Commune with Jeff Krasno : Boost Your Body’s Ability to Prevent Cancer with Dr. Elizabeth Boham


At 30 years old, Dr. Elizabeth Boham received a surprising diagnosis: triple-negative breast cancer. Twenty three years later, she looks back on how that brush with an aggressive disease shaped her beliefs about nutrition, healing, and functional medicine. In this episode, Dr. Boham shares how your internal terrain can either be friendly or unfriendly to growing cancer cells — and how to create an inner environment that prevents cancer and other common diseases. 0:06:34 – Dr. Boham's Journey with Cancer 0:11:56 – Institute for Functional Medicine 0:16:26 – Creating an Unhealthy Terrain for Cancer 0:16:31 – Insulin Resistance 0:20:08 – Fiber 0:21:25 – Growth Hormone 0:23:18 – Toxins 0:24:37 – Microbiome 0:26:03 – Phytonutrients 0:27:45 – Sprouts 0:32:32 – Polyphenols 0:33:33 – Xenoestrogens in Plastics 0:36:19 – Himalayan Tartary Buckwheat 0:38:06 – Epinutrients 0:38:40 – BRCA Genes 0:39:51 – Tumor Supressor Gene 0:40:10 – EGCG 0:49:37 – Glyphosate 0:50:13 – Glutathione 0:55:44 – Stress 0:58:09 – Functional Medicine 1:05:43 – Immunotherapy 1:10:01 – Mindfulness 1:11:31 – Meditation 1:13:23 – Gratitude 1:17:42 – Fight or Flight 1:21:59 – Antibiotics 1:26:10 – Estrogen Check out Dr. Elizabeth Boham’s work at Podcast Sections + Time Shifter Learn about Commune and check out all our health, nutrition, and functional medicine courses free for 14 days at This podcast is supported by BetterHelp. COMMUNE listeners get 20% off their first month at
Commune with Jeff Krasno
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