EPISODE 36: Paleo Diet Solutions W/ Autumn Smith


Show Notes

Today’s guest is Autumn Smith, a mother, co-founder of Paleovalley, certified eating psychology coach, former fitness trainer, yogi, and all-around wellness warrior. She started Paleovalley with her husband Chas, his brother Matt and their good friend Matthew after suffering from acute digestive issues since she was a kid. Together, they discovered that good food is truly the key to thriving health, a revelation they were determined to share with the world. Paleovalley creates products free from problematic ingredients and only includes ingredients to help you feel your best. Today, Autumn is here to discuss her dietary journey, the vital role food plays in our mental health, and how regenerative agriculture is imperative to gain the nutrients needed to stay tuned. Eat well. And live vibrantly. Interested in grabbing some Paleovalley’s superfood products? Get 15% off your next order using the code: KTG 

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