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Join Keener & KK as they take a deeper look into the life and death of Bunny Folger. Today we'll be talking to the writers of episode seven, Stephen Markley and Ben Phillipe, plus Da'Vine Joy Randloph who plays Detective Williams, and James Caverly who plays Theo Dimas. Plus, we'll hear more from showrunner and co-creator John Hoffman. We'll discover what Stephen Markley and James Caverly have in common in relation to Coney Island, the joys of the Chorus Line fart technique, and 2 very interesting clues.

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Only Murders in the Building Podcast
Sneak behind-the-scenes of the Hulu Original, Only Murders in the Building starring Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez. Listen in as Elizabeth Keener and her DIY podcasting partner Kevin Lawn talk to the cast and crew and scramble to get clues on the murder within the show!  From Straw Hut Media  Produced by Ryan Tillotson, Maggie Boles, William Sterling  Music by Kyle Meritt

Episode transcripts

Straw media, Gut milk has expandedits line. Essentially, it's it's probably
like the hyper caffeinated version. Right. It's like the hyper caffeinated, like
drinking three monsters at once. Milkbeverage product, but also calorie constis because
it's the only zero calories. That'sright. Good. Who Are we?
We're a couple of true crime,of the Leonada's, kind of like Charles,
Oliver and Mabel, the three maincharacters in the Hulu original show.
Only murders in the building now inseason two and we're here making a podcast
about a show where the characters maketheir own podcast about a murder. I'm
your host, Elizabeth Keener. It'sjust me today, but don't worry,
you'll still hear KK in our interviewsand at the end for the WHO done
its summit. Why are we here? To solve a murder and to try
to figure out who the killer isbefore all is revealed in the season finale.
We may not be in the Arconiaourselves, but we'll get some inside
information from members of the cast andcrew and clues to help us piece it
all together. Today we'll be talkingto the writers of episode seven, Stephen
Markley and Ben Philippe, plus DavineJoy Randolph, who plays detective Williams,
and James Cavalley, who plays theodemus. We'll hear more from showrunner and Co
Creator John Hoffman. We'll discover whatStephen Markley and James Cavalley have in common
in relation to Coney Island, thejoys of the chorus line, fart technique
and two very interesting clues. Asof now, we've seen the first seven
episodes, so listeners beware, we'regoing to give a quick recap. If
you haven't watched, hit the pausebutton, stream episode seven now and come
right back so we don't spoil anythingfor you. Episode Seven, Mabel weeks
up in Theo's apartment with no memoryof stabbing glitter guy on the subway.
Theo shows her the video and tellsher how she ended up with him.
We also flash back to her childhoodand her relationship with her father. They
did a lot of puzzles together.Every Sunday we'd set around in our pajamas
and do a puzzle together. Mabel'sbag was stolen with the matchbook inside,
and Theo saw glitter guy drop asecurity badge for coney island. So they
decided to go to coney island totry to figure out who she stabbed and
get the evidence back. Detective Williamsshows up at Charles's apartment. She brought
her new baby. Aren't YOU SUPPOSEDTO BE IN DENVER? You aware of
her violent past, because we heardyou were in Denver a Maternity League?
Charles and Oliver decide to hand overthe bloody knife, hoping that it will
prove Mabel's innocence. And Coney Island, Mabel and Theo find the staff files
and take them, hoping glitter guy'sidentity is inside. They do some bonding.
Then Mabel runs into glitter guy inthe locker room. She manages to
escape and steals glitter guy's backpack.It has a weird chicken head on it.
We learned that Mabel's dad died ofstomach cancer when she was seven and
it's the first time she lost amemory. I have to flip the pieces
now, all of them. Thetrio meets up at the pickle diner.
In the backpack Mabel found a photoof Charles and Lucy. Charles Calls Lucy
and she's at his apartment. Thepower goes out. It's a blackout and
Lucy might be in danger. Lucy, Lucy, maybe the call drop.
Oh, I know this. We'vegot a blackout people. So, guys,
how has this season been different fromlast season and has anything surprised you
so far this season? Uh No, I think for a large part was
the same amount of fun and chaosand dlight and you know, we just
juggle a lot of balls and hopewe catch them all. I think that's
Ah, it's kind of the writer'sCreedo and only mergers in the villain.
That's Stephen Markley. He Co wrotethis episode with Ben Philippe. Here's been
I think one big difference for usthis season is that Um, because the
trio is being framed for the murder, the stakes are so much higher and
I think when we were writing theend of season one, it was all
like, Oh, this would bea really cool moment to end all.
It's the death of bunny and ourgang are on the roof and there are
so many little threads that were settingout there, and this season it was
the job of Oh, crap,we have to answer those questions, and
that's sort of we haven't planned thatfar. Mabel narrates the opening of this
episode, we learn more about herrelationship with her father and about the puzzles
they did together. How long doyou know take us this time? Thousand
Years? Well, your mom comesto get you at three, so we're
gonna have to do better than that. I'm kidding, this is easy.
Oh yeah, well, what ifwe do without the box, no pictures
to help us? Still Easy.What if we do it upside down?
Then, just the shapes? Doyou think you can do it? I
have an uncle who loves elaborate puzzles, but he doesn't really care about the
image. He finds the actual visualdistract thing. So he just flips everything
backwards and he just focuses on puttinglike the shapes together, and then afterwards
he just turns it around and sohe finally sees the picture clearly in the
end, which, um, that'ssort of what ended up being our approach
to Mabel, like you're not goingto get all the pieces of this person's
life in a linear fashion. Soyou know you're gonna get Oscar and then
you're gonna get Zoe and her dad, and I believe she hasn't somewhere.
Who knows? But it's all gonnahappen out of sync and that kind of
feels natural. And the puzzles shedid with her dad, they're kind of
her superpower when it comes to herrole. Among our trio, Oliver has
his ability to read people and knowwhen they're being sincere. Charles has his
years of being a TV detective.They all do have skills that both have
helped them frame their lives in certainways. Your showrunner and Co Creator,
John Hoffman. Oliver has this skillhe knows and trust in that has framed
his understanding of who he is inthe world and what his life looks like
Um. And then it gets upended potentially for him and it's like,
wait a minute, my whole worldhas to get shaken up here. And
in episode seven, Mabel certainly hasa skill with puzzling things together and creating
the picture and she's proud of that. But it also holds. What is
she doing when she's puzzling? Whatis she not looking at and what can't
she look at and what's being blockedout for her Um, and that's what
we're exploring an episode seven. Ayoung woman with her history Um has had
to navigate that in a way thatis self protective and you have to flip
those pieces her and look at thefull picture sometimes and and please let my
brain open up in some way thatallows me to put this puzzle thing together
that I'm terrified to look at Umand and know the truth. And the
emotional part of her is scared andshut down because she's in self protection mode
and the puzzle itself is the brainside of her that's able to sort of
like focus on the thing that she'sable to do. So that's what we're
sort of exploring in that episode inaround Mabel and Charles has a whole history
that he's exploring through season two withhis father, with the mysteries around that
and him and how that relates tohow he sees himself in the world and
how he's felt about himself, andwe may be heading towards something that gives
him new reframing opportunity coming up.So there's more to learn about Charles this
season. Wonder what he's hinting atthere. Maybe his superpower isn't being a
fake detective. We may not knoweverything about Charles, but after this episode
we know a lot more about Mabeland we learned the origin of her problems
with memory. I said he hadto move out for work. Six months
later he was dead, stomach cancer, and there's something he wasn't right,
but I was happy to play along. I didn't know how to cope with
him dying, so I didn't.Instead, I've flipped the pieces over in
my mind until I couldn't see theimage anymore, just like he'd shown me.
That was when I lost my firstmemory. Here's writer, Stephen Markley
and Ben Feleipe again. I thinkwe we envisioned it. As you know,
Mabel looking back to this very impressionablemoment when she was super young and
that original person she lost that hurtsso, so badly. By by unpacking
that, by looking right at itand by being with it, allows her
to clear the fog of of ofher memory right like allows her to gain
insight that she had blocked out previously. Yeah, it did a few things
for us, and that Um it. By filling the memory of her father,
that sort of first thing she blockedout due to the pain of losing
him, she's able to sort ofconfront the memory of bunny's actual stabbing.
It was always a question that,of is Mabel capable of doing this and
I think we know, even thatshe's our lead character, that she probably
didn't stab bunny. That's probably notgonna be the reveal of the season,
but we've established her as a characterwho is capable of violence, who is
holding something back, and for herto sort of confront that moment alone away
from Charles and Oliver felt right andalso, I think after the whole Alice
journey last the last episode, there'ssomething about Mabel that comes through here in
that she really values the truth,like honesty and people being upfront, and
I think that's what sort of instructsher need to podcast. She she values
people not lying to her and notthe PSYCHOLOG idolyze, a fictional character we
wrote, in a room full ofpeople. But I think that goes back
to her trauma with her dad,that people like to her and she was
robbed of like the clarity of thatmoment all the way back in her childhood.
This episode was kind of the Fulcrumof that exploration of memory. It's
Mabel has had these blockage. isabout that incident Um and how those blockages
sort of inform are are are informedby what else has gone on in her
life. Right we're constantly rediscovering informationand viewing these events by, you know,
through different lenses Um, and you'regetting different pieces of this mystery as
as these last few episodes begin toroll out, and that think it lets
mabel move towards because it's been arough season for Mabel. Like we're aware
that that young woman has a lotof trauma and a lot of like averts
that she's dragging behind her. ButI think being able to sort of work
through her memories, work through hertrauma, she's able to come out of
it, uh, for the lastthird of the season with a new fortitude,
a new worth to just solve thisDan case, like uncover who has
been playing with them for so long, and we really wanted to give her
that energy moving forward, that it'snot just gonna be a full season of
Mabel just like sad and repressing memoriesand getting betrayed by people in her immediate
surrounding. We wanted to create aclear sort of launching point for her for
that on the misery to the characterfor you know, as long as you
can and then, you know,give them something to fight and fight against.
Yeah, yeah, what you aimfor is a on the subway that
people film and where somebody ends upbleeding. Here's John Hoffman on Mabel's bad
look. It's it's interesting. Youknow, I think that's the way of
the world. Sometimes you're you're youhave to put yourself out there and trust
and sometimes people make terrible choices.And you do sometimes, but sometimes other
people do as well. and Um, you know, people's intentions get very
messed up, I think in earlystages and relationships and Um, what some
would some would consider trying to behelpful may not be and it actually could
be even a darker thing than that. Um, and that's where Mabel keeps
finding herself, Um and then.But I think she has to genuinely acknowledge,
like where she is at as well, and that's what happens off of
episode six into episode seven. She'snot feeling very good about her choices.
So she has to have a verydeep self reflective episode and moment, and
the person who facilitates that for heris one of the people she would not
want to be with in her mindbefore he was there on a train with
her, but theo being a veryunexpected person for her and and finding some
you know, beginnings of a newreframed relationship with him as well out of
that when she needed someone who couldgive her what he gives her in that
episode. Um. So I thinkall of that is to point to a
character that, yes, needs akind of break, get kind of break.
So it's like I want her tobe happy, I want her to
have a relationship, and she maystill yet by the end of this season.
Um, there's a lot that's yetto be done and luck to be
uncovered in a couple of episodes.Is this his I need you to coney
island now, not to stab himagain, although I'm leaving my options open.
He has the matchbook and if heworks there they have to have so
kind of record or photos. No, no, no, I'm not letting
you help me. You Killed Zoeand you let Oscar sit in jail for
ten years. You might remember wetalked to Ben and Steve Last season for
their episode, also number seven andalso featuring theo heavily. So we were
wondering, was that a coincidence orwas it intentional? I think we were
kind of angling to get theo backin in some manner and at some point
I think it was Ben's idea.You know, let's put Mabel and Theo
together for an episode, let's getthem Um, you know, in interacting
these two characters who have so profoundlyaffected each other's lives. Yeah, one
of the great joys of the Arconiain this world is that there are so
many said characters that you could buyyourself spending more time with, and it's
always that balancing act of, youknow, do we introduce someone new from
that world, like one of thedozens and dozens of residents we haven't seen,
or we got to spend more timewith someone we've seen before? And
in Theo's case, like Markley says, it felt like his story wasn't really
over, especially since he and Mabelshare so much history. They hadn't really
spent a lot of one on onetime and this season felt like a fun
chance to just explore that a littlebit. And they kind of grew up
together, obviously. Yeah, yeah, and they're just bounded by this this
really impactful moment in their lives wasZoey's death in the first season, but
we never actually see them interact andso I think getting them on screen together
and watching those two actors sort ofplay off each other was a real,
real joy of writing it and enjoyedthe episode. We're going to take a
quick break, but when we comeback we'll learn how theo's character has changed
since season one and we welcome backactor James Cavalley with the help of an
interpreter to hear how James and Selinabonded on set. Was it glitter guy
of her someone on the train?Glitter guy? Did He have glitter on
him? Is that a sell forglitter? That was kind of fun.
In season one Theo's lip reading isalmost like a superpower and in this season
Theo and Mabel are communicating in amore realistic way where they're not quite understanding
each other. Can he tell usa bit about their communication and what informed
that writing process between those two?That? That was quite a challenge,
because we have a character who knowsbasically no a slum and and figuring out
how they were going to be inconversation about like this very important thing that
maybe want us to go do,and I think we spent a lot of
time spit following about like little momentsor how to make it funny or how
to get them, you know,on the same page and then slightly off
center, on the same page.I think that was definitely a challenge of
the episode. Yea Season One wasa little immersive because your suddenly in Theo's
perspective and Theo doesn't really have tocommunicate with anyone that doesn't know s l.
it's him, it's his dad,even zoe the flashback, she knew
a s L and for the twoof them, Theo and Mabel, the
season, I think mark lay andI kind of treated it as a language
barrier, like in New York Cityyou meet so many people from different backgrounds
who speak a completely different language fromyou, and Theo and Mabel are stuck
in the situation where they have tocommunicate and they speak different languages. And
I think, sort of working withJames, we're also mindful of not making
it too much of a the person, the deaf person, is teaching a
s l to the person who iscapable of hearing. Like we didn't want
that to become the entirety of thedynamic. So that led a few great
moments where Mabel doesn't know what Theois saying and he doesn't always feel like
explaining everything to her either, whichI kind of like about him because Ben
and I spent a lot of timetalking about this key moment when, Um,
each of the characters is sort ofconfessing something to the other. They
actually don't. It's just this momentwhere they can unburden themselves without the fear
of actually the other person hearing it, and I think that was one of
the cruxes of the of the episodethat we were like constantly writing around,
trying to figure out and trying tomake work Um, and I think it
came off really nicely. Yeah,that's what's been scaring something that I would
do. I just don't know ifI did do it. Maybe it's better
that way. In the beginning ofthe episode, Theo Hands Mable a card
that says he can lip read,but only get a third of what said.
That was probably from the first conversationwe had back in season one.
I told the writers that generally lipreading is very hard. This is James
Cavalley, the actor who plays Theo. We spoke to him with the help
of Monique Sarpy, one of twoon set as l interpreters, and a
lot of the times with lip readingit's a guessing game because you're only picking
up a third of what's being said, and so it's it's it. You're
filling in the blanks, you're fillingin the rest yourself as someone who's trying
to understand what's being said and justhaving to continue to ask someone to repeat
what they're saying. And so,with the writers having that information in mind,
they did bring that into season twoand noted it in the script,
and so it's like, okay,you did pay attention, you did listen
to me. Thank you so Um, we noticed a little Easter egg when
Theo is explained what happened on thetrain. He writes, you were in
shock, so I took you tomy place like a creep. Curious who
wrote that. I think there werea lot of like little scene directions to
make feel funny. The idea isthat he was sort of like rooted in
so much trauma in season one thatwe really didn't get a good sense of
his personality. And this season,also, because James is such a great
actor, like you get to seea little bits of him being, uh,
a little whimsy, a bit ofa clown Um, and that was
probably one of them. Or likewhen he opens the glass thing in the
in the game, like he justpushes it open. It's like. That
was actually James Idea on set,Um, and it worked really well and
started giving the Theo this other dimension, a little bit of playfulness. James
agreed. He said that this episodewas special because he got to share it.
Season One was, you know,a whole episode focused from Theo's perspective
and point of view, and thatcame with a little bit of a weight
and and so now season two,with having Selena with me, it feels
less of this weight. Um,we share that responsibility together and look working
with Selena, she's such a sweetheart, she's an angel. I love her
so much. We were able toconnect in a weird way because we know
what it's like to be special inour own journeys in that right, and
I think that we were able toreally connect very well because we do have
that shared experience together, her beingfamous at a young age and with my
journey as a deaf person. Thereare some parallels and being able to understand
what it feels like as an outsidersometimes, and so we connected through that,
I believe. and working on ConeyIsland, I was kind of hoping
to ride a roller coaster with her, but nothing was open. That really
yeah, I think it was earlyspring. Okay, so you've never been
to coney island, but have youever played whack on there? I mean
I did that one specific part somany times over, like over and over,
to the point where my arm wassore the next day. With doing
that part. It's like, Gosh, I gotta stretch this thing out and
I got more aggressive and angrier thanthe last shot and and it was a
lot. I think at one point, you know, the mallet slipped out
of my hand and it was flyingall around with the string. It was
like, Whoa, you're right BICEPis bigger than your left now. Yeah,
yeah, we loved the Arcona somuch. We loved his apartment in
that building. But sometimes, sincethe show is said in New York,
we kind of want to meet themost of it by sending our characters,
like you know, on Lokay sinsthat aren't just uh, the upper west
side, and John Hoffman has likea connection to coney island and it felt
like in the room, I think, that they were having conversations about which
one of us had been to coneyisland and hadn't been and has ever been
to coney island. Would maybell havegone there Um and it just ultimately felt
like the right place to send thesetwo characters who are kind of stunting about,
and I were trying to like thinkof like what's around Coney Island,
like what's going to what can theydo? What's what's there, and that's
how you end up with like thewhackable moment and the you know, the
claw machine and all that stuff.I have been to coney island. I
was so drunk at the time,though, that I kind of don't remember
much. But I think it's alsolike the visuals of it, like it's
such a cool setting. When youfirst market was on set for the episode
a lot more than me, butjust when you see like a closed off
amusement park in the middle of theday, everything about that felt a little,
uh, disconnected, like it's notquite, you know, a ferrys
wheel filled with people laughing and sharingice cream cones. It's closed off for
the season. They're in there lookingfor claims. So it has both that
aspect of being, yeah, AmusementPark, but also a little sinister and,
put essential, spooky. You know, it checked a lot of boxes
and we could film there relatively easily. And oddly enough, James last visit
to coney island was a lot likeSteve's. That was actually my second time
going to coney island and all mytime. My first time was summer Ofen
I believe, I went to ConeyIsland and, you know, you imagine
the roller coasters and and and allthe things, but then I had one
too many drinks and so now it'slike no, I'm just gonna enjoy walking
the boardwalk and, you know,doing my thing. How does the process
work for you on set working withCandice and Monique? There's so many people
and I'm sure you're getting pulled inmultiple directions. How does that work for
you? Well, I'm fortunate tohave an agent who really exposes cast and
crew and explains how to use asign language interpreter while on set. But
oftentimes what is set shoot looks likewe'll meet with the director and the crew
members and talk about the plan andthe strategy and then we'll kick out the
interpreters from the room. Everybody's justkicked out, we shoot and then when
they call cut, the interpreters makea mad dash to the room to start
back interpreting. So our interpreters arereally placed in some really odd locations.
In the corner behind the camera,sitting on the floor under desks it you
know, just really strange locations.While Mabel and the you are tracking down
glitter guy at Coney Island, Charlesand Oliver are back at the Arconia with
detective Williams. While Mabel and Theoare out on this journey, you have
to put Steve Martin and Martin Shorton ice for the episode. Almost you
have to like you're keeping them contained. But if you have to keep two
performers contained, what two better performersthan those two? And you know it's
it's like those two are so funnyand charming. It's like I could watch
them argue over just about anything onthe planet. Luckily, when you have
a plot point you need to takecare of, uh so, getting getting
Williams the knife was, you know, good way to let them roll.
This season sort of hits a pointat which they kind of have to consider
what Mabel needs to them, especiallysince we're doing the storyline with Mabel and
her father. Like these two mensort of have to wonder, this isn't
our daughter, this is our friendquestion mark, although she can be very
rude. It's our neighbor and shemight have stabbed someone. So I think
we wanted to sort of like havethem in the position to just have that
conversation, even though it's happen,you know, in the bathroom with the
stained murder weapon between them, tojust to consider how and are they?
I think you brought this point upwhen we were doing the episode, like
how long have they actually noted eachother, the three of them? At
this point? It's like the realtime of it is only, you know,
a matter of a few weeks ora month or something. I forget
what the exact numbers are. Idon't remember. I'm sure to read it
people down to the nano second,but it hasn't been like people. We
love you. Oh yeah, readit. Help us out with the timeline.
Any of you figured that out?Let us know. And speaking of
timing, Detective William's wife had thebaby. She was on leave but the
case pulled her back because we heardyou were in Denver Maternity League. God
Damn, would you all focus?Yes, I was on a trip as
of last night and I cut theship short because there's something that's been bothering
me, to keeping me up atnight. Let me guess it was your
baby. No, it was youdip shit. I can't stop thinking about
this. Damn kings and how youclearly know things that you're not sharing.
I feel like I took this maternityleave, I didn't even need it,
and then I find out very pertinentinformation. I gotta go seek it out.
This is Davine Joy Randolph. Sheplays detective Williams. Can you imagine
me and them? It's very problematic. I'm itching. I'm a New York
City born and bred and I'm inDenver. Why do you think the detective
Williams wants to help that trio?Because she seems like she doesn't like them.
She likes them, but she justwon't tell them that she likes them.
She'll never see it. But well, I feel like I feel like
she kind of gave it to themwhen she was like, you know,
I'll look out for your kids.You know, you know that kind of
thing. I thought I was becauseI was like John, do we want
to say all and he was likeno, can give him a little crumb,
and I was like okay, okay, okay, but no, I
think Um, sadly enough, Ithink they're better the job than my coworkers.
So you know, when me II I think I truly truly love
my job and so I think,as Unorthodox as it is, I think
I've come to the fact of realizingI can't stop it, do you know
what I mean? They're gonna keepgoing. So it's kind of like,
Um, join them, but Idon't think I will ever actually tell them
that because I think they would runwild with it. So I kind of
entertain them, but for sure anypertinent information, I'm taking it, you
know what I mean, and Ithink I'm very, uh tactful and and
uh specific as to what I dosay to if I say to them,
then it's like I know it's gonnabe on the nine o'clock news and a
couple of you know what I mean. Nothing where I could actually like be
caught with, but definitely they're helpingme, for sure. And I think
there's a certain level as a copyof a detective to certain areas and people
who are not gonna be able toget to just because of the badge and
that freaks people out and people areguarded. So in a way having that
civilian entail is extremely, extremely helpful. I'm just never going to and it's
helpful for our trio to have someoneon the police to turn to for guidance.
They had wanted to share the matchwith Detective Williams, so it makes
sense that they would hand over thebloody knife. This is look what we
found behind. Okay, I lovecringe comedy, but this is painful to
watch. The Knife, Oh,is it? I get it. You
don't know where this came from.Got You. Whatever it is, you'll
find it doesn't have Mabel's prints onit. We hope my prince are on
the knife, but that's just becauseit belongs to me and we've stolen from
my apartment because we're being framed.You must see that kind of thing all
the time. The Prince of myteenage somewhat step daughter Lucy are on it
too, although she is uninvolved.Okay, okay, it loves it.
They're literally like what, what aboutthis? What are that tap pants while
I do it? Is that funnylike? So I know they really love
and enjoy it. Just being evenmore hands on and those two, oh
my God, it really is.It's magic. My son won't used to
get a tummy ache after her feeding. You know, gas bubbles. Are
you familiar with a chorus line?Excuse me, let me just trust me.
We put this down, is thestage and here, give me to
me what just trust me, trustme what I'm doing. Oh No,
Oh no, oh no, boom, boom, boom, one singular sensation
every really step he takes. DoDo, do, do, do,
do, do, do. Onesmile and suddenly no buddy else will do.
Neither writer of this episode as afather, so neither have had to
deal with a gassy baby. Here'sSteve, but I I had just like
gotten on the Google and said,like Hey, what do you do with
a with an unruly baby, andlike one lady so that like came up
like you know, you put theirlegs back and they have gas, etcetera,
and then someone came in after usand added the chorus line number,
which is just so you know,so quit essentially Oliver that. I think
we maybe did six, seven pigs, and we were like we got it,
we got it, let me tryit again, it's perfect. And
we were like so I have literallyin between texts, I was like so,
what's the last time? You've beenin a musical? Too Long,
too long. It's also like awonderful little thing that Oh, of course
detective Williams knows just a little bitof Broadway. That makes perfect sense.
Dude, I really have to mentionlike I don't fucking no chorus line hilarious.
So how many times did you dothat scene where you belted out the
song for a chorus line? Wedidn't in a variety of ways because we
didn't know how much or how littleof it that you wanted to do.
One point I did like the wholechorus of it. I did the whole
verse and the Chorus and then wewent to a D R. He was
like just in the last two Iwas like, okay, right, Um.
So we definitely did different versions ofit, but uh yeah, we
did it quite a couple of times. Market was so so he was like
let's do more and you're like we'regoing to take another quick break. And
then what's next for Theo? Thenanother cryptic clue from Stephen Markley, a
simple but telling clue from Ben Philippe, and KK comes back for the WHO
done it summit. By the endof the episode, after a day with
Mabel, Theo decides to call hisfather back. He had been ignoring all
the calls that had been coming infrom him. What does Theo learned from
Mabel that made him more willing toaccept his father coming back into his life?
I Theo really loves his father,like, no matter the grotesque crimes
that Teddy has committed and the traumathat Theo's had to carry, he's carrying
both of these things. He's lovedfor his father and his hatred for his
father, and seeing Mabel and helpingher work through her own trauma sort of
let him realize that if you haveto make a choice in regards to Teddy,
which is hang up or pick upthe phone, he's gonna pick up
the phone. So I think weall in the room, and myself and
Markley liked the idea that this unburdenedsomething for him to yeah, I can
imagine from Theo's perspective, you know, he's been sheltered from the world and
just really serving his father. Thisis James Cavalley again, speaking through his
interpreter, Monique. It's really thisdark crime world that he's sucked into and
once the secret is out and youknow he has an identity shift where it's
like okay, the business stops.What am I now, you know,
like I've I've had this this,this weight on me for ten years.
To my knowledge. I you know, I I the forgiveness for that and
and to forgive himself he has togo through anger first, and there's anger.
He's really against his father for suckinghim into this and it's like what
does he have now? He hasnothing. He only has his dad and
you know, it's like that mobmentality, that loyalty, and he's really
in a crux with his identity andand how he feels about it. And
during episode seven, what I seefrom Theo is that he's trying to remove
himself, remove the identity of murdererof you know, just a crime and
and you know, just being theassistant. He's trying to remove that from
his identity. And episode seven yousee Theo is you see the full character
arc, if you will. He'sbecoming different than what we've seen in season
one of him and in that processwe also see him become more how do
I say? Well, we wesee that reconnection with his father and I
thought it was very beautifully written.James's biggest question now is what's next for
Theo. So he's removing himself fromthis identity. And so okay, like
what's next? Like so he's gettingback to who he think he thinks he
is, and that's fine. Uh, you know, does he go back
to this crime world again, becausethat's what he knows? Or does he
reconnect with his father again? Youknow, is there something happening between him
and Mabel that kind of takes off, you know, launches off from here.
So I'm very curious to see what'sgoing to happen next with the season.
Three is official now, in caseyou haven't heard. So we'll see
what's in store for Theo and Davinesays John Hoffman has plans for even more
histories and he had said to mehe was like, well, yeah,
because if you think about it,Selina's character was the first season, he
was like Steve's was this season,and that leave someone else for together.
Because I'm not pro but I loveit. Sounds like season three might be
Oliver season. We did ask Benand Steve to give us a clue.
Here's what they told us. Okay, I think I'll spoil something that happened
exactly in this virtual room last yearand that Marky gave a clue that sent
a lot of people chasing their tails. And isn't it time to come clean
about the fact that I have abetter clue this year, a more on
point clue. To hear Steve's bizarreseason one clue. Listen to episode seven
of last season's podcast. We gota lot of emails with that one.
Sorry, guys. Here's a realclue from Ben. I think the tagline
of the season, the truth isall in how you frame it, uh,
sort of sums up the season andthat's interesting. That's that's a good
one. Is Good, like theframe of the painting. I've got it,
good one. Well, you know, it's so fun work in the
writer's room. You know, we'reall very weird, idiosyncratic people. We're
throwing around ideas all the time.So this season we actually did this crazy
thing. We inserted number theory intothe show. If you're familiar with number
theory, yeah, just like havinga little fun or whatever. And so
there's this famous conjecture that states thatevery even into jer greater than two is
the sum of two prime numbers.So all you want has to do is
do that proof for that conjecture andit actually points straight to who the killer
is. Oh what infinit just tryingto give a good clue, bad,
and I will say that's not exactlylooking at the season. I'm gonna Okay,
K yes, keener, you knowwhat time it is. It's my
favorite time. Yes, it's theWHO does it? Summit, summit,
summit, summit. It is youwho don't know. This is where keener
and I write down who we thinkthe murderer is, based on what we've
seen so far. We place itin a sealed envelope and reveal it right
now live to each other. Keener, are you ready? Okay, okay,
what you got? Okay, youput Cinda. Yes, Ida,
because I just feel like she'll doanything too. Well, I guess she
doesn't have to get ahead. She'salready ahead, but she just wants to
leave everyone in her wake. So, Um, I think that it's Cinda,
because she just as somebody who woulddo that. I mean, look
at she treated poppy, because shetreats everybody. Look as she doesn't care
that it's a lie with Mabel.and Um, who was the guy,
the nine fingered dude? You know, Um, you know what I'm saying.
So I think that it's her.And you know, I might have
thought of her in the past andI didn't say her yet, but I'm
saying it there. All right,now it's your turn. I'm going to
open your envelope and see who yougets wrong, who you gets wrong.
Here we go. You said Alice. Okay, good one. I guessed
alice a long time ago. What'syour reason? I've guessed Alice in the
past too. Okay, but forthis episode there was something. Well,
we know that the person who wasglitter bombed went to Coney Island and they
were wearing those like work for clothesthings, and I like who would be
in coney island and I was thinkingmaybe alice is doing some kind of art
project in this like closed amusement park. That would be cool. And you
know what, the person was talland slender, you know, like kind
of like I was just I waslooking at the if they correct, try
and throw you with that or not, but that's kind of WHO and they
kind of felt fell awkwardly and kindguests shaped. So it could be kind
of anybody, but I guess ofthe art background, I'm going with Alice.
All right. Well, that's itfor us. Thank you and Um,
you bring your guesses to us.Bring him, bring him, bring
him. Thank you. Thanks forlistening to season two, episode seven to
only murders in the pod. Ourinboxes open again. So please send over
your thoughts and theories to only murdersat Straw Hut Media Dot Com. And
if you're enjoying the show, likeI know you are, please please leave
us a rating in a review.It really helps people find the show.
Only murders in the pod is aproduction of Straw hut media, hosted by
Elizabeth Keener and Kevin Lawn, producedby Ryan Tillotson and Maggie Bowls. Associate
producer is Stephen Mark Ley. Originalmusic by Kyle Merritt and only murders theme
music by Saddartha Kolsa big, bigthanks to John Hoffman, Xavier Salas,
Louisa Maltini and the entire Hulu team. So now it's my favorite time of
the podcast, where we've read ourfan mail. Mine is from Brandon W
and he is from Canada and heis a very interesting theory because he says
that people are saying it's poppy,but she was on the phone with Mabel
at the same time the glitter guywas in the subway. So I think
a lot of people who were suspectingpoppy kind of forgot that part of it.
So I think that can eliminate her. So thank you very much,
brandon, for that tip. Here'skeener. Well, that was a good
one, KK and I've got agreat one too from Cynthia Um from Virginia.
Good afternoon everyone. I am Cindyand here and my son Toma.
I just watched the latest episode ofthe show and we have so many theories
of who did this and who mabelattacked on the subway, among other things.
First, Nina's has been attacked bunnybecause he didn't like Nina not being
the head of the board. Second, detective CRIPPS was the person who was
glitter bombed because he was setting thethree up to see if they would take
the bait. After he told themto stop and then tried to confront Mabel
on the train for not staying outof it. Third, Leonora hired someone
to get the painting back from Bunnyand she realized it was a fake and
figured out who did it and theyare who she confronted and the diner to
get it back. And Fourth,Sinda's daughter may have known about the tunnels
since Lily knew her from when shewas young, and Sinda wanted to get
back in the building and bunny wouldn'tlet her. Just a few ideas and
I loved all those ideas. Thanks, Cindy and Thomas, and I appreciate
it and I think that, Um, I do believe detective crips is involved
in some way. I'm just tryingto figure that out, because that was
good. He's annoyed or the otheror Um, you know, it could
be the other investigator. I don'tknow. There's something going on there.
I still have feelings towards Sinda,bad feelings. I'll tell you that right
now. Um, and Leonora,she'll be back. Something's going on with
her too. We also want togive a thank you to Nikki B Ken
a Alexi from Kentucky. Michael andTammy. Continue the safe, dry thing.
See you next week. Do youthink Theo had a prison name?
Do you think he was a bigfish in prison? What would have been
his name? Uh No, no, Theo in prison. Never he's rolling
in the dough. He's got hisown change. I'm, as you know,
Father's assistant. He's not going toprison. He's staying home and he's
and he's eating the dips. I'vesaid it so many times whenever they called,
just because of the simplicity of thework environment and the creativity, the
vibe is so good that I'm like, why would I not go? And
also it's it's very fun for usbecause we don't know and so we're acting
in the moment. Uh, andand we don't even have any clip,
which is great and I think helpskeep Um um our reactions very present and
in the moment because we don't knowif