EPISODE 27: Shine On with Tiffany Persons


Show Notes

Tiffany Persons founded Tiffany Company Casting in 2005. She and her team provide commercial casting for some of the largest brands in the world: American Express, Google, AT&T, Nike, Apple, Washington Mutual, Facebook, Disneyland, Starbucks to name a few... Known for bringing joy, passion, and vulnerability to the advertising world, Tiffany is a champion for the beautiful communities of Sierra Leone. With unabashed enthusiasm and the collective generosity of so many, Shine On Sierra Leone has created groundbreaking education, healthcare, micro-loans, sustainability, and agriculture programs. Most recently, she has joined the ranks of David & Goliath Ad Agency to recruit new and more diverse talent, as well as lead trainings on Black culture in media to change the conversation about minority groups in marketing at its root. Tiffany is currently based in Topanga Canyon in the Los Angeles area where she lives with her daughter and partner-in-joy, November. You can find more information on Tiffany here: http://www.suburbanoutlawproductions.com/reppins1/2019/11/3/reppin-15-tiffany-persons https://www.shootonline.com/node/85727 http://www.tiffanycompanycasting.com/about

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