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Superpower, comedy duo, and Drag Race alum Bob The Drag Queen and Monét X Change have announced they are hitting the road this fall with their first-ever “Sibling Rivalry Live.” Are you team Bob or Team Monét ? In this episode of On the Rocks, we chat with the sassy two about how they met, what they’ve learned the most from working together, their take on the evolution of drag, what life on the road with them is like, who stole a Roomba from whom, who owes who gas money, and how they created a brand outside of the Drag Race world...with host Alexander Rodriguez.

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Are you ready? Yeah, right, all right, and as Jackie glice
and let's say, and away wego. Is a banquet and most poor
suckers are starving. Yet I'd liketo propose a total this is on the
rocks, Alexander. Right, drinkwith your favorite celebrities as you talk about
cash, entertainment, culture, realityTV and well, that's about it.
It's a popcorn and lean back andraise a glass on the rocks. Well,
hello, hello, hello, onthe rockers, prime season continues with
a little sibling rivalry. Yes,the Queens to end all Queens are here.
Bought the drag queen and Money Exchange. God help us and me,
your favorite host with the Sassy Moat. So raise a glass with the drinks.
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right, let's get this show onthe road. Superpower comedy duo and drag
race along. Bob The drag Queenand Mona Exchange have announced that they are
hitting the road this fall with theirfirst ever sibling rivalry live the tour will
kickoffs totember fourteenth in St Louis,Missouri, and we've through Nashville, Boston,
Washington, D C, New Yorkat other major cities through October.
Uh. Known for their honest andhilarious comedic observations on their ever popular sibling
rivalry podcast, Bob and Monet willtake a ten steps further with the outrageous
shibling rivalry live show. Uh silthing. Rivalry has reached a new dimension in
a multimedia extravaganza that takes us throughthe television tubes on a quest to settle
the ultimate dispute. Sit Back,relax and don't touch every mode, because
this is a battle royal of lipsyncs, costume changes and low blows you
do not want to miss. Areyou team Bob or team money? Let's
find out more, please, welcomeBob and monight. I mean, we
already know the answer to that question, but we do Hashtag, we do
um. Okay, I want toknow. Can you tell us about the
first time that you met in personand what kind of first sparked that interest
friendship? Wise, about the otherperson? Well, the realty is,
uh, monee needed something, soshe came to me and asked me to
make her address and I kindly obliged, a young, needy drag queen without
a dollar or her name, withouta Popa Piston or when to throw it
out of and I made her agown. You're already you are you're already
trumping and you are giving alternative facts. I met Bob at the night before,
like two days before, at theRitz Barn Lont New York City.
He did a really great number andwe met that night. I got your
number. is so great, likelike, like thank you so much.
He's like, we should hang out. That Bob knows. That's how that's
how Bob meets all your friends.He's always like we should hang out,
like we should be friends, andliterally what Bob says. That's how my
name met me. But she wasthen so, then so, then we
were talking tonight and there was thispageant in New York City at the time.
Call so you think you can dragand we started to talk about it
and he was like. He's like, that was something what I was gonna
do. He's like what, doyou have an outfit? I was like
no. He's like come literally,he like come over, I'll help you
make the outfit. Negative. No. My name was like, how can
I get it Monday? How canI get a dressed? I was like,
well, a girl the best.And I remember saying I told I
used to every baby, Quaid MissI said the best way to get out
that she wanted to learn how tomake them yourself. You got because these
designers are very expensive. You haveto learn how to make the outfits for
yourself. And I was like Um, and she goes, well, I
don't know how to make it myself. I can make them, but if
you want me to make an outfit, you have to come over. My
gonna make it for you by myself. You have to be at the House
while I'm making it and then I'llgive it to you. You can leave.
I'm not gonna go home and like, you know, work for you.
How long did it take before youbecame bfs? I would say,
you know, I I really hadto do by research and really had to
do take the time to make surethat all sides of Bob and I was
comfortable with being friends with and okaywith him as a whole person. So
that took me about three years todecide if I would gift him with my
friendship. And I'm still UH.Money is still on trial. You have
to say what those box office receiptsare. First, the warranty. The
warranty is still warranty. That's funny. We gaze in entertainment. We come
across a lot of people. Wedo make friends quickly, Um, but
there's always that defining moment um infriendships where it's more than just that surface
fun friendship. What was that kindof defining moment where you realize the other
person when I was like wow,this is not just a fun friend,
this is a friend friend. Iremember my moment. Me and when they
were Monday and I used to alwayshang out like uh when it was they
drove. So when they would uh, I would ask my name for rides
home. When they lived in Brooklynand Monday would drive me uptown. Yeah,
so I lived so like from midtown. I lived about an hour,
like an hour drive from midtown andbotthered up in Harlow. So leaving from
the from the clubs to go homewith a forty five commune. But I
would always like I had the BOBwill ask, I would offer. I'm
like, but I'll take you home. So I would drive out of my
way about thirty minutes uptown and thendrive myself an hour and a half back
to Brooklyn by myself. That's afriend. Money is is exaccreating these numbers.
Of all, I've never lived inHarlem and I lived either below or
above. I lived in the heightsand then I lived in upper west side.
So my name was driving like fifteenminutes of town. There is okay.
So the Bisue wasn't driving no time. It was to be like wenty
minutes. What are you talking about? Minutes doesn't we keep negotiating? Thirty
it but money used to come overand hang out. We would always like
working on our skills together, likeeither things like I would teach her how
to sell and then she would learna new thing and teach me, and
then we were both one day.We both decided for everything, like we
needed. One of us to thisday doesn't know how to make wigs to
this day. Mean when they cannotstyle with we're like we're gonna, WE'RE
gonna learn how to style wigs.We both had like a plan to when
they wanted to make this Jennifer,Jennifer Hu I will know this was one
of his days, but they wantto make the Jennifer Huston wiggs. So
when they came over and we werelike she's working on the WIG and I'm
working on my wig, and we'relike both my wig is looking horrible.
Monday's working on this big for like, I think maybe thirty minutes to like
almost an hour, and then thefinal the final product, and she stands
back and looks at it and shegoes this wig looks the exactly the exact
same, like she working thirty minutesin the wig looked the exact same.
Remember when she said that, wejust busted out laughing. We were like
the falling and I was like wejust spent almost an hour doing absolutely nothing
but really enjoying each other's company thewhole time. Yeah, Um, now,
was there ever that kind of spark, like Oh, friends, or
was there ever like an attraction atfirst? Did you think maybe you know
scissor sisters or something? Bob Isvery beautiful, but Um, you know,
I know, we we, we'venever had a romantic connection. We
bought Bob and I called my myplatonic life partner. We have been through
a lot of stuff together with familyand personal stuff and in the business,
and you know, they were justplatonic life partners, but never in a
sexual way. Of Honey, Bobcan afford all this, honey, this
is, this is, this is, this is high price pussy. Okay,
yeah, I can tell by allthe furniture and then empty room you're
sitting in right now. You mustbe real expensive. That's what you know
that the container starts coming to myhome to morrow morning to make this a
cloud, to tide, to movewith everything on the way to your house
for like two years now, whensucking traffic, they on that long journey
from midtown to all of them.Now, what do you admire the most
about the other person? Bob,do you go first? I admire,
okay, money is a very,very hard worker and money is a true
friend, like a true true Iremember what time I called one like I
was like ball, like I waslike crying, I was like bawling my
eyes out, because it one ofknows the way to my heart. If
you want to like really win myheart or if you want to really lose
my respect, uh, be eitherbe nice to my mom or be mean
to my mom. And Mona,show my mom so much love and money.
VISIT ATLANTA. My mom used toproduce drag shows, and money did
her drag show and unknowingly did mymom's one of my mom's favorite songs,
like one of my most favorite songs. And then my mom called me and
she was like Monee, like reallyhealed my heart, like she doesn't even
know, like she was like moneyreally is my child, like money to
like you. They don't even realizehow much that meant to me. The
song was encourage yourself, and andI was just I think I was in
and was that in Berkeley at thetime? Well, I think that.
I think you're still in Berkeley.Yeah, but what I love about Bob,
Bob, is it really is oneof the most talented and one of
the smartest people I know. BobIs very, very, very smart,
very brilliant. He has an ideafor every second of the day and,
Um, and he often, like, more times than not, nine cent
a time. He pulls them offbecause he also has a very hard worker
and I just really respect. Ireally respect Roberta's minds very is a very
beautiful mind. I like the moviebut, like you know, in real
life, Um you know, thereare some queens and a lot of gays
and entertainment that gets so threatened whentheir peers experienced success, getting nominated for
Emmy's, get pressed. We're doesthat kind of personality come from the both
of you, that you're rooting foreach other rather than worrying about your own
ego? I mean you really dobuild each other up, Um, you
know, and a lot of Queensdon't have that quality. Where does that
kind of side of your personality comefrom? I would like to make it
very clear that I am always rootingfrom Mona when all the other bitches get
success. I'm spiteful, but Ilove mone. I don't Love Them House.
I think for me, when Isee Bob get stuff, I genuinely
feel like it's me getting it,like I feel like like seeing him being
happy, like when I know when, when when he's when we're here like,
like I was like when he toldme the news that he got about
we're here. I was like,act like I got it and I know
something that Bob was going to get. But he's turned on for the reasons
and I get sad until pointed,just like him when he does, and
for his own opportunities. And Idon't know where that comes from. I
mean I I have a brother andmy brother and I are about six years
in the age and you know,I really it is really a sibling bond
that I have with Bob. Seteight it. Yeah, you know,
Um, I wanna, I wannaqualify, I want about say I by
saying I do not believe in thisbook or its teachings, but at one
point I really really did. There'sa book called the secret and the secrets,
but I just want to when Ido not believe. I'm not peddling
the secret. I do not believein that. I think it can be
quite detrimental and harmful people's uh emotionalslikely, but at one point the secret
did say, you know, Um, when other people, when people that
you know, experienced success, trybeing as happy for them as if it's
happened for you. and Um,that is one thing I have taken from
the secret. I don't believe thatit like creates success for me, but
I do believe that it that itdoes, uh, create happiness for me.
Well, like I've always said,if we all succeed, then we
all succeed. You know I meanat the end of the day. I
mean that's nobody can do what youcan do and you can't do what other
people can do. Um and alongthe lines. You know, we all
know family members from time to timeuh fight like that's just part of being
in a family. And with bothof your big personalities, what kind of
obstacles have you had to overcome orpet P eaves you've had to get over
when creating a show? First thepodcast and now the kind of road show
where you're building something, you knowwhat? What kind of things have you
had to put aside or kind ofwork through to put this product together?
I think a lot of it isego. A Lot, I mean because
again, where we're, like toquote Erica, about do we're artists and
we're sensitive about our ship and Ithink it's oftentimes put in like Dat aside
and like and even though sometimes Imay really want to do do an idea
and I really like I'm like,I'm doing this thing and I was like
money, listen, how would youtry doing anything? I'm like, no,
I want to do it and I'llhear, even though I know it's
the better option. I was like, but I want to do what I
want to do. And sometimes youlearn the hard way and sometimes you just
learned. Over over, I'm doingour our ten year friendship. You you
learn when to like to just givehim, but like, alright, I'm
much try to either thing to seeif I like it. Annoying full it
doesn't think you're gonna do. Youknow what I mean. So that's been
my thing, put it inside myego and just allowing Um myself to listen
to Bob the direct means sometimes whenI do been necessary. Anyone who listens
to our podcast knows that pride willbe our downfall Um, and we have
been able to luckily, we've beenable to be there for each other and
give some great advice, when theygive some really, really good advice.
My number on the on the tourmoney helped me come up with the final
a lot of the number actually,yeah, Oh yeah, ID numbers mine
and after the tour. I willbe taking that on the road, but
on a solo. Okay, thatwell, you speak to my lawyer.
Um, but uh, but whenmoney and I, we have good ideas
for each other. Often to likewe we really do have each's best interest
at heart. Now, who's thefirst person to kind of get combative,
Bob, and WHO's the first personto say sorry me? That's that.
Who is it? You there?There is countless footage of me online apologizing
on a but the weird thinging andhe always says I never apologize, but
he's been in this narrative. Inever apologize, but there's every time my
Monday goes Oh, I can't believethis is happening and I'm like, well,
you should leave it by now,bitch. Looking back at the first
podcast episode of simbly rivalry, howhas the show changed the most and how
have you changed the most from doingthe show? UH, sound quality of
our show has changed a lot.You know, I used to edit the
podcast myself back in the day,and we I used to edit it myself
and uh, and we we nowhave professionals and Um, Mornay and I,
because we've dedicated more time in thispodcast we've noticed that we get a
lot out of our listeners as welltoo. Yeah, and also, girl,
we are podcast. I started takingits fiber because maybe we are a
regular the first year we had maybethirteen episodes. Now we put out two
a week for about a year now. So just in one year we put
out a hundred and two, I'ma hundred eight episodes of hundred and four
episodes of podcast. So that that'sthat's that is an exponential jump in productivity.
Well, and I think that's huge, especially for any podcast. Is
that consistency, because, number one, your fans, you know, they
feel like they're part of your familywhen they get to tune into you regularly.
They get your advice, to getyour opinion on stuff, and plus,
for you guys, you both ofyou are so busy it is like
the only kind of time that youcan catch up and and celebrate that friendship.
If I drive my money's house andI see her car, I will
just stop and be like, I'moutside, Bitch, let me in,
and that is a fact. Iwould be like outside, Monet. That's
what next time. UH, coveryour car if you don't want me to
know. All right. So wehave some fans that want you to spill
the t you can answer it ornot answer it. This is a fan
question I got from Instagram, Monet. What was it like going back for
winners all stars, knowing that Bobwasn't asked? How did you relay that
news to Bob, like Hey,I'm on the show? Well, you
know, when I found it aBob with gonna be there, I was
like, I was like who isworking casting out the world of wonder.
I'm like, do they not realizethey are sitting on television gold, not
having not having me and Bob onthe on the state seasons together, like
they're missing out. They're missing outon a bit viral clips weekly. We
would have at least thirteen. Youknow, I don't even get a chance
to have a moment of screen time. So that's why I was disappointed.
I'm like, I'm like, I'mmissing out. I would like to keep
to compete with the BOB, withthe staysy of the drivers would have been
crazy. So I was just Iwas upset that that would not be a
reality. What was theever part ofyou like, Hey, I don't want
to do it if Bob's not gonnado it. Um, briefly I thought.
I'm like, well, because youknow, because when the when the
offer for the discome, I hadto like turn down like a bunch of
things that I really wanted to doto go back and do this. So
part of it, like part partof if they ever were to do it,
win a season which which we've allhypothesized for for a long time.
And I was like, Oh,if they do it, they're definitely calling
Bob and then they'll they'll call me. And when they didn't call him,
I did for a minute but likewhat I I'm not going to do it.
WH Why should I do it?But then I but then we were
in that time doing stibiling, watchfor me, one of the offshoots of
our our podcast, and let medo those. Do those. We are
constantly. But you if I wasthere. If I was there, she
should have and I was like,I kind of missed that part of dragons.
I was like, I'll do itnow. Who would win in a
LIP SYNC BATTLE? Me? I'MNOT gonna. I don't even need to
dignify it with a response, becauseeveryone who just heard that n from Bob
Drag needs rolling their eyes, especiallyonce I did this week one person on
this zoom call has never lost thelip sync. All right, now,
who would win in a dance battleif it was just dance? Me would
that would be girl, believe like. Let those gams both looks so good.
All right, I saw that.This is another fan question is what
is one thing that your sister hasborrowed and never returned? Bob Has many
of my outfits at House. Hehas that little that paint dripped one.
Yes, you just took you literallycame to my house last night. You
gave it to me. You.Oh, funny how that works. So
when? So, when do yougive me something? You can do whatever
you want. When when you giveme something, me having to return?
You gave it to me to don'thave to give it back. Bob Came
to my house last night and tooka nude Galon that was full on the
heat. Gave it to me.I don't. I don't remember that.
You gave me this. It's inthe closet now. When they gave me
that drag, when they took this? Uh, is a name, tyle
like Walt, Tyler, Walt,it's a painter. He needed these,
these t shirts, and I outmy own hands. I sold this outfit
myself and then I turned into thislike cute littlele. It's hard that.
I used to wear a lot whenI was early drag monae like I lent
lent, do you not? When? When did you lenda? You said
Monna you can have you're gonna throwit away. I was not. I
lent it him all night, becausemoney knows. That's how the money's like.
When I do I never throw awaydrag names. Know if I throw
away drag it is it is threadbareand falling apart. I will find a
needy drag win and give her dragbefore I throw it away. So when
they took it and then when theycovered it in stones, which when they
love stone it, I don't stoneall of my belongings. I'm I'm I'm
a subtle queen. I'm known formyself. I'm no my subtlety. They
took my garment, altered it andI had to sneak back into her house
and get it back from her.Do you even have that offense still?
I have it, UN much.You done double o seven your way back
in here and took it again.Mission impossible. Well, next time,
next time you see it, takea picture of it. I just want
to see what I remember, whatit looks like. You have my outfit.
You Monster a bit and I also, I will say I did one
time, still Monday's Rumba. Oh, you did see my room, but
you did which, by the way, honestly room. But them things are
trash. They do not work.They never work. Trying to sneak the
rumor back into Monday's house because Idon't want it. You can have the
biggest rumor in my apartment. Um. You know, we see so many
queens come and go on drag race. What is the secret to your success?
How have you managed to pay homageto the show but really build your
own empire and your own brand?Some queens just seem can't, just seem
that they can't do that on theirown. How you doing it? I
think that and my is my thirsdthing go back in the show and I'm
very happy to be one of thefavorite of the show that people like to
watch and following stuff like that,and I think for me it's always being
true to myself. I never,not ever, wance on dragons and I
go on drag racy. People afalse perception of who I was or give
them a false perception of my talentsand what I can do, like on
on, on the challenges that thatthat I don't Duell at. I own
that. To Win the challenges thatI do dueller and where I shine,
I own to do that as well. So I think it's people see you
on TV and being able to gravitatewith the real part, with with,
with, with like, with like, the real facets of you, like,
and for me that's all of me, like I try. I I
think that's what it is. Justjust giving people like Um, a reality
tethered to you when they see youon TV, of who you are,
and when they see you in personthey get that and then they're not getting
this figtion. But the FIG shouldnever laughs on TV. You can always
tell when someone's being a fake asbitch on TV. WHERE THEY BEHIND IN
ATLANTA? UH, drew PA's dragrace, whatever. Do people know a
bit. I'm just not fat saytheir name. That is very true.
You do have, uh, thissincerity that really does come across the screen.
Um and and Bob, we knowyou know you've made a name on
HBO and you know with the successof drag race, but you really made
it your own brand. Was itlike calculated? Did you meet with your
agent and like this is how we'regoing to construct my empire? Aside from
the show, the truth is I'man industry plant. Yes, the industry
has created me. I was kidding, you know, I just do stuff
that I really love and I like. I have a show where I talk
about drag race because I love rupaul'sdrag race. You know, I have
a show I talked to my bestfriend, because I love talking to my
best friend. I have a showwhere I travel around, Um, the
nation and uh and tell queer stories, because I absolutely love doing that.
You know, I just do thingsthat I that I really love, and
I haven't really I love working.I genuely loved, love to work,
maybe too much, to be honest. I could, I could, I
should probably maybe slow down at somepoint. I'll rest when I'm dead.
Um, but I think because Ikeep doing things that I really love and
luckily for me the things that Ilove happened to have a wider pill and
other people like them too, andI'm very, very lucky in that way
well. And so that kind ofis a to my follow up question is,
you know, both of you areso busy with the TV shows,
pride, appearances, podcast, nowthe live show on the road. Do
you ever just get dragged out andget out? You're like just can I
just be called well and Kevin Today? Can I just relax? How do
you keep your kind of mental healthand how do you keep your personal identity,
Um, going when it's a lotof a lot of it's money and
Bob, you know, on screen. Um, you know. I mean
I think it is it's human natureto get tired. Is it's human nature
to have to do uh, tobe on going and going and go and
need a break. But I mean, and I know this sounds so cliche,
but when you like do what youlove, it doesn't feel like work.
And yes, there are like physicalreasons where you get tired and you
need a nap and you need abreak. But for the most part I
never get tired of doing pride shows. I never get tired of of going
until jokes. I never get tiredof doing drag sometimes it's a little eiously
and I'm like girl, my faceneeds a break, and then the breakout
is real, the razor burn isreal. But Um, but then I
have a day or two off andI'm like, I really want to do
that again. You know what Imean. So it's just it's notatural to
feel that way, but I really, I really love drags. It's the
reason why I was working six timesa week every that except Saturday, I
mean besides Friday before drag race,I was working, doing seven shows over,
six times a week, and Iloved it. I fucking loved it
and I still do. And ifgets hired, a bump a coke and
she is back in the game.First of all, I do not do
coke anymore. Alright, a lineof coke and she's back in the game
actually. But you know, honestly, you mentioned like the idea of like,
instead of being bob money, beingKevin and Caldwell. But the truth
is, and I think I speakfor money on this money and I we
don't have drag characters, we don'thave like a weird backstory to our drag
and it's like we don't change ourvoices, we don't change the way that
we talk, we don't uh,we don't act differently, you know,
when we're what I like to consider, you know, bob is really just
it's just a nickname for me.Nickname that all my friends call me and
my drag close are my work clothes. But it's not like I have this
like Bob and called well, arenot different people, you know. Bob
Is just, it's just, it'sjust a very popular nickname for me.
Um, okay. So on theroad, what can we expect? Do
you get into Shenanigan's when you're onthe road? Are you guys gonna have
your hotel rooms next to each otheror you're gonna be like, I'll see
you on stage. Let's save itfor the stage. It's gonna be like
Paris and Nicole out on the roador what? What's gonna like? We
always hang out, but money hasa lot more. Um, Monday is
way more social than I am.Money is more friendly than I am.
Monee is better at like being aroundpeople. Then then I'm like I'm one
of the folks, like I'll justgo to my room or go to the
bus or like have aying like that, and money will. Monday is not
like a party and but she goesout more than the Monday is good at
like so that you're bugging Bob.When we were on in the Canadian tour.
You don't want who went out togo see Jada Hudson. You're like,
Oh, I want to go seethe local girls. Boba loves.
Well, I mean once that II like Jay, I love Jada Hudson,
Bob's favorite line and Bobby. Ifeveryone knows, if it goes,
I just I just love to godancing. I let to go, I
let to dance, and so Ilike to go out. I know what
I like to say it. Ireally ask anyone. I really like going
out. I like I will goback to the bus and just sit there
and drink my puss and me goesand smoke a little marijuana and like be
chill, and that's my vibe,like I'm out in these clubs, wild
thing out. Okay, first ofall, Monday and night we went dancing.
Okay, money and I went dancingone time in like Manchester, Birmingham,
but it's it's if we go toa club where we're not recognized or
there's not a lot of people andthen music is bumping, especially if it's
like disco, and some like earlytwo thousand's, two thousand eight thousands,
tend UH circle music, you know, crazy and love beyonce. Shit,
I go, I get I havea lot of fun. I go wold,
but other than that, I um, I, I also but didn't
typically speaking money when I say money'sfriendly. Money just better at being friendly
with people. That I am notover. I don't know what's happened,
but over the years I've become amuch less of a people person. I
used to be the only people person. I used to be the only little
missocial, the only little missocial Monilife, but now I'm just like,
I don't know, Alexander, what'shappened, but like, I just I
don't. I don't want to beone of the folks because I hate people.
I I'm not interested in that kindof like. I hate people because
I don't I love people. Ijust somehow over time it's gotten less social.
I don't know what happened. Howmany thousands of people do you meet
on a regular basis between every everythingthat that both of you are up to?
You know, and then you're doingthe whole like v I P package.
We have to take pictures with allthe fans coming out now for the
show. I don't mind me,I don't mind like meeting Greece and stuff.
It's like, uh, you knowwhat it is. It's like meeting
a person I don't know. Theair like it's sitting down on the plane
and the person next to me onthe plane asked me where I'm going.
Bitch, where the are you going? We're on the same plane, Bitch.
We're going to Chicago, motherfucker.Like, don't ask me some big
questions. You know where I'm going. I'm not. I'm not hopping off
in on Ohio. WHO, WHO'smost likely to hook up on the road
trip? Bob Hit me. AllRight, gentlemen. Well, I am
so excited, uh, for forthe road trip. Congratulations on both of
your successes, individually and together.Where can people find out all about the
tour? And listening to the PODCASTBOMB AND MONET DOT com, you can
get your tickets for our tour.And if you want, uh, we
we really have false and a reallybeautiful patreon. Um Um family over there
and we really cut up. Wewe do live events and we do fun
stuff. So if you wanna supportis that. We can go to Um
seven ribery dot com. Slat supportand you see a link for our patreon.
I love it. I love it, and that cuckoo clock sound means
that we are done for the evening. Gentlemen, thank you so much for
spending time with us. Thank youso much for what you do for the
community, for for a drag history, Um and and everything. A huge
fan and can't wait to see theroad show. Thank you so much.
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