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Brandi Glanville Unfiltered
Reality television star Brandi Glanville provides uncensored access to celebrities, and dishes about pop culture, fashion and celebrity gossip in Brandi Glanville Unfiltered! Listeners get the inside view of her latest reality tv appearances, personal gossip, family fun and relationship drama. It's Brandi at her best, and she's sharing it all with the world.  From Straw Hut Media 

Episode transcripts

Straw hot media. Let's make herselflaugh. From Straw hut media, this
is brandy glandville on the field.Hey, right, how are you?
Pretty good, pretty good. Howare you? I am I have a
crying hangover. Is that a thing? Is that a real thing? I
think so. Um, no,I just got some news. I you
know, sometimes you just need tohave a good cry. So I did
that yesterday. This is the secondone. It's just hard when you're dealing
with people you love and sicknesses andall of that. I'm just not good
at dealing with that stuff. Yeah, Oh, there's a handsome man.
Right, there is money and cutit hard. Well, you can.
You just have to leave by onethirty. I feel like you go,
you have fifteen and it take alittle there bottle with you. I'm trusting
him to buy my cream at demonsUm. I gave him my empty jar.
He's going to freak out when hesees how much at cost, because
I call him were poorer all thetime. I don't want to know we
have any money. Um, canyou give me that coffee? Yeah,
if we're keeping the coffee on theD L. Okay, what is that?
Yeah, my hair gets my hairgets really curly in certain places.
It's really weird. Um. Sotoday we're finding me a husband or slash
boyfriend. Well, I don't reallyknow. We're hunching over. It doesn't
like me, but I also haveto fit a little. Well, you
usually fit. I think that's asmaller square than normal. I feel like
that too. Okay, okay.So, anyway, we're gonna happened.
Boyfriend, I mean, I thinkI'm curious to know if we can find
someone that I can handle. ME. Wow, wow, wow. I'm
curious to know like it takes.My proceed is a magical I forgot to
tell you. I pull. Whatdoes that mean? Okay, okay,
it sounds great. Yeah, Ido. Well, let's just say that.
Okay, Um, but not,like, not relationship wise, like
yeah, yeah, I need likea steady one. Okay. So this
dude is the Global Communications Guy forokay cupid. I love that name.
Okay Cupid, and I've been aroundfor a while right, I don't know
a long time. I know it'sone of the early ones. Well,
the thing is, like all ofthe new ones, I think everyone just
wants to fuck. So I'm likedown with having something a little more serious
just because I'm not driving to downtownto the someone I don't know exactly,
you know, like I want itto be like hey, let's go to
dinner. Yeah, okay. Sowe're gonna learn a little bit about the
thing, how it works, andthen I'm to sign you up on my
telephone, your phone. I'M gonnasign you up on the show interesting,
ask you some questions about what youprefer and we'll see. I'm okay,
listen, I think I'm pretty normal. No, I mean, I don't
think normal. Yeah, everyone isn't? Everyone a little weird, which it
makes everyone normal in a way.Yeah, I'm I'm we're crooked. Were
crooked. Fucker's all right, let'sget Um, Michael Kay from okay cupid.
Okay, Michael Kay. Okay.Welcome, Michael Kay from okay cupid.
Welcome to Brandy Glenville and filtered.We have to have a talk about
all of these dating APPs. Youguys are like one of the O G
dating APPs. Okay, cupid.Correct, yes, we've been around for
almost twenty years at this point.Wow, I mean there's I mean,
honestly, they're so many that Ijust used it as a game. At
this point in my phone, Igo and I talked to some strangers and
then I blocked them, and Imean like I just I was saying to
my therapist, like I want toget back into dating, but it's the
apps make it really tricky. Andtell me what's different about okay cupid?
How has it lasted for twenty years? Yeah, so I would say the
biggest difference for us is that okaycupid is the only dating APP that matches
people through questions. So we havethousands of questions on our APP. I'll
like absolutely not you have to answerthousands. You you only have to answer
fifteen, and they cover everything relatedto dating, relationships and sex, so
all those topics that you're kind ofinterested about in a partner. But they
also talk about what's really important toDatas out there. So we have questions
to help you figure out how youcan really yes, good, because I'm
not dating one again. We Um, we ask people how they feel about
black lives matter, if they areagainst the abortion band. You know,
that's what people want to know.They don't want to waste time going out
with absolutely like we really want tomake it easier for you to learn almost
everything you can about a match beforeactually having to go and meet up with
them and take time out of yourday. Yeah, honestly, because there's
like the questions that they ask onthese like I'm unhinge at the moment and
I think I'm tender, probably too, but I've just probably never been on
that account in a while. Ihaven't been on account in a while,
but it's like I'm so great atand then someone put something witty. Well,
I don't need to know that you'rewitty, like right, I need
to know if we agree on theimportant matters, because those are deal breakers
and relationships. So it sounds likeI need to be on okay, cupid.
Yeah, you'll have to give ita shot. I mean, the
only dating APP to speak out,or one of the first, about black
lives matter. We went so farto allow our daters to put a black
lives matter profile badge right under theirname so that you would see Michael and
then Hashtag black lives matter, becauseit's important to us as employees and it's
really important to our daters. Yeah, absolutely. I mean there's so many
things that like it would just cutout the the guys that we just don't
need to be with or the girlsor whatever it is. I mean,
you know, for some people theywant to Republican or you know, they
want or they're you know, they'revery like right. And what you call
it? Not right as in they'reright, but like right as in right
wing. Um, and that's notme, but like you know something it
is, you know, the religionsalso super important to a lot of people.
And Yeah, I didn't know that, did you guys like just start
this or this is why you guyshave been it's almost like matchmaking. Yeah,
so, actually, when we werefor launched in two thousand four the
APP started by these like Harvard studentswho also created different quiz websites, and
I think that's why our APP isso data driven with our algorithm, because
we also have a match percentage.So when you see another user, we
show you how compatible you are withthat person and if you click on that
match percentage, this is one ofmy favorite parts, you see all the
questions you answered in common and ifyour answers are the same. So you
know that, because things are waiteddifferently. Like I love horror movies.
They're not my boyfriend's favorite, butwe work like that's not a mean listen,
sometimes opposites do attract, but likethat's not yeah, I'm just not
going to watch stop two with youbecause I don't like to be scared.
It's not fun for me. Um, it's gross as well. Um,
but you know my kids love thosemovies. I just don't. But again,
not a deal breaker. But youknow, there are some things that
are deal breakers, like, youknow, again, Republican. Kidding,
just like I've actually dated a coupleof Republicans that are solely Republican for the
financial side of it, and theyactually agree with me on a lot of
the other things. But it takeswhat like six weeks to get to those
questions, because you don't want togo on your first date and just be
like, so, how do youfeel about abortion, black lives matter and
trump, like that's that's aggressive.So if that's already done for you,
then you can just see if youhave chemistry with someone totally. And we
have a feature that we call dealbreakers. And if politics or political views
are important to you, you canfilter. If you're a conservative and you
only want conservatives, great, byall means date those people. Um,
but it works both ways. Somoderates can find moderates. Liberals can find
liberals. You can set what's adeal breaker to you? That's interesting.
So can you make up your ownquestions a little bit? Or Not really?
Not Really, but I mean wehave almost five thousands, so chances
are it's already on there. Right. So there's like a little search button.
And then how does that work?How do you find the question you're
looking for? How do you howdo you guys pick them? Yes,
so we feed them to you.We're adding new questions all the time.
We're also hiding questions all the time. So not everything is timely. Year
round, Um. So some questionswill disappear when they're no longer relevant.
And we, I mean we havedaters in over a hundred and ten countries.
So there are questions that if you'redating in Paris, you're going to
see a little bit different questions andif you're doing in l a Um,
and then also, like you andI, if you are bisexual or straight,
you'll see different questions. Like I, as a gay man, see
different questions than a straight woman ora bisexual man, because we really want
to cater the experience to who youare. Yeah, I just that we
don't have time for all of it. Like I think that covid showed us
that we don't have time. Wedon't know when the world is going to
end. So I'm so sick oflike just matching with people and having this
banter and then, like they don'tlike are I don't answer for a couple
of days, or they don't answerfor a couple of days. It's like
I don't know if people really,like on the one on hinge, really
actually want to meet up like orI. First of all, I have
to have a conversation on the phoneand I need a facetime because and I
want to do that through the APP. Do you guys offer that so we
don't have like a video in theAPP? But to your point, one
of the tips that I always getpeople is move the conversation offline. You
know, I hear from daters allthe time that they've been talking to someone
for weeks and I always asked,did you make the effort to take it
to text or whatever it is?So I tell them not to be shy.
When I was on a dating APP, my line was always this APP
is killing my battery. Here's mynumber, and I'd only do that with
people that I felt a connection withUm, but that's the line I used
on my boyfriend. Oh, Ilike that. I just I feel like,
but can I talk to someone throughthe APP, like a phone conversation,
or do I have to give myphone number out? Because I don
like to do that. Yeah,so right now no, Um, like
there's no like audio or video.There are some product updates happening over the
next few months, a year.Maybe we need to get on back phone
just because, I mean a lotof people don't mind giving their phone numbers
out, but I mean I justget so many random messages as it is,
like is this brandy or whatever,Um, and I'm just I don't
know my phone. I don't know. It just seems so personal, because
what if I don't like them?And then what if they decide they want
to be mean to me? Idon't know, I guess I have I
have anxiety, but it's yeah,yeah, but that makes sense, especially
for you. You're a well knownperson. I wouldn't be giving your number
out to literally anybody right now.I do want to drunk in bathrooms.
I make a lot of girlfriends likeI'm like, Oh my God, I
call me and then I'm like whothe fund is this and I just blocked
the number. Um, but yeah, no, I mean like I feel
like maybe I should try, okay, cupid, because hand is not working
for me, you know what Imean. And I feel like there's also
you have to be geographically Um availablefor me, because if you live in
Manhattan beach, we can't match,like, I just know. I mean
it's just so hard to get thereand so, I mean everything has to
kind of make sense to put theeffort in. Ryan, what are you
doing? I just had a question, though. Why did you I'm just
curious, like what dread to hinge, Um, because I felt like tinder
was more just like to hook up, and I did do that a couple
of times, but it was reallyjust for sacks, like right. I
mean that was before covid. NowI don't let anyone touch me really,
um, that's so sad. That'snot true, though. Um, but
then I went to hand because theysaid it was more like it was people
actually wanted relationships, and now handjust kind of turned into tinder. It's
really mostly Hook Up. That kindof it's kind of like that now.
But we don't like but we feellike, okay, keep it like a
safer a bit. I mean,I'm feeling if you've been around for twenty
years and you're you're doing the homeworkthat these other people are not doing.
You know, they just want tosee pictures like that are obviously photoshopped.
Um, and check out your instagramlike that doesn't tell you who a person
is, and then a lot ofit's a big giant waste of time.
So I feel like, no,I'm not. Okay, I'm not talking
about I'm talking about hinge, becausemy dad met his girlfriend of like ten
years now on. Okay, keepit. Yeah, I feel like if
you're going to be on an APPthat's been around for a long time,
it makes me think that you're takingit more seriously than just wanting to hook
up. And that's what we say. Like our APP is designed to bring
in what we call higher intent daters. Like you can't just add your name
and a photo and call it aday and okay, keep it. You
have to upload, first of all, multiple photos, you have to fill
out profile PROMS, you have toanswer at least fifteen of our matching questions
before we even show you to anotherdata. So we try to weed out
all those people who are like lookingfor a quick Hu again, we say,
like, if you want a Saturdaynight, fine, but if you
want Saturday nights for the rest ofyour life, this is probably the APP
that you're coming to, because peopleare a little bit more serious. I
love that. I mean if you'reyeah, you're more invested, if you're
going to take the time to,you know, fill out that the questionnaires.
How do you match? Like?You match them, like what if
I don't like obviously have the sameexact answers to someone, but you feel
like there's enough in common that wemight be a good match, like age.
Wise, you know, okay,whatever the you know, we don't
have to match perfectly. Right.No, not at all. So your
match percentage has three main factors.It's what you're looking for in a partner.
So those are those items you discussed, like age, range, UM,
location and any other preferences like religion, whatever it is. Um.
It's also what they say they're lookingfor in a partner, because we want
to make sure that you are alsofitting their criteria. And then that third
piece is how many questions you bothanswered the same. So the actual question
and if those responses are similar.So you can say I hate horror movies
and still be matched with someone who'slike I love horror movies, because it's
not the biggest deal breaker if you'rehitting all these other checkboxes. Right.
I have something to tell you.No, I have an idea. No,
no, no, I have anidea for you. Why don't you
guys do like, let's say,you know, people match up and then,
like, if we're more serious,like we like, let's say,
we pay like a fee, likea premium. Feel like you know,
why don't you guys do like singlesmixers for people that matched in like each
city, so we can actually havethat face time with them and also other
people that have similar what? WhatRyan you would do that? You would
go to a singles mixer. If, if I had been matched with different
people, I see, but likeeveryone's at the mixer, right, okay,
but then you would talk to severalmatches at the mix I mean,
I mean, I love the idea. I just didn't get a match with
one person and think that that oneperson is not matching with other ladies too.
So it would be really fun liketo have several matches and then competition
in the room at the same timeto see if you have chemistry, I
mean, because for me, chemistryis like of it. I can get
over a lot of stuff if Ijust want to have sex with you from
across the room. Yeah, Ifeel like I like that idea because it's
almost like the dating APP meets,the Bachelor meets in person events like that's
fun. I like that idea.Right, and we have wine. You're
like already on our marketing team.Hello. I think about these things all
of the time because it's just like, like you said, take it offline,
like you know, let's get together. And also, like I need
facetime. I need to see ifthere's chemistry, because a lot of times
I can have great conversations with people, but I kind of do that for
a living, so it's I feellike I'm almost interviewing people in a way.
So I need to know if there'slike that sexual chemistry, if that
romantic chemistry is there, and Idon't know that when it's just, you
know, talking to him on thephone. I know I don't like certain
voices, which is sad because maybethey're a great match for me and I'm
just being judgment all. No,I totally hear you. When my boyfriend
and I first started talking. Wemet on a dating APP, Um,
and before we ever met in person, we had a facetime and a phone
call, Um, and it showedme that there was an initial spark,
um, because there was that chemistrythrough the phone and I felt comfortable with
him. And I mean it wasalso a different age for me, like
I was I was in the closet, so it was like scary. So
the fact that I felt anything,I was like shot. That's awesome.
Yeah, I just I don't knowif I have kind of stream with people
on the phone. I mean onlyjust because I do this kind of for
a living. Um. So Ireally would like a mixer. Um,
but I think I'm gonna download theAPP Today. So how do I do
it? I'm not good with I'mgonna have to have Ryan do it for
me, because I can't do anything. I know I'm gonna have to tell
I'm gonna do a tutorial with Ryan. But okay, keep it as completely
free so you can have a freeexperience on the APP. Um, I
will obviously upgrade you. You Um, and can upgrade Ryan. Um,
married. I just got married.Congratulations. Ryan. Going my honeymoon next
week. Yeah, he's going.He's leaving me. He's going. He's
my work wife, but he's goingwith his actual wife. I know you
probably thought he was gay, buthe's not. No, I didn't get
gay vibes, Ryan, don't worry, everyone does offense. I mean,
I know, I mean, listen, I'm very myself. Wait, okay,
so I had two things. Ihad. Don't realize me. You
can't even see my eyes. Okay, but my two things were like,
okay, how I want to getbrandy. Can't hear you anymore. I
want to get brandy on the APP. What do you think is the safest
way or someone like her to geton the APP? I'm curious for Brandy,
for Brandy Safety. Yeah, it'sso, it's I mean dating,
either online or offline, is likevery different when you're in the public eye,
Um, especially someone like brandy.You know your boss or well known.
You're on TV, podcast, books, like you literally do it all,
Um, and there's so much please, so like you also have to
find a partner that you can likelean on, um, but you also
have to find someone who's like notreally intimidated by your success. But for
someone like you, or really anyonewho's well known, I would say you
really really, really need to payattention to red flags really early on.
So I would think a few ofthose flags for me would be that they're
not offering to pay for things ona date when you go out, that
they're kind of vague and not reallysharing any details about their career or their
current job, Um, or theyact like really competitive or controlling when you're
talking to them. You know,those are really big red flags that this
is someone who's clearly taking advantage ofyou. So I would say it's going
to be a little bit more workfor someone like you. Well, I
mean I think I'm I have thatno matter where I go to date or
try to date. You have tofigure out if someone is there for the
right reasons, and so I dohave a lot of trust issues because,
you know, in the past I'vebeen burned and, Um, I don't
need a third child. They don'twant to take care of someone. Um,
that's too far in my ear.I feel like I'm getting ear fucked.
Um. Sorry, I mean,I guess less it's a thing,
right, you can do that.Um. No, but like I don't
think. No, I don't thinkthat there's an actual way to Um,
to you know, you just haveto be aware, and I'm very I'm
a very aware of person, butI generally am attracted to a good red
flag. I'm like, Oh,okay, let's see if he's spicy.
Um. But you know, thereare certain things that definitely are like I
know for a fact that I'm notgoing to put time into it, so
I can kind of do that formyself. Ran There's no like there's no
background checks, yeah, or something. You know, I didn't know.
I don't know. My brother isa cop. That's what he does for
a little so just send all theprofiles to him before you. If you
guys are listening to this, you'rein a background check. Okay. My
next I had to. I hadto. I had to. Why don't
you just bring your chair over?No, this is more exciting. Okay.
My next thought is like, okay, do you know are your is
Mason on the APPS, because I'mjust curious about how? I know that
Michael wanted to talk about Gen Zand I was just curious, curious with
what Gen Z is. Okay,because, like I know, like people,
my kids like to say, okay, boomer to me, and I'm
not a fucking boomer. They're justhosseholes. Um, but what like?
I don't know. I know millennialsare like the younger people. Correct.
So I'm a millennial. They haveto be in their thirties. Aren't you
a millennial or close to? Yeah, I don't even know. We're just
gonna go with that. I justfeel like something that's a boomer. No,
five years old. No, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, that's right. Sorry, we're we
just like funk off here a lot. Sorry. Um. It's good to
laugh, though, because I've beencaring so much. Um. No,
so I want to sign up.Brian, go get my phone, Bitch.
It's in my bedroom. Don't worry, we're really close. Um,
it's on the floor by my makeup. I do sometimes get ready on the
floor. I like to because Igets to sit, but I still have
a seat and a like a thing. I just it just depends on the
day if I wanted on the flooror if I want to work on the
floor. I don't know why.It's just like it's so comfortable. Yeah,
we do that. I only doit on my room. I don't
like sit on the floor here becausemy kids are gross and I don't trust
what they fell on the floor.Um, but you know, I don't
know that my son is on datingapps because he just had a breakup with
crazy. Is that? Is thatwhat you're marketing? Is A GEN Z
er? I mean no, soour biggest demo are like people in their
thirties, forties, late twenties,Um, kind of all over the place.
But I feel like where Ryan's goingwith this is, how are we
going to make sure that we don'tmatch you with your son? Oh God,
really hear him giggling and that group. And it wouldn't be nineteen.
I mean, can you put anage range? Yeah, yeah, it's
not going to be nineteen, eventhough we do have different last names and
I think he's very attractive, butnot in that kind of way, because
I'm just a lot of things incommon. You live in the same area,
a lot of things in common.I don't smoke pot every day.
Um, I actually do ship.Yeah, I mean we have questions about
weeds, so maybe you won't bematched with him. No, I mean
I don't care if you smoke weedon like occasion, but like my last
long term relationship he had, hecouldn't sleep through the night. He literally
had to smoke weed. Every threehours and then, um. That's why
I broke up with him, unfortunately, because he was so fucking hot and
he had a giant cock and wehad the best sex, Um, and
he was French and he didn't reallyunderstand half fish, but I said so.
I just abused him a little bitwith verbally, obviously. Um.
But I broke up with him rightbefore Covid, which is so stupid because,
like, who cares? During covidwe were all I was doing edibles,
I was doing everything. I triedmushrooms. I was like a party
for me, Um, but Igot released odd because it was bad timing.
I should have kept him for covid. My Password. We can't share
that, Ryan. Oh God,I don't think we should say it out
woud hold, hold for a mute. I actually like it on my phone
because it's pink and blue and Ilove those colors together and that means I'll
look at the APP more because Ilike the color of it. Keep going.
Well, I sign up, Brandy, do you not answer the questions
for me? Okay, I don'ttrust him. He's gonna be people want
me to be with someone I don'twant to be with. I feel like
the earlier ones are nothing too crazy. So hopefully there are things Ryan knows.
No, you think you should askme. Um, no, but
like, well, we'll do thisand then we'll definitely let you know if
I find some one that I willyou know, I really want to get
back into the game and I've beendabbling on a handshirt. Like it's just
so much fluff and like whatever reallywants to meet up and takes three days
to text back and forth. Imean that's on my part too, like
I forget it it's there, becauseit's not that interesting. You know,
no one's really put effort into theirprofiles. They just they take pictures with
dogs and their cousins kids and theythink that makes them likable. Yeah,
I mean everyone says that, likethey when they complain about dating. Um,
it's like you you kind of haveto put in the work if you
want to yield the benefits. Likeif you're half asking it, like you're
going to get people who just don'tcare or don't give a ship. Now,
I had two dates from Hinde andthey were both fucking crackheads, and
I mean that like they offered mecocaine and I'm like I don't do that
anymore. I mean when I wasyounger, maybe a little bit here and
there, but no, I mean, I don't know, I get the
crazies, and I mean crazies,and they make up, like giants,
stories about their lives that aren't trueand it was just yeah, do you
feel that's because people like I feellike your life is so exciting and interesting
that they want to balance that outand they're insecure about their own lives?
Maybe, I mean, that couldbe, but I don't think offering someone
coke on a first date is agreat idea. Um, I think that
people think I'm like this party personand yeah, I have that side of
me that is on TV, butI'm also a mom. I also,
you know, I want someone tomake me feel like a girl, like
I don't want to be the bossof my guy. I need someone that
has more b d e than me, if that makes sense, and can
make me feel like holds it arpin, like like you know, just
it's kind of the boss of me, because I'm super like the boss of
everyone and I need that someone who'ssuper confident but not cocky, but like
it's going to take a very specialwe're going to find it in this APP.
Okay, here's the question, though. What ages are you open to
dating? I would say forty fourto fifty seven. A young fifty seven.
Can you have that? After wefigure out the events, we're going
to figure out young fifty seven feature. Maybe I should be the face of
okaykeepid the go and we are herefor that. If you guys find me
a husband, and I don't thinkI want to get married, but I'm
open to someone changing my mind,like if somebody could, that would be
interesting, because it's just so easyto get married, Ryan, but it's
so hard to get unmarried. Ihave to pick some photos of you to
put in there, at least one. All right, do you want to
pick some? Yeah, at least. Why are you picking from? What
are you picking? From your cameraroll on your phone? Well, where
else did you pick photos from?I don't know. We got a favorite.
Oh Yeah, you can't see.I don't want to see anything.
I don't want to see. Youdon't want to see. I can't see.
All Right, I'm back and Ireally do look like this. Actually,
I'm just Um, not town rightnow. Write a little paragraph about
yourself. If you write a paragraphabout you, we told you, we
make you, we make you worka little bit. Okay, okay,
why don't you? I would liketo see what you come up with that,
but I all say yes or now. U Ryan, can I give
you a few tips for that?Oh please. Yeah, okay. So,
especially for these prompts, Um,focus on what your deal breakers are.
I Swipe for friends all the timeand like, the biggest turn off
is seeing paragraphs of people saying swipeleft if and it's so important to know
what you're looking for in a partner, but focusing on what you don't want,
like just instead of focusing on whatyou don't want in a partner,
focus on what you're looking for ratherthan be negative. Glass is not half
empty. Yeah, Um. Andthen also make lists. This actually really
helps daters. Um. So listthings like books that are on your coffee
table or songs that are in yourspotify list, could be your new song,
or vacations that you want to goon, because guys really need help
when it comes to sending that firstmessage and something to react to. Yeah,
I'm very aware of that. I'mraising two of them. Um.
Yeah, so we'll give them,give them some meat. I'll try my
best and I won't let it gothrough if it's not, if I don't
approve it. But like, Idon't know. I don't trust Ryan's just
like for I mean I trust himin general. I think he does still
money for me on occasion. Butyeah, I just get her wallet and
run, but you don't trust mewith creating your I would trust mark did
my one for hinge and I havelike seven dust. But he also did
it like. He did it,like in a sexy way, like not
like he didn't put real info,I mean, but real info, but
nothing to juicy. I think itneeds to be obviously, like you said,
juicy. Yeah, it needs toshow your personality. There needs to
be some flavor there. Do youdo you start with like no, that's
a turn off. Like mother oftwo. I wouldn't want to even read
that if I started with that.Um, but I feel like it's important
that people know that I am amom. But maybe we end with that
loving mom with two boys, oreven if one of your like photos,
not the first one, because Ithink the first one should always be you,
but like one of the photos canbe you and your two boys.
Yeah, that's creepy. I meanjust because I don't want her. You
know, you never know who's gonnaUm. So all right. So then
I'm going to make this paragraph.We're gonna get. I feel like what
do you what do we say inthe Pairs? Like help us, Michael.
Come on, Ryan, I gaveyou you got to write out a
little list of things um or like. Like I, like, I really
want to go to Greece. Ryan'sgoing. Of course. I've net to
one place I've never been, likewant to go to Greece. That would
be in the list. Yeah,yeah, but that's kind of bland.
Freezing it that way, Ryan,is a very bland by the way,
I think I should definitely write it. No, I don't think it should
be the first sentence. Like Ilisten, Um, spicy, Sassy Scrubio,
looking for love. So, likeone thing I would think about is,
like I love coffee. Um.So if I was making a dating
profile from my self, I'd belike bonus points if you can recommend the
best coffee spot in this neighborhood.I live in Manhattan. So like,
what's your favorite coffee? And Oh, you're so lucky. I feel like
there's so many better guys in NewYork. L A is just a really
hard place to date. What's yourfavorite thing? Um, are you if
you're a sum Ya, how doyou say that? Wine? Like wine?
Yeah, obviously, like if youcan, if you are into good
wine, if you like peanut Coladas, if you like Penia coladas. Having
I thought it used to say isn'tsomething in Champagne. I thought it said
cocaine for the longest time, butit doesn't. Just so you know,
Um, I feel like something.I love to cook. Um. Yeah,
so you can say you're looking forif you want, like looking for
someone to cook with or no one'sallowed in my kitchen, only me,
I like. Yeah, and donot try to order for me at a
restaurant, because that does not work. I don't like that. Let me
make my own decisions. Like Idon't like someone who's super controlling. Um,
but you know, like if he, if he, you know,
goes and gets the whine list andorders like something great off the whine list
that he wants me to try,that's great and amazing. I don't need
to be a part of that decision, but I don't like Um, somebody's
like that's just a new venue.We're going to start with. This I'm
like, Oh, yeah, thatmakes me crazy. Well, you don't
want someone who's gonna Parent you?No, but what did you write,
Ryan? Let's hear it. Well, I'm going to change it. Don't
worry, I'm a really good writer. I just I feel like it's weird
trying to sell yourself to someone.Yeah, but you would think a friend
could do it. I just wantto I just want to move to the
next thing. So I'M gonna wecan go back and edit these. Right.
Can we edit these yet? Right, yeah, I'm going to.
So. Yeah. So we dothis, and then how long does it
take for it to go into likeyour database and then for you? I
mean, I guess it just dependsif there's any matches at all, because,
like, and I think, andno, lass guys just go through
and pick anyone that has a prettypicture. Yeah, no, it's instant,
like once you answer our questions,uh, the algorithm will already find
people who fit your criteria. Andlike, the more time you spending it,
the more the apple will learn whatyou're looking for. Do you want
some questions? Sure, give questions, Ryan, about how long do you
want your next relationship to last?Um, until one night. A few
months to a year, several years, the rest of my life. I
mean I feel like, uh,several years, and I feel like every
relationship has an ending. I'M gonnasay which word describes you. Better care
for your intense I feel like legfeel like a five year like it's good
five. After five years, youshould just decide to move on, like
you could make that a pact,like have a pre nup for your relationship.
In five years, it's not goingto be that exciting to have sex
with me anymore or you, solet's decide that we're going to end it,
even if you're like on a goodnote, but you still want to
have sex, of course. Okay, it's just not gonna be as exciting,
right. Right, I said that'swhy it should end. How important
is relationship in your life? Um, I do believe in God, so
it's yeah, somewhe yeah, yeah, I feel like if you have a
spiritual you believe in a higher power, you're not getting married again. Right,
Um, I look forward to someonechanging my mind about that, but
I don't want you to just putno, this is there's an option here.
Get married, no, settled down, yes, yeah, and you
can also with any of our questions. You can skip ones where you're like,
not really my vibe, or doesit really not for me? Right,
but like this one, you don't. You don't enjoy discussing politics.
You just talked about it with you. You were gonna. We're worried about
your parents coming and Oh, yeah, no, I don't. I don't
think. I mean it depends,like I don't like talking about it with
my parents, but I think thatyou can have like a knowledgeable conversation about
certain things, but it's not somethingI enjoy. I think it's a real
quick way to get in an argument. Yeah, I think this one's interesting.
Would you date someone who was inconsiderable debt? NOPE, check the
credit score. How important is theastrological sign? It's not. It's not
important, but I find it interesting. No, just put no, Gemini's
important. No, it's not.I'm just joking. I've married a Gemin
I already over thirteen years. Ithink that's a good that's like a lot
longer than it should have been.Could you date someone who is really messy?
Messy, yes, but not dirty, because I'm messy. Okay,
I think this is just messy.Yeah, but if they're if they have
like skids in their underwear puked.I can't do it. That's disgusting.
Okay, which would you rather benormal or weird? I think that I'm
weird. I think weird either.No one's normal. If you say you're
normal, you're really fucked up.Even I was like we're not going to
do normal for that one, right. What is normal? That sounds so
ordinary and boring. Anyway. Oh, do you want to pro choice badge
to your profile demonstrating your support?Yes, absolutely. Do you like scary
movies? I like thrillers. Idon't like horror movies. I don't know
what ring, but I would.I watched like. I watched scary movies.
Watched like the movie, scary movie. No, Um, like,
I watched like. I like actionthrillers, I like Dude Movies like mission
impossible. I don't like chick flat. I mean I'll watch them. Okay,
what about this one? Do youoften find yourself worrying about things that
you have no control over? Yes, every day day, worrying, covid
monkey pox. Let's talk about it, let's get involved. Okay, the
final question here. which are thefollowing types of intelligence do you value most?
You ready logical slash mathematical, socialslash interpersonal, visual slash artistic.
The second one social interpersonal. Yeah, I think so. Numbers people scare
me, not like math is hardfor me. Yeah, I mean I'm
good at math, but I don'tI'm not passionate, passionate about mouth like
I don't want to say talk aboutlike our interest rate. And you know,
I had to go to the bankyesterday with Mason and I was checking
out like halfway through her car versationwith him about credit and all this ship.
I was like, Oh my Lord, but you know, I mean
that's of is important, but Ithink, like I just want to get
to know if that's if that's whatyou're passionate about. Yeah, I can't
do that. No, that's ahard pass unless you're just talking about all
of the billions of dollars that youhave them. We can totally be on
the numbers page. You got toprioritize it, not be passionate about it.
Yeah, that's true. That's thethat's the move that look at.
You could have just in my profilefor me, because I think Ryan failed.
I'm just curious what that paragraph says. His giggling makes me nervous.
Yes, plus he's just he's alittle weird. The paragraph is not good.
I admit to that right now.Like I love to cook. I
wish I someone could make me workout more. Um, I want.
You know, I'm very social.I do like I do like a gentleman,
like I yesterday I stopped at thebank door with my son and we
stood there for about thirty seconds andlike he was waiting for it to automatically
open. NOPE, it's like I'mlike, you want to get the fucking
door. I mean it happened twice. Happened at the stand and at the
bank. I just stood there.That's my thing. I just stand there
and wait for my voice to openit, because you have to teach you
have to teach men how to bea gentleman. I think being a gentleman
is hugely important and people would thinkthat. I might not think that,
but I really. I like itimpresses me and like the way people treat
like, you know, the waitstaff, because I was a waitress,
I was a hostess, all ofthat. That is something that is a
deal breaker, like if you're arude or you think you're better than other
people. I cannot, I can't, I can't with you. Yeah,
we we always say, like thebest way to learn about someone is how
they behave to leader is on thefirst dage, because it's just so cringe
e. like I could never everdeal with that and my parents would kill
me. Yes, and I'm friendswith all the waiters to the places I
go, so they're like my friends. So I would be like I would
get to know what the tip was, because I'm not getting the I'm not
getting the first check. Let's justsay that. Because if you start there,
if you start like splitting it,it only it's like Oh, you're
gonna get it. I want somebodyto be the man and like that might
be old fashioned, but I wantsomebody to kind of not control me.
But like I need the fun policea little bit and I need someone to
be a gentleman and be like don'tget on the table, brandy, it's
not a good look right now.You know what I mean? I think
you need that too. Yeah,I do. Like I used to call
my ex husband the warden because myfriends was like let's go out and like
I gotta check with the warden becausehe knows like, like I go next
level fun, which at this ageis getting harder and harder, because my
body the next day I'm like bruises, like broken nails. But I just
I'm I'm a very happy, funperson, Um, but I do have
a temper and I lose it onmy children and on housewives on occasion.
That's what my boyfriend is for me. He's always like, you need to
get off the chair now and maybe, instead of that shot, a bottle
of water, or let's just let'sjust go get pizza. But don't put
me on water on my first date, because you're dead to me, like
like getting put on water. Thatwould be a really good one to put
in the paragraph. Yeah, don'tput me on the first date. Plus,
on first dates, I tried justto have like a couple of drinks,
um, but it does loosen themood and like make everything a little
bit better. It makes them moreattractive, it makes me my eyes blurrier.
So so we're gonna, we're gonnasee how fast do I get a
match? Is this my phone?You already you already have people. Well,
he has a dog in his photo. I Love Dogs, but I
don't trust people that put their dogin their first photo. I have a
lot of those little is Michael.Let's say I think I have another match.
Maybe there's no dog who likes you. Okay, Swipe, it says.
Oh, why are they blurry?Yeah, so you're not on your
like the people we are recommending toyou page. Oh, this is just
randos. Yeah, those are peoplewho have already like. Go to the
recommended all the way on the left. Okay, Swipe left to pass.
Oh, you just passed on.No, no, there's just this is
just instructions. It's just instructions.Right to like. Okay, okay,
so here's dog. You want toswipe. Which left or right? Left
to pass. Right, he lookslike he's hiking. Who wants to do
that on a first date? Yeah, this way, or is that right
after right, right is if youlike them, you swipe. You Swipe,
not me. I'm scared. I'mscared. There we go. Okay,
get more matches with get shown firstincreased. Well, these are just
people that don't haven't we haven't matchedyet. Right. No, you would
see like a pop up that showsyou matched. Is a good looking dude
studio city. That's good. Yeah, read what it says about him.
Read that right. I'm not goingto say his name. He's a queer
and Aquarius. Six one. That'sgood. That means he's five. A
lot as kids might want more.That means he doesn't want more. By
the way, looking for women,short term dating and long term dating.
Okay, here we go. I'mnot. I'm not going to read his
whole profile. You tell me,like, what he does for a living?
Yeah, I'm trying to find out. He cries at the end of
Pixar movies. He says pass.He is happy at home watching a movie
with the ball of ice cream.That's great. Sushi, maybe get him.
We'll pass up. In and out. Who doesn't live in and out?
Well, that's the only thing Ilike about him. Okay, so
we don't like him. No,okay, we cries that on the couch.
Oh good, go left to pass. Oh, this guy looks like
he has more botox than me.Yeah, I like it, though,
Arcadia, where the funk? He'scute, though. All right, he's
got pretty you want me to read. Are Just gonna Swipe Right? I'm
not after one picture. Should not. What does it say? Pisces doesn't
smoke, drink sometimes has a dog. Great, H okay, pretty guy.
Often told you. Looking at theage, I love going to the
beach and mouth. I look youngerthan my age. Wow, patting yourself
on the back a little bit.It's a bit cocky. Likes being active,
but also like staying inside, orderingpizza, watching movies. But he
doesn't cry at them. Right.No, it doesn't cry for first date,
meeting drinks is always good thing withme. Um, anything else,
just as I feel like good atbeing a Dad, good at coaching soccer,
good at being funny, good atbeing a good friend. He thinks
he's funny and he looks young.But I'm okay with a little cockiness.
But are there are more pictures?Oh, I'm sure. How do I?
How do you look at more pictureswithout swiping? You know? So
if you click the right side ofthe photos, it'll go to the next
one. Now, you can.You like it? I don't know.
Yeah, I kind of. I'mnot mad at it. He kind of
looks like Jack's Taylor on steroids.Who's Jack's Taylor? You don't know?
Oh, Nope, what did it? The Tattoo? No, I don't
care about tattoos. But yeah,so that's a nuts now. Okay,
sorry, Arcadia left Swipe left topass left, just passing right here.
It's been two people I don't like. I'm very picky. You know what's
just the Swiping, is what I'msaying. Okay, well, that was
good. Well, we'll do morelater. Okay, let me just see
what she's already into. He's kindof cute. Arena del Ray, though.
That's so far. We'll look atlater. But so then. So
these are my not my matches yetare these are matches. These are people
who are recommended to you based onwhat you've filled out. Yeah, yeah,
and then and once you match withthem, they'll be moved into like
a messages tab, which is likein the middle of your APP, and
that'll show you all your matches andthen there's like a column or a Tab
that says your turn, which meansthose matches are waiting for a response from
you. Yeah, yeah, Iknow that part from Hn. Like I
feel like, all right, soyou think that this is, this is
going to be the matching game.Well, I don't know. I just
think it's uh, I think it'sif you guys, okay, cupids and
around for twenty years. I feellike people are probably a little more serious
and we'll see what happens and Ithink it's good for anyone who's like really
picky, because you can fill outso much stuff on the APP and really
filter out people you are like madabout. I don't know. We don't
have questions about crying a pixar movies, but we might add one after this.
I mean. Yeah, I meanlike if you cry at death of
a salesman on Broadway, like you'rea real man, especially if you try
to hide it. Love it.But yeah, I'm very specific about crying.
But Anyway, Ryan said we haveto wrap it up because he is
boring. Um, but it's beenso nice talking to you. I have
a new APP on my phone.Please upgrade me all the upgrades and we'll
get all the upgrades and then,yeah, like we'll check in again and
I'll let you know if I havea boyfriend. Yes, I have to.
I have to find out how itgoes. Um, and just for
any of your listeners, if theychoose to download okay cupid, just email
subscriptions at Okay Cupid Dot Com.And if you're a listener of Brandy,
I will upgrade you for free aswell. Yeah, yeah, all right,
you guys all know that you're goingto do this right, they're gonna
do it. Trust me, they'regonna do it. They they're smart,
and I'm going to get that updated, whether I find someone or not.
So it'll be like a fun littlething that we do. We can have
it. Okay, Cupid, Umcheck in. We should. Today when
we talk to the patrons, weshould. Oh yeah, I have to.
I have like these friends that areon. We do happy hours on
Wednesday, but it's virtual. AndYeah, you can join and subscribe.
Oh my God, I'm going todo that actually after that. It's so
I'm actually really friends with all ofthem now. I met up with some
of them in New York and we'replanning a brunch in L A. I
just I feel like, listen,buddy, don't you dare? He was
going to pee on that. Isaw him. He was getting ready.
Well, right, right, thedog was going to pee on Ryan,
but now he's just licking Brian's leg. All right. Well, this was
so fun. You. You definitelychanged my outlook for the day. Happy
to laugh with you and I willkeep you updated on you know. Okay,
keep it in and listeners, geton it with me. Let's talk
about it later. So you atfive. Five. I don't want to
do that. Admits your crying andand staying on the couch in your ice
cream. Right. That cartoons.You swiped left on those. Yeah,
you swip left on those. SoI feel like I need to get in
and do like a little. Ineed to see you. Definitely need to
what paragraph you for me? Good, I just wanted to move. What
did you say? Just like scherifs. You know. No, I said,
uh no, no, I said. I started with like what you
do. I said like author,podcast hosts, television personality and something of
mom of two loving boys, orsomething like that, I think. And
then I and then the dude saidyou have to make a list. I'm
like, okay, so you saidSassy Scorpios. I made that, and
then and then, and then westarted talking about preferences, and so I
made another list. It's not great. We should really fix it soon.
I'm going, because it is publicEST that Ryan did my protofile for me.
So I'm going to get some aerialkillers that want to take me.
But we'll check it every week andwe'll see, Um, if you're matched,
and I'll keep you guys, abreastof the situation. Um, because
last night I was thinking about thelast time I kissed someone. I thought
it was like January, but thenI realized when I was in New York
Class I did kiss somebody in theelevator because his friends told me to make
out with him, like he's neverbeen made out with before. So did
you. I slammed him against thewall and kiss him and then he wanted
to come to my room and Isaid no because markers in my room.
That's pretty fun story, though.I have a lot. My life is
so fun until it's not. LikeI have two weeks, two straight weeks,
of the boys, Um, becausetheir dad is on vacation again.
Um, Oh, oh, Oh, what? I forgot to ask you
because I was I wanted to bethere. How did it go? Oh
my gosh, it was so muchfun. And we met these girls and
I went with my girlfriend and nowwe met these girls at the airport and
she was like, Oh my God, you're an icon. I'm like,
Oh my God, you should cometo my party. And so they came
to the Party and, Um,they were like fashion woma group. It's
a fashion WAMA group. Did youperform the song? I didn't perform because
that would they would have to payme a lot more. But Um,
I did get put on stage withsome strippers, but they were giving shots
of vodka or female strippers. Maile, I like both. But mail.
I told her Nan we were onthe stripper flight. She didn't she had
never heard of it, because Friday'sout of Burbank on like all the strippers
go to Vegas and so there's alwaysattractive, smelling, good women on the
Friday Burbank flight early. But wehad a good time. We Um,
we just don't do shots and andI let's just say that we should not
ever do no, I don't.I don't know. That's so gross,
but thrown up in high school,unless I had stomach flue, which is
still because the act or the thoughtof it makes me we were to throw
I don't but it was fun.The Vegas was fun. It was so
fun. They played my song andI got hot strippers all around me and
we got wasted. We only haveto stay an hour. We stayed for
like four hours. Um, yeah, it was. That would have been
so strippers that hustler are so hotand they actually like have sex with you
with their clothes on. It's notlike Magic Mike. We're like yeah,
they bring you. Oh Yeah,like I'm like, I hope you just
came because like this girl is gettinglike vagina was getting murdered with her close
on and this guy was hot andI was like this is I mean,
this is like if you really wantto get it, girls to go to
Hustler, because Magic Mike is Great. But it wasn't like there's a new
one coming out right. I don'tknow, is there? I think I
heard there's a new one. Sorry, tangent, you mean on TV?
There's a new magic Mike Coming Out, a new movie? Oh, Oh
yeah, girl, they had areality show. We went. We went
to Magic Mike. We very hot dancers, but it wasn't
like it was just if you're afan of a boy, go to Magic
Mike. If you're a fan ofPenthouse, go to Hustler. Interesting.
Yeah, I don't really know thedifference between playboy and Penthouse. Um,
they show. Yeah, it's alittle bit more aggressive Penthouse, but you
know the SPHINCTER. If you wantto see the spincter, go to go
to hustle. No, no,penthouse. Yes, look at spincters,
which all the I don't even knowexactly what that means. I don't know
why you know. I don't.Oh my God, you want me to
tell you? No, I don't. I know that's a lady Um.
So get my song, life ofa housewife. The lyrics are fucking bomb.
And what I'm doing he is layingdown some tracks. People don't think
that's my voice, but you justnow heard it and you saw it.
That's a diamonds, peaches apples too. So fuck off, Trisha and my
sister, who doesn't think I sangit. No, I love you,
but I did sing it. Well, I wrapped it like I'm a rapper.
I'll send her the demos we didhere and then she'll not remember I
had like this worst sort throw.Yes, it's hard to be a rapper.
There's a new song by Nicki Minaj. It's called like Super Freak or
freak, and it totally reminds meof tiger and bunnies. We like the
cars that go boom, I feellike, but she definitely sampled super freak
in the background, but I feellike she sounds just like tiger and bunny
and it almost sounds the same asthat song. Anyway, I like both
songs. I just tiger and bunny. You might want to make sure that
she doesn't owe you money on yournext song. You should sample, you
should sample something. I'm not rich. Don't tell the kids. He's gonna
know he sees my lamere. I'mnot rich, though. When you have
the help of producers again, whycan't they help you find a sample of
something iconic? You know, becauseI want my songs about abortion. Your
Song is about abortion. Yeah,like a personal story. It's a song.
Any songs are stories. No,it's not. It's not a song.
Is a story, but it's calledmy body. Okay, boy,
but it's like it's sexy abortion.You're still working on the lyrics right now.
Yeah, I have a lot oflyrics. You have a beat?
You don't have a beat yet,not yet. You know, I worked
differently. I have to turn ona certain show, get into some reggaeton.
Are you loving? It? Makesme one of great things. That
so yeah, thank you, Columbia. I love that. Okay, Umiku.
Yeah, all right, I'm gonnafind you a song. All Right,
I'M gonna make up the Hiku withoutwriting it down. What I'm gonna
Freestyle? Wow, boom, watchthis. Okay, keep it it.
Ain't stupid. Gonna find a mate. Take me on a date. Make
sure you are Super Hot. Ilike hot guys, like hot, hot
hot guys sucks. Hot Sucks byeverybody, by my Lord. Thanks for
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