EPISODE 321: TikTok Star Ian Paget with ABC 7's Karl Schmid

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On this week’s On the Rocks, pride month continues as we celebrate Influencer Pride with People Magazine's Sexiest Guy on TikTok Ian Paget with guest co-host on-air personality Karl Schmid (ABC 7 On the Red Carpet, PlusLife Media) as we chat social media, mental health, coming out, public breakups, Pride season hot topics, and more! with a special Pride cocktail demonstration from Neft Vodka mixologist Luke Barr..with your host with the most, Alexander Rodriguez. Raise a glass and join in the chat!


Hello on the rockers. On this
episode, Pride Month Continues With influencer pride,

with people magazines, sexiest guy up, tick tock. I paget is

here with ABC's on the red carpet
and plus life media personality Carl Schmidt and

some pride cocktail stuff it and Sur
pride cocktails by Master mixologists and Longtime Entertainment

I was by the way, Luke
Bar is here and me, your favorite

host with the Sassy most. Raise
a glass, and that the drinks begin.

It's on the rocks. Cheers.
Wow, wow, suckers, stoping

today. I'd like to propose a
toes. This is on the rocks with

Alexander Right. Drink with your favorite
celebrities as we talk about passion, entertainment,

pop culture, reality TV and well, that's about it. So pop

a cork, lean back and raise
a glass on the rocks. Bumping granddaughter.

We're talking about tippy hedred and how
she lived with lions over her daughter,

but that's another story. It's an
interesting named tippy. Sorry, it

is well, after that episode she
was on, she definitely gift it over.

She'spilled. She worked with Alfred Hitchcock
and she was in Charlie Chaplin's last

film that he directed. So working
with two greats like that, it's all

in her book anyway. Butts of
Bozzo and Pantios on the podcast place were

too glad to give a damn.
I say this every year, nobody ever

listens to me. During Mother's Day
I see the most gorgeous pictures of everybody's

mom, no matter the age,
gorgeous. Father's Day comes around, you're

too busy buying your dad a Mug
or a tie. You need me buying

your dad some moisturizer, especially if
he has a gay son or a gay

grandson. What's the benefit if you're
not gonna tell them to moisturize? I

see some dusty dads out there.
Nobody's like, Oh, how beautiful.

They're like, that's your dad,
you loves. You had to get that

off your chest. Did you say? It's been bugging you like crazy,

because we all know where if we
won't to be on this mother's Day,

it's like, Oh God, everybody's
my son. Yah. I still pictures,

of Nice pictures with Dad's and things. I mean, I saw pictures

of Dad's that weekend, but that
wasn't free this time. That was and

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Wow, lucky east coast. It
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sure? I'm not. I'm not
sure. All right, let's get the

show on the road. I will
formally introduce our guest Ian Paget and Guest

Co host Carl Schmidt. But before
we talk about hot topics, pride and

break ups, let's drake. As
our loyal listeners know, our shenanigans are

field by neft vodka. It's just
damn good vodka, and I say this

truthfully. I never have a hangover
after a night of net vodka. So

that in itself is because you pulled
the nef vodka in everybody else's drinks,

but you're on, oh, believe
me. Boo Boo, Boo Boo.

Yeah, and that's just the before
party. We usually have to pour our

own drinks ourselves, but today we
have a treat in studio. We have

a treat on the eyes and a
treat in your mouth. That sounded weird.

Great Net faking is. What's that
good to do with anybody? Because

a treat in your mouth. I
was making a pride gay joke like Mary.

So somebody might find it a treat
in their mouth. It just might

not be. A dude. Okay, that's how show. You invided me

back here. I'm so excited.
NEVACA has joined forces with master mixologist and

longtime entertain when I was Luke Bar
as part of its expansion to increasing large

and extravagant events and productions. He
joins left with nearly two decades of experience

in the mixology industry and has worked
with some of Hollywood's greatest entertainers. These

pretios and you say is strives.
This is the photo of my introduction.

Right grow, our audience is like, I'm save a motorcycle, right,

a Luke, right, that's your
own risk. He's working. It's and

it's only a dollar ride. Well, it's a little bit more. He's

worked with Jennifer Lopez, Mark Anthony, when we're valldrama, AB longory and

over whimfrey. He began training under
renowned mixologist Richard Swan, and he's gonna

be Gan crafting these amazing cocktails with
production syrups and other concoctions that sometimes takes

weeks to make. He has consulted
with about every large scale and most distinguished

venues in the country, including Beverly
Wilshow Hotel, the four seasons and on

and on. He's also been involved
in the entertainment industry, first serving as

the youngest host to lead the nightly
comedy performances for Disney cruise lines. I'm

sure there's so many stories there.
His additional experience of clues hosting a variety

shows on network such as own,
hallmark and BC, universal kids and see

MP. Please welcome Luke Bar.
What an intro. What an intro?

Now, did you change your name
Bar just because of what you do?

Know this? Okay, I've been
at everybody. I mean I'm right times

all the time, but I think
it's funny because my last name is be

a Rr and they just thought highly
of me just enough that I would change

my name but not spell it right. Well, you are blond. Yeah,

this is right. This is and
it appears to be natural. Well,

from where I'm sitting, what's Eska? Jessica? Does it everything match?

Okay, that's it's a treat your
mouth. That FACCA gonna be new

barrel. By the way. That
that was actually the best segue, because

our cocktails line it's called this the
Kinsey based on the Kinsey scale, because

I think everyone's a little gay,
everyone's little strait. How are you want

to play it? That's exactly right. Right, a lot of you know

what the sweat on. He's up
a lip just came out of the more

when you said that. It's actually
my book talks leaky. A long week,

but I love this. You know
how we're going to talk about this

and we're going to talk about this, about how corporations grab onto pride.

Talk about it, but how corporations
grab onto pride. But I want to

talk about reason. We have napped
as a sponsors because they are active in

the community. And I want to
talk about this pride barrel. Can you

tell a little story behind the pride
barrel? Oh my gosh, I would

look to I love this story because
it's personal to me. The the artist

that designed this barrel, man named
Paul Robinson, was a regular of mine

at a bar in West Hollywood sound. They no longer there. I'll say

it was in it was in the
Gaborhood and voice to own and that they

have. What's the PAW towards your
republic? I don't know. I'd lost

another. It's so annoying. That
bar gone and that break. The best

happy hour, I will say,
and the Sunny Brush entrees, but the

best, far the best happy yes, ever, that's thank your date.

Yeah, and then you either moved
on to the rest of the dinner or

you moved on to some and not
before that it was a Sushi restaurant and

now is isn't it? What isn't
it going back to being a Japanese restaurant?

Something? I don't know. It
just makes me sad. Yeah about

it. That's set such a great
environment really also talk about being involved in

the community. It was such a
great space where you could go and it

wasn't like the thunk of thunk.
Thank you the Abbey. You could have

a conversation, have an elevated cocktail, had that experience, seahat boys and

still get that sexy experience. But
and Brunch was really good there too.

I Love I loves there. So
yeah, we're far the cocktail going to

make tonight is somewhat of a spinoff
of the one that I used to make

for him all the time. And
now he was the guy that brought me

into Neft for five years ago now, and when we asked him to design

the barrel, he said, I'd
love to, I want to be a

part of this, but under under
one condition, and we wasn't very serious

about it. But he was serious
where he said you have to sell it

all the time, and our majority
owner, without even hesitation, said sure,

you got it, but I'm just
curious why. And he goes because

I'm not just gay in June and
it really hit deep with us because I

thought the representation is not a thirty
day representation for most people that it's three

hundred and sixty five. So we
very proudly are our supporters of the community

is as friends of the family,
as I like to say. But the

barrel is sold three hundred and sixty
five because we think it should. Yeah,

and we love that from the allies. And there's a quakaes that may

not get something sort of discounted if
it's this one. You can scan it,

I'm going to tell you. Yes, together again, successful like journalist

in the nation. He's asking for
a discount. No, I'm not.

I'm asking what the Qa code is. I'm going to do it now.

Well, would you can scan it
takes you to our website, takes it

ECOMMERCE. It will take you to
a place you can find cocktail videos that

I make. You can kind of
follow along at home, take and it

takes you. It takes you to
places. I might have a twenty one.

Do you really want to answer that
one? Thousand Nine hundred and twenty

one out. That's why I'm in
my Kapana where Crost Oh, it's crofted

in Austria. It's all. It's
all a straight is austring. So this

is my people's vodka. It's a
good there's a whole like list of why

it's so good. But with the
rise and all of this stuff, that

goes over my head. But I'm
telling you it's so smooth. And this

is no joke. Having a hangover
is is a career killer for me.

Yes, how often you dreams and
all that? Yeah, it's part of

the job. It is. But
if you have a hangover in the morning

and you have to call out or
you can't function, forget it. Yes,

not with this. Your Youtube videos
are so fun, but you also

host a show from nept you have
your own kind of we filmed podcast.

It's left after dark. Yes,
I'm tell us some of the people you've

chatted with, oh my goodness,
who we had on the show. We

a lot of them are up becoming
musical artist. We want to shine light

on, I don't want to say
people that may not get this, but

there's a lot of really talented people
out there that can't just get in the

spot, they can't even get on
stage right. So a lot of that.

We have a guy are our producer
show runners, are very talented man

named needs and Williams. Were Very
Lucky to borrow him because he actually does

his own show and of course everyone's
connected in everything except for me. I'm

like a one trick pony here.
But he has brought all these artists into

be on our show. As well
as famous musicians, we've had actors,

we have had entertainers, we had
had everyone winner, yeah, on our

show. Yeah, and and I'm
just very honored and proud. These people

will come and sit down and talk
to me and then they really open up,

mainly because it's like this. We
have a cocktail, we don't have

a coffee Mug of water, we
have a real drink. We get a

little loose, we have food before
and we have a little party after,

which I think makes for a very
enjoyable experience. But you're such a good

host because you set the tone.
It's relaxed, you feel like you're at

a happy hour and you never know
what you're going to talk about. You

just know that you're gonna unwind.
Probably spill some more tea than that you

had intended to, but you're going
to walk away being God. That was

that was a good time. It
depends on how much neft to I have.

I guess real loose, real quick. Yeah, but I no hangover,

no hangover. That's always the best
part. But you guys film at

your tasting room, which is gorgeous
by the way. So where is the

Weir Htu? Yeah, so we
have we have an HQ, we have

a studio there, we have an
Edit Bay and pretty much what it was.

We moved into a location and as
other people moved out of the building,

we just blew the wall out and
took over their rent. So it

worked out roll or just expanding over
in this one building. So we really

do have a kind of a headquarters
down not too far off from from Elix

and El Sagundo. So I think
we do like a Mashup, like a

pride mash up with influencers. Let's
do it a little like a little drink

of one. I'll commit for my
whole entire company. What Abney that every

weekson hang with sexy penguins. Hey, what just sexy and they're very homosexual.

That we've learned that they made for
life, right, I make that

up. Yeah, and they stole
like someone else's baby or something, an

egg. I listened to the news
with like one eye closed, because the

news anyway. But I have a
question for you. I was raised on

old school Hollywood, like the movies, because my grandma was very involved in

Hollywood. It's so very old fashioned
and I was like, you know,

she was like my auntiemame. So
certain drinks that I knew about, like

vodka, stingers, gimlets, old
fashioned. They unless you go to a

special mixologist like yourself. It seems
like that part of Hollywood, that part

of old fashioned style, it's like
out the window, nobody knows these drinks.

It's a great question and I'm not
going to talk on this too much

because I've the show. Is it
long enough? But the best way to

describe this is for a long time
there were there were really good bartenders and

craft bartenders. That's where we had
back in the s and the s we

had really good bartenders. Now,
when we talk about mixology, this is

a whole new thing where more like
mad scientist to some degree, with a

larger understanding of multiple products and is
centric ingredients that we can combine to make

a balanced cocktail, and most of
those that we do, I'm going to

sell it all the mix sologs out
there. I'm sorry, but also,

you know this is true. They're
kind of already based on cocktails that exists.

We're not really creating new cocktails.
Were creating new mixers, were creating

new reductions, were creating new shrubs
like the lavender Stroup we're going to have

in our cocktail tonight. That is
what it is really make the botanicalstuffs right.

Well, botantical, but also a
Margharita used to be a Margarita.

Kee's use line juice. Now will
at you something like a black lime cordial

or a limesuite right, which is
a completely different, deconstructed version that's no

longer sweet and sour or just line
juice. So we're expanding on the way

we used to do it. But
can I just do your point for a

second. You took it because old
fashions have kind of become back in vogue.

I know plenty of people who drink
them. I struggle to find someone

who can just make a decent vodka
Martini that I just went through this.

You know how we travel. I'm
such a SNOB when it comes to the

Martin. I apologized to the bom
not but make it the way that it

should be. What make it a
quality drink. I apologize ahead of time

and I say look, I'm just
gonna be honest with you, I'm a

real snob when it comes to a
month and so you got to make it

right, otherwise I may ask for
it to go back. Yeah, and

there's probably to ballattenders that I trust
in Los Angeles, which is the only

bars you'll find me sitting at.
But interestingly, shout out to a little

what's that? The I'm not going
to shout out because I forgot the name,

but there's a bar on sunset and
I I asked the girl, could

you make me a vodka Martini?
I said, I'm really Fussy, it's

gonna be really cold. She made
it and it was stunning and I said

and it was on the happy hour
menu and I said, did you make

that with well vodka? And she
said Yeah, and I said that's insane

because normally it would be a great
ghose, but it was made with not

that and it was perfect. So
it's all in the execution. Right,

easy answers. No, really.
I mean you can tell what it's A.

Well, that's when you get the
hangover and then that's it. Something's

great. That's it just doesn't feel
or it has a better taste. Now,

if you shake a Martini hard enough, I could make you think that

Tequila was vodka. Correct, you
know what I mean. So, so

really, when you shake a Martini
you're diluting and you're watering down, which

is not not necessarily incorrect. which
you want to do is use a big

block ice and shake it so that
it's cold enough that you will not kill

aromatics or there for flavor profile,
but also he is chilled enough where it's

kind of like it's a nice experience
on it. Shouldn't. You should never

go yeah, well, taken a
sip. You shouldn't do that to anything.

I hope that, think very true. Actually, I love that.

The Hod way depends if you bought
dinner. No, but I think just

like DJ's. You know, when
somebody was a DJ, they would have

to really know the beads that have
to bring out all their CDs or records

or whatever, and they would literally
have to craft it. Now we get

a DJ that uses their playlist and
uses an APP. Yeah, DJ.

I feel the same thing is happening
with the term mixologist. You can't just

follow a recipe that you found on
Google and be like that or add something

that's so woke, like this is
a lavender Bush eaten by a Lama in

India, and so it's like,
just make me a good drink. That's

what I really can just see and
just looked like he's embarrassed because maybe he's

done that. I haven't wait had
a lavender book like the lavender Bush in

a drink. That was I don't
know. I don't know when I,

like somebody, some greenness, have
gotten so ridiculous. I'm only laughing because

I tend to actually do exactly that
with recipes, like with cooking. I

think people think I'm like this chef
fixed ordinary. You're a big foot it

foody. I am a big food
but I'm all I'm doing is copying what

someone wrote or someone did, usually
watching at first. I'm a big visual

learner, but all I'm doing is
literally just making something that either Martha made,

Geota made or is on all recipes. You know what I mean.

But you're also not selling like master
chef. Yeah, you're telling yourself master

mixolog now, I'm sure the way
you're kind of adding elements that are important

to you that you play around with. For sure. I don't talk about

like some like ridiculous bartenders like you
know, they want to be the next,

you know, undiscovered actor and they
think in the meantime they were a

bartenders like. No, it takes
skill, it takes craft. To your

point, yes, when these old
Hollywood stars would go to their bartender,

it was like going to the doctor. They had to have the skill.

And sure it's medicine. Well,
in in the old many days out of

medsine, the guy walks up to
the bar and the old movies and doesn't

say a word and the bartender just
hands them across the ball. And realistically

that's Paul Robinson and I. When
you know your client, tell enough and

it doesn't happen quickly. You have
to it takes time and experience where you

have to build that rapport when you
know your clienteller enough. And we were

talking about the whole definition of mixology. The end of that long, weird

version of a whole bunch of words
is balanced. Is what you're talking about,

right, even if there's two ingredients. Yeah, dirty Martini, but

you can mess that up. Yes, she's like trouble oil, like you

can't overuse it and you have to
make it balance. I think that's the

biggest thing we talked about. The
really good mixologist of today can use a

center ingredients and great balance. Alex
I feel i Alexander, I feel that

your bat tender just knows what your
drink is when if you woke and it

doesn't matter. I alcoholic, like
hole in the wall where they serve like

Plastic Cup. I like that,
like the I'm so sad the Gold Coast

is not anymore. Teddy yea if
you needed to trick it, and you

better, but people knew you and
they knew your drink. Do you know?

I just noticed the beauty of the
ball there. Smoky, who was

the motel? I walked in.
That's true, you don't smoke it.

I would walk in and he'd be
like, Hey, their hair mary is

it's the beauty of the are used
to make that. How to just like

you. That's right, but they
would make a bloody Mary and they would

yes, that was he ramped and
like he was famous the sun's but it

was still a quality drink, no
matter if it was in a plastic coup

or what not. But I also
feel that we have a responsibility as bargoers.

We've gotten so rude, which a
way that we order, the way

that we're on our fun like a
what's good here? No, bitch like

you do some work realiod barn,
with respect, and you know so it's

partly our fault too. I love
that we had a cocktail called the good

here, which is twenty eight dollars, and it was a papped blue ribbon

and a shot of Jamison. There
is someone ordered that. We just turned

around and got it and they got
the lesson real quick. No, would

know what you want to order anyway. Okay, so what are you making

for us today? So this is
called the official pride cocktail. This is

our cocktail for today. This one
I've called the Kinzie. We talked about

this space on the Kingsi anybody can
drink it because everybody's a little it's it's

made for everybody. You, guys
and everyone. Everyone likes a little cocktail.

Right. So it's got fresh lime
juice and I was going to pour

this in here in no awkward way, I think I'm going to buy ball

at them. Everyone should be really
impressed by me. I'm doing the sitting

down, which is never a thing. I think that was sitting down.

Yeah, I said this. I
find myself sitting more often than not.

Yeah, so fresh lime lavender reduction, so French recipe, lavender reduction,

orange flower water and this, this
orange. Way Do you get that Amazon?

You guys like there's no secrets to
go, but there's shut. This

is the other thing, if I
can jump in as someone who wants to

do these things, sometimes I get
to be intimidated when I look at the

list and I go oh, it's
a smoky thirty day old bitters and it's

a this and it's that. I'm
like, Oh God, that gets a

little meriticulous. So it does,
but that's also like that's when mixologist starts

showing off, and I'll be honest, I do it too. What is

what that we we've learned this stuff. We want to show it off and

really what it is we're showing off
to other mixologist of some degree. But

this is a cocktail anyone can make
at home. That's fault steps and they're

all the way. Can get that
on Amazon and get everything here. Were

on Amazon except for the nepht do
you think? Oh okay. Also,

and get that this is called Blue
Matcha, also known a as Blue Butterfly

pea powder, and it's just kind
of fancy, I know. And the

what really is what it does stage
have theo. Look at's color. It

doesn't add any texture any he often
does. Just adds color, just hot.

Look at my compet from my dog. We're going to add a good

coursection. Wouldn't awesome? And this
one's for me, so I can just

do as much as I want to
worry in a garden for us. I

left. If you can't raise it
yourself, you can buy it. It's

fight. And then first cucumber,
because this is going to be our earthiness,

like we talked about nephew as.
I just break it in there,

because some people muddle it and I
think that don't you sing always do a

lot of good for it, unless
unless you've peeled the cucumbers, because they

get a little bitter. The texture
of that. I ty of got it.

You know what, I'm just going
to do this and I like to

use English cucumbers because they're mainly seed
list and they did and they don't have

a whole bitter again, I'm thinking
my mouth shut. Cucumbers are very bitter.

By the way, I don't know
personal house. You're English. I

am. I am, yes,
born there, but technically I'm arekin yeah,

because he came to Miami. We're
gonna get into wow. Oh,

yeah, I know the color and
hold your re park hard excess. I'm

talking to are usually we've double strain
this, but you know, just for

the sake of time and television,
we're going to drop the heads sold just

are wrong. Big Products of this
is a a dehydrated lime. And then,

of course, we got to put
we got to fancy this up right,

hydrate lines by yourself at home.
Yes, if you have air friar,

you can do it. Just have
a live with Carl for a week,

don't. Yeah, don't. Just
try to leave them outside. It

doesn't work. But yeah, I
tried to food dehydrators. Of course is

won't come off. Yeah, a
little gold sice on top. Well,

you know, that's really Kinsey.
That's real, all real edible gold.

Yes, it is edible go.
Yeahah, they use this on cakes and

stuff like that. So Tony can
any way to do this, because I

want to tip, you want the
three shares. What we're going to do

on our on our social media,
we're going to put the recipe and we're

going to put really good pictures.
You can see it's gorgeous. It is.

You serve this at any cocktail party
or even on a date, this

is pretty impressive, or even for
breakfast. Yeah, happy pride. What

would you give us up? A
pride toast, a pride toast. Oh

my God, I'm so happy to
be here with all of you crazy people

right now enjoying your drink, and
I really hope the gold leaf is something

I'm gonna like. I'm excitement.
I'm out. We're gonna look like s

rappers. Are you excited for the
the squeezeds? Come to juice taste.

I'm always excited for the squeeze cucomber
juice. Well, everybody, I want

to I want to add you,
guys. Kinzie had it right. Kinsey

had it right. Wow, that's
really coh my God, that's really good.

So I have to say your lip
first hits that dehydrated line because it

it comes up to the lip and
so you feel that taste going in and

then you get that frothingness. It's
that software kind of settles down. HMM,

that acidity, and then you get
the sweet nectar, the great descript

did you earlier? Is really good
for first time, right, Alex is,

I know how to tell this.
Look at that is in odds.

That's all I can get. Can
I have another, Alex? Yes,

and Oh wow, this is really, really gotten. It's really good.

And the Cold Lafe. Thank you, guys. Drink your she she'll be.

Juice is better. This could be
your steel magnolia drink too. If

you're having to be you could call
it a steel magnolia if you want it,

or I'm I'm open to name changes, but I love that this is

very universal. I think you could
have this at a brunch. It's verse.

Oh Yeah, you could have that
even as a dessert cocktail or a

pre dinner cocktail. It's yeah,
it's clean and fresher. Yeah, that's

the biggest thing. Real fresh ingredients, real fresh cucumber, lavender reduction,

and we're not using things like,
instead of a triple sac, which is

it just went, we're using village
flower. Yeah, it's because it's not

heavy like when you use those kind
of it's very light. It's it.

There's no bitterness to it and it
actually helps create the Froth on top.

So when you smell it, it
gives you this sweet punch that kind of

paints a picture for your taste buds. And even like after dinner, if

you have like a heavy meal,
I think this would lighten everything up.

And this has zero calories in it, by the way. I'm very concerned

with that. Well, don't squeeze, use fees. That's what it says.

It does, though, it's written. No, that's really good.

There's logans. Great, that was
the Australian in me just showing why,

just the one Australian in you.
All right, look WHO's better? Drinkers?

Like, who can hold their liquor
better? The gays are the Straits.

The Gays Hunder? Is it hundred? Absolutely it's better. The gays

are the straight. The gaze.
Who Tips better at the gays are the

lesbians. No comment. Don't isolate
yourself. Oh yeah, please, are

all watching Allen's across the way?
Oh, she's not there anymore. Never

Right, she's at home like I
oughta Luke. What what an absolute pleasure.

Thank you, Luke, and I
think like you've also proven that you

can start adding little elements to your
home bar without going crazy, without like

breaking the bank, like try this
one ingredient and then you build your library

up and it's fun to try and
new vote because to like, because I

feel like so many people have the
stock standard what you, yes, expect,

but something like this that is very
supportive of pride to Neft Vodka.

It's it's fun, that looks good
on your ball cut and it tastes really

good and I recommend everyone, you
guys, don't just take anyone's word for

it. Try for yourself. Yeah, do it. I'm side by side.

Go by this. I welcome it. Yeah, you can go by

your own barrel of nept at any
of the liquor stores, but also they're

in a bunch of our community bar
says well, and if you got to

Strut and O see. By the
way, you guys sponsor the photo booth,

which is so fun. I love
that. Bar Luke has done such

a good job, very good job. I would just there last week.

Coush Luke, where can people find
and follow you at Neft Bar? To

ours on on Instagram is the easiest
way to find me and, of course,

nept fuck us on there and if
you want, of course, at

left after dark, eithercom or at
Neft after dark on Thursdays. Yes and

I yes, and I want to
have you on the show, so that

late either we you should we USTRA
clothes with us to trick clothes. I

don't know about that. Okay,
yeah, we'd have to make it like

Romulin nail or something. Joke over
the head. Okay, thank you.

Thank you so much. We are
so happy that we have neft here every

week. Our guests love it and
I love our guests loving it. Thank

you so much. And we find
out all the tea when we come back.

We are talking to Ian Pageant and
we are getting to the nitty gritty.

We're going to talk hot topics and
now that we're a little liquored up,

we're talk about fun stuff too.
We talk about your career, by

the way. We're going to talk
a little bit about behind the scenes.

Okay, yeah, so a word
from our sponsors. When we come back,

it's all chat. Pour yourself another
we'll see you soon. M This

is Alexander from on the rocks,
were celebrities and cocktails mix. G A

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are back. That was so much
fun. It was so much fun right,

yes, how you a little lit. I'm actually not, because it's

so light and since I've been having
to do most of the talking burning calories

at it. Yes, this is
my car out speed. This is my

huge can I just tell you,
actually, I've just hired a new trainer

who told me about the amount of
calories like you burn doing cardio. Is

Not a hell of a lot more
than you burned doing your office day job?

Huh Hmm. Also, laughing also
warns a lot of it. Oh,

Carl, Oh God, Carl,
that's embarrassing. Your lip. It

is. I am money. Can
we have some help over here? Oh,

I've just got to tighten my snobl
or something. My God, no,

but it's there, Tony Up.
But laughing also burns a lot of

calories, does yeah, that's why
I'm a comedian. Oh, I said

that's normal from wow, wow,
bitch. On that note, let's formally

introduce our guys. My Co pilot
today, having issues staying staff, is

a carbon spit. Now he's double
fishing. Australian born, he had been

busy on American, Canadian, British
and Australian televisions for the last three,

two years. Look, yes,
do you are being serious there. Seem

seriously arm and dressed nicely that time. Wow, at ABCTV and LA.

He's been a regular contributors in two
thousand and thirty picture. He's a passionate

activist in the fight against HIV stigma. He launched plus life in two thousand

and nineteen to help foster a new
conversation or about what it means for people

living with HIV to tackle the stigma
still associated with the virus. Plus live

can be found on line at plus
life medium. It's also a half hour

television show in its second season on
the newly launched ABC digital local Ish TV

network, which is so exciting.
Talk about bringing our stories mainstream. With

coldness studio that time. Come back
to that picture for a second. Can

you look? I see poky nipple. Oh, I was, I was

I was looking somewhere else. I'm
like, you're right, it must have

been cold. Wind be if I
wings must been cold in there in my

shadow. You see them on the
red carpet at every Hollywood award show.

He's interviewed all of the A listers
and he slid into some of her DMS.

Please welcome Carl Schmidt. Also,
John. We got a studio audience

who hasn't clapped, but we've got
mad and I don't know what's going on.

How he also joined it up.
See paget coined two thousand twenty sexiest

guy on Ticktock by people magazine,
with over two point five. I wouldn't

great talk followers. Is Why they
known for his social media challenges and Quirky

dance videos. Starting a new chapter
in his life and has been opening up

about the mental health struggles. Social
Media Personalities Phase, as they are constantly

in the public eye, is very
public. Break up brought a lot of

attention and comments to his personal life
and he's ready to talk about it and

how we as a society can be
better and help those going through strife without

overstepping our boundaries, which we can
learn. He loves music and never stop

singing. He's a Broadway actor,
by the way, but above all,

acting is his passion. He's classically
trained actor, singer, dancer, three

Broadway shows, Film and television.
We add Westend as well. West End,

yeah, wow, you remember that? Of course I do. You

could actually yes, yes, as
the west and I was just getting into

that car. Sor Right. Well, you talked it about more get.

Also, he has been on a
Saturday night live. Please formally welcome you

in, Patchett. Thank you.
Hello. Who is that girl like that

picture? I don't know. That
comes pointing at both of us right now.

Yeah, WHO's that girl? I
want to get into your background and

past because it's you know, people
talk about your your present, but people

talk about your present success and you
know, I've seen the interviews, I've

done the research and tech. Well, I want to know what makes you

today, like where did it all
begin? But I want to know first,

just off the bat, why do
you influence? wincers as a stereotype

on the surface get such a bad
rap. You know, we use influencer

now in most of us, like
roll her eyes, the new character,

and Queer as folk is an actual
influencer, comedian who got the part who

plays an influencer who gets canceled.
But we have this love hate like with

the Kardashians. But still influencers are
getting millions of views on their dances,

they're eating food on camera, they're
doing the damn thing. So why is

there this weird kind of stigmas like
Oh, influencer? I think. I

think because it's the Mikes me into
the mic, I think, because we

just maybe didn't grow up with it
in that same way. So it's still

in it's like newness, even though
I think right now it's it's a lot

more, it's not so looked down
upon. And now we have, it's

a new title called content creator,
right, which is less. That's how

hot topic it's. Okay, it's
like only fans, you know. It's

like we roll our eye at old
plans, but everybody is subscribed to people

on only fans, Huh? or
It's poor an actor saying that only fans.

Contact tatters are not, I think, the act. I think.

I think. I think you make
the point that, though, because,

you know, for people like me
who are old and only fans. No,

no, I get my stuff away
for free, apparently. Just look

on twitter. No, and now
you're on your phone because I know.

No, I think it's because there's
a lot of, as I said,

older people like me who really worked
their asses off at and not saying that,

not saying that you guys don't,
but yeah, but but you know,

I'm forty through a most and I've
been doing this since I was thirteen

years old, right, and then
along has come along. The influences have

come in. It seemingly seemingly overnight, because you might have a certain physique

or look a certain way, you're
suddenly a superstar with two point five million

followers, so to I'm answering the
point of why do we roll our eyes?

Because we go shit, I've worked
no, let's start that. No,

a hundred percent and I totally hear
what you're saying. I'm just that's

why I think they might be an
eye roll. But but the funny thing

is that we're still in we're still
Jean was still consumer. The course.

They wouldn't be on a certain levels, they wouldn't have two point five million

followers if those people weren't scrolling an
actively involved. And Mind you, there

are people who have more than two
four five million followers who are really doing

their version of the damn thing.
And being someone who grew up doing theater

my entire life, I've, you, worked on I worked hard my entire

life at something and had my own
adjustment to possibly changing my own viewpoint on

the influencer world, because when Insta
first came out and then influencer word was

being used, there was a giant
sort of I roll and stigma around it

because it was like they just get
things for free, that whatever the list

is. But now, having been
thrust into influencer land, not by choice,

but now I'm here and it's like, you know, we live in

a multiifinite world. I actually have
learned so much about how, like,

at least the good ones who are
creating engage aging content. It's it is

no joke. It is a lot
of work. You don't have a vacation

of everyone on your team, you
know, just kind of you're just always

on call. It's always like,
oh well, you're doing this job.

At least that's what it feels like
to me. I feel like sometimes when

I work with brands, they are
the they are so fast to be like

I need that asap, but if
I need that a sap, it's like

pulling teeth. But because they sayd
assume, it's like you're on your fairy

that sixteen at Ninety. Yeah,
yeah, exactly. Luckily, SEEA is

there to help for all of that. But but, like, I think

I'm in a place right now where
I have a very, very different viewpoint

and appreciation for content creator influencers,
the ones who I at least like admire

and who I think we're doing the
damn thing, one of them being my

ex, who I think is just
like fucking brilliant at the thing. What's

your thing? I mean, I
looked at your tick tock this afterno and

you know, obviously I've known you've
backstory. He and I've known each other

for about fifteen years now. Yeah, like long, long Tup. How

did you guys meet? My friend
I did, as I did dream dream

girls at touch the under the stars
in Texas, and one of my you

played one of the leads, because
it's Texas and hold your under the star.

Absolutely, I was ffee actually,
but lose a different it was a

different time. It was a different
time, but very progressive even for Texas.

No, but I was doing dream
girls at the time and one of

my dear friends that I became very
close with in the cast, Randy,

was close with Carl and we met
through that. Yeah, and what's you

meet Carl? It's just like friends, sweetheart. Yeah, I'm also a

sucker for an accent, so it
was just like, oh, of peace

and me. We met in London, right, because I was I was

still living in London, and I
think you kind of grinder. Let's cut

no, very sure, we know
what really you came over to new west

side story, but I don't think
we met then. Didn't we know I

was after that. He probably would
have to show every night with his ticket

at the stage door. No,
I mean, as much as I love

a little bit, the West side
story is not up there on my list.

Sorry, bad guy. What do
you mean up there on your list

of what? I just it's too
long. It's not a show that you

can see over and everything. I
I agree with that. Thank you.

Like you must have not had a
good Anita. Sure, great, yeah,

we'll leave it at that, but
to be probably will to the point

that. But just say that you
have been working. I mean that was

like fifteen years ago, yeah,
long before I lived in Los Angeles.

This will have to say about your
type of content creator, somebody that has

the background. We know the Times
will shift. It could be five years,

it could be ten years. You've
constantly, and you as well,

with the different projects, have had
to pivot, pivot, pivot, reinvent

yourself, learn a whole new skill
set, dominate that skill set. But

then you have all of this that
you can do. Go back to radway

sharp, bea but that's what that's. I think that's what you have to

do. Exam the new content creators
that have, I think, become quick

successes, that are doing there one
thing and they're sticking to it, whether

it's a shirtless selfie over and over
again. That's not gonna that's not know

where what happens? What happens when
the man boob starts to settle in?

Well, you start a podcast.
Oh, I don't know, rhetork.

Okay, you thought, let's just
we'll start off like nicer. It's on

the rocks. You don't have to
do that. Okay. So, but

I'd say that that there is this
double standard. Happen? There is.

And to answer your question, I
am actually in a bit of a selfdiscovery

mode with my own content right now. So when you ask like what is

my thing, I actually I have
this thought a lot because since I broke

since Chris and I broke up,
see, you know, a lot of

content isn't being like produced the way
it was when we were together, and

so like we were just making so
many videos all the same time and it

was just, like you, very
obvious and clear what kind of content that

was relatable funny pranks, whatever that
I took in like twisted and, you

know, turn on their head.
And now I'm in a place where I'm

kind of like figuring out what it
is like. What's my voice? Just

me by myself, and it does
kind of include. Sometimes it feels like

because I'm not specific enough, I
feel like I don't have a thing,

but it's also just because I can
do seven million things right. I can

talk for an hour, I can
dance for ten minutes, I can sing

for three and I can you know
what I mean, like I totally do,

because people say to me about plus
life and stuff a little time.

They're like, well, what's your
talk at? Who you ain't at?

And I said everybody, and they're
like you can't do that. I'm like,

actually, yes, I can.
Yeah, and I'd say with your

variety, somebody's going to click on
one video where they wouldn't have douched on

your other. That's exactly what I'm
to actual that home market. Tony.

Can we take a can we take
a peek at one of his dance videos?

This is this is one of your
this is one of your higher watched

talks and I just love it.
But to me, this is like the

epitome. Oh, I wouldn't guess. So far. I mean so la

this. It was on barely hill. I have a question about this,

because my ex boyfriends professional dancer and
he pulls those same faces with his mouth.

What's that about? So well,
for this one, funny enough.

I like, that's not one of
my favorite dances we ever did, because

I we learned that so fast.
We want a time crunch, because we

could. Yes, you and me
both would beat like play again. Yeah,

no, because, yeah, so
talk us through it. Like what

the actual process? I want to
know about the mouth thing. Oh,

okay, I will get some mouth
thing. But like what happens with Kelly,

who I'm in love with? Me
One of my favorite people to collaborate

with. We just come together and
she shows me videos that she's like,

I think it's fun to do with
you, and then I say yes or

no. And sometimes the way we
first started with creating was like I choreographed.

I was like, Oh, like, let's make up a dance.

I have these ideas, but this
one was I forget. I think Nathan

Ramses Dance, which I love,
and he's a UK dancer and like makes

really, really great choreography, but
she'll show me. This will take like

ten, fifteen minutes, maybe twenty
minutes to learn it and then, I

mean just like bank it. It
was like a two day yeah, that's

a process that like here on.
I that that day studio, which Ding

goes into your map, because I
tend to when I feel insecure about like

I don't feel like I have enough
time with this, I'm going to pretend

like I maybe no more than I
do. So the faces are making up

for possibly like don't look at me, maybe not knowing this day. Oh

my God, that's you know name. That was flowless thought. I mean,

yeah, and because, but don't
just watch it once, Sin Scroll

through, they watch it again and
again, and so they do notice phase,

they notice like the shoes, and
they notice the environment, like that

street was empty, like you probably
had a film that real fast before.

Times our car we have to stop
and like we're the shooting takes like at

least, I don't know, twenty
minutes because of the cars, a situation

or or there's just a lot of
like nope, mess up again, Miss

like I do a lot of behind
the scenes to my favorite thing to do

is when we learn a dance.
I just always put the camera up because

I think the behind the scenes are
really funny. The torquing, Oh my

God, my laugh so hard because
we look at we see the final product

usually and it's perfect. Well,
there was no final product there because I'm

still but it was so endearing to
see, you know, and we think,

Oh, you know, he's got
it all whatever. Yeah, here's

this, here's this white boy twerking. He's like, am I towerquing?

Its like no, honey, you're
not. But it was so cute.

And so when you did the torque
videos, like I got to be a

part of that. You didn't.
Did it inspire you to to work?

Honey, I to work when I
walk down the stairs like it automatically.

I can you toork first now?
Absolutely not. Also, I just want

to correct. I'm not a white
boy, okay, I'm like, I'm

Pim white passing, but Hispanic.
Yeah, Hunter and wow, yeah,

se well, a lot of beach, I will tell you. He this

is. Can I just pay you
a compete? French, great school.

I sure to speak three lguages,
I sure do. Wow, I pulled

a report card. Wow, this
is easier than any date I've ever been

on because I lot of people say
I had a bad Alexander. That's like

a lot of people, and he's
had one and a half vodka drinks.

So good night. Is Young my
friend, Oh don't we know? But

you've had this kind of multi cultural
and that's also funny to just call you

the white boy. I do it
because it's a cheap joke, but you

do come with this cultural richness as
well, and I think we see all

those different sides that you have had
the education, you have been exposed to

different cultures, and I think that
all feeds in to what you present.

It's not just some of our friends
do one thing only and that works for

them for now and they do it
well. I'm not putting that down,

but there's so many different layers and
different energy that you bring. Yeah,

and and I think when you I
think when you sort of confined something that

becomes a real passion within it.
It takes on another level of itself.

And you know, I don't in
any way consider myself an influencer or I'm

a content Crey Carrow, I know, no hate that I do, but

but happen. But when you find
something that suddenly clicks inside you, and

you just it's like a fire is
lit. It takes whatever you're creating to

the next level to and you love
doing it like you. I mean I

can't begin to tell you the amount
of times that I have to sit down

to do a plus life interview and
I've had a long day and I'm like,

who is this? I want to
do it and I'm in a bad

mood and the minute the interviews I
don't minute been there, the minute the

interview is finished, I'm in the
best mood of your hearts be like yeah,

this isn't supposed to be doing correct
call you aren't floriser. When you

came out on television as HIV positive, do you know what that did for

so many people in your position that
we're hiding behind the stigma at the risk

of your career, the fact that
you have been part of the first televised

pride ever. You are an influencer
and you're an activist. Now, whether

you wanted to or not, you're
spokesperson, whether you want to enjoy being

an activist, the influence of thing
makes me slightly uncomfortable and maybe that's because,

and to say this, the stigma, and I'm all about fighting stigma,

right, but maybe it's the stigma
that comes with that would influence that.

That just makes me go no,
I don't want people to think on

this overnight fame whore, which I'm
not that that's is not applied to you,

but I'm just saying that's I think
a lot of people look at influences

and you as gay men, the
stereotype used to be a will and grace,

the Jack like Zasy one lighter.
Snap, snap, snap. That

was a stereotype of being gay and
we know there was so many different shades

of being gay, just like there's
so many different shades of being influencer.

To that point, I want to
play one of your other tick talks,

if we can do this. This
is you actually shared your coming out story

for pride. Oh, I like
this one. Yeah, your pants are

good in this one. I like
those pants. Thinking I wanted to share

my coming out story. Is One
of the most beautiful memories I have with

my dad and if this story can
help with anyone who's having a hard time

you feel scared to do so.
Listen to this story, because I was

pretty surprised at how it went down. I'm actually let me get a little

closer to you guys. I was
a senior in high school. Post Prom

night, my dad picked me up
because I was in such a good mood

and we were viving, which wasn't
always the case. I was like that

I have something I want to tell
you. Are you going to tell me?

You like boys? Yeah, in
I'm your father. I've known since

you were a toddler. What why
don't you tell me? His whole thing

was like just be safe, you're
my son, I love you no matter

what. Just I I don't think
we should tell you mother. Okay.

His thought process around things is it's
old school. My mom is Latina,

Latina, and you know, this
is her first gay son. She hasn't

had any more after me, thank
God, because I need all the attentions.

Like okay, like why? He's
like yeah, you know, like

what she won't know won't hurt her, which I totally understand. In the

moment, I think, feeling so
good about sharing it with someone in my

family and and such a vulnerable moment
that I was like, okay, this

is a baby step. Cool,
we'll step, we'll keep it at we'll

keep it at this, and it's
one of the most surprising moments that I

ever had with him, because I
just really didn't think that it was going

to go like that and I was
so, so, so scared to ever

talk about it, though I just
really want to say that, Daddy,

I love you so much and I
really really love and cherish that moment that

we had. And if you're someone
who is figuring out how to share this

with a family member, you know
biggest thing I say to people is like,

if you think of the person as
capable of receiving the information, they

will. I was in a good
place, I was in a good mood,

we were vibing and I took that
opportunity. I wasn't worried about my

information being received by him, and
so he wasn't either. If that's something

that's on your mind and you do
feel like there's trust but you just have

a little bit of fear, I
would say everything you want is on the

other side of that fear. If
you leap, the net usually will appear.

Love You, happy pride. Oh
and if you want to know what

my mom said, this is not
six minutes long and we don't have time

for that. But you see that
that's like the opposite side of one of

the dancing videos, but it's still
that personality, still as that energy.

So to me it's like, I
wonder how many people were affected by that,

by that one video, who might
be struggling with coming out, especially

during covid so many of our younger
generation where force back in the closet at

the at you know, at the
expense of losing it all because they couldn't

leave the house. That's the well, that or they'd be kicked out if

they if they did know. Yeah, but you know, speaking enough the

the when you, I'm a comedian
to can you see? Yes, when

you when you own your truth right
and when you're when you're comfortable in your

truth, and you'll since you like
that. That resonates. Like you watch

that. I want to watch more
of you, whether it's dancing or unpacking

something or that. It when you
when you're when you're being one hundred percent

authentically you. I've found in the
hundred thousand years that I've been doing this

job that's when it resonites and you
click with somebody at home, and even

if it's just one person that you
click with, that's the difference versus I'm

going to put on a show now
and you're going to like it. Yeah,

I don't want to talk about your
break up quite yet. I want

to keep that towards the end of
the show. But part of that is

when couples get on social media sometimes
it makes my screen craw skin crawl because

it is not authentic, it's not
the right chemistry. It's authentically very destructive

to that's what so but we'll keep
that. But something in what you did

during mental health awareness. I have
to tell you I've been doing interviews for

pride year after year after year on
the show where we dedicate whole month to

lgbtq issues. Never ever have we
talked about mental health so much until this

pride that everybody is sharing their story
and it used to be something that you

didn't talk about or you were you
know, you just kept it to yourself,

which has been so destructive, and
I know this. This past mental

health awareness month you really shared a
lot from your personal life and your struggles

from mental health and it's something that
that plagues the industry and it's the mental

health issues that happen with social media
influence not just the industry, though,

I mean especially the Olbig our community. Hundred percent but we don't understand from

this influencer industry is that there's a
whole other depression and mental health issues that

that are happening. Can you talk
about this from your unique point of view,

what exactly the pressures are and how
you kind of deal with that?

I mean, HMM, I guess
it can piggyback on what car was just

saying. Is that from that video
it's so authentic, so engaging. I

would want to see more of that. If you you know, I'm a

person who, like it was received
super well. Andrew, who's sitting in

the audience right now, was with
me and at when I was like making

it and editing, because I was
just like what is the purpose of that?

I'm always asking like why am I
posting this thing? You know what

I mean, and it was received
so well and I had a moment of

like okay, so then the next
one should be just as authentic. It

like, it can become its own
God, it can be your Achilles heel

in a way, and so this
thing that you find to be very rewarding

can also be a thing that can
like take an amount of energy out of

you that actually takes away from the
authenticity because now you're trying to just recreate

one moment exactly. And so with
me I have had a quite a struggle

with finding like what my voice is
that still feels organic but still feels engaging,

and then something that's like worth putting
out. And so sometimes I don't

do that and then sometimes I find
that my mood had been had been dependent

on risk, like just videos in
general. So, like when I was

with Chris, we put out so
much content and I felt very seen and

I felt like almost uncomfortable by how
much people thought they knew me. And

now, on the other side of
that, you know, it's like it

just it ebbs and flows, and
so I've had to kind of just be

my own self regulator when it comes
to am I putting something out because I

need a mood boost and I need
validation from the world, or am I

putting something out because I want to
share something right that naturally already make lights

me up, makes me feel good, or I think would just be helpful

for someone to hear? And those
are those are those are just like things

your you have to think about as
your own producer and your writer and your

you know, how much pressure do
you feel to produce this content like now

that now that it's become this thing
and also a job to know. That's

what I mean. Like your but, but, and to your point just

now saying, like you know,
I was so vulnerable and honest and open

in that one and it felt really
good in the reaction was good. Shit.

How am I going to one up
that now and keep it like?

I can't Arroll my personal stuff out
there, because this stuff you have to

keep personal, because that's important that
you keep your identity. So how much

pressure do you feel on a daily
basis to come up with something? And

then, also, the second part
of that is, if it doesn't get

the numbers that you previous video does, how does that affect your mental health?

Do you feel suddenly like a crashing
failure? Because I know for myself

if I put something out that hasn't
done as well, whether it's just an

instagram picture or it's something for plus
life, and it doesn't do as well,

I'm like, I failed. This
is good, nobody likes nobody wants

to see it. Awful, but
it's really awful and you can't judge it.

Could be the time of day.
It's sure whatnot, or you could

really effectively reach a hundred people,
but you only got this many likes or

you reached you got two thousand likes
and nobody really paid attention. They were

just like growing and yeah, through
and plus there's also, I've heard from

influencers, there's this euphoria, just
like I feel. Well, that's new

shoes are online shopping and you your
door and release. There's this you for

you. Yeah, I would agree
with that for sure. There's something nice

about feeling like you're contributing and like
joining in on the fun or being liked

exactly, but even just just just
deciding that you're going to make something and

you think you've got a great idea
or that this moment feels like, oh,

I want to jump on the train. Everyone seems like they're having fun

on the for you pit, you
know that kind of thing. And so

when you do decide to post like
they're saying, like there is something nice

about that. It's super exciting.
It feels very, what's the word?

Not Mysterious, but your unpredictable because
you just don't know where it's going to

go. But I will have to
say I weirdly am I am okay with

where numbers do or don't fall like. Obviously anyone would want gigantic numbers.

That's your business, though. I
mean it's the numbers, the bigger the

paycheck of potential sponsor. Sure,
but you know what's interesting is I have

actually felt felt, I don't know, you know, I'm not looking analytics.

I'm so not that person. I
would hire someone to do that for

me. But like I I feel
like I because I had a deep,

deep fear that after the breakup no
one was going to want to do anything

with me. I A lot of
what was being handled was Chris. He

was really good about like, let's
make this. He's just his idea,

idea, idea. He's had a
lot of couples. There's some way that

handles the business part or something.
That is the content and it's one of

the best things about him, you
know. But kind of I could.

I know you wanted to waite,
but can I can't help myself. How

much of your success do you think, and the success of the two of

you maybe was, you know,
keeping that relationship together? And what was

that breaking point? I'm sorry to
go into it. So so she says

Christ no, but come on,
like you're saying like you would creating so

much content. Right, yeah,
you were getting all the likes. I

mean the endorphin release on that.
I mean that you gain notoriety by being

a couple. So how hard was
it to make that decision to go this

is not as a couple, this
isn't working. We're going to be friends,

but as boyfriends. You know,
we should maybe let that Chapter Lion

Stop the next one. How much
did you maybe hesitate, or how much

did the contributing factor of the brand
being a couple play into any of that?

I mean it played a giant like
roll in the pressure cooker that was

that year and a half and two
years, and I it wasn't by choice,

like I didn't, I didn't ask
to all of a sudden have that

be my work and job. And
so a lot of it was super fun

and then all of a sudden it
became work. And, like anything,

everyone hates their job. No one, no one who goes to work for

anything they do, loves their job. There's a moment in time where you're

just like, I gotta go to
work. You know, it's just like

it's just a part of the thing, and that's just what happens, and

that kind of happened with us and
our job and work was so wrapped around

being in a couple that like,
I actually felt like I had a pretty

good had on my shoulders are around
trying to keep it sustainable. That was

my biggest thing and I really like
honestly didn't have the language around how to

communicate that. And I actually feel
like if I could go back now,

knowing what I know or feeling that
like it's not the end of the world.

It isn't. It doesn't just make
me this one thing we I would

have probably handled a little bit better. I would have had more of an

arsenal of support, just whatever,
language wise or just I just wasn't equipped

for it. Yeah, but these
are life. Listen to him. So

exactly. So, I mean you
know when the good thing is. You

know it. Certainly when I look
at your social pages anyway, you guys

still have a solid relationship. You're
just we're friends. So exactly. Yeah,

it's it was, you know,
break good. Relate to that.

Yeah, they're they're exact. Go. It always makes me very nervous.

Shut up, Carl let me out
of the no's. It always makes me

very nervous when I have people on
the show as a couple or when somebody

starts dating somebod else and they start
making videos together. It makes me super

nervous because, because of what I've
seen, I'm like, that's the end

of that relationship right there, because
your time together is less special, like

you said, and then everything becomes
a stageable moment. Is what I write.

It's pretty every it's for everyone,
not just up. You have a

real relationship or it's just the relationship
that your audiences and I've heard this also

from porn couples that started only fans
together. It's like, well, they

forgot how to be intimate with just
each other without the camera angles or without

feeling that there's another presence or that
there's somebody else in the bedroom. So

are you growing as a couple organically, or are you growing as social media

stars, a business? And some
couple stay together and that's all they have.

It's this false weird and then,
and then you put the gay thing

on top of it, which we
already as gay men. There's, you

know, every couple of it.
You know it's like, yeah, we're

all hungry for well, that panion. How I met my ex boyfriend.

It was covid. Oh, he's
speechless. Wow. No, I mean,

I don't want to get anything.
It does, but he doesn't.

It's also a telltale sign, and
I don't know how you feel about this,

and we talked about it when you
were on last is it a red

flag if you're significant other doesn't put
you on their grid or tag you in

a lot of stuff, or there's
one person posting about the old they does.

When I think comments, one of
the things I like hate about social

media is that it becomes this chasm
of comparison and this whole psm of comparisons.

Smote that down, will you?
It's like a relationship algorithm. Yeah,

yeah, yes, and but but
it's it's so, not even so

a subconscious but it's there's a sort
of none. You're just not being so

deliberate about it, right, because
it's not in a book yet and we're

not writing a bunch of there's not
so much information and data around it because

we're still living in it. Yet
in maybe two hundred years people were like

the time of influence and social media, how to jet, we will see

the effect on like brain and whatever, and that that is one of the

things that like. While it has
brought me a lot of joy and I've

connected with a lot of people,
and when I walk around and people come

and feel feel compelled to come and
tell me, I just have to say

like, I love your content,
I love you, like that is very,

very sweet, that I would never, never, never, give that

up or change that. There's just
like who wouldn't want someone to come tell

you that? And it happened by
accident, which makes it even more beautiful

because it was like wow, I
really wasn't even trying it. It just

so happened that like a perfect storm
of things came to be. And there's

also the other side of it,
which is like now who, because who

we are in social media isn't is
literally just a version of you. It's

a it's wet FEA. Yeah,
our bad days, when ever put our

Shitty I look like shit. Maybe
maybe we should stop an instagram page where

we just put out bad and she
yeah, that's what people do. That,

this is what I mean, is
they're they're now. That's their brand.

There is a cannon of work and
by version of its still manufactured,

though you're not just taking a self
in posting it it's still manufactured, even

if they're showing their depressed aside at
to your point of somebody that's oversharing and

very emotional, and its sincere the
first couple of times their influences out there

that every video they put is so
depressing and it's become this act that it's

so unbelievable and it takes away from
other people that are sharing their truth that

you know. It also takes away
from your relationship with the other person where

you go. Now this feels like
a job. Yeah, yeah, it's.

It's a really wild it's it is
the new wild wild west. It

really is like but I also have
such an appreciation for people who are doing

it, who are so like they
they have a schedule. They're like,

this is the video I'm taping today
and I'm going to edit it for tomorrow.

I'm and I there's something about that
that I envy, because I don't

I'm not the most organized person.
I'm the king of efficiency and calling it

out in every other person, every
driver in la, every waiter. Literally

it's like my thing to do because
I just have a white glove and I

just want things to be as efficient
as they possibly can. But I myself

am not that, which is what
I'm dealing with in therapy. But I

say that to say that I do
have a genuine understanding now more than ever,

around content creators and it takes a
lot of work and if you're doing

it every day and it feels like
it's engaging and you are seeing some numbers,

it's not just like vine poopoo Shit
like ABS. There are people who

are really putting theirselves out there in
a very deliberate and and it almost was

like poetics sometimes, like Dylan Wilvany
as a perfect example. She has done

her a hundred days of girlhood.
I don't know if you know about this

anyway, but she's been sharing her
a sort of like first a hundred days

of her transition into womanhood, and
we spoke once and she was very candid

about like I don't know how you
did that, like this is a lot,

and I was like I know,
and but she's doing it by herself,

so she's having to kind of your
your producer, you're your writer,

you're the actor, like and you're
the publicist. You're the guy who's like,

okay, your or the girls.
Goes back to your very first question.

At the top of the show about
you know, we roll our eyes,

but there is talent and skill that
goes into whether you're shooting at all

on your iphone or you've got one
of these nice cameras. I mean you're

addit it, like you said,
you're editing it, you're lighting it,

you're shooting and then you get a
sponsorship for it and then they tell you

how to say it correct you know, and all this, and that's like

a whole other and it's also because
it's what's happening now. You know,

it wasn't happening then, when a
thousand years ago, when you were born,

or Ku threezero years ago, when
you were more, every better,

even better. I was born fivezero
years ago, so don't worry, but

I just mean like that puts us
when, you know, it's a little

bit of like Oh, like it's
when my dad's like Huh, tick,

Tock, what and I'm like okay, even though he's on it and he

knows, he knows more about it. Probably hanging that in front of me

because I thought you need a refreshed. I'm drinking border at this point.

Are you really? Yes, well, you know what happens when I come

on this show. I know halfway
through I have to go to the bathroom

because how fail with with and it's
coming soon. Okay, so theater New

Year or any other there's another heavy
subject I want to bring up, but

let's let's say that. What is
it? Now? Bring it up.

Come on now, I'm want to
say. Okay, a little breather.

I do want to talk about your
beginnings. Born in England, went to

Miami. H Huh, I'm going
to the toilet. I'm sorry, I

like it. Yes, I have
a real don't want to know the beginnings

of my life. The focus is
on. Okay, I see, how

rude. Here's a cost my know. Go to the bathroom. No,

no, we don't any Australia.
How it's fine, it's fine, but

you know how they do things in
Australia'll be actually, don't. Never been

there. HMM. But you have
had this like multicultural past. But I

want to talk about you started studying
the arts at a very early age.

What did you learn early on?
I went, I know you went to

school of the arts. What did
you learn early on in those years of

acting school that you still subscribe to
today? And you did acting, dance

and lend the whole gamut. Yeah, the whole thing. Um, like

learned in terms of like. I
mean there's certain things I learned super early,

such as like vocally or Improv you
know, certain things that doesn't matter

how old you get, no matter
how many projects you do, you're still

going to remember these early rules.
Yeah, I mean it's when I was

younger. I'd started do I started
dancing when I was to my dad's in

the business. So we grew up
in the film industry. Yeah, and

but he had been living in London
for quite a while. That's where I

my mom and he had me and
my sister. We went to you know,

we did ballet Monday, Wednesday,
Tuesday and Thursday was swimming. We

were very active children and then there
was that moment when we moved to the

states that it was like, Oh, I don't I would like to be

a regular child now and I don't
want to do anything my parents are telling

me to do. And especially when
you leave a place that is the most

opposite from the American culture and then, on top of that, Miami,

which is its own country. I
love that you use American and culture in

the same tense sentence. That was
cute that kidding, like the arts in

America is not such a thing as
like you will do sports, you know,

you'll learn Spanish, you're learning a
second language, but culture and art

is just like a leftover thing.
It was, yeah, that it was

if I didn't have, if I
literally didn't have my dad to because what

happened was is we stopped being we
don't want to do all those other things.

I was like, I don't want
to swim anymore, I don't want

to dance, just I just want
to hang out with friends and assimilate.

Like I was like, I just
want to be like the other kids,

and I think if I saw my
nine year old self I'd be like don't

do that, like try to literally
go do those things and be the best

at them and be an Olympic version
of all of those things. But anyway,

what happened was my dad was like, I think you should go to

is he pouring something for me?
For Him? Oh, wow, it's

aboutter. Okay, is this?
Like yeah, yeah, what's that?

Sharp objects? Remember when the mom
is like drink us, what's that called?

When you do, you know what
to talk about. Chacher Clarkson a

me at Oh oh, I don'm
not like that. Sorry, that's okay.

How many award nominations I got that? No, but what's that called?

When you like make someone sick and
so that they need you? Code

pendant or no Munch Munchaus in by
process? That's just happening right here anyway.

Sorry. Do we talk about me
having drugged someone? Earlien, not.

Don't even joke about that. Do
we have time for this other this

is about me, Carl, about
you, come on. No, but

to just I think, like the
biggest thing that happened was like the arts

saved me, because I didn't realize
I needed it and I was feeling like

a flay Ley fish, like just
out of like out of water, didn't

know what it was going on,
and then I joined this art school called

newdle school of the arch, which
like change my life. And it wouldn't

have happened unless my dad did the
research and was like, I think you

should audition for this performing arts high
school. Crazy, because he use the

dad's like, I'm not paying for
Addy, oh no, but very still.

No, yeah, no, like
it there. I I literally grew

up in a very, very worldly
family, like Ma. They just understood

that like those things enrich your life
and so thanks dad. But that school

started a journey with me about like
Oh, like, there's this thing I

could start to do again, and
I started dancing and taking it way more

seriously and the discipline of dance and
finding a sort of like a mastery of

a thing again at such a young
age, I think really set me up

for being more confident walking into room
like knowing one thing on top of three,

like you know, it was just
like I really think the arts literally

need to be in everybody's life.
So some way, shape or feel,

when you see that, you know
governments, not just in this country but

around the world, slashing those programs
in school and and taking all that stuff

away from kids. And you know, we're seeing kids growing up when IPADS,

with no social skills, when you're
losing out on those, those programs

that teach you so much, as
you said, about yourself and about learning

how to laugh at yourself, learning
that actually, if you fail, it

can be a good thing for you. Yeah, I mean it obviously like

enrages me, it makes me sad, but like, at the same time

I want to be like where's so
if you're cutting and slashing that money,

like, where's that money going?
Like, because to buy guns. Yeah.

So here's my thing, though,
is, and I know we all

know this, but like if those
children were just going and experiencing that art

and learning something and expressing themselves it. It teaches your body and can you

learn to go? Oh, I'd
like to contribute in this way. And

so you learn. You learn at
an early age. Rejection, you know.

I mean it's just like there's so
much that happens to you at a

young age when you are learning and
trying to master a thing, whether it's

swimming, whether it's music, whether
it's singing or dancing or acting, it

doesn't matter art. It's just like
it could literally change that child's it could

change the world, and it does
for a lot of US queer kids.

It's the one thing that saves us. Yeah, and look at the look

at the industry. That saved us
all during covid was the entertainment industry,

whether it was music that was being
released, whether it was a new show

on Netflix, whether we whether we're
talking or person in yeah, or whether

it was to well on you,
whether it was a younger generation that had

nothing else to watch, so they
watched some old school Hollywood friends, or

they watched some Steven Sondheim's material,
or they watched Hamilton on or the watch

on the rocks with Alexander exactly.
Parents don't let this, except the east

coast apparently. Yeah, four times
a week. Thank you, channel thirty

one. That's the most you get? Only in a week, is it?

Oh, I got like some Carl
listen. I want to pass forward

right after graduation. Right after graduation, you you book your Broadway show.

Uh Huh. You did three shows, sold Dr leepa faith. Mama Mia,

what do you remember your Broadway debut? Of course, every kid that

studied the arts it's Broadway. It's
like first night. Do you remember was

going through your mind opening night?
Which show was it? Mama Mia,

I joined Mamma Mia and my parent. I remember my old it was October

eighteen, two thousand two thousand and
nine. Two Thousand and eight thousand nine,

I think was sus nine, because
I just graduated that year. I'll

have to west side story. Yes, yes, so I had just graduated

and I went on tour with west
side in London and Germany and it was

amazing. I played a rab like
bucket list roll just like a crazy moment

that you just I just won't ever
get that again. And I performed at

Saddler as well as where I saw
my first show ever, because I grew

up there. And I'll circle.
It was not crazyful long that. I

mean if you're in the dance world, that theater is is kind of like,

if you're an operason of performing at
the bent LE. Yeah, yeah,

anyway, but that happened and I
remember, this is a little anecdote

on how I even got to Robert, but I found out while I was

in Athens doing Mama, me doing
west side. It was a last leg

of that tour and I was getting
emails from my agents to be like hey,

like we can you call us as
soon as you can, and I

thought I was like, Oh,
they're just going to tell tell me like

I don't have an audition for Hamilton
or like, and he doesn't want to

see you. I don't remember,
but I was just like I'll call you

later and I didn't have like a
worldwide plan and then it was like one

I got this email once I was
like can you really need to call us?

Can you ask one of your cast
mates to like use a phone?

So I asked my friend John Locke. I was like Hey, can i?

I know you have a world like
well, my Fune, can I

bar it? And so we had
just some ballet class, because you had

stick whil like class every day and
was mandatory before west side. And I

called the agents and they're like hi, I'm my God, Hello. So

Nice is fucking hear from you?
With with what? How are you?

What's going on? Blah, Blah. Mama me, I would like to

offer you a spot in their show. And I was like what, and

they're like, Momma, I'm Broadway. Would like to offer you a roll.

BLABA. And my friend Julian was
standing right in front of me,

who's playing Chino, and I like, I like literally, I couldn't believe

I. I was like, I
think I just got mamay on Broadway,

and like more stunn than that,
though, and then he like walked away

and then I was getting more prot
so happy for you. Yeah, graduate

all, that's literally we too,
Mamoria. He walked he walked away.

I turned my head down and I
was like getting Info for a second and

then I look like I got my
entire cast is in front of me,

literally like Anita all the babysit that
it literally everybody and it was one of

those must I will always remember because
I was in Athens in Greece, learning

about a show I was about to
play, which takes place in grease,

which I how old we um?
I think I was like twenty, right,

anyone. I mean that's huge.
It was crazy. It was crazy,

but like that moment was really,
really cool. I was the happiest

jet that night, like no,
Angry Arab, the happiest jet. I

was like uh, but then we
got there. So opening night. All

of that to say, my parents
were there. They saw because it was

there for like a week and I
think it was like a Wednesday matinee.

They saw both of those shows and
I was like excited, but I was

also like nervous because, more so
my parents were there. It was just

like I didn't care about anyone else, audience wise, but it was just

like they're seeing me do a thing
for the first time ever and that was

really, really special. But I
felt really prepared. Do Your parents good

critics or or do you have one
parent like my mom? She would come

and say stuff and she got she
pulled all the bad stuff first and I

would go. Could you not just
say it was a good show? Maybe

this? No, no, Mim
and I love your mom. No,

Dude, you know how close to
my mom. Yeah, exactly. That

was her way of love because,
yes, that was great, but here's

yeah, no, I didn't even
get that's great. I just got.

Well, I would this made it
more better. Yeah, well, it's

how they share, it's how they
communicate. But do you have a parent

like that? I don't do.
Actually, my Latina it. No,

I my mom is just like,
Oh, I was so great, wonderful.

My heart was so have received.
My Dad is the one who,

like if I call with a new
job, and because he's the one,

he's the one telling me about audition. Your Dad is so invested in you

and I love Oh, and I
love the business side of it to he

does how much he's like reading variety
and he let he is. No,

he knows about every show that's coming
six months before I do. So like

I get the one up on most
things because he's telling me about it first.

But one of the things that he
does, which isn't a pet peep,

but I'm just always like lol,
because it's such a datager thing to

do a dairy, yeah, or
Mama rose is. It'll be like,

oh, so, what are you
doing in this one? Is it ensemble

still? And I'm like yeah,
it is, that it is, but

I'm covering bub about. He's like
okay, no, that's great, it's

great, it's never I'm sounding way
more conformable. I like to upset,

but it's it's a genuine like is
are you a principle, because he just

sees it for me so much more
clearly than I do really, which I

think is like really, yeah,
some, I'mime. That's his job,

though, exactly, and that's one
of them. And that's such a nice

thing. Though, just say it, because you don't hear this version that

often. It's normally the mom.
It's mom, it's mom, especially for

US Guy Boys, dad is sort
of keeps the safe distance, and even

more so if it comes to theodore
or the odds. So they me not

to hear this is so refreshing and
and so nice. Yeah, no,

I've I really he can annoy the
shit out of me sometimes because he can

be it can be just business in
that way. Like the way he's sharing

his love. I'm just like can
I just get like affection you know what

I mean? Can it? Can
it? Can it? That is it

affection, and I know, and
that is one of the things that,

like, one day, when he's
not here, I am going to miss.

Yeah, those moments, and I
literally, like it's my favorite thing

about him, and it can also
like make you roll your eyes, but

that's that's love, exactly, exactly. That's love why I love him so

much. What show did you learn
the most from? This one? Mama

Mia. Honestly, Mama Mia was
I joke, and but I'm very serious.

It was like Broadway College for me, because I was cocky as fuck

and not like, Oh, I
don't belong here, like on a tour

of them, a side story with
yeah, dancers and yeah, I just

I was just like, you know, I was I thought I was on

top of the world. I was
taking dance class every day, I was

in the show. I wanted to
audition. I was just like nothing can

stop yeah, exactly, were keep
doing me, you know, do that

again, just do that one more
time with no, no, with the

the spirit fingers were young. That's
why I order it in and out.

Maybe a re think it prompting style, or what are they called? I

don't know. Yeah, that's efforts
and I know animal style. Hmm,

I like the animal style. Wow, see, you are old, dirty

people with three minds in the Gutt. You're right, sorry, that was

me. Well, and you know, a lot of younger people come to

mom and, yeah, we've Mama
Mia. That show has given birth to

some of the best actors on TV
film. That's been a learning ground for

a lot of them. But a
lot of people say, Oh, it's

mom me, it's Abba songs,
it's a fun show, it's a demanding

show. Was the demanding show,
and in a very different way, because

it really it. It like brought
out a lot of joy and people,

people jumped up off of their seen
non theater goers. Is the pressure when

you do a show like that,
because it is Abba and they are it

so huge and so beloved and so
well known, so you're you're performing the

story and you're performing their songs and
e be fans, a hodcore fans.

Is there an added pressure on top
of what you're doing? Glance that I

wonder if that maybe that might have
been a little bit more present when it

first opened, because I joined like
eight years after it already been around in

that way and everybody's seen the movie
and like tapping the yeah, and so,

like I maybe, but like no, I don't. That was never

something that we were worried about in
the theater at all. But just answer

your question. Like, I just
learned a lot about being on an eighth

show a week schedule for a long
period of time. That was that's just

something you only learned are your life
is out. Yeah, it's just like

you're you're a bit of a monk. I mean, not if you're some

of my other castmates, but like, well, I have a follow up

question. Okay, during which show
did you have the most backstage shenanigans?

Wow, I've heard about that mom
me I cast. It's like a mom

and ID you guys walk on stage
this. Listen to me, Mama Mia

was we had. We sang infunt
in sound boots in the back because we

did all the backups and there's just
there was no place like that backstage experience,

because we all wouldn't booths back style. I've heard some mommy were just

like we just had so much fun. We like to things happen in the

booth, like in what sense I'm
talking to say that he got that.

He was suggested. which show did
you maybe hook up with the most cast

made? Oh well, that,
roll your eyes at me for us,

because there was no time for that. I did. It does have to

be like during the show. Well, that's happening everywhere, right. But

which show had the most cast members? That you boo Boo oh for me

specifically, clarify my other clarify.
POOP, poop. He's barely touched that

one. You know, interestingly enough, I am Stayan's very professional. I'm

believe that. Listen, I like
leaeve the I like I definitely get Dick

Brain and, like all of us
do, I don't know how to focus.

Definitely, but when it comes to
like, when it comes to work

plays, that is a place where
I'm just like, I don't like to

mess with that so much because I
have to eat and sleep there. You

know what I mean? When you're
doing eight shows a week, you're there

all the time and it's just not
the place that you want to like mess

in your backyard. Yeah, but
I'll be someone's sound board for that,

whatever's going on for them, and
help them and then, as long probably

like your backyard, it's fine.
I'll get out of the gut a pair

of you. Okay, we're to
do some rapid fire style and show ova

almost. What's the type of tick
tock or viral video that you would love

to do? But your fans probably
wouldn't understand or engage with. Who suctually

comes from one of your fans.
This question that that I don't think they

would engage with. Like what's a
video? That kind of yeah, but

but I don't feel it's on brand. Yeah, wow, a better way

to wow, wow, be wow, oh my God, Ah God,

rapid fire. Um, is it
weird that I think like if I just

sat down and did it, I
could and it would be fine, but

that's actually what I think. HMM, that's my answer. Okay, it's

just about sitting down and doing it. Is it hard to date right now

because people want to date Ian from
Tick Tock and not Ian the real person?

No, because I'm not really looking
for that in that way. But

I guess when I start to,
if that's what it seems like, I'll

call you and let you know.
Be You know what I mean. Like

I'm yeah, I haven't had that
experience like but again, I'm in a

very big like selfdiscovery, like vote, refocusing on my relationship with me,

because I wasn't focusing on that for
this last couple two goods for you,

but interesting. I don't know.
That's that's quite a that's quite a question,

because that would mean that like I'm
someone in some way, you know

what I mean, and like,
I don't know. I mean I'm still

me right, but still like we've
had comedians come on. I like,

well, people want going to date. They're like, okay, I'm with

Comedians like Tebo job. Be Funny, yeah, make me laugh. It's

like, well, I'm not that
person. I'm I'M gonna meeting more like

how I say what? You're not
walking in the restaurant doing your dance and

like sitting in your chair. Yeah, I see. Yeah, well,

maybe I am, but you're not
like in a good mood all the time

either. You got me, I
for sure. I that's one of the

things. That is, I think
the hardest thing I've had to do is

come to terms like Oh, like
there's a Sassy, much more direct version

of me that people don't know about, and you know, it's like not

everyone's gonna get that. Well,
there's also the being sorry. I know

it's rapid fire, but this being
on, which we will have to do

in the capacity of what we do
for a living, and people, especially

in the dining world, see you
and they you. You make a good

impression on the first couple of dates
because you're on and when you get relaxed

and into it and suddenly you don't
want to be home because you've been on

old day, they go, is
everything okay? But I like to ruin

it on the first date, because
if you can't handle this, then it's

not going to work out because you're
going to find out about it third or

fourth time. Are you're living your
truth. You're living a truth percent I'm

your ca well, that's naturally also
happening with just dating in general. Body

you go, Oh, I've played
that. Express is your favorite place to

go? That's the please tell me
that off that I once got food poisoning

from a pander express at Jeff Ky. I put that's impossible. They have

so many preservatives. is a very
uncomfortable deal to flight home. Oh Oh

God, but your first class of
that's fine. So we're going to get

to the heavy question. I'll talk
about the Oscars. Both of you were

at the Oscars from a very unique
perspective, shall we say, Ian.

who were you most surprised by the
way that they acted, good or bad,

because you got to see them in
a very different light. I was

going to Ye, find the words
rose. Yeah, yeah, rose is

like a term of endearment. That's
the thing I learned at Mamma, by

the way, and I'm the rose
usually of the group. Anyway, I

think the person I was most surprised, I mean this person really everyone's.

I was like what, that's so
random. But when Kevin Costner walked by

me, I know, I get
it, but like I grew up watching

Robin Hood and I grew up watching
the bodyguard and he just lives in a

place. Like if Harrison Ford walked
by me, same deal, and they

sag with Harrison Harrison for yeah,
still to this day. It's just the

way know here. Some parts a
bit of a dirt, well know,

but nice to me, I'll tell
you. Want to know who's the real

walking by, it's like I was
having conversation with them, but like having

Costown, I was like, Oh
my God, that's coming, because he's

a because he's a movie star,
right, yes, a real movie stuff.

Yes, yes, as was Harrison. I had to our audience.

I might not know you were actually
backstage right after like they won the award

and they talked to the press.
Like you were back state. He had

better access than me and I was
on the network that broadcasts the shop.

But you get to see them coming
in, where they're still refreshed and they're

being polite and all of that,
and I get to see them at the

Vanity Fair fight. That's why wanted
your opinions, because you saw them from

very different perspective. Yes, I
did. I got, I mean I

did get to see them walking in
and that was really fun. Nickole Kidman

like waived at me, which literally
like kind of cool. You know her,

I love her, love and I
had a moment with Rosie Perez because

she was standing, I don't know, seven feet away for me and I

was just like Rosie, and she
turned around and I told her how beautiful

she looked and she was like thank
you, and and it's on a real

if you can find it on my
instat but like those were cool, very,

you know, interesting moments that like
it was like Christmas Day for me.

The Oscars is literally always been like
that favorite, that favorite day.

Talk about it like another childhood dream
and like you can check that off.

Oh my God, no. who
was like, I don't need, really

need to see them again. Michael
Kate? I'm sorry, no one.

I didn't. I didn't feel like
you're gonna put in really. Yeah,

I've heard about Mr Keaton. Yeah, you, you have another icon.

I have several. You know who
I was most excited to see the Oscars

in. This is legit Ian because
I hadn't seen it for years. And

suddenly he walks past me on the
carpet. I'm like hello, yeah,

stopping like acknowledge him. You're like, no, me, sure, we

did. We I saw. Yeah, I well, I screamed out your

name like a fan, and it's
something. Yes, I think that's attractive,

like it's made a car. That's
it was. It was like dress

rehearsal like before. It was,
I think the Saturday. Yes, this

is what I love and it's what
I love about you. There's also another

pandemic in our community, is that
we don't want other people to succeed because

we feel this weird jealousy. What
I love about you is that you are

so supportive. It's like so when
you see each other, you're generally happy

for each others. If we were
all to do that, and I'll help

each other to succeed, I'm going
to succeed and kind of that. Let

that happens to the influence a world, a lot of what. Oh,

you don't have to make nasty card
with your cocktails. But let me just

give you a moment, because you've
always been very complimentary to me on the

show and but you work your tail
off in researching and preparing and I sit

nore of you when I come on
this show because you're so prepared and you

are so no but you're so no
one, but not compared to you're so

dedicated and that you take this so
personally in a good way, and I

watch you. You work so hard
and you've not just pandemic, you've had

other things going on in your family
and I tip my head to you and

and ile, whenever you say come
and be on the show, I'm like

as the minute I can get there, because I think you're you're so good

and you don't get the cutos in
the credit you deserved and you put me

and you put I know it's not
to do. It's unusual. I thine.

Who am I sold that Vulcan.
No, but I wanted you do

and you're you're paying me a compliment
about lifting people up, but you do

that by putting on this show every
week. You bring people in and you

bring such an interesting and diverse mix
of people, whether it's porn stars or

sex workers or tip be headron or
tip be headron. And I don't know

why I pointed it to you when
I said to be Eddrid my hands,

but quts to you, because that's
a thing too, and you're giving other

people that sometimes heavily stigmatize, if
we talk about sex work and porn and

you're giving them a platform to be
themselves and show their true selves, and

that is a that's a really admirable
thing. Well, thank you. It's

because I am passion about, entertained
by Dissalm't you now? I mean it's

a little shy, like stuttering,
but it's I love entertainment so much and

I can't you do it enough of
it. So when I get to meet

people that are movers and shakers in
any different genre, it's exciting to me,

and what I've learned from interviewing every
type of person is everybody has a

passion and we're all in the same
journey. We have a lot of similarities

that we don't even realize, whether
it's a porn star next to Academy Award

winner, next to a Tony Award
winner next to a WWF wrestler, there's

some similarities that we all have on
this journey. We all have obstacles and

so if we can communicate and help
each other through these obstacles, then I'll

be a much happier and I always
say look, we if we can have

a discussion. We don't have to
agree, right, but if we can

have a conversation about something, maybe
both of us walk away with something that

we didn't think was possible, and
that's all it takes to effect sorry to

get bigger and deep it, but
that's only if does to effect change,

whether it's how you view someone,
I'll your selfishly, because of their HIV

status or that color or their religion
or who they love. It's just a

conversation and we don't always have to
agree, but at least we talked about

it and maybe we took one little
grain of somebody else's perspective and Went Huh,

let me sit and Matt and think
about it. We had a panel.

It was you, somebody from American
horror story, yes, a straight

guy, and then a porn star. Yes, and I got a comment

from one of the other people on
the panel saying I'm with a porn star.

I don't know about that. And
then by the end we were all

talking about the hot topic Besti's and
it was like, we really do a

lot in comic we do. I
don't know if I want to sit next

time. I'm like, why?
Why? We all like sex. Come

on, thank you by sitting next
to you. Well, you wouldn't anyway.

Okay, so this is this is
a topic I will talk about and

has to do with kind of what
you're doing with plus life media. I

want to talk about the queer's folk
reboots spoilerer. One of the characters present

day learns that they've contracted HIV very
young kid. He's very emotional about it

because it want it's well, anyone, but I didn't say who. There's

a lot of others are. That's
yeah, he don't want to tell anyone

about it. He starts taking his
meds because those are the services that are

available to young kids. When he
tells his mom, she laughs and then

cries and then laughs and says,
Oh God, I thought you were going

to tell me you were dying.
I have mixed feelings about that. Yes,

our younger generation has no idea what
it was like to live in a

time where people were literally dropping like
flies around you because of AIDS and HIV.

But it's this kind of statement also
making our youth thinking that getting HIV

is no biggie? Or is it
helping to remove this stigma? I feel

torn. Well, I I think
quts to the show. We need to

stop showing HIV as the big bad
wolf and the death sentence and look,

a lot of we don't ever want
to not acknowledge the hell that was happening

forty one years ago, but we
need to move beyond HIV as sort of

the victim and the and the and
the Downer story right, because that's not

what HIV has to be anymore.
And so by having proper representation where we

see people thriving and just, Oh, just so happens? I M HIV

positive, but you know, much
like what the you know what modern storylines

is starting to do, that destigmatizes
in itself what we see on television in

these programs so often still looks back
at one thousand nine hundred and eighty four.

I will give Qutos to the guys
at pose who I think did a

phenomenal job and I, you know, reach out to several of them personally

and have had them on plus life
to say thank you for making HIV a

character in of itself. And yes, you were showing the darkest time of

HIV, but you also showed the
resilience and the strength and people going I'm

not going to be beaten by this
and we need to we need to get

beyond that. I see your point. You're saying, are we? Are

We trivializing H Voh, you just
take a pill now, where you just

take your shot, and the trauma
of getting that diagnosis. This what I

love to say this with a young
kid, because there is a trauma,

no matter how's your sure you're not
just take a pill. No, but,

but, but, you know what? That yes, there is a

trauma, but the trauma is there
because of the stigma we still that's where

the trauma is. I'm not trying
to sort of advocate to go out and

get HIV by any means. I
mean we've got one of them said up

is that with the youth are not
taking precautions, not just for HIV but

for other things. Well, and
that's the thing. You know, we've

got prep now, which is a
phenomenal drug that, by the way,

is not just for gay men.
Women should be taking it to if they

if they're protect if there if there's
we know men are everywhere on the Kinsy

scale. And men right, but, but, but a lot of women

don't actually think they can take prep. They just think it's a pill for

dudes. That is not the case. Women can take prep and it's it's

a you know, it's like a
form of birth control really, and it

says, look, if you're going
to have condom lest sex, let's be

honest about things. Take responsibility for
your own sexual health. Right, if

you're going to have sex without condoms, then you are opening the door to

STI's and that's part of it.
Right, if you ride a motorbike and

don't worry helmet, none of us
are saying it's like we are. God,

I've had every single one and let
me tell you, that gon a

real shot, the civilist shot really
hurts. So, but but here's the

thing. I'd say this all the
time, I've said it to you,

the one thing that connects all of
us is sex. Right, everybody every

gonna say got area. Well,
sometimes, but everybody does. Is it?

It's what if we were to connect
the darts here, everybody does it,

everybody likes it and we're all here
because two people had sex. So

why can't we talk about it?
The stigma and the shame, but to

the point of we don't want to
trivilize anything. But we also need to

get to a point where nobody should
walk into a clinic like I did at

twenty seven years old, and then
walk out of that clinic forty five minutes

later and instantly think what have I
done to my parents? And that's it.

HM, no one should get no
one should be made to feel that

way because they had sex with somebody. I mean they had an hour,

five minutes, three minutes, I
don't know, but you know, with

someone or a group of people it's
the most natural thing we can do,

and yet we stigmatize it and and
somehow bring shame and make us all feel

dirty for doing the one thing that
comes as natural as breathing and farting.

So I don't know, I don't
think shows like that trivialize it. I

don't, I'm not saying that.
I'm just thinking it's like, Oh,

you know, she laughing about it, that it's like it's yeah, but

I think that's a really positive message, especially if you're a young gay guy

and you're terrified. Look, we
had it. We all come out as

gay. I'll never forget. I
came out as gay and my mother said

the one thing she said was okay, but just promise me you won't get

AIDS. Well, you know,
I didn't get AIDS, but tick,

well done me, top score.
But to see on television a mother laugh

and go, Oh my God,
I thought you're going to tell me you're

dying, that's a really powerful message
for people and we need to start seeing

more of that. Verse Has Oh
my God, you've got aids, you're

going to die, or you're a
you're a drug abuser, and that's old

doom and gloom and all of that
percent I think a lot of the material

that came out during covid was so
heavy. That's like hey, we're depressed

on our own, and it was. It was all about either the coming

out experience was so awful, or
everybody was dined but I think we're shifting

away from that. Alexander. I
think when you look now, thankfully,

a lot of the content where we're
seeing queer representation, you know, yes,

they're queer and that's thank you,
and we get on with it.

It's not. It's not necessarily a
coming out story or this or that.

We have hallmark movies now, right, that's insane. Hear me, yeah,

but and thank God. So I
don't know. I guess I see

your point and I've heard that.
I've had this discussion a lot. They

were going, well, now you
just take a pill or whatever, and

so a lot I've heard this from
young nation and a lot of and a

lot more than that. Well,
and the flip the bad side is what

that does is it makes people think
that HIV doesn't matter anymore. I think

that's that right. I'm right,
and we Gilliad, I can't see one

more HIV prep commercial on drag race
and watching queer as folk. Well,

that's to be on mainstream team.
Well, to your point out, and

everybody needs to see. But well, watch ABC seven, because I can

tell you we run big TV commercials
all the time and that's the drug attach

Avis. Thank you, guys.
have been a leader, obviously telerising pride

for the first time. Well,
ABC has been phenomenal. I mean,

I told you we'll we talked about
this. I got to stand a few

years ago on the Oscars and say
that I was HIV positive and then run

a package about, you know,
HIV positive characters in film like that was

phenomenal for thirty million people around the
world. Well, that's a whole other

discussion is who's portraying these character but
yeah, that's a whole discussion. I

agree, I agree, but this
is the exciting thing that I feel this

pride is that I haven't just had
people on the show just saying agree,

agree, agree. We're having this
conversations in a respectful way and the minute

we stop asking questions, even if
we think it's stupid, to our non

binary friends, to our trans community, to our black community, to other

minority communities, we have to stop
being so afraid of asking questions. But

we had to communicate. But we've
become so afraid because everyone is counsel,

counsel, and and I think of
in your world. Yeah, but we

use this would we throw this world
judgmental out and about and it's kind of

this popular thing to go. Well, I don't judge. Well, okay,

fine, but you can have a
judge, but you will. But

you can also have an opinion,
right, and it may not be the

general consensus. But leading to your
point, I have an opinion that happens

to differ from yours. Let's have
a conversation and maybe we'll both walk away

having learned something that we didn't think
about before. That that's that's having an

opinion. But we're very quick,
especially in our community, especially here in

La, to go your judge bitch. No, in my opinion, if

I go up to you and say
something that makes you feel like Shit,

yeah, that's judgmental and that's mean. But if I say something, you're

a friend and I'm possibly think.
Yes, you know, I'm a journalist

and I a right for a pretty
much better than me, because you do,

you've got better spend. But I'm
talking about writing. But we do,

we have to put because their distribution
is national. We have to wrap

up. Everything has to be wrapped
up a month and a happy before the

issue hits right, which means I'm
doing the interview maybe two months ahead.

So I interviewed somebody that had different
pronounts. So when the article came out,

it had wrong pronounts. It's in
print, there's nothing I could do

about it. The hate, the
upset, even from their pr I'm like,

everybody knew what we were dealing with, right and it was so awful.

Instead of saying, you know what, this is a great opportunity for

another article and a follow up interview
to say hey, this is the evolution,

this is how a journalists like me
needs to learn, of course,

how we can move on from that, rather than Oh my God, it

was the worst thing ever. I
got, Hey, your math will cancel.

You stupid, and then they get
personal and nasty about it and even

the person themselves. Yeah, and
I that's what I don't understand. It's

like I'm trying the best that I
can and we're all try. Hopefully we're

all trying. Yeah, look,
I think to learn. I I would

like to believe that most of us
go about not wanting to hurt other people

and make other people feel like shit. Now we can also, and I'm

the king of things, sometimes the
mouth runs quicker than the bride. Hundred

percent right. I think we make
from like a funny, Sassy place.

No, but yeah, well,
most of the time, but I don't

ever go about going you know what, I'm going to say something to really

hurt their feelings, and I don't
think that is like that for any of

us. I think is human beings, were compassionate, people like and we

understand what somebody's been malicious and we
understand what somebody's just being but we're so

quick to jump on the bandwagon of
judgmentalness at these days. I'm sure even

people watching this. I can't wait
to read the comments of what people think

about me and what I'm saying about
this. But but it seems like,

especially in this country, of which
I'm a proud citizen now, so I

feel I can make these comments a
little bit more, you're not allowed to

have an opinion that differs from everybody
else is. Now it's one thing to

be hateful in the terms of racism
and a lot of things that happen in

this country right, but it you
know, if I was to say,

you know, I don't like,
you know, the color of these blue

curtains in the blue led lights,
kind of trashy, and I said that's

not me judging you, that's me
just going I don't really like the blue

lights on the walk. But you
also have different restrictions. Are you have

a network? You have a mainstream
network. I A bit, but you

haven't bonsor even in parterial. You
guys have different restrictions. Sure Bet,

I mean I get but it goes
whether it's for work or whether it's a

personal thing, you know. And
again I just think it comes back to

you know, we can have differing
opinions and the best way to kind of

get beyond them or learn is to
talk to somebody versus blocking them. Yeah,

on that note, that's what I
love about this pride. Months we've

been having these conversations. So I'm
very, very excited, car, I

can tell grow. Yeah, can
you share your message to your fans for

this price season and tell everybody where
they weren't or where you want them to

find you and follow you? Oh
well, that's no. Are youone greater?

By the way, I got this
question from somebody I wanted so friend.

No, I'll tell you what the
good say. If I got this

question from somebody I like that.
No, it's actually from our mutual no,

I I was briefly on it and
I gotten rid of it again because

to your to what we've been discussing. There are there's a lot of sort

of angry and sort of grander be
yeah and better people out there, and

so I got one or two rather
unpleasant, slightly threatening messages and I just

went threatening me with silliness, saying, well, I'm I think ABC would

be very happy to hear about this
kind of behavy and I think, well,

that's nice. You don't have a
picture and you don't have any information

about yourself, but clearly you know
who I'm and I sort of took the

moment and went do I really want
to put up with this? And,

and I will tell you this,
I normally use grinder these days when I

travel internationally and it's the fast well
and it's even to find friends to go

out. That's what Abo, that's
what I'm trying that. I'm not using

it as a hookup pike. I
find that. You know, you my

best friend Chris, and I travel
and we're in me and mar and I

get on grinder, I go hey, where do the guys go on a

Thursday night? And Room Sixty nine. But so, but no, I

don't have that anymore. I think
my message for people during this priate season

is just be nice to each other. It doesn't you know it. We've

got to be more patient, and
I have to learn this especially. All

right, we've got to be more
patient and a little bit more understanding and

not so quick to as I we
talk about judgment will but but to sort

of go up. I can't be
bothered with this drama because, as you've

pointed out several times during the show, with covid and everything and and all

of us feeling just a little more
isolated, and then you look at the

bigger things that are happening in the
world, whether it's, you know,

the gun thing or the abortion thing
or what's happening in the Ukraine, etc.

It wouldn't hurt us to just take
a bait and listen to each other

and and and be a little kind
of so that would be that would be

my message. Of people want to
find me, it's at Colle Jage.

Oh, there, it's on the
screen at Calle Ja Schmid. Across all

I made it easy, across all
social platforms and we're also at plus life.

Media is plus life, so you
can find us there here in what

is your message to your fans?
Oh my God, I think to like

my young fans, any LGBTQ plus
family members, I would just say find

your voice and contribute. Don't,
not don't, but like if, if

you have people around who light you
up and who want to bring more,

who help bring more of you out, be around those people and find a

way to contribute in the world,
because that is the only way that the

world will change. Yeah, I
love it. I like that. And

what you always people to find you
and look at you. HM, one

more time. What did you say? Where do you want people to find

you? In a follow you,
Carl. You can find me on Instagram

at Ian Padget, and then on
tick tock is at Ian padget underscore.

Awesome. What's your message? My
message is to find the humor and everything.

Oh yes, and I just keep
going and drink. That's not fun

and a huge thank you. My
message is a huge thank you to friends.

Yeah, that continually to be there
through the ups and downs in our

career. You know, we all
have ups and downs and it's very interesting,

especially in La, to see who
sticks around you and you know,

we'll have you know what. And
to piggyback on that, I would also

say like make friends with many,
many different people other than yourselves, like

don't just be friends with LGBTQ iplus
people. Have have a diverse group of

friends around you and and explore the
world and try new things, because that

is also the only way you yourself
are going to grow and learn about how

much you don't know, and don't
be afraid to fail exactly. And also

with the friendship, though, it's
also Gottah the last word. It's his

show me the market, but it's
also also understand when a friend is not

a friend. Yeah, and when
you're not not that we do things just

to get things back. But in
La I think we're so afraid to be

alone or to lose a certain friend. It's like, you know what,

if we're on a path and people
are not on that path or they're not

appreciative of what we're giving, it's
time to to move on to something that

that will yeah, well, and
let them, let them hang on if

they want to. Yeah, I
read a quote ones and it said if

it comes, let it, and
if it goes, let it. I'm

leaving that alone. I read that
on the Wallet Motherload. It's a bar

never mind, God, Carl.
Anyway, thank you to everybody. I

just love pride month here on on
the rocks. I want to think out

studio warnings and I know, yes, so attractive. And that's all,

folks. It's a grab bag off
on every week on the rocks. You

never know. I was going to
show up big thank you to our fabulous

guest, my guest co host,
our engineer and Oder, Tony Sweet,

our Social Media Clip Edit, our
likes. Its Mendez. Mama rose.

Mama Rose is finals. How is
how is Mama Rose doing? She went

outside for the first time since before
Christmas. She went out. She was

outside about fifteen minutes, as she
did that on father's Day, when she

quickly went up put me back inside. Wow, she has certain restrictions,

yeah, but so she's doing that. Coming up we have Broadway powerhouse Tony

Award winner Jerry Mitchell is here.
We also have got Jerry Mitchell. He

owes me in interview. Well,
he's here next week. Really. Thank

you, Jerry. We also have
members of the cast of the new touring

production of Dear Evan Hanson. They're
coming in. We also have choreographer and

performer bobby newberry, who has worked
with EMINEM missy, Elliott Nick Nicki Minaj

and Little Wayne. Also, we
have some Bravo TV surprises in store,

so you just have to stay tuned. Please, like, share, subscribe.

So continue bringing this fabulous programming for
free. Until next time. Stay

happy, stay healthy, stay sexy
and, more importantly, stay tipsy.

Sonsie, this has been another episode
of on the rocks. tweeting and slider's

myke DM's on twitter and instagram.
On the rocks on air. Like everything

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