EPISODE 356: A Re-Brandi(ng) w/ Raj Girn

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Raj Girn is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur and media personality with almost 2 decades of experience in niche marketing, branding, media, and public relations. She and Brandi chat about the importance of strong branding. Brandi also talks about taking matters into her own hands and writing her own TV show. This episode is brought to you by Cerebral! For 65% off your first month go to getcerebral.com/brandi Brandi Glanville Unfiltered is supported by Best Fiends! Download it for free on the Apple App Store or Google Play for free. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


STRAWUT media, like I want to
go make a show, do or something.

I need to go. Great,
we're still recording. Look, okay,

let's do it from Straw hut media. This is Randy Gland, Bill

on the field. Hey, guys, welcome to brandy glad, all unfiltered.

I'm here with my friend Ry,
my producer. Today we're going to

be talking to Raj Urn Yep,
and she is a social media expert and

kind of an expert on all things
like building your brand and, yeah,

everything together. She's a bad bitch. Is basically what it's going to come

down to. I can't wait we
try to get her on a few months

ago, because I just have so
many questions and I just think that,

like just after doing a deep dive
on our she's a Ross Bitch and I

need her help out of it,
out of this, hoping to get inspired

and create something incredible. Yeah,
and to figure out, not the word

pivot, because we don't like that
word, but how to to take what

already works and branch out with it. Yeah, they're like ample, don't,

yeah, don't get stuck in that
hole. Honestly, it's like helpful,

it's like good, it's right let's
get her on. I don't even

rarm my head. done the welcome, Raj. How are you? I

am so well. Guys, thanks
so much for having me on. I'm

super excited to do this with you. Oh my gosh, I feel like

the first time we couldn't make it
happen and then this time I was like,

I don't know if this is going
to work. We might just because

we could. We are having technical, technical difficulties, and I was like,

we did it, though, we
did anything. Here we're hanging out.

It's so cool. Yes, okay, so what would you say your

title as a social media expert or
like, what do you call yourself?

You know, it's really interesting because
I've had like, you know, multiple

things that I've done. So I'm
very kind of you know, multihyphinute.

It's so sad that a gen Xa
is a multihyphute when I should be,

you know, a zoomer or something. But you know, in essentially speaking,

I've found it, you know,
three brands and they're in the kind

of media marketing events, you know, social media kind of space. We

had a you know, a coffee
table book that we published for a number

of years we've done these fabulous awards
shows with celebrities from across Bollywood and Hollywood.

So there's been kind of you know, what do I do? I

literally I create these kind of products, these content products, whether they be

live products, social media products or, you know, just traditional products,

and I help my clients to kind
of really step into media campaigns and marketing

campaigns. And how do we fit
branding into the hole mix and how do

we make sense of what needs to
go first, second or third to make

sure that we're actually hitting the mark
on the messaging, well as kind of

ensuring that the right people are hearing
what needs to be said. So that's

kind of what I do. I
mean, that's sort of kind of a

lot, but it kind of,
yes, is it makes sense that you

were to have your hands and all
of these different things in order to place,

you know, people and items and
different companies together. So Ryan and

I were speaking earlier and here's the
question is, how do you find what

your niche is? That's well,
I'm going to just add to it.

Okay, okay, and then what
if, I think, but what if

my niche that I think, which
I I think I know what mine is

isn't profitable, do you do?
You then change up who you are,

or you stay true to your stuff
and be poor? Hmm, this is

good. I think it's I think
that's that that everything that you're saying.

That it. You know, it
kind of demands so much discussion. So

for me to kind of, you
know, encapsulate it for you, guys,

I feel that the most important thing
is is that you need to be

clear on why you're doing what you're
doing. Are you doing it for fame?

Are You doing it for fortune?
Are you doing it for you know,

all of the above, you know. I think that's the first thing

that you need to be clear on
and be honest about why you're doing what

you're doing. The second thing I
feel that you need to tap into is,

and I do this with my clients, is I put them through kind

of this forty eared pyramid that that
I have them go through, so literally,

so the bottom pyramid is the bottom
of the pyramid. is going to

have all of the skills and the
education and you know, all of that

stuff. You know, what is
it that you know? What is that

wheelhouse that you come from? The
next tear after that, I tell them

to step into your skill set.
Now this is personal and professional, not

just professional, and there's a reason
why I have people tap into the personal

stuff. Then I have them go
into you know, what you know?

What are the different roles they've had? What are the things they've done in

their life? And then the very
last here is what do you love to

do right? Where do you want
right? Right, what do you love

to do? Because I feel that
the reason why people get stuck on figuring

out what their niche is is that
they have kind of this kind of creative

big idea, because pop culture tells
everyone that everyone can do everything, but

then doesn't give them the tools to
tell them how to do it right.

So I feel that the big key
here is understand those four layers of what

make you who you are and be
very clear on which one of those are

the ones that you actually want to
make money with, the one that you

want to incorporate to be able to
inspire people. You know, where does

your story lying? All of that
that can connect with people, and all

those people, people that have money
right, that are going to buy what

you're saying? Or what do you
want to do that you you know you

want like a fandom like you know. Are you like you know? Are

you? Are you in need for
people to say that you're beautiful and your

fabulous and you got a gorgeous board
and your intelligent, but you don't make

a dime, like a lot of
it instagram people do, or every influenzer,

but they're not make quite a bit
of money, which is because they've

got it right. Yeah, I've
got it right that all of these things

have been somewhere, whether it's been
in their subconscious, a conscious space,

somewhere, these four layers have been
a part of their you know, concoction

to figure out how they're going to
make the thing work. So if you

keep jumping shop right and or jumping
ship, is what you guys say in

North America, you're always having to
recreate the you know what you've already done.

I believe not in pivoting. I
hate that word. I hate that

word too, but yeah, I
believe in diversification. Take what you've already

done, leverage it to create the
next thing and amplify the mofo out of

that. That's how you make that's
how you create authority. That's where people

are very clear and who you are, because you're not going away from what

they used to knowing about you.
This is what Jlo does right, this

is what Rihanna does. You can't
lose sight on who you are. No,

I mean, I've had agents in
the past that want me to be

someone I'm not. They say,
can you please stop saying fack? Can

you please getting drunk on TV?
I'm called that's kind of my brand.

I have a feel Brown and I
have too New York Times as selling books

or fuck is pretty much on every
page. You know what I'm saying.

Like so I I know that I'm
not going to go and be giving manners

classes, if you know what I
mean. I'd love to take one.

No, you were better. I
think I would take that close. I

mean, but, but I have
people that in my life that want to

change me. The like, we
need to class you up, we need

to show a different side of you, and you know that. I am

a mom. I love my kids. I'm a great mom, I know

that. But I also know that
people don't want to take mothering advice for

me because I want on my kid. I like if they do something wrong,

like I just say murder, because
that's why I'm going to do to

them. I don't even I just
leave it. I'm just like murder.

Be gonna tell you something about what
you just said there, which I feel

that people need to kind of really
hone in, a Tup into and stick

with. Is that the most successful
female entrepreneurs out there a very, very

stern and disciplined when it comes to
their children. How they weare their children

all of the very successful one.
So you're fitting in that, sweetheart.

I think you must be doing a
thing a two right. Yeah, they

I wouldn't listen to them. I
wouldn't listen to the those who don't really

factor into what's happening inside of you. If swear words and getting drunk is

a part of your you know,
DNA that, and if it makes you

happy, it comes back to that
pyramid. It's sitting up there in the

passion place. So you're getting something
out of it, sweetheart, and if

you're getting something out of it and
people are tapping into it and feeling a

line to that Eke at that,
that equals brand. Well, we're not

here to judge. I'd like I'm
I'm forty eight years old. I'm not

going to change at this point and
I don't think people want me out there,

you know, doing motivational speaking about
getting the right Shard. Nay,

I'm just like, I I am
just thinking about your but think about how

what you stand for with make for
a really good talk. I think that

I would come and listen to you
because your brand is so powerfully you and

that that equals to authentic. There
is nothing more powerful than being authentically you

and there are many brands out there
that will align with what you believe in.

You just need to find those brands
and tell them why you're why you're

important, and you're pretty fabulous as
far as I'm concerned. So thanks.

Like you know, like we're not
here to please the people that are hard

to please, right, but here
to please the people that get us,

the Nesh, the niche, like
you say. Yeah, well, that's

why I get frustrated when people try
to change me and say you shouldn't say

but I'm like, well, that's
why I have the books that I have

and that that's what's kind of gotten
me here. And Trust me, I

don't drink every day and I don't
want to be drunk every day, but

people always want to drink with me. Like they said, drinks all the

time. And one I'm like it's
daytime, like it. Love it with

me, but so it's hard for
me to kind of figure out what else

is there for. So that's my
brand. Like in a way I know

there's because, like, people want
to drink with me. They were right

about my third book. I want
to work. You work. Oh thanks,

but that's what it is, isn't
that what it's about at the end

of the day? Right, you
work. There's enough people. If here's

what I always say, if you're
trying to please everyone, you're pleasing nobody.

You, you know, the only
people you can please all the people

that aligned with your belief system.
So if you're clear on what your belief

system is and you find different ways
to diversify it, if you're not making

millions of dollars, I kind of
want to know why. Okay, well,

meet too, because I'm not.
So I kind of want to know

why. I'm a little lazy to
go. I just want my son into

college, my first year college,
and I have another one that just started

to high school, and my kids
a priority, like no matter what,

I if I love that, I'm
not going out and doing the things.

and to be perfectly honest with you. I cannot stand social media through no,

I do pay people to help me
with it right, no issue,

but they need content for me,
which which is hard. I don't like

to do that. I just don't. I don't like taking pictures, I

don't. I don't like being unauthentic
or cheesy or being like by this when

I don't even like it. I'm
like, I would never that does someone.

Why do you? Why do you
say to me here? I feel

like I need to be better at
social media, but it just seems like

so fake, are so busy on
social media that we're not living our lives.

And Hmm, I don't here's what
I say about social media and I,

and this is just my personal take
on it, is that, you

know, social media is not my
girlfriend, my husband, is not my

children, it does not have a
heart, it's a thing. So the

thing needs to have a place in
your life where it fits the best to

be in. So if this means
you need to hire someone to make sure

that what you are trying to do
on social media gets done without you having

to kind of be involved in the
minutia that which it is, something that

doesn't resonate with your spirit. Your
too clearly a very creative woman. You're

very you know, you're a very
interesting woman. So let people do what

they're good at and you just keep
doing what you're good at and you social

media to get to the people that
need you. What if what you have

to say or do is what's going
to kind of change the game for someone

in that day? Because I kind
of feel, because you have such a

strong personality, that there are a
lot of people that would truly need you

in their life. So let some
have you, but the you don't have

to be the one that does all
the things. Engagement. That's the print.

I can. I can, you
know, make a video and be

until someone to fuck off, which
I really enjoy doing. Annoy the fuck

out of me, and that's people
like well, reach out to me and

say, oh my gosh, I
wish I could just say that to this

person in my life that's doing this
and or how did you get over your

husband? I'm like right, you
know, like all of the cheating and

all of that. So I do. I know that's my niche, but

I'm kind of stuck in what more
to do with it? That's what I

was going to ask you. Like, yeah, I have the wine and

I have a bar wear line coming
out and I have my books, which

I'm been stuck on the third book
for seven years. Only is well,

I actually started writing again today.
Very happy. Well, this past week,

because I feel like at this point
I got some shit to say which

might get me canceled, but it
might be time just to get canceled and

moved to Ohio. All the canceled
people live in Ohio and I don't know,

somewhere work going will recognize me.
You know, it just it's such

a sensitive time right now and I
am, and I get this a lot,

like with brands. They say I'm
what is the word that they I'm

too I don't know, provocative,
provocative. I'm too provocative of to be

with them. But yet then I'm
watching TV and there's this welcome to my

vagina commercial which, HMM, we
know it's talking about damp ons and bladdally

exiting like that never would have happened
five years ago, right. And so

I feel like brands are coming a
little bit further, but it's hard for

me to be my authentic self.
And you know, when then they can

pick like a different housewife or a
different person that, yeah, has like

this lifestyle brand and I'm so wary
that they are coming around, because they

even in the podcast. They're like
we just want brained to be herself just

right, know, for the ads
and things like that. I think that

they're coming around, might say.
I think. I think it's I think

it's putting yourself in front of the
right brands right and this is why I

love branding, because I'm a personal
branding coach and and that's kind of what

I do, you know, for
my full time in this part of my

life, because I've already done the
other stuff. I've seen all the mistakes

that people have made. I've seen
what they've done that shouldn't have been done.

I've worked with corporate celebrities, influences, thought leaders, you name it.

So I've kind of really, kind
of been behind the velvet rope,

behind the scenes, kind of watching
what's been happening with a lot of brands

and I and I feel that people
need to be very clear and understand who

you are, and I think that
that's very clear. So now the next

stage is and you've done all the
things. You've done the book, you've

done the TV, you've done everything
right, so that other thing that you

feel that you're looking for, which
is while you're sitting there with this other

book for All these years. I
think has a lot to do with perhaps

you want to revisit what your passion
is like. What is your passion?

But what what excites you that you
know? That's why you need then write

the book about sex. I did. I. Yeah, I wrote that

one too. I wrote two books, but one was about all of the

Dick I had got because I just
wanted to share. Like I I just

wanted to say no, but I
mean, I I just I don't.

I'm stuck and the pandemic has caused
me to be even more stuck and I

have a lot of depression and even
more anxiety. But you know, I

watched Kim Kardashian when she had that
branding agent, Brian. Some forgot his

name, but I watched her.
We all watched her, because she's a

billionaire mogul now and in all came
from her being. She had a grand

she was the first, first one
I ever heard of, and this is

during my first book, I was
writing it. That had a branding agent.

I'm like, Oh, if anyone
else's my brand, I'm going to

shoot them. But now I obviously
get it, ten years later. But

it's just difficult because you want someone
who believes in you, right, and

then you also want, like my
agent, stop being you. Basically,

is what I've been told over and
over again, and so I get defeated

and I don't why are you?
Why are you working with people that don't

get you? Why? I had
to fire him, but I don't think

it does anymore. I die it
fired him recently, but then to get

another agent, everyone's like provocative and
your two whatever the word. I mean.

I do have an agent now and
I love her and she's amazing and

thank God. But I no one
wanted to touch me with the time foot

poll because I said Vagina. Or
I say the word Kant on occasion because

I like it. I'm not saying
that, obviously. Why Dude like the

same thing? I don't know,
because, I mean, I could be

county. I'm like, I'm Super
County today, but my kids know that

they cannot say it. They're like
put you can pay it. I'm like,

Yep, but you cannot. So
I'm like, know your audience and

you don't want to say that to
me. It is nice that you let

everyone know at first because, like
when I come in to do the podcast,

you really like, I'm Super County
today. Yeah, just just so

tell let me know. Thank you. There's some hot flashes happenings, different

Shit going on. I hear you, but you know I'm fifty on the

adults, so I get you girlfriends. So yeah, exactly. You know

exactly what I'm going through and you
know it's just I feel like with the

pandemic, I feel like less creative, I feel defeated. I don't know

if instagram's the best platform for me. I really love twitter just because I

like to fight with people. I
can see that being the perfect place for

you. None of my friends like
it. They're like why are you?

Why even go on there? I'm
like why take a picture of yourself twenty

four hours a day? Like so
exhausting? True, right, we're eating.

Oh, that's get to pick.
I'm like, I got a burger

in my mouth, like it's exhausting, but for someone like the me,

that is kind of I want to
fight. I want to work with you.

I mean I want I want to
know your opinions. I want to

know. So you know. My
Skill said is why? So I oh,

yeah, let's build the yeah,
let's tild The pyramid. Yeah,

I think you got to go there
first, sweetheart. You got to revisit

that pyramid, right, like you
got to do that. So again,

you know what it is. Right. First, IE, all of your

education and all that stuff that your
parents made you do, that you didn't

want to do, but you did
it anyway. Right, there are things

in there that you can use to
make money. Right, I either puts

down. I know I can send
you an email on this as well.

And then the next one is,
what are all the different jobs you've had,

every single type of job you've had
every time? How light have I've

been working since I was travelers all. Well, there you go. So

you so, so there's a multitude
of things that you've done along the way.

Then your next one is, what
are your skill sets, personal and

professional? I don't care how crazy
they are. Like, you can monetize

anything in this world. You just
got to find the right person that aligns

with what you're trying to monetize,
and that's the thing you got to you

got to tap in with a company
that knows how to sell your value proposition

to the right people, and that
and they're everything is sellable. Everything is

sellable out there, Brandy. And
then the last one is the passions,

and that's where you're depleted. You
are feel you know everything that you're talking

about. It's the passion place.
I feel that's the place at the top

of your pyramid, which is the
most powerful thing that will ever make you

do something or not. is where
you need to focus. What do you

want to do? What's important to
you? What does the next five years

of your life look like for you? Where do you want to get to?

You know, all jokes aside and
everything now, the end of the

day, you want to be a
happy woman, but you're happy. It

is different from someone else is happy. Right. I've written a ton of

like shows that I thought would be
funny and I've pitched them. I just

because when I was, you know, sitting around, I love to just

type and it just they feel like
I have homework and it gives me purpose

because, yes, especially when the
boys are at their DADS, it's not

my week and I'm like, okay, I can. I left the house

today. WHOO. You know,
I'm like, somebody, give me homework,

so I'll write like proposals for,
you know, just I've I've written

so many different shows that I think
are fabulous. Oh my God, they've

been stopple, I've been stolen,
but I learned to like I can do

a copy right them. Yeah,
exactly so. And you know, it's

just hard to get out there and
be taken seriously because people have said you

said, you know what the trick
is there lets. I've had so many

celebrities that I've had that conversation with. The trick there is is to put

yourself with two or three other people
that bring to the table what you don't

bring to the table, so that
your brand then, you know, really

shines in its own light, because
no one is being compared to anyone.

When you look at the housewives or
you look at all these other shows,

they're all the say a woman,
that the same Avatar. Yeah, but

they just doing different silly things and
they resonate. We love watching it,

right, I watch it. I
think it's flipping hilarious, right, but

it's essentially the same woman that is
visually looks different. So that's the thing,

right, for you to stand out
and to be taken seriously in the

world that you're that you want to
be taken seriously in where you own your

own show. Is What I'm hearing
you say. That's bring in those power

players, bring in a producer,
director or production company that's very powerful.

Sell it to them. I don't
sell it to them. I don't know

how to do that because I'm not
taken seriously and I don't want to be

in front of the camera, like
a lot of the shows I've written are

just because I you want to own
them. Yeah, I want to be

the producer on or. I think
it's a great idea. Yeah, yeah,

it's, but that's where I feel
like I just let other people do

the heavy lifting, sweetheart. That's
what I always say. I say,

why are you working so hard?
You do you, you do you,

you're flipping awesome. Keep doing you
and keep reminding yourself why you're awesome and

if you don't feel awesome, go
back to that flipping pyramid last figure it

out right. And the other thing
is tapp into things that people don't generally

tell you you should hap into because
they sound crazy or woo woo. Things

that go get your natal birth chart
done, figure out where all of your

like you know, astrological signs it
and if you want someone for that.

I've got the fucking put excuse my
language. I've got the perfect person for

you now, I think. I
think you will aligned with her spirit because

she's absolutely amazing. Sometimes you we
don't have enough tools. Like the world

has set us up in an infrastructure
that serves men and somewhere along the line

women are trying so hard to be
men. What we need to do is

reimagine that the fucking infrastructure so that
women have a very empowering place in that.

How do you do that? You
got a tool yourself up, not

just from what the infrastructure tells you. That the pop cultural bullshit. Look

at all of the ancient wisdom's.
Look at all the other things that people

tap into empower themselves and become far
greater than they could ever imagine because they're

not putting themselves into the box that's
been created by somebody wants upon a time,

we don't even know fucking know who
that person is anymore. Who is

that person that created our life?
Yeah, she should. You just got

Soapershal I know, I just cancel
my therapies. Sweet. I'm telling you

because I don't like to see women
suffer for no reason. It just really

irks me because I've already been every
single narrative that you know, should have

told people that I should have failed, but I didn't. HMM, you

know I mean, I've been there. I've been the brown chick. I

but you know, I've been but
your BIPOC, single parents, single mom,

divorced woman, you know, don't
have a business degree, all of

this bullshit that tells people that my
narrative is set me up to fail right.

But I didn't be. Why?
Because I chose to take all of

those things that society tells me is
failure right and flip it on its head

and say this isn't failure, this
is success. I just got to fucking

figure out the cocktail here that's going
to work for me, and I got

to walk in that room and demand
my presence as me, not as trying

to be the man right, right, or trying to be the crazy woman.

I just need to be the crazy
me. I need to be me,

because if I'm me and I walk
in that room, and I've done

this so many times, I've walked
in the room and up an and you

know, everyone sitting there does not
get this. This woman walking in the

door, I stand for everything they
don't get right, but they've bought advertising

and sponsorships my awards shows and all
this stuff. Why? Because I walk

in. They're flipping powerful. Yeah, I walk in there and I'd demand

my presence and I'm so well rehearsed
that you can throw anything at me right

and and I can completely change the
narrative in your head around what you're talking

about. So it's almost like don't
fuck with me right because I'm coming for

you. ha ha ha. I
love that, love it. Be Very

happy, because that's how I feel. But sometimes, you know the man,

the man is. I get to
missed because I do I'm you know,

highlights of my bad behavior have been
on TV for ages. So someone

says, Oh, you're actually smart. I mean, that is condescending,

but I'll take it. But I'm
just like yes, it just makes me

so crazy, but at the same
time I get a little defeated. MMM,

but you know what you just said
that people say that you're condescending.

I got to pick up on that
for a second. Is that's their interpretation

of you being very specific about your
needs. Think about that for a minute.

Right, so someone else is viewing
you being very specific about what you're

saying as being condescending. Right,
that's a their narrative. That's how they

picked it up, but this is
you being very specific about what your belief

system is or how you feel about
that thing. Even if you are being

dismissive. You have the right to
be you right. And who that other

person is, they have the right
to take it the way they need to.

Now sometimes we, you know,
we like to kind of irritate people.

Did I lose? You know how
that wants like. Okay, okay,

now it's back. Yeah, so, Brandy, if you do want

me to put you into contact with
this astrology so they can map out your

natal shot so you can see where
are your strengths and weaknesses and is is

your son powerful? Is it weak? Where's your moonsitting? Those things are

very be helpful tools to add to
everything else that we're taught in life.

I would love that, honestly.
So I'll just flip an email to whoever

it is, yeah, that you
know has been communicating with us, but

that be you, sweetheart. Yeah, ok, I'll I will email you.

You know the the do you want
me to a connection with her?

You want to just send you her
in phone and you can kind of see

how you feel to maybe I can
action just so doesn't think it's just out

of left field. Yeah, okay, perfect, because I think that she

will really get you all. I
hope so. I mean, I think

she'll get, she'll get, she'll
get the see. I don't I don't

see you as being a complex woman. I think you're a very exciting woman

because you're constantly looking for that next
other thing to to excite your life.

You're not a boring woman at all. Don't feel defeated and defeated at all.

You are a very interesting, vivacious
and inspiring woman. You just need

to stay in your lane of who
your brand is and diversify it. Trust

me. Trust me about this conversation
with so many women. You just got

to diversify what you've already got.
Never lose your learned experience, because it's

the only thing you've got that other
people can't take away from you. Oh

my God, this has been so
eye opening. I know that you had

another question. Well, I mean, I was curious about the branding stuff,

but I I mean, I feel
I feel like this has been really

I want to go. I think
you should write a show now. Yeah,

yeah, I think you should.
I have fun to you and I've

written, but I do, I
do feel like I I need purpose and

someone to give me the home work, almost because to motivate myself, especially

when I'm feeling anxious for the press, is a little bit difficult for me.

Yeah, you know, when the
boys are here, I I'm always

busy because I don't want them to
know that I'm not busy. And even

if I I pretended me busy,
like what are you doing? Like,

lots of stuff. I get I
trust me, I get it. Yeah,

I get exactly what you're talking about. I kind of feel that you

you need that next big thing,
that next big purpose that excites you,

because you're not the kind of woman
that can have a day job. You're

the kind of woman that needs to
inspire the masses. You a different kind

of species. So don't so,
don't try and so, don't try and

be anything. You're not like this. Just and I find that often times

of celebrities who have had this incredible
career and then the like, I don't

know what to do next and I
and you know, should I do normal

stuff, and I'm like, what's
normal for you? What's your normal is

but shit crazy for other people.
You got to stay in your normal yeah,

because, I say normal people,
you know, the eighty percent of

this world that are normal to me. I think they're but shit crazy they

are. I couldn't do the same
thing every day, all day, like

my sister's an accountant. I would
kill myself. And I'm yet my sister,

but punching numbers all day, every
day like I wouldn't be fulfilled and

I just feel like there's just such
a big world out there and I love

to make people happy and love to
make them laugh. I I looks like

a passion of mine. I always
get that and that's why, that's why

I really love your energy and your
aura. You've got great energy, girlfriend.

Ah, thanks. I do a
little bit of a temper, but

don't be all you're a powerful woman. All powerful women have the rights to

have a temper. Thank you very
much. Oh my gosh, rush,

thank you so much for being with
us. How can people find you on

social media and across the world?
Absolutely all they need to do is at

Rod gun everywhere. That's it,
ever. Is that how they could work

with you for bringing things like that? Yeah, absolutely. Just just hit

me up on any of my social
media and just tell me what they need

and we'll see if I'm the right
person to work with them, and if

I'm not, I won't take them
on, because that's not just not the

that's not a good thing to do. I'll probably suggest someone that is a

better fit for them, because I
work with specific types of personalities. So

I just want to make sure that
I would be the right fit because,

like you, brandy, like you, Brandy, I don't have patience to

work with people that are in the
ecosystem that aligned with what I believe then.

So I'm picky today in my life, after all the years I've worked

my ass off, I work with
people that I absolutely know that I can

truly help go to that next level
of whatever that next level means to them.

So I'm here for you to lean
on me until you can lean on

yourself. Oh, that's so bad. Like it. I'll be in your

DM's what are I love it.
Thank you so much for being here.

That was all. Thank you,
guys, and you are awesome, and

stay warm. Will soon be looking
out for that email. Yes, she's

coming your way, sweetheart. All
right, thank you so much. Thank

you, guys. All Right,
day. Okay, wow, I know

that you need it. What I
never sweat. You need to write a

show. You need to write a
show. I've been like, I have

shows written. I can send them
to you. Okay, okay, cause

I do know some production companies.
Okay, so, like if we you

know, I and I can,
we can, I will, I can,

recie work well together, but you're
also one of the busiest people I

know, and that's why I don't
even call you on the weekends, because

I think that Max my hand we
murdered. But you know, like,

when you're working with someone and it's
a passion project, it requires a lot

of time and you don't really have
that right now. Yeah, however,

I you know, I have,
you know, put shows to betty and

we did get one show picked up
and then, because of covid go right,

awesome. So so, yeah,
and it was. It's very excited

about that, I know. Yeah, they don't need to be in the

show's trust me. Have you talked
to her? Who Beddy, know,

the other person on the show,
on the show that was on that show?

Oh, yeah, absolutely. Okay, I wasn't sure. I wasn't

sure. No, no, of
course. And there's even more shell,

like, I'll send you a couple
of okay, so I thought her funny

and then I forgot to tell her
about I'd like, I feel like she's

my guru. Oh my gosh,
she had so much good information and she

just started getting so passionate and then
she just started swearing it and you're like

it's okay, and then she starts
like fuck the bullshit, all this thing

don't know me. I'm like,
yes, I need that kind of boss

bitch in my life, like you, honestly, but because I really I

could have that too. But I
feel like I'd let people. CAN WE

AFFORD RAJ? I don't know,
but well, is definitely great. Yeah.

Well, I feel like those kind
of people that do this, they

wouldn't take you on if they didn't
see a financial gain for them. Let

me. Obviously like they're going.
I just mentor any Tom jucker Harry that

texts them. I might not be
the right fit for her right but she

could maybe lead me in that direction. But it just made me like think,

oh my gosh, I'm gonna go, I'm gonna do something with my

day. PARTNEY STODHAM DM me about
she needs to help finding an agent I'm

obviously not that person, because no
one wants me. Okay, I have

the best agent, but she's not
taking a new people. I put.

Being fearful causes anxiety. Face Shit
head on, then anxiety is gone.

So I have this big sounds like
ahead of who deal with today, and

it rhymes. Yeah, Oh,
yeah, head on, now it doesn't.

You said I face head on,
anxiety gone. Oh all right,

anyway. Sorry. Well, I'm
so glad we friendly got her on the

show. You too, now,
because she's awesome and I love her.

And he who again is burning,
because I did appeal. This one looks

good, though it's because I'm looking
at your skin. Yeah, turning off.

No, I did something called something
crystal snow, it's not a drug.

It sounds like a drug, it's
not. Yeah, let's do high.

Okay, no, well, I
definitely don't want anything about murder on

land. I thought you were ready. I write people are trying to murder.

Okay, I'm a powerful bitch.
Being fearful causes anxiety. Face Shit

head on and anxiety is gone.
Boom. Thanks for listening to Brandy glenville

on filtered download new episodes every week
and if you haven't already subscribe, I'd

be sure to leave us a rating
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