EPISODE 6: An ‘Unapologetically Black’ Monument Rises in Los Angeles


Show Notes

A new monument is designed to showcase the rich cultural history and beauty of the predominantly Black community in Crenshaw. A stop for the metro line is being added and usually the comes with gentrification and eradication of culture. So maybe the most critical goal of the project might be this: to show Los Angelenos and visitors to the city that the Crenshaw community—most famously portrayed on film in Akeelah and the Bee and Boyz n the Hood—isn’t a neighborhood to be passed through. It’s a destination worth traveling to. It’s a community that is worthy of art, beauty, economic investment, and most importantly—honor and respect. This episode is sponsored by: Next City Newsletter - Signing up for our newsletters is the best way to stay informed on the issues that matter. To subscribe now, head to nextcity.org/newsletter and enter your email address. Next City App - Downloading the Next City App is a smart way to stay informed. Turn on notifications and it’s easy to ensure you never miss a story. To download the app now, search for Next City in the Android or Apple store. 

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