EPISODE 9: Fan Fiction

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Show Notes

Elizabeth and KK meet writers of Episode 8, 'Fan Fiction', Rob Turbovsky and Matteo Borghese PLUS Da'vine Joy Randolph who plays Detective Williams in the show. Are they getting closer to solving the crime? I think so. And listener mail!.

If you have a theory about who killed Tim Kono email us onlymurders@strawhutmedia.com

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Straw media. So we're going to
ask some questions. Obviously feel free not

to answer. Boy, when does
is this gonna what episodes will be out?

When this episode eight? This is
after episode eight? Are So okay,

and that's that's as far as we've
seen out after we don't know what

we can completely forgot any episode.
Thanks. You couldn't torture it out of

us. So wait. So I'm
not hit how many, because you don't

want to give me to tell secrets. Many episodes has the whole thing completely

aired and we have only seen up
to episode eight? Welcome to episode eight

of only murders. In the POD. We're looking behind the scenes and mining

for clues as we meet the cast
and creators of the Hulu original series only

murders in the building. I'm your
host, Kevin Lawn, and with my

cohost and friend Elizabeth Keener, we're
trying to solve a mystery and get to

the truth of what happened to Tim
Kno. As of now, we've seen

the first eight episodes, so listeners
beware. If you haven't watched, hit

the pause button, get caught up
and come right back so we don't spoil

anything for you. So what do
we know? So in this episode,

we know Teddy threatened our heroes and
told them they had to end the podcast

and not expose his grave robbing enterprise. Right, yeah, who. And

he gave them a deadline. They
had to do it by seven am,

and that was a deadline, a
true deadline. HMMM, exactly. Yeah,

so they were up all night figuring
this out. They were. We

also know that their podcast has devoted
fans and call themselves the arkoniacs. Yes,

the ARCONIC. What a great name. Is a good name of that.

And then they each one had a
name for each person. And we

don't have to look at you,
look at but they all had different names

for the people. That's right,
right, if you had fans, I

fin had fans. I mean they
call themselves keener, Hollis, keener files.

Your all ex we know that Jan
and Charles went through Tim's phone and

discovered Tim was trying to take down
the ODEMIS. Yes, and this would

all tie into the grave robbing and
the yeah, jewelry, and yeah,

how they're they're bad. So He's
taking roundabout way of taking down the demis

has yeah, for evenge she was
doing. He was getting everything he was

trying to get everything on them so
that they could go down after so long,

wright decade, right. And we
know that they met with detective Williams

and got her blessing to try and
take the demons has down. Yes,

yes, they she was wanted them
to help her, unoffecially, Han officially,

we had to unofficially, and she
was a skeptical person first with podcast.

She called them numbnuts first. She
did change her idea about them.

Okay, so we know they put
together a team to put together this last

podcast episode, right, which includes
Jan Oscar and the three are coniacs because

one of them was off set pns. Her aunt had piano lessons. MMM,

they were found. They were very
helpful for our trio. They were.

They did a little acting. They
acted out a scene, did scenes

because they were kind of our trio
a month ago. Yeah, how they

felt, how they excited they were? They were super excited. I mean

super fans super excited. Everything to
excited maybe to excite. Yeah, that's

why they're Uber Fans. So they
can't control themselves. And they had a

lot of time on their hand.
Yeah, a lot of time on their

hands. And then Oliver Really had
to have them act something out, because

he had loves doing that. He
has visual actor. He's a visual thinker.

He needs to see it. He's
the man, that's the theater and

him. Yes, we also know
that Jan is driving Oliver and Mabel crazy

with her contributions and she does not
think Theo and teddy are responsible and instead

is trying to get them to look
at Howard Morris, the cat guy.

Right, Howard the cat guy.
He's back on the scene, back on

the scene. We know the toxicology
report came in to show that Tim was

poisoned before he was shot, and
we know Theo and teddy were both outside

at the time that he was shot. Right, because there was a camera

and it was showing that they were
outside. So so they were not there

when the fire alarm was pulled.
So they could not have killed. They

can come. No, so you
know what that shows. You're supposed to

say to me, keen, are
your five guesses are absolutely wrong. Fool.

Yes, I'm a fool. Oh, I did not forget the full,

for so many forget that at all. Full for love for crime,

full, but just a full.
We know that Jan was attacked and is

possibly dead. That's could she really
be dead? No, and then you

said, is that real blood?
I mean you questioned. Maybe she was

just setting something up, and maybe
I make a point, but she had

a note on her door writing noe. So they have just shank she didn't

shank herself, but maybe she was
feeling because the group kind of shunned her.

So maybe this is the way of
kind of making them feel bad.

And who put the note on the
door? That's true. I mean that's

somebody is watching her says, I'm
watching you. Yeah, like the last

two episodes, episode eight was also
written by two writers, but unlike six

and seven, where the writers were
paired together by John Hoffman, rock Tobosky

and Mateo Borghasy have been writing together
for years and we're brought onto the show

as a team. They met back
in Grad school at USC we found each

other, became as hurts and screenwriting
maths. That's true, state certified,

mass licensed. Yeah, I don't
know how if we can answer any questions

about this show, but we did
take an entire class on the structure of

Tutsie. So if you have any
toutsie questions, we do have some.

Actually, where is that? We
have, like like every good team,

Robin Mateo Balance Each Other. Oh
it is, they put it. One's

a little sweet, one's a little
savory. Think of Laurel and Hardy,

avid and Costello, maybe even Chris
Farley and David spake. Well, I'm

a little huskier. Yeah, and
he's on the slight side. So that

kind of gives us the classic comedy
duo. I mean in person. You

know. It's the situations. You
want someone who likes the sweet snacks from

the writer him and someone who likes
the savory snacks, because if you're like

to savory guys and you use that's
a good Dala. Let me guess who's

sweet news stavory. You know,
I'll say that. You know you need.

It's sort of like a one plus
one equals the three kind of thing,

or one and a half, depending
on what the case may be.

But I think we both care a
lot about the jokes, but also the

kind of structure of the story,
which I like to think makes us not

a detriment. But you'll have to
ask John Hmm. And the structure is

this is a very different show as
far as structure, because they're you're kind

of working backwards from the last episode
right. Yeah, our PEA brains are

not well formed for this kind of
show. Usually in a sitcom you're like,

okay, this is the one where
the boss of the boss comes over

for something you know only murders.
Was a bit of a departure from their

usual style. They're written together on
a lot of great shows, Silicon Valley,

lady dynamite, it's always sunny in
Philadelphia, just to name a few.

Well, I think tonally it's it's
a lot different than those previous shows

we've worked on. There's a lot
there's a kind of a shift in tone

and we're it's expected to take the
characters possibly slightly more, I don't know,

serious tonally, and you know the
like. I think we're just a

buy in on the mystery. It's
not just a straight comedy. It also

has the surreal elements and I think
that's kind of a shift for us.

That might be new for us.
And there's this melancholy sort of thing that's

going on in the show that I
think people are responding to a little bit,

which is like it's not just it's
not just the light, a light

comedy. You know, this is
any kind of murder mystery, which I

you know well could have been.
It has this kind of depth and texture

to it that I think was like
a really fun challenge for us to,

you know, plum the depths of
our sad little souls and see what was

what was in there under the cobwebs. Mateo has been a fan of the

true crime world even before podcasting exploded
into the phenomenon we know it as today.

Well, actually, I used to
make the like. I used to

make things that were the precursor to
true crime podcast, which is I worked

at court TV in my s.
It was my first job was doing the

research urge for the crimes. Like
we'd have to pick a new murder to

make a documentary out of. So
I would just sit in the basement of

this office building in Midtown Manhattan and
come in every day and I'd have Google

or its for like bizarre murder,
grizzly murder or something. Father. That

was my whole day. was just
like combing through the details of increasingly dark,

darker and darker homicides. Rob On
the other hand, did not start

out with much knowledge of true cry
pods, with the exception of my favorite

murder, which some friends of ours
do. So I knew that one,

but I didn't know so much in
the investigative crime podcasts I was like a

huge fan of and this came up
in our meeting with John to work on

the show. Of like Errol Morris, we both are. We had like

explored writing like a crime mystery comedy
thing ourselves, and so I we like

that stuff for sure. Errol Morris
is the Academy Award winning documentary filmmaker behind

the film's The fog of war,
the thin Blue Line and, most recently

the Hulu Doci series wilderness of error. There is one person who really doesn't

like true crime and that's Dayvin enjoy
randolph, who plays detective Williams. Know,

they freaked me out. They picked
me out. I don't watch scary

movies and I definitely don't when it's
like based on true events. No,

try it away. Can't like even
like those like forty eight hours here one

love those. Yeah, like true
things. Yeahare me more than like Freddy

Cougar or something. So you know, I tap out. Well here.

More from dayvine a little bit later
in this episode, but for now back

to the writers. We've asked all
the writers we've talked to a little about

their journey into this writer's room.
I mean sometimes if you just like wish

for something, it seems like miraculous
something. I mean it's a miracle.

I mean, you know, it
truly is amazing to get to work on

the show. I think you know, years and years ago we had met

Jeff Rosenthal, who's the one of
the executive producers works with Dan Fogleman,

and then, I'm sure he did
not remember that. I would be insane.

We did absolutely nothing memorable in that
meeting. Did it, Tommy,

mate, I'm wrong here. Not
One memorable or interesting thing from us.

And then meeting. No, no, every meeting we take to we keep

a little spreadsheet of yeah, yeah, screwed that one up. Never member.

You know, I think we just
like real when we heard about this

show, just like really made the
case, like please meet with us,

and I have, like you know, we both love Stephen Marty so much

and I think during our zoom with
John, like you know, I had

like a Steve Martin poster nearby.
Those like Oh, look, I just

have going to have this. I
was like yeah, but yeah, that's

you know, just got very,
very lucky and through pleading and begging we

begged so hard we were crying.
This was a this was a pity higher

aspiring writer, just like if you're
out there and you're wondering, just make

a just mess of yourself in a
meeting, cry, beg barter, anything

you can do just to make the
showrunner feel bad for you, because that's

your only hope in my in my
experience. Yeah, it sounds like a

Ted talk. Yeah, I pretended
to have like a small wet cough,

like an orphan's cough, so thing, and like I like a nineteen century

well bar right London Street Urchin kind
of coop with like a contemporary twist.

Yeah, I want to know that. We could also write the young Mabel

character. The first scene Robin Mateo
remember writing for only murders was before Nathan

Lane had even been cast as Teddy. The first scene that we wrote for

it, I think, was the
scene with Nathan Lane in the car,

you know, when they're driving back. We were doing sides. Yeah,

we wrote sides. We were writing
something, I think for that they want,

you know, when they were trying
to get Nathan Lane, and so

we knew this scene, this kind
of scene, would be there and so

we wrote a few versions of it
and and that some of them were extremely

long. I mean those like he
went on and on about his history with

the theater and different shows, that
he liked them were important to him,

and then, you know, that
kind of so that then made its way

into earlier episodes, like them listening
to Carousel Arisel, yeah, and seven.

So I remember writing that, seem
for sure, and it's I think

it's like always fun to have that
kind of scene where you got like a

villain who is completely in control of
the situation and he's just gonna monolog a

little bit. Like it's it's both
fun and also you can, I feel

like it's a it's like a fun
way to get into their history too,

and in to really see an actor
kind of stretch out. That's what I

really enjoyed writing, and some of
those scenes in the apartment where there's like

seven characters, you know, all
together trying to like, you know,

see people, making sure you remember
these people are there and giving everybody like

something funny or interesting to do like
that. That was really challenging as well.

You said the word size that you
were writing, saide. Can you,

for listeners May, explain what you
meant by say you're writing sides.

Well, sometimes when you're auditioning actors
for a role, you might not have

written the episode that they're auditioning for
just because it's part of the production processes.

They need to hire someone before the
episode is absolutely finished. And but

you might know kind of what a
scene is about. And so at the

time we just we needed to write
some Teddy Demis dialog for actors to use

to audition. So those are those
are the sides and we just really Nathan

Lane did not audition this, it's
true. But yes, yeah, what

do you second? Right, yes, and so I would he express interest.

I you know. But yeah,
the addition process, if they've come

to like Charles Hayden savage, Nathan
Lane is offer. Only this episode is

called Fan Fiction. We learned that
the podcast Charles Oliver and Mabel are making

has attracted some super fans with their
own homemade march and theories about what happened

to Tim Cono. I myself,
I'm a Super Fan of Bruce Springsteen and

there is a bruce, probably several
Bruce springsteen message boards and I, you

know, I don't post on them, but I do read them fairly regularly.

So I you know, I get
a sense of, you know,

just how tense, you know,
your life can be if you want to

just focus on one thing at the
detriment of absolutely everything else. Good,

like, I think like it was
fun to write these guys because in a

way we're writing about the trio to
like that was something that we talked a

lot about, which is like the
they are those super fans. They are

like kind of where our trio started
out the beginning. They're just like obsessed

with this podcast, and I think
was just fun to go back and revisit

that like over again. And when
we first meet the our conny acts,

there are four of them when Oliver
invites them up into the building, the

young one, grant, he's gone
because he has a piano lesson. We

were curious if there was an issue
with the actor or if this was an

intentional misconnection between Jan the bassoonist and
grant taking his piano lessons, or are

we just looking too deep into this
and we're on the rock off the right

on the wrong track, like we
tend to do? Like we did.

We can, but you know,
I don't think you can ever look too

deep into the show. I think
we have it some yeah, well,

I guess there's a little current there
of of kind of of music underneath all

this. I well, Turbo and
you guys have solved it and grant is

the killer. Please don't use this
in the podcast. We won't. I

shouldn't have said that. This is
a safe zone the same. So this

is just yeah, this is like
this for us only. And then now

you, you guys, seem to
be in you know, have a sense

of what the fans of the show
feel. Do you think they would find

it unsatisfying if the killer was in
fact an eight year old boy who you've

never met before and had never been
mentioned by anyone? Because we still have

time to change yes, to see
which gets I don't think anyone would have

guessed it. Detective Williams went through
a whole process in this episode of firm

Nonbeliever to feeling like a podcast could
solve a crime to ultimately being let down.

Can you tell us about her character
and how that developed out went?

Yeah, I think we wanted the
audience, you know, to be along

that ride with her, you know. So I think what we were hoping

for, what we want you to
feel, is like they've solved it,

you know, and it feels satisfying
the way they did it and the way

they put out the podcast, and
that's what brings detective Williams around, you

know. And then to have it
turn out not to be true in such

a dramatic way, I think hopefully, should feel crushing, but not so

crushing they're going to stop watching.
Right. I think old old savory got

it right. I mean all favorites. Yeah, I don't know. Detective

Williams is like she's like she's an
interesting character, because I don't think anybody

wanted to suggest she was like not
good at what she did. Like we

like her as a character and like
her performance, is very magnetic and fun

and it felt like we were taking
something away from her if we were to

make her like, you know,
someone that they were easily at boxing,

and it kind of takes away from
some of the fun of the premise of

having these two amateurs like be bumbling
to this crime. Wait a second,

did you catch that? Mateo?
Just said two amateurs, not three.

Maybe we're reading too far into this, but that feels significant. What does

Mabel know? It could have been
a simple misspeak, but listen closely and

I kind of takes away from some
of the fun of the premise of having

these two amateurs like be bumbling to
this crime and and kind of learn how

to solve it the hard way if
she's not great at her job. So

I think this episode was like a
balance of her both being kind of helpful

and in control, with them kind
of superseding her work. She is a

woman who is, you know,
salt of the Earth, born and raised

in New York and she lives to
help people. Here's divine again, I

imagine. Like lawn order was her
thing, you don't mean growing up,

and like she really connected with that. A True New Yorker through and through.

And I think with young professionals,
especially when you want to be successful

and really strive to focus and give
to your craft, often times they're sacrifice

that you need to make in your
personal life. And so I think where

people have seen up to now,
you're seeing her negotiate that as well as

she's a person who is used to
and very comfortable with being alone, you

know, and and just keeping her
head down and doing her thing, and

then she's fortunate to meet someone and
realize it's like okay, I can give

this a try. To and I'm
not too bad at it. I think

she kinds of keeps several life really
simple and yet is very devoted to her

job. So these one of these, if you will. It's extremely annoying.

Clash me legal ever talk about island. I was like really, Soda,

I just want to run from a
crime scene. I'm like, Hey,

you guys know this person or just
so, but you know, I

think that's far the comedy of it
as well. But you they I think

they also do a great job of
being like right on the nose with that

kind of also New Yorker resident of
a building, that sense of like entitlement

and curiosity where it's like no,
no, no, this is my actual

job and y'all are just doing it
because you're bored, I guess. But

you know, I think you'll start
to see more and more of how they

both realize they can be of help
to one another. I think we wanted

the audience, you know, to
be along that ride with her, you

know. So I think what we
were hoping for, what we want you

to feel, is like they've solved
it, you know, and it feels

satisfying the way they did it and
the way they put out the podcast and

that's what brings detective Williams around,
you know, and then to have it

turn out not to be true in
such a dramatic way, I think hopefully,

should feel crushing, but not so
crushing they're going to stop watching you.

Detective Williams brings a whole new perspective
to the show. What she brings

is a bit more of I was
going to say that New York Claire,

but it's tons of people that bring
New York Clare, but in their own

unique way. But I would say
she's more of that Ed and great of

New York. You know what I
mean, the real list, the practical

one that can't easily be excited or
fooled. It's time like yeah, okay,

I've been there, done that,
whatever, the opposite of Martin shorts

character. Yeah, yeah, yeah, which. But what is so fun

to to do at the same time, to be around that different energy?

We're going to take a quick break. When we get back. More about

Detective Williams, highlights from filming and
clues, lots of clues. Welcome back.

Today we're talking to the writers of
Episode Eight, Rob Tebowski and Mateo

Borghasi, along with Davine joy randolph, who plays detective Williams. There were

a few connections between Davine and the
producers of only murders. First of all,

she was on a few episodes of
this is us, which is made

by the same production team. But
more importantly, she played lady Reid and

the two thousand and nineteen film,
Dolomite is my name. Steve Martin had

seen dolomite is my name Blad he
and I think because of their relationship and

the mutual respect that he and Eddie
Murphy have for one another, that I

think was also what helped feel the
deal that he felt, you know,

like okay, yeah, you could
do unlike Charles Oliver and Mabel, Detective

Williams is a professional crime solver employed
by the actual and YPD. I give

mad props to people who do procedural
shows. So like er or law and

order, it is hard because,
I mean from what you guys even see,

which at first I was like what, they edit it and cut it

down. Like my I have like
these monologs. So when it when we

filmed it originally, you get a
bit when you first meet my character,

but they spliced in between. But
it's all this technical jargon and you can

live it all. You have to
do it exactly perfect we kind of established

from my character she's kind of deadpanish
and she she speaks rather quickly. So

it is difficult, it is really
difficult, but also very fun and it

was a real challenge. It was
funny because when we had done a director's

meeting, when they were offering me
the job or pitching me the project,

I had had my hair, you
know, just like a protective style,

because it was covid and I didn't
feel like doing my hair, so I

just put my hair and fullocks and
in the meeting they were like Oh that,

we love that, and I was
like oh well, you know,

these aren't like real, like this
is just you're like no, no,

we want the locks. That's great, and I was like okay on and

then, funny enough, when we
shot the pilot, I had them then,

but then by the time we got
to the next episode, you see,

episode six, I was filming another
project, so I went to I

was filming another project, also in
New York, so I had I was

wearing wigs for the other show,
so I had to go to Brooklyn.

So a beauty supply store to buy
a regular wig and then I braided that

way made a flock wig out of
it after I finished work that day and

I stayed up and pulled an all
nighter. So imagine having all that text

and then on top of it you're
like Yep arts. They're like hey,

welcome back, how are you feeling, and I'm like it's great, though

tons and tons of fun and it's
just it's so cool to to just to

film in New York City. There
is a different energy about it and the

community, literally, the neighbors are
just so on board with all of it.

Is Really Cool. Then they're very
engrossed. Davine thinks detective Williams was

finally motivated to work with our diy
crime solvers because of her life partner.

She makes me better at not only
who I am but at my job,

and so there's something about her that
offers a softening to me where I'm able

to see beyond you know, I
if he wasn't in my life like that,

there's no way that we wouldn't.
I wouldn't even be in the show

at all or would literally in there
after the pirate and I'll be like crime

from crime thinking numb nuts and be
con cigarette. Yeah, so the numbers.

So I think because too it was
very subtle, but I don't know

if people picked up on it when
they're when I'm at the computer, they

did little things like I have a
picture of my wife on my laptop,

on my my desktop, and then
there's that guy that's over to the right

of me working and it's you know, it's I think for her in that

moment, though, it's not drawn
out and said that she's like, my

God, I don't want to be
that man, do you know what I

mean? Like laid after hours,
clearly not going home, maybe you know,

no home, getting from his wife
and just so yeah, devoted to

it. So I think for her
she's like, I do love this,

but maybe there's a different way in
which I can go about it. Like

everyone we've talked to so far,
being a part of this show was a

magical experience. Beyond all the covid
stuff, it was a really, really

fun project. I'm trying to remember
if it was my first project back in

the mean working thence covid had started. I don't remember, but it was

still a wonderful experience and everyone was
just so kind I think we were all

just so excited to be back in
some sense of the word, you know,

and normalcy. And the cast was
lovely, Steve Martin and Martin Short

in particular, which is so complimentary
and kind, where I was like,

all right, guys, it's too
much, like cut it out. I

feel like you're put a little too
much all but it's not really yeah,

very, yeah, very nice.
And Selena was so cool and just calm

and cool and collected and I just
applaud her because she is literally being anchored

by these two legends and does her
thing and is not waivered and just tastes

command in her own right. I
think it's genius to the idea of this

like generational gap as well and closing
this like I think someone said that was

Steve Martin's idea, but that's genius
because he took he closed the gap and

it and you have a huge widespread
demographic to watch this like. I feel

like he easily could have, you
know, gone with someone else from like

the sanel kind of fam and his
generation sort of, but I think it

was a brilliant, Brilland brand move, even for the writers who couldn't be

on set watching the show as it
came together and production was exciting. There's

a scene in the episode where when
they after Oliver has brought the super fans

up into the apartment and he's getting
some resistance from Charles and Mabel about do

we really want, you know,
to ask these people for help, and

he kind of takes they sidebar alver
child's and Mabel have like a private discussion

and he makes the case for the
Superman. That speech that that Marty does

about, you know, strap do
they will have that look in their eyes

like a confused dog. Look.
Do I wish our fans were a little

more hip? Yes, do I
wish they were a tad more on top

of their hygiene? Absolutely, do
they have a confused look in their eyes

like a dog. That's sort of
strange sound, yeah, but strap that

dog to a slid and, baby, you'll be flying across a ton.

Try. One of the great like, truly one of the highlights of this

whole experience was we would watch the
dailies after, you know, after they'd

finished shooting, and we watched like
five or six takes of them doing that

scene and just marty could not,
he could not get through it without making

Steve and Selina laugh and just like, if you want just to like a

pick me up, to feel good, like seeing them just crack up over

and over again and be unable to
get for a take was like incredible.

In Episode Eight, our crime solving
group got a lot bigger. Not only

is detective Williams and on the investigation, it also now includes the arconiacs Oscar

and Jan go. By the end
of the episode we're not sure if she's

alive or dead and honestly, we've
become very suspicious of Jan so, to

get some more inside information, we
talked to Michelle Grego, who is second

share of bassoon at the Los Angeles
Philharmonic Orchestra. My entire life it's all

about you play the what and you
have to go into this long I sit

next to the clarinets that don't the
oboe, grandfather and Peter in the wool,

you know that kind of fathers.
So people to me it's more like

you know, it's fine, you
don't know, I'm going to tell you

all about it. You know.
That's why I'm so excited it's on TV.

Yeah, you're an ambassador for the
passion pastor. Yes, you are.

We also asked her if she's noticed
whether bassoon players have any qualities in

common with each other. I would
say a sense of humor. Sense of

humor, absolutely. You can't take
life too seriously and play the bassoon because

it's we're known as the clown of
the orchestra. Oh Really? Yeah,

you can know they have some humor
to it. Yep, composer's right,

funny things for the bassoon all the
time, but we're also very have very

mournful lines and, you know,
contemplative things and sorrowful whatever we can.

We can change the mood on a
dime. Both funny and warnful. Sounds

almost like a who it was a
very illuminating conversation, one that you'll get

more of in the next episode.
Another reason where suspicious of Jan is the

revelation in this episode that Tim Cono
was poisoned before he was shot. We

know the famous Sherlock Holmes quote poison
is a woman's weapon, and that made

us think that maybe we should be
more suspicious of the women in the Arconia.

I would be more suspicious of Sherlock
Holmes's rampant massage. Honestly, fuck

yeah, I mean, if I
were to take a gun and shoot someone

and blow someone's heat up. Why
can't I do it? I have to

poison them. I mean again saying
women can nife people too, guys,

you know, just for the boys. We want the show to do anything,

it's to make the case for women
as Stabbers, not thank you.

Thank you. Well, this time
that this yes, thank you so much.

I think there's a march next week
for that, so downtown. Why?

I don't want to go because I
would not suggested. This week we

started to notice where everyone lives in
here in the building, like what for?

They're on. We feel like it's
important. Are we on the right

track with that? Are we diving
deep again? I yea, like the

geography of of people in places in
in the building has always been something we

paid an annoyingly close attention to,
like we were always kind of being like

it became like a real problem in
the room because, like there's just like

little scenes and stuff where you'd be
like, well then maybe this character walks

by because they're going to the elevator, and then our very dutiful and detail

oriented writers assistants would point out,
well, now that wouldn't happen because so

and so lives on the h floor
and we go well, who cares?

Maybe maybe there was like a personal
modern club for maybe they like they have

a six story apartment and they have
front doors on every floor. Robin Matteo

keeps shooting down our theories, but
we think they're telling us a lot more

than they mean to. Since we
started to get more suspicious about Jan we

went back through old episodes to see
if we could figure out which floor she

lived on, and we're pretty sure
she lives an apartment six a, right

next door to six B, where
the demons is lived. We don't necessarily

think she killed him, Cono,
but does you know more than she's letting

on? When Steve Martin's character,
Charles says to the super fans, find

some other interest. There's a big, wide world out there, it looks

like he's all so talking to us, the audience. Is that it was

that intended? Do you mean,
like, is he telling the viewers of

this show, like go, watched
had last so I think it's Charles is

reflecting on, you know, how
much there is to life that he's discovered.

This experience has really opened him up, you know, and not only

is he solving a murder, but
he's, you know, discovering love,

he's exploring his past, but Lucy
and things like that. So maybe maybe

he's speaking from that sort of in
this episode the happiest we've ever seen him.

Well, how many times do you
say he had sex? We had

sex. I don't know. If
I said they stopped talking. Guys like,

what do you say? Three,
four, taught you know, he

was very happy about that. So
we're have there. Always my pitch actually,

I I kind of had this thing
where I need to know if characters

are having sex and if they just
had sex, I want them to say

it. So I didn't just pitch
it for Steve, I pitched it for

all the other characters what as well, and I think John like had the

like wisdom and the discretion to know
it might be more relevant Steve going to

the word in season two. Yeah, he's into a lot more sex on

different floors. That's gonna matter on
the paper will people will be declaring it

as well. Everybody's going to be
checked in its acre to check it.

I'm so excited for season too.
When we asked Robin Mateo for a clue,

they politely declined to give us one, but they did at least help

us out with the head scratcher that
writer Stephen Mark Lee gave us last week.

Okay, make sure, make sure
your you might have to write this

down. So there's a line of
dialog in the first seven episode which is

an Anagram for the childhood hometown of
the actor who plays the killer. So

just figure that out and you'll be
good. So is it time to tell

people that Markley's clue was just bullshit? Is Helpful? People are ahead and

like the Qu not. Land Devine, on the other hand, said something

very interesting. We're trying to figure
out who the WHO the murderer is before

the end of the show. That's
what we're trying to do. I don't

even know. Oh, that's a
good clue. He's call Im scared.

I don't know. You didn't say
anything. You didn't say anything. Okay,

isn't no one knows. We've okay, that's well. You know,

coming up next, keener and I
make our guesses and make sure you stick

around until after the credits to hear
some listeners submitted theories. Okay, this

is your favorite time, favorite time, and yet again, I can't remember

what you call it, but it's
very catchyu the WHO done it, son

it, and this is the part
where we seal in our guesses for who

we think killed Tim Cono as of
the last episode, which is episode eight.

Yes, and seal it in an
envelope. Yeah, so I am

opening your envelope right now and let's
hope it's not theo. Just said.

Probably is. You said it is
will Oliver's son. Yes, I'm going

for the suns, the vet.
I'm going for the sun's. It's just

the way it's going to be for
me, because you're theoed out, the

o doubt now because you were wrong
about God, I don't like that word.

Wrong, down me cry. All
Right, okay, now you're I

hope you didn't copy me. Don't
we go? Yours is so pretty and

a nice en below is everything in
minds, just sad, terrible. Wow,

you did a whole drawing and everything. The murder is Howard, the

cat guy, and you have a
little face with the Mer. Oh,

I'm going in with Jan. Yes, go, okay, I Jan was

very suspicious of how are the Khaki? That's a good guess. And you

know what you know. When they
said it's you know they're not going to

do it for a cat? It's
like for jewelry and all that stuts.

Are you kidding? That's family.
Yeah, a family, cats and dogs,

right, cats and dogs. So
you know, and howards out for

event revenge. I'll shank Ye,
I'll cut yea, I'll do you know,

although they say, you know,
let's poison them. Hey, okay,

good guess. Not as good as
mine. But thank you everyone,

and a great another great episode.
Yes, let's talk to you soon.

See you next week. So,
listeners, do you have a theory about

who killed Tim Kno, let us
know. Email us at only murders at

Straw Hut Mediacom thanks for listening to
our eighth episode of only murders in the

pot. Only murders in the pot, as a production of Straw hut media.

The show is hosted by Elizabeth Keener
and Kevin Lon, produced by Ryan

Tillotson, Maggie Bowls and William Sterling. Associate producer is Stephen Markley, music

by Kyle Merritt and big, big
thanks to Jon Hoffman, our Avishet and

the entire Hulu team. See you
next week. Again from keener's closet.

By so Kevin. Yes, this
is where we get to talk about.

You know, some of the listeners
fan mail, right, fans. Let's

okay, I'm in, I'm in. They send an emails telling us who

they think, yes, their ideas, and who murder. I'm Jim Cono.

Is the murder of tk is,
and do they match up with art

theories? And you know what?
One does match up with our theory.

Go and or, and that is
Lucas. Now, Lucas, I think

sent one in before. So thanks, becas, so much for sending US

different emails, with you all your
thoughts, because you've got some good ones.

But yes, he has. He
also noticed that Jan is an apartment

six A, which is next door
to apartment six B, which is the

de misses. Yes, and he
also noticed that Tim Kno, did he

get on or off the lift on
six? So remember, he knows that.

He saw that with the garbage bag, right. So he was thinking,

did he meet up with Jan or
did he meet up with the de

misses? I mean he goes,
he's going deep, he is going to

he's in a hole, right,
he's in a truth. Im a lot

of trouble. He's an a whole
lot of trouble. And then there's also

Jennifer M Jennifer was like me,
I mean Jennifer, went heavy on theo

for a while for my own heart, because we know I did right after

my non guest. Yes, she's
going away from Theo, going away from

Theo, and and she's thinks maybe
it's teddy, but that might be too

obvious. Yeah, especially since we
know they didn't do it right. So

Jennifer is off as on the wrong
trash. Yeah, she's a she's she's

not in the hole. She's like
I don't know what on the wrong but

there's the wrong buzz. Okay,
so now here we have. Oh now

Julie. Julie has been I'm actually
just going to read yes, because here

Goo, it's really good. I
want to go on the record that I

think that the killer is bunny.
Remember the H waiver? Yes, the

short background interaction between Bunny and Theo
and episode two is the key. If

he doesn't live in the building,
why would he be working with her to

set up Tim Cona's memorial service?
ASL Talking about the dip and the cups

or whatever. So very interesting.
She caught all that. I think we're

going to learn that she is Theo's
mother and that she's in on the angel

thing and trying to protect him.
This is so good, right? She

could plant the overdue on building dues
notices and Tim's apartment to lend credence to

suicide theory. She would not be
out of place in all parts of the

buildings, sliding notes under people's doors, et Cetera, and lots of notes

get slid under doors. Oh yes, I'm yeah, she can walk around

the building and no one would really
think twice was really good. We didn't

you say something about a bunny of
steps in episode one. If you recall,

when all of our went to his
son's house, there's a stuffed bunny

on the kitchen island. That's right, and we wondered what that was as

weird because I live here. Bunny, that the body. It a wait,

wasn't there a character? And Bunny
it's not a common name. Well,

yeah, not in your family.
Well so, Kevin, there's just

one more we're going to do,
and it's Jacob. And so jake takes

a queue from his wife that it's
the most famous guest star who is the

killer or murderer, and it could
be a rock star. By the name

of staying. So who knows?
He does question it, he said,

but I'm not sure Jake and I'm
not sure Jake's wife and I'm sure,

I'm sure his wife's pretty. Yes, okay, all right, but that's

about it. Thanks everyone. First, until the end, keep sending the

men. Yeah, and now we're
going to go drink something and try again.

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