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Keener and KK are joined by Season 2 Episode 5 co-writers Matteo Borghese and Rob Turbovsky (Silicon Valley, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia). They discuss Episode 5 "The Tell" and Rob & Matteo answer questions live. THEN the sleuthers discover some very Brady secrects. 

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Straw media. Hey everyone, we're
just getting everyone up on stage here.

Thanks so much for joining. This
is of open forum for any questions,

comments, theories clues that you want
to share with the team. Go ahead

and hit that hand icon and to
raise your hand for a chance to come

up on stage. The writers of
episode five, Robed Turboski and Mateo.

We're gazy with us today, so
I just want to call that out there.

They're under hoops. MCAM two thousand. What a name. I assume

that's a joke that I don't care. We're doing these live reddit talks every

Wednesday at three PM Pacific. Each
week we'll do our best to bring out

some special guests, so if you're
free, head over to the link in

our show notes and join us out. Here's the conversation. As we UH

wait for keener to get in,
we trouble shoot with her a little behind

seets to figure out where she's at. Robin Matteo, if you want to,

I don't know. I say hello
and start us off. We can.

We can start. We can start
talking while she while she makes her

way in. Hi, can you? Can you hear us? Okay,

yeah, you sound great. Hello, welcome, all right, thanks.

Well, we can clear up one
mystery and tell you that hoops hoops McCann

is a character from a steely Dan
song and it's also the character John cusack

plays and I think the movie one
crazy summer. There you go. All

right, the more you know.
Well, Matteo and rob, do you

guys want to also introduce yourselves and
give us maybe a little um insight into

the writer's room? Last week we
had Rachel watten's UH, everybody loved hearing

about the behind the scenes. Oh
well, okay, this is this one,

this is rob, this is Mateo. Now you know the vast difference.

Um, yeah, you know,
it's it's a great show to work

on. Um, what the last
two years were on zoom, as I

think people know, and we are
we've just actually stepped out of the room

for season three, which is in
person, uh, to uh, to

be here with with you, Um, and to get snacks. And it

gets snacks. Yeah, that's the
main thing. People always want to know

what the difference is between in person
and on Zoom, and the main difference

is that you have access to different
flavors of potato chips, which is how

the magic happens. Well, I
have to ask it. Are Blueberry bagels

anywhere on the snack table? Someone
did ask today. Oh, excellent,

we haven't had them. You know, breakfast Bagel for me. You know,

a Bagel is like a once every
couple of weeks treat. You know,

Um, it's because it's a little
a lot of carbohydrates in there.

But we should, we should do
it. I think if you think we

should, we will. I definitely
think there's a lot of fanfare around it.

There's already a question in the comments
about the bagels from Princess Peach Nine,

who says Jan talked about bagels and
there was an h and h heart

in the prison phone scene. H
and H is a big New York Bagel

joint, according to my extensive knowledge
of the episode of the office where Dwight

goes all the way to New York
for bagels. Is that a clue?

This is the amount of flu thing
that you'll you'll come to know and love

on these talks. That's extremely observant. First of all, so good,

good for you, Princess Peach,
but we uh, there's a lot of

New Yorkers in our room and we're
very familiar with H bagels. It's,

uh, you know, up there
with hot crusty in my in my opinion.

So if you see an Hian c
somewhere, let us know too.

Leslie in Louisville, you are on
if you'd like to ask Um. I

would love to Um. First question. Are we allowed to curse? Where

is Nabel's fucking aunt? Such a
great quote. Just know that we know

you have that question, and great
question. No, but really, what's

the where's your aunt? She's around, she's in our minds and our hearts.

Okay, we'll take it to her. We appreciate that attention to details,

a detail, it's talent. Thank
you. Thank you, Leslie and

Louis Belle. All Right, Hannah
Love, you are hon if you'd like

to UN mute. Thank you very
much for joining us. First of all,

and I was wondering, who's your
favorite character to write for? That's

a great question. Um, I
don't know. I think I don't.

I have a soft spot from mark
personally. MARV does bring us a lot

of joy. Uh, you know, if we're talking the main three,

I would say that, you know, olive her's is always a pleasure to

write insane Um long stuff for Um
and UMA is a lot of fun to

actually because she's so mean to Charles
and all of them always funny. Thank

you very much. Thanks so much, handilen. Maybe try reading. Are

you? Are you here to ask
a questions? Uh. Yes, can

you hear me? Yes, so, Um, last season when I was

listening to the PODCASTS, only murders
in the pod I know there was discussion

about how very little people in the
cast and crew really knew who the killer

was until the very end and it
was pretty much kept a secret. Is

that true for this season as well? Well? You know, I don't

know how much, how widely known
it is. I think John Hoffman,

uh, is the showrunner. Uh. You know, we try to keep

it as secret as possible. Obviously
they're like certain people who have to be

told and then they have to tell
certain people. Um, but I wouldn't

be surprised. You know what actually
there there definitely are people in the cast

who don't know, because I was
talking to some of them at the premier

and I was surprised that they didn't
know because they're Um, in a lot

of the show and they didn't know. So yeah, I guess we are

trying to keep it pretty tight lipped
until right now. Where we're going to

tell you? Yeah, right now, a right. Thank you so much,

shy reading Goldik, for I believe
you were next. Thank you.

I hope you can hear me now. We can, and I'm sorry for

the technical difficulties be for that was
totally on my end, probably. I

first of all want to say what
a joy all of you, the CAST,

the writers, the Fuck, you've
brought so much joyt the thousands,

hundreds of thousands of listeners. I
am one of them and I just want

to say thank you so much.
It's my guilty pleasure. Oh, probably,

you're welcome. Now my question.
You probably won't be able to answer,

but I'm gonna give this truy.
Um, so we watching the episode?

Um, you totally can tell that
Oliver is poking a card from the

bottom of the deck to give Alice, presumably the son of Sam Cards,

and of course, on all the
seed facebook and whatnot, people like well,

how did she end up with the
blonde card? And I'm assuming there's

going to be a scene later that
shows how she she's clearly lying about so

many more things, including that.
Um, any any clues? And he

hints that that he tendeds you want
to throw. Oh ahead. Well,

it's definitely something we had in mind
and something we worked through on a lot

of drafts, the way that that
game kind of unfolds. So you know,

I think the threat. It's been
really impressive how quickly they've caught onto

things and I can see that young
Oliver is like quite good with the cards

and how to flip them around like
that. So, Um, I mean,

we don't want to. You don't
want to really? Yeah, no,

I don't. I'll just say this. You know, Goldiek for,

you don't have anything to feel guilty
about enjoying the show. You just be

a pleasure. Don't absolutely that's well, thank you so much. Thank you

for your question, of course.
Thanks so much, Goldie. All right,

flobby fish flaps that hi. Um. I was curious was whether you

can tell us whether bunny was stabbed
before after she made it to Mabel's apartment,

because the air ducts a really small
and awkward for some my with six

stab wounds. Hate stab wounds.
I don't remember. I'M gonna ask you

for it. Come on. Okay, that's devenient. All right, I

think there's there's room for all these
things to be explained. You know there's

UH episodes are left five. I'm
optimus. I know it's going to be

explained, but I'm asking now.
I thought that was a point, but

you're gonna give me nothing. Just
tell me you're gonna give me nothing.

Just assume I'm right. But okay
then, if you don't remember that,

then and then the passageway in Charles
Bathroom. Would the frame of the paintings

fit through that passageway? Oh,
I don't know the measurements. I feel

like Um, there's lots of ways
handing out of an apartment. That's a

multiple way the set, not just
one way, multiple ways, because I'm

waiting for a sliding door between Mabel's
and bunny's apartment just to open up and

I'm just gonna smack myself in the
face. So you mean like a sliding

door like the Gwyneth paltrow movie?
You wish I was talking about Gwyneth Paltro

movie. Just remember. I'm just
gonna Guess, but remember that you can

take paintings out of frames and put
another frame. But can you do that

in the time that it took its
killing bunny and done mabel? Coming back

to the apartment. That I don't
know, because that would take an extual,

actual expert artist to do that and
not something I'm not. You don't

know, like Howard, expert.
Are Right, right. Well, there.

So there you go. That could
be a theory. It is that

they just alright, I don't know. If I can ask another one.

I will, but I can.
Have to turn me off in the AFTERNO,

but I'll be here all day.
Well, flobby, fish flops,

we do have another person on stage. But is that okay? I see

a red rose. You're on.
If you like, then mute. Oh,

I remember from last time I see
it. Rose. Hi, hello.

Thank you, guys, for doing
this again. Can you hear me?

Okay, yes, perfect. Um. So this might not be super

related to season two, but during
season when we're always seeing bunny walk what

looks what looks like to be a
Pug, maybe, Um, and then

we find out this season bunny actually
has a bird. Does that Pug mean

anything? Is that supposed to be
all of it? Is that supposed to

do? whinny? Am I reading
too much into that? Can you even

answer that question? What does the
Pug mean to you, Matte, I

mean in Greek mythology, we all
know the the SIMLAS. I don't think

we even have to say it because
we all know it. Right, of

course, that pug backwards is good
and that should really lead, which makes

me think milk. It's a slippery
slope. Wow, yeah, I will

take that answer. Thank you.
I feel like we were just doing slam

poetry or something snaps you both,
because you are both very diplomatic, but

also just with a dash of trolley. For these fans I like to call

smidge. Yes, just a dash. Well, we do have a question

from the comments as well. Um, just comes from Rawls Ral B,

which they asked, how much New
York research do you do for the show?

Well, yeah, that's that's a
great question, Um, and one

we can actually answer. Yes,
true, Um, I mean there's there's

definitely a lot of people from New
York or who lived in New York who

aren't in our room. So it's
more of a kind of like, oh,

these are things that happened to us
or we know about or we have

some personal experience, Um, to
kind of speak to. I mean,

I'm actually I grew up in New
York, so, Um, you know,

and John Spent a lot of time
in New York um when he was

younger. So it's just something that
kind of comes, you know, uh,

the second nature to us to run
through all of our favorite things about

the city. And I've seen New
York in the movies. I think that

we, you guys, are almost
running out of times. So do you

have time for one more question?
From the moment you can take a couple

more, unless they're really confrontational and
that you had to have been expecting a

little bit of that coming on here. We thought we would just be hatred.

It's all through love. People just
want to know their opportunists. Okay,

so block presentation. Nine asks.
How do the writer's being the episodes

come to life, from brainstorming to
watching it on screen? Do you get

all excited to see a premiere or
do you have to wait like the rest

of us? Well, we see
it. We see it many, many

times. So we we see a
very rough assembly of the footage. We

see it being shot Um, but
you know, each time it's kind of

closer, you get a little more
excited, or at least I do.

I don't know, maybe you don't
know. Nothing thrills me. No,

it's great, it's it's it's even
though it is an extended process, you

know. I mean I think we
wrote that, for example, episode five.

I think we wrote our first draft
somewhere around November of last year and

then, you know, we were
revising on and off for a few months

and then they probably shot it around
March. You know, those are rough

dates. So it's you know,
that's a long journey. But as it

gets and then as it gets closer
to coming out, you get excited about,

Oh, I hope, you know, my friends see it or they

see this joke or you know,
that'll be fun. It's always fun,

like when your parents see it.
Things like that are always nice. The

thing that like astonishes me every single
time is like we'll have arguments over these

details and like really really talk them
out for hours and hours and hours,

and then you'll see the final cut
and the thing, even just the subject

we were talking about, like the
debate, the entire thing, and it

just won't be there or something and
you'll be like, oh, I guess

we didn't need that at all,
like we were completely waste our time about

this. I have a quick question
for you guys. You know, it's

always great to go see the season
before just to get caught up and everything.

Is there anything in season one that
that the watcher, that you know,

the viewers and the fans can can
look at that? There's there might

be some things there that, I
know things carry over, but that can

be clues or anything into the second
season. Is there anything per stream that?

Yes, yes, you must.
Is there a clue for the season?

Yeah, anything in the first season
that to be aware of that into

the second they should watch again or
Chep an eye on and you say it

all. It's a good question.
Um, let me just say yes,

yeah, yeah, it's there out
there. I think there is stuff in

there. Yeah, it'll be easier
to talk about uh, you know later,

I guess, but people are yeah, okay, so you hear that.

Everybody, you know, do a
little watch and see. m be

some things that add into two.
I think John has said that he sees

the two seasons as like paired,
you know, on this one podcast spawns

this other podcast, you know,
things like that. Sure, yes,

it actually lends itself well to a
question from the comments and someone asked if

you knew if bunny was going to
be murdered in season one, with the

exception, of course, of the
last episode. It was a later discussion,

but it was something, Um,
that made a lot of sense to

us once we talked about it,
I think. Yeah, it came up

towards the end, but not not
as late as you might think. Didn't

make sense to the actor who portrayed
were there other contenders before bunny? That's

interesting. Talked about some people.
Um, I can't recall right now who

was in the crosshairs, but I
know that we didn't kick around other members

of the pieces on board and want
to find Copeland. Maybe we can't lose.

That would be too sad. Then
you're in an alternate universe where Stewart

Copeland is dead, then that's hard
come. No, Oyster head guys.

Yeah, all right, we have
prince of peak nine on stage. You

maybe our last questions before you guys
got a jet. So feelful to peach.

Yeah, just a quick question.
I know there was some talk.

I don't remember who it was,
but Um, one of the writers in

an earlier podcast episode mentioned about Anagram's. Um, someone in Reddit had figured

out that Teddy BEMIS. Um,
there's an Anagram for it's me Daddy.

Is that the anime Antagraham clue we
should be looking for or are there more

anagram clues? We do. The
reddit board loves an Anagram and we have

notice that and we have a lot
of fun with that thought. Uh,

we do talk about it a bunch. It's me, Daddy. I'm doing

it in my head right now.
Listen, I'm not a very sophisticated letters

I can barely get the word almost
days. I thought it was a crazy

intigram until I saw this week's episode. So I just wanted to know something.

That's incredible. Yeah, we thought
about it. Surprised Yourself, we

did. Yeah, there were some
things that popped up to us when we

started thinking about it and like,
Oh my God, we did that.

I still fix them from season one, episode one. mayble blame. I'm

at some point. He blamed for
something. I don't know what it is,

but it's gonna Happen. She's blamed
for the incredible success of the show,

all the emmy nominations. Yeah,
sure is. Well, she is

blamed for the murder of bunny.
Sort of success. We have a winner.

Awesome. Thank you, guys so
much. Thank you. Thank you

so much for thank you fabulous.
Thank you. Thank you so much,

Mateo and rob, and I mean
even referencing Reddit and knowing that the writers

are paying attention to these sloopy details
is making a lot of days. So

thank you. Now I have to
delete my account and start a new burner

account, but if there are other
questions in the comments, maybe we can

try to circle back later or something
like that. Yeah, we're the ones

who are allowed to answer. We
control people online in writing now. So

just but thank you for having us. Thank you so much for dropping by.

Come by any times was open,
and thank you all for itanks guys

and caring about the show, and
it means the world's all of us.

So thank you, thanks, thanks, guys so much. Thank you.

Bye Bye. So, if you
listen to the PODCAST, you know keener

and I we have a section called
the WHO done it summit where we put

who we each think the murderer is
into a sealed envelope and reveal it live

to each other on the podcast.
So for this week, keener, do

we call who you picked? Yes, I doubled down with Howard. How

are the Cat Guy? How are
the cat? I just think there's a

lot he has a lot of issues. He has anger issues that I think

he keeps inside. You know what, I mean to say is if somebody

hits him, when they didn't,
he black guy. He has black guy.

He had and then he I think
he got mad moving something and bunnies

for the week or something. He
just he just has that. He's like

on the edge. I feel like
he's on the edge. He's like the

nicest guy and yet not so much, you know. So I'm just any

sneezes because probably his cats. He's
a fever and capt whatever cat fever and

that. I don't know what that
is, but I think that that's Howard.

I'M gonna go again Howard Howard in
UK game. I picked Alice this

week, which I know is a
lot of people's suspect, and especially for

this week and primarily in this episode, because when Charles went to see Jan

for that uh silence of the lamb
moment to see what her thoughts were on

the murderer, she said that it
was an artist and a storyteller and someone

like a new friend in someone's life, which Alice kind of checks all those

boxes right. Oliver also caught her
lying, which I also wonder if she's

British. I don't know if that's
wrong or not, but maybe that's an

add on. She did and the
I think we discussed today the summer of

Sam Card. She did have it
and she hadn't hit it. So there's

definitely a lot of fingers pointing at
Alice. Yeah, so, you know,

I mean either she's a giant red
herring or or she's the killer.

Maybe she's just a liar. Oh, she's just just a liar, you

know, going through life lying and
kill. And we would love to hear

what your thoughts and your theories,
if you have any. Who Do you

think the killer might be and why? or anything about the episodes until now

or episode five? We would love
to step right on up. Or raise

your hand. Yeah, yes,
raise your hands, and we have a

couple of people raise their hands.
I'm going to bring them up on stage.

Excellent, wild that happens. Um, would you guys like to hear

kind of a T L D R
or summary of the discussion thread on Reddit

for there? Who Done it?
Oh, yeah, okay. There are

a lot people um voting for mark
this week and there is a theory that

Marv is actually the father of Alice, because Alice mentions that her dad is

a plumber. She knows about cheers. So maybe she's not even as British

as we think she is. And
MARV also mentions in the cafeteria that his

daughter is gay, slash by right. So there's that is that is a

lot of that. One that here
got off this week and she had the

plumbing issue at her apartment ored and
had to use Mabel's apartment. Or maybe

she like whacked a pipe or something. Yeah, she may way. And

a bunny exactly. Try Reading.
You are on if you'd like to mute.

Welcome back. Thank you. So
the match book which, Um,

we all know about that Mabel found. Um, it just I just keep

thinking it over and to me it
feels just sort of weird that, um,

it was dropped. Like if you
look for someone, for the murderer

to have so carefully planned taking Oliver's
knife and then getting it to Charles's apartment

and then planning all of these things. And there's, you know, with

killing bunny and then flaming me able
to drop the matchbook. I feel like

there could be something more to that. And then for the person to take

it from the pickle delly. Um, I feel like there was something more

planned behind that. I don't I
have no idea. It could be totally

wrong and they could have just dropped
it. But Um, so. So

you think that the murderer wouldn't be
that sloppy and maybe that they just planted

it there, maybe as a diverge
in or right. I thought it's a

good point because I thought maybe it
was in like Bunny's pocket, you know,

she goes there all the time,
and it just fell out of her

pocket and and not the not the
killers, you know, or something,

but it fell from her she might
have had it in. But we did

see on the security camera that someone
did. The one who is having lunch

with bunny did. Right, but
you know that there there's a lot of

matchbooks. It's like, you know, everyone takes a matchbook to put it

in the bathroom. Right, let's
not be you know, let's just be

real about it. And so my
thought is, you know, everyone takes

a matchbook. The killer did.
Money did do you think it's bloody or

do you think it's catch up?
You know, I'm gonna say catch up

because I think bunny. It was
in bunny's pocket and she had some fries

or something at some point, I
think, didn't? We see some fries

on her plate and she was sitting
there. I think remember. I like

I like those particular details so much. Try Reading you. Alright, pyramid

black, you are on if you'd
like to UN mute and Ke. I

have to say there's a lot of
support for you on the Howard d comments

right now. Great, I'm with
you. What team? What team have?

I mean, we love Howard,
but I'm okay if he's the killer.

Exactly. In fact, pyramid black, who is probably enabling their mic,

is my suspicion, uh, comments
and saying Jan said to take another

look at Howard. So He's remembering
those lines absolutely. But CAN YOU TRUST

JAN? She is a murder in
prison. Maybe them. Listen, she

may maybe hired out the killer.
Well, yeah, you know, yeah,

you know. outsourcings, all the
rage to like sing and do a

bassoon something for them, you know, a sexy bassoon play your back.

Yeah, sorry for the technical issues
I was having there. Don't worry.

Um, my money is still on
mark, if the writing follows the season

one formula. Jeanne was introduced in
episode three, just like mark, and

it was kind of like a background
player, and the motivation, though,

will be revealed later in the season. So until I think Alice is a

big red herring. I think she's
going to try to pull Leonora on the

theory that Um Leonora is Um Road
Cooper and people think that. Yeah,

yeah, so I think she knows
that to play the art game she's got

to kind of make a show and
by coming clean now, it might uh

not raise questions about what actually does
happen to her, if my theory is

correct. Oh yeah, that's good, that's that's excellent. Um, you

know, it's interesting because the way
also, if they did do Alice,

that's another love interest, right,
and so it's Oh, then maybe they're

trying to make you think it's another
lemage interests. So they have a formula

and they're gonna do that another season. So that's another red herring in my

book. Can either they directing on
the show set alice up to be the

red herring or they are saying that
she is the killer. I still say

it's a red herring because they went
back to back. They I guess mirrored

Charles and Jan talking together with I'm
Mabel and yes, right, right,

I did set back and forth between
them, did uh, and and Jan

is saying that it's you know to
look at somebody. I mean, think

about it. If she said look
at somebody, knew. Is there anybody

new to any of them, except
for Alice? Doesn't mean that Jan's right,

it just means you know, is
there anybody new guys since at all

besides Alice? To Mabel? No, right, just people from last season.

And I mean there's Lenora, she's
there, but that's not with them.

That's just a new's mother. So, but I would have her killing

her daughter. Well, my mom
wants to knock me down and peg every

time. There's a lot of parental
issues in this show. So it really

is a thread throughout the entire season. That's exactly what's going on. And

they're just more building. It's a
big building. It's a big, big

building. Yeah, it's a big
building with a high mortality rate. Right.

Thank you, pyramid black. That
was great. Thank you so much,

Goldie K, for welcome back.
Thank you so much so. There

are a couple of things about the
matchbook. I found it very interesting that

they say it several times. Well, do we think it's blood, or

do you think it's catch up?
But no one says do we think it's

paint, which to me may think, because I don't think it's Alice.

I think Alice is the huge red
herring, that it's too obvious. But

I do think Alice is clearly involved
in something and I'll go so far as

to say maybe bunny hired Alice to
paint the Fakeo and no, alice is

too far in to come clean to
Mabel. As well as this was,

I found very interestingt so sherlancclain's character
smells are hero Turio just to like find

out who the killer is. So
you have to say, okay, you

know she didn't see the killer,
but maybe she smelled like Turpentine or paint

or, yes, like something on
the killer. So I think there's a

couple of like major plots, like
maybe Alice with the painting. And I

really don't think uh big bunny is
big bunny. I think she's Rose Cooper

because of how she slipped to Steve
Martin, you know, to Charles,

when she said, Oh, I
slept with him. Oh well, and

he says, well, didn't,
didn't say. So I think she's like

because she even says, Oh,
I'm very bad at this hour. Like

I think she really kind of made
a slip Um. Yeah, but I

still don't know who the killer is. However, I think there are a

couple of things that are yeah,
it's just so involved that it makes you

just keep going back and and thinking
about it. Well, I just want

to say you gave me chills when
you said paint, because honestly, that

is really I didn't think about whether
that's real, that's true or not.

That was really a good thought.
So yeah, yeah, very nice.

Only because they hit it twice,
they say it and so it's like,

well, it could be other things. Well, what it is. To

me it was pretty obvious because it
kind of does look like paint, but

nobody says it and they're in the
art world. So it was too yeah,

so good. And you know,
I don't know if you know,

in comedy things go in threes,
right, so this could be the third

thing that they three. Yeah,
blood catch up or paint? Catch up

or paint. That's a that's a
that's a new game. Thank you.

That was great. Thank you.
Thank you so much, Goldie. Kay.

Why did you think of that?
Why did you think of that,

Goldie? Well, calm struggle,
Um, you are on, if you

like to UN mute yea. Hi, great, what a great show.

I'm so excited and I I'm now
slightly less fanatical than I was last week.

Beyond be in this forum. Thank
you. I just wanted to what

the you' all were just saying that. You know, I'm really I'm kind

of team Leonora in terms of her
being the killer or being orchestrating the killing.

Um, I believe that she actually
that. The new notion that I

had kind of came from, I
think it was somebody on Youtube who's also

on Reddit, that they might be
twins. Leonora and rose might be twins,

and that would make it easier for
people, because ran Laura shows I

I am the mother of bunny,
and it's like, how could nobody ever?

You don't question that or whatever,
like she was so suspicious in that

way, but then again so sort
of ostensibly seems so much like big bunny,

so much like bunny. And Anyway, it would just make it easier

for them to have had this mysterious
death of rose. It makes it,

it makes the motivation of Leonora as
rose coming back, really being like yeah,

I'm I'm Bunny's mother, but I
don't, I just want that painting,

you know, and and also being
the artist of the painting and knowing

that it was a fake right away. So those are those are my thoughts.

And the thing about MARV. I
just God, I love the show,

I love the writing, I love
I love the super fans, but

it just feels so strange if it's
all of a sudden, Oh yeah,

I've been in the building the whole
time, and then the catacombs. That's

just that's just really threw me for
a loop because, yeah, it looks

like him and he was wearing that
kind of has mat suit and whatnot,

but it just doesn't it feels really
falsely inserted to me. So so we'll

see if anything happens beyond that and
you know, with you know, and

then, yeah, I just want
to see Scharl McClean again. Awesome.

I love you. I love your
idea, because that could be Um Charles

in a thruckle or Charles Charles's Daddy, your comment, or sister wins or

you know, there's a bunch of
things going on, so many offspring possibilities.

Your your comments making me think of
something that mid sounds far fetched,

but is it possible rose is alive
and she showed up there pretending to be

Anora? If yeah, it's totally, totally like parents got it. We

gotta be from that. Yeah,
calm struggle, we gotta. I love

that juxtaposition of that. But we
got a a Um, we got a

fan said that that that's still alive
right and then. And some people think

Alice is the granddaughter. I mean
there's a lot. I think that could

very much be and she could have
reproduced the I definitely think there's a reproduction

of the painting. But you know, anyway, I don't have a lot

of people who are posting on Reddit
have a lot of thought that they've put

into it and this extensive, you
know, write ups and everything. I'm

just I'm just, I'm just be
aking here. So thank you so much.

Thank you, thank you. You
guys are great. Thank you.

Thanks so much, calm struggle,
thunder Dave, you're on. If you'd

like to UN mute, I am
unmuted. I would like to say first

of all, but my hit is
spinning because every time I hear a theory

I swerve a different way. I'm
I would be so far away from my

house if I was trying to walk. I do feel that rose is the

pseudonym of of Leonora Um and I
was. I was kind of veering towards

Cynda canning last week because she was
just there, you know, at the

end of the first season immediately,
which seemed kind of odd to me.

But now, after hearing so many
different theories, I think they all did

it narrowing it down. Thank you, yes and no wonder you walk side

to side. Thanks a lot of
love the show. Thank you. So

appreciate it. Thanks so much,
Thunder Dave. Another theory, speaking of

familial things, that's kind of brewing
on Reddit, that I thought was interesting

that we want to bring up was
the naming of some of the characters.

We have a Jan, a Cindian
and Alice, all our characters from the

Brady Bunch. Like we need to
ask, you know what. We're going

to ask writers about that and my
gun cousin. Yes, yes, brand

bunch conspiracy kind of floating out there
right now and part of that theory is

that, uh, Jan and Cinda
are related, because Jan alludes to having

a sister who's much more successful than
her and always being in her shadow in

season one. This is, you
know. Well, listen, I think

what put me over the edge was
the cousin Oliver, like that just threw

me that that definitely adds to the
Brady bunch kind of up. But by

the way, that Charles upon member, he has like a good vegetables or

hot vegetables or something. That sign
up there right, and that's like the

bradie bunch with the board that said
pork chopping apple. Sad people the Brady,

but there is definitely something here with
the Brady. I think read it

is onto something here. Please let
us know your findings when you when you

see the writer's next. Absolutely that's
fun. Now now I'm thinking of things.

Yeah, yeah, I'll try reading. Welcome back reading. Just keep

racking my brain and this is really
quick and if any of you have any

thoughts, really that's why I'm asking, but I always just keep coming back

to you. How did bunny get
into mables and because in Lucy's memory that

she didn't end up sharing with Charles. We see someone coming out of some

passageway into the walls from what looks
like out of Bunny's apartment, but obviously

bunny is not with that person.
So how does bunny then get into Mabel's

apartment? And that it's just there's
a lot obviously unanswered but that one thing

of how she got there is we
know somebody said, I don't know how

to get in there, but didn't
someone k say that there were two,

possibly two people, one that that
Lucy saw in there, like there's the

killer and then there's another something.
I can't remember exactly, but somebody thought

there were two different things going on. Maybe it will be revealed that bunny

came through the front door and the
killer left through the passageway, something like

that. Yeah, it has to
be, unless there's another passageway. There's

it could be a big square passageway. We don't know, because this is

something you know. You can push
everything through. You can push the frames

and the ore work and money,
money. It's all about the blood and

all that. I mean there's she, you, you mentioned it, kicking

all the time about how much blood
isn't on the front and then Mabel gets

more. You know, maple gets
all the blood on. So it has

to be. I mean nobody can
clean nobody's cleaning up that blood. There's

no time. So what happened?
How did that happen? And I think

we're time for one more question.
Okay, all right, I see red

rose. So we do have a
couple more hands rays. I apologize everybody.

UH, well, I can try
and make it quick. Um.

So my question is about Jan's comment
in the last episode where she mentioned she

accidentally saved someone's life when she tried
to stab them. In regards to the

fact that she supposedly stabbed herself last
season, right, and the possibility of

a second accomplice, you know there? Yeah, it could be a second.

That's the thing is it could be
too. Someone mentioned that and to

mention again, I think there could
possibly be too. Right. We don't

know, Um, and she knew
we last season. We said, but

what does she know? How to
stab herself just right, if she did

that to herself where we think she
did? Obviously, I mean not obviously,

but Um, okak. You have
any thoughts on that? Yeah,

something to think about it as usual. As usually, more one more.

Let's see we have we have time
for one more. If there's anybody else,

we could do that and then we're
we're on our way. Someone put

their hand. Okay, Pyramid Black, and you won the race. Hey,

welcome back, pyramid black. If
you'd like to UN mute, come

Harry. Yes, all right,
excellent. Yeah, that was much smilier

this time. To answer that question, Jan said in in season one,

in the finale, that there was
two more that she needed to take care

of. So I think that she
was aware of some other things that were

happening in the building, which is
why she had to gas the whole building.

Maybe she couldn't track them down.
The home killers are using the secret

passageways, the secret passageways. She's
gotta feel that. You know, that

reminds me too of Um Uh Lucy
also this season, saying, saying there's

a lot going on in that building, right to Charles, be careful,

there's a lot going on in that
building. How does she know that?

What does she know? Did everybody
catch that? So thanks, verry black,

because it is there's there's things that
they say that either carry over to

this season or we need to know. There has to be more passageways that

we're not aware of. Or,
and it's Dan friends with someone else in

the building? is she in contact
with someone still? Yeah, I like

that Cinda canning idea too. That
was pretty good. I mean that's why

I've been thinking about two cynda canning
paint makeup bunch. Cousin, Oliver Black,

thank you, that very much other
that their thought with them, Lucy

so thin. I think we we
have reaped today. Yes, thank you

so much. As always. It's
such a great time to recap and chat

with you guys. So thank you
for having us and keener and KK.

I hope that you guys get a
chance to also check out the comments from

this talk, because there's a lot
of love form for the podcast. I

just wanted to bring that to your
attention. It's also, you know,

I'll look at dead you know.
Yeah, right now. Yeah, yeah,

go to the announcement host. I
think that's actually where it is.

Yes, thank you everyone. Thank
you for listening, Um and then coming

on here. Uh. We really
are so happy and it's a joy to

to talk with you and hear your
thoughts. Check out our podcast, only

murders in the pot. Yes,
and with that, do you want to

also, Um, let people know
how they can get a hold of you

should they have a conversation? They
can send their thoughts and theories to only

murders at Straw hot media DOT COM. Fantastic. Well, thank you both

again. I hope you all have
such a lovely day. Thank you all

for tuning in and for sharing all
of your theories and we'll be back here

next week. So, UM,
keep an eye out and we will be

talking more soon next week. Thank
you, Matteo and rob again. There

might be yes, thank you,
Matteo and Rabo. Oh my gosh,

so wonderful. All right, thanks
so much. Thank you, everybody. Hi,
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