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On this week’s On the Rocks, we chat with performer Bobby Newberry, who began his choreography career with Eminem and would go on to work with a string of the world’s top artists including Nicki Minaj, The Pussycat Dolls, Missy Elliot, and Lil’ Wayne. His work has also been seen on Dancing with the Stars and X- Factor. A consummate entertainer on his own, he recently released his latest single, “Escape.” He stops by On the Rocks to chat about overcoming obstacles in his youth, being self-taught, the reality of the biz, and what’s next. We also chat some hot topics with guest co-host, non-binary singer/songwriter Onicks and your favorite host with the sassy most, Alexander Rodriguez.  Raise a glass and join in the chat!

On The Rocks: Where Celebrities & Cocktails Mix
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Hello on the rockers. On thisweek's episode, it's a powerhouse's outperformance episode
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All right, let's get the showin the road, returning back to
on the rocks. Please welcome myguest co host today. Onyx is an
l a based non binary pop sensationand songwriter who has emerged from the well
of despair to bring hope to thosewho are on parallel journeys. Merging the
world's of ELECTROPOP, alternative, Rand B, Trap and pop. They
are defining a new sound featuring rawand mesmerized lyrics which appeal to you all.
With their single Illuminati, reaching overa million streams, and the release
of a brand new banger. Bythe way, left turn, who told
me Your John. I'm obsessed.Called no problems, which were gonna take
a little peak about with M Marky. Jordan's onyx is taking flight. please.
Welcome back to the show. Onit. Oh, thank you,
girl. You've been busy. Prides, pop up, performances. Yes,
and I just did a radio showin the UK. Yes, I saw
Gaideo Gadeo. Yes, congratulations,international turn left. It's in my head
like Y um. So you've beenon the show a few times. We
have talked about your past, Um, some of the struggles that you've overcome,
but every time you come you bringa different change or a different direction,
Um, and so, uh,you know, you know I have
been friends, and so you werecoming to the show. You identify as
non binary and for somebody as oldas I am, I'm just like,
Oh God, okay, now pronouncedlike what's happening? Can you explain a
little about that spark to kind ofmake that decision and what non binary means
to you, because there is nodefinition that's in a dictionary that fits everybody
absolutely. Yeah, so even whenI was, you know, Eighteen,
nineteen, twenty, I still appearedthe same way. I still didn't understand
if I was more male more female. And so I guess as the culture
kind of shifted and grew and wedecided to start labeling things the way that
we do now, I realized thatI fit into this group of beautiful people.
The Community of non binary people isone of the most beautiful communities on
planet Earth, and so I feltlike, you know, when I started
to to put a name with it, I started to gravitate towards these beautiful
souls. So now I am aproud member of the non binary community.
But I think it is so exciting. Um, I think I mentioned when
I first came out, there wasgay, straight and that's it what somebody
said they were by you were likehey, but now there's this, there's
this new label out there. NonBinary doesn't even need to reflect your sexuality,
not at all. It's really aboutthis kind of not on border,
the way that you kind of classifyyourself. There's no right or wrong to
being non binary. There's no definiteanswer. It's literally freedom from any kind
of restriction, freedom, Um,and what I love is that the youth.
You know, we have the governmenttrying to tell us don't say this
in class, don't talk about this. The youth is like who cares,
we're so over that they're not beingraised with these kind of same restrictions in
terms of labels and and what weneed to be. It's like can be
whatever you want you literally there's aterm now. You can be whatever you
want to be exactly. I literallymy one of my last shows. It
was a tiger heat, which youknow, is eighteen now, and all
all of these like beautiful young nonbinary kids just flocked to me and I
was just thinking to myself, God, when I was eighteen and nineteen,
like it just wasn't a thing andthen like I was I was just I
was a Weirdo. I was likeso strange, and so now all of
them they fit in and they're notbullied in it. It's like it's it's
beautiful to see. Obviously, likewe live in L A, we live
in a bubble, but at leastit's happening somewhere. At least they're safe
spaces. When I is younger,I used to be like a fake ema,
like I wanted to like have thelook. I felt comfortable in that
look, even though it was sofar from my actual personality. So to
hang out. Oh, I hada hot topic, punch cards like.
That's like how fake Emo I waswith the change and everything. Um,
it was ridiculous, but I feltcomfortable in that because I felt like I
was expressing myself in a different way. But it was not real emo and
I got sniffed out real fast.Right. What I think I'm realizing is
that there was this kind of likeartistic kind of way that I saw my
image and what I enjoyed putting on, from the nail apology to different stuff.
And if we had a term,you know, back then like we
do now, and I think it'sit's beautiful. Okay, let's talk about
pronouns, though. You know,my job is talking and I interview a
lot of celebrities. The last twoyears pronouns have really become an issue and
I'm also a journalist and when wewrite articles that are in print, it's
usually a month to two months aheadof the actual magazine coming out, and
I've done interviews with celebrities that havechanged their classification or their identity. They've
changed their pronouns, but just greatum because we're always on this evolving journey.
You don't have to stay one thing. What you are today might not
be what you identify with tomorrow.But it's funny because these pronouns come out
and they're wrong, but at thetime they were right. And we're so
ready as a culture to kind ofbe angry and on the tech, especially
because we're going through a lot sociallyand politically, but at the same time
it's like we're also like fighting withinour community, which doesn't make sense.
If I get your pronouns wrong,just say hey, bit you got it
wrong. You know, I alwayssee like treated as a learning lesson because,
honestly, I'm new to it.You know, I came out earlier
this year and so, like it'sit's new to me and I don't expect
everyone in my life to just instantlyunderstand and start referring to me in different
ways, which like. Luckily,I am surrounded by some really thoughtful and
caring people, so I don't reallyhave a lot of issues with it.
But I don't also expect, youknow, the entire world to get everything
right the first time. But ifI do hear it, I go you
know, hey, honey, bythe way, it stay them. It's
it is what it is and likeit might take a few times. It
might take a few times, andthat's I'm okay with that. Personally,
I understand, but also understand peoplethat live in less forgiving areas that it's
not okay to a lot of people. So I think that you just have
to be respectful of who you're referringto. I love that. So let's
talk a little bit, because I'vealways known you to be expressive with your
fashion, but it's been very presentational. I want to know, hasn't has
it affected your relationship with your friendsor, let's say, your significant other,
because people assume, if this isthe assumption for my generation, is
when you say you're non binary,it means Oh, now I'm Super Femi,
and that's like, well, that'snot what it's about, but that's
the assumption. No, actually,I think that. I mean, I
can only speak for myself, andso I think that, especially in my
relationship, I feel as though himaccepting me in those ways was just like
the most beautiful, touching and connectivething that could have ever could have experienced.
But the thing is is that,like it's not all about being hyper
oh one day I just want tobe hyper femin so I'm they then that's
not how it works. You know, there are moments where I'm extremely masculine,
there's moments where I'm extremely feminine andthere's moments in between, and that's
just who I am and that's justwhat I embody and so like it.
If you're going to be in arelationship, obviously that's gonna be it's going
to be important, but I don'tthink it should be something that is that
it's seen as a negative like,oh, I was with this man and
then all of a sudden they wantto be somewhere in the middle, they
want to be feminine, and sothey're a bottom and like it's all these
stupid things in the community. Thatsucks, but I have heard that it.
It does have affected. It hasaffected some relationships, though, because
there are sticks out there, thereare assumptions out there. It's like no,
you just have to talk it throughexactly, and I think that,
like, obviously, in my case, like Onyx, my personality was massive
to begin with. So it's justlike it's it's I've always just been myself.
I've always been myself and like now. It's just cool that I have
I have a label for it,for for how I expressed it. But
I tell you, you have annon binary friend. It's so easy to
shop for. I mean it justit really helps things out anywhere. You
can give me anything like it.I mean, I will never do a
metallic lip though. Why not?I don't know, it just doesn't look
good on me. I love it. I've never seen anything bad anyway.
Um, you have you have aBOP. I don't know if we can
call it a bob because it's alittle intense, but you have Um,
uh, you have a new banger. No problems. Can you kind of
talk us what what is? Noproblems? Yes, so no problems.
I did with basically my sis,her name is Marquis Jordan's, and we
decided that we wanted to make asong that represented our struggle within the music
community and the music industry, andthat is, you know, being queer
artists of color, we are toldno every day about a thousand times,
and so what do we want todo? We wanted to make a song
in which we took it back whatwe said, screw this, we're taking
all the diamonds, we're taking allthe Benjamin's. I'm taking everything that I
want and we have a video tomatch. I love it, Um.
I also love your support for theOreo loving community. By the way,
yes, I did demolish many Oreosin the making of this video. I
love fit, skinny people, andthey can have two cheeks of oreos.
Also. There's actually, there's actuallya reason why I chose Oreos. I
read on your social media. It'sbecause I actually I'm I'm part black and
part white, and so it's alwaysbeen something in my head that I've always
considered myself an areo, and Ilove that and I love all parts of
an Oreo, by the way.Okay, so let's take a little peek
at at at your latest with Marquis. No problems calling men oil. No,
I'm wanting to look at you.I'm tid of feeling no in your
house, in your bag, manlesssingFantasias, I'm gonna be a star.
Stick up your hands right. Youknow, I'm never as twice. This
is a sick bow to watch mesick for the ones that he used to
me having. You know, excuseme when I take a shot, and
the ones with a gold right nowlast me. All this is mercy,
I say, screaming, but therenobody happen me. I want to be
like dying, got no problems asall watching as I lick my lips,
staring to my so devilish. Sothat is your sneak, meek, no
problems, actually tell you, Um, number one. I mean that Hook
gets into your brain and never leaves. I mean, so it's a bop
and it's great and then you're like, looking at you're like, Oh my
God, what am I cheering for, especially with what's happening when are rich
are getting richer and our middle classare struggling. In our poor class,
who's even talking, you know,to them? It's very interesting in what's
happening. It's happening government wise.WHO's making laws for all of us?
Um, it's so this video isis very timely. Little controversial, very
timely. Thank you. Alright.Let's let's officially welcome our guest of the
evening, Bobby New Mary. Beganhis career in the music industry as a
choreographer for Eminem by the way,another one of my favorite kids. He
would go out to work with astring of the world's top artists, including
Nicki Minaj, the pussycat dolls,missy Elliott and little Wayne. His choreography
work has been seen on TV anddancing with the stars and x factor.
Um in two thousand of fourteen hereleased his first single, music video,
dirty up, featuring Jesse and thetoy boys, soon followed after by his
debut EP, the Newberry Special Um, and his latest offering, collaboration with
the NIX and Sam j Garfield,Um is their single escape. It's a
scorch of a dance record with sultryhouse elements, disc infusion and a seriously
hypnotic bassline, and of course we'regonna take a look at it. Um
Escape is a third single from Bobby'supcoming EP. Please welcome Bobby Newberry.
How you guys doing? Doing verywell? Okay, we're not gonna waste
any time. Um. You know, I've seen you perform at pride,
I've and you on TV, I'veI've seen your work. I've been a
huge fan of a huge fan ofsocial media, and we see the glossy
version of bobby newberry, but whenwe look at a kind of the past
and kind of what you've had toovercome, much like you've shared your kind
of struggles in childhood dealing with certainissues. You were born are you were
raised in Orange County, and wethink obviously I was born and raised in
Orange County too, and we think, Oh, oh, see, you
know behind the gates and gloss andGlamor. But that wasn't quite your experience,
not my experience. No, canyou share a little bit about your
childhood and kind of what obstacles youhad to overcome? Yeah, so my
mom had me when she was reallyyoung, you know, she's twenty two.
She wasn't ready to have a childat that point. Um, and
my dad, you know, beggedher to have me and proposed she had
me. And then once I wasborn, she was, you know,
out and about being twenty two,and I was bounced around, Um,
everywhere, you know, while shewas in and out of, you know,
jail at certain times. And then, uh, so I had a
little rocky childhood. Um. Soit was definitely not like a gloss childhood
whatsoever. Um. And then soI dove into singing and dance and anything
I could, gymnastics to to likefocus on and to get me out of
the house right and Um, thesecond I got a scholarship to move up
to l A. I was seventeen. I wasn't ready at all. I
had no savings, that nothing.I was just like by and anything to
get me out, and I gotout and I never went back. Well,
not only that, not only didyou have to not have the support
from my family, but you're actuallybullied by your own family members, by
the way, called called many names, you know, especially by my uncle
all the time, you know,every every name. But yeah, many,
many, many not friendly moments.Yeah, that you that. You
would think that your family would bethere and support you, but just wasn't
the case for me and also,like you know, it was just different,
I feel like. Also, likeyou know, there wasn't like iphones
and like I didn't even understand alot of about what being gay was like.
I you know, I was like, was I supposed to be a
girl? was I born like becauseI didn't know, like there was no
understanding of that. So, youknow, it was definitely, I feel,
like, really confusing as a childfor me, and I think when
you were coming out, the depictionswe saw on TV was either like Jack
on will and gray's, like that'sa version of you could be, or
you were you were dying of AIDSin the eighties. Those were the two
depictions on TV and it's like fuck, you know which if anything was ever
on in my house, like andyou know, my uncle did come over,
someone come out there, like whyis this on, and it was
like the whole thing. So Iwas like always afraid to even watch anything
like that growing up. What Ilove is that you have come up with
like your your material. It's it'sso light and it's it's fun and it's
energetic. Um, and even howyou first got into dance. I mean
you were winning local talent competitions.Even you wouldn't have like this formal dance
China, but you were doing thison your own. Good for you.
Thank you. What kind of likewhat motto did you have, or what
did you draw that kind of strengthto like say, you know what,
I'm not going to become a victimof this, I'm gonna move on,
you know, to be honest,like I just I felt like, you
know, I fell in love withMichael Jackson and Madonna, like as a
as a young child, and,uh, like a lot of kids would,
they would go outside and play andI would lock myself in like the
room and I would rewind and playand rewind and play and teach myself the
choreography and, you know, Isaid I wanted to, you know,
take dance lessons and my family hadno money, so I had no way
of like doing anything like that orhaving the resources to even do that.
So I learned by just watching overand over again and teaching myself, and
that's how I entered myself in thefirst talent show. That takes a ball.
You know, I don't know ifI would have been able to do
that. Yeah, that's why Ido I feel like I do believe in
past lives, because I feel likethere's no way I would have maybe,
like thinking back now as an adult, as a child, like doing that.
It was kind of like, youknow, a big move for me
to like just be like I'm doingthis, Um, with no support from
my family. But Um, yeah, it's crazy, definitely crazy. So
I want to talk about that moveto L A and maybe you can share
a little bit too about, youknow, first coming to L A.
Oh you're talking about tiger he it'shard interrupted you, but that took me.
That took me back. I wouldsneak up when I was not eighteen
and use a fake I D andgo. I didn't even look. Not.
No, yeah, there's my librarycar. The demographics there. There's
a gap. There's a big,big I'm on the other side of the
demographic I'm like, Oh, youknow, Judy Garland is damn. Yeah,
I mean I definitely looked like Iwas probably thirteen, like for sure
to drink. I don't know,but maybe you can talk a little bit
about that kind of adjustment. Youknow, even Orange County it's it's close
to L A, but it could. It's so it's such a different place.
It's a different place. I wentrecently actually for a wedding and I
haven't been in probably ten years.There's still trump books, by the way,
selling t shirt. There was,I mean it was it even on
the SEC yeah, it was.It felt like it felt really different.
Did you have any kind of liketrauma experience, like having to go back
to just knowing that you're in thatkind of environment? No, I was
actually kind of excited to go becauseI wanted to go to like places I
went when I was a little kid, beaches that I grew went with my
mom too, and stuff like that, like the alogic moments that I wanted
to have, but I mean whenI got there I definitely had that feeling
of how I felt when I wasa kid, how I want to get
out. Like I felt like Iwas happy to be there, but like
after two days I was like,okay, I'm ready to go, but
maybe you could talk about and,like I said, maybe you as well
is coming to L A. Likewe joke like, Oh yeah, it
was club scene and all that,but it is pretty traumatic for somebody,
especially something that is not there withtheir family, um or that you're kind
of on your own, and la can be pretty gritty, it can
be pretty awful. As much asyou can find your tribe Um and that
that helps, helps with the transition, but it's still pretty shocking. What
were some of the biggest hardest adjustmentsfor you and obstacles when you first came
down? Right? For me,Um, well, I came up on
a scholarship and so I was basicallylike like a slave to to that program
which in the best way possible.Um, but I was working. I
was working like the desk, butthen I would also dance from like ten
am to eleven thirty PM at nightand then, on top of that,
I would work at starbucks because Ihad no money. So like I had
like zero sleep. I felt likeI was running my body to the very
fine line of like breaking Um andthen, on top of it, you
know you want to be young inHollywood and going out. So like I
would try to do that too.So I feel like I ran myself really,
really low, like the first partof my time in L A,
and then I got really lucky withgreat friends and then, Um, I
did go through a big party phaseof going out, though, like I
was going out like at least fivenights a week. If I did it,
I felt like I was missing something. I'm still in the way too
old for that. What was itlike for you? Um, when I
first moved so I lived, Igrew up in the valley and then I
my parents kind of like stripped meaway from that. We lived in Colorado
for a while and so I decidedto move back on my own. I
did my one year of college there, like they requested, and I ended
up going to am I here atsome musicians institute, and cool. It
was terrifying. So because when Imoved back I had just come out of
the closet, and so I wentfrom completely straight guy, dating women,
all of that, to like GagaGay. Yeah, it was. And
it was like for you, likethree weeks, that's that's it was three
minutes. He's like it was likesmoke and like all of a sudden,
there there's like highlights and makeup.But so I did that and I moved
back and then, like finding yourtribe was a huge part of it,
but I couldn't quite find one thatwould accept me because I was not normal.
And it was Hollywood at all.I mean West Hollywood. I mean
I think we've made a lot ofprogress, but it's still very unforgiving,
very clicky. It's still very there'sstill moments like that. I think it
is definitely getting more forgiving, butyeah, it was kind of terrifying.
But luckily, just like you,I had a purpose, I knew what
I was doing and like there wasa lot going on for me. So
like I was able to focus onthose things. But eventually I did get
lost and yeah, it's and youfound your way back and now you can
like talk to other youth that aregoing through that same journey. I don't
do this, Um and bobby.I want to talk about. You kind
of self taught from dance, fromlike learning and repeating. It must have
also been adjustment for you to goto like formal dance training, because formal
dance training is no job. Ohyeah, no, it's definitely a big
difference. I mean once, whenI was younger, after I did the
talent show, that's when I wasable to actually they were like yeah,
he's actually talented, he should bein formal training. So when I got
into ballet, which is, youknow, the fundamentals for everything and the
most important part of your dance training, it was it's a very eye opening
experience, like when you think you'rereally good and then you go and you're
like, Oh my God, thisis like much harder than I expected.
But I really really dove in aslike such a perfectionist to where I would
even be in the in the driveway, and I remember in the driveway in
my my street, they had likea light that shine from like the garage
and Um, I would see myshadow on the wall and I didn't have
a me or like big enough todance in front of, and so I
would work on my technique in frontof that and like I would be jumping
and doing you know jumps and secondin the middle of the driveway at night
and being so upset with myself thatI wasn't perfect that I would start crying
and my mom would come out andbe like what the Fund is wrong with
you? Like I might lew tosay that I don't know, but what's
ten Perford, what is wrong withyou? And like I've just always been
that way with myself. So Ilike dove into like the perfection element of
like, especially ballet. I wantedto be really good at it. So
I feel like thank God, likeyou said, like the purpose thing,
like, because if I didn't havesomething that I could dive into, I
think I could have had a verydifferent life, and I love that you
said, though, you know,you describing that scene of you know at
night and the light shining, it'slike it's like a Netflix show. To
me, it's like this is ashow about your life. I can visually
see that and it's like, youknow, you wanted it so bad that
you were you were willing to overcomethe obstacles, but you're also not afraid
to be dancing in front of yourhouse and the middle of night. You
know, so many people come toL A to be famous and are not
willing to do the hard work.If you have to sing to vocally warm
up in your car, then youdo that. If you have to sing
in the park, then you dothat. If you have to dance on
the park because you have nowhere elseto rears, then that's what you did.
That's what I did too for years. Crazy. I had NEAT PADS
and ten issues and dancing on concretelike what it's like. Crazy to think
about what. I had natpads too, but it was for dancing in the
park. You had to get entiresomehow. What was your first like Professional
Choreography Gig? It was it wasEMINEM. It was the Eminem okay,
so we have some questions about that. I told some people that, you
know, I was going to beinterviewing your today. Um Uh, and
that was the first question, especiallyyou having been kind of bullied for your
sexuality, about your in your ownsafe space. Um. We know that
EMINEM has his history with homophobia,his lyrics, Um, some of the
interviews that he's given, the actionshe's taken. I find it very interesting
that that's kind of your first bigchoreography Gig. Can you talking about how
you got into that Gig and whatwas your experience coming to the table with
this kind of heaviness? Do youknow what's really crazy is that I feel
like you know how sometimes you havethese moments that are full circle, and
for me, I grew up,you know, learning Michael Jackson and Madonna
Choreography. Right, that's something thatI first like intrigued me that I was
like, this is what I wantto do, I want to be an
artist like this. And, Um, I get called in for this,
you know, opportunity to work withEMINEM and I'm like, well, what
what would I be doing? LikeI was still really young, I didn't
have big choreography credentials under my beltat that point, and they were like,
ah, he wants someone that canteach him Madonna and Michael Jackson Choreography,
and I was like what? Likeit was like the craziest, craziest
thing, and so I was likeokay, well, what exactly? And
it was literally, when he dressesup like Madonna, I taught him the
vogue choreography that I taught myself fromwatching her on TV as a child,
and then he dresses up like MichaelJackson, he couldn't learn how to Moonwalk.
In Times, I actually was hisbody double in the vision and behind
the scenes tea. Yeah, alittle behind the scenes tea, but Um,
it was just it was very crazy. I couldn't believe that, honestly,
that I was doing that. Andthen that's what happened. Nicest guy
ever, like so nice, sucha sweetheart. Never was like I never
felt uncomfortable at all. Never,not once, you know. And he
since talked about his journey where,you know I mean he's saying with Elton
John, for God saying. Ibelieve it wasn't just for PR even though
at that time he needed that forpr but I think he, like some
other people, have come around becauseI've expanded language and experience. Um,
but there must have been that kindof I've been around celebrities who I've known
to be so hyper masculine that hadstarted to like wh I would stutter and
shake because I would start to questionhow feminine my acting. I would get
back into my head. I wouldbe reverted back to high school days and
it was so weird. You know, it's it's interesting. I mean we
weren't like close or like hanging outby any way form, like on set,
like how I have been with otherartists that I've worked with. It
wasn't like a friendly like we're hangingout, but he was never disrespectful,
but also, yeah, like heneeded you clearly. Yeah, for for
that moment. Yes, Um.Now, what made you kind of go
down the choreographer route rather than I'mgoing to be a performer, I'm going
to be a backup dancer and thisis what my career is going to be.
You know, it just kind ofhappened for me first that way,
which is weird, because I startedsinging first, like I as a kid.
I would sing first, like everyonewould sit down as a kid,
like and like some of the firstthings I would sing, like growing up.
We're like, you know, myvoice was crazy high when I was
a kid. I would sing alittle mermaid and I would sing like Whitney,
Houston and stuff like that. Obviouslythey're like, he's gay, but
like, uh, just like justsinking a little mermaid, like in front
of my family. But Um,I definitely always sing first and then,
so I think I dove myself intoI wanted to learn the like if I
was going to sing and dance,I wanted to know what I was doing
and train really hard, and thenthat's when I got the scholarship for dance
and then from there I kind ofcore aography fell into my lap kind of
I like started making up stuff thatI wanted to do, how I wanted
to move, and it was likewhat I wanted to dance like, and
I kind of created my own styleand I was one of the first people,
you know, that created the jazzfunk style. and Um, it
just kind of happened by me playingmusic and like standing in front of the
mirror and dancing for like hours again, like I did when I was a
child, but like in my earlytwenties. and Um, I then was
like, you know what, Iwant to be an artist. I've always
wanted to be an artist. Andthen people were like, but you're so
successful this. They didn't want meto do that. It was like,
why would you do that? Whywould you even want to do that?
Now, like it's people are gonnatake you serious. So it was a
really, actually big challenge to pushit back into that world. And let's
talk about this decision. You know, choreographing for the names that I mentioned,
huge names, and then you're like, okay, let's take a step
back. What is my journey?And so now you are a performer on
your own. Now you're focusing onyou're saying. Now you're focusing on your
own work. That must have beena difficult decision. I mean leaving,
even like you know the money honey, like yeah, I could on another
tour was so and so, butI'm going to focus on myself. What
was that kind of moment where likenow is the time? I just felt
like I felt like I would regretit forever if I didn't, and I
kind of felt like this is whatI'm meant to do and I felt like
I had to do it. LikeI felt like singing, and you know,
I write all my own music.I've I've literally written for other artists,
but every song I've ever done I'vewritten or co written, and I
just have a I feel like inthat creative umbrella of creating choreography and movement,
I also right and I also coproduced my music, and so I
feel like there's this whole thing thatI was like I have to do this,
I can't like let my life goby and not do it well,
and that's a tough thank you,because I appreciate that. Thank you,
Um, I love that both ofyou have collaborated on so many of your
projects. By the way, yourvideo amazing. You look so good.
You look so amazing, so good. I appreciate that. Goddamn how can
my head and she'll be there forever. I think it takes a very confident
artist, confident in your passion,confident in your skill, to be able
to collaborate the way that you so. Both of you have so freely shared
the spotlight with your collaborators and alsobeen like hey, it's our project.
I have a very big ego.I've gone through so many co hosts.
I have guest co hosts each timebecause, like my egos have been it's
like, you know, I'm notquite there yet where I'm just like so
free, and that's what I loveabout both of you is that you you
are able to collaborate. What aresome of the most important factors to remember
as an artist for somebody's like,say, first collaboration? What did you
learn early on by having somebody elsekind of in the kitchen? M Well,
actually, it's funny you say that, because a lot of people that,
from my experiences, are extremely shady, like I've I've witnessed this happen
to other people. Um, peopledon't like to share credit sometimes, which
is just so fucking crazy to mebecause, like why not? What is
the problem with sharing credit of likewhere credits due, like even still,
like I feel like it's a thingthat like people fight over with choreography and
stuff like that. I'm like,I've never been that way. I've had
it happened to me and I'm justlike what, like what is the point
like share credit where credit is due? Like I have no I think two
minds are always better than one.Like if you, especially if you vibe
creatively and like you're working on aproject and like it's feeling like a vibe
and it flows perfectly, why wouldyou not like want to have that moment?
Yeah, and I learned, youknow, like this this Mark Marquis
Jordans onyx collaboration is the first oneI've ever done, and so it was
a huge learning curve. But Ithink one of the biggest things I learned
is that, like, during thisprocess, we just like finished the first
leg of our our no problems tourand we we congratulate Bunch of thank you
we've had a bunch of press andlike everything has been like just like so
on a different level. And soI've learned that, like you know what
his successes in this entire project ormine, and mine are also his because
we're doing this together. And also, I think that the major thing there
is that we got to know eachother and we became family before we created
magic together. And sometimes you getthat luxury and sometimes you don't. Sometimes
it's like you have two days torecord this. What I say about you
and Marquis, knowing you both,is that there's a sincerity to your project
and there's a sincerity when you're onstage. But there's a lot of cutthroat
in the entertainment industry, like you'vementioned, especially in the lgbt q entertainment.
Were so threatened for our friend tosucceed because we want that for ourselves.
You're not that person. They're notyou. And to your point,
if we all succeed, then weall succeed. Yeah, exactly. Um.
So I think we need more ofthat and we need a challenge each
which I don't understand, to behonest, like I don't understand why there
isn't more support, especially in ourcommunity as artists, like I don't feel
like I sometimes don't even feel supportedwhere I'm like, I don't understand why
that is a thing. Still,and also just like following through right.
Why are there's so many people there'slike, oh my goshold, we should
do something because the work, itnever happened. UH, so much to
say about that. But we shouldbe challenging each other to do better.
I agree. We're seeing in thedrag race world, you remember, do
better. She's doing better. Buteverybody was so excited for drag race and
then when it finally got uh,you know, on On v H one
from logo, everybody is so excited. Now the Queens are tearing each other
apart on twitter. They they're gettingin these ridiculous fights. It's like,
Hey, shouldn't we just be happythat everybody's watching drag race at this point
and are now drag legends outside ofRupaul? Like let's let's celebrate that for
a moment anyway. Anyway, Um, so, I want you to spill
some tea, though. Like Isaid, you've been associated with some big
names, Nicki Minaj, Miss Ellaputs Um. Did you ever get star
struck where you kind of had likehad to take a moment like, Oh
my God, I'm working. Yeah, Um, I feel like I mean
definitely Nikki. I mean she's Imean, depending on who you're talking to,
she's like one of the Queens ofrap right, like she's she's she's
an icon, she's a huge momentUm. So for me like that definitely
was. I was very stressed outthe night before I was working with her.
I was so stressed I was callinga friend of mine that that had
worked with her and I was likewhat do I need to do? What?
How do I what if she like, how is she going to be?
And he was like, you needto just know what the funk you're
talking about, because if you don't, she will be like what the Funk,
why don't you know what you're talkingabout? And these big names can
read you in ten seconds, right, yep or no, Yep Um,
and I think that that's so Idon't even to use the word cute,
but it's cute that you're sharing this, because this is the reality of what's
happening to all of us. Youknow, she was probably nervous having to
work with the choreography because maybe she'snot the best answer. I don't think
she was nervous. I mean,but you know what I mean. It's
like maybe she was insecure that daybecause she didn't feel good about her body
that day or something. She wassnatched. She looked hot. I had
that much money. Okay, Iwas very impressed. I was very impressed
with her, to be honest,like I feel like she is very impressive,
like how she's serious, she takeswhat she's doing. She takes it
very serious. WHO's one of thebigger names that you've learned the most from?
Mm Hmmm, I learned a lotfrom the culture singer. I think
that she is just one of themost talented people I've ever worked with in
my life. Watching her rehearse andher work ethic and I would stay with
her until, you know, likeeveryone would be gone, I would still
be working with her on what shewas doing because she thought she wanted to,
you know, master it and bebetter at something, and just watching
her sing and just always being pitchperfect, like it's pretty it's pretty crazy,
like being on pitch all the timeand your timing when you're singing live
is a lot of people are notalways on pitch and she is pretty perfect
because she comes from that kind oftraining, like the musical theater world,
where you're doing eight shows a weekand you gotta be on every single time.
So who who has been one ofyour favorite celebrity? Not like who
I learned the most, but likewho's been a favorite? Like that was
that was fun. M M,I don't know. I mean I think
that one of the funniest times ofmy life was when I worked with Puzzy
Gat dolls, but for a lotof reasons. Um, my best friend
was Ashley Roberts at the time,who was in the group. And then
also my first big collaboration that peopletook me serious as an artist was working
with Melody Dornton and you know,she was, you know, one of
the biggest voices, you know,in the group, and when she agreed
to, you know, do acollab with me, it was a huge
deal for me, like as justbeing a choreographer. And then this was
my first song that I was comingout as an artist and she, you
know, featured on it, whichwas huge. Um, so I feel
like that whole chapter of my life, that time period of like two years,
was just so incredible, because Idon't think the music industry will have
moments like that where they were pouringmoney and they had a budget like that.
For artists it was really cool tobe part of something that was like
there was no budget for the mostpart. It's pretty crazy. Um,
I love to hear stories like that. Okay, now spelled to t who's
been a celebrityor like, Oh God, Oh, I don't want to answer
that one. There are certain celebritiesthat are known to put on a powerhouse
show, but they can't sing,like you said, or they can't move
into a choreographer has to dump downthe choreography for them and kind of make
that work. Um, what wasthat defining moment for you in your career?
We're like, okay, I've madeit, I can breathe a little
bit, like I am an industryprofessional now. I'm so waiting for that
moment. It was the day thatyou met on x. It was the
day that I met on X.I feel like, I don't know.
I feel like for me, likeI said, like how I was like
I go back to that reference ofbeing in the driveway in the middle of
the night right working on that.I don't ever feel like I've ever been
like content and then like I'm sohappy, I'm killing it, I look
great, I'm doing this, andthat's a good thing and a bad thing
for me. For sure. It'ssomething I struggle with mentally. For sure.
I think most artists feel that.There's like okay, what's next?
What's next? So let me wordit a different way and I want you
to answer this as well. Whathas been a moment where you can look
back and be like that was agreat moment. I'm proud of myself for
this. M I feel like whenI headlined Miami Pride, that was a
big moment for me to be aheadliner on the main stage, you know,
Saturday night, nine pm, andit was just it was. It's
a big moment for me to doa forty minute set of all my own
music. Um, you know,I was like wow, I have I
have a lot of songs. Likewhen I was going through like putting together
my set list, I was likedamn, like this is a lot of
material that I've written and to pickit and put it together and piece it
into a full set. I feltreally accomplished and proud of myself at that
moment that I had all of thatto put together and to perform. Prides
are so difficult. You know somany of the prides because you think,
oh, everybody's having a good time, they're just gonna be happy to have
live performance. And some of themand it depends like what citing what?
This is a real bob. Andthen the audience was like yes, and
I don't understand that too, andI'm like, are we on the bad
drugs out there? What do weneed? Like it's like what drugs do
we need? Because sometimes I feellike it's just like a lot of step
touching in the in the crowd,but then sometimes there's so much energy.
It just depends on the crowd.Honestly. I just did L A pride.
So we did Hollywood boulevard. It'slike four blocks of people. I
didn't actually understand that it was goingto be like that, and so I
performed with the Marquis and we didno problems and there was a moment where
I was just like I was lookingout in the crowd and I was just
like put your hands in the airand it was like four or five blocks
on Hollywood boulevard. They were justlike yes, and they were also doing
right hand, left hand, andI was just like yeah, this is
a moment, that's a moment,and then we were just like rushed off
stage and we did like a radioshow on the street. All the people
that have just seen us were likecrowding the windows and like that's just like
a moment, that's just like that'sa pride moment. That and we have
to reward ourselves. We have topat ourselves on back and be like,
you know what, let's let's takethis one. Yeah, I don't think
we congratulate ourselves. You know.What I do think, though, is,
like you were saying, how it'shit or miss. I still don't
understand that either, about performing ata pride festival as like an artist that's
in the community. It's it's shockingto me how I'll watch other people perform
too, and they don't get likethe support in the audience and I'm like,
why aren't you like clapping for them? Like it's like the Algorithm on
instagram. Who knows? Oh myGod. Okay, so let's let's do
a hot topic, and it's aboutpride. UH, prides. Everybody is
happy to be back in person prides. So people are going to pride.
Ticket sales are ridiculous for the youththat is trying to put themselves through college,
they're trying to pay for the firstapartment on their own, and then
we're charging eighty dollars, we're chargingfor a pride ticket. And the reason
why we're doing that, Um,and which I understand. You know,
you look at the budgets, you'repaying Christina Aguilera to come out, you're
paying uh TLC to come out,you're paying for names to come out.
We're giving this money to sis straighteight performers because their headliners to perform at
our pride, and then we're gougingthe community that pride is for. That's
the way I'm describing it. Oryou can say pride is such a big
deal to the community that they've donethey've booked these huge headliners for you.
Unfortunately, the cost has to trickledown somewhere. So hot topic, Um.
Should we continue doing that and reallyhaving these headliners that, yes,
they're gay icons, but they're notnecessarily from the community? Should pride to
be free, Um, and youknow, we all get paid for our
pride appearances. This is the natureof the beast, though. It's like,
you know, obviously we want everyeverything, gay community, Lgbtq community,
to be in recognized in the mainstreamin a major way. So it's
like it's it's like we can,we can make it internal all we want,
but we're going to have to acceptother communities as well, and the
nature of that is having to payastronomical amounts for people like Christina Aguilera and
Cardi be and all of these peopleto come into our spaces. Because ultimately
that's what we're screaming for. We'rescreaming to be recognized as any other group
of people. And so, justlike you know, Coachella is it's extremely
expensive, and so it's burning manand all these when I see some of
my friends going to Coachella, I'mlike, girl, I know your credit
yes, I know everything. Iknow everything. I'm FBI when it comes
to that. But but I thinkthat the thing is is that, like
you know, yes, the pricessuck right now, but also, even
though we're paying, you know,the Christina Aguileras and all these people,
these these large amounts, we arealso starting to pay queer people more and
more and more to be a partof these festivals. So I think that,
from a performers and an art artisticstandpoint, I think we're on the
right path. Does it suck thatyou have to pay eighty dollars sometimes to
get into West Hollywood pride? Ofcourse, but it is it's a double
edged sword. I also feel like, though, you know, it was
about what two years right roughly,since there was like in person pride.
I feel like they lost a lotof their support and like their sponsors.
Is from what I've heard from alot of I know from a business standpoint,
corporations didn't have any marketing money becausethey were losing money and they're like
some people are going to be stillafraid to come out. So I do
know every pride suffered from that.was sponsorship money was so I feel like
that's a big thing too that they'retrying to like build, build back.
You know, we're trying to keepit moving forward and I feel like,
you know, that's part of thestruggles as well, I think, with
what they're doing with, you know, charging more Um. But I do
think it is an important thing thatthey have like these artists like Christine Aguilar,
who has always been a big advocatefor the community as well, and
brought in other queer artists brought inall these people that like that. Really,
it's not like it was just likethe Christina Aguilera show. Every color
palide that she she she performed init was rainbow colored. It was it
was really beautif full, then also, you know, like these people,
it may have it may have beenmore expensive this year, but they showed
up, everyone showed and everyone lovedit, like everyone loved it, and
I think that was the most beautifulpart about it. And to your point,
we know like l a pride,I was the M C for the
second stage. It was it wasnot Christina, but these artists were able
to say, Hey, I Iwas in l a pride when Christina was
headlining, and it kind of givesthat kind off to it. So I
can see both ways. I performedWest Hollywood pride, so I did.
There was that battle between West Hollywoodand L A pride. Yes, we're
just getting crazy, and yes,I was forwards. There's two. I
didn't I didn't even know that washappening at first, but Um, I
think that's great that there is two. But so I was actually such a
huge like I could have performed Saturdayor Friday. I wanted to go Friday,
because I grew up being a hugelow Kim Fan, and so for
me I was like I want tobe on the same night as low Kim.
was so much to me. LookHim. I mean I love Lo
Kim. She's, she's, she'sLokim, like, she's, she just
she's. There's nothing like Lokim,like for sure. So I I don't
know. For me, I Iwas like I'm on the same lineup as
Lokim. That's a big deal,just like what you were absolutely all right.
Well, there's that hot topic.Okay, alright. Um, uh,
I want to talk about mental healthin the entertainment industry. Um,
the last couple of years we're actuallyhaving conversations about mental health. Uh,
there's a pandemic that's happening with influencers. We're having younger and younger social media
stars committing suicide because they're trying topresent this false idea and presentation of who
they are. Um, and they'renot being honest. But I think we
as an Lgbtq community, and Ido think social media is part of it,
is that we're more honest with ourstories and we're able to talk about
our depression. Um. So Iwant to talk because, you know,
both of you have been through somuch Um in terms to get here and
what you're putting out is just sopositive. The messages you're sharing are so
positive. But I want to knowhow you deal with the mental health aspect
of being the performer, being onstage presenting this, which takes so much
energy, but then the person havingto deal with the peaks and valleys.
You know, sometimes you're not bookedfor a couple of months, sometimes you're
like, Oh shit, you knowwhat's going to happen, or maybe this
single didn't do as well as this. So how do you deal with that?
How do you maintain your mental health? I mean, personally, I
kind of have struggled with this recentlymore than I have in the past.
I think it's because, like youknow, things are picking up. For
me, that's tough. It's likethe more success you have, the more
you're like yes, so the morethings get compiled, like I've I've kind
of like started having like little,I guess I'll call them mental breakdowns,
and so I you know, lastyear I spent some time outside of the
country, in Costa Rica. Ireally found my spirituality. I learned that
as a person I love, Ilove spiritual healing, I love Reik Yel
of all of these methods of ofspiritual healing, and so I realized that
now is the best time for meto apply that to myself, and so
recently I had a friend come overand we did like an entire session and
I felt like a brand new person. But I think that if I had
continued the way that I was goingand just trying to be like almost seven,
completely on one thousand percent, likeyou, will absolutely break, I
don't care what level you're at orlike, as things compound and they get
heavier and, like the contracts getbigger and, like the conversations become heavier,
you have to take a second torealize that you are a human being,
I don't care how strong you thinkyou are, and realize that,
like you need to release some ofthat. You need to completely disconnect,
unplug and resurface your entire mental state, and that's what I had to do
recently, very recently, it wasliterally last week well, and you have
been so busy with everything. It'slike, as an artist, you know,
we're so afraid to not take abooking or something, and sometimes it's
okay to say no right. Alsosay no. Yeah, have to.
Saying no is something, yeah,that I've learned. It's hard for artists.
It's really hard to say no,I know, because you feel like
you're gonna miss out on something likespectacular. But it's like you're like your
mental health comes first, because thenyou can be ten times better at the
next thing. But then you're stillgonna be you're just always going to be
in that like ten steps behind,like you're not feeling like you're. And
also, for me, if Isay no to something, I'll think about
it for like for forever. Ishould have done that. If I would,
it's on that one. This couldhave it could have turned into this,
and it's like I have like twohundred storylines that pan out, like
my brain is just like writing awhole novel of different like books and endings,
and I'm like what is happening?And like for me especially, like
I feel like I started paying attentionto the mental health aspect of it so
much more, even just this pastyear, and and what this industry does
to your mental health. And likegrowing up, you know, being told
all the time when you're training youlook like ship. You look like ship
you look like ship, like thisis this, is not gonna you look
sloppy. This is this, whichis part of the training process. But
then, like you know, itdoes kind of affect you in a mental
way where, when you're older,I still tell myself that and I'll be
in like I'm to this day forrehearsal from my for the last pride I
did. I was in the mirrorlike constantly being like, okay, this
looks like ship. I'd watch avideo back and I'm like, this looks
like it. I sound like trash, like and I catch myself saying that.
I'm like you literally talk so meanto yourself. Like if people could
hear the way I speak to myselfversus what they think I'm like from like
social media, they would see,like it's a much different bobby than people
confidence and right. And so forme it's like I really started to learn,
like, okay, this is nothealthy like to be like this.
So it's but it's still like aprocess of like learning how to change that
thought process and it's an everyday battlefor me when I'm working on projects.
And not only did you have likein dance class, whether you're you're never
pre it can dance, because thereis no dance. But then you had
that, but then you had thatlike from your family telling you that you
weren't perfect in many other ways,and so that's been ingrained in you from
the beginning. Lord, there's alot. I think you're perfect. Thank
you. I think you're perfect.Well, and, let's be honest,
both of your brand presentation. Um, it also incorporates sexuality. So we
have the shirtless picks, we havethe booty picks, we have the cinch
look, we have that. You'realso on stage up pride. People want
to see pretty people on stage uppride. That's just part of it.
So that's also the added part too. Is a lot of pressure. Yeah,
it's a lot of a lot ofpressure. Just be a podcaster.
You'd be fun. The pressure isthe pressure is fun. Yeah, it's
like it gives you something to reallypush for. And like I, but
like I kill. I kill myselfbefore shows, like I like the amount
of like rehearsals, eight hours plus. I'll work out before, plus all
like you know, eat like justwhat I should be eating. It's not
the most fun moments, but it'sworth it when you the results you want.
As long as you have the rightpeople around you. But also we're
just like, you're doing the rightthing, this makes sense, you're not
going overboard. I think you're fine. Like everyone in my life and my
team and everybody are just like onx, like we'll tell you what time
you need to be doing everything,but you're doing the right thing. Everything
is good. You look snatched.That's all that matters. You do look
snatched. You look snatched now,but you look great in the video.
To thank you. But that's alsolike there's that pressure, though, too.
It's like, because if there's likeone little thing, then you feel
like you're not snatched at all.It's like, well, if nobody's noticing
what you're noticing, well, it'salso like it's it's also like if you
look snatched at one show, right, and then they suspect you to be
that snatched and if you're not better, you don't want to actually not be
asked snatched from the one before,then it's like, Oh wow, it's
so like, especially if you seea video of yourself, you're like,
oh, so like. I feellike it's always extra pressure to like be
better like in every way, shapeand form alright, so let's talk shape
and form and see what you didthat. All Right, let's talk escape.
Talk about the inspiration for the song. What is the message with the
song? Um, yeah, soescape happened because I was working with Sam
Jay Garfield and you know, we'vebeen on a collaboration journey working on multiple
songs, and he was like youshould work with, you know, my
friend Faix. I feel like youguys would, you know, vibe really
well, and so I was like, okay, cool. So we like
kind of had a writing session andwe were just kind of like dancing and
I was like listening to like alittle bit of what he was doing,
and then we started like telling him, like I was like I wanted to
sound like this, and we werechanging that the way it was sounding,
and then I just kept saying Ijust want to escape over and over my
mind. I was like my mindand lose time. That's all I kept
saying to myself. And then Iwas like what do we want to talk
about, like in this song,and I was like what do people need?
And she was like, I lovelet's escape. Let's like escape this
ship. That's happening, because alot of times when you listen to music,
I do want to listen to musicas an escape, you know what
I mean, and like I livefor, I'm going to go out and
like have, you know, fouror five drinks and dance to music and
not think about what's going on andhave fun. So any type of music
to facilitate that journey for anybody thatwas yeah, four or five, six,
seven, eight, wherever you capout at, straight from the bottom
of all right, a straw onit. Alright, so let's let's take
a look at escape. Go intothe motion, Living Day to day,
that electricity. Release Feelese me.I just want to escape my mind less
time. I just, I just, I just wanted scale. I feel
Aliar, you lost, to seewhere I fire. I just wanted to
escape the scape. Escape the scape, escape the scape. I just scale,
escape the scale. I just,I just, I just wanted to
Agen lost in the crowd, toKeiss, come in listed, sailing through
the clouds. I love that.This makes me feel so free, free
each in the basis where abound me. Release, free, read release me.
I just want to escape my mindless time. I just, I
just, I just wanted to escape, feel alive, get lost to see
where I find it. I justwant to escape, escape, escape,
escape, escape. I just,I just, I just so that baseline.
That like, that was that wasa moment. Thank you. Yes,
that was wow, like, Imean, you know, for one
year dance skills, but also likethis like Moody Uh Bar after five Am.
That's exactly what it's supposed to be. You wanted to be like,
okay, where are we in Europe? It's like five. And what I
love is that we we saw themastery of your choreography. It was definitely
there, but it was also thisthis free kind of escape on the dance
for we've all those moments, likeday. It's like a fool one,
I don't care, but it wasstill brought into we see kind of your
whole career. Yeah, thank you. And also your entire body. Yeah,
I mean the entire body. Um. You know what's really funny,
though? It's like a little backstory, and that as watching it. Um.
So, right before I shot this, I actually had to push it
twice because I was walking down aflight of stairs and I slipped on wet
stairs and I grabbed the railing andpartially dislocated my shoulder, and it was
my right shoulder. And so ifyou watch the video. Back to like
the very first big part of choreography, I do everything on the left arm
because I had to modify everything,and so, like, when I was
doing it was very difficult for mebecause I'm not I'm not left handed.
So like it was like everything isleft handed for the most part of it,
and it was very difficult to likerehearse and to change everything and do
it that way without making it looklike you know what I mean. So
it was definitely a very intense rehearsalprocess Um and it's still one of the
hardest pieces of choreography I think I'vedone in my entire career. It's really
hard. Good for you, accomplishment. Yeah, good for you. All
right. So, sorry, boysand girls, bobby is taken. I
want to talk about how you maintaina healthy relationship while being not only in
the public eye but having kind ofsome of the exhaustion from rehearsals, from
performance, from being on stage,and then when you're office, like,
even if I love you with topof my heart, I don't want to
talk, I don't want to doanything. Talk about how you kind of
maintain that and honest you as well, because you kind of work with your
significant other two which it's difficult.It's always tricky. Um. I feel
like for me, I just he'smy best friend, Um, and we
just understand each other really well.Sometimes I can't fucking stand him, and
I think that's part of being ina relationship, any relationship, but at
the same time I love him withall my heart and I couldn't imagine not,
you know, being with him.There's never been that moment Um.
He's just the best guy ever andhe's very understanding, Um, and I
think that the best thing I've learnedthrough our relationship is honesty and communication.
Right, like, if you can'tbe honest about what you want or what
you're feeling or how you're feeling,then how can you expect, you know,
there to be a flow that thatmakes sense between the two of you?
So I feel like, you know, in the past, you know,
two years especially, we got reallygreat with honesty and like voicing how
we feel, and that made abig difference in our relationship. COVID was
a big testing ground for a lotof relationships. I mean I mean especially
people in the entertainment industry, becauseit just like took away like everything that
I loved was taken away in asecond performing, but also like going to
go take like a workout class oranything that I liked as an outlet.
was like yeah, so I feellike I had no release of anything.
So definitely, yes, crazy time. Yeah. So in in my scenario,
you know, I met I metDerek when I was performing and so
he saw me really and he likehe kind of stalked me online until he
could like like I mean, thiswent well, but so many of you.
So please don't do that like ona regular basis, unless you need
to Um. But so he foundhis way into my life and like we
were friends for like a year.It just made sense for us to be
together. But like I've always hadthis fear of like you know what I
the dreams that I have for myselfare in such a level like that it's
just so massive that just like howcould I burden somebody with all of that
responsibility? It's like it's like notonly like like do you have to live
your life, but you have tobe conscious of the things that I had
to live in my life. Andso I think in the last like six
months to a year we've started toa some of those challenges in several different
ways, and so luckily I'm withsomeone who really is just here for it.
We worked together, you know,he does all my branding, he
does all my like logo work,he does all my like anything electronic.
I'm terrible with technology, like andand luckily he just allows me to be
the artist and and it's just likeit's a really cool it's a really cool
set up here and I just likeI've always just felt bad that like one
day, like you know what,like this life is going to get bigger
and bigger. Right. It's not. It's not getting smaller. And like
how can you impose that on somebodyelse, somebody else that wants to live
their own life and somebody else thatthat wants to do their own things?
But luckily our wants and our needsmesh perfectly together. That's amazing. That's
like, you know what it it's. It's so crazy because, like sometimes
I'm like, Damn, you reallyaren't patient, man, because I'm a
fucking psycho sometimes, like any entertainmentperson, we have ego, we have
ups and downs, we're tired,all of it, and I need all
of the attention, even the attentionthat you don't have, for me.
I need it. Yeah, we'renot love having these conversations. This is
what's going on behind the scenes withyour favorite performer. Him so much,
and I love to hear that.I mean when you find something like that,
it's like that's a key part.I'm okay. Another hot topic,
UM, talking about non binary representation. There's a lot of CIS straight men
on the red carpets at Hollywood events, Candy Awards, Emmy's, also at
the Grammy Awards, Uh Music Awards, MTV whatever, Um, and they're
starting to wear nail Polish, juststarting to wear skirts, they're starting to
dress, Um, in non binaryways, and we know them assist straight
males. Do you feel that that'sappropriating our culture, or is it non
binary? Do we should even sayanything, or should be thankful that like
people like Shawn Mendez and Nick Jonasand these kind of stars are kind of
promoting this kind of image where thereis no boundary? I'd love to speak
on this. So that's why.So my opinion is that the non binary
and just lgbtq community as a wholehas been so powerful that all of these
other people want a piece of it. It's been so powerful up to this
point that they want a piece ofit and they are implementing it into their
own ways and lives, and Ithink that. Is it sincere, though,
or is it because it's the coolthing to do? That's well,
it's definitely a cool thing to do. So eventually it'll fade out, but
also I feel like it will develop, it'll it'll compound, it will get
more and more and more, whichis amazing because it's already been happening in
Europe for years. We are justten thousand years in the past. In
America we are so behind in somany different ways. So men wearing nail
Polish on the red carpet of thewe have like David Bowie, we had
prints and we had like, youknow, even Michael Jackson was, but
they didn't have enough influence to makeother male celebrities that identified as straight do
it well. So I have aproblem with that then, because it's like,
oh, it's okay to appropriate fromus because we're not famous enough.
Like, do you know what Imean? We are. That's and for
some kid living, you know,in a small family, with a small
family in Kansas, seeing a ShawnMendez, and I keep referring to him
because he's probably one of the mostuh, he crosses many different generations and
he's probably the biggest name out therethat's doing it. So is that better
for that kid to be like hey, that's okay, and their family is
watching the award shipd and be likethat's okay? I have mixed feelings about
this because it's it's a trigger forme as a kid growing up as well.
Um, I feel like, andas a kid growing up seeing that,
I feel like it would have beenhelpful for me to see more of
that as a child. Um,I feel like as long as it's authentically
them and they're making the choices becauseit's authentically what they want to do and
they love it actually, not becausethey think it's cool, then I don't
have a problem with it. Ifit's because it's only because they want to
be talked about or because it's pushinga boundary, that's a different, a
different, you know, situation inmy mind. But like I feel like,
you know, if someone loves something, why, you know, can
they not do it? In mymind that, but it's not like they're
going to starbucks and they're wearing thesame kind of fashions. But we also
know, red carpets are not reallythe stars picking out their outfits either,
exactly. So the size is likehere's what's happening, here's what you're gonna
wear, the like. Okay,I think the answer is having more queer
people on red carpets. Well,I think we're getting that way. That
would be great. As we go, like everyone carpet, I feel like
it's more and more drag queens andmore more queer people. Okay, so
devil's advocate, Um and I've startedand you know, very candid on the
show. We have like billy porter. When Billy Porter first started wearing gowns
on the red carpet, I thoughtit was I thought it was glamorous and
it was gorgeous and it was himbeing him. I believe he loves these
fashions. Now I think that he'sgoing so overboard with his fashion because now
he's proving the point, but he'salready made the point and now it's too
much where I don't think he's sincere. You saw what he wore for Um,
I forget what the less music awardswere, and he introduced something and
these weird like it didn't even lookfashionable and I thought it was so much.
He was just pushing the level,just to push the envelope. But
think about what you just said.Is that, like you just said that
like he like he found something thathe loved and he got attention for right
and so like. So because ofhow our society works, he had to
do more, because of how peoplelook at Queer people and we're finally being
accepted and like Oh, it's billyporter, he's like our our our big
queer person that we we I supportbilly porter. So I love queers and
so so billy porter naturally is goingto have to do more and more and
more and more. So it's gonnabe it's exactly yeah, but it's not.
I don't think that it's UN necessarilybilly porter here's yeah, I mean
this is just not cute on anybody. But I mean, like look at
like you know, for example,different situation, but someone like Kim Kardashian,
who I think you can do nowrong. I think she's stunning.
But you know, she was fullin a black mask at the met gala
and do I think that that wouldhave normally been something she would do?
Know, but do I think shedid it because everyone would talk about it.
Yes, it's also the met Gallothough, too, right, but
you know what I mean, likeI feel like. I feel like it's
because, like what is he goingto do next? What is she going
to do next? What's happening next? It's always like what are they going
to do next? It's not likethey're gonna stay in that moment, I
don't think if that makes sense.That's just that's just okay. Final hot
topic of the evening. Bette midler. Okay, uh, when I felt
like that queer boy that nobody waslistening to, it would be Bette midler.
Uh, you know her latest albumor whatever. She was doing her
life from Cleveland. If you don'tknow that, just listened to it.
She was performing in bath houses withBarry manilow before it was popular. She
was hanging out with AIDS patients beforewe even knew what the hell was going
on. She has sixty years ofraising money being involved with the community.
She made a tweet about Roe versusWade being reversed and it was about a
woman's body. Um, the Transand LGBT. We're all the same community
came after her, saying she wasbeing exclusive of the Trans Community and came
after her. And we know BetteMidler is like. She doesn't know twitter,
she's like, and so her responsewas I've been raising money for as
long as I can remember for theg B T q community. Um,
and I didn't mean to marginalize theunder the marginalized that I've been spending my
whole life to support. She says. So, if that's what you want
to dwell on, then fine.So people took that that she was even
further sticking it to the Trans Communitybecause of her flippant reaction, even though
that's totally about Miller. She comesfrom a different generation. I don't know
how many millions and millions and millionsshe's raised for our community, but she's
physically been there for the community tonot just it's not just money. But
now she's been canceled. Now they'regonna say they're saying hocus POCUS IS gonna
be boycotted and that she's done.She's not going to get another booking in
the gay community. Uh, whatsay you? This has a lot to
do one of the world. We'rebeing stripped of our rights over our bodies,
our lives and even our name.They don't call us women anymore.
They call US birthing people or menstruatorsand even people with vaginas. Don't let
them erase you. Every human onEarth owes you. So I I was
that was the tweeting question. Ifwe're being hyper aware and hypersensitive, I
could see. Okay, you knowwomen, the label woman means so much
now, but she was literally talkingabout who abortion effects, which is somebody
that can actually give exactly and likeyou have to understand, like this is
a person that has put so muchinto our community in so many way,
shapes, informs like not just notjust as an activist, but as somebody
who's entertained us. Yeah, somebodywho's representing characters that we literally dressed up
as, somebody who was coming backand doing it again. And you know
what, I don't think that therewas anything wrong with the tweet. I
do not think there was any wrotebadly about her. Advocate wrote badly about
her. Other celebrities are and it'slike, what are you doing to this
is literally a gay icon for sure, and all she's talking about is people
that like. I understand that.Like, obviously the the Rov Wade moment
in history that we're losing right now. Affects the gay community, I know
it does. It's going to affectthe Trans Community, it's going to affect
the gay community. But what she'sspeaking about is women who can no longer
receive abortion, and there's nothing wrongwith someone speaking on that. There's I
don't think there's anything wrong with somebody, because the thing is like that has
to be spoken about. Yes,everything else has to be spoken about,
and it is, and I'm sureshe will. But the thing is like,
the second that we start attacking her, and that's what keeps happening,
I feel like, like, whatare we gonna do? WE'RE gonna lose
another like that's what I'm gonna sonow she's gonna be like, you know
what, you all can't figure out. I'm just you're on your own.
I've done enough and now we don'thave her. To be honest, like,
I know so many people that areafraid to say anything on twitter or
because it's literally turned into a witchhunt, I feel like, on on
every topic, if you say onething, like I'll rethink something and delete
everything I wrote time and time again, because I'm like before, I wouldn't
think twice, I would send itout, but now it's like I'll send
it to people first that I'm friendswith him and say, can I say
this, because I don't want,like someone to react, you know,
in a crazy way, you know, and we're all learning, such as
the pronouns. You know, ifI tweeted a wrong pronoun then let's work
through it. Work through it,let me teach you something. And when
you cancel somebody, she especially,I mean she's it's Bette Midler, thinking
it's Bet Midler, as you justsaid, you're literally and I didn't know,
like how you guys are going tofeel, because this this you know,
is a hot topic and I guaranteeyou if Bette Midler was in the
offices of querity or advocate, theywould not have printed what they did trying
to tear her down. Yeah,let's have a conversation, let's think.
I'm sure she's sitting at home rightnow and just like I know exactly what
I said. Yeah, I ranit by a team of people who are
probably extremely diverse, and they allbelieve that that was the right thing for
bettmither to say. And people don'trealize that and what they do is they
start psychoanalyzing things. That like reallydo not make sense and they start making
connections that really do not just tobe angry about, just to be angry.
And let's be honest, women,if they were not our allies,
we wouldn't be as popular. Andwhy direct that anger at them, directed
at the Supreme Court. Direct youranger at the Supreme Court and start fucking
voting. I love how they're callingin like the justice security because they're tired
of protesters in front of their house. Sorry, I mean here. Here
is the fact, though, thirtyfive states did not pass same sex marriage
law. So if, if thefederal law is overturned, thirty five states
will not have legal gay marriage.That's a fact which is just literally fucking
unbelievable to mine. Like, Ican't even I can't even fathom that.
We're going backward the hell, notcorressing even want to remotely move backward?
Why? Why? Why? Andwhat is the ultimate goal? What is
the goal? Well, and bothhandmade sale. It's literally turning his handmade
sale like what has happened? We'regoing to dip UM. But both of
you, both of you come fromCalifornia. Remember when came around, remember
prop came around, and we're allso col people Um and we thought,
oh, California's gonna Pa, it'sfine, and then we didn't. We
didn't. Yeah, that was sucha slap in the face. Anyway,
on that note, what is yourwhat is your message to your fans,
especially at this prime season? MmHmmm, I feel like it's a complicated
time. Right. I feel likemy message would be too, live authentically
yourself, be yourself, um,but I feel like there's just like so
many things going on, from likewhat I'm reading about monkey pox and how
it's like being targeted. Yeah,yes, be careful, but also don't
let I feel like, every singlething you read like hold you back from
enjoying your life. I feel likewe've gotten so consumed, with myself included,
I read like ship. I watchedthe news and then I'm scared to
actually live my life. Everything's ClickBait. Exactly. Make you terrified.
Exactly. I feel like, don'tbe afraid to still live your life,
because it is a really scary timein this world, but you still need
to live your life. Monkey POPsis spreading real fast and La, by
the way, I can send youmy own friend listen. I was like,
Oh, what the hell, here'sthe thing, is that l a
department of Health hasn't really issued agood statement so that we can become educated.
They had the vaccine available. Theyran out of vaccine for all of
Los Angeles County in a matter oftwo hours. So we're not getting the
resources that we need, but alsoI'm not getting the education. Don't even
know what monkeys do you plan ongetting the vaccine? Girl, I'M A
bad boy. Oh, and it'salso being u the stigma. It's not
like like a bad gay slut disease. It's not that either. That's what
but that's what that's what it's like. If that's what it is, I
feel like that's what we need tobe educated. I need to be educated,
like yea, you forgot tonight,but anyway, so after hours that
you were talking about, are wegoing? I'm getting sponsored by Um.
And what's what's next for you onthe horizon? Um? I have another
single coming out Um until uh firstweek of August, and then I have
my ep dropping in August. Isit gonna be like a big EP dropping
party? I don't know yet.They will bring it out. Where can
people find and follow you? Um, instagram, at Bobby Newberry, and
that's mainly on instagram in not reallyeven twitter that much. Not facebook.
I know I should be I don'tknow about facebook. Did you facebook?
I need to be better. Idon't want to think you do instagram.
FACEBOOK is not cool, I mean, but even that, people are just
not using it and the algorithms orwhatever just have instagram automatic algorithms. On
facebook it's like some grand she's like, I haven't caught up. For people
who are trying not to be sosafe on x. What is your message
to your fans? Yes, so, when it comes to pride season,
just realize it's not over. Justbecause June ended does not mean pride scenes,
pride seasons over. Um, showup, show up, vote and
also support the artists that you love, support the artists that you don't know
yet, support the artist that you'reabout to love. Meet them. They
all want to meet you, theyall want to say hello to you and
they all love you. We alllove you, and that's my message.
I love that message, like bea fan, be a fan, a
fan what we need fans to survive, we really do, and we love
you. You have you have noidea how much it means for us when
you send us videos of you dancingto our music and when we're when we
just like like sit at home ona day off. Finally, and then
it's like right after a show andlike you're posting everything that we've we've put
so much work into. You haveno idea how much it takes for a
queer artist to perform at a prideevent. Just show up, show out
and just like put in the extraeffort and trust me, all of that
will amount to us doing the samething for you. And what is on
the horizon? Promises Part Two?Oh yeah, we're doing a second part
of the no problems tour. Thisone's a lot bigger. I can't release
any information yet, except for actually, there's there's one date I can release
right Um, so we're doing breakingsound on July. So that's at the
Virgil Um. We will that.You know about tickets, but everything else
is kind of like but it's gonnabe pretty amazing. Well, I'm very
excited. Thank you both for sharingyour story, Um, and thank you
you sharing the behind the scenes isas important as the final product that we
see, because it's a journey foreverybody, no matter what job you have,
no matter what you're calling is umand that's it. It's always a
grab bag of funnier and on therocks. You never know what we're gonna
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