EPISODE 309: Rewild Your Life and Reach Your Human Potential with Tony Riddle


Show Notes

Our culture of phones, chairs, and convenience food has vastly outpaced our evolutionary roots. In this episode, ultra-endurance barefoot runner Tony Riddle shares ways of being – from how you sit to what you eat to how you fall asleep – that are more in sync with human biology. Jeff and Tony also discuss how a holistic approach to rewilding your life can help you reconnect to and reach your innate human potential. Want more from Tony? You can try his Commune course Rewilding Human Movement free for 5 days at onecommune.com/rewild This podcast is supported by Blinkist and BetterHelp. Commune listeners get 15% off their first month at BetterHelp.com/Commune. Try Blinkist Premium free for 7 days! See for yourself why Jeff recommends Blinkist to help you learn and grow every day. Go to Blinkist.com/Commune to start your free 7-day trial and get 25% off of a Blinkist Premium membership.

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