EPISODE 317: Mindful Eating to Digest Better, Feel Great, & Lose Weight with Dr. Siva Mohan Dr. Mary Pardee, Dr. Jim Gordon, Dr. Pedram Shojai, Kimberly Snyder and Jason Wrobel


Show Notes

If you care about WHAT you eat, then you must also pay attention to HOW you eat. Good digestion relies not only what’s on your plate but also how you approach a meal emotionally and ritually. This message has appeared so many times in Commune courses that we have collected the best lessons – from four doctors and two nutritionists – on how to vastly improve your relationship with food, for both your physical and mental health. Each of the teachers featured in this master class has a full-length course on Commune. Go to onecommune.com/trial to join Commune Membership free for 14 days and access our entire library of more than 100 programs on personal growth, health, nutrition, yoga, meditation, and social impact. This podcast is supported by BetterHelp. COMMUNE listeners get 15% off their first month at BetterHelp.com/Commune.

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