EPISODE 12: Real Relevant w/ Garcelle Beauvais

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This week, AJ and Emile get real with actress, author, co-host of Fox’s “The Real,” and the first Black cast member on Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” ​​Garcelle Beauvais. Garcelle breaks down the RHOBH Reunion, shares her thoughts on Erika Jayne’s legal troubles, where she stands with Lisa Rinna, a behind-the-scenes story about Kathy Hilton, and reveals a long-kept secret from her time on “The Jamie Foxx Show.” And if you’re wondering whether or not Garcelle will return for the next season of RHOBH, you may get the clue you're looking for...

If you want a chance to hear your secret revealed on the podcast, you can submit your secret on our website: ConfessYourMess.us

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STRAWT media. All right, AJ
remember a couple of weeks ago we came

up from the name for our listeners, their messengers. Yes, capital and

EESS, because we're all a little
messy. Yes, okay. So for

our messenger of the week this week, why don't we do Alexa Brook One?

Okay, she said, Oh m
G that she says. Said Great

Podcast, funniest thing I've listened to
in a while. Smiley face, and

we appreciate that. If you want
to be a messenger, all you have

to do is go to podcast and
leave a comment, rate five stars and

you could be our messenger of the
week. You can absolutely do that and

we will give you a shout out
live on the air, like we just

did right now. This episode is
juicy, it's a lot, oh my

gosh, and all the best ways
and all the best. It is juicy

and it's real. It is real, yeah, because our guests are selbove

a, you're, I'm sorry,
starsel mother Bouvet, just from the real

and real housewives Beverly Hills. So
real. Will get into all of that,

but just know you want to stay
tuned because the secrets this week had

a shook and our guest had,
I shook and it's just amazing. We

got emotional. We talked about personal
connect we also talk about that New York

City d Oh my gosh, I've
only had the saline Ohio D I've had

it anyway. Let's get too episode. All right, I'm really excited about

today. So how how? How
excited are you about today's on a level

of one to ten, I like
a twelve right now. Yeah, I'M

gonna lie. I'm going to tell
you why in a little bit, but

I'm actually going to let you introduce
today's guess because I know this one's near

and dear to you. Wait,
okay, I'M gonna cry. First of

all, it's eleven, a in
my hate Quila, because we always do

Tequila or edibles or both on this
podcast. This is confess your man.

Yeah, I'm confessing my mess.
So that's my mess. So our guests

today, first of all, you
may know her recently from the real or

real housewives of Beverly Hills or spider
man home coming or coming to America or

coming to America to or her philanthropic
worth with you and work with Una stuff

and others. But for me,
yes, and this is this is a

full circle moment. I'm actually I'm
confessing a lot today. So, as

a young black queer boy in Atlanta, Georgia, I specifically remember Garcel on

the cover of my jet magazine,
to my eveny magazines at home, which

she was in the Jamie Fox show. I religiously watched fancy, and this

is so funny story, recently,
because I also host with Garcel when I

go on the real and I have
my little segment that I do, and

you guys had a bit recently.
We had a recently, yes, and

you actually made a fancy refeence,
but yes, which I did not make

the fancy reference on purpose, by
the way, but while I was there

in Garcel, I'm confessing. Oh, by the way, our guest is

ourselves. Both then really we're really
excited about but funny enough, like incoach.

Could I talk? Here's the thing. So, Garcel, I'm confessing

to you right now because we just
confess everything on this podcast, which you'll

find out, so low key.
He's very similar to Dorete and a couple

of years you're going to talking a
love that throughout the podcast. I am

long window and I talked a lot. So here's the thing. We started

hosting together for my segment on the
real during quarantine, so everything was via

zoom. We had never hosted in
person together. Right. So a few

weeks ago I came for the first
time and I did my bit with genie

and you. You all were sitting
in the chairs, but then recently I

did my bit with you. He
was very excited about I was very excited.

But what you don't know, and
I'm really I don't know if you

noticed, I couldn't make eye contact. That's because I was so nervous because

you are legit and this isn't me
sucking up or something. This is like

legit. You are an icon.
I don't think you understand. I watched

the Jay. I've seen every episode
the Jamie Fox so recently I watched.

What episode I watched? It was
the one where this woman, it was

a Halloween episode in the woman came. I watch on the plane recently.

She came and she ended up.
She was like a widow or something,

or she pretended to be a why
don't you try to kill Jamie and you

come in and you save him and
like it was a whole thing, and

she jumps out of the window.
Anyway, welcome, to confess your message.

We're so happy to have you.
I'm so happy to be here.

What an intro. By the way, I love you, guys. Wait,

you with everything that you said about
me. You forgot I also hosted

a Hollywood today. Yeah, that's
AJ. I figure I would let him

do that. Who is this beautiful
white boy? Oh my God, O

table. This is my part of
the Intro, then, because some of

our listeners might not know this,
but a few years back I hosted a

show called hollywoods. They live for
a while and and we are going through

some transitions in the cast and I
was being let go as you were being

brought on. You did not replace
me, however, and when I got

to work together for like a week
or two, and I've never actually told

you this, we've run into each
other at events and war shows over the

years, but at that time that
was a low point for me because I'd

never really that was my first big
Gig, my first big opportunity in Hollywood,

and I didn't understand the game.
I didn't understand what was happening.

I was being lied to about the
process and I just don't understand. I

was like what can I do to
be better? I had no idea,

and I remember I had one of
the coolest opportunities right before I left and

I interviewed Angela Bassett and it was
your first day on set and they were

playing back the interview and then we
were going to come back live and react

to it, and you sat there
and you said, wow, this is

beautiful. You are so talented,
and I made a comment something like yeah,

well, I think I'm being let
go. So I was really looking

forward to working with you, but
I think this might be my last week,

which is so awkward. And then
live on camera once again, right,

right right, and you said to
me, you said no way,

you're so talented, like I was
actually really looking forward to working with you,

and then I'm trying really hard to
hold back tears. And then we

live on air and at the time
again, like I was so new to

the game and and so excited to
work with you because of this one telling

me how like I was like I
knew who you were, but he was

like you might as well have been
like literally the biggest star and you are

a Dell and you didn't have to
say that. And there's a moment Angela

Bassa. I mean that was a
moment I was really, really proud of.

And you told me, like you
literally put your hand in my hand

and you told me it's such a
beautiful interview, and I was just blown

away by that and I was like, Oh Gosh, well, she knows

a thing or two, so she's
saying that maybe I should keep trying.

So I'm going to say right now, look where you are now, and

look where you are now. I
really book. When I said it,

I meant it because I was watching
it right and I always say this.

A door closes and another one opens. You have been maintained. You've written

books, you're an author. I
mean you don't. You've done pretty well.

Yeah, you've done pretty well.
Thank you, and I've never been

happier. We're engaged for planning a
wedding right now. I know, speaking

of books, your girl, Erica
Jane, is my cover quote on my

book. That has aged. It's
been an interesting process. Now that we've

seen this last season, or so
they're showing. We're going to get to

that a little bit later. Yeah, I'm speaking of books. You have

a book coming out. Congratulations.
In Two thousand and twenty two thank you,

thank you. Thank you, April
twenty two. You can reload it

now, and it's called love me
as I am. I love which we

do. I love that. So
we're going to sorry, we're going to

kick things off with our new segment. Yes, Gary sails. So we

told you off camera we just got
back from a trip. We were shooting

a series in San Francisco. Yeah, and while having some Tequila, as

we do sure our dinner, we
can with a new segment, try it

out on you right now. Okay. So, Oh God. Okay.

So here's the idea. I don't
know if you know the premise of the

show. We're going to reveal a
few of our listeners submitted secrets and confessions

and then we're all going to sort
of like react to them in real time.

Sometimes they're just funny, sometimes we
give advice, and then, at

the end of this year, going
to confess your mess right, you've got

something prepared for us that can blow
our minds. You just know, I

thing very good. But first,
in order to trust you with our messengers,

we want to just just a quick
little a little test rone, if

you will. So this segment we're
going to call yes, yes, mess

but yeah, okay, so that's
me. Yeah, so we need to

know something in your life, that
me or someone in your life and an

experience in your life that's maybe kind
of a mess, but you just can't

say no to way. You just
keep coming. Boy, still hold space

in your life. What is your
mess? But yes, my mess.

But yes, is a guy that
I dated in New York a mess?

But yes, Oh, yeah,
okay, okay, just elaborate, elaborate

a little bit. Why? See? Yes, because we know what you're

looking for. Yesaw, we know
what you're looking for. He's a yes

because chemistry wise, he's just spot
on, a looks good as body is

great, he's always dressed nife.
That's the Yes. The mess is like,

we're really not good for each other. Yeah, that's real. We

have this conversation this morning on my
radio show. We didn't have this collar.

We literally my coast rotate about exactly
this, like that that sometimes you

meet that person that's so toxic for
you or doesn't work out for whatever reason.

But there's kindly, there, there's
chemistry and when he and I met,

like to be honest, he was
in the closet and a bit younger

than me. Almost nine and a
half years and I were all brown,

you were all brown, and he
had matching pimples on both cheeks every week

and I was like, who is
this? Who is this kid? And

I will tell you this. First
couple years I was like, yeah,

we're dating, and then eventually I
was like, oh, kindness matters,

and honesty matters. Yes, laughter
matters, and then I started working out

in the body came. He was
like, Oh, embody matters and that

body hit and it all works.
I love that. Okay, okay,

I think we could trust her.
I think. Well, that makes me

so you you are first. You're
our first. Guess who did mess but

yeah, yeah, happy, okay, I like that. We'll keep the

second. That okay. So,
Garcel, we haven't seen any of these

secrets. Are Producer. Frank.
They source the secrets from our our listeners

are messengers and we're going to read
this laugh for the first time. Also,

for more website. Quick Reminder.
We don't want it. If you

do want to get on the POD, head over to confess your mess dot

US submit your secret. You can
do it anonymously. You can let us

know anything you want to know about. You can also leave us a voice

note? Yeah, do you're giving
US permission to play the voice note on

our pod and then we'll react with
our celebrity guests in real time? I'm

and also, since we're here,
if you want to be a real messenger,

go to podcast or itunes and rate
five stars, subscribe, leave a

comment. Do all those things what
really help us out. We appreciate it.

Okay, so the theme of this
week's secret, because we have a

theme every single week. Are So
the thing for this week is betrayal.

So your unreal house and we know, we know what day of the week

at well, it ends and why. Right. So we were like this

would be the perfect thing. So
we asked our messengers in our listeners for

betrayal secrets. I'm scrolling down now. All right, the first one is

from anonymous male South Africa. Okay, okay, two years ago I was

in a relationship with my best friend's
Dad. It. Wait, wait,

wait, wait, well, okay, okay, okay, this is a

young man's friends dad. Oh,
a young man and a relationship with his

best friend's Dad. Okay, okay, and she didn't know all the best

friends. A girl, it's her
dad and she didn't know it started with

him mentoring me and the closer we
got, the more attracted to him I

got, and one thing led to
the other. Slept together and we've done

it for two years until I couldn't
do it anymore because I was tired of

being a secret. Wow, can
you imagine how sneaky this person had to

be? And that's your best friend
like that? Takes a lot of work.

Wow, but also, I think, I mean I'm sorry for me

personally. I'm just thinking about my
best friends. Even if that was hot,

I don't care if they were my
ment or whatever. I just don't

think I could do that to my
best friend. That's just there's a but

I get the mentor part. Low
Key. You and I started off as

friends and I have a sort of
a mentor to you. Yeah, you

were in the closet for the first
yeah, he'd never been in a relationship

with anybody. He never know our
sell what you'll learn is AJ dispills all

mighty on this podcast. But I
was I sort of helped him come out

of the closet. You introduced me
to my hosting mentor, yes, and

I thought I was going to send
them out out of the birds quide away

and then he hasn't left yet and
I'm glad. But yeah, okay,

okay, sorry, Garcel, you
guys are great together. Yeah, thank

you, thank you. We fake
it well camera, let's be honest.

No, but you made a comment
though. You said two years. It

took you two years to walk away. So I'm going to circle back around

real quickly. This is what I
do. The man in New York with

the Nice Body and the chemistry.
How long has that been going on?

Ya, a few years has right
now? See, you can relate.

Oh Lord, I can relate.
Absolutely, I could relate, but I

think, you know, I don't
know. Wouldn't be horrible if she told

her best friend? Well, that's
the thing, because the thing is they

said that they were tired of being
a secret. So now the question,

and this is why I always have
follow up question. So now the question

is, so you ended it after
two years. Are you ever going to

tell your best friend what occurred?
Or is your best friend like, Oh,

let's come over Thanksgiving this year.
I want to have you over now.

You don't have family. Whatever,
whatever the situation may be, is

like, I don't think I can't. Oh, why not? You have

my dad. Yeah, Oh,
yeah, I love Your Dad's he's not

the only thing getting stuff that thanksgiving. SOSELF, you want a Turkey,

l five, perhaps a breast.
So, yeah, exactly do you get

tell the best friend at this point, two years in Garcel or, you

just keep it yourself. So I
think it's a hard thing. If that's

your best friend, you should tell
them, but it might change the relationship

forever. Yeah, but if she
finds out later on, it could also

change the relationship forever. Oh,
I didn't even think about that. That's

true, because what? Yeah,
what if she's over Thanksgiving? Her he

is over Thanksgiving things, you know, she said, knowsing some things,

or like you're saying, like what
if? What if you know they broke

it off after two years, they
go to Thanksgiving or come over for Christmas

or something, all of a sudden, the dad and the the friend or

disappearing, like where are they?
In dishey, scarred, you go to

the room in their trouble, to
their sucking. I'm nasty. Okay,

let's go to our next around.
Don't don't look at me any differently next

time I'm at the room. I'm
innocent. I innocent. I might a

lot I find a lot today is
a preachers kid. I am. I

am, okay, really, I
am. Yeah, I'm a preacher's kid.

And then my mom's Jamaican from a
pentecostal family, so that's a whole

nother. Yeah, you know,
still, coming out was hard. He's

a junior. Yeah, I was
gonna say, Oh, yeah, how

do they take it? who was
the hardest person? You know, honestly,

it was. It was so when
I came out, I came out

kind of via facebook. I did
like this vague post saying just be authent

can be who you are, and
then the next day I posted something in

support of Spirit Day, which is
for bully lgbdt you, and one of

my my cousin, one of my
closest cousin, my first cousin, called

and she said Hey, so our
third cousin's pastor just called me. It's

like wait, what and said that
they saw your post on facebook and they

were wondering, are you gay?
And at that point I was just like

Oh wow, I'm gay. Yes, I'm gay, yes, I'm gay.

I'm gay. I just blurted it
out. But you know how family

is. When you tell certain family
members, you know that it's going to

spread fast. And so, yeah, I immediately called my sister. At

the time. I was like maybe
this is something that I feel like I

should have the right to do,
but also I don't know if I ever

would have had the courage to do
it. I feel like somebody would have

told them before. So my mom
called me the next morning while I was

at work. It was zero in
the mornings. I worked in the production

job and my best friend, Jinna, I was working with her at the

time and I said my mom's calling. My answer the phone and my mom

was crying. She said I always
wonder why you never had a girlfriend.

You're a handsome guy and with all
this stuff, why did you tell me?

And then my dad. The only
thing my dad sent was a passage,

a Bible verse from the Bible Sodom
and Gomora. And Yeah, we

didn't talk really for around six months
and if we did it was just the

niceties. And then finally, after
around six or seven months, I called

him I said it hurts me so
much that you've never talked about my sexuality

and me coming out in all these
different things, and his initial reaction was,

well, what do you want me
to say? And at the time.

I just want him to say that
you still love your son, that

I'm still the same, but fast
for ourself. They asked about him,

they love him. My mom is
coming to the weddings. I won over

his mother shopping for white people say
plantains. He says planted plants, and

so we went to four stores in
La one time looking for the perfect plantain

for her son's breakfast. We never
found them, but she fell in love

with me that day. And then
I want over all the Jamaican Auntie's by

having a little Jamaican feast in New
York a couple of times and they're all

coming to the wedding now. So
we're going, we're coming. Wow,

that's a beautiful story. You guys
should write a book together, maybe the

next one together. That's actually that's
I love that. Love us when we

do have a friend who's I'm writing
the Sitcom right now with a friend of

mine. He's one of the head
writers for insecurity and, I guess,

credibly tip Haitian. Yeah, he
says, know him. Might go yo.

I'm sure. Yes, yeah,
one my best. So what is

so awesome? That's a great energy
and spirits. Yeah, we're currently writing

a Sitcom together and following you in
your footsteps, all this writing you're doing

and producing. And this first thing
was, we need to write the show

about you too, like we need
to tell this story, because your stories

incredible. We were like and we're
like, so we'll see. We'll see,

Garcel, we are going to continue
with more secrets and when we come

back. Before we get into the
secrets, we have to talk a bit

about this season of Real Housewi was
beverly hills, the mob. They're reunion,

because, dear guy. So let's
take a quick break and we'll be

right back and your mess. I
welcome back to confess your mess. We've

got Garcel Bova. She's an icon. We're super excited to have her on

the program. Garcel, you're also
in the news a lot right now for

many, many, many reasons.
We're in the middle of the real housewives

of Beverly Hills Reunion. It's your
second season on the show and it usually

takes, I think, on these
shows, probably a couple of seasons for

forcast members to really kind of like
sink their teeth into the price and and

I think season one, I think
personally, I was left with this feeling

of like where's Garcel, like I
want my I felt like you got a

lot going on and there's a pandemic
and whatever else was going on. We

didn't see as much of you.
We're seeing and hearing a lot from you

this season, which I love.
I want to personally ask because it's been

hard for me to watch this year. Erica, I've worked with her for

years. Yeah, really, Erica's
quote, which is so, so perfect

for the scenario right now, that
she's in is Ilwa was come I always

called my way back, is basically
what she said and it's the cover of

my book. It's my name and
Erica Jamie on the front of my blood,

which is might not age. Well, we'll see how this place out,

but so I've known Erica for years, night doore her. I've also

known Lisa rented for years, not
the way you do, though, and

watching this as an as a sort
of insider, sort of outsider, what

I see happening is, I feel
like a couple of things. One in

some ways. I think we both
agree here. You might also almost be

a little too nice for the show, to be honest. Like you can

definitely throw darts, because you do, and you can be shady professionals,

but I almost feel like, because
I watch you and I can see in

your eyes, that the little I
know about you, I see somebody who's

actually hurting a bit, especially in
the interactions with Lisa arena in and and

it. We talked about this the
other night. It feels a little bit

and I might be way off,
and I'm I am, please tell me,

but it feels a little bit like, after you saw what happened with

denise last season and Lisa, after
their long friendship, that, whether you're

fully aware of it all the time
or not, you might be looking at

least and being like, I don't
know what I trust you because of what

you're doing, not that Lisa was
right or wrong, even in the did

these situation. It wasn't about the
truth really, it was about how she

handled it, and I think that
is something that's been lost in translation this

season with your storyline just a little
bit. So I would love for you

to clear that up a bit.
Like what is it actually that is sort

of put a wedge between you and
Lisa Arenda over the course of the season,

and will we see some real resolution
by the end of this reunion?

Um Okay, that's twofold. You
are absolutely right. When we started this

season I really thought, how do
I trust Renta with the way she treated

denise, and that was always in
the back of my mind because we've been

friends the same amount of time,
although Ranna now says that she was actually

closer to me than to denise.
So you're absolutely right. In the back

of my mind I'm like, how
do I trust you? How do I

trust you if you're going to treat
somebody else that you know like let the

other girls go after denise right,
but how are you going to show up

for her? And she never did. She never did, and I saw

side of her that I didn't like
personally, and so that was always in

the back of my mind for sure. And it might too nice for the

show. I don't think so.
I mean I think, well, I

have to say something, I say
it. I'll say I'm not combative.

That's the thing. I yeah,
not combative. And if it doesn't even

to lead into the next point,
then because for me I don't think you're

too nice. There's almost, and
you're on the real and you're on real

housewives, there's almost a realness to
you that it feels nice, but it's

almost unrecognizable because you're real, genuine
and in the moment. That here's the

thing. But here's the thing,
because when you watch these reality shows,

a lot of reality stars are actually
characters, and I feel like when you're

on the show, we actually are
watching you, and sometimes I feel like

you actually forget the cameras are there
and you're like, no, I'm just

being who I am right now,
but you're trying to portray me as this

character garself. That moment on the
couch when you're the girls getaway and yeah,

and and the conversation with Erica that
you didn't know shouldn't have come up,

came up and then they kind of
came towards you. I forget who

said it to you, and the
tears that weld in your eyes. Oh,

that's real. Yeah, she's not
acting right now. Let's really.

No, there's no yeah, there's
no acting in it. The thing is

with the show which, when I
first started, I was waiting for them

to say action and they were like
no, just something you can't ask because

you don't know how other people going
to react to you. Do you know

it? Does that make sense right? And have you can't go in going

this is my storyline. I mean
you just have to let things unfold and

that's what I've been able to do
and I try to do as much as

I can to remain myself. So
when that's all happened to America, and

I was hoping that by the end
of the season they would have shown that

scene with US breaking the fourth wall, with the producer coming in and Erica

yelling at him, yelling at Erica, I mean it was just so crazy

that what you got to see on
screen was really a water down version.

But I was really emotional because,
you know, although I know a lot

of people have certain feelings about Erica, but you don't want anybody to go

through that and being in a group
where you're going to have to spend time

with it's hard to watch somebody to
go through that. And I'm not even

talking about the victims, I'm just
talking about Erica. As a woman,

as a girl, as a you
know, a friend, we have a

very different experience. Oftentimes, when
we talk about your experience on real housewives,

I am only think that I understand
it. And then, as a

black man, he is a very
different lets talk about that. Okay,

because in the same thing happens on
real housewives of New York. Yeah,

every yeah, blames, yeah,
and, but, but it happens to

a lesser degree with crystal and and
there's something different about being black and coming

on to one of these show.
Well, I'll to I'll tell you what.

whennything about what I felt watching and
what really resonated with me this season.

So, especially being la being in
the industry and being a majority white

spaces when it comes to my career, not necessarily my social circle, but

definitely my career. Yeah, I
relate it so hard to the moment where

you're at the dinner table, when
you opened up and you told them,

because I don't think people understand,
even even if you are trying to make

me comfortable, there's constant questions and
constant things that you're checking off. Am

I am? Is My face okay? And might do I have a resting

bitch racer? And even if I
don't, are they going to assume that

I'm being whatever em my tone?
How's my tone being perceived like? What

these words? Are they going to
take these words certain way and twist it?

Like when I work for the last
hosting job, of work for that

left for mental health reasons, because, because I'm not going to dragon right

now anyway, I will but bleet
that Frank Um. But what I will

say is I totally relate it to
your constantly thinking about how you're presenting yourself.

And I can't imagine when you're on
a show where you already have to

think about okay, the editors can
twist this and and whatever I say and

do into whatever they want. But
in on top of that, you're in

a space, in a group of
people who they also are editing in their

minds a version of you that isn't
actually who you are, but it's it's

wild in the less. You're in
that experience, you just there's no way

you could understand. So when Cathy
Hilton, who, by the way,

we love Cathy, I can relate. You're so kind, though, when

her resee your and your response to
her, I was like, Oh God,

Oh God, Gar so please don't
drag her right now, because there's

something about calf I love day,
I love her, I love her,

I love her, I love her. I have a quick Cathy Story.

So we were in Um. We
only went to to places, went to

del Morrow, went to too,
and that's when I really spend time with

her. And so one night,
cameras are away, she comes into my

room and she into my room and
she sits on the bench. She goes.

You know, I just want to
tell you I think you're so great.

I think you're amazing. You're going
to do big things, like don't

worry about finding the guy, just
stay classy, do this, do that,

and I'm like, thank you,
Cathy, thank you so much.

So then she goes into Kyle's room
and she goes. I just told Garcel

that she's going to be doing big
things. I seek cathy goes. You're

not a Swammy, cat causin,
you're not a swammy, Cathy. She's

been doing big things for a long
time. Hey, Hey, wait,

you mean she's been relevant. She
doesn't need to do anything to say.

They just snagged you off the street
and gave you an opportunity. But I

love I love Cathy. Well,
we love you. On the real housewives

were yes with you. Are you
coming back? Because reason no, no,

I just asked her. Are you
coming back? I'm not allowed to

talk about casting anymore. I got
in trouble to ducks. So you got

in trouble of entertainment tonight, is
what you're saying. Yeah, got it.

So, yes, we hear that
you guys are going back into filming

quickly. Do you? Can you
say anything about whether or not the production

is ramping up again quickly? Yeah, they shot a scene yesterday. Wow,

yeah, they're about to see yesterday. Eric is on that one for

sure. Yeah. Well, we
hope to see you back because you are

a breath of fresh air. He
brought the fresh air on the show.

We absolutely adore you. I love
you, guys. I love you guys.

I have a couple more secrets.
Then you have a confession to give

us. Yes, yes, that's
two more secrets and then your confession.

Okay, anonymous Georgia ats out.
Okay, back in high school I got

high, which I mean he's caught
high school. I never thought of that.

Yeah, it's all high school.
Most people get out of school.

Okay, back in high school,
I got high and stayed out all night

the night before my sats. The
next day I went and made a one

fourteen ninety out of twenty four hundred
on the exam. My family was sound

like that's not good. Wait,
wait, I know it did. Sounds

good, but remember, y'all remember. You'll see in the secret in a

second. My family was unaware that
the test moved from a sixteen hundred scale

because, remember, used to be
sixty hundred and then they moved to twenty

four hundred. So he made a
fourteen nine and they're like, oh,

that's great. So to this day, it's been nearly fifteen years, it's

been a source of pride for my
family and no one knows that I actually

tank the test yet still made it
into Cole. They think they're so as

a little sun. Yeah, they
yet as they think their child is Dougie.

How zero and he's just dookie.
That's hilarious. That is that is

a betrayal because if they ever find
out, they're gonna because you know,

you know how parents are, are
specially Caribbean parents. They are so proud

anything. Um My mom, every
age, can tell you every single time

when the real okay, Honni,
I'm going to text on tjene and then

Tia by okay, I don't see
it in New York and at Moma's on

this say okay, every see text
the list and this she sends text messages

back to me of what each person
this said about me on the show.

Yeah, different. Other thing you
were no, I tell you this.

The other day she sent me a
message from one of the pastor's wives or

somebody who was so proud and she
said your son, Emil Junior, was

wonderful on the view and I said
wait, what's and I wrote it back

to her and I said on the
view. She Goes Yep, I said

the view. Are you sure?
She goes yeah, I go okay,

and then she finally realized it was
the real but she copied it gast of

the message, so she didn't even
catch it. I'm like the fuse trying

to come down right, let's be
honest. Well, my God, Oh

my God, we loved see what
Nigan McCain just said. I know her

bow, I know and I low
key like I love Joy Behar but Megan

mic I can't imagine she would just
make that up. You know, joy's

a comic and she's a little bit
sharp sometimes. Megan, I want to

like hit her upside the head every
now and then. I'm not against them.

I'm totally against hitty woman, obviously, but nicking mccaine sometimes has things

are very problematic, but she enjoy
her. I think they're too similar in

some ways. Joe, really,
I never would have thought that they are.

Miller, both strong opinionated women.
First joys. Joy just has the

gift of humor, so she can
hide her digs in the hum Oh,

and I don't think Megan can compete
with that and I think that gets her

frazzled. Just my opinion. That
has been on very good opinion. Hey,

let's really good. What kind of
Caribbean mother are you? Are you?

Yeah, you, are you the
type or your sons are afraid to

bring home test scores or you?
Are they going to bring it to you

and you're gonna have a conversation about
it? Oh No, I'm definitely strected,

but not in that way. Like
jade will run and bring me his

report card because it's always good,
and then Jackson's like, I can't find

it, I left it at school. It's the dog ate it like anything.

I'm Jack but jade will run to
you with it. Oh, I

love that. I do want to
say really quickly, though, if you

want to get on a Pod,
just quick reminder. While we're going to

this cool commercial break, head over
to confessor mess dot submit your secrets right

now? Also, head of a
podcast on Apple. Give us five stars,

right US review, please, and
thank you. Back in the Morn.

All last one. Here we go. So this is anonymous from calabassies.

Okay, Oh, it's Chris Jenner. Oh my God, the Chris

Jenner. She's a very huge fan, I believe. Just saw her at

Parashilton's ride a shower by LOO's.
Amazing. Yeah, we missed our invite

for that too. You know that. Here I will tell you parasols my

very first celebrity interview in Hollywood,
years and years and years ago. Really.

I interviewed her at an opening for
a club in Hollywood, like a

decade ago. I remember that.
She was the kindest, yeah, sweetest

soul, and I understand. Watching
Cathie now, it all makes sense and

like, Oh, I get it, apple doesn't yeah, far from the

tree. Yeah, I love it. Okay, great girl, anonymous calabassies.

So my husband and I have been
married for thirty two years and my

husband I grasped let's Co let's get
really that. That's that, I think.

Yeah, but can you imagine the
same defit thirty two years? Honey,

we're gay, we're way more maginative
than right. So thirty two years

they've been together. My husband doesn't
know that I'm sleeping with here. It

is, yeah, here. It
doesn't know that I'm sleeping with the neighbor's

husband. Oh, that's big in
my hometown. But I found text and

found out that the neighbor's wife is
sleeping with my husband. What, I

just made this up. I just
want to see all the reaction. Be

The stupid secret. I'm that's far. while. I was all over.

But did you see in my house? I okay, wait, I was.

I was literally thinking on this wile. I was like, let me

think of something. Juice has only
I'm a freeze this one. My Dad

said, lie. He lies way
too easily. It makes me nervous.

Now, okay, here Red Fin
secret before we get to your confession.

This is anonymous Kansas City. When
I was in high school, me and

my boo went on a cute date
to an Italian place and another town from

where we both lived. Okay,
that was called the olive garden where I

come from. Fancy restaurant, everyone
to his child. We had a good

time and rawmost finished when my uncle
walks up to the host and with a

young lady who's definitely not my aunt, who, because we're out the this

awkward table in the middle of a
packed restaurant, there was nowhere to hide,

not even a menu to hide behind, and of course I'm the one

facing the door, so my uncle
sees me. We didn't say a word

to each other and my bf and
I got up immediately and I've never told

my aunt, cousins or anyone in
the family. Oh Wow, this is

they're carrying something plot twist. Okay, he's my real dad, which I

had recently just found out at the
time it's not actually uncle's actually really her

dad. Oh my gosh, it's
a big family secret that everyone probably knows.

This garbage man and my aunt had
his older brother and wife adopt me

because they couldn't afford any more kids. Shut I was not expecting the layers

of that. Wait, did you
make that UPJ no, no, this

one is actually somebody from this is
a real wordy. How do you break

that down? Wait, wait,
wait, Wa, wait, I need

a diaper, a diagram. That
is our friend. Well, you might

need one soon. Wait. Okay, so that's just a lot. So

she went. She saw her uncle
with another woman, yes, come into

a restaurant that she was at,
but also, around the same time frame,

found out that the hunk uncle that
she's known her entire life was actually

Sir bad whow? Who gave her
up to her the parents that raised her,

her because you didn't want any more
kids. Whoa so does so does

this person, Oh that man?
Secrecy. Well, saying that wow,

this is betrayal multiple levels, because
and the one hen there's a betrayal in

terms of she probably felt like she
was betraying her, her aunt and her

cousins. WHO's fathered that she spot
and then, once she found out that

that was her father, she frou. Probably feels betrayed from the whole family

because you know how family secrets are. There certain secrets that only the family

knows. Nobody talks about it.
Who was about to drag one of my

let me be quiet that one about. I want to say what the secret

is, but I found out one
about my dad a couple of years ago

that really helped me understand why it
took him fifteen years to say the word

gay back to me after I came
out. And he doesn't know that I

know and I'll never share the secret
publicly, but it brought a lot of

peace to me to understand. Oh, I forgot. My Dad's also a

human and has secrets and he's dealing
with his own stuff. Right. That's

really did you ever find out a
secret in your family? Not that you

have to divulge it unless it's way
before you, but a secret? Yeah,

no, I absolutely. I went
to a restaurant and a girl said

I know your brother, that's all
I'm saying, and I didn't know I

had another brother. Wow, Aja
had the same experience. I found out

had a sister in high school.
I went to a football game and a

town near I was like fifteen,
fourteen or fifteen maybe. I think I

might either freshman in high school and
my cousin was a trulier at that school

and she was a senior and she
was like the captain the surely she's like

gorgeous, like popular girl. Just
comes up and grabs me up, sitting

my parents because I was a nerd
and didn't sit with friends. She grabs

me. They go onto the field
and she was AJ I want you meet

your sister dawn, and I go, Huh, can you imagine? She

does? Yeah, this is sister
Dawn Gibson. I'm like what, Whoa

what she was? Yeah, her
Dad Steve From Salina, Your Dad,

and I'm like Huh. I go
back up to my parents and they're like

what was that? I'm like my
sister dawn, and my family's like,

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, that was that was before my dad

married. My mom didn't know about
it. Had nothing to do with her

wild right. Well, every family
has one. Listen, every family,

every family. All, right,
carselves. So this is the moment that

we've been waiting for. You know, we've heard a lot of secrets,

but now it's time for you to
climax. Knows the climax of the episode.

That's why New York. That's a
New York time for you to confess

your mess. Okay, here we
go. I am currently on the Jamie

Fox show. We we have a
lot of amazing guest stars. I am

in my dressing room, which,
by the way, I did it all

paint, the Wallpaperwork, pat I
had pink carpet, it was just decked

out really girly and I was washing
my hands in the bathroom. I had

a bathroom inside the the dressing room, and there's a knock on the door

and I said come in and an
after that was guest star on our show

that day, walks in and I
go, I'll be right out and I

come out of the bathroom and he
had to roll on and dropped his rope

and I froze for a moment.
I look down because I wanted to see

it and if that was like you
have to put your roll back on,

I'm not interested. And that was
good. You literally walked into my room

and just just throbe like come have
me, take me and I will never

say who he is, but I
was just like, Holy Shit, what

do I do? You have that. And then we have to a scene.

We were, you know, on
break. Oh, we're going to

go back and watch every single like
it was the world episode down. This

is somebody we would know if you
said the name, isn't it absolutely?

Oh my goodness, clear. It
was not Jamie Fox. It was not

Jamie Fox, because I'm gonna tell
you this. Jamie Fox walked in here

right now or any day and de
Robe in front of me. Well,

I'd be fine with it. I
mean listen, then, I remember when

you reveal that secret about Jamie on
the reel and everybody was like now,

wait a minute, wait a minute, wait, I met at. He

is packing for his whole family on
it. Heah, okay, before we

let you go, we could do
this forever, but I know you're super

stary good. Sorry, get you
out of here and we adore you and

I we don't get to see each
other in the real world. Against soon,

I know, maybe we'll actually all
get invited to the same event at

some points, not just different,
but I we're so we need advice.

I know you've not been on camera
with her on this show, I don't

believe, but we have brandy glanville
coming on the show here in the next

couple of weeks. Anything, because
I know there's a lot of interesting ties

with brandy and then the some of
the former casts and also Danny's you.

What do we need to look out
for? What do we need to be

asking her? Is there a question
you would like answered from Brandy? Who?

Well, would I like to ask? Wow, I have the I

know have nothing. Nothing. I'm
going to keep any nothing, any advice,

half fun, Fun, have have
fun, have lots of Tequila.

So we have one final episode of
the Re Union coming out. What can

we expect? Resolution, resolution for
a lot of the cast, but I

think Erica, you know, you
may come out feeling a different way than

where you felt when you first saw
the first one. Does that make sense?

Yeah, HMM, and I would
love you guys to text me and

let me know what you think.
Yeah, we will, because I will.

I'll be honest. I listen.
I host a morning radio show and

you know what this is like,
working on the reel. You have to

talk about these things for a living
and you're also living it. And for

me with Erica, it's so hard
because I hope and pray she knew nothing,

and I can I see that it's
it's very possible that she might actually

not, and I know that unless
you're in like this industry or if you're

in like a situation whe there's a
lot of money involved, you might not

fully understand that. That's hard to
like get across to like average America.

Right, right, but it's possible
that she really did not know anything,

and I think that's very real.
The first couple episodes I feel I'm feeling

more comfortable with her, I'm feeling
more like, okay, I'm getting some

answers. Finally, for the first
guy this year, I think so.

Yeah, but I'm trying to hold
out judgment, so it's all out in

the open. But we adore you. Yeah, you were right stick.

Thank you for making this a little
queer black boys dreams come true. Yeah,

and thank you for keeping this loan. Thanks for keeping this queer white

boy in the game when I felt
really, really, really really insecure about

myself. You really genuinely like just
the sweetest comment from you meant the world

to me and I've carried that with
me for so many years and you're just

a real one and we just adore
you. Also, tell Lisa I said

Hi. I love you, guys. We need to get dinner, so

I love you, guys. Congratulations
on everything in a meal off these.

Yes, this is our ladies and
I thank you. Your mass is a

Straw had media podcast produced by Ryan
Tilton and frank driscool. Thank you so

much for listening and don't forget to
subscribe and share. And if you have

a secret and want to share,
go to confess your mess out us to

submit your secret could end up in
the show. Is Your Ma
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