EPISODE 399: #Unfiltered with Braunwyn

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Tune in to hear us talk a little #rhoc We dive into her time on the show, her battle with #alcoholism, her new relationship and we of course discuss the possible shake up rumors we’ve been hearing all about! ☕️

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Straw hot media, I couldn't come
come to your house, unfortunately. So

well, I didn't want you here
anyway. From Straw Hunt Media, this

is Brandy Glanville on the film anyway. Anyway, hi, Um, you

left the stuff that I was trying
to give you at my house last weekend.

It makes me that it's just stuff, but it's in the garage.

If it disappears, I know you. I want you to have it.

I don't want any more stuff,
powder stuff. Yeah, it's cocaine.

I'll keep that. Speaking of cocaine, Um, today on our show we

have Brownwyn windom. How do you
say your last name? Windomer, windom.

I think it's a very interesting name, like I don't think Brown,

I know, I've never heard it. I think it's very pretty. She's

very pretty. Um, we're going
to talk to her today about house wives.

We're going to talk about how her
life has changed since housewives, how

her sexuality has changed and how that's
all going down. I mean that sounds

weird, going down, because that's
what she's doing now, intended. That's

that's what I was saying. Knock
ahead, um. Anyway, we're going

to talk to her. I've never
met her. I don't think, but

I've always I liked her. You
know, on the show it's sad when

you kind of get invested in someone
and then they don't know the story after

they leave. But I'm excited to
catch up with her and find out what's

happening with Bronwyn Windeenberg and how.
What's your last name, maybe? What

are you going by? So my
last name used to be Windenberg, but

I'm going by window now. I'm
sort of bringing a back. Okay,

so that's a that's a it's a
kind of tongue twister. Bron Wyn Wyndham.

Is that right? That's a lot
of winds. It's it's a win

win situation. It isn't win wins. I was about to say that that's

so funny. Well, welcome to
my podcast. So Nice to meet you.

You're gorgeous. Thank you, you
too. I'm so happy to be

here and finally hanging out with you. Yeah, now, are you in

Orange County? Are you in Florida? Because I mean, I was looking

online last night and it seems like
you can't displit your time. Not In

Florida, New York. So I
go between Brooklyn. I'm in Brooklyn half

the time, in Orange County half
the time. Wow, you must have

a lot of miles. I do. I get upgraded almost every flight now.

Yeah, yeah, I mean that's
a bonus, like I just want

them to fly me out to do
watch what happens lives. I can get

my miles so I can go to
other places. It's not like I really

want to be anywhere. I just
want my miles so I can just suck

off, you know, I just
want to fly for free. Right.

That's really all I want to do. So let's get it now. You've

been off Orange County housewife. Sure, quite some time, right. Two,

two seasons. One. So they
filmed season sixteen, so I was

on fourteen and fifteen. But if
there's been long gaps. So after my

season they took a long time recasting
and they're taking a long time recasting this

time too. Yeah, I think
because last season fucking sucked. I mean

it was really hard to watch and
when you get rid of everyone that people

know, I mean I feel like
they could have just gotten rid of Vicky

and left camera. She's like you
never been without Vicky on a show,

do you know what I mean?
I feel like it's always the two of

them and I like to see people
by themselves and see how they act when

they don't have that like back up
all of the time. So I think

getting getting rid of Tamera was a
really bad choice. I mean she was,

she's a perfect housewife. She nails
it every time. I mean I

loved working with her and I've always
said one thing I say about Tamraa I

loved, is if you tell her
something off camera, she'll keep it in

the vault, but like, if
it's on camera, it is fair game.

She brings it. She's good TV. I don't know why they did

that. I've heard rumors of them
bringing back but as far as I know,

Um, you know, they let
Thomas Go, the showrunner, Um,

and they have a new production company
and so they're kind of Oh,

they're not doing they're not with evolution
anymore. I don't think so. I

could be wrong because this is all
just secondhand gossip that I hear, but

that they but I mean you hear
everything. It's a very small town,

right, I mean, and then
there's so many rumors, oh they're filming,

they're not filming. I was just
with Tamara and New York and they're

definitely not filming at but they do
feel like it's hard when they make so

many changes. I like I like
to get invested in my characters and like

get to know them and get to
know their struggles. I don't want a

new person every season, I really
don't. I Love Um New Jersey because

I feel like, I mean,
I do know a lot of them,

but I feel like I know them, you know what I mean, like

I know their families, I know
their husbands, I know their ex husbands.

You're invested in their stories, like
I care about Teresa's kids, even

though I've never met them. I
want to know how they're doing. You

know, how's college going? Like
I care. Um, when it's always

new people, and especially New People, would like you know, yeah,

it's it's yeah, we could just
say it. It's no, no one

like Sir Um. But no,
I feel like these days there's these women

that come onto the show thinking they
have to be a certain way, like

I'm supposed to do this and this
and this, like this is the recipe,

instead of just being authentically who they
are. And those are the people

that I really like, like the
ones that are authentic and different and not

just doing the obvious, because that
gets real old real quick. Yeah,

there is some people that study the
show Uh and think, okay, this

is what a good housewife does,
and I think that the audience can see

through that. Like a good housewife
is anyone that just shows up and is

themselves. Some of us, you
know, are classy and keep it together.

Some of US are hot messes.
I fall into the second category but

like, I'm not hot mess,
you know, but that's who I am.

So you have three children, and
I mean you have. I mean

how are your kids dealing with you
going back and forth between New York and

Orange County like there? I mean
some of them are young, much younger.

Yeah, they're little. I mean
the thing is I'm doing co parenting

with Sean and part of Co parenting
is you have to not be with your

kids. Obviously Sean and Sean and
I are in a position right now where

we are great when we're in the
same room. That's just not where we're

at. Maybe one day, but
we're not there. So I think you

know my kids. It sucks.
They would love to have their parents happily

married living in the same house.
Obviously every kid wants that, but that's

not our reality right now. So
they stay in this house and Sean and

I come in and out of it. I mean they missed me, I

miss them. Yeah, of course. No one signs up for marriage and

children thinking that you're gonna at some
point get a divorce and have your kids

half of the time. Like no, I mean, like that's it's not

right and it's unfair, but you
know what, marriages, you know,

come to an end. Relationships do
come to an end. I relate to

you in that way, like it's
like it sucks not having my kids full

time, but good news is that
it only took me ten years to be

good in the same room with my
ex husband. So you have like a

little okay, so maybe eight years
from now that you'll get there, because

but that's the thing, and I
you know, I get so much you're

a bad mom on social media.
Why are you with your kids? You're

a bad mom. You're a bad
mom, and it's like what do you

want me to not have them to
see their father, because that seems worse.

Well, you can't. Also,
you can't. Actually, I mean

well, in my my situation,
we fought for custody. So you know,

the kids don't want to be around
you when you're fighting. It's it's

unhealthy for them, so rather haven't
be around you separately. So I think

people that aren't in your situation don't
know it and you just have to tell

them the funk off. That's what
I do. Yeah, and that's and

that's really where we're at. Like, I think what we're doing or now

is working the best for the kids. That's kind of what we have to

focus on now. Do you think
the show helped, like facilitate you finding

yourself, your your true self,
and maybe leaving the marriage? Or do

you think that, because a lot
of people they go on TV to get

out of things that aren't working and
people like are there's like a stigma saying,

oh, it's, you know,
bad for marriages? I'm like,

well, a lot of people go
on to put a spotlight on things so,

you know, to see what isn't
working and to have some self awareness

and look back and be like,
you know what, it's not working and

I want to be happy. I
think for me it's two full one.

You know, my drinking was really
highlighted on season fourteen, where I couldn't

pretend I wasn't in an alcoholic anymore, like I couldn't. I didn't remember

most of the scenes I filmed and
you know, I had that rock bottom,

got sober and then you know,
I'm sober. It's a pandemic.

I am quarantine e with my best
friend that I'm falling in love with.

All of these things are happening and
then there's a photo that comes out with

me and my ex girlfriend, Chris. I think if it hadn't been for

that and being a public figure at
that point, I would have secretly dated

women forever and I don't think I
would have left Sean. I. You

know, I just was like,
okay, I'm married to a man,

but I'm always going to sleep with
women, and that had been our relationship

in our marriage since we were young, since I was eighteen. So he

was aware of this. Oh Yeah, Oh yeah, he this was,

you know, like but I didn't
talk about it at dinner parties or on

the playground or with my children.
You know, like in a way I

had some shame around it. Um
that like I wasn't I wasn't embracing,

you know, that part of my
life, that I was a queer woman.

Um, and so when that photo
came out of Chris came out with

me and Chris Kissing. You know, it was like, okay, we

have this photo, what do you
want to do about it? And so

TAMZ was lovely. They said we're
not going to out you, but if

we have this photo of someone else
would, and they gave me the time

to tell my own story. And
it's actually you're you were actually a part

of how that all happened, because
Bravo wanted me to go to people magazine

or s weekly, and I had
seen how awful they had treated you with

your story about being a queer woman, and I was like, you know

what, I don't want that.
That's not salacious, this is not that,

and so I went to glad at
Anthony Ramos, like I want to

tell the real story, not some
the way that you were treated was not

okay. Never sat well with me. I thank you. I you know,

I just feel like people weren't ready
to hear it and there was a

lot of you know, you did
get, I got a lot of shame

for it. I got a lot
of like, oh my God, but

if it was two men, it's
fine, but God forbid, it's me

and another woman and then it's like, oh my God, she's such a

horror, she's this, she's that, and it was it was hard.

I mean like, but everyone saw
that that was happening and I did get

a lot of support because, like
you know, especially from Bravo and everyone,

they were like, you know what, it's so crazy that you're getting,

you know, all of this hate
over two women made together, which

is a beautiful thing, especially since
I thought it was fine with her husband.

But, you know what, I'm
sure still was. But whatever,

I don't want to talk about I
don't want to get sued. Um,

yeah, I think I'm good on
that. But you know, it's hard.

I think it's hard to come.
I mean I've always been very open

about my sexuality. So for me
I was kind of in shock that people

were in shock. Do you think
there's there's like more of an understanding now

of bisexual women than there was that
like people like, oh, brandy's just

crazy and hooks up with girls,
and now they're like, oh, Brandy's

bisexual. I feel like even in
the last two years there's been a lot

more understanding and conversations. I think
that, you know, even my children,

you know it's it's a conversation we
had years ago and my ex husband

now he's like, uh, he
wanted me to himself. But and I

was very faithful and I wasn't with
any woman when we were together, unless

we were all together. Um.
But you know, I do think the

past couple of years people are growing
to like kind of accept it. Now.

Before it was like, oh,
she's just a drunk and she just

makes that with everyone, and I
was like, you know what, fuck

you, number one. I've been
in relationships that have nothing to do well,

my relationship with alcohol isn't always the
best, but that have nothing to

do with me being drunk and just
crazy. Like I've actually loved women in

my life and people. They don't
want to see that. They wanted like

that. They want to just say, okay, you're crazy, you're own

housewives, you're drunk and you just
do it for attention. And I think,

I think that that's what you were
getting when you first can. I

think it was too much for everyone
to handle. Like you're like, I'm

an alcoholic, I'm a lesbian,
and I'm like, I'm like, okay,

girl, let's do one thing at
a time. But I mean,

listen, you spoke your truth.
Sometimes when you when one thing comes out,

it's just like, you know,
you just want to get it off

your chest. You want to be
free, and I don't. People didn't

take very kindly to that with you. Oh No, everyone was like,

you're making it up, it's for
storyline, you're thirsty, and it was

like, you know. And plus
I had some of my cast members calling

down on it too. Oh,
you're not really an alcoholic that one.

I was like, trust me,
if I could drink around the bitches,

that would be the first thing I've
be doing, like, I'm not drinking.

That's hard. That's hard. Yeah, especially on Housewise, like that

was hard. So if I was
going to do something for a storyline,

it would have been something. I
would have made a teacher or, you

know, sold socks, like there's
other things that could have done. It

really was that whole commination of everything
came out at what I got sober.

There was a pandemic and like I
fell in love with a woman and yeah,

it was a lot and I think
also, if you go through the

timeline, we stopped filming for about
five six months. So it seemed like

I'm renewing my vows now I'm gay. Yeah, but we we were on

a hiatus and as a hiatus was
happening, this is all the stuff that's

happening. You know, Sean's cheating
on me, my kids having issues,

my best friend is also my sober
companion. I'm falling in love with her,

like it was a lot. It
was a mess, but sometimes just

getting it out like it's such you
free, and that's and that's what is

on these shows. There's a lot. We deal with a lot of hatred

like that's people aren't here to watch
US and rude us on they're here to

talk shit and be negative, and
I'm like, listen, we're here to

entertain you and by doing I'm sharing
our lives with you. We're not asking

for hate, hate back, we're
sharing because it's our job. No one

and and when you have a secret
and you're on a reality show, it's

gonna come out anyway, so you
might as well tell it all. And

you've been in this industry. You've
been in this industry since you were very

like twenty years, thirty years now, twenty years, like you've been modeling

and stuff as you were young.
Yeah, but I mean modeling was very

different for me than reality television,
but I married an actor, so you

know, I watched him go through. But luckily he's acting, he's playing

a character. Yeah, he was
superman, right, I don't know what

he was anything that like, if
you could take your shirt off, you

got the job. Okay, I
like that. So have you noticed,

though, just in the time you've
been doing this, that it is getting

worse and worse? Because I've noticed
that the fans, I feel like that's

even not even the right word,
not not you're like you hate us,

they hate watch and it's getting out
of control and I think that, you

know, covid with anxiety and one
being at home so much, made it

a million times worse. People are
depressed, they want to take it out

on someone, but what they don't
realize is we're humans too, and things

do affect us and we're here to
entertain you and and you're looking at it

as like. I've had somebody actually
walk up to me and say I miss

hating you on TV. I was
like thanks, what do you say to

that? I was like, Huh, thank you, my favoritees. I

loved your character on the show,
and I was like yeah, I just

did that for ratings. My marriage
isn't falling apart. Okay, yeah,

but no, I know it was
a lot. I mean I know and

I knew as it was happening.
Everyone think you're doing this to stay on

the show. I was like,
I actually know this is gonna get me

fired. I knew that. I
knew how much of it I knew it

was too much. I knew that
the viewers weren't going to be able to

relate to it. I knew that. But I I couldn't live my life

in the closet anymore. I just
couldn't, you know. And so I

went on that first date with Chris. I knew without a doubt that I

couldn't be in the closet anymore.
I couldn't live this double life, trying

to be a straight woman with Sean
and then kind of getting my, you

know, lesbian kicks on the side
like that first day with Chris was.

I mean, I couldn't. I
couldn't do anymore. I've done it for

forty years, you know, like
I was done. I mean you have

a lot of children and you guys
worked together for a long time. Was

it a point romantic or was it
more of a situation ship like if I

could marry my best friend and like
parent my kids together and then we could

go out and date whoever we wanted. That would be ideal. That is

the dream. Uh No, it
was. You know, when we met

we were eighteen and twenty two.
We were very young. I was eighteen.

So for me it was you know, I grew up with a very

crazy childhood. I was in a
lot of homes. All I wanted with

stability and a family. I mean
that superseded anything else in my whole life

and when I met Sean he was
just stable and nice and like, gosh

up, okay, but handsome.
He's very handsome. It was just easy

and I knew he would always take
care of me and I knew that everything

would be okay and after having a
childhood like mine, just knowing everything would

be okay was enough. I didn't
need the fireworks, I didn't need that

passion, you know. Sexually,
I just thought I wasn't into sex.

I honestly thought. I was like, I'm just let that into it and

that was okay. You know,
it was something that I did for him.

So you didn't know from a young
age that you were bisexual or homosexual.

You didn't know. I definitely know
I was bisexual. I definitely knew

that. Like even when I was
four years old, my barberies were scissory

and Ken was off in the corner, like my barberies were having it was

it was wrong. Yeah, like
you know, I knew and even when

I met Sean, I always hooked
up with girls. Even when I was

like in high school, I started
experimenting. I knew I kind of women

beautiful and I enjoyed being with them, but I also knew I wanted a

husband and a picket fence girl,
scout troop leader, like I wanted that

life and I you know, and
I don't regret it, I didn't have

a great life. Sean took great
care of me, you know, I

have to say he was a great
father, he was a great husband.

We we had an amazing life for
twenty seven years Um and until it was

just I couldn't. I just couldn't
anymore. You know, I just I

love women. Well, no,
I'm want to see you back on housewives

with your relationship with your girlfriend.
You know, people are, I think,

at least at this point, and
I've been sober now for two and

a half years. Congratulations. Thank
you. I am I don't think people

think I'm faking anymore. I will
say that, like, okay, she's

still sober. She's, you know, living with a woman. Okay,

yeah, she was just going through
a thing. So, but I will

say this. I would actually doing
an inner alive with Brooke Eden. She's

an out country music singer and we
both thought we were broken. I thought

there was a part of me that
was broken because I didn't have those feelings

towards Sean that like you read about
the books, and I thought it was

broken and it turns out I'm not. I'm just, well, I might

even gay relationships. I all relationships
have a lifespan. Like I I don't

know how my parents are still together. I mean they sleep in separate beds.

My Mom's a saint, because I
would kill my father if I had

to live with him. Love Him, but he's insane. But I feel

like I don't see my marriage,
of my relationship of thirteen years as a

failure. It was. I have
two amazing children. But people are like,

Oh, you know, so,
you know her marriage failed, juicel.

I'm like, hello, we had
an amazing time. Do we have

these two amazing children. It didn't
fail. But I do think relationships,

you know, they have a time
span and they're not all meant. I

mean I don't know that many people
that stick it out forever. I don't

even know how my parents are doing, anybody. And even then should you

know? Like life is short and
the old school thing of Oh, we

stick it out for the kids,
we made a commit before. God I

didn't. That just doesn't hold true
anymore. Like life is really short.

Don't hurt other people, but live
your best life. And sometimes just staying

married just to stay married. I
know some pretty miserable married people. They're

miserable and for the kids, and
I'm like, but your kids would rather

have you happy. I don't want
my daughters to look at me, I

mean like my mom was miserable for
me. I want to be like wow,

my mom gave up everything to live
her life like that, to me,

is way more of a role model
than I stayed unhappy for you.

Yeah, and if you're happy,
like I always said, like, if

I'm happy, I'm a better mom. When you know times are tough for

like covid was hard for Mary,
super depressed, Um, super lonely,

because I had just gotten out of
relationship before covid. Had I known,

I would have kept that sucker around, but I didn't know. I'm like,

you gotta go, you're smoking too
much pot. Not a good thing,

but you know, it was.
It was hard and I feel like

I forgot what we were just talking
about. What we're oh, no,

like I just feel like kind of
frame. Yeah, like everyone talks about

the seven year rich for a fucking
reason, because every time I listened to

Ryan's roses, they've been married seven
years and somebody's cheating. It is true.

I mean we evolved, not always
together, like we evolved differently and

sometimes you grow apart. I mean
my evolution isn't always going to be the

same as my ex husband's or my
partner. Yeah, that's true. Like

it's not, but it's nice to
hear someone say that, because I think

most people are like you should stick
it out, and so, like you're

saying that, I'm like yeah,
exactly, I'm just smiling. It's nice

to be with someone that gets it
instead of like giving me that judge face

or like H is it real or
that? I just can't with those people.

I mean I try to make jokes
of it and sometimes I just get

pissed and I'm just like I des
I still get that from people. But

you have a nice man at home
and I'm like right, but I'm gay,

so that's great, great, and
he wears a really big necklaces.

Sorry, I mean I think he's
handsome, but the necklaces scare me.

Okay, in his defense, he
wore at one time. We get him

Hawaii and then every time he filmed
they'd ask him to put it on.

Like he doesn't wear those all the
time. Maybe like the show run would

be like keep at your necklace on, and we were so new, that

was our first year, that we
didn't realize he was gonna get so made

front of we just said Yes to
everything, like Oh, sure, okay,

right. You're like, Oh,
this is what I was to remember

this for the future. Do not
do what producers tell you to do.

Yes that. It takes you one
year to realize that, and then we

did. So obviously, if you
watched the second season, he's not wearing

it the whole time, but that
was not sean does not wear those.

He wears them like I'm a beach
in Hawai whatever. Normally he's in a

suit in an office like. Well, I mean it was just became a

thing because it was like and he
was always talking about it, and then

it was like the statement necklace thing
and like whenever I picture him in my

head I think statement next that he
should. You should have his own line

of them. Honestly capitalize on it. He should. I mean he doesn't

have a lot of free time right
now. But yeah, I mean that

whole thing. I'm like, sorry, but that was Americ for you.

I mean, whoops, but yeah, so, I mean he's a he's

a great guy. Um, it's
just he's not the guy for me anymore.

Listen, you had your time,
you have amazing kids and you're onto

the next. And I feel like
people stay in bad relationships for a long

time and they lose like I spent
a couple of years just being so mad

at my ex husband that I kind
of lost myself. I'm like, Oh

my God, I spent two of
my very hot ears not getting fucked because

I was so mad yelling at my
ex husband, like what was I doing?

So I feel like people just they
need to be okay with relationships ending

and not necessarily ending or just changing. Like I just feel like you don't

have to. I have a friend
that's like I'm either going to have a

baby or going to divorce. I'm
like, well, that's the worst.

Just get your fucking divorce, because
baby it's make everything harder. Like,

what are you talking about? I
mean, if you want to baby,

have a baby, but you can
also do that on your own. You

don't need a man to do that
anymore. Right now, if you get

pregnant, trying to have to have
the baby, which is very far ped

up. I don't want to talk
about that. But did you see my

instagram post yesterday? I wore my
handmad tale cost to no. I saw

that Miller's like I I look at
twitter and more than instagram because I hate

taking pictures. Um, but it's, I said, fun. This is

I don't live in a free country. This is not Independence Day and like,

I'm not going to celebrate it because
we're not. It's not a free

country. You can't do what we
want with their bodies. I got so

much fucking hate for who am,
like you bitter bitch, like this and

this, and like I'm like,
leave the country, support our troops if

you don't like it here late.
Yeah, I want to leave. I

want to have a Canada where everyone's
really nice and they don't have mass shootings

every fucking day. That's where I
would like to I like scheme. I'm

a good scire I could do it. Well, they're gonna come for gay

marriage next. Let's be clear.
Like yeah, I am well aware of

that. And so I posted.
I was wearing my handmade's tail hood and

thing, and I said I'm having
a hard time celebrating today, you know,

when children are being murdered in their
classrooms, when there's over two fifty

anti lgbtq bills, when women just
lost the rights to their body and when

people of color are still being shot, like I'm not celebrating. It's like

if my kid is is causing trouble, they don't get their birthday parties out

here. And it was leave,
you, leave America, you're a chiotic.

What about the troops? Like this
has nothing to do with the troops.

The troops probablyn't want their kids murdered
either. Like let's be on.

Yeah, like, but I think
for me it's like this is when we

kind of got to show up and
not leave and like use our voices,

use our platforms, Um and kind
of just start educating and going door to

door and I don't know how to
get involved so much, but I really

want to get up get involved.
MOM's demand is run by Shannon Watts and

so you can go onto instagram right
now. MOM's demands every town. US

say those are two different sites.
Mom's demand is mainly women, mainly MOMS,

but everyone's welcome and they will help
you advocate on a local level.

So they will tell you which different
politicians in your town and you can show

up, go door to door and
do what you can in your town.

And they're actually advocating for change.
They have Um, they've been responsible to

professing a lot of legislation in D
c. So it actually is making change.

So mom's demand, if anyone here
is like what can I do,

they'll take you on a seminar.
It's all on zoom. They teach you

everything, they empower you, they
educate you. So yeah, so go

to MOM's demand. Shannon Watch,
she's on twitter. To Jenne Watts moms

demand and she will give you the
tools to not feel so hopeless. I

do. I want to help.
I'm still definitely afraid of being in the

crowds, like covid didn't help.
But like these mass shootings, I don't

want to go to concerts, like
all of the stuff. Like I don't.

I don't want to go to a
rally. Like my best friend's African

American and she's like come to the
rally. I'm like, I'm scared.

Honestly, I want to support,
but I'm I'm not going. There's other

ways you can support that, don't
you know? I mean being in a

crowd, because that makes you know. I did Um Orange County pride.

I was the Grand Marshall for Orange
County. Oh Nice, and my kids

were there, but I wasn't sure
if I was going to have them on

the in the car with me because
I was scared and I ended up I

read the room. I'm like,
okay, I feel okay, but I

definitely had that moment of I'm not
comfortable. Am I comfortable having my children?

And that's sad, but that's every
a decision we all have to make.

But the am not we can do
without being in, you know,

in crowds that were comfortable with.
So on my couch. No, but

I really it's time. I'm just
I'm getting so mad and now I'm getting.

I have other things happening at a
friend that's going through some a really

hard time dying. He's dying of
cancer, and I'm like, you know

what, I it's time for me
to stop thinking that everything's gonna get fixed

on its own. It's time for
me to use what I have to help

in some way, and I think
that if people just this whole like semi

automatic. I know we're getting off
the subject, but the fact that you

can go and buy a fucking semi
automatic gun. What do you need that

for? Or who needs that?
No one. No one needs that.

I'm like, if you want to
go hunt a deer and eat it,

great, go have fun, like
have your right for all your run rightfall

that you need shoots one bullet at
a time, like I brought down with

hinters, because I like Mamby,
but I'm saying, you know, I'm

not trying to take gun rights away
from everyone. I'm saying there should be

there's just smart men. Yeah,
and you have a huge platform and a

big voice. So like just afraid
someone's gonna shoot me. I mean honestly,

they're gonna be that bitch. Show
her. I know it could happen.

I mean when I was like yeah, like, yeah, I mean

during the show when I was advocating
for black lives matter, I definitely got

death threats. You know, it
sucked. Well, you live in Orange

County. It's very Republican. Yeah, I'm very happy to be I wasn't

in a gated community where you're filming
because they didn't allow filming. So I'm

back in my gated community and I
love it. This is a question.

Would you go back on housewives?
Um, not the way it is right

now. You know, like,
I know that cast and I know there's

no place for me on it.
Well, that cast is a fucking ship

show. There's just it's not my
vibe. I mean lover and hate Nola.

She's crazy, she's outgoing, you
know, we were best friends for

a long time and she's open knighted. You know so. But like the

rest of the cast, is so
judgmental and Republican and like and boring and

drenally unhappy. They're very unhappy cast. So No, W I just like

ultimate girl's trip. That, yeah, ten days in and out doesn't crush

your soul. Um, that would
be fun. Would that? I didn't

even think about that. I was
trying to. Like I was talking to

Um, one of the producers,
because he's like let's do the same thing

with the same girls, and like
let's mix up the girls. Not Enough

of these bitches. But I mean
I'd like that. We're all in a

good place now. But you know, I feel like Orange County needs a

major shake up and I was with
Tama doing press the other day all day

and they kept on saying, Oh, you're both from Orange County. I'm

like, not me, I hate
Orange County. She's like, shut up,

I live there. I'm like,
that's your problem, but it's not

my jam at all. And I
was giving Tamra at her time. I'm

like, do not let me in
there, because I don't want to be

there, but I do. I
do feel like I would like to see

your background television. I feel like
to have like like a really good relationship

that you're willing to share, because
you know it's hard to share your relationships

on TV, and just to see
how that is. I mean I think

it's yes, I the Miami one. The wife doesn't, Matina doesn't right,

I don't want to have to say
her name, but not trying to

loova whatever. She doesn't film that
much. But I would think it would

be really amazing to see a really
healthy relationship between two women, you know,

just showing that we're not just drunk, crazy people that like to make

out when we're drunk. You know
what I mean? I feel like there's

that stigma when people see you or
me or Tamera and we're drunk and we're

kissing and like it's like that's just
fun, that's not what a relationship is.

That's, you know, going out
and being crazy. That's fun.

I can do that all the time, but there is another side. But

they I don't think that a lot
of people that watch housewives are ready for

it in a in a way I
agree. I think that, you know,

Middle America isn't quite there yet,
especially with my situation, which is

I have seven children, I left
my husband, my girlfriend's much younger than

me, you know, like it's
just we're not quite ready for this.

You don't. You don't leave a
good man for a hot girl, you

know, like and even here with
people that know me, like my friends,

they still say, oh, honey, you're just going back, you're

just going to a face, you'll
you'll go back to Sean, and I'm

like I'm not going through a phase. I am I'm not like the phase

word makes me very crazy. I'm
not like I will never have sex with

a man ever. Get I promise
you that I never have sex with another

man. That's not a problem I
can make. But but I will do

me. I will be with whoever
I want to be with, whenever I

want to be with them, and
I love that. I know. I

just want I feel like, well, right now we're going backwards in middle

America is very ignorant. So maybe
not the time, but I personally would

like to see a healthy relationship between
two women and how the other women around

navigate that, because sometimes we can
be our own worst enemies. Like people

are like, Oh my God,
I can't believe they are doing like two

women. Oh my God, what
do you mean? You guys hooked up?

Well, what the Fund do you
think we mean? Like they're all

like, oh my God, what
does that mean? I'm like, you

don't know what it means when two
women or the other okay, maybe Google

it. Yeah, I mean and
even that, like, like I said,

and one county I've had people say
to me, well, two women

can't really have sex, they're just
making out and like that's not even a

little bit true. Now, how
are things with your crazy mom, because

she was nuts onto my television.
Sorry, honestly, I my mom has

been amazing right now. So my
mom has really stepped up. There's a

she's like supporting me the kids right
now, like she literally has my back.

There's like a lot of things that
are going on that I don't you

know how I would have handled them
about her. She has literally gone above

and beyond taking care of me and
the kids. That's good because, I

mean, I don't know if it
was the edit, but on television it

didn't come across as a healthy relationship. I felt like there's a lot of

jealousy there and I think a lot
of it. Yeah, I think a

lot of it was the edit.
There was a lot of editing there and

a lot of her humor just was
taken out of context, because she did

say inappropriate funny things, but when
you take them out of context it just

sounds awful. I mean, she
she is crazy whatever. She's a burner

to this, but she's also a
very well educated M d. You know,

she's a doctor, she's an artist, she's a very strong, powerful

woman, very wise very wise.
But you know, we were going through

our own stuff. Obviously my drinking
was the elephant of the room. She

knew I was an alcoholic and I
didn't know that when I wanted. I

mean, you hide it well,
like I saw you partying and start like,

I mean if that's a compliment,
but but you know what I mean.

But you know, like everyone knows
what I'm drinking because my voice goes

even higher than it already is.
Like I could never mask it, do

you know? I really like for
so long when you said it, I

was like Huh, and then,
you know, I talked to Tamara about

it and like yes, like it
all came out on the show and I'm

like, I just with seven kids, I guess I would have been drinking

too, or however many kids you
have, I would have just been getting

through my days, especially if I'm
in a bad like not a bad marriage,

but a marriage. But I don't
want to be in I think that

for me, like I'm an alcoholic, I don't drink, I don't have

a problem drinking, and those are
two different things. So for me,

when I have one drink, I
can't stop once. I take up first

if I am off to the races. Um and I have gone long period

time. I went right before we
started filming. I've done seven years and

I so when I started filming I've
just gotten back to drinking. So you

can kind of see it getting worse
or worse. But towards the end I

was blocking out most of the scenes
and don't I would watch them. I

couldn't watch. that. was like, oh, it's so hard, I

have to take his m actually before
I watched anything. But no, I

mean, and you're also pregnant half
your life, so you weren't drinking when

you're pregnant? No, I never
drink when I was pregnant and I never

drank when I was nursing. So
I've never had a hard time not drinking.

That's never been a problem. I
can go long period of time without

drinking. It's what happens when I
do um and that, and that's that's

most alcoholics. You know. I
didn't, and so for me to just

finally, after that season fourteen,
to look at it in just a minute

and be like okay, I'm obviously
I can't hide anymore. It was really

free and I will say you know, being on the show and having that

accountability made all the difference. I
think I would have probably kept drinking if

it had been for the show.
But you have to watch yourself back.

Yeah, there's a lot of things
that people don't realize that you become very

aware of when you get to watch
yourself back, especially all my wrinkles.

I'm kidding. Yeah, no,
there's like little ticks you have or things

you do. You're like that,
I didn't realize what a resting bitch face

I had. I didn't know.
I think I didn't think that of you.

I just like the Party girl,
like I'm like, Oh, we

have another Tamera. Like you guys
are wild and crazy, and you know

what the thing is, I still
am that girl. I am a party

girl. I love going out,
I love having that, I love dancing

on tables being crazy, and I
still do that, like that hasn't changed.

I am still that girl and I
have so much fun. I just

now remember it the next day,
right. I. Unfortunately, I like

I when I drink. I remember
everything and I'm like I did that?

No, it's not, because sometimes
you just want to fucking forget. I'm

like, I'm a fun drunk.
I'm gonna give you a lap dance,

we're probably gonna make out, but
when you're around like mean angry drunks,

that's when it's like, well,
welcome to girl's trip. There's a couple

of them on the trip. Um, if you could have your pick of

whoever you wanted to go on a
girl's trip, to do your girl's trip

with, who would you pick from
each franchise? Okay, Potomac, I

would pick Ashley from Selt Lake City. I would pick heather from Beverly Hills.

I would pick oursel from Orange County. I would pick Noela from at

Atlanta. I would pick candy from
Miami. I Would Pick Kiki. She's

a friend's APP but we're actually friends
in real life, so that would be

fun. AM my forgetting city.
Probably Um, new work. There isn't

a New York right now, right. They stopped it? Well, they're,

they're they're having they're having a legacy
show with the you know, the

older women, and they're doing a
fresh new show, Um, with younger

women. Okay, I like I
like in real life. I really like

Leah and Ebony, so I would
definitely pick one of them and love great.

I do have a question for you, though. What do leslie and

eyebrows look like I was so fucking
high, like I didn't I don't even

know. I just you know,
when you say things and it makes perfect

sense when you're fucked up, and
I'm like the double down on it,

because I was really excited because sometimes
I flirt with straight girls and I make

myself I'm like, oh my okay, Brandy's gonna teach me. So now

I was straight. Okay, I'm
really fucking bummed right now. I was

feeling everyone's part day. I don't
know. So I don't know. I

wish I was. Everyone asked me
that everywhere I go. I'm like,

girls, I was high and I
it's like very in my head. I

knew what I was talking about.
You should just make something up and sell

it to people, because I was
like, Oh my God, he's gonna

save me so many awkward encounters at
bars. Now, like okay, ok,

it for people and be like okay, this is both ways, this

is I'm lesbian. You actually should
do this. No, for Real,

can you? I think we need
to make this happen. We need Leslie

and brows. I will rock them
too, because no one thinks I'm gay,

so I never get hit on by
women and I need Leslie and I

wrote no, I can work that
out for you, but we have to

run. It was so nice talking. Luck with everything. I will look

up that instagram and hopefully I'll meet
you someday and we're like yeah, for

sure, bye, bye, baby. She's lovely. Honestly, I liked

her. I like I was wondering
if I would because, you know,

I liked her on the TV show, but at the same time they show

you highlights of bad behavior. So
I did know what I was going to

get and I'm not upset she was. She was really interested in to talk

to you about like I mean she
basically said that that you you felt like

took a lot of heat for kind
of some stuff and she was able to

relate with to you and I think
that's why she wanted to come on.

Yeah, yeah, absolutely, and
I think that it's it's such a it's

so hip, hippop. What's the
word? Yeah, hypocritical. You're trying

to say it's hip. It's hypocritical
in a lot of ways that it's so

not okay for two women to hook
up, but anyone else can hook up.

You know, a guy can hook
up with a nineteen year old and

he's sixty, and that's fine.
No one has an issue with that.

But God, have read two women
like fall in love or even just hook

up. It happens. I know
because it was like the audience and a

lot of people were like, Oh
my God, it's like so they were

so like shocked and kind of grossed
out by it, and I'm like fuck

you, and I think that she's
going through the same thing. So,

yeah, I think that that was
important for us to have those conversations,

because it should be hypocritical. It
should be like everyone, love is love

and do whatever the funk you want. That's all it is. And now

you guys are like a little team
and you'll just punch all the dickheads in

the face. No, I just
spin, but I don't like that way

you put that. Um Anyway.
So, yeah, she was lovely and

she's pretty and she's a lesbian and
she's a lot of kids, Geez,

and she's never going to be with
a man again in her life. But

I don't know if I would state
that. I mean I won't. I'm

gonna make statements. Lots of men, lots and lots and lots of men.

She just does not attract it anymore, I guess. You know.

Or maybe for so long she was
faking it, you know, like you

can fake it something kids. It's
a lot of faking. Maybe I don't.

Yeah, I feel like there's clearly
there was an attraction, but she's

just like, I don't want it
anymore because her husband's very he's very hot.

I mean, Um, the neck
the necklace situation was aggressive, but

he was a trap. That was
a funny story. I'm glad to know

that it wasn't really his choice.
Right. I'm like, Oh wow,

like that's a that's a big ballsy, like chunky necklace, like for an

everyday necklace. It's like you and
your dumby scarf. It's like you guys

will never be separated. Your scarf
is dumb. First of all, it's

a Bandana and it's a scarf and
it's dumb and I don't think you should

wear it anywhere. You look like
a puppy. Second and all, okay,

and I'm so wasted last night on
the episode that aired. Oh my

God, I'm saying last night because
it will be out Friday, and it

was, oh my Lord, and
they sent us a good version, because

they act, they add like they
don't put all this stuff in because they

don't want us calling them and going, can you take it out? wasted.

But we drank all day. We
went from a winery during the day

where we were slushed to the having
a Christmas party like I don't even know.

I look my hair got stuck in
a wind Tom. I had the

worst share of anyone there the whole
time, the worst skin. I gained

the most weight. I looked like
it was rough, but whatever, it's.

Yeah, I showed my entire ass, but I did have grandma underwear

on. They were like boy shorts. They just go. They write up

higher interesting. So yeah, sorry, guys. I'm sure you'll hear about

it soon. Everyone that they're going
to show more of what happened that night,

which was scary anyway. Let's do
it like a okay, wind and

rain and sunshine. I wish we
had all three all the time. Weather,

weather, weather, weather, wind, weather, weather, windchimes.

M Alright, bye. What the
FUNK are they doing? Bye. Thanks

for listening to Brandy Glanville unfiltered.
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