EPISODE 307: Multiply Your Nutrition 10x with Sprouts with Doug Evans


Show Notes

You can grow the most nutritious food on the planet right on your countertop, with just seeds, fresh water, and a jar. That’s the miracle of sprouts, where just one pound of lentils can turn into 10 pounds of nourishment in less than week. In this episode, Doug and Jeff also discuss how sprouts can help address food inequality and offer a step-by-step guide to beginning your own low-cost sprouting protocol. Stay tuned for a Commune sprouting course with Doug in Fall 2022, and in the meantime, enjoy all our health, plant-based nutrition, and functional medicine courses free for 14 days at onecommune.com/trial. The Commune Podcast is made possible by: Blinkist and BetterHelp Commune listeners get 15% off their first month at BetterHelp.com/Commune. Try Blinkist Premium free for 7 days! See for yourself why Commune recommends Blinkist to help you learn and grow every day. Go to Blinkist.com/Commune to start your free 7 day trial and get 25% off of a Blinkist Premium membership.

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