EPISODE 22: Soulmates Don’t Exist, But Santa Does! w/ King

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Show Notes

For this new year episode, AJ and Emile ring in 2022 with the mononymous YouTube commentator, writer and host, King. The guys dish on everything from Britney, to Santa, to Scream 5, unveil listener submitted secrets, and share some hypnotic secrets of their own. If you want to know where the guys stand on the Santa debate, or whether or not they think "soulmates" are a thing, you'll want to tune into this episode.

If you'd like a chance to hear your secret revealed on the podcast, you can submit your secret on our website: ConfessYourMess.us

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Straw media. Did you hear that
pipe? There's a pipe somewhere. The

y'all here? It sounds well,
are in our home. Okay. Anyway,

artist two thousand and twenty two,
and this was a good one.

Yes, it was so good.
This is confessed your mask. Do you

like funny pods? We don't make
sense. Later it will, it will

listen. We're just gonna get right
into it because this is a royal episode

of confess your mess, and you'll
find out why. Right now. A

J Emil. I don't know about
you, but it's twenty twenty two.

You do know about me. It's
also two thousand and twenty two in my

world. I know what I had
to make that. I have to make

the reference. I don't like Taylor
swift like that, but I just could

not do it anyway. It's two
thousand and twenty two. We made it,

we survived. Where to twenty two? Okay, so I'm still trying

to wrap my brainer on two thousand
and twenty what happened to two thousand and

twenty one? Look where she will
two thousand and twenty one. She came,

she went and I feel like,
you know, we'll talk about this

at some point, but we both
had a lot of rope and twenty grow

shirt in two thousand and twenty one. A lot of changes happened in two

thousand and twenty one, like there's
a lot longer. You have a weird

and I quit a job, like
I also like, yeah, internal growth,

not like material, like external like. I'm talking about internal, like

really life changing. You Right.
Anyway, welcome back to confess your mess.

This is the play where you confess
to us, you tell us your

secrets and we break them down and
we do not judge most of the time.

Most of the time. There's some
occasions where you're I mean right now

and then he could wild baby out
of pocket. Sometimes I'm like, wait

a minute, I can't like just
real. I'm not judging you, because

real talk, like what the Hell? Okay, we're very excited for our

first guest of two thousand and twenty
two, big one. This is a

big one and this will somebody that
I actually was first introduced to by my

one of my college best friends,
ty Chromer, and college I distinctly remember

she came over to my apartment.
That had to have been junior year.

She said, I'm like so much
college and college. Yeah, and we're

going down a youtube train. I
remember it started off with Tim showing us

like what you call it national anthem
fills. We were watching like bad national

anthems, okay, and then this
was before fergrey. Yeah, okay,

God, but she definitely will be
in that compilation. And then I remember

she pulled up a guy named Kingsley
and I was like this, and I

just remember. I don't even remember
what the videos were, necessarily because college

was so long ago. I feel
so old, y'all, but I do

remember laughing hysterically and I remember that
they cursed a lot. Okay, okay,

but it was funny and it brought
me joy and at the time of

my life when I was still in
the closet and I didn't necessarily have a

lot of joy, it was refreshing
to see somebody who was authentically who they

were, better say, and now
they are known as king rightfully. So

well, they've been grown. They've
grown for sure. Talk about growth.

Let's talk about growth. But youtuber
commentated, hilarious person and somebody that we

have become friends with over the years. Please welcome to confess your mess king.

Hello, the going the artist formerly
known as Kingsley. Yeah, that's

like a bold move. So so
can you first and foremost welcome. Thank

you so much for being here and
for doing this for us. We Adore

you. Thank you. But why? Why? King? What happened to

Kingsley? What? Is this a
new phase of your life or you want

a new season? What's going on? kind of it was kind of like

a shedding almost, because my real
name is king and the Kingsley is a

nickname. I got it in high
school from one of my cross country teammates

and when I started my channel I
had this whole thing of like I love

Britney Spears. So it's like it's
Brittany Bitch, it's Kingsley Bitch, and

it just became like, I don't
know my persauna, but yeah, just

as I grew I was like,
you know what, I'm going to use

my real name. I don't feel
like that too fitting anymore, but people

still call me that. So then
you grew. No, I like that

and I also love that that you
had an entire moniker based on it's Brittany

Bitch, right, that's kind of
my connaid. Yeah, she's free.

Well, she's free, and so
are you. Yes, yes, Parly

Kingsley, happy new year. Thank
you so much for being here. Before

we get into our secrets that our
listeners have submitted this week, King,

we need to test you. You
know, you did bring a confession force

that you're going to share a little
bit later on the pocket I did that

we do not know about yet.
You've let our producer frank know about it.

They vetted you, but we need
to vet you now. Yes,

so before we can trust you with
some of our listeners submitted secrets, we

need to know your mess. But
yeah, this is something that might be

maybe a vice, maybe something that, like, you know, isn't great

for you. Maybe it's a person, a place, a thing, a

habit that you know is really great
for you, but you just can't say

no to it. Do you have
something like that in your life? Boys

by Jesse Nelson. Wait, what, I can't. I'm sorry. What

is this? So Jesse Nelson from
little mix, but Jesse's the one who

left the group right, yes,
she is. Jessie left with their controversy,

with that song. It was a
little bit of it, you know,

because she sampled like a ditty song. She likely created his video and

it's like a whole black fishing thing
around it and I don't know, but

I wait. Is The song bad? It's like a cheesy it's nothing groundbreaking

by any means, but for somebody
that grew up a bad boy like I

like I like the sample, I
like the video, I like Diddy,

I like Nikki. I just feel
like I've been trying, because everyone's like,

oh my God, this is horrible, this is bad, this is

bad, and I'm just like,
you know, it's top ten on my

you're like, I don't hate it, I don't write it. Don't,

I don't, but I feel like
I should, but I really don't.

Listen. Wait, do you?
Can I ask you about social media before

we before we move on? This
is this is really interview. You might

just ask throw your random question every
now and then, but I know that

you take you say you're off twitter. Now you take look, it looks

like you take social media breaks.
I see all said randomly. I'll like

wake up one day and I'll have
like a whole bunch of likes from you

and I'm like, oh my gosh, she's back back. Where's he been?

Do you do that periodically and why
do especially I'm in a screenwriting program

so I've been trying to like really
focus on that and finish that and I

tend to take breaks, especially when
I first start, like even now I'm

on more because it's like went to
a break. I'm at home, I

just have more time. Yeah,
but yeah, every time I come back.

I do that to different people.
I do it to both of you,

and I appreciate I'm like, I'm
sure people think I'm crazy but,

like you know, I have people
that I keep up with and that I

want to see you. Oh,
I have we actually think is genuine and

endearing. So we appreciate you.
Thank you, we do, and we

trust you. That was a really
good little little confession right there. So

we trust you. We're good to
go. Okay, so the first one

is from anonymous male Las Vegas.
Again, we have not seen any of

these secrets. Frank people, you're
wild. People are wild in Las Vegas,

so they said. People tell me
I'm tone deaf, but I love

singing, so when no one's around, I sing Whitney Houston at the top

of my lungs. It's not a
deep dark secret. I just haven't told

anyone because I want my moments of
pure joy. To Go unjudged. There

is nothing wrong with that. Oh, that's real, though. Wait a

minute, I thought tone death was
like being unaware of life's around weight.

That can be also, I think
what tone deaf can also be. Not

like you don't know how to read
a room, like people are like.

Oh so in music though, because, yes, from in choir. If

your tone deaf, that means that
like if the if she's singing Whitney,

heaven, they said here, if
I instead of that, they might be

seeing. Yeah, yeah, let
me tell you, I don't want it.

I'm not going to say their name, but growing up in quiet or

in the church, my dad's a
pastor, there was this one woman who

they showed a little extra love to
for different reasons. She was so toned

death and they would give her solos
because they felt bad. He came from

a troubled family, and that's all
good and whatever, but y'all, she

was ruining, like ruining the church
service. She would get up there and

when you saw her one when you
saw her walking up to the microphone,

like we all just had to prepare
to keep straight faces, because it was

not there. Was Nowhere, nowhere
near the note that you supposed to be

at every single week. I can
relate. No, you're not toned dead.

Can you sing um? Sometimes it
depends on the way song. Like

if I had the if my music
end like my headphones and I think I

sound good, but I wouldn't know. But if they're not in, if

the wrath wait, I think you're
like me your way. So explain to

him what this means, because you
actually know how to sing. When you

and I are singing, so am. You'll try to get me to harmonize

with him sometimes and I can't feel
the life of me. It's suit,

but I fine. If I have
to match him, he's like, Oh,

you sound Nice, you have a
nice tone your voice right now,

but then if he changes key a
little bit, I just fall off a

cliff every single time. So I
think that's probably the same thing that happens.

If you hear it, you can
match it. But what does that

mean? What does that? That's
the thing I was in quire I wasn't

the conductor. I don't know.
I wasn't quite too back the I can

match, but I can't sing alone. Match this note was good. Now

stay there. You follow him.
Every time I was beautiful. No,

absolutely thank you. Thank you.
Okay, this next one is from anonymous

male New Jersey. My New Year's
resolution is to stop cheating on my girl

and come clean. Oh God,
what, I'm scared. She just drew.

Oh God, but I'm scared she'll
break up with me. I love

her, I just also love sex
and she's not as sexual as me.

Oh okay, that's real. Okay, yeah, that sounds like though.

Some therapy should have happened at some
point. Yeah, what do you do

with were they saying that they feel
that they were break up with them if

they stopped cheating. I think if, oh no, if they came clean

about the cheating, they want to
stop. So he wants to tell her

he's been cheating on her because he
loves or wants to be with her,

but he also wants more set but
he's afraid that if he's honest with her

that she will leave him. Hmm
King, what does he do? I

think he needs to leave. I
don't he just you just needs to leave.

Yeah, it sounds like he's not
satisfied. He's cheating. He wants

more sex. Like, what is
he actually scared of? What, if,

where they staying together for? Like, I need more backstory. It

sounds like he's already out a bit. WHOO. Yeah, that's interesting,

though, because if he's like saying
that, well, here's the thing.

Maybe he is very much in love
with there, maybe she's a love of

his life, but maybe he just
is not being sexually satisfied by her,

and that can be a real thing. That needs to be a real conversation,

though. That's not something you're doing
on your own and stepping out and

not talking to her about, because
maybe she might say, I understand,

I can't give this to you,
and so I'm okay with that, because

that can be a new relationship dynamic. But to be lying to her behind

her back and doing it that's that's
a problem. Yeah, like if that

was a conversation that they would have
had already and then she said okay,

I or like if he said,
Hey, I'm not sexually satisfied, I

need to get it from somewhere and
they had that conversation and then she but

they will. What if he's never
brought it up to her? I mean

a lot, especially specially straight relationships, don't talk about these sorts of things,

you know. I mean there is
it. So here suffering in silence.

Yeah, let's talk about the Straits. Were a little bit talking about

the Straits. If you're straight,
I'm sorry, if you're listening, there's

no judgment, but it's just I
do feel like, just from the straight

relationships that I know and that I've
been around all my life and friends and

stuff, y'all really don't be talking
about stuff, I feel like gay relationships

do, because I feel like when
you're in a when you're in a relationship

that is already seen and viewed by
the world as different and other and these

different things, what do you have
to lose? You might as well go

in and it forces you to have
conversation to your partner because you already are

in a vulnerable state right so,
like when we are navigating, like planning

our wedding and things like that,
there's conversations that we're having, the stresses

that we're dealing with that straight couple
would never have to deal with. What

we never have to even analyze each
other from a broken place right already,

because this is how we're raised and
how we're viewed in society. King,

are you a relationship person or not? Are you just super private about that

kind of stuff? I am,
I, I'm, I'm tend to be,

and that relationship. I'm currently in
a relationship. Are You blessing?

But, yeah, I am a
relationship person. But, yeah, I

do talk about these things. Yeah, right, communication it's super important,

especially about, like y'all said,
things like fat. Well, because honestly,

I would hope and if you if
you came to me and like I'm

not being fulfilled in this way.
Hmmm, I would want you to come

to me first so I could either
a try to do better and give you

what you need or be figure out
a way for us to either move forward

as a couple and you be able
to get what it is you need that

I'm not willing to provide, or
walk away in a way that is still

full of love and just understanding that
it's not going to work. Yeah,

that's it, because I think,
I think what it comes down to and

what I've heard from different straight coupled
and when I not even just straight,

because this is a straight people,
some of my straight friends in general,

is is sometimes it's they're so afraid
to even have the conversations and what the

outcome could be that they just avoid, avoid a void, and that's my

healthy either. I feel like you
have to have these conversations, because you

can, you know, avoid things
all your life, but if you're avoiding,

then you're that's not healthy. Like
you actually have to have these conversations

and break down those walls and they
project on us. Like if you're like

the gay person in the family at
the holiday get togethers, whatever, and

all the other straight married couples are
there or whatever, you're like the one

that's like a little bit crazy,
little bit wild, a little bit like

you're the you know, I mean
you're you're like the dirty one who's doing

like the the stuff that you never
grow up, the mass. I'm like,

come on, y'all, ain't never
talked about nothing right, like it

does doesn't come up. They's not
talk about it. You think that the

second you get married that all of
a sudden that you don't have a desire

ever again, for the rest of
your life, for anybody else in the

planet? Like that's insane. It's
insane. It's almost as insane as believing

that you you ever find your soul
mate, like there we all have one

soul meet in the world. Wait
a minute and a minute. No,

listen, I believe that you can
have multiple soulmates, but I'm there,

your one and only are you are, you, are you are, you

are a soul mate. I think
you are one of my soulmates. Are

you ain't got multiple soul maze?
Now, wait, we're gonna pose it

right there way now, we're gonna
polly right there and we're going to take

a quick, commrescial break because you
need to reevaluate everything that you are saying

over here. Welcome back to confess
your mess. I was just getting drag

so I mean it took us to
a commercial break, not drunk. I

like. This is fascinating, though, because I think we've hit a nerve

and I want to I'm going to
get your thought on this as well.

King, I don't necessarily believe we
have one soul mate. I think that

to live on a planet of Seven
or eight billion people and to believe that

your soul mate just happens to live
down the street from you or you happen

to both work at best buy together, we just watch, we just wrapped

them in secures. The one stand
up. How's it going? I'm laurence.

I for sure all day, every
day, but to think that out

of like the billions of people.
There's one soul mate and you couldn't find

somebody else somewhere in the world.
That like if you lived somewhere else.

That feels weird to me. Do
you believe in soul mates? Do you

believe in one? Do you believe
in multiple? Do you believe in zero?

I believe in different types. Like
some of my friends, I do

feel like are my soul mate.
Imagine life without them. I get like

energized talking to them, catching up
with them, like my best friend from

elementary school. I can I talked
to her three hundred sixty four days.

We talk on a three hundred and
sixty five. Were back together. Having

happened. That's just how we are. But, like with love, I

don't I don't think there's no I
don't period and I just I don't know.

I just feel like that connection.
I do feel like people think they

found their soulmate and sometimes it doesn't
work out, and which case to me,

that's not your Sulm me ms like
the people who make it last and

you find that person that you really
do end up spending the rest of your

life. What that's you're so way
to me here. That Aj the people

who are passing in the wind.
Answer, soul mates, you're my soul

may parents have been the other for
twenty eight years. So I's all I

see. So I do believe in
that. Like one. My Dad's a

married four times. Yeah, maybe
I'll bring that to my therapist. by

He I mean Aj, just from
the you know, residual of that.

Yeah, my parents are. They
just celebrate their thirty fifth year anniversary.

So yeah, we both come from
homes where we saw that. And so,

AJ, just know that I am
your one and only. You're stuck

with me for the rest of your
life. Now hold on. All right.

So this next secret is from anonymous
female Minnesota A. Just let me

have it. Is I think there's
Minnesota. They kind of do, they

do? They said I annes's.
I anonymously mailed my ex coal for Christmas.

I'm so done. That's the whole
secrets, the whole secrets. Shady,

you want to go ahead and confess
your secret about Christmas, Aj and

Santa Claus? What go ahead,
what secret? Will tell us about Santa

Claus? Oh, you're gonna drag
me right now. I'm not gonna drag

you. Okay. So I believe
in Santa Still. Okay, like I

legit, believe in Santa Claus.
Okay, you are trying not to smile

and judge me right now. I
see you. I'm bursting your lips.

Confess your mess. Where you tracking
him on the what's the thing, Nora

ad? Of course I was.
Okay, okay, so, okay.

So I believe in Santa Claus and
this one over here to my left,

I have a name, Emil,
my soul mate. Apparently he's now,

eight seconds later, dragging me for
for for believing in magic. So,

yeah, true, Um was not
also raised those same parents, have been

together for thirty years, did not
raise him in a household with I where

they were were creating magic as a
child. They were like, we bought

this for you. We bought it. Let me just explain, because they

want to credit. I don't like
that. I don't like when parents do

that, because some parents want the
kids to know, like, I'm spending

the money on you, and I
think that takes away the joy of like

the magic of King. Did you
grew up with Santa Claus and believing in

Santa Claus? I did, but
I don't know if my parents explicitly told

me but I figured it out that
it was them. Hmm, and then

those just the way it was.
If I knew to ask them for my

presence, like I didn't really have
like a list for Santa or anything like

that. I just listen, listen, I still chew up. No,

I don't. He didn't do it. Somebody does. So when we put

out on Christmas morning, if you
wake up with us, you will,

you will find nice rest. When
you say so, you were about to

confess that you know who's chewing up. The CARE is not the the reindeer

that you listen and the note that
you write from Santa or from Sandy.

You're right. You will find.
You know, I have a Furbo camera

in the living room now, so
lis to do that. I will catch

you. Listen, you will see. You're a hate your hater. You

don't believe in magic. It's not
magic. You're doing it. So if

you wake up here on Christmas morning, we did really great care about this

year. Well, nobody woke up
with I'm look up and it's my damn

story. Hit. If you wake
up here on Christmas morning, you will

find, outside of our door where
the reindeer were chewed up, carrots and

celery spit in a in no random
order, all over the ground. You

will also find a glass of half
empty milk and half eaten cookie, almond

milk and and well, yes,
he's like those intolerant as we learned in

the Santa Claus. And then you
will also find a note from Santa,

and you'll know it's from Santa because
the edges of the paper are cut at

a curve. Santa doesn't use like
rectangular paper. He's this curved edge paper,

which I learned when Santa left me
my first note when I was child.

So the magic continues. And when
we have children some day, soul

mate, our children will believe and
their children's children will believe and their children's

Children's children will believe. And that
is the night that the likes went out

in Georgia. Ladies and Gentlemen,
I am so done. No, I

have all for the children having the
Santa Claus experience. Just know that around

three or four they're going to realize, they're gonna know, you know,

what that Tick Tock? They're gonna
know. Okay, so do you know

when? I first of all,
our kids will not have a phone when

they're three or four, and there's
other ways. I didn't have a phone

when I was three or four.
First Time, the first time I found

out, somebody told me that Santa
wasn't real. I'm not saying I believed

them. H I was in sixth
grade, okay, myself and Alicia Schmidt

in my hometown with the last to
figure it out. So camelia asked you

this the other day. He didn't
confess, and that we know, I'm

going to text meally. Be like
he found out a sixth grade. That's

what I know. I'm just text
the right now. I was told and

I chose to believe what I believe. I said what I said. Okay,

you'll just have to respect your kids, no matter their Santa Identity.

Oh, don't even come on,
come on, listen. Yes, everything.

Yeah, I don't believe support.
Don't kick them out of the House.

Exactly know what I mean. I
try to kick them out the house.

I mean, it sounds like,
if I don't believe, you trying

to side. No, I I. I'm so glad. It sounds like

you're sounds like it sounds like you're
the one dragging me for my belief.

So maybe I'm the one being boy
because you brought it up. Thank you,

king, for that. We appreciate
it. Yes, now, wait

a minute, the way we just
come convoluted this whole you water. Okay,

come on, soul man, let's
go to the next secret, and

this is the last secret before we
get to king secret. Okay, anonymous

female. Florida. What's going down
on it? Florida? A Lot's going

down in Florida. It's a wild
what we called America's penis. Yeah,

reason Florida is really uncharted territory this
but low key. They have some Nice

beach just down there. Do It
really doesn't on the Gulf side, the

other side to kind of dry your
men like Daytona. It's horrible having them

to Miami, but the yeah,
I've not. We need to rand and

two thousand and nineteen right before everything, and I I died to go again.

It was so gorgeous, the one, the warm it was as Miami's

Nice. Did you see the Versaci
House, the mansion? I don't think

so. Were Andrew Conanan Killed Joanni
Versacchi? I didn't know. I didn't

know. It's now a hotel or
something, I think. Did you see

Shirley on the beach, who was. Surely are you know is somebody named

Shirley? Okay, Oh my God, let's go to I'm like Shirley mcclaine,

I'm so good. So I'm like, Oh my God, okay,

Anonymous Female Florida. When I was
seven, I walked into my parents having

sex. I still have no idea. If they know. I will say

I've never seen or caught my parents
having sex. I know in my mind

that they do or there or they
did. Who knows? If that sex

at least once. Yeah, they
have me, but I never I never

caught my parents and I think if
I honestly, if I ever saw my

parents having sex, I will be
traumatized for the rest of my life,

like that's isn't that something that I
quit? Wait, pass we now.

Why are you saying? Why you
agree and King? Because, listen,

where to see that? I thought
we were in trying to judge anybody.

We're gonna let them do what they
need to do, and this is support

all of their choices. They're humans
to do with walking and on the act.

Yeah, they can have sex.
When I say they can have sex,

I don't want to see it.
Do it exactly. Wait, so

your parents have been together a lot
of years, you said, right,

thirty years. You've never been a
when things like this happened. I don't

understand because, like, I've never
been a walk into my parents room type

of person, right as you have
that relationship. Yeah, like that's a

lot of yeah, that's a lot
of families. Like we were in and

out of our parents room all the
time. Oh really, yeah, totally.

If their door is closed, I'm
not going in it. They have

the nicer shower than nicer bathroom.
So I was. I got older,

I always want to shower and there
a bathroom. Oh, way betterly,

almost never saw my parents bathroom.
See, that is interesting because because on

the flip side, on the flip
side, my dad, I don't know

if I've ever seen his bedroom,
like maybe once or twice. I think

that's real for a lot of people
you don't like I have aunts and uncles,

like I've no idea what their bedrooms
look like because it just wouldn't walk

in there. But my parents,
my mom, I know I'm hang out

there all the time. So at
our house, my dad like the so

there was two rooms that technically I
don't know which one was officially the the

what you call it now the owner
suite, the primary primary, the primary

bedroom, but I will say the
one that end up being the office,

I think that actually was the primary
but it turned into an like a huge

office and it had a huge bathroom
connected to it, the TUB and everything.

We're down as a pastor's when you
need at the Home Office. Yeah,

so that that was the the huge
bathroom, and that's the bathroom that

I use and that my mom used, and that wasn't connected to the room.

The bathroom connected to their room was
a really small bathroom and that one

just had a shower, a tub, and that's the same. Showered in

there. Yeah, and you're because
your dad puts a note on the door

telling him to eat healthy and you
use green vegetables. You showered and where

did your Dad's bathroom in? My
Dad's back, I think when we were

there years ago, you were getting
ready in yours, and so your mom's

have deculd use that one and he
wrote himself notes to stay healthy every day

and take his vitamins. Oh,
that's cute. Okay. So, yes,

that bathroom is actually connected to my
parents bedroom and my bedroom. There's

like a door on each side of
Jack and Jill. Yeah, so fun.

Fact though, when I was younger, it made me nervous because I'm

like, if I'm doing anything,
you know, as I'm going through puberty,

to myself, I was nervous.
That's like I could put a lock

on. There's like a little lock
on that door, but it's just like

one of those you know, those
little hooks. You just put the hook

over like that, so somebody pulls
it, you can still see a gap

there. That was always afraid that
for whatever reason, they're going to try

to come through that, because I
would lock my main bedroom door and if

they were trying to come in the
figure out what I was doing, if

my doors Cloaset, I wasn't spo
to have my door clothes. That was

like it was I just want yeah, because God needs be able to go

out all of your rooms. So
so they would. They was sometimes open.

I was like, Oh God,
there's a gap there and like whatever,

I was always ready getting caught,
you know, stroking. But Anyway,

I heard my parents had sex once. I was in high school and

I'm staying up a little later than
I should and I was out there.

I was in the living room watching
TV on like a the recliner. All

of a sudden I heard I heard
the act of sex happening and I was

like whoam Ah, I literally turn
the TV off and ram upstairs went to

bed. That's probably sixteen years I
would have turned it right, turned it

up and then run upstairs. They
probably heard of your big ass feet going

up the stairs to it like he
knows, getting it in, and I

was like and at the time,
at the time I had a sister,

my baby sister was like she I
might have been a little bit older.

She was probably maybe two or so
at the time, I think. So

like, looking back, I'm kind
of impressed that they were still like getting

it in after they had a baby, a newborn. Some good for them,

but also like yeah, I'll say
after after we had our Kingston,

the sex life just it really has. We haven't had as much sex this

last year. It's just that's actually
real. You have a child. Listen,

we have a king to. It's
not kings Lee, it's Kingston.

Yeah, since we've had and we
don't have a much. Sarah Wall,

thank you. Are Y'all a couple
that allows them in the bed? Yeah,

from nat everywhere for nats all.
Yeah, he can go it anywhere,

but we don't sleep with him at
nighttime, just for naps, because

for naps like a short period of
time. We Cannel trained him right away

and and so, of course,
a meal found the bougiest Kennel on the

planet. He has like memory foam
and like it's like a very nice it

is luxury. What is the kind
of velvet is a velvet bed? It's

a whole thing. He's got like
walls on us so we can have his

privacy. My parents bought a force
for Christmas last year's really a great gift.

But no, he sleeps out there
at night. During the daytime he'll

take naps with us. Yes,
super, super, super cuddly and thinks

he's a human. So there's that
shot. Instead of sex, we talked

about did the dog poop today and
what was the consistent really sexy. But

if we he does know, though, for getting it on. Every now

and then, if it starts to
get aggressive, he does that thing,

and a lot of dogs will do
this, like some dogs will stare,

but he goes like this and will
lay down like look away, but he

knows, look, Daddy's are doing
something dirty and does work that. But

let's Claire, let's sorry, before
we talk dirty. Mercy ripple, it's

beautiful. Now, that's not what
I was gonna say. If we're actually

if we're at if we're making out
of him, that's one thing, but

we're not like getting nude having sex. I talk about in the you won't

be in the room. That makes
us sound like we're about to get it

in and we're just like Oh,
yeah, Daddy, and then he's like

Oh, daddy now, so he's
not in the room for that type of

step noe. But I want you
off to stay and whatever room you're in,

because we're going to take another quick
break and then we're going to come

back with King to hear the secret
twenty and twenty two. Well, out

two thousand and twenty two, but
of King, boy, at of King.

Okay, all right, this is
a moment you've all been waiting for.

It is now time for our guest
this week, our first guest of

two thousand and twenty two here on, confess your mess. Hope to confess

their mess. King, it's time
for you to confess your mess. Okay.

So, actually, don't know if
I've ever spoken about this in a

video before or a story or anything. But at my senior graduation party,

HMM, we had a huge party
at school after we left the arena and

we had a hypnotist come into the
class, or the School of the auditorium,

whatever, and they had about like
ten people volunteer to go up and

I pretended hypnotized because I didn't want, I don't know, I didn't want

the guy to look stupid and it
was boring otherwise. Oh my God,

wait, it was high school.
HMM, graduate. Hey, okay,

so when they were doing the whole
I'm very fascinated by this, is hit

MIS M is incredibly interesting to me. So when he was doing like whatever,

was he like swinging something in your
head or saying it? Look,

how did he set it up?
Know? So there was about ten of

us. We were all like sitting
in a row chairs. He had as

close our eyes and it was kind
of like a calming like he I think

he counted to like thirty and it
was a group. Yes, yeah,

so they're was like my class was
maybe like three hundred, four hundred,

HMM, and we're all an auditorium
and like ten of us were up for

the hypnotizing. Did anybody else get
hypnotized or that anybody else pretend or it

just you. There were definitely other
people, because I was like one part.

We had to like sniff the person
next to us, and I know

other people did it. Like the
person I sniffed was not sniffing anybody.

So it's like a blend and I
don't know, I don't know who was

really hypnotize. I don't know.
Well, I was spaking, but yeah,

I just I felt bad for the
guy because I was just thinking there,

like ain't nothing happening right now.
I was getting you're staring at us,

like let me sniff this person's neck. Here's the thing in college for

like the whatever you call it,
like the first night that all the student

I was went to a small school
for College, but the first night that

all the students are on campus,
they would always do like a welcome,

like a vent or whatever, and
in the auditorium they would have a hypnotist

every year and I was always pretty
good there every year. Every year there

was always a hypnotist and I was
like, is this real? This fake?

Who knows? Blah Blah. But
on one of my favorite instagram accounts

embracing black culture, I remember there
was a threat a while back and there

was a girl who's talking about being
hypnotized, and then in the comments I'd

like made a comment about like oh
well, blah, and then this girl's

that no, actually, this is
real. She's like I was hypnotized,

and she's like I had a psychotic
break because of it and it was actually,

she thinks, like some witchcraft that
was going on from the Hypnotistans,

like a whole thing. But if
you keep seeing hypnotize, no, hypnotic

went it wasn't. It's an end. Am I saying? hypnotize, snatize,

low key, you know now that's
saying about that. Probably Rights and

isn't? It's hit in the time
this. Yeah, I would say hypnotized,

but when I say it's so fast, yeah, well, I've put

say hypnotize my whole life. It's
like that guy used to eat. We

used to know who says Valentine's Oh
yeah, dragon, yeah, when it's

valid. Fin Wow, I have. I've been saying hypnotized anyway. Just

so they're they're their experience was that
they were hypnotized and that it was actually

not done. When the session was
over and it carried on to different aspects

of their life. So the guy
that you experience could have been a crop

but apparently they're a real hypnotist or
evil people out there who were doing some

witchcraft. evil. Yeah, they
she had a psych psychiatric breaking. She

found much. She wasn't the only
one. So you didn't believe in this

hypnotist, but do you believe in
that kind of stuff? You believe in

like you believe in like Tarot card
readings or palm readings? Are like yeah,

which is why I am never going
to get my palm read or cars

turned over for my future or anything
like. I don't. That weirds me

out, and I do believe that
people get hypnotized. Do I think that

the person they hired for our high
school graduate? No, but yeah,

I definitely believe in like meatuously.
What's your most spiritual practice, like?

What is the thing that that either
like opens you up to the universe or

ground you or like calms you were
like, what is the thing you go

to defined like peace or meaning?
I sage all the time, HMM,

and I pray while I do it
and I walk around, I do the

motions. I let it burn out, like I get on my knees at

the end. That's probably like my
biggest thing. If there's really something I'm

trying to get or like audition for, like I always do that, that's

good, you know, around the
time where I'm trying to get it.

Yet I believe that works. We
had our neighbor died tragically a few years

ago and I was having a hard
time afterwards and I was really really struggling

with it and feeling like the energy
of that, because he passed like next

door to us, and that was
really, really, really hard for me,

and I think also we had a
really awful room and who lived at

us one time and years ago,
and those really hard to me. And

those those two times I did sage
and I didn't know if it was,

like it real or not, but
it felt real to me. So it

worked, and so I think that
that we still have some. We do

still have such sage today. We
should. We just sage. We're starting

off New Year. HMM. We
should say the same the great king.

Thank you for the reminder. It's
been in like our junk rower. We

have like a bundled up room.
Theys like a whole bunch in there.

Wait, where do you get your
sage? I there's a site called Magic,

Oh and actually runs. I do
that, and any local places,

like in La where did I go? There was like a bookshop. I

can't think of the name in no
Ho. I'm venture. I'll send it

to you. Yeah, like since
the ex stage, Tarot cards, like

all types of stuff. So,
yeah, wait, what else is on

the magic website? Yeah, what
else is? Oh, they had so

incense age. They have Tarot cards
as well. They have Voodoo dog heads.

They nope, no, all,
sorry, and sense holders, like

I h huge, huge library of
books. It's crazy. It's interesting.

I'm always fascinated because there's certain things
down because I'm like, okay, I'll

get into that a little bit.
Like I'll sage crystals. I'm kind of

on the fence about sometimes I'm like
a crystals. Oh, yeah, I

don't know if I'm into letter from
not. But then I'm like certain things

like a Voodoo doll or like a
Luigibor, like, Oh, hell no.

But yeah, it's fascinating, like
what sort of things we kind of

pick and choose as like if we're
like people of faith or if we have

like beliefs and like energies or universe, whatever it is. But I will

definitely sage. I don't believe there's
one right way. I think you figure

out what you figure out what's good
for you while you're here on this earth

and then this universe. We're just
a speck. I've been telling Aj you

know, I've we watched spider man
and doctor strange all this stuff and I'm

just going through accidential crisis right now
with them. The multiverses too much for

him to remain way around the meaning
of the purpose of, you know,

our existence here in the wherever we
are? Are we all sims? Possibly,

okay, so that's okay. Where
no one? So what's come up

in two thousand and twenty two?
For you? This is an exciting her

I feel like we're finally like,
hopefully, I know we're kind of going

through it again, but we're hopefully
inching closer and closer to a new normal.

What are your hopes and goals two
thousand and twenty two and how can

we support you? I definitely want
to get back to that new normal.

On a just basic level, I
really want to go to a festival again.

I Miss Concert I miss just big
crowds and music all over the place.

I haven't been in a few years
and I'm actually still kind of scared,

but I'm hoping that that disappears.
Yeah, and do time, and

I'm also trying to finish my screenwriting
program yeah, I want to know more

about that. Projects Screen Right.
So you are you working films? Sitcom,

like serially drama? Okay, well, yeah, so, when I

was hosting and stuff, I realized
I didn't know what was going on and

like I had the prereck for the
program was preproduction and post production. So

now know how to like budget things, create a schedule, location Scot like

all types of stuff. But I'm
really learning how to format script so I

can write my own and sell them
and like just know what I'm doing and,

yeah, just be doing that's real, especially if you come from a

place like of come from place like
Youtube, where there weren't rules and you

made them up as you went along, and then you realize if you're going

to get into like the game on
a different level, you gotta know how

the game is played. I'm writing, I'm working on a not a screenplay.

Right now. I have an idea
for a couple screenplays. When working

on a script with a partner for
a TV series were trying to sell.

So I get it. It's a
lot and it's overwhelming at first and then

you feel so stupid and you feel
like you have no idea what you're doing

and you're over your head, but
then it starts to make sense a little

bit more. So we hope that
the screenplay goes well and there sell it

and you sell many, many,
many more. Yes, okay, so

every single episode we like to end
with our messenger of the week, but

before that we like to end with
what was your takeaway of the day?

So something from this podcast that you
were like, Hmm, I mean lightened,

or whatever you want, hm or
can to say we're total trash,

and that's your takeaway. I don't
know. You guys just them in love

to me some I'm taking that away. I think you are cute, love

your pitches, I love your podcast, I love your dog and your family.

So, just taking that away,
you guys are definitely has to have

a couple Cole quite when people with
a takeaway. Is Not supposed to be

about us, but people were saying
stuff about us recently, which makes me

feel really good. Well, you
guys. We should go through with the

wedding. We should you know,
especially sense I'm your soul mate. So,

oh wait, I can't let you
off this podcast without asking this.

Okay, here it comes. Do
you like scary movies? Tell my God,

yes, that I do and I
can't wait. Okay, so it's

right around the corner, which is
a couple weeks away, scream five,

also known as just scream. Apparently
I can't tell you. You know,

but my obsession with the scream franchise, and Sidney Prescott in particular, is

just other, otherworldly. I'm from
a slightly different generation than you, though

I'm a little bit older than you, and I was like I was in

school when the first one came out, and I remembered my ex girlfriend taking

me to see it and I saw
eight times in the theater. How and

when did your love affair with horror
films, and particular scream start? So

it's funny. I actually my first, first, first love, ifair.

I started with I know what you
did last I'm Oh so good, which

was a year later. Also,
Kevin Williamson. Yeah, exactly, amazing.

I love Jenniferl of he has sear
Michel Geller and then brandy was in

the sequel. So it was just
like she climbed up the bushes at the

end. That was a little bit
sauce, but whatever, I'm not complaining.

But yes, scream Um, I
watched after that because it's funny because

you know I'm black. We watched
too because a Jada Pinkett Omar F I

fell in love with them and I
remember watching and I was like so shocked

because Drew Barrymore was in it and
they killed her in the first ten minutes

and I don't know, I just
always fell into that entire era of like

an ensemble cast of like who's hot
in Hollywood and just figuring out who did

it. Like I love mysteries.
That's what I like most. Got slashers,

trying to figure out WHO's doing it. So yeah, that entire era

so good that the cast were just
like a WHO's who of everybody was hot

at the time. And Sarah Michelle
Geller, fun fact, dies in both.

She bought. She dies in the
original, I know you did last

summer, and then she also dies
as CEC, I think was her name,

in scream to. I make a
bet asada as Aida alert. So

good, so so good. I
love it. I can't wait. It's

right around the corner. I hope
this kicks off like a new era and

they just keep doing these forever,
because I'm obsessed. Also, predictions or

any of the legacy characters are going
to die? I think so. I

think so based on the trailer.
I know trailers are misleading, but I

think one of them. Who?
WHO's your call? WHO's going down?

Doe? That's what I thought.
He's evaded it for so long. But

I just it's weird because I can't
wrap my brain around them killing Sydney,

gail killing Sitney. I feel like
that. Yeah, I feel like they

see what's been going on Halloween and
Jamie Lee Curtis all these years later,

and they would need to keep her
alive so they continue doing this forever.

Yeah, and they don't have to
be like just ignore this one where she

is stabbed and long. Yes,
I will just say. I will just

say they should not have killed Kurby
hate and painted terror with the best character.

She's the best part of the last
film. They could have kept them

a Roberts alive, to be honest, but Kirby was one of the best

characters and they tire franchise. I
wish you wasn't dead. I heard they

were supposed to keep Emma alive and
original. Yes, and then they didn't,

and then did the hospital theme.
Yep, that was an addition.

That was later on. I read
that too. Interesting. Anyways, I'm

sorry, I could could do this
forever, because can and I constantly like

DM each other, I know,
every time something comes out about screen on

Instagram, but in real life we
have had a chance to talk about this.

So I'm now keep this on the
pod, frank, keep it in

the POD, don't cut it,
okay, because this is real and I'm

obsessed with scream and Sydney. Prescott, King, you're amazing. We love

you. Thank you, King.
Thank Ye, you're O king to be

take me to the king. I
thought that's we were rousting, but you

know, all right. So every
week we have to highlight a messenger of

the week. If you don't know
the Messenger of the week, that means

that you are a loyal, faithful
listener of the Pie. Or actually,

you could be a first time listening. You're like, Oh my God,

I love these guys. In the
way that you can be a messenger of

the week is to go to Itunes, rate comment five stars and leave us

a comment to say how much you
love the Pod or to give us encouragement,

whatever it may be. Our Egos
need it, to be honest,

they need it. Okay, so
let's get into it. The Messager of

the week for this week is Akd
zero thirty one. They said, I

love secrets, five stars. This
is the best show I've ever ever listened

to. Out of wait. That's
the whole. You, that's the whole

were beautiful, that's and they showing
sweeten, to the point and sweet,

and we are glad that we're the
best show you've ever listened to. But

genuinely, thank you, thank you, thank you. It just to be

in two thousand and twenty two and
all be cranking out new episodes and the

booking these incredible guests. It just
means the world to us that you support

us. We cannot do this without
you. So, however, you can

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