Commune with Jeff Krasno : Dealing with Conflict with Marianne Williamson


Today's episode is an excerpt from spiritual leader and US Presidential candidate Marianne Williamson’s Commune workshop titled Spiritual Makeover. In this session, a workshop participant asks Marianne a question about a difficult family situation and Marianne offers guidance on how to lovingly deal with conflict. You can watch the first session of Marianne’s workshop for free, just go to at . You can learn more about Commune at . And connect with us on Instagram at @onecommune. This podcast is supported by: Timeline Nutrition Timeline Nutrition is pioneering a new approach to longevity, one that stands on a decade of scientific discovery to unlock the power within your cells. Your body is an energy generating machine, Timeline makes it more powerful. Use code commune to get 10% off at
Commune with Jeff Krasno
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