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Join Keener & KK as they take a deeper look into the life and death of Bunny Folger. Today we'll be talking to the writer of episode eight, Madeleine George, plus Michael Cyril Creighton who plays Howard Morris and Ali Stroker, Arconiac and host of the Hulu aftershow One Killer Question. Plus, we'll hear more from showrunner and co-creator John Hoffman. We'll talk about Howard's Season 2 glow up, the art of the yodel, and whether or not we know the true identity of glitter guy!

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Only Murders in the Building Podcast
Sneak behind-the-scenes of the Hulu Original, Only Murders in the Building starring Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez. Listen in as Elizabeth Keener and her DIY podcasting partner Kevin Lawn talk to the cast and crew and scramble to get clues on the murder within the show!  From Straw Hut Media  Produced by Ryan Tillotson, Maggie Boles, William Sterling  Music by Kyle Meritt

Episode transcripts

Hey, Kevin. I think that'sthe time we remind people that after the
credits of each podcast we have thefan mail and then sometimes we have great
bloopers or great something, little surprises, little nuances, little things to the
very tippy, tippy, tippy lastsecond. It's good to the last drop.
Keener. Amen, brother Straw media. How many times was funny stabbed?
Eight times? Was It eight times? A different person? Did it?
Maybe a different person stay after everytime? Just kidding, absolutely not.
You know Harry's we don't care.You should see now. Is He
kidding people? Is He kidding?Yeah, I'll never tell. I'll never
tell anyone. Who was? Noone in my life knows who it is.
Who are we were a couple oftrue crime aficionado's, kind of like
Charles, Oliver and Mabel, thethree main characters in the Hulu original show.
Only ers in the building now inseason two and we're here making a
podcast about a show where the charactersmake their own podcast about a murder.
I'm your host, Elizabeth Keener.I'm your host, Kevin Lawn. Why
are we here? To solve amurder and to try to figure out who
the killer is? Before all,is revealed in the season finale. You
may not be in the arconi ourselves, but we'll get some inside information from
members of the cast and crew andclues to help us piece it all together.
Today we'll be talking to the writerof Episode Eight, Madeline George,
plus Michael Cyril Creighton, who playsHoward Morris, and Ali stroker, the
Arconiak and host of the Hulu actorshow one killer question. We'll also hear
more from showrunner and Co Creator JohnHoffman. We'll talk about Howard's season to
glow up, the art of theYodel and whether or not we know the
true identity of glitter guy. Asof now, we've seen the first eight
episodes, so listeners beware, we'regoing to give a quick recap. If
you haven't watched, hit the pauseby stream episode eight right now and come
right back so we don't spoil anythingfor you. Episode Eight. MARV narrates
the opening of this episode and heis a theory about the Sixth Avenue slasher.
And we're in the midst of ablackout. Sometimes a killer stands out
and Oliver's DNA results come in buthe can't see them because the phones are
down. The elevators are down tooand there's general mayhem in the lobby of
the Arconia. The trio has tohike all the way up to Charles's apartment
on the floor if they want toprotect Lucy. She's at my place all
alone if the killer is after her. Oh Yeah, and meanwhile lucy is
home alone at the apartment. Whenyou hear someone breaking in, she escapes
through the secret passage away in thebathroom and the intruder follows her in a
romances blossoming between Howard Morris, theKhat Guy, and Jonathan, the handsome
new sub letter on his floor.I was just going to see if you
had any batteries I could borrow.That's amazing, because I was just gonna
come and ask if you had anybatteries I could borrow. Lester and Nina
have time to bond while lester catcheshis breath after climbing fourteen flights of stairs
to bring her a package, thetrio goes into the secret passageway to find
Lucy, who's still running from theintruder. But the sound of someone else
in the passageway scares the intruder off, and then there's a great moment when
everyone in the Arconia sings the soundof silence together vision that was planted.
The trio finds Lucy and she finallyadmits to them that she was in the
walls the night of Bunny's murder andshe heard the killer sneeze. And in
the stairway they see someone running downthe stairs in a suit and mask.
Mabel hits them with a bag ofdips. They come in Andy Coming Handy.
The power kicks back on and it'smarked. But he's not the killer
and he wasn't the one chasing Lucy. He was actually trying to protect Lucy
from the sixth avenue slash. Downthe lobby, detective creps shows up.
He's being very suspicious. He hasan injury on his arm and Mabel spots
pink litter behind his ear, leadingus to believe he is glitter guy.
That seem like an upper west sideguy to maid detective creps, don't I?
Michael to z bars all the time. There's bagel cream, cheese and
locks in the city. If wewere kind of breaking into a jog in
season one, like we started tosort of sprint and tumble in season two.
As a writing group. I thinkwe felt really like at liberty to
make big leaps and take big swingsand try really fun stuff. Um,
I hope that's true for all theother people. That's how it felt for
me. This is Madeline George.She's the writer of episode eight. I
really care about being in like arepresentative New Yorker on this writing stuff that's
l a based and so like.That's that's why I to work on the
blackout episode. We talked to herlast season two for the episodes she wrote
with Kim Rosenstock, episode six.You protect and serve and the writer's room
is a collaborative place. Even thoughthere's one or maybe two writers credited on
any given episode, most of theplot points, the scenes and the jokes
are created collaboratively. There's some amountof writers getting to identify like where they
feel a connection with something thematic orsomething, you know, in the content
of an episode. But it's notlike the writers are like put me here
and then that's what happens. Youknow. I think it's it's more like
a matchmaking process that the show runnerdoes, trying to figure out where people
might be best used. Case inpoint the blackout. Madaline wanted to be
the one to write the episode,but she wasn't the one who pitched the
idea initially the blackout. Really,yeah, it was Joshua Griffith who pitched
the idea initially. I think Umto have a blackout episode, and we're
not the first TV show to doit, obviously, but it is like
a rich and exciting territory dis forlike what happens to New York City in
a day like that, especially insuch a big city like New York,
and then seeing all of the residentsof the building altogether trying to figure out
what to do and getting buzzed ongut milk. Sure, well, why
wouldn't you? I mean, gettingdrunk is a is a classic approach to
handling a blackout. Um, wheneverything shuts down, like, why shouldn't
you, you know, eat allthe ice cream out of a freezer before
it melts and drink everything in thecupboard? You kind of have to.
It's I mean, but I've livedin New York for a really long time
and I've lived through all kinds ofcatastrophes in New York City, like terrorist
attacks and superstorms and multiple blackouts,and I feel like there's this idea that
like, Oh, New Yorkers willtear each other limb from limb in a
crisis, but it's really the opposite. New Yorkers come together in a moment
like that. People come out ofthe woodwork, people emerge from their apartments
and they join each other on thestreet and then they like yeah, you
know, oftentimes it's about like drinkingtogether or eating all the ice cream out
of the freezer in the Bodega orsomething like that, and the next day,
when the powers returned, there mightbe some regrets. Yeah, no
doubt, or you never speak tothose people again. We have a blackout
people. We need to get toLucy. She's at my place all alone.
If the killer is after her.Lucy, you're semi stepdaughter. Not
Now are we're in crisis mode.Well, Marv, I think maybe the
writer's hold a collective mythology around marvthat goes much deeper than any we then
appears on the screen even but firstof all, the amazing Daniel oreskies plays
him and I think brings so muchkind of wounded humanity to that character.
And so we have imagined him.You know, of course he's a super
fan that's one of his main activities. He has this sort of complicated family
and home life that we barely referredto. Um. And then he's like
his profession is, we learned thisthis season, a mold inspector, which
means he's like, you know,getting into the cracks and crevices and behind
the walls, so to speak,of other people's houses. Um, and
in that way he's parallels are investigators, Um, but you know, he's
just like I think we, Ithink we feel like he's got a big
heart and M has trouble figuring out, like, where to put his all
his emotions and he ends up inthis sort of anti hero role, into
a wait, where he really wherethat really he goes to the ends on
it. MARV overhears that Lucy isin danger and he springs into action and
luckily he's at the pickle diner withthe other super fans discussing the disappointments of
season two. Of the PODCASTS,not ours, when the power goes out,
definitely not ours. Kek never call. It seems like she might be
either like the president or vice presidentof the club. This is Ali stroker.
She plays Paulette, one of thesuper fans. She has organized.
She's trying to keep everyone together andlike the reality is is, like the
rest of the super fans are alittle bit of a mess, and so
I kind of play like Mama,you know, like Mama Hen with them
and, Um, keeping everyone togetherand on task. Um. And,
you know, I imagine like that. Yeah, imagine call it's like from
upstate. She definitely like drives downto the city. She does not live
in the city. Um, andI also like had this idea that she
was really into horses and horses.I just imagine Paulette as like a horseback
rider. She has a lot ofhorses and she also just like loves this
podcast. So she's, you know, she's, you know, upstate.
She's not like a city Gal.She's more like a country Gal. Ali
also hosts the official only murders aftershow, one killer question. It's very
fun. But are we not theofficial after show? No, we're like
the GUT buzz zero and they're thegut milk original. It really, it
really is so fun like get moreout of each character and learn more about
them. So some of the episodeshave our characters and then some of the
episodes have like special guests like MelissaRivers, John Rivers daughter. It is
like on our is it like cameUm Jane how to show our bunny.
I mean they're like super fans ofthe show. So it's like they watch
and they have and I think thatthat's also so fun, that it's not
just our characters that that have somethingto say. It's like people become fans
of the show so quickly because ofthe way it's set up and we all
feel like a detective and one suspect. We detectives feel like we can cross
off our list. Now is HowardMorris and season two Howard has experienced some
growth. Well, Howard got toglow up. My clothes were so much
better because he's out of morning soI got to wear some colors and some
giant sweaters and it was really fun. This is Michael Cyril Creighton. He
plays Howard Morris. Last season hewas so deeply entrenched in his morning that
he was pushing people away. Hewas a lot sharper with people. I
think this season I feel like Howardwants to come out of his shell a
bit. He's realizing maybe he needssome human connection and, Um, he
really has a history with the building. He definitely knows everything that's going on.
He's he's, he's he's very interestedin other people's drama and he's obviously
a bit of a gossip Um,and I'm sure that Uma and bunny are
great gossips too, so I thinkhe probably kept close to them. Um.
But yeah, he knows. Heknows a lot more than he lets
on, I think. And hejust just nosy. He's just nosy neighbor.
He's like that classic nosy neighbor,right, but you love him because
he's lovable. So that's why youcan't even if he's a nosy neighbor.
He's not one of those Mrs Kravitz. He's like the other you know,
the other side. I mean he'sa sharp side, like I always think
of him as like his feelings reallygo moment to moments, so he can
be very happy one moment and absolutelyfurious the next, and it just depends
on what signals are getting from theperson he's talking to. Okay, he
should be off our suspect list,don't you think? Yeah, he was
in his apartment and he had hisneighbor over for a glass of wine and
a lot of candles. And bythe way, K K, we know
exactly where he was during the blackoutand it wasn't creeping through the walls exactly.
I have been alerted to many ofthe theories that are out there.
I have heard that people thinking arewell, are just I've decided that it's
not me in the UH passageways becauseI'm not thin enough to fit through them.
which do I say? What Isay to that is how dare you?
And I wore a spanks t shirtto the premier and looked spelt as
hell, so it could be meanywhere in that building. I could squeeze
my way through any thing in thatbuilding. You know, how dare they?
He is felt as can be.That Michael Cyril. So I don't
know what they're talking about. Howardalso seems to want to help the trio
solve bunny's murder. How does Howardfeel about the trio and how does he
want them to see him? Ithink, uh, my take, and
you know it changes for me asan actor episode an episode, because I
don't get each episode. I don'tget the episodes ahead of time like as
a whole. So you're kind oflearning you take each episode at truth value.
or or what I think is truthvalue for each each single moment.
So, uh, I really believedthat Howard was trying to make friends with
the trio and it's maybe a littlebit of a starfucker, because he's like
into the fact that they have thisreally successful podcast that he loves and is
very clearly has his own ideas ofwhat the podcast should be. Um,
you know, he has ideas forepisodes. This is like me with the
writers, you know, inserting myselfin the you know, but just kidding,
but this is, you know,he has he I don't know what
his agenda is. I just thinkhe wants to be part of something more.
He's looking for a community and he'slike maybe I can get it through
these three, Um, these threewho are doing the podcast. And maybe
not Um, but I think he, I think how generally, wants to
be in everyone's good graces. Ithinks he wants to be seen one way,
even though sometimes he acts another way. Howard also has a new love
interest this season, which makes uswant to root for him even more.
There was something really nice about character. Actors like me don't usually get a
romance. You know, there's not. That's not something I get to play
very often. Normally, if Ihave of partner in a show, I
either like I've killed them in oneshow, I it's unrequited in several other
shows, or I stand next tothem and we never have any lines together.
Um. But to have them writethis sort of beautiful, romantic,
sort of little night for Howard,Um, it was really fun to play.
It was fun to Um and itwas easy to be nervous around Jason,
who I'm such a fan of andit's such a great actor. So
Um, it was easy to,you know, act like I was falling
in love with him. Yeah,and I loved when you got confidence and
you slicked back your hair a littlebit and just walked in. It was
so good. The turn was soperfect. For a minute you're like,
is Howard going to kill him orit was right. Absolutely, you're right
and hi. Hi. Right.So, hypothetically, if I sent my
cat to live with Agnes from thelibrary for a while and got an air
purifier and acum to my entire apartmentand linen rolled all of my sweaters twice
like I did to this one,it's very nice. Thank you. It's
new. If I did all ofthose things, would you consider going on
a date with me in the length. I think that line was something more
like what if I got rid ofmy cat or something originally and then,
Um, we kind of changed ita little because I don't think Howard would
get rid of his cat. Ithink he would maybe let the cat go
somewhere he could visit it for alittle while. But, like I said,
he always he has feelings in amoment and then just speaks them.
So at that moment he really wantedto keep Jonathan around. I was going
to ask that. I was like, what, Howard really get rid of
his Kittie? No, but hedid. I don't think so. But
I think that it was such alike what a magical night for him and
then what a horrible letdown when JonathanStarts Sneezing. So I think he was.
He was he was like, howdo I make this work? How
do I make this work? Cureall my options? And Jason Vc,
who plays Jonathan, is on broadway in real life too. Right now.
He's in the Michael R Jackson playa strange loop, which won the
Pulitzer for drama and the Tony forbest new musical this year. Oh,
here's an interesting tidy that Jason,who plays Jonathan, actually was the lion
king on Broadway. Oh, youknow crazy? Okay, so did he
was. That why it's written likethat, because he was. Knew that
a crazy coincidence. That's amazing.I love stuff like that. We're ready
for Howard to find love, humanlove rather than cat love, although we
love cat love, but human both. We're going to take a quick break
and when we come back, themutual respect between Madeline George and Michael Syrol
Creighton and the Yodel herd around theworld. Who? Oh my God,
I'm so sorry. I didn't realizeyou're out there. I was just going
to see if you had any batteriesI could borrow. That's amazing, because
I was just going to come andask if you had any batteries I could
borrow. So funny. Well,thanks, I guess I'll ask three seat.
Wait now, come in. Ihave tons of batteries. If you
have tons of batteries, why wereyou coming to ask if I had any
batteries? I mean have tons ofcandles. Can I interest you in a
votive or a driples taper? Well, I mean, I couldn't be more
excited about the storyline. First ofall, Michael cyrol crate, who plays
Howard, is just delish, beyonddelish, and hilarious genius who I've admired
for years for his work in thetheater as well as on the screen,
and he is just like such adream to write for. I was,
I was a fan of his fora long time and I never had a
chance to write for him in thetheater. You know, I'm a playwright
and he's a stage actor, butso this is like a crazy stroke of
luck for both of us to getto work together like this. Welcome back.
This is Madeline George, the writerof Episode Eight. She and Michael
Cerel Creighton, who plays Howard Morris, have known each other for years and
the admiration is mutual. I usedto work in a box office in the
city and Madeleine did plays there andI'm a big fan of madeline as a
playwright and a person. I justreally like Madeleine a lot and um when
I found out that madeline specifically waswriting this episode, I was so thrilled
because it's like you can't go wrongwith these writers. They're all incredible,
like every single one of them isa genius but, Um, I love
madeline so much, so so excitedthat she wrote this episode. Yeah,
we texted each other with with alot of delight when we found that out.
Madeline brought Howard to life in thisepisode but, as usual, the
storyline was collaborative. Yeah, Ifeel like actually it was Dan Foldleman,
Um, one of our executive producers, who's who was like, I really
would like to see Howard get someaction. I'm sure he said it more
delicately than that, but, likeyou know, this is an opportunity for
us to see Howard go in anew, an interesting direction. and Um,
yeah, so he steps out ofhis comfort zone, as one might
with the lights off. You knowwhere you can take a little bit more,
you have a little more courage,Um, and reaches out to one
of his neighbors, played by theequally extraordinary Jameson new BC. Um,
the two of them are just like, oh my gosh, they's so they're
so lovely together. There's a littlebit of a dark knight of the soul
moment, but a lot of peoplein the story are emboldened to make bigger
connections than they would have if thelights weren't out. Was that sound?
Of Silence. They heard you singingyesterday. It's definitely of our upcoming Simon
and Gar fyoto concert. Can Ihear a couple of bars? No,
no, no, no, no, I never sing alone. That's why
I found it a quick cat.Okay, we'll do wet, I'll do
Simon, you do Gar Fiotol.There's a lot of music sort of stealthily
throughout all of only Marders in thebuilding and I think again, I think
this was a Dan foldoman moment wherehe was like, I'd like to see
them sing together, but honestly likethat image of song reaching each other.
You know I mean across a bigdistance. It's definitely inflected by our experience
of the pandemic in New York,you know, where there was this sense
of like sometimes there were people whowent out every night onto their fire escape
and performed for their neighbors. Youknow what I mean? Um, and
there was, of course the soundevery night at seven pm of everybody leaning
out the window and beating on ourpots and pans. So I know this
was common in lots of places,but in New York City where when we
were locked down, that the ideathat like song or speech or noise could
travel from apart, from window towindow. I think it really it became
something very dear to our hearts asNew Yorkers. So there's a little note
of that in there, um.But also, like I think that in
this episode we finally get to gofull goonies on these passageways, you know
what I mean, and like reallykind of run through them in the way
that they were Um, that they'reany secret passageway is built to be run
through, Um, and being ableto use song as a way to find
each other in the darkness like thatin the passageways was just like sort of
delicious. The yodeling, I couldnot tell you except that it is one
of those kind of like over thetop flourishes that Um just belongs to the
characters of the show and springs fromthe mind really, I think of John
Hoffman. Well, it works.It sounded really nice floating through the building
with the song. Yeah, they'revery really the best yodeled version of sound
of silence ever on Hulu, Ican say with confidence. Hello darkness,
my old friend. Yeah, andvision that was punted were within the Sun.
Silence Good, restless dreams are wantalone. Sorry, it's just one
of the great breaks and folk rockhistory. It's hard not to sing along.
Dream Home. Your baby stopped cryingwhen my eyes were stabbed by the
flash of a neon light that splitthe night. Just the sound you,
Ali da Um. I was actuallyjust realizing the song of silence and how
are it singing it, which kindof reflects signed his life being alone for
so long, and by the endof the episode he does go on his
first date. Good Point. That'sbrilliant. That's what we meant that.
That's why we did exactly. Eventhough Howards yodeling may feel effortless on screen,
Michael says it took a lot ofpractice. I hardly know how to
sing, but John, pretty earlyon, before the season even started,
called me one day and he's like, you know this, this is where
my mind is that right now.I just wonder if you have a Yodel
in you, and I was like, excuse me, he said, I'm
wondering if you have a Yodel inyou, and because it's John Hoffman,
because he's the greatest guy in theworld, that I love the show so
much, I just say yes,of course, yes, I do.
I definitely do. I can definitelyYodel, which I then immediately started googling
how to Yodel. Um, Iwatched basically I found this woman, Jennifer
on youtube who had three videos thatwere like three basic steps to learn a
basic Yodel, because John was likeit's not gonna be a it's not gonna
be a big yodel thing, Idon't think at this point. So just,
you know, learn a basic Yoda, learn how to crack your voice,
et Cetera. Hello there, fellowYodlers, I'm Jennifer and I'm going
to show you how to Yodel ina basic yodel in just a couple of
easy steps. First thing I wantto tell you is practice, practice,
practice, practice, and never,ever, ever, give up. Don't
give up. So what's she's reallygreat videos by this woman Jennifer, and
in the video she's always like,you know, she was really encouraging.
She's like you can do it,never give up. Uh, you know,
you can write me or call meif you have an issue. So
I like spent many months, probablyvery leisurely, learning these three lessons and
then I was like, when Ifind out what I'm yodeling and I can
call her and it turned out shehad passed away, so I might couldn't
reach out to her. Jennifer mightbe gone, but her music lives on.
Will put a link to her howto Yodel video in the show notes
in case you wanted to start yourown yodel shop. Quark touch and the
music group she started, caddie wampa string band, is pretty good.
I'll tell you we'll play a littlebit at the end of the episode.
But her videos were incredibly helpful.And then so I just practiced and practice.
He worked his ass up to bea like starry Yodeler on that show.
It's not like he came in withyodeling under his special skills. I'm
MTV next to cockney accent, exactlyhistoric dance. The good thing was that,
you know, Howard is not asolo yodlist intentionally singing with the quartet,
so he doesn't have to Um UHstand out, and I think it's
the whole thing was that he justenjoys it. He doesn't have to be
good at it, but he enjoysit and it's something that he's very passionate
about. But when it turned out, when I got the script and I
was like, Oh, I'm yodlingthe sound of silence. That like a
song that is absolutely iconic in somany ways. I could not wrap my
head around it and I made likean s O, s I need help,
please, someone help me. Andthey hired this really amazing guy,
Dan Faber, who actually you cansee him in a shot of and I
think it's episode three. He's oneof the Yodel shop people with the bow
ties on and he's a voice teacherand he knows how to Yodel and he
spent all of this time with meteaching me how to turn sound of silence
into a Yodel, which was somethingthat my brain could not wrap its head
around. Um, and then hewas there on set with me and he
practiced with me and Jason, whoplays Jonathan, and so that's that's how
that happened. And now now,Michael, you can actually say, yes,
that's on your skills in a resume. Yes, I can't sing,
but I know, actually do know, how to Gregorian chant from which I'm
not going to do right now.Nice shot. I do know how to
Gregorian chant from high school, butit's I mean it's a different skill set.
It definitely is a different skill set. Have you ever had to use
that Gregorian chant? Bernie? No, I have not. Maybe maybe someday,
maybe someday. Well, what arethe songs as the Yodler Simon and
Garf Yodel group do do you think? I don't know. Like if we're
just doing Simon and garfieodl songs,that's one thing, but I also think
that there would definitely be like,you know, a whole genre of music.
Like I feel like he's probably reallyinto like nineties, like let the
river run. Would definitely be somethingHoward would yodel. Um, what else?
Um, dream a little dream ofme. That's not nineties, but
that would be something. Um,I'm branching away from Simon and Garfiodl.
Um. What else would Howard Yodel? Really anything? He was asked to
Yodel, he would yodel. I'mpretty sure. Okay, so if I
asked you Yodo right now, youcan do a bar or two if you
like. No thanks trying. Michaelmay not have been up for an impromptu
yodel sash, but he did sendKeiner a personalized yodel greeting after the interview.
Hello, keener, it's Michael.Cyril Creighton, also known as Howard
Morris. I feel bad that Idenied you the joy of a Yodel,
so here's a very basic yodel.Now I have warmed up. Hi D
A, Hollelleladyio, Hollee, you, Holle you, Hi d a,
Hollelaio, Hallelu Hallelu do. You'rewelcome. I mean, what a guy,
Kak. How seriously that? Hownice of it, how great.
He just did a whole thing forme. Musn't made him feel guilty.
Well, that's my jam, that'swhat I do. Um, he was
amazing and I loved it so muchit made me smile ear to ear.
No, but seriously, honestly,Michael is a gym. He really is.
Um. Okay, we've been talkingabout yodeling for a long time and
we're all was done. But thelast question we had was about filming the
big ensemble singing scene. Maybe nosurprise here, but it wasn't all shot
at once. Yes, they didthem all at different times. Like,
I don't I think they did thelobby stuff before we even did the yodeling
stuff. But they had a recordingof I think they had like a mock
up of the my Yodel instructor Dandoing it and I think they probably played
that for the lobby. Um,and then, I don't know when,
they did this stuff in the passageways. Uh. My favorite part in the
entire episode is when Ursula started singing. I think it is so funny.
I think it's so brilliant. She'sso funny. Um. But yeah,
we didn't do it together and then, Um, when Jonathan and I did
it, uh, Jason, wehad earwigs so we could hear the tempo
of the song. Uh, andthen we did it together, and then
we do it separate and then wedo it, you know, just into
a microphone. We did it somany different ways that poor crew had to
hear me Yodel for like six hours. It was wild. But yeah,
I did. It's all separate,but it's so I think it's kind of
very moving again, like this sortof community in the building sort of coming
together. I love any moment wherelike the whole building comes together in the
show to people who probably wouldn't havespent this time together under normal circumstances.
Are Nina, Lynne and Lester,the dormant, and maybe it's the magic
of the moment that gives them theability to connect in a new way.
I'm headed downstairs. Need me tomaile those papers. I'm not a robot,
but I can still be hopeful.You know what, maybe I should
double check and the light about thetalk of automation. We may need to
consider what we lose without the humantouch at the door. Maybe some jobs
could shift instead of getting cut.How does director of Resident Support Sound?
Yeah, it is a moment ofmutual humanization, I think for those two
characters, the way that they spendtime together in the blackout, and maybe
she took Um Lester for granted alittle bit before she had a chance to
meet him in a more and moreequal footing like in that moment. And
and you know her, her nefariousplans for the building are a little,
you know, undefined. You knowshe had some goals for it. She
maybe she would like to staff itfully with robots. That might be somewhere
in her head Um, but Ithink, like everybody in the black old
episode, like she yeah, shevalues the person that she's with just a
little bit more after they get sortof like stuck together in this way.
That's not a very deep thing tosay, but I mean I think she's
an incredible character. I would like, I personally would like to see more
about her journey as the new boardPresident Unit. And it even like she
was having second thoughts about that redesignof the building, putting that glass bubble
on top of it. Yeah,I mean, if anyone is going to
convince her not to make a multimillion dollar investment in real estate, it's
Lester. Fatherhood seems to be abig theme throughout the season and even Marv
he has issues about being a parentand relationship with his daughter and towards the
end when he basically rescues Lucy,that's like a big moment for him.
Yeah, exactly. He Restores Lucybasically to Um, to uh, her
studio family, in other words Mabel, Charles and Oliver and and yeah,
he has a little I mean it'sa little bit like he engineers it,
but he has a moment of realheroism and you can picture like him looking
for spending his whole life looking forways to live up to his daughter's hopes
for him. Here, showrunner andCo Creator John Hoffman, Marv is certainly
an extension of the super fans,but a real perspective hopefully a deepening perspective
that takes him beyond Super Fan,and we know all miss mark by the
end of it, and he caresabout his daughter and he he's driven in
ways that, Um, you know, are a little deeper and a little
more relatable than we might have expected, hopefully. And what a relief to
know that, although marv is uncomfortablewith women in position of power, he's
not the killer. But that's notthe biggest deveil of the episode, no
way. The biggest has to beglitter guy. Yes, listeners, we're
finally getting to it after a quickbreak. You know, I saw that
little viral video of yours. What'sstopping me from luck? Have you up
today? Huh, I was wonderingthe same thing. But why are you
here other than interrogating teenage girls?That's just one part of the job.
I happen to like. They havethe best disco fries and I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I got a newtattoo. What are you looking at,
Koke? MHM, drink your milk, Weirdo, and creps turns his head
and we see pink g litter behindhis ear. It makes sense that he's
a glitter guy, a police officermight work security part time, and there
was the text from the phone numberin an earlier episode that said I'm the
only one on the four who thinksyou're too dumb to pull this off.
And he's got the right build.But maybe it's a coincidence. You know,
listen, I still look at himred herrings, even though they're far
fetched. Maybe, I don't know, it could be glitter from something else,
but why would creps be doing this? And KK did he give any
clues earlier on in the season tomake us suspicious of him? There are
elements of surprise that we have todo here that will reveal themselves and make
more since as we go alonge here'sco Creator and showrunner John Hoffman Um.
But there should be surprised. Thereand and I think, a compounding of
problems that this new revelation might create. But then also questions, and I
think that last conversation between Mabel andcreps in that lobby of the Arconia where
she's wondering, why aren't you arrestingme right now after that viral video that
you saw, and what exactly isgoing on with you? And so there's
dual sides to it. Um.So she's she's wondering why he's not acting
in this moment if what she knowsnow is true, and how to get
to what's really going on. IsThe great investigative mind that Mabel Mora has
that hopefully kick into action in anew way in the next two episodes.
CREPS is looking very guilty right now, but is there some possible innocent reason
for the glitter and the injury?That would make him a red herring?
Maybe he has some weird glitter fetish, or maybe he opened up a card
that glitter in it that those arevery popular. Now I hope there's go
away now. We have to kickyou. We always have to look outside
the box. I mean we justhave to, because that's what you want
to do, even if it's Imean, you're a less weird. Explanation
might be has a young daughter,he was working on an ourt project with,
I don't you know this, andand maybe he really did get a
tattoo. Questions, and I thinkthat's part of the charm of the show.
Here's Ali stroker again. She playsSuper Fan Paulette and hosts the Hulu
after show. One killer question.Part of the charm of the show is
that like you are sucked into allof these side stories and these red harings
and you're just like, oh myGod, it totally could be that.
It's just like one of those reallygood mystery books that you can't put down.
You want to read the next chapter, you need to know what happens,
and I just think the writing onthe show is so smart and so
creative and so good. Superstar writers, superstar cast. It's kind of like
a masterclass, like you can watchevery moment on set, whether we're filming
or not, and learned something.I mean, these are masters, these
are legends of our time, andto watch them work and how they relate
to each other, I mean thedynamic between Martin Short and Steve Martin is
like something that is it's like it'slike iconic for our generation, you know,
and and and. So to bearound that and to be able to
watch them interact and then work together, Um, being working with Selena go
mess who's just like this superstar,superstar, and and and and then of
course all of the other, youknow, characters and guests, artists.
I mean, what's so amazing isthat it feels like we've sort of been
able to get like New York's finestright between plane and Jane Lynch. It's
just like she's like Jane. Howdo you share like these are New York
let's okay, back to glitter guy. Here's writer, Madeline George. First
of all, we like it ifpeople's jaws are on the floor at the
end of the episode. That's alwaysfantastic. So we like to hold off
on a big reveal until the endand give people something that they can really
look forward to coming back for.Um, and I don't know, personally,
I feel like you know, thethe character of detective creps like he's
just been cruising for a bruise andlike we just want to we just want
to punch that guy in the mouth. Um. And so now to know
that, like, in fact,there's much, much more to him than
we have known up till now,feels to me tantalizing. It's like,
right now, let's get into it, take him down a peg. Yeah,
let's find out what the hell isgoing on with this guy. And
I also realized Um, Howard's Paramore, uh, he sneezed in this episode,
which apparently was from Howard's cats.But I've been keeping an eye out
for people sneezing, since the personin the catacombs chasing after Lucy Sneeze.
So I am keeping my eye onthat. Good. Well, that's great.
If there's, if there's nothing elsethat we can do for America,
we can make people notice sneezes moreassiduously. Um. So, keener,
and I usually like to ask towardsthe end of an interview if anyone would
have a clue for our something wecan kind of think about and mull over.
Do you have something you'd like toshare? I'd know. I don't
know. I mean to win offmy list of suspects. I think that's
fair. Like, after you seea sweet scene like that, you know
that we're not like we're not gunningfor her. I mean, I guess
this is the question. It's likethe clue is just like, you know,
how how many people can fit ina Tibex suit? Oh, that
is a good one. Um,do I have any clues for you?
That's a horrifying question. I thinkyou like get in so much trouble for
saying anything. It could be somethingthat already happened that you know, people
glossed over. Oh, there's amillion things that have already happened that people
glossed over. I don't think anybodyis. I don't think anybody knows exactly
what happened. No one is guessingexactly what happened yet. K K,
we know what time it is.It's time for the WHO done it summit.
Who Done it summit? Okay,so this is well, first of
all, this is where Keena andI write down who we think the murderer
is based on what we've seen sofar. So up until episode eight,
we've written down our suspect, putit on a piece of paper and put
it in a sealed envelope until rightnow with you. Yes, you open
mind first place. Here we go. Okay, and you said and you
said Alice, the art gallery owner. Yes, Alice, how dare she?
Okay, let me tell you reallyfast. I don't even know.
I don't even think it's her,to be honest with you, but she
needs to get her come up.And she was horrible. She D M
somebody who was very vulnerable, Mabel, right for her own good, for
her own I'm sick of this.I'm sick of people doing that. I'm
telling you right now, and that'swhat she did to Mabel, poor she
she made it. She made theone bloody mabel. She made it happen.
She's used her. She did allthese things, made her break things,
made her do this. Then sheshe made a relive it by going
into it, making her apartment lookagain. It's just too much for me.
Kak, don't you take that photowhere bunny died on ables, flour
or odd. It's horrible. She'sa user. Goodbye, good ridden TATA.
Already ready for Mine? Yes,go ahead, okay, I open
it up. Here it goes.Oh, detective creps. Yes, now,
I'll be honest with you. Throughoutthe cool episode I thought the murderer
was Marv the Super Fan, becausehis group kind of wasn't buying his other
theories. We already know that heknows the catacombs and he knows that Lucy
is home alone. So that wasmy you know, through the whole episode.
But then at the very end whendetective creps has the glitter on his
neck, I mean I don't knowhow you get out of that, I
don't know. And then detective crepsis my suspect, but I don't know
why he would kill bunny. Um, but I'll tell you and he had
to his shoulder was bruised. Yourshoulder was when something happens, because Howard
bumped into his shoulder. Yours isbetter than mine, but I'll tell you
alice, alice doesn't live here anymore. Goodbye, goodbye. Thanks for listening
to season two, episode eight ofonly murders in the pod. Our inboxes
open again, so please send overyour thoughts and theories to only murders at
Straw hunt media DOT COM and ifyou're enjoying the show, please leave us
a rating and a review. Itreally helps people find the show. Only
murders in the pod is a productionof Straw hut media, hosted by Elizabeth
Keener, me and Kevin Lawn,produced by Ryan Tillison and Maggie Bowl's associate
producer is Stephen Markley. Original musicby Kyle Merritt and only murders theme music
by a Dartha Coast La. Big, big thanks to John Hoffman, as
usual, Xavier Salice, Luis SaMoultini and the entire Hulu team. KK.
It's time to read some Fan Mail. Yeah, okay, people give
us their ideas, their clues,their perception, all of it. So
this one is from Sarah B hi. rewatching some episodes in season two,
I started to see some connections betweenAlice and MARV. When he and the
fan club were sitting in the dinnertalking to Charles, Mabel and Oliver,
marv mentioned that he knew about thesecret passageways in the Arconia because he does
mold removal. In that scene there'sa respirator on the table and MARV is
wearing a full body blue protective suit. In the scene when Alice is on
the phone with Mabel, when Aliceis at the student you with a leaky
roof, alice is wearing a similarfull body protective suit, but tied at
her waist. And Alice knows aboutthe passageways because she was with her dad
on a job in the building asa kid. Just a thought. That's
a great thought, Sarah be thankyou, isn't it? But she's right.
I had to read that one andmaybe Alice is not British after all,
which is something we discussed. OhMan, she's lies upon lies and
trying to help her through things.It's just ridiculous. So Ka, my
pick for this week is from Jenniferin New York and I picked her because
it was a little different because shedoesn't have a suspect per se, but
she has a great idea for nextseason that I want to read to you.
So she wants to float this outinto the universe a musical episode next
season. She's thinking perhaps a Yodelshop, quartet, Selena Gomez, Steve
Martin, Nathan Lane, divine joy, Randolph and Jane how to sell.
Yeah, I just want to saythat's five. I think it would quintet,
Quintet, so we'll just fix thatfor her. She said she doesn't
even care if it's in all ofher platinum production and she just want to
watch it just based on the castalone. I think that's a fantastic idea
and I also want to help putthat into the universe as well. We
are putting it out there. Um, okay, so let's read some of
the names. We couldn't get to, but go ahead. Yeah, we
have Robert v Laura F from Brazil, Elizabetta and Lucas from France, Candy
and Thomas From Virginia, Anna Bfrom Miami, Ali w Ken Lisa J
from Vegas, Jeff from West Virginia, chloe, Brendan, Tom Kira.
We got a lot of good ideasthis week from people. I mean so
many. Thank you. Yeah,thanks everyone, we really appreciate it.
Keep them coming. Yeah, Ithink generally all the time. I'm always
like all the time, every timeI opened my mouth, a little bit
nervous to talk to someone. Sothere's no acting happening whatsoever. Yeah,
no, it was. It was. I have. I have had that
feeling, Um, several times.I do. I am a nervous person
in general. But Um, Jennifermight be gone, but her music lives
on. We'll put a link toher how to Yodel video in the show
notes in case you want to startyour own yodel shop quarttet. Okay,
Kay, you know what, wecould double up to a mia two of
you and then that's it. OrNo, no, we'll pull up,
pull, pull, Ryan and Maggie, and our producers will like that,
all four of us. All right, guys, get ready for that one.
It should go really well. Andwe just got the final three episodes
this morning. Oh, I know, I know, I haven't. I
know, but I can't look atanything until I'm told I can look look
at anything. But I'm gonna Watchhim tonight. Oh my God, can
you email me? Can you emailme? Wait, do you mean?
Do you know but you just haven'tseen? Is that basically what it is?
You just is that I don't seethem. But I mean, it's
just exciting to see what how peopleare gonna I don't know, it's just
exciting. I think we pictured Howardbeing very comfortable both organizing an archive of
books and protecting them from the generalpublic, which is the librarians Um secret
wish is to keep everybody up theregrubby myths off of the books in the
library. He's on the board too, write biding in those notes. You
know he's a he's a man ofmany talents and also a man of many
unexplored balances. I think that wewould love to get Howard to do every
possible different kind of thing that he'stakeable of in the show.