EPISODE 231: Zach Bush: The Second Birth of Humanity


Show Notes

In some ways this conversation serves as Part 2 of our first podcast with Zach Bush, The Real Roots of Disease. However, this conversation is so expansive in scope — from the very micro of what is occurring right now in your small intestine to the hyper macro of the spiritual future of humanity – that no one description can encompass its breadth. Zach’s philosophy of medicine, human health, and the meaning of life is evolving and coalescing at this very moment; this is simply a 2-hour snapshot. To try Zach’s new Commune course, The Vital Roots of Human Health, for free, visit onecommune.com/zachbush. P.S. In its many twists and turns, this podcast includes a discussion about COVID and vaccines. If you feel strongly about these issues, we encourage you to read our Community Letter at onecommune.com/covid. You can learn more about Commune at onecommune.com. And connect with us on Instagram at @onecommune and @jeffkrasno.

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