Like
the thing about where I fucking live, a Calaba startain. It's like a
hundred and ten degrees to go fora walk and it's like a little humid
the last couple of days. Um, but I've just been watching what I
eat really and trying to get outof the house once a day to do
something, even if it's just togo to the market and like walk around.
I haven't Um really, like Imean I'm doing my leg list like
I always do. But you know, it is what it is. And
yes, my ass was out onhousewives, but I will say it's a
cute ass. and Um, theface not good. The hair horrible.
I dyed my hair pink and thenI had to get it all bleached just
to get the pink out and Idon't look good without dark roots, and
so I looked the worst I've everlooked in my life on girls trip.
And the thread lifts that I hadlike during covid got botched and I got
like you have to sleep on yourback and I didn't, and so it's
like trapped a little like lines here, which it's finally dissolving. Um.
So that was like I kept noticingit and I was like that fucking doctor,
you know, because I got itwhen I went to visit mark.
He talked me into it and thenno one tells you you have to sleep
on your back. Is I'm aside sleeper. Same. So don't get
it. Thread lift, I can'tdo stomach. I used to do a
stomach. I don't. Well,if you had tips, you wouldn't be
doing a stomach, I don't think. Um, you just learned that.
Well, anyway, that's my uh, what as you call it, Um.
That's why, if you all wantto hate on me, that's all
that happened. It's because of thatand the food button. It is what
it is. It's not. ButI also, during Covid, couldn't afford
to turn down any jobs because therewas no work. So I was like,
funk, I look horrible. ShouldI do this? And I'm like,
you know what, fuck it,I'm gonna do it. I should
love your paint, though, andit's real sad. It's really sad.
But Ryan, guess what? Whatyour wife has covid. Don't remind mess
that I do not have this.You know you don't. Just say it
out loud. You don't have it. I don't have covid. I don't
have covid. Yeah, say itto the world, manifest do Um,
you. You're not going to bearound it right. Oh yeah, your
zinc spray, you and that fuckingsprays. I really wish that you came
over today, because I've been savingyour dumb ship and my garage and I
keep on wanting to just throw itaway. Like a month since I've seen
you in person. No, ithasn't. It's been like a week or
two. Um, what else ishappening? Anything new? I just got
back from Vegas. Wow, no, wonder you got did Max go with
you? No, at a friend'sbirthday party and that's where she got it.
And I would see that you're morelikely to get it in Vegas because
you're around all those people, Iknow. But when you said a hundred
and ten degrees and Calabastard, Iwas like it was sucking hot in last
you step outside at night at likeeleven pm and it's just like you still
get urn yeah, it's just likeus. Why even shower? Like there's
no point. You just get outon your wetting. Why were you there?
What's that? Why were you there? Because a friend there's some like
basketball thing and got me tickets andhad a free, free room and I'm
like, okay, I'll go forthat if I don't have to. And
and you know what it costs?Sixty dollars round trip from Burbank to go
to Vegas. What are you talkingabout, because I never have paid sixty
dollars. Well, yeah, no, that's not where are you playing?
Spirit Airlines that are like cash onfire. Frontier. It was frontier.
Yeah, I don't I'm not doingfrontier. If I don't know sixty dollars,
I don't care. My life isworth southwest. Thank you. Um,
no, no, I mean thatis insane. That's insane. But
then you're taking your yeah, Iknow, I I have to know the
airline well, I've had to haveheard of it. Um. Oh,
I wanted to tell you something good. So I don't know how to look
this up. Um, but onspotify Mason showed me how to see how
many downloads, because this is justone of many streaming services that life.
People get it. It's on everything. It's like anywhere you can stream you
can buy it. I mean Idefinitely saw it on spotify and listen to
it there and I played it forMeg's but I don't know where else you
can get it. I guess itunes. You can probably get on itunes.
Huh Wait, let me ask Mason. Like, yeah, I could get
it everywhere. It said it's popular. Um, let me hold on.
So yesterday we looked and there wasalready Oh, here is two and seventy
seven downloads. Heck, tres onspotify. I don't know how to check
all because on like a hundred differentstreaming things and there's some that are global.
So, like, if you're inAustralia and you like me, get
my song, and if you're inNew Zealand or Denmark or Germany, you
can get my song. Get it, get it, get it, life
of the house, with diamonds,peaches, apples too. I'M gonna be
learned to check you. Boo.There is some tracks now we don't because
I think that. So Tama wantsto come watch me perform in Vegas,
because I'm going at the end ofthe month to do a performance in Vegas.
What does that mean? A performance? I don't know. I guess
I'm just gonna Sing my song.I've never done it before, but you
know me. I'm like, I'mpretty good at doing stuff. You're very
good at doing stuff, like it'llbe entertaining. Wants to see me crash
and burn. But I got her, like, I got her paid to
go. So I'm like, I'mgonna bring a plus one, because that
way everyone will be entertained. Ifit's just not going to be very entertaining,
my prediction is that you won't,because I don't think when you were
because when we recorded the song,or I didn't actually do the vocals with
you, you know, but likewhen you recorded it, you didn't do
it all in one go. Didyou know what I have been since,
because I have to propose. Okay, I would practice at getting my breath.
Yeah, that's the hardest part,right. Yeah, I can't bringe.
I'm not the worse. So,yeah, that's the hardest part,
Um, but I also I'm sureI'll be singing over my track. I'm
not going to just go up thereand like freestyle it. Okay, I
hope. If it was, Iwould fly back to Vegas to hear you
do it live. All right,do you want? Am Right, everyone
wants to see me fail, butI'M gonna I'm not gonna fail. I'm
gonna exhale and prevail. Thanks forlistening to Brandy Glanville unfiltered. download new
episodes every week and, if youhaven't already subscribed, and be sure to
leave us a rating and review andwhile you're at it, check out some
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