Commune with Jeff Krasno : Create an Unfriendly Terrain for Cancer with Elissa Goodman


At 32, Elissa Goodman decided that a diagnosis of cancer wasn’t going to be her death sentence. By adopting anti-inflammatory protocols including therapy, yoga, and cutting sugar out of her diet, she went into remission. A certified holistic nutritionist, Elissa’s personal experience led her to realize that nutrition and lifestyle can create a friendly or unfriendly terrain for disease, and that we have the agency to choose which realm we roam. In this episode we cover: 0:08:20 – Spectrum of Health 0:11:25 – Diagnosis 0:14:26 – Immune System 0:16:18 – Immunotherapies 0:19:05 – Intuition 0:24:25 – Removing Sugar 0:24:34 – Therapy 0:25:25 – Creating an Unfriendly Terrain 0:26:35 – Yoga 0:27:47 – Remission 0:28:48 – Thyroid 0:31:51 – Hitting Bottom 0:33:53 – Meditation 0:35:36 – Post-Traumatic Growth 0:42:49 – Cancer Hacks 0:44:49 – Metabolic Dysfunction 0:49:47 – Sleep 0:51:49 – Fasting 0:57:55 – Subconscious 1:01:57 – Sprouts 1:03:59 – Probiotics 1:07:02 – Antioxidants 1:10:05 – Anti-Inflammatory Compounds 1:20:15 – Cleansing 1:42:41 – Happiness 1:44:44 – Plant Medicine 1:51:51 – Biomarkers Learn more about Commune and check out all our health, nutrition, and functional medicine courses free for 14 days at  This podcast is supported by:  InsideTracker Live healthier longer. InsideTracker is your personalized dashboard. For a limited time, you can get 20% off by visiting  ION Commune Podcast Listeners can save 15% on GUT Support. Go to: LivOn Labs Discover why Jeff Krasno, Schuyler Grant, and people who know wellness are ditching pills, powders, and gummies for this powerful, nutrient-packed goo. GET FREE SAMPLES WITH ANY PURCHASE  Thrive Market Join Thrive Market today and get a FREE $80 in free groceries when you go to
Commune with Jeff Krasno
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