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KK is joined by Poppy White herself, Adina Verson as well as Season 2 Episode 6 co-writers Ben Smith and Joshua Griffith. They discuss Episode 6 “Performance Review” and answer questions live!

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Straw media. Hi, K K, how are you doing? Good,

how are you doing? I know
we have some exciting guests lined up.

Yes, absolutely, oh my gosh. Well, in a very exciting lineup

today. It was a very long
title for our talk today. In fact,

there was so much excitement. Oh
Nice, kind of like a performance

review in itself. I know,
right, a little bit of foreshadowing,

right, are imitating life? Yes, oh my gosh, like every other

week, so much to discuss.
It was a jammed pack episode. That

special jam packed absolutely, I think, maybe the biggest cliffinger to date.

Right, yeah, there was a
lot going on. Yeah, hi,

Adina, can you hear us?
Oh, she's I'm mute. You have

to hit the button down. There
we go. I'm muted. Can you

hear you? Did it? Oh
my God, poppy herself, poppy white,

joining us. I can't believe it. It's an honor. It's an

honor to be here. Oh my
gosh, Adina, I hope that you

get a chance to see all the
love thrown your way in the discussion threat,

because so many people love poppy and
the way that you've portrayed her.

Oh, thank you. I love
poppy too, so that makes me really

happy. Yes, on the PODCAST
I called it team poppy. There is

a huge team poppy on Reddit and
I think, Um, a lot of

people really I don't. I feel
like she hits a very human chord for

a lot of people. A lot
of people relate to her and her experience.

Yeah, everyone sees a little bit
of poppy in themselves. Yeah,

yeah, that's that's very heartwarming.
Um, so I'm looking at all these

comments. That's amazing. But yeah, I it's been so exciting to like

finally kind of share this episode.
Yes, yes, it's, Um,

a very poppy centric episode. You
actually narrate it. Yeah, and we've

all been waiting for that. We
Love we love pop because we knew that

she was absolutely going to be,
um, an essential part of the story

and we're just waiting for it to
be revealed and to have that an episode

like this come up. Oh cool. And yes, it's such a gifted

to be like, you know,
a smaller character on this show and then

you never know who's gonna get their
own episode to narrate. So it's like

so exciting because anyone, especially with
such a large cast too. So that

really said something about you and poppy
can you tell us a little bit about

that experience of kind of becoming Um, you know, a little bit coming

off from being a wallflower to being
like on the center stage, and how

that experience was like for on your
end? Yeah, I mean it was

really fun. I like knew that
the episode was coming, but I didn't

get the script into you know,
I for like a couple of months,

I think. Um. So I
was like I had no idea and of

course I've made made up so many
different things in my head. Um,

it was so fun, and so
it was such a comfortable set to be

on. Too. I'm a little
bit like poppy and that I like can

be very diminutive or like Um,
assume that people are thinking poorly of me

or something like that, and so
sometimes it's hard for me to like h

step into a bigger space or a
bigger role, um, but it was

especially on a show like this,
where there's like legends leading it. But

I was able to, you know, feel comfortable stepping into to set on

this episode and, Um, I
feel like they are really respectful and Um,

and I feel like they just like
fleshed out poppy in such a way

that I was like, Oh,
I like I know her. It's really

clear and I really feel for her. So they made it kind of easy.

That's great. I remember one thing
we talked about on the PODCAST.

You we kind of discussed how you
created the voice to use for poppy.

It's kind of that NPR voice.
Do you want to just talk a little

bit about that and how you decided
on what to use? Yeah, I

you know, actually it went back, actually all the way to be really

working audition, when I had auditioned
for Cinda. One of the scenes was

some of her podcast recording. Um. I guess it's just like what I

did the and Oh you know what, actually, memories are coming back to

me. They Um. Originally,
I think they might have taken this line

out once Tina was like definitely playing
the role, but like when they go

in in season one to meet Cinda, that was the scene, the audition

scene. First Cinda, Um,
because you originally auditioned for the role.

Then ended up playing right, yes, yes, as she obviously should Um,

but they had um. One of
the lines was like you sound different,

like and they're like a little confused
about the way that she's speaking.

Um when they hear her not on
the PODCAST, like when they meet her

in person. And so I had
made like a really bold choice to be

like, to kind of be like
Joey's agent from friends, Um, like

super like New York Willie and Deland
like and it. And then so I

was like what's the total opposite of
that, like as far as like a

radio voice goes? And and so
I was like, yes, it should

be smooth and pr Um. So
that's that's where that choice came from.

was from this like just trying to
be, uh, the opposite of this

totally absurd choice that I made.
That Um, you know, nobody saw

Um. But then, but then
when I when they wrote, Poppy John

Hoffin was like I loved your radio
Voice, like keep it like that.

I was like, Oh, okay, so then I just kept that.

Yeah, I know. If you
ever want to start a podcast, Adinat

it down. I know for real. Um and Adina, city bike finder,

asked in the comments. Hi,
Adina, thank you for participating.

Did you spend a lot of time
studying Tina phase performance as Sinda as a

basis? Um, I know that
you kind of Said you you were going

for Sinda initially, but did anything
change for you when Tina assumes that role

Um. Yeah, I mean,
I mean I've basically seen everything that Tina

they has ever done, so I
feel like I didn't need to like study

her, but I definitely was excited
to play with being in the room with

her and seeing, like what I
what poppy would copy. I never realized

that poppy friends with copy Um.
Interesting, uh. One of the first

times that they that I had an
interaction with the Um once I got cast,

they like quite quickly sent over I
think it was a p a,

or it might have been a customers
since and I don't remember. Or maybe

it was props, because glasses are
technically props, not costumes, Um,

and they fitted me for glasses because
they told me that I was going to

be wearing the exact same glasses as
Cinda, which I thought was hilarious,

and like then I was like okay, now I get to like see what

what I can copy from her,
and so it doesn't always work to do

that, but I feel like I'm
like poppy, is always hanging on every

word that she says and if Sinda
has a reaction to somebody else, then

like definitely I wouldn't plan it ahead, but I would just like watch her

like a hawk while we were shooting
and then, like, you know,

in a poppy way, try to
emulate whatever her reaction had been. That's

hilarious. It is and it's such
a healthy foundation to have so much Tina

Fae work out there to study.
Oh, absolutely, and she's just so

incredible. Yeah, and she's so
like cool and calm and collected, which

is like the opposite of me.
So it's nice to like have that to

play against myself. And poppy definitely
looks up to Sinda as a mentor person

and, UH, probably takes in
some style tips and personality tips as much

as she can. Definitely definitely calm
struggle, says coppies, my new favorite

character, with a dancing emoji.
I think a lot of I think they're

not alone in that, not at
all. Yeah, that's amazing. Anyone

has any questions? From here until
the end of the show, please feel

free to raise your hand by hitting
the hand icon if you'd like to come

up and ask a question live or
to make some comments live. Alternatively,

of course, we're always sleuthing the
comments, as you can see, so

if that is more of Your Cup
of tea, feel free to keep on

typing and sending those comments in that
way. Okay, we actually have a

couple of race hands. So are
you guys ready for a couple of people

to come on stage? Sounds good. I just sent an invite to yeah,

her and I think that's Howard as
their icons. So I need to

see this. I know I think
it is. I think I can see.

Yes, I can see. Okay, you're on. If you'd like

to UN mute. Thank you guys
so much for having me. So first

thing you explain. Um, I
picked Howard because I think he may be

involved and then also, Um,
I just think he's cute and I really

hope he's not involved because I don't
know. I don't want anything bad to

happen to Sevelle and so Um.
But I do have a couple of questions.

So I think in this Um episode, one thing that we navigate a

lot is boundaries, like we see
um like Mabel's boundaries being tested by Alice

in this and their relationship, and
then Charles is handling his boundaries with both

says and Jane in this episode,
and then Oliver is like trying to define

his Um like thing with his son, who may not be his son,

and we're still trying to figure that
out. And then obviously poppies, Um,

dynamic with Sinda, so I guess
like Mike, and then obviously the

boundaries with the tunnels and then going
on rabbical Um. So I guess my

question is, do you think that
we're gonna see this pinnacle of the boundaries

being tested and do you think that
that is what led to Buddy's murder?

Is Her being testy and taking things
a little too far? Very smart question.

Well, it certainly. It certainly
seems like poppy was kind of pushing

boundaries towards the end of the episode
when she was kind of dishing on Cinda

to Mabel. Yeah, well,
I mean I feel like when somebody doesn't

set their boundaries very well, Um, it tends to, you know,

explode somewhere eventually. I said,
I would say that that, Parabo,

believe, could be said for all
of the boundaries that you listed. Yeah,

and so I feel like, yeah, maybe they'll be like a journey

of seeing if people like take care
of themselves and set their boundaries or don't,

and then what does that mean?
What are the repercussions of that?

Yeah, so basically, let's all
agree like to set broundaries so we don't

die. Don't hold everything in,
because you'll explode. That's your question.

Thank you so much. Yeah,
her, thank you all right, and

try reading. You are on if
you'd like to mute and ask your questions.

So after this episode, Adina,
I have a whole new appreciation for

poppy and she's a really cool character
and there's just so much more. But

I guess you sort of talked about
this a little, but for you,

once you found out that you were
going to be narrating many parts of this

episode, what was that like for
you a learning that you were going to

get to do that and then be
in the process of that? What was

that like? Yeah, finding that
out was just like so exciting. It

was just such an honor to to
know that the creators like trusted me.

I feel like when you have like, you know, a two line role

or something like that and you're not
a famous person, it takes a lot

of trust for people to give you
a bigger role and and so it was

just like really overwhelmingly lovely to be
given that gift. And then I was

just so curious about like what I
was going to learn about poppy and then

just wanting to do well, Um, and and honor the story and with

all the writers are creating. And
so then when I got the script,

I mean if we're going to get
like Nitty Gritty nerdy actor, I like,

you know, like printed out all
the pages and then, like I

had, I worked on them scene
by scene and like any questions I had,

like a motive or anything like that. And actually I felt like what

was the most important for her was
to Um, kind of build the emotional

life underneath the words Um, like
what her dream is and then what the

like worst case scenario is and what
she's fighting against and what her fear is,

Um, because I feel like that's
why she's so anxious and or like

anxious to please. They're eager to
please Um. It's because she's fighting,

she's she's trying to succeed against something
that maybe she thinks she's a failure or

something like that. So it's kind
of like building that emotional life underneath.

So that that was you know,
could just be with me while I was

present. That's awesome. Thank you. Yeah, thank you. Thanks so

much. Try Reading Bacon Keish.
You're on. You're making us hungry.

Well, thank you. I'm glad
that everyone here likes bacon teach. Um.

So I actually have two questions,
if I can ask two questions,

Um. One is just a fun
one and one is something that I'm actually

curious about. So the first one
is that I discovered last week that Mrs

Gambellini is actually a perfect Anagram for
M Moura Sibling, which just feels like

way too close to be coincidental.
So I'd love to know what you guys

think about that. And the second
one is what kind of like, aside

from poppy kind of teaming up with
Mabel to try and give her some dirt

on Cinda canning, what kind of
like revenge do you think poppy would get

on Sinda? Like? Do you
think she's a mayor in the shampoo battle

kind of girl, or is she
gonna be like sneaking the Gluten Croutons in

her salad instead of free like?
I'd like to know what poppy would deal

to try and get revenge on someone. That's a good question, because poppy

knows so much about Sinday. Yeah, the first question I will not speak

to but interesting, interesting, Um, we'll keep an eye on that one.

Yeah, the second question, Um, yeah, I mean I think

poppy is really smart. I think
that she wouldn't give up everything that she's

worked for. So I think she'd
have to be like I think that she

would do something really well planned out
where she would know that it maybe wouldn't

be obvious that it was her little
well, yeah, like covert operation.

Yeah, Um, and you know
she knows everything that'Sinda doesn't like. So

I think would probably be something that
she would, you know, plan for

a long time and make sure that
it was really satisfying. I love to

keep and you know, we I'm
so sorry, we should have given a

disclaimer that, um, we will
be discussing spoilers here from the episode,

but we cannot elicit future spoilers from
the writers and the cast. A little

bit more about what's going on,
and I know that people will try,

but Um, we'll we'll just be
a little bit more explicit about it this

little s A. Thank you so
much, Bacon Keish. You and I

believe Ben and Joshua are here.
Adina, if you're least stay and I'm

sure people have continue to have questions
for you if you are willing to stay.

But Hi, Ben and Josh Hey
there, hey, guys, hi,

we got everybody, we really do. There's so much love for the

from the community around this episode.
It's I think after every episode there's like

a surge of of excitement and whatnot. By think seeing poppy get her her

flowers has been particularly exciting for everyone. So thank you, then and Josh

are doing such a great job of
bringing her story to the forefront. Definitely

a fan favorite. Yes, we
have fun and also a Dina is so

great. UH, like we,
poppy is a delightful character. So it

was a lot of fun. Thank
you. gave me a huge, huge

gift. I am going to ask
a question from the comments while we bring

up another person, if that's all
right. Um, I want to just

make sure. Okay. It's from
puzzled exchange and I think it's a good

question for the three of you,
which is, do you guys go on

Reddit and if you do, do
you have any fun stories about your experience

there? Have you gotten down voted
and has anyone gotten close to guessing what

is going on or are they just
totally off? I I definitely checked the

reddit sometimes. Um, I have
not commented and not been debited, but

it is fun to read and I
feel like sometimes, uh, there's a

sense of like wow, there,
we're getting way too much credit. Is

My big takeaway. Sometimes, like
yeah, it's like people are like they're

like, okay, this thing and
this thing couldnot be an accident. I'll

be like actually, oh my God, that was an accident. But but

don't want to don't want to call
attention to it. But it is fun

to read everyone's theories. And I
won't come in on season two, but

it was fun to watch some people
get pretty close or correct on season one

for sure. Yeah, I'm an
interloper on reddit occasionally. It's yeah,

it's fun to see, yeah,
the theories that people come up with and

and just to see that like people
are excited about figuring it out. Like

that's, I think, the most
exciting thing. Occasionally, I won't say

who, but I am some other
cast members will like will text like funny

things that we see on Reddit.
Oh my Gosh, oh my gosh.

Yeah, there was a really well
thought out theory this week about Marv um

that we can dive into later on, but the level of detail and sleuthing

is pretty incredible on this sub it's
always fun to hear the rationale of how

they arrived at that theory. Yes, yes, absolutely, Um. And

at the end of the day it
really just makes me feel like anybody could

be a murderer like in my life, in real life. Absolutely hopefully it's

not um inspiring anyone. Fingers crossed, Um and calm struggle asks. Uh.

And this is a fun question because
it is a fun only murders,

an NPR crossover question, but NPR
and poppy separately. Super Fan here.

I'm curious to know if Adina has
a favorite NPR reporter or show, and

I would love to know Ben and
Joshua's UH takes on that too, because

maybe there was some inspiration from NPR
taken into this character. I mean,

I definitely like just ripped off Terry
Gross. Um. I'm more of like

a podcast listener than I am and
I listen to NPR in the car,

but I don't think I have a
favorite NPR show, but I am a

big, like serial fan. I
definitely got Terry Gross Vibes from from your

performance of white noise. Thank you. Thank you. Such a great name

for the show too. Poppy had
that ready to go. Um. I

will say that I uh, this
is a bit of a flex but I'm

a sustaining member of K C RW, member station of NPR in Los Angeles.

Proud member. I wear my hat
and t shirt all over town.

How many? How many topebags do
I know? Seriously, how many coffee

mugs do I have? Um,
and my favorite case R W show is

good food with Evan CLEMB and.
Every Saturday I've been I'm consistently brought to

tears by how passionately chefs and like
local farmers and distillers of spirits will come

on and just talk about how much
they love making there. There was a

there was a story from some cheesemonger
who, during the pandemic, found a

way to keep from business afloat and
I was weeping in the car because it

was so passionate. And so I
feel like maybe Reddit, Um reddit users

will will find that passion UH interesting
too. It's beautiful. I love it.

I love it and thank you for
supporting I'm also a proud, you

know, contributor. Um Quick P
S A for anyone who is just joining.

We have a Dina who plays poppy
from only murders, as well as

the writers from season two, episode
six Performance Review, Ben Smith and Joshua

Griffith with us today. So if
you have questions and you want to ask

them live, hit that hand icon
to raise your hands for a chance to

come up. Alternatively, we are
checking the comments, so please continue to

add your fodder there. We are
reading through them. I actually have a

couple lined up, Um, and
and all two to seven. I've sent

you an invite if you'd like to
come up. You've had your hand raise

for quite sometimes, so I hope
it's honestly. Um. Uh So,

this question comes from uh city bike
finder, who asks two questions. I'll

ask them both for the writers.
Do you designate in this script the build

of this mysterious person in the Black
Hoodie and where are you inspired by Mark

Roberts, glitter bombs and a very
random question, is there someone who really

loves mango Salsa in the writer's room? Um, of the build of the

of the person and dark or and
glitter? Um, I think that we

well, we didn't know and we
do know who that person is each time,

and you know person on camera,
person and passageways, person on subway,

like, whether or not the same
person. We know all those identities

and so that is information. Whether
or not it's in the script? I

can't remember, but it is something
when John, the showrunner, works with

all of the production staff in terms
of like hiring extras, wardrobe whatever,

like all that information is communicated because
you need to get the right size closed

for the person all that. So
it is something. I can't remember if

it's in the script, although we
knew who it was. It is something

that's conveyed to all the departments so
that they can get that right. And

I'm unfamiliar with this glitter reference.
I don't know, Joshua, do you

know the reference to who was the
glitter person? It was the glitter person

is Mark Robers, R O B
e R. I wasn't sure who that

was either, but let's know.
But we definitely we were not inspired by

that. But after we did write
it, I was watching yellow jackets and

did see that glitter and someone and
leaving glitter behind is a plot point in

that show and I was like,
Oh man, I had to wait to

next week to see how they painted
off and wants to pait off. I

was like, I think we're okay, we're doing it. It's like purely

comedy, at least initially so,
but that was that was the most that

was the pop culture reference. That
after we'd written it, but before we

filmed it, I saw that it
was like, I hope we don't get

too close to them. I think
the inspiration was just a deep seated hatred

of glitter and how it's like it
gets into every wrinkling credits of your body

and never leaves. Please M I
think that was it. It reminded me

of those porch pirates who would steal
Amazon packages and people would kind of get

in their revenge by doing things like
that. That's always in my head.

Yeah, yeah, that feels like
pandemic things. Yeah, exactly. Um,

thank you so much for that.
I love that. It's it's just

like you know, it was really
an Ode to Glitter. Um. This

question is for Ben and Joshua from
Chelsea and icy two hundred. They ask

there were several motifs in this episode, the doublings of Charles and Saz Sinda

and Poppy Mabel with Alice's reenactment,
and also the workplace settings BRASOS, slash

only murders office. Uh. did
these things rise organically during the writing of

the episode, or were the motifs
designated when the writing room was breaking down

season two. Hm, that's a
good question. I think I would have

to say they it's I'm always stunned
by how some of those types of parallels

raise, you know, come come
to the surface organically and uh, whether

by Osmosis or because of the things
that writers are going on are, you

know, going on in the personal
lives of writers, they sort of make

their way into ideas in unconscious ways. I would have to say that it

was probably unconscious. But even rewatching
it recently, I was spotting other synchronicities

to like multiple breakups, you know
versions of breakups, Cinda and poppy and

SAS and Jan and Alice and right. Yeah, it's a yeah, it's

sort of a breakup episode two.
Yeah, but yeah, I I don't

I can't recall that being a conscious
decision at our ploy. But it's a

good observation and maybe one of those
examples of like going on to Reddit and

being like, Huh, it wasn't
intentional, but I don't want to tell

them they're wrong. I think your
presence on Reddit is just any presence,

is one that we all appreciate and
love. So Um, this one.

This question. Next question is for
Adina from Hannah Lamp Adina in the podcast.

You say you originally auditioned for Cinda. If you could play any other

character besides poppy or Sinda, who
would it be? Mm Hmmm, Um,

oh, that's a good question.
Howard, amazing. Yeah, why

Howard? I love Howard. Um
and I just I get the kind of

like Um, chatty awkwardness. You
know, it's it's it's like a different

flavor the same ice cream that poppy
is. Yes, yes, I love

it. Two takes of rocky road
by two differentemakers. Good analogy. I'm

going to bring try reading back on
stage. They've raised their hands, but

Um, and then I have another
question from the comments, but try reading.

You're on if you'd liked and mute. So this question is for Ben

and Josh and knowing that there were
a lot of characters that we saw again,

you know, even Lucy was on
for just a little bit and SAS

was back on and you know,
we just got a lot of different characters

that we had already seen before for
this specific episode, did either of you

have a favorite character to write about, even if it was just for you

know, one scene or something?
Oh Um, that's what I'm trying to

think of all the characters. You
know, I think, UH, Jan,

I'm asked at Tacki Jan. I
mean that whole Jans has in general,

or so furthered together like it.
You know, bringing Jan back this

season with like the mask is off
and it's it's all on the surface,

like she's just she's lost it,
like that was a really fun new color

to write because I got we got
to a little rite and for her last

season, but this is the first
time and you know, got to write

for her this year. So that
was probably probably mine. Tina fe I

don't think we saw her since the
first episode of this season, if I

remember incorrectly, and she has such
a swagger in this episode that I like,

Oh my God, she could make
anything that we write sounds amazing,

but it was just really great to
to write for her and such a privilege.

It was my first time writing for
that character and, Um, I

just loved her performance of it.
Thank you. Yeah, thank you.

Thanks so much. Try Reading Right. Bringing on another person because their hand

raised. Puzzled Exchange. You have
an invite waiting for you and I just

realized I also have to apologize.
I haven't been reading people's flair on this

club Breddit. They have the ability
to add a little. Only murders flare

next to their names. So Hannah
left is where are the balls? Howard,

you asked the last question, so
well, I'll highlight that acknowledge it.

Yep, I have to acknolge because
they're too dead puzzled. Exchange.

You're on. If you'd like done
mute. So what I wanted to say

first to the writers is I love
the show and Um, I wanted to

talk to you about bunny. I
love the Guy, the way you guys

wrote her. She's such a well
developed character and I mean just really amazing.

And then in episode three there are
a couple of characters that commented that

buddy was a freak. So I
thought that just added something else to and

so my question for you is,
so now buddy, you make her love

us love her, and then she
gets stabbed eight times. So I'm just

asking. So it's a murder in
a comedy and you know, huge props

for being able to do both of
those. But now we're adding slasher and

I'm wondering if if anybody in the
writer's room might have said maybe we're going

a bridge too far here, because
it's not like you had an episode with

a she needed killing kind of Thame
or anything. You know. Yeah,

wow, uh, yeah, Bunny's
death. When you lay it out like

that, we sure do sound pretty
callous and terrible. I still love you,

though. Thank you know, but
I think you're I mean, I

don't have a very thoughtful answer besides
saying that. Like you're right, like

when you when you hear about those
gruesome details and then you get to know

the character more, I think it
becomes even more upsetting. Um, and

hopefully, you know, will be
hopefully it will be satisfying when we ideally,

hopefully catch the person responsible for it. Um, and you know,

I I don't that may be the
payoff. Yeah, but you're right.

Like it, it does kind of
go from sensationalist slasher, you know,

number of stabs to kind of like
meeting the person and we only kind of

learned about her after we've she's passed
away. But you're right the number.

It's a high number. I'm trying
to think if we had a conversation in

the room about the number. I
think we probably, I mean, I

don't know that we had a conversation
necessarily about this, but I think it's

it's operating on some level in the
show at all times. Is that we're

we're sending up the Genre Ryan Um
and sort of commenting on the way that

those podcasts and shows treat victims and
use victims to create Athos and play with

our emotions and entertain us. I
think humanizing bunny in that way and then

seeing her murdered is it brutally?
Yeah, you know what I in my

mind, what I've done is I've
come up with this whole different scenario.

Funny passes away peacefully and her sleep
and then is stabbed afterwards, like like

maybe Howard comes over and tries to
take when he kidnaps her for like a

Um, a bar crawl that night. It's very merciful. Yeah, I

mean actually, I have it all
figured out. Okay. So, any

ways to thank you. Yeah,
thank you for watching. Thank you.

Thanks so much. Puzzled Exchange.
All right, Ben and Josh, I

know that you you all have to
go very soon. So one last question

from the comments. This is from
Ali Mabel and their flair is the Charles

is silent Um. They asked.
Out of the aired episodes, is there

one that will look back on and
think it gave us the most clues once

the ministry is unraveled. Good question, I feel like. I feel like

that's a great question and one that
we can't answer. You know, I

know. Uh Um, I'm sorry. Yeah, it's an even numbered episode.

Everything's in episode twelve. It's an
even number one and it's it's to

ten. To ten is the one
that will make it all. There's a

lot of payoff. Yeah, uh, I wish we could have this conversation

after the season, but and go
back and talk about little moments that were

important to us. But yeah,
I feel like we'll get reprimanded if we

say anything. Hey, I'm sorry, bad moderator, because that was a

little bit of a hard question.
It's fine, Um. Well, thank

you both so much for joining.
Doors always open and you're welcome back if

you want to have that after season
discussion. You welcome back with open arms.

Um, so let us know.
Okay, thank you guys so much.

I hope you enjoyed the rest of
the season. Thank you so much.

Thank you. Yes, we're on
it. Yes, what's happening?

I know, I thought I'd try. I know exactly. There was a

question about when season if season three
has a release date. But Um,

I'm like, I don't know if, if anyone knows that yet. Yeah,

I don't know. Yeah, Adina
also left. Thank you, Adina.

Let's love your way. Yes.
Well, Kate, do you want

to do your I know would be
a WHO on its summit of one through

your theories for this week for everybody. I know people love hearing about it.

Yes, uh, for the WHO
done it summit from our podcast this

week, I picked uh, Cinda
just because of how she treated poppy and

uh, I just don't feel like
she's a good person. I think there's

I feel like she is jealous of
the trio and the success they've had with

their podcast. Uh. I kind
of said this before too, and I

find she's a bit petty because they
also she named her podcast only murderers plural

in the building. Um. And
finally, I think that she did not

want to go on location again for
her next show. She was able to

stay home in New York. So
for those reasons, this week I picked

Cinda. Awesome, amazing. I
think there's Gosh, it's like everyone could

be uh is a suspect, but
it's right. That's the fun. There's

a lot of chatter on the discussion
thread about how that last, I shouldn't

say the last, close to last
scene where Mabel sees alice recreate frequently her

apartment, the mural and the stabbing
part. Yes, and it did not

go unnoticed that her ability to recreate
the mural and Mabel's apartment was so easy

for her to do that a lot
of people think that Alice recreated the Rose

Cooper savage painting right with Charles's father, with Charles's father. Um, any

thoughts there? And Uh did that? Did that sway you at all?

Alice is always on my mind.
I wonder if we kind of talked about

this before, but I wonder if
there could be two different things going on

this season like last season. Last
season we had the UH Theo and his

father stealing jewelry and uh items from
the funeral home as well as the murder.

So I'm wondering if there is something
with the painting where it's a separate

story that's not exactly part of the
murder. So maybe Alice has her own

thing and she's guilty of something.
Uh, maybe she's an art forger or

something like that, and maybe the
murderer is Sinda yeah, yeah, Um,

the discussion throughout this week was a
lot of I'd say, a lot

of empathy and a lot of love. But of love for poppy, a

lot of empathy for Mabel for having
maybe what could be the worst day ever,

having having to release that episode.
They lost after their glitter bombing.

They lost their suspects, their suspect
she walked in on her girlfriend doing a

thing. And then there's the subway
ride. Yeah, exactly right. So

a lot of a lot of Um, people dissecting that and feeling sending all

of love there, and also a
lot of people sending a lot of love

their way for Oliver and what he's
going through with his whole paternity. He's

still waiting for the results and Um, so a lot of chatter about those

things, I would say, specifically
this week. But there was a really

compelling theory on the on the subreddit
this week about MARV and they go back

to episode or season one where they
only have four views and it's the episode

where the Arconi acts are introduced,
as well as when Winnie gets poisoned,

and they state that in that episode
that they only have four views on their

podcast. And that it's later revealed
to be the arconiacs. And at the

beginning of the episode, the Easter
Egg are is three industrial fans on top

of the building, but there's only
three. So they think that one of

the four, our cony X,
is not actually a fan. Yes,

like a sleeper agent or something,
your agent exactly. So we infiltrated that

group for whatever purposes exactly. Those
Easter eggs are definitely something to keep an

eye on, that's for sure.
Yes, which I thought was a really,

really cool observation. It's a very
great observation. I'm still thinking of

last week with the Brady Budge theories
too. I know so much to keep

track of this subreadit is truly incredible, such a such a pleasure. As

always, we look forward to this
every week. So thank you all for

joining and for bringing your friends.
Thank you for having us on. Oh

my gosh, we love it Um
and have such a great rest of your

day and thanks everyone for listening and
tune in here. Next week we're going

to have more talks with the folks
from only murders in the Pod, so

keep sending your theories and comments and
we'll talk next week. Thanks everybody great.

Thank you, Bye Hye
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