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Ryan surprises Brandi w/ a guest that spills the tea about the OC!

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Straw media. What the word?
There's a pizza. No, there's a

hold on guys. Yes, kind
of pizza. You don't reject the wings.

No, keep the wings, it's
an extra. Yeah, keep order

wings from Pizza, pizza as well, and not guys. This is my

daily post me. I'm if it
wasn't for postmates and Graubub, I super

skinny and probably dead of starvation.
It's my daily struggle from Straw hut media.

This is brandy gland bill on the
film Hey, everybody, welcome to

Brandy Glamville. I'm faltered. I'm
here with my producer and friend. I

realize that you're not my work husband. You're my work wife. What?

Because you're like more of the chicken
the relationship. You can. Yeah,

I'm definitely the husband. Really.
Yeah, like, I would kill spiders

and stuff and like you, just
like fix things. I move spiders,

I don't kill him. Well,
sometimes I have to kill you. Have

to kill the black widows and the
Brown recluses. Yeah, I don't know

what a brown recluse looks like,
but I gotta kill him. I would.

Maybe I should just kill all Brown
spiders, Brown and black. Yes,

yeah, well, I don't think
I've ever seen a white spiter like

I'll buy yeah, I don't think
so, but it sounds actually scarier.

Seriously, that would freak me out. TORNTULA's have some white on them.

Yeah, yeah, no, I
don't know. Horrible. I want that

anyway. I'm going off tracks.
So today we were having my friend as

a guest, Carlton Jeby, as
she was on the real housewives at Beverly

Hills with me for a season.
She had a tough season. It was

really like I just feel like they
didn't get to show the Real Carlton.

But she ended up having some dental
work, emergency dental work, so she's

going to join US probably next week, and we hope you get better,

Babe. She is one of the
kindest people I know. She's Super Generous

and I really want people to love
her and like her the way I do,

because people like, Oh, the
witch was horrible on the show,

and like actually, she's so kind
and if you met like all of her

friends, you would know. I
mean it kind of judge people by the

people that they hang around and she
has some amazing friends. So I want

people to see another side of her. So she will join us, but

just not today. Get better.
Yes, she will, for sure,

super sure. She's like if you
have dental work, which I was supposed

to go to Mexico. Really,
yeah, I was just going to Mexico

with my book agent and get to
dental implants in the back of my mouth,

but we got scared. I've never, I've never been to Tijuana in

my life and I was going to
go and then we got scared because I

guess you have to walk across the
border and then you have to stand in

line. He starred me. I
don't know. It's easier to walk across.

I mean because I lived in San
Diego so when I turned eighteen,

like that's just what you do.
You go to Tijuana or Rosarrito. You

know, I driving at my friends
have gone there. Yeah, they're both

just a good time and driving across
takes a very long time. I've had

to pee and pringles containers on the
drive back in the car. It's just,

you know, because it's you're in
this line and it's insane. But

that's why walking across is so much
easier. You. Yeah, that's what

he said, but I mean,
I was going to get these dental implants

because here to get two of them
it's Tenzeros and they're it's like six.

So, regardless, it's still expensive, but it's just absolutely ridiculous. And

then, Oh, you know,
I didn't. So now I'm like the

tooth, this wonder in the back. I can't even chew on the left

side of me. Feel like I
feel like like you know what, like

you see, like the Beverly Hill
Billy's I feel like one. Anyway,

people, you can't see it,
though you can. I can feel it.

I have a whole to back tea
for gone, because we've been recording

all these videos for brainy's facebook,
which everyone go what I was just about

to say that really yeah, no, you take over because you'll do it

better than me. No, I
was saying everyone, you guys, did

you go over to my facebook page
and check out our videos? There?

Are Really Fun and really silly,
and the one with Ann Haiti has is

very interesting. I think that we
have some more clips of that interview that

will post up there, because they
it was a wild interview. That last

episode was so insane. I know
it was so fun. I mean,

like I said, we did it
in the evening, which usually I I

try not to do in views in
the evening because I'm usually having my glasses

of wine. But we did and
we did have our glass. Yes,

that's stuff. Oh. So,
yeah, heathers talk text me the next

day. He's like, we can't
do we we can't do after five with

Anne anymore. That's the same post
for me. Okay, yeah, but

it's weird, is it? That
was the time she gave me to do

it. So I'm just like well, okay, well, I mean,

I get it. Listen, it's
the evening, that's when we wind down,

that's when we relax. So,
yeah, but those videos are hilarious

and I want everyone to go that's
listening to this podcast to my facebook page.

Promise me do that. That's the
Christmas present you could give to me,

is it? Guys, go and
check out my facebook page videos,

because I really love them. And
we did some other ones where you can

see the polls rices on my face
before I burned my face off. Oh

Gosh, Yep, those, yeah, yeah, we yeah, were those.

Those will go out starting today.
The Fun segment. What would brandy

do? Oh my God, you
know, I really, I really like

I want, I think I want
to have my own talk show or I

have a wish list. Okay,
okay, I want to be on the

talk, the show, the talk. There's it's like the view, but

it's the talk. It's on CBS, because two people just quit, and

I would I think I would add
some really great single mom perspective. Yeah,

reality personality, single mom, divorce, trying to date, and where's

your representation? Let's get this happening. This is be so good. I

know, Great. I also want
to okay, I want to go on

the show chopped. I love chopped
and I was watching it the other day

and it was reality stars doing it
and I'm glad I wasn't on that one,

because Corena smear off one and she
look like she was really good cook.

But see, because I can make
everything, I'm just not good at

desserts, and on Chop you have
to make a dessert. So that's the

only name. That's where I'm a
little scared, but I love the show,

I really, really love it,
and I want to go on it.

So this is my wishless this is
what I want for Christmas. Wait,

I mean, I don't think I
can get you those, but I

mean I would, I would love
to try. Maybe we did you get

did you get? You got me
my cute little rose gold light and stuff,

I know, and we've been using
it. So yes, it's so

cute. Have you used it for
anything else? I'm not really taking videos

of my bliss surface right now and
but it is starting to peel today and

I want to thank my friends over
at e MK Beverly Hills for sending me

a gift box that at. These
products are amazing, the only thing that

I can put on my skin right
now because it's so sensitive. I just

want to say thank you to them
because I'm obsessed with their products and they

really work and they are taking care
of me. So thank you, emk

Beverly Hills. And my dad called
me this morning. Oh Really? Yeah,

he did not sound good. Just
for those of you that are not

aware and for some of my friends
that have decided to be selfish and not

reach out and check on him,
I don't know that we're friends anymore,

but that's okay. That's a whole
nother conversation. He originally last Thursday he

had emergency open heart surgery to fix
a aneurism and to fix a bad valve

and he also has a fib so
after that surgery they fix like three things

in the surgery. I don't really
fully understand it, but after that surgery

they also left a little wire inside. They said down the road he might

need a pacemaker, but that is
going to be way far down the road.

So then they do a cardio version
or something, I don't know that

I'm saying right, because his breathing
was still off. So that didn't work.

So then yesterday, a week from
the Thursday, last Thursday, they

decided to have another surgery and put
a pacemaker in. So we did it.

They did it yesterday last night,
and then I woke up this morning

because my I like to call my
dad. I liked I would rather be

there through like last time he was
in the I see you. We had

a party in his room and we
what does that mean? We there was

just my dad, asn't much as
he can be an a hole. Everyone

loves him and people were coming constantly. And you're only just have two visitors

at a time. We had like
fourteen people in there and it was a

party, and the nurses mythus.
So I'm miss them. I wish like.

I just don't. I feel like
I can't call him. We can't

be there I feel very anxious and
out of sorts, you know. So

when he called this morning he was
still very grumpy, but I was very

thankful to get to talk to him
and they said, you know, he

might come home in a week or
so. So pray for Guy, guys,

play for guy. Yeah, I
feel like a lot of my friends

are sending messages and they are.
They all learned, like obsessed with my

dad, like a he's so great
and like because you didn't grow up with

him, but I still do very
much love him and I couldn't imagine if

anything happened to him. Then I
also can't imagine have being life threatening surgery

and not have any of your family
by your side because of covid like my

mom had to drop him off in
front of the hospital and like wave by.

What a what a weird what a
strange time like this is like when

you want to be there for somebody
and you just you can't, really can't.

I had a we I told you
a while ago, but I had

a friend passed away, and not
because of Covid and a few months ago,

and I couldn't. The only thing
I could think to do is I

just like, I want to be
in the hospital room with you. I

want to just be there or even
just go to a funeral. I had

we had cheap yeah, that's been
put on hold too. Yeah, we

I. We had two friends passed
away. One was from covid and then

one was from breast cancer, unfortunately, but we were not able to to

go to a funeral because we couldn't
gather and it's and it's so sad.

But I have to tell you,
Ryan, yesterday in Los Angeles we had

thirteen thousand new cases of Covid in
one way, just in La Thirteen just

in Los Angeles. And this they
said that it's just from the Thanksgiving searched

from people that gathered for Thanksgiving,
because they you have to give it a

couple weeks before you know what the
numbers are. And I A hundred seventy

seven people died yes yesterday alone.
Are Hospitals are full and I'm so like,

I called my ex husband I was
like, we absolutely cannot have our

kids seeing anyone like it's because they
had their little covid pods that they had

two friends that they would see,
but at the end of the day,

you know, the parents still have
to go out. I'm sure to the

grocery store, like I do.
And you just you can't control you.

You'll never know where you know if
they had a handyman in their house,

like we had a handyman here yesterday, like you just don't know. So

I I, I said no more
friends, and that sounds horrible, but

well, just until just for the
three weeks, for this day at home,

and Bettie agreed with me and thought
was good, because we don't always

agree on things. Yeah, and
then what did the kids say? They

understand, Jake. It's not super
excited about it, but you know,

they also play with their friends on
the video games all day on skype.

So it's like, why do you
really need to see them? Yeah,

yeah, I don't know. I
just I really I want to get this,

this vaccine, and I want to
get back out to go into dinners

and hanging out with Anne. And
did you, speaking of did you?

But yeah, I can't wait when
this all we and we are all healthy

again, we're going to have a
straw hardy already. Yeah, it's going

to be a blast. But I
did you hear? I listen to it

on a podcast yesterday. That visor
because they gave it to the Europe first,

that they might not have enough for
us. Now, I know I

didn't hear that, but there are
three different companies that have the VACs saying.

So I'm not overly worried about it
because let Europe, you see if

it works first. Let's figure out
those side effects before we take it.

Sorry, Europe, I love you, but I am afraid of like side

effects. And I also heard that
if you have any kind of severe allergies

or where you eating eppy pain,
like my son Mason does, Kyle Richards

too, because she's allergic to beastings, that you can't actually get the visor.

Oh, really, exact one?
Yeah, there's one. They don't

know about the other one jet.
But that scares me because you know,

Mason has to have eppy pain at
all times with them. Yeah, and

one of them it's like really has
to be like taking care of very care

I think it's the fiser one.
Also, I think it has to be

like at a certain temper yeah,
I would dry ice and I yeah,

I was watching it too. Yeah, you guys. I'm going to take

a quick break to blowy nose.
It's a process because I don't want the

skin to come off and then I
have cream on it and I have to.

It's just a lot. It's disgusting, but I and it's not I'm

not sick, I just I have
allergies and it's a little windy here and

I have all the windows open because
I don't know why. Why do I?

Because I did. Are you supposed
to have your windows open with Covid

if there are people in the house? Well, but, like you know,

you're safe because it's just you and
maybe the boys, who are also

saying. Well, there was a
handyman in here yesterday, so that's well,

then that's when you want those windows
open, when that any man comes

in there. And Yeah, that
dirty little man. No, he's really

nice as them's got just okay.
So we're going to take it a break

and then I have a surprise for
you when we return. Oh good,

not me, someone else. Okay, all right, all right. Did

you make it a hot sauce that
I got your hot saucemaker? No,

not yet. I have it,
though. I can't wait to make hot

sauce. Did you when I make
it? Do you want? Will you

try some? Yeah, I wanted
you to put it on your pizza.

Oh, I gotta show you a
picture of my pizza. Haven't eighty is

fucking in city. And then I
got you one more present, but it's

coming on December sixteen, but that's
your Christmas present, so don't don't think

you're getting anything else. All right, I gotta go. I'll be right

back. Okay, good bye.
Did you have a good break? Nope,

I ordered a pizza because I ran
out of paper plates and I'm sick.

Anyway, where are we doing?
So I'm going to bring on our

guests. Okay, we know him. You've met him before. Okay,

you've been on his show. Is
something. I'm talking it's not leavin.

It's not leave. I say Anthony. I think it's who you think it

is, but that's not his name. Okay, tell me his name before

Alexander's. We went you in,
you would on the studio. Yeah,

in the student cows after and had
the bread. That wasn't there. Exactly

what you can tell them that?
Yeah, I'm going to, but he

said he's got a lot of stuff
to say about Oh, see, and

and I think you can. Yeah, I'm writing probley talk on it as

well. Here he is, here
he comes, Alexander. Hello, hello,

are you hey? Girl. Boy, do I have a lot to

say. Good, because Ryan and
I are running out of things to talk

rockets. He doesn't watch any of
the shit shows that I watch. Well,

you know, he's a straight man. What do you expect? Don't

tend to my dreams. Well,
I will keep some secrets that I'm getting.

He's says straight, but he's not
kirked, he's just rant. He's

Ryan. Yeah, that's why I
am we love Ryan. Is My work

with. Yes. So, first
of all, how are you doing during

covid? I have never been busier
in my entire career and I feel stupid

saying that and I just feel blessed
because I know a lot of my friends,

especially in the lgbt nightlife, are
suffering. Yeah, but you know,

it's really what you make of it. A lot of us have to

kind of reinvent what we're doing and
what we're involved with. So I'm keeping

Super, super busy. Well,
that's awesome and it's nice to hear because

I'm I feel like I'm in Groundhog
Day and I'm right. But ultimately people

are more available to do podcast and
be interviewed because no one can really work

right now. That's us that's exactly
why. So I'm doing so many different

interviews and now I'm writing for three
different magazines and celebrities just want to sit

and talk because they're at home board
out of their minds right were. They're

stuck talk to who are friends anymore
because, like, we have nothing to

say exactly. It's like, Oh
my God, and how many zoom happy

hours can I do? I'm still
having to, you know, make my

apology text the next day for sorry
about last night. I used don't even

look at what I wrote and who
I wrote in the mornings. I just

click them all as red and just
don't look back. That's how I do

it. I love it. Click
it is read. That's your hit.

Any of your next book? Yeah, like, it's read, don't look

back and like I don't fucking reply
all to me and know, yeah,

yes, yes, those are chapters. True. Sure, and, by

the way, Ryan and I went
to smoke house after you because you'd like

made the bread sound so amazing,
right, and what we did love the

the fried pickles. We were not
huge fans of the bread. That's impossible.

Brandy, they's like on every food
network places. To you, are

you serious? Who? I love
the restaurant, the ambience. I love.

Yeah, think about it, just
not the bread, like I'm a

bread at the CIONADO. Right,
sorry, I did, sorry I did,

but it was a great experience.
Otherwise they had it was really cool.

I really like the inside. It
was like like you felt like you're

an old Hollywood again. Oh,
totally. And you know there's celebrities during

the day. Their celebrities are all
the time. George Clooney is there,

whenever he's at Warner Brothers. He's
always there. Heels for has to comes

a mega. Yeah, a lot. Yeah, yeah, and I can't

tell you how many of our guests
have thrown up in the smoke house.

Parking it after that is not I
don't know if that's a good that's not

good one because of all the Martinis, you know. All right, yeah,

okay, that's just a bad visual
for me. I know, I

know. Okay, let's talk some
o see housewives, let's talk about it

and let's just be honest. You
know, I know nobody has to tell

you to be honest, but I
feel like I have defended the Bravo Network

for the last couple of years because
I'm I'm a Bravo Queen. You know,

I live, breathe all my one
miners are all from Bravo. A.

Bravo has been my family in terms
of you know, you feel like

you know all of these personalities like
the Kardashians. For me, like I

feel like they've been on my TV
in the background for my entire life,

so I feel like I know them
even though I really don't. Well,

that's exactly how what did you hear? They're moving to Hulu. Know,

I thought that it they canceled.
Oh, I just heard yesterday that they're

going. Yeah, but they're moving
the show to Hulu. Oh, okay,

why? Half of the LUSHA?
That's good. Yeah, yeah,

anyway. But we just have to
talk about Orange County housewives and the total

crappery that it has become. And
you know, it's it's like what you

know, when you're dating somebody or
you're in a relationship that's just not working,

it's so hard to just say you
know what, it's time to say

goodbye. Yeah, no, trust
me, I like I that's it's trust

me. I have the hardest time. I feel like I've stayed in relationships

longer than I wanted to just because
I didn't want to hurt someone's feelings,

and now I'm like, fuck it, I'm getting too old for that.

Let's hurts and failings. Well,
you know, that's exactly right. But

also, you know, you cling
on to the good parts, but when

the good parts are so few and
far between, MMM, you know,

it just it can't. The bad
parts just cannot apologize for, you know,

the good parts. They just would
you think that? So I think

a lot of people that go on
these reality shows and are in on there

in unhappy marriages. They want a
reason to lead. They want the spotlight

put onto their spouse. is saying, listen, you're an asshole and everyone

has a back and everyone think you're
an asshole. So now this is my

out. Well, it's worked very
interesting and you know, let's take those

see housewives. The only interesting part
is that aspect where we're dealing with the

dynamic of the only remaining ladies that
are married. You know, we have

emily, who, God bless her, is as exciting as fat free vanilla

ice cream. But that girl,
tries, that girl, I feel like

she's doing shots this year and but
she's trying to. She's like she's like

the girl in high school that wanted
to be popular so she would be the

one to smoke weed, even though
she never did in her life, and

she end up throwing up in your
lap, like that's who she is.

She wants so hard to be cool, but she's you know, she just

needs to be her and if her
is not TV worthy, then she's not

TV worthy. See, I disagree
with you on her because I wasn't a

fan in the beginning. I thought, I'm yeah, it's really nice.

I feel like she's put she's put
a lot out there and I feel like

I'm I really like her hair and
her teeth, but I think she like

she's coming. I don't know,
I'm starting to really enjoy watching her and

she feels like she's like a fixer. She's putting people back together again,

like the Humpy Dumpty, but you
know, she kind of instigates him.

You know, I think like,
like I said, she wants to be

the popular girl with the cool kids, and I think like like you said,

I was not a fan of hers
at all, and now either she's

tolerable, but it does she stand
out? Does she do anything for the

show? No, but in terms
of your point of talking about the relationships.

We have seen what an asshole her
husband is and my God, they're

oh, see money. Why can
he not buy a new button down shirt?

Every party, he every wedding,
everything is that Goddamn Navy blue,

kind of shiny, kind of not
express button down shirt. I mean,

do we need to do like a
clothing drive? I don't know, I

don't know, I I that's not
something I've noticed on a say like I

he for me is is always going
to be the first season asshole. Like,

I don't, I just can't.
I can't like him. It's just,

yeah, I like her and he
seems to be like he learned from

watching his verses and now he's being
nicer because he was a dick. Yeah,

like, is it genuine nice?
No, it's just because you're on

TV now and you're very aware of
the cameras well, and that's exactly right.

And so we've seen her relationship highlighted, but she hasn't really done anything

about it other than we are seeing
him try harder. But I really want

to talk about Bronwyn. If there's
any, if there's any sincere storyline that

is happening, and it's very few
and far you. I mean boring,

but door is trying so hard to
create drama and trying so hard to be

relevant, and what a turnoff that
is when you're constantly playing to the camera,

creating drama where there's none. I
mean, she just needs to calm

down. And she was one of
my favorite newcomers in her very first season

when she was doing her shots and
she was being fun. She has become

a caricature on ter herself. I
agree with you. Yeah, boring,

boring, but door, I could
give a crap, but it's like anyway,

every single thing that she's does is
for the camera, and that's how

I used to fill about Tam camera
and Vicki and yeah, I. I

honestly am really enjoying Gina. I
think that she's still in love with her

ex husband and it's totally like the
now does that she doesn't love the new

guy, but he's a rebound.
Yeah, exactly. And Yeah, and

you move in right away and it's
like, and you can see when she

talks about her ex husband, there's
still a lot of and I've done is

served there. Yeah, it is
so apparent. I know you know her

face lights up and you know her
emotions just come out and, you know,

like the new guy. He's just
the new guy in the corner and

it's like, okay, we probably
won't see him next season, which is

too bad. But if she needs
that for right now, then she needs

that for right now. Yeah,
exactly. I'm happy that she has that

because, I mean, I went
through a divorce and I didn't rebound and

it was a real dark couple of
years right, right, and I think

that she is so honest, like
she lives in a small house, you

know, she's having her struggles emotionally
and, you know, financially whatever,

and she's just being honest about it. She's not putting on here. She's

getting some weight the season. Yeah, she did. She but yeah,

all go through like I call it, the divorce. I had the opposite.

I got way too skinny, I
couldn't eat, I was super anxious.

But she's she's also the only one
out of all of the women who

have these giant houses that actually owns
her house, right, and she's she's

owning her life. You know,
like when Shannon gained weight, remember,

her whole life was over and she
didn't feel good as a woman and she

cried and it was this whole big
ordeal and Gina that has made it an

empowering point. She's like, I
am in control of my life and this

is what I choose to do.
I choose to eat and I choose to

enjoy it, and I love that
empowerment, especially right now during Covid,

there's a lot of us that are
gaining our quarantine carbs, right, Yep,

and she's like, you knowstage.
Yeah, it's like, if this

is you, this is you,
and I love that empowering message and that

is a positive that's the that's The
New York and her, though, like

she's just sotally you get what you
got, you don't get upset. So

I'm finding her to be my actual
favorite this season. Yeah, and so

let's talk about Bronwyn. Okay,
we are totally seeing her stripped down,

you know, on her final Straw. Talking about relationships from how they're highlighted.

Last season she and her husband were
like the go to Kennon Barbie.

Yeah, see, with the perfect
kids and, you know, the fun

vacations and the Perfect House. We
see the flip side of that and this

covid has made a lot of people
come to terms with who they really are.

Yeah, because they have to be
okay with being alone with their without

all of the noise and distractions.
They have to be okay in their own

skin, and I think that a
lot of people that are. You know,

there we have like mental health issues
right now and there's like suicides higher

than it's ever been. I think
it's really people are finally having an inward

look at themselves and going, but
do I want? What don't I want?

That's exactly right and you nailed it
when you said, you know,

it's not the outside pressures. I've
had two friends that that have come out

as trans, and then we see
what's happening in mainstream Hollywood. We have

big name celebrities that are coming out
as gay or they're coming out as trans

or they're coming out as non binary. Yeah, and there are also they're

sorry, my order a pizza.
Hold on one day. Can you make

some? Can you get that?
Sorry, Jake Pyson, there's a look

a party my podcast. Just bring
it in and kitchen please. They shut

the fuck up. All Right,
God, that dog. I thought it

was. I thought that was Kelly
Dodd because we weren't talking about her yet.

We have to stick with the Brown
one. A little bit longer.

Yeah, it is hot, by
the way. I was like, all

right, I would have to do
that route. But you know, I

applaud her for doing an you know, be living your true, authentic life.

But it also makes me sad to
think that there was this lie and

a sham. Hold on, yeah, wings are pizza and not a pizza.

Animals, savages. That's stupid.
I'm annoyed. All right, let's

continue with Brown one. Okay.
Yeah, and so, Brady, like

you of all people, know that
a lot of these personalities on the show

are not living their authentic selves,
and part of it is because they are

on TV and anybody that has a
camera in their face is going to act

or be different because you're under the
scrutiny of everybody. I mean, you

know that so well. But there's
a lot of unhappy people in Orange County.

I was born and raised in Orange
County. I know these families.

They're hiding secrets, they're hiding who
they really are, they're hiding their financial

situation. There's a bunch of people
hiding in covid is. Just it's kind

of breaking down those curtains and it's
saying, you know, here's who we

are. Brunwin's last episode of Oh
see, housewives was so telling and so

emotional when she has a little breakdown
in her closet and she's like, you

know, I just feel trapped.
I feel trapped with my marriage, I

feel trapped with who I am,
and now we know. You know,

she's come out, and so you
know, I think we're all going to

come out like like like butterflies.
Of course I'm the butterfly from a bug's

life right. So I feel like
when I started housewives, I was a

hundred percent authentically myself and then after
you're doing it for a while, you

you kind of give what people expect
and if you fall into this, like

you said, a character of yourself, you know, and I think that

what's really important is like when I
did big brother, I saw these different

these people trying to put up this
facade of who they were for the first

couple days, like trying to be
funny all the time, trying to do

this, and then after three days
that facade went down. They were themselves,

which are some of them are big
fucking assholes, but I'm like,

you can only keep it up for
so long. But with Brinwin, she

had a ten year marriage, right, she was with him for a long

time. Well, yeah, and
they have like a hundred and twenty two

kids. Never I think at this
point that's crazy, but you know,

but we kind of sew brawnwins story
with with her son, who I think

is now come out as non binary. But you know, she was taking

him to Mac to get a makeup
done. They were trying on heels and

doing some drag and Bronwyn actually showed
up. This was a couple of months

ago. Showed up at the gay
club Strut in Orange County and she was

they're part of the community and you
know, good for her. And so

with her real kind of storyline,
we're seeing her without her makeup or seeing

her absolute strugger, struggle with sobriety, which I think it's such a great

story for people to see because we're
all we're all going through it. We

all have our own addictions somehow.
Yeah, I know everything. I mean

it's it's normal, but I I
honestly never would have thought watching her in

the past that that was even an
issue for her. Now you're did you

never, ever, never, and
in fact, you know, if anybody

should have it on it just shows
you that to the outside and money really

can't provide you everything. They had
everything. They had like. They had

all the trips, they had the
cute little apartment to escape to, they

had the nanny's they had a huge
house, they had the clothes, they

had, you know, the great
relationship, what it seemed, and even

that wasn't enough, because if you're
not happy with who you are when your

head hits the pillow at night and
when you wake up, you can't be

happy in any other aspect of your
entire life. Now it's a hundred percent

true. And if you have something
to hide, no matter how long it

takes, it will eventually come out. On reality TV you can't if you

have skeletons in your closet. You
can only pretend for so long and I

think that part of the a seeing, you know, thing for me to

watch as these women evolved and become
who they truly are. And that's why

I like Gina and that's why I'm
rooting for Broadway and I hope that she's

doing well. I hope that her
family somehow. I know that she's moved

on a Romantically, but you know, I didn't get that they were super

into each other anyway. I don't
know, it seemed a little superficial and

which I think is a danger in
any relationship, especially in entertainment. You

know, it's about who's seeing you
rather than the time. And plus,

they didn't get a lot of time
to themselves with those amount of kids and

all of the pressures of work and
the show, and they were barely spending

time. Yeah, traveling. They
have the other apartment, they have seven

kids or something. Yeah, it
seemed more like a friendship and a partnership

to me. It didn't. I
didn't see them having this romantic I don't

know, I mean I just I
have other thoughts about that, but I

don't think that I should say them
out loud. Well, I have thoughts

too. I mean, you can't
wear a necklace like that and yeah,

a hundred percent straight. But you
men, of the whole episode about them

renewing their vows. It was very
hollow. It was not full of this

warmth and it was more I don't
even know why they did. Yeah,

they were going through the motions to
try to convince them stuff, that they

could have this this life back,
but it was already broken like once.

Right, yes, get it,
but I feel like you could see it

in her. Something had shifted and
she wasn't willing to do to put up

the facade anymore. No, I
mean it was like my senior problem.

It's like I don't believe this and
plus, but you know, but it

was her being sober. She was
clouding everything with alcohol because it was taken

away who she really was. It
was taken away the fact that she was

in a relationship, she wasn't into
alcohol was her saving grace and without that,

you know, the truth came out. And so this is my problem

with the season of Oh see housewives, and I think it's time to say

goodbye to these women, because we've
seen this, this real story with Bronwyn,

and it just it sheds a light
on all of the other story lines

that are happening and these women are
coming across so fake. They're herst rehearsed,

selfdeluded. We see how they deal
with the onset of covid and how

their whole world comes crumbling down.
These women are fine. They're in huge

houses, they have people around them
that love them, they have their social

media base, they're going to continue
filming, they're going to be fine,

but they act like their whole life
is over when in the real world there

are people dying, people have lost
their jobs. People took this seriously from

the beginning and still continue to take
it seriously, and so you see Braun

one's real struggle and how the women
deal with that and make fun of her

and how fake they are on camera. It is so disgusting to watch.

You know, it used to be
like a fun train wreck, like,

oh good, we don't have to
do anything this season. We got we

out, we got our season.
Like I feel like a lot of times,

if somebody has a breakdown, everyone
else kind of this is something I

kind of noticed on Beverly Hills,
is like, as long as something's happening,

then the other women kind of stopped
trying like to share and like for

they they want to just put it
all on the person who's going through it

rather than, you know, talking
about what's happening in their lives. That's

exactly right. You know they're phony
it in the first few episodes of the

season were so boring I would rather
have watched pbs at two a m in

the morning because, I mean it
was so bored. There was nothing happening.

It's except Shannon, you know,
cheating to the camera every few minutes.

I know that really annoys me.
Yeah, I did, like I

do, like I know Rick and
Kelly and they're really cute couple and I

wish I got to see a more
of like I like watching Rick on there.

I think it's it's cute for her
like to actually have a guy,

like a proper guy, that she
actually really likes, you know what I

mean. But you know she's happy, so that gets it's not as first.

So it's interesting when we puller having
their honeymoon phase, you know.

Yeah, and you know Kelly Dodd. I have always been in the Kelly

Dodd ring and I know, I
know that. You know she's a good

girl to you. I am so
sorry, Brandy, but my whole opinion

of her over the last four or
five months has totally changed, from her

social media interaction to her dealing with
Blm and Covid, and I am not

a fan any of it. Like
I really like as much as social media

is a part of my life,
I really I don't pay attention anymore because

I find that it's like going down
a rabbit hole and it's really negative in

general, and I just I just
want to let other people post for me

and just be positive. Yeah,
really, not, because it's not it's

not healthy, honestly. Okay,
but so, but I have to tell

you what the tea is, Girl. Yeah, tell me. Yeah.

So Kelly, you know, posted
a bunch of stuff without a mask and

she kind of like, you know, Pooh pooed the whole wear a mask

type thing. And then, of
course, unfortunately, her mom was diagnosed

with covid and a pretty serious it's
for her. But there was a period

of time that she was like whatever, rolling her eyes, rolling her eyes

as people are literally dying. She's, you know, pulling this crap.

Also, for her wedding, her
bridle shower, somebody gave her a hat

that said all housewives matter, and
so she wore for a bunch of picture

and see. So, like our
initial reaction is to kind of laugh it

off, not realizing the time that
it's kind of presented is in this really

heated political time. And so she
was a tax and are you making light

of Blm, you know, like
all lives matter and all that kind of

stuff. And she was very,
very flippant at beginning, like no,

you stupid and kind of flipping off
people that were mentioned it, where she

should have just taken a step back
and said I mean no dis respect towards

the BLM movement. It was a
hat but in a respectful way. She

kind of attacked everybody that went after
her. Then the tea was is that

Bravo was a ready to fire her, and so her role has been scaled

back this season because of the backlash. So that that was the behind the

scenes tea that everybody was chatting about. So she did kind of make a

halfass apology on social media after a
few days of the rumors that she was

going to get the axe. And
now here we are and knowing that,

seeing this kind of season where she's
just kind of whatever, everybody's just phoning

it in, phoning it in.
Well, I mean, I can't imagine

how hard it is. Well,
yeah, in the beginning I sat to

the preatures. I'm like, Oh
my God, these girls really don't think

covid is real, like it sucks
that it's playing now and they filmed this

right when covid was started. So
it's like we're they're kind of behind,

and he's like no, they actually
still fill that way. That it's not

real, like, Oh my God, because I'm scared to leave my fucking

house. You know, I have
contactless delivery of a pizza I didn't order,

apparently. No, I really don't
go anywhere, I don't see anyone.

I take it super seriously and and
you know, if you look at

the stats, Orange County has the
highest stats for covid cases, highest sets

for covid cases, also the highest
and dat trump, for trump booths that

are still on the streets. Literally, because I've been O s quarantining with

my mom, which she goes through
Chemo, and I had to go to

the pharmacy and still on the street
there's a huge trump booth with all these

flags and there's one like there's like
two per city or two per can read

or neighborhood here in Orange County.
So I mean it's like these people don't

think it's real and that is scary
in itself. And I mean I share

my story. When it first came
out, I thought, Oh, this

will be done in a month or
two, it's not that big of a

deal, and so I was one
of the ones that didn't take it too

seriously and thank God i listen to
scientific fact and I saw what was happening

and I've been very honest about how. Obviously now, I mean, like

you said, I'm afraid to do
anything and we have. Yeah, I

took it seriously from the get go. I'm a warrior. Everyone knows that.

I was like bubble wrapped. I
wouldn't leave my house, I was

having panic attacks every day. I
was just, I don't know, I'm

a warrior, like I really just
am a very anxious person. And I

went to the Glen to pick up
my mail because I don't have mail where

I live. I have my po
box and so like, that's my only

outing because I have to obviously pay
my goals and get all my Christmas presents,

because I'm not going to the fucking
malls like people are doing here.

I don't even understand why malls are
open. It's a ridiculous gross if you've

seen pictures of the grove, it's
literally shoulder to shoulder people. But you

know that these, all these restaurants
have to close. But you know,

Brady, you worry a lot because
you have a responsibility. You are raising

a family, you know, and
there is that responsibility is not just for

yourself but for those in your households. Of course, you know, it's

understandable for people to be cautious right
now, and they should be. Yeah,

but you know, I've always been
a warrior and it's fine, but

even my kids would make fun of
me, like I go, I don't

forget the bubble wrap around your face. I could just be like my neighbors

are all like look at me,
like I was crazy. But listen,

I I. I don't want to
get sick. I don't. If I

get sick when my kids are at
their DADS, then I won't. There's

a there's a possibility that I wouldn't
ever see them again. Do you know

what I mean? Of course,
I'm just super cautious and I I don't

think that you know. I know
that you so, Chrya Richards has covid,

durate has covid, Cathy Hilton has
covid. Well, I mean,

we shouldn't be shooting right now.
We really know right now. It's responsible

and it's it's not right, because
you see these people sitting right next to

each other. Yes, restaurants have
to you know, they had to put

outside CD. I feel horrible for
these small restaurants, but it's just not

safe. I mean the fact that
three housewives and they get tested every week

and they're cooking, you know,
they are always like just with each other

already contracted it. It's just it
just goes to show we all need to

stay fucking home and not work for
a few weeks and let's get this,

you know, herd immunity with the
covid vaccine to a point where we can

start socializing again, or we're all
just going to be in side forever.

That's exactly right. We know.
Rather be overly cautious for yourself and for

those around you and be alive,
rather than be kind of flippant about it

and not and you're right, it's
sends the wrong message saying that we can

kind of, you know, continue
to work and kind of continue what we

do in real life just because a
you know, for our TV show.

Right. Yeah, that that's not
a good message to sound out. Everybody

should be adjusting their lives so that
we can all get get out of this.

And I understand that they want to
show the reality. The reality is

covid as a real thing, but
I don't think I think we all get

that. I don't think that we
need to still, you know, put

ourselves at risks to have these women
have a fashion show and go to dinner.

You know, I think that we
yet that covids happening. We we

are all stressed out. Give Him, give him a break and some time

off. Like, let's get this
under control before we continue this shit.

Right and so maybe I want to
what's your opinion is what what should bravo

do with Orange County housewives? This
season is not good. It is not

a good show anymore. Should they
scrap everybody and start over? Should they

go? You know, what I
would love is for them to bring back

the original original cast for like a
mini season. That's what I would love

to see. Or do we take
a year off from these women and see

where they where we go back?
Otherwise, I'm afraid that it's damaging the

whole rest of the housewife franchises because
people are just losing interest. But I

feel so. I K, I
don't agree with you completely. I do

think that there are some compelling there's. I do like Jina and Brownwe you

know, what I really want to
see is I want to see a one

whole cast put on below deck.
Yeah, but then make them actually be

do the work, like have them
do manual labor and see, right,

I'm out first, like see who
quit, see who the diva is,

like. I really want to know
who can hang and actually do work,

because I know I'd be fine.
I might throw up from seasickness, but

I would, I would work.
I like I grew up always working.

But I wonder if they put all
of these rich bitches on a boat,

made him actually wait on other people, that that's when you would see the

real them come out. I love
that idea. And also take away their

credit cards and money and only let
them have the money that they earned by

working. Way, you know,
if they know her makeup. Sorry,

people, you're sleeping in these tiny
bunks and we're not waiting for you if

you're forty minutes late because we have
to wait on other people. I think

there's something about well, obviously you're
in a boat and that's scary enough.

But yeah, well, I want
to see the real everyone. Yeah,

I mean, yeah, and you
know, you have to give it to

below deck. When it first started
it was the underdog kind of show,

and now everybody loves below deck.
So I don't know the love that I

love that I've always loved it.
I feel like when I'm kind of bum

that we have a new chiefs too, because I'd like I like to have

I don't know, I start to
like people and then it's like, I

don't know, I'm not good with
change. I'm not going to as Ryan

does. I'm not good with change. Yeah, join them grow. Yeah,

everything to be the same always,
like my fall, my passwords are

the same. I don't do updates
on my phone. I don't know my

good yes, but but no,
I kind of agree with you. I

think it is difficult to shoot a
show in a pandemic, which has never

been done before. I think it's
hard to have storylines, and the two

that are the most compelling to me
are Braunwyn and Gina, because they're actually

going through it. Yeah, and
you know, yeah, I mean I

don't think there's anything wrong with bringing
new girls and all the time I feel

like, I don't know, it's
like everyone should get there a couple of

seasons and then we give someone else
a chance. I don't know. Yeah,

but you know, we brought it
Elizabeth the season, somebody we haven't

even discussed her in all time,
which is pretty telling. And it's like

me I. Yeah, you buy
a Ferrari to give it to charity.

I mean what Gina said, like
just given the money. What are you

doing? Yeah, but she's like
everything's for the show and I don't believe

that. I don't believe she just
went and bought a Ferrari cash to give

away. I mean I think her
money situation is questionable and her relationship is

questionable and her whole past relationship is
questionable. It's like, but do we

even care? But do we care? I don't. That's the thing,

right. I'm sorry, you were
married to billionaire and I are not,

like, I know I'm and she's
still like all she has this talk about

it, and I know, like
when you're going through a divorce like you

do talk about it a lot,
but it's just too much. I like,

I really I don't feel sorry for
she had beautful house on the beach,

UN dog. She it's just,
yeah, it's not that interesting.

I wish Bravo would start a series
about powerful woman, maybe call it the

real worker, worker wives of Oh
see, and have like a middle a

or middle income single mom with like
three kids, and show them working in

their job. Like nine hundred and
twenty five or whatever. I want to

see a series like that of women
that are empowering themselves with hard work and

difficult family and home situations. I
want that kind of reality TV because I

think we all need that kind of
real inspiration. Not these women, you

know, crying because they could only
buy forty rolls of toilet paper at a

time and there's chanelle outfits. No, that's right. I'd like the the

doctor show in Atlanta where it's all
yeah, there's I really I enjoy that.

I can never remember the name of
all the shows I like, but

they're working and they have, you
know, kids going off to college and

they're there. You know, they
have their careers and they have their husbands

and that dynamic and then their fight
with each other. And Yeah, I

really, I really enjoy that show. It is what it is. Well,

what do you think about Jack's tailor
man? We talked about that.

Oh, yeah, so he's gone
right, he announced that that they're leaving.

I think it's I think it's great. I think he knows what it's

time to go and he's going to
focus on his family. What a turnaround

for somebody, for you know,
the Bravo machine can can spit you out

a broken person, or it can
kind of elevate you. And I think

he's really changed. And who knew
that he was going to be a family

man. Yeah, I don't agree
with you. I don't think he's changed

like for like, I saw in
an interview not that longer saying it's a

show. I don't think he left
voluntarily. I mean, I mean I

think he even confirmed that he was
fired. Oh, I didn't hear that.

Yeah, well, interesting. I
thought he's ever really fired from from

telling you the first few days when
I got fired. Right, they say,

we don't want you to go out
there and say even if I will

go along with whatever you say,
because no one likes to admit it's like

a rejection. No one wants to
admit it and and it's embarrassing kind of

it's like okay, but you know, I think at the way teddy melanchamp

did it. I really had off
to her because I was like, oh

no, we decided that, you
know, I don't have any friends left

and we left and then months of
went by him like fuck, I got

fired. That's what happened. I
just got fired. But yeah, and

it's funny, you know, like
Vander pump rules is very all about that

certain age. I think Jack's just
got maybe too old for it and nobody

wants to see him change diapers and
be a good boy. Nobody wants to

see that. Yeah, I mean, I do like Brittany. I thought

that she was really sweet. I
just so sweet. I know she's super

sweet and I do feel bad because
I just bought the stiant house and I

hope that they, you know,
didn't over you know, extend them.

That's a scary thing. I mean. Yeah, yeah, there's no job

security and television, well, it's
reality or acting there. There just isn't.

So you have to be really careful
with your money and I hope that

they were. And you know,
I don't know, I think like maybe

another like we TV or something could
I I would like to see Jack's like

be a good dad and be a
family man, because I I I've never

thought of him as good. Yeah, you know, I'm sure that there's

like a spinoff. We're going to
have like a limited series of like bringing

up baby is what they'll call it, and it'll be them, you know,

with the baby and struggles and they're
whatever. I guarantee that there's something

else coming. Yeah, I know, I think you just half the cast

is gone now. Yes, since
stups, he's gone. Jackson, what's

your face, Brittany, or got
like? And you know they're not going

to be working at a bar.
Maybe maybe they are, who knows?

or as a waitress when they're forty. You know it, there does come

a time when you go to the
next days of your life and you know

a lot of them are pregnant,
though. I mean it would make sense

just to watch all the babies we
worn, I guess, but I don't

know. Yeah, you know,
there's just this weird ship. You don't

meaning not being on the show.
I think. I think Bravo's going through

growing pains. How it's going to
come out in the next couple of years,

I don't know. I mean I
I know a lot of Bravo fans

have stopped watching housewives and engaging.
So I know, who knows? But

you know, what I think too, is like Bravo's getting smart because they

are getting rid of the people that
are making the most money. They are

spending millions of yes, Jackson,
Lisaaner pump, and if they take those

out there saving millions of dollars and
they hire someone new for sixty grand,

it's like they're not stupid, but
matgic what they're playing, paying Vicky and

Tamera. And Yeah, the longer
you're on, the more you make.

So they really just saved a lot
of money and I feel like they're realizing

that. You know, people are
replaceable. We are all replaceable, you

know, and there comes a time
when you find yourself say, like,

doing and saying the same thing over
and over again, and that's when it's

not interesting anymore. You know what, you bring up such a good point.

Not only are they saving money,
the New People that they're bringing in

tend to be a little bit younger
who are so active on social media,

so they're getting all that free marketing. I mean, you know, some

of the older housewives were not very
good on social media or didn't have that

much of a presence with the younger
generation. So problems getting new new viewers

and New People. And it's coming
cheap, exactly, and that's even lots

of money. I need. I
do. I still I'm going to watch

even even if it's not a good
show, I'm gonna Watch it. I

just I I just need some like
I don't know, I've watched everything on

Netflix, on Hulu, on yeah, I'm on TV. Plus, I've

watched everything. I just need to
watch just so that I don't feel like

the world sending. Yeah, you
know, I just I used to watch

it all the time for the oneliners
and for the Sassy stuff, and this

season of outs just hasn't brought it
yet. So when I mean I'm like

you, I mean I'll still watch
it. I'll complain the whole time I

watch it. Exactly, I'm just
gonna Watch it so I can complain,

you know, like and it's like
I want, I wish that it would

I don't know. I mean I
do have I don't think it's horrible,

but I do think it's not great. I do wish Shannon would have left

with Vicky and Tamraj oh. Yes, it just it's too forced. I

don't know, I feel I just
I don't know, hmm, there,

you know, but no, no, no, I might have heard they

even know. You know, they're
trying to. They look tired trying so

hard. I think that they know. I you know, I just think

we're in growing pains. I think
Bravo's going through puberty to become an adult,

you know. Yeah, I mean
I don't think that they're bringing on.

I don't I don't necessarily need to
see younger people. I actually I

like seeing them. I'd like seeing
people my age so I can I can

relate, because, I mean not
everyone's twenty years old and yeah, you

know, hot, but I don't
think it's about the youth so much.

It's just about new personality and somebody
coming in and not doing what they think

they're supposed to do to be a
housewife, just being them fucking selves,

not doing what they've watched all of
the other women do for so many years.

Yeah, like I want to know
what Bro's checklist is for new cast

members, because most of the new
cast members they've brought in the last two

years on any of the franchises are
just kind of like Dud's. It's like

somebody in Castie needs to needs to
get the stuff and girl. Well,

they did fire a bunch of people, so we'll see. Yeah, I

mean, yeah, Oh God,
I'm excited, maybe for housewives of Orange

County and Beverly Hills, even though
Beverly House was the number one showed.

They fired him. Oh that,
I mean, maybe that was a mistake

you know, and I don't know
what it is. You know Andy coomen

better. I don't know if he's
he has his fingers and too many projects

that he doesn't have the kind of
involvement in control that he used to and

he's just kind of letting things run
on their own, which we know you

can't leave things up to the manager
if you want twenty restaurants. But he

only he only deals with housewives.
He doesn't. He's otherwise brought a talent.

He doesn't. I'm sure he has
a say if they want to ask

him, but he's the only thing
that he's involved with, like as far

as picking and doing anything, is
just the housewife's franchise, not below deck

and not set their charm, not
any of the other shows. HMM.

So Huh, girl, I don't
know what is today. Friday? I

don't even know where day it is. No, one daytime. I'm wearing

my Wednesday pajamas. I know that
much. I'm learning to think. I

work for the past three days.
Yeah, yes, grow, I think

it's time to change, but I
gotta go and figure out what happened to

my fucking pizza. Get those wings. I know well the wings are here,

but, like I wouldn't order wing
Shapizza hut if I was not pizza

to they probably fell off the car
somewhere. Oh my God, in there

eating my pizza. Do'm kidding?
What was so good catching up with you,

Alexander, and I hope that your
mom is feeling okay during this time.

I know it's tough. I'm happy
that you're with her, because it's

not a time to be by yourself
and right care of her. Take care

of yourself, keep on working hard, keep on having your crazy ass opinions,

because I love them and I love
you, girl, and girls have

to give it to you. You
know, I know you've been through the

ringer of you know, with the
Bravo TV and last year. I'm a

huge fan of yours for so many
reasons, you know, being a single

mom and then having social media and
Bravo people come attack you. I love

that you just tell it like it
is. You know, whether you have

a glass of wine in your hand, or not. You know, you

keep you, keep doing you girl, because you you, you make it

easier for a lot of us to
do the same. No, well,

I love you and I can't wait. Then we can all like go to

the smoke house and have like the
bread and decide that it's really bad.

Yes, you too. All Right, I'd love his voice. You know,

he isn't need to sweet. It's, like he said, a happy

like the energy. Where does it
come from? I need to bottle it

up and steal some of it.
I want it like it's like Wolf.

He's I mean like happy about the
day and I've been having anxiety all day

and now I had a forty nine
dollar wings from pizza. Ridiculous. You

gotta get that handled. I think
that was really fun, and I thought

so too. I like, I
don't, I don't share all of his

beliefs about the it being horrible,
but I do share some of them.

Yeah, I agree with that,
but there's that. So you want to

keep it going, you want you
want to see to continue. Basically,

is where you Oh, yeah,
I definitely do. I just want everyone

to be really who they are.
The longer that people are on these shows,

and more they become a character of
themselves. Yeah, caricature care.

All right. Well, I guess
we need to do a high quum.

Yeah, let's do a high Ku
and then I have to go because my

kids are started. It's like is
the more starving. Know for the mood.

The mood is hunger. Wow,
wow, pizza, where you at?

Pizza, you'll Missen, that's a
fact. And Pizza my face for

you. I will always crazy.
Okay, well, that was locks in

my skin. Crass hurts. I
can't cracking it. Okay, okay,

I think in a couple days,
if I just don't feel it, even

though it's feeling, it will be
like new skin and I just need to

leave it along. Okay, go
eat your pizza. Okay, Hey,

guys, don't forget to go to
my facebook page watch my videos, because

it's gonna be really fun. We're
gonna do some fun stuff and they're funny,

I think. Bye. Bye.
Thanks for listening to Brandy Glenville UN

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and, if you haven't already, subscribe

and be sure to leave us a
rating and review and, while you're at

it, check out some of the
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