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KK is joined by writers of Episode 7 Stephen Markley and Ben Philippe. They discuss Episode 7 “Flipping the Pieces” and answer questions live with the Only Murderers Reddit Community!

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Only Murders in the Building Podcast
Sneak behind-the-scenes of the Hulu Original, Only Murders in the Building starring Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez. Listen in as Elizabeth Keener and her DIY podcasting partner Kevin Lawn talk to the cast and crew and scramble to get clues on the murder within the show!  From Straw Hut Media  Produced by Ryan Tillotson, Maggie Boles, William Sterling  Music by Kyle Meritt

Episode transcripts

Straw media. Welcome to our onlymurders in the building reddit talk with only
murders in the POD podcast and thewriters of the episode for Season Two,
episode seven. You know, maybea little recap of this week's episode of
the Pod and then who your guesseswere. Yes, I always like to
start off with the guests. Um. Well, obviously this was an episode
where a lot of the action tookplace at Coney Island. Um So,
I picked Alice this week and it'skind of tied into the at Uh so.
We know that they saw the personwho they found the first of all
the Coney Island employee, I dbatge. So that led them to coney
island in the first place and thenthey saw the figure. I think that
could be Alice, and obviously sheis no stranger to dressing up in disguise.
We've seen her dressed up as Mabel. I feel like she could have
been using the empty coney island amusementpark as something to do for an art
project. I think that would besomething that she would be into. So
my pick, my pick this weekis Alice. Interesting. Yeah, I'm
not add percent confident on that,but that's who I'm working with. There's
a lot of talk about man handson the subreddit. The man hands.
Yeah, because we see the onehand of glitter guy or Dal and a
lot of people are Um sleuthing thehand. Can't of sloping the hands.
A lot of people are saying marvor um the waiter, and his name
just escaped me. I thank you. Ivan seems to be getting back into
the conversation again. Yeah, markseemed to be a popular person last week,
for sure. Hello, well,Hello, Oh, yeah, people
heard me. Yes, you soundgreat and I am so loving your reddit
handle, created just for talk.Yes, was gut milk zero taken.
I have a whole sort of brandingstrategy planned and I prefer to release them
one at a time. So it'sgonna be Keto first and then Localorie,
and then we're gonna be gluten conscious. I mean I love the introduction of
the gut milk fizz. It's allwe're ending opportunity. You're killing it.
LACOI IS gonna be knocking on yourdoor soon. Well, welcome, welcome,
welcome to Reddit. Stephen and Ben. You are on the dedicated subreddit
for only murders in the building.Um, we've had some of your co
workers on for a couple of talksthe last few weeks and we have just
love, love loves getting Um toknow all of the writers, know the
get to know the process a littlebit more and just have you all come
through. It's just been a realtreat. Thanks for having yeah, yeah,
we we usually start because we've talkedto we've talked to a few writers
and they've mentioned that they do comeonto this sub from time to time to
sleuth uh, what the community issaying, seeing if there's any clues that
people are gloving onto you and,of course, dispelling any rumors within the
writer's rooms out there. Yeah,exactly. Um, how about how about
you, Steven Ben? Do youdo you usually? Do you use reddit
in that way as well? Ithink last year I was really trying hard
to stay off the Internet. Ifpeople love the show, if they hated
the show, I was just notgoing to engage. But then some people
were saying that they're saying Nice thingsabout you on the Internet for episode one
of Seven, and that's all.That's all you need to tell me to
have me in there and scroll forhours and hours just soaking up all the
praise. I'm a I'm a prettydedicated Bloodye, so this is actually my
first time using reddit in my entirelife. How do you like that right
now? Thank you. Thank you, yea. That's a whole other conversation
that we can embark on, butthis is so exciting find it while I'm
out here in my cabin in Montana, you know, building my uni bomber
materials, working on the manifesto.Yeah, I got my manifesto going and
yeah, so it's good for you. Well, thank you for sharing glimpse
of the glimpses of your manifesto inthe form of a TV show that a
lot of people watch and love.No problem, Um, we usually it's
also start with the P S A. For those that are new to Reddit
talk. Welcome. This is ournew ish audio feature. If you'd like
to ask questions, uh, forany of the esteemed guests today, hit
the hands icon to raise your handsand we will bring you up on stage
to ask your question live. Alternatively, we are checking the comments throughout the
entirety of the show, so ifyou want to drop any questions comments in
there, UH, feel free.They will be seen. Um, which
leads us to our first question fromthe comments from Gosh aggie Bou on,
I'll say, uh, they askwhat Theo signing of quote, a lot
of deaf people don't get to write, shows a Meta, self ironic line,
and who suggested its inclusion? Mark? Yeah, I think I can't
remember who decided or who pitched thatfirst, but it was in an early
draft, if I recall. Ithink we were both, you know,
we we have been very cognizant oflike sort of the you know, like
how much can a deaf person actuallyglean when reading whips right, because it
was such an important component of thestorytelling in the first season. So I
think we just wanted to sort ofuh, draw some attention to that and
pay a little service to sort ofthe idea that there are two hearing writers
working on this Um and then sortof the larger element of who gets to
tell stories and and all that goodstuff. Is that fair? Ben?
Yeah, and I think early,early on, when we were talking about
Theo, we we had like somesketchings of him as someone was aware that
he's deaf but doesn't consider a disabilityat all. And this episode was a
little slower and less sort of likehermitic than season one. So we wanted
to sort of get a chance toglimpse his views about how the world sees
deafness a little bit. Yeah,I think it's always Oleungen because Ben and
I are both novelists and so likewe're used to working on a huge canvas,
right, and so you know,when we were talking about Theo and
and his backstory, we're coming upwith this like elaborate fie novel worth of
material and obviously has to be translatedinto a thirty minute episode of television.
So just looking for those little placesto get in his personality and and get
into his character. I think itwas very important. Amazing. There is
a lot, a lot, alot of love for Theo this week on
the sub some people are shipping himand Mabel. Yeah, yeah, they're
like they have good chemistry. Maybethere's something there. But a lot of
people also just loving his story arcand seeing him again and Um, also
a lot of a lot of peopletalking about the reading of lips and just
like the communication aspect between him andMabel. But thank you so much for
then. I will try to domy best again for both of you to
Um. A lot of people tryto get some some extra Intel from you.
So I'll do my best to tryto keep that to a minimum here.
Um, I have a quick questionfor Stephen and Ben. Uh,
it's just a quick one. IsTheo still living in the Arconia or does
he have his own apartment, thatone that he took me back to?
Ben, you go, you doyou do this? Uo doesn't live in
at the Arconia. I think he'sDad got him an apartment in a separate
building, maybe in his early twentiesas a sign of independence, but also
as a way of yielding power overhim. Um, he's often at his
that department and he grew up inthe Arconia, but he does not live
at the Arcon okay, he doesn'tlive with his father. Okay, mark
this. Yeah, it's just funnybecause this was quite a point of discussion
when we were talking. I thinkwe talked about this for like a whole
day at one point. Yeah,when they showed his apartment, I'm like,
I don't think that's the Arconia.And on the page I think it's
comes from both of us being novelists, but we really had like different images
of what Theo's living space looked like. Like Dani, sort of like at
the end of the Sunday line justuh, you know, leaking pots everywhere,
but it's still a gorgeous only murdersin the building. It's super nice
that's only murdered in the building's ideaof a crappy New York apartment. And
he had a really nice headboard.I remember that. And I saw he
had the rowing machine. I waslike, okay, Theo staying staying fit.
Actually love that. I love thatlike, Um, I don't want
to Spool at any threats, butthere was one thing that some people noted
in episode one of Seven. Howdid theo subdue both Mabel and Oliver?
Um, he's not that burly ofa person. So we want to just,
you know, let the world knowthat Theo keeps fit. That's I
love that, Um, that callout. It's like it's all, it's
all explained. Eventually there's an acknowledgement. Yes, he stays fit on the
rowing machine, on the ER.I mean speaking of a very small detail
that, um, of course,we all loved seeing here is when Theo
showed mabel the video of him stabbingglitter person, we're not gonna say,
or Gal on the subway. Itlooks like it was the reddit interface that
the video was on. Any andreally, for a question mark, I
would say that was maybe US payingor, like the you know, the
shows many many callds on the designside of things, paying homage or you
pronounced that word to the community ofpeople who made this show by talking about
it so much and taking it toheart so wonderful. A nice little link
to them. It was a wonderfullink and Um, you know you have
to freeze frame it, but truthbe told, a lot of hearts coming
up in the audience here. Throwup any EMOJIS for that little reddit call
out there. But Um, wehad to freeze frame it, but people,
people definitely caught it. So thankyou for they see you, they
hear you exactly. Um. Ournext question comes from Princess Peach Nine,
who has a little bit flair ofAli. Mabel. Uh, what was
your favorite scene to write or thatyou are really happy with how it turned
out this episode? Um, Ithink, uh, the interactions between Mabel
and Theo were sort of obviously thecore of the episode and I got to
go on set for it. BeenOnly showed up one day. Just for
all you out there. All Right, I love it. He's not winning
any attendance awards anytime. No,it's like watching those two actors sort of
learned from each other and interact andand seeing that experience between Selena and Joey
was was pretty, pretty amazing.Uh so I very much enjoyed that.
Uh Yeah, and all, sincewe're talking out of school, I will
just say that, mark, wespent like three weeks on set, so
became really good friends with Selena andJoey and, uh, Steve and Martin
and Um, the first time Isort of had to shake hands with Seleno
Domez on set, I was justlike back to being in a high school.
I love your music, and wethink, isn't this Schooltonia Selena?
I mean I if I could takeaway nothing, like if I only get
one pleasurable experience out of two yearsof work out, only merged in the
building. He was watching Ben Phillipeinteract with Selen agos for the first time.
That was a truly special moment inmy life. You have to videotape
that next time. So there's novideotape of it. Uh No, I
think my favorite scene to write wasprobably like the early interactions between Mabel and
Teo, when she's still very angryat him and she sort of has a
lot of misconceptions about him and he'ssort of just showing that he is a
good person. And they're a littlebits in there, like him confirming that
she did stab someone by being likeso blunt, and she makes a joke
about him like that. He shouldbe a trauma counsel. Counselor that was
that was a final moment. Iknow that it's a hard question. It's
like choosing between your children, butyou both did a phenomenal job, so
thank you. The next question comesfrom Nikki D s Um did you,
oh gosh, did you write thefinale for Season One, knowing that there
would be a season to also samequestion for the season to finale and a
little we love the you and Mabel. I'm telling you, there are a
lot of people shipping those two rightnow. What's the word shipping? What's
that mean? I've heard Oh myGod, mark, come on, that's
start. Someone who didn't grow upwriting fan fiction are here. It's basically
like you're shipping them as a couple. So like you're you're pairing them up,
you're hoping that they're gonna end uptogether you're putting your eggs in that
basket, so to speak. DidI do that? Okay then, yeah,
I always looking for a stort forrelationship. You know, you're spiking
buffy. Buffy and angel was avery cool teenager, totally, totally more
mainstream of Ross and Rachel, youknow, whatever it might be. has
anyone combined their names like a branchSelina kind of thing, like maybe,
Oh, I think it would beable. Oh, that's good. Yeah,
which one? Matteo, Matteo?But curious about about the sorry,
I I totally that was a littledetour there. But about the question of
do you write these story ARCS withthe finales in mind for the next season?
Um, and if you're in thatsituation now, knowing that you guys
got greenlit first season three, whichcongratulations, by the way. Thank you.
I guess the answer to that isnot really. Um, like we're
sort of always playing with the elementswe set up, but I think there's
especially this season, there was alot of discussion about how all these elements
we put in the air would playout. I think that is sort of
some of the fun of it iswe have to connect everything. It's like,
as in the episode, this enormouspuzzle Um and just sort of seeing
how it all fits together ourselves beforewe move forward, flipping the pieces,
as it were. Listen, Ididn't want to be too cure, but
I'm here for that. Yeah,I think there's an element of it that
sort of your writing um the seasonto be self contained, but it's also
like it could be season seventeen.That's sort of the energy you have to
bring into the story as you're breakingit. You guys are doing a wonderful
job, though, so wonderful.Speaking of flipping the pieces, broad presentation
nine, I apologize, I'm goingto combine your two comments a little bit,
but could you all talk a littlebit about the metaphorical puzzle and where
it came from and how that cameto be? I think it came from
when we were talking about sort ofMabel's mind, or her state of mind
to season and she's been taking iton the Chin quite a bit and there's
a central sort of hole in hermemory, which is what happened to bunny,
like bunny fell into her arms,she was bleeding and Mabel, I
think part of Mabel, knows thatshe is capable of stabbing someone so we
kind of wanted to find a wayof visualizing it into literal puzzle piece,
and that's sort of what ends uphappening in this episode. And I think
the metaphor of the puzzle allowed herto put it back together for the audience
so that by the end we havelike the missing piece, that hole in
her memory. Amazing. I thoughtit was a really cool visual for sure,
and like just getting that backstory ofMabel. It was a really beautiful
story ARC, which actually leads toanother question which comes from low dridge.
They ask, do each of youhave individual characters that are your babies for
whom you, and only you,write the story slash dialogue? For?
It's way more collaborative than that.Like I feel like in any given episode
you're seeing something you're you suggested orlike the flu out of your mouth,
like pop up, and then inyour own episode it's like a bunch of
other people's stuff is sort of Ucorralled in. It's just it's so like
the work is so expansive and itgoes through so many drafts that you don't
really ever see yourself in exactly onecharacter. But I think for Ben and
I obviously you know, writing Theohas been an enormous uh just like a
lot of fun and very interesting.Um, and we definitely have been,
you know, like we we likethe idea of shipping Mabel and Theo.
That's a great, uh, greatthing. We've thought of that before and
talked about it, I'm sure,but yeah, we we have enjoyed writing
theo and seeing how his character hasevolved. Yeah, I think everyone in
the room has characters that their voiceis sort of like respond a little bit
more to that Pacific specific character.Like they can be small characters, like
I really like Ursula in the building. Other people really like Lester Um.
But yeah, for Markley and Iit's he is a good boy. I
was. I also really enjoy writingTeddy. I love it. And great
use of the word shipping. Thankyou. I'm learning so much to that.
It's very catchy. Um. Well, I'm curious too, because you
do collaborate very much with James,the person that plays Theo, about you
know, how to incorporate incorporate someof those elements of being deaf into into
the story and making sure that theykind of stayed true to the community.
Yeah, absolutely, I think becauseneither of US could go to set for
season one because of covid uh.You know, he played a large role
in sort of shaping how the character, you know, moved in the world
right and how his interactions went withthis season. Because we're on set,
like Joey would often make suggest Js are intimate details that would be difficult
for a hearing person to think through, right, Um, just those little
nuggets, and so it was greatlike having him there to just sort of
like walk you through it. Theone thing I remember is there's a line
when Selena is trying to sign something, uh and she signs like thank you
for stealing my fish, uh,and I like spent hours and hours on
uh, you know, like lookingat a s L so I could like
get something that would be funny,but that would actually like be a misguided
uh sign that she was doing,and it took close like what's that?
Something that's close enough to it?Yeah, that could actually be and like
I just like like sweated trying tofind that like one thing, but I
think stealing my fish is funny.So, you know, it was so
great when that happened. I wasactually thinking about you all. was like
how did they land on that?On that sign to make it close enough
but also funny. No, yeah, I was really difficult, but listen,
I have been on Youtube. That'sthe thing I've looked at. Yes,
I mean similar with glitter, likebeing able to incorporate and her being
like well, that was actually reallyfun. Yeah, she liked that one.
You know, like having those thosemoments to call out. It's it
would be very hard, if youweren't well versed in as AL, to
be able to write and incorporate thosethose moments. So kudos. I was
just curious. What's the joke with? What? What's the steel my fist?
Joke is that's supposed to be similarto an actual sign word that she
would say. Yeah, so notlike dead on, but like she's trying
to say like thank you for helpingme steal the files or the file,
but it's obviously something that doesn't endup in there. It just only matters
to the insane writer who's like thishas to like resemble something she might try
to say to theo in that moment, if that makes ye I get it
now. Thank you. Anteo doeskind of have that moment where he kind
of just smiles and be like yeah, okay, I get it close and
if you tried, and I think, like James, Joey does such a
great job of just adding so manylayers with Theo. Like when we were
first writing him, he was,you know, technically the son of a
grave robber, so there's something reallysinister about that sort of character on paper.
Uh. But Joey sort of absolutelyor softness to Theo that I think
become, it's really important to thecharacter. Um, he didn't really take
full shape in my mind until wesaw theo on set and sort of his
love for his father, just theway he's very on assuming just moving through
the world, but also kind oflike super confident, like he doesn't mind
breaking into really any building. Um, that all came from, and he's
very calm and collected when he's doingthings. Mabel is kind of freaking out
a little bit and he just calmedit down and took care of business.
And speaking of breaking into buildings,we learned a new tactic of how theo
broke into a building with the key. That taught mabel a little like moment.
They're like how how do you allkind of incorporate those little moments as
well, because it's like are youwell versed in in you know, walking
or Youtube. That actually happened likeon set that day where everybody was like
okay, so this door is justgonna be wide open and, you know,
we were talking through it and justsort of like well, I mean
Theo knows how to break into stuff. So then giving Mabel a line that
like acknowledges like Oh, that's likesomething just quick. That acknowledges that she
is used to breaking that the themeof the show is just people breaking into
every single door. Fine, Um, so that, you know, stuff
like that that just comes together inthe moment. It was fun. Also,
Joey James Cabally is uh is oneof the guests on the podcast this
week, which is kind of funto have a non hearing person as a
guest on a podcast, obviously withthe help of an interpreter, um.
But we also I don't know ifit's up yet, but the episode is
on Youtube also for non hearing folksto enjoy. Awesome, kind of cool.
Check it out. Very cool.Um. Well, we'll try to
post those links in the sub aswell. That's a really awesome call out.
Thank you for that. I'm surea lot of people would be interested
to both listen and see all ofthose all of that interaction. Definitely.
Yeah, we have a bit ofa quiet room today. If anyone does
want to raise their hands to comeon stage, don't be shy. Come
on through, hit that hand iconand we will bring you up. And
actually, actually, I wanted tomention Ben was texting me beforehand. If
anybody has a question about his personallife, he's happy tax advice. You're
a very bad person legal issues.This just took a turn. I'm sure
there's probably a better brasos quote thatthat could have been used for that,
but it's going in a whole differentdirection. That's the one thing I know.
I'm curious to you about writing,like, I mean there's that inception
nost of it all, writing ashow within a show. Like how do
you keep continuity going with that,because it is such a little subplot in
there? How how does the BRASOSTV show make its way in the writer's
room? I think when we weretrying to figure out what to do with
BRASOS and we were just looking atvariety that day and they were like seventeen
reboots of old shows that were beingabound, because our characters are at such
a remove from the entertainment world willalso being a part of it. We
can sort of just have one referencehere there and hopefully paint a picture in
the audience's mind of like, Ohyeah, that's a reboot of a cop
show from the, you know,nineties. I totally get what that is.
There'll be a BRASO's origin story,absolutely, but truly yeah, or
I mean I would watch the rebootof, you know, Charles being the
uncle wants soup. Really, Dad, someone please give them soup. Let
me see if there are any morequestions. You're okay? I mean,
I will ask this uh, dazzlingyou seven, seven, but I don't
know if we're gonna able to answeranswer it. Dazzling you seven, seven
asks. Can we have a smallhint, please, please, please,
hint what I think? A hintto anything? They were not. I
think that you can take that forwhat it is. I mean, I
worked so hard at my hint,at my clue in the UH as KK
know, it's my clue in thepodcast podcast. Yeah, I think you
can share those for you know,folks who haven't heard the podcast yet.
Probably a lot of them haven't,and we all know you're so good clue,
Steve. Listen, I just like, I like a clue. That's,
uh, you know, nice tothink. It's so hard to give
clues, though, because you know, when I hear people's clues on the
PODCAST, I'm like, well,that either hit way too close or it's
so general as to be you like, I think the killer was, you
know, a mammal. It's gonnabe harder to buy episode seven because things
are starting to line down a littlebit. So you ratch it up.
I'm very thankful that we're only onaudio, because if you have any other
tells, you know people aren't goingto be analyzing your facial expressions and reaction
to some of these questions, likepausing to see if our eyes dilate and
exactly I can hear your heart beatincreasing on your brow. Um. All
right, we'll move on from that. But Nikki DS asks. Did someone
from the some one? Oh Gosh, I'm so sorry, Nicky. I'm
gonna doctor this a little bit.Did any of the actors really surprise you
with adding something new to their charactersor something you didn't expect but was kind
of great? I think Ben's previousanswer, James Cavalley was just great.
especially like I think last year's episodewas so focused on the plot outcome that
there wasn't as much room for himto sort of maneuver within the confines of
what his character had to do,because it was so focused on that Moment
Zoe um and this season I justfelt like he had so many playful moments,
like even when he's like yanking histeeth out with the fake plyers,
it's just like he's he has likesuch a broad range, which is was
really a pleasure to watch. I'mgonna go with you know overlooked underdog,
a man named Martin Short. Oh, I've heard of him. WHO's that?
Uh, he is just so goodat making Oliver as amazing as Martin
Short actually is, but his owndistinct character. I think something that surprised
me is how involved Martin is insort of shaping the image of Oliver and
sort of like what Oliver would do, what he wouldn't do. He's still
extraordinarily funny, like there are someriffs and some deleted scenes that, oh
boy, he's just never off.But you see the difference between Martin Short
in between Oliver Putnam and yeah,he knows that character so well, which
is weird for me as a writerbecause, Oh, you assume that you
know, the writers know the charactersbest, but then the actors who've been
living with them for like two anda half years really just they've imprinted on
these characters in a really, reallyamazing way. Absolutely, yeah, I
think it's it's so interesting. Iread Marty's book and it's like going through
his career, it's like, yeah, this is somebody who's basically a legend
but you know, in some wayslike never had that monstrous hit, you
know, kind of like Um inthe way that Steve has. But like
I feel like in this show heis just like a total flamethrower in every
scene, you know, like he'salways so funny. Every little thing he
does is weird. He's just sotalented and uh, you know, even
when I know exactly the line that'scoming, it can still crack me up,
which is is very impressive. That'samazing. He definitely puts a lot
of thought into every lie and hespeaks in every movement and he makes hand
gesture, eyebrow rays. For suresomething we learned from one of the writers
or somebody when we UM talked toMartin Short last year for the podcast.
Was that? Like he came upwith this backstory that Oliver is obsessed with
Timothy Shaloman, like everything he doesis like what would be like? What
would timothy where? That's so,so funny, and it makes me look
at him and his choices in adifferent light. It's so good it go
through that filter. Yeah, it'sincredible, but it's also I mean,
we're learning that Oliver is kind ofa child of the Internet. Like him
and Um Mabel's meme exchange. Hislove for Timothy Shallo made very much tracks
with that, you know, Internetculture, because he's a huge fixture of
the Internet. He's definitely unreddit.There's any of our characters like. He's
deep, deep on Reddit. Ilove that, Martin. However, I'd
love to know what his screen namewould be. That would be fun for
the writers to come up with sometime. Low dridge, feel free to Ummun
ask your question. Yeah, hi, Um so I was just wondering,
like, once you've determined who yourkiller is and you've got all that set
up, how much of the writinggoes into planting red herrings and making all
the other characters look as suspicious aspossible? That's a really good question.
I promised Markli and I aren't beinglike silent and coy just to be silent
and coy. It's just like it'sthe episode seven that like we're so close
to it, being able to talkabout these things openly, um, that
we don't want who to literally killus. I think we like, when
it comes to red herrings, welike to create characters and clues that point
to potentially real killers. Like theidea is that if we were going to
be able to season around, Ohboy, Mabel did it, it's all
been Mabel's doing and she's, youknow, setting up the entire story.
I think we will. We wewould want that to track so the red
hearings herrings end up feeling real.Does that make sense? Very markedly?
Yeah, I mean I think there'sthis process in every mystery where, you
know, the detective, quote unquote, in whatever capacity they are, is
cycling through the characters and the audienceis, uh, you know, along
for the ride of that. Sothe audience is also sort of judging and
dismissing and Wayne and dismissing and thensomebody catches your eye and you're like,
okay, I think it's this personI have a thread with my friends back
home in Ohio and they're like constantlyguessing about who did it, uh,
and I find that so interesting becauselike the theories you come up with and
the ways in which, like,each individual sees the mystery, uh,
is so interesting to me. Um. But yeah, you know, it's
it's every mystery is like sort ofa weird balance you're trying to strike,
because it all it lock in.It should all makes sense when the final
person is revealed, and hopefully ina way that's satisfying to everything that's come
before. It's also a fun challenge, I would say, because our audience
is so invested in the show.Like once you have viewers who will take
screenshots and zoom, you're not dealingwith just like throwings Tom gags at the
wall anymore. So you have tosort of be aware that you're writing for
very smart people. Wow, whata suck up, man. I'm sorry,
welcome to Reddit for you. That'swhat we do of here everyone.
They think we're smart. No,thank you, and thank you a little
lower dredge, for your wonderful question. Well, with that said, the
doors always open. Comeback any time. We would love to have you back
episode after episode. Ten airs andyou can air all of your dirty laundry
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Um. Thank you, KK StrawHannah, as always, for letting us
do this Um. It's so muchfun. We look forward to it every
week. Thank you. Thank you, and listen to this week's episode of
the PODCAST Steve and Ben, pluswe also have divine joy randolph, who
plays detective Williams, and James Cavalley, who plays Theo Um. So it's
a really, really good episode.So check it out and you can watch
it on youtube either now or very, very soon and just just spread your
joy around. Episode Eight is oneof my favorite things ever, so look
forward to that one. I lovethat. So that'll be picking up where
the blackout happens at the end ofepisode seven. Then, right, yeah,
it's a blackout episode. Okay,I don't know. I hope that's
not a spoiler and I'm not fired, but we'll see. But yeah,
it's Madeline George. She's a genius. I love her so much. We'll
have to keep watching. Well,that that is for sure going to be
a happening. But man, nowit feels like it's going to be a
really long almost week. We're soon the majority of the week here,
but thank you so much again.Until next time, we'll be back,
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