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Join Keener & KK as they take a deeper look into the life and death of Bunny Folger. Today we'll be talking to the three writers of episode 10, Matteo Borghese, Rob Turbovsky, and John Hoffman (showrunner and co-creator). Plus we'll hear directly from the murderer. We'll hear about all the red herrings throughout the season, the original plan for the killer’s sneeze in the passageway, and Tina Fey’s hair double at the Killer Reveal Party.  

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Only Murders in the Building Podcast
Sneak behind-the-scenes of the Hulu Original, Only Murders in the Building starring Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez. Listen in as Elizabeth Keener and her DIY podcasting partner Kevin Lawn talk to the cast and crew and scramble to get clues on the murder within the show!  From Straw Hut Media  Produced by Ryan Tillotson, Maggie Boles, William Sterling  Music by Kyle Meritt

Episode transcripts

Straw. Who Do you think killedbunny? I think it's Alice, the
gallery girls, what I call her. I had thought for a while that
what's Cinda canning was involved, butthat she didn't do it. So I
think that there's going to be atwist in the finale and someone else didn't.
I suspected Alice, but then Iwas like it's kind of too obvious.
So I don't know any of it'slike it could be Cinda or what's
the other Lady's character's name? Hername, but there was a creamy I
think it was Sinda and detective crepstogether. I thought it was just Sinda.
I want to say it's the guywith the cat. She gives me
word vibes. Isn't Tina bad?Like I don't know, like I don't
know. Oh yeah, that's agood that's a good theory. I'm kind
is seeing like Nina as a primesuspect right now. We're definitely look at
car delavan's character. I think it'sthe podcast host, I mean our girls,
Selena. Who Are we? Whoare a couple of true crime aficionado's,
kind of like Charles Oliver and Mabel. The three main characters in the
Hulu original show only murders in thebuilding now in season two and this is
our last episode of season two,but we will have some bonus content leading
into season three, so stay tuned. Okay, Kay, at the end
of season two already, but todaywe're here making a podcast about a show
where the characters make their own podcastabout a murder. I'm your host,
Elizabeth Keener, Silvia, and alsostill here is Kevin Law and your co
host. And why are we here? KK, well, we're here hoping
to solve a murder, to tryto figure out who the killer was.
Before, always revealed in the seasonfinale, but now we know we do
and we have a new murder onour hands. We may not be in
the rcone ourselves, but we'll getsome inside information from members of the cast
and crew. Today we'll be talkingto the three writers of episode ten,
Matteo Borghese, Rob Trabowski and JohnHoffman. Right, not only is John
The showrunner and Co creator of theshow, he also co wrote this episode.
Plus, we'll hear from the murderer. We'll hear all about the red
herrings throughout the season. The originalplan for the killers sneeze in the passageway
and Tina Fey's hair double at thekiller reveal party, or a killer reveal.
Right. As of now, we'veseen all ten episodes of season two,
so listeners beware, we're going togive a quick recap. If you
haven't watched, hit the pause button. Finished season two now and come right
back so we don't spoil anything foryou. This season finale, finale.
This episode opens with narration from BeckyButler. She was working at the mayor's
office in her hometown of Chickasha,damn it, Chicken Sha. Her life
was pretty miserable and she decided shewanted to disappear. I had a pretty
ordinary life, ordinary that is ifyou assume most ordinary people are pretty miserable.
She was a fan of Sinda andtravels to New York City to picture
on a podcast about a woman whodisappeared from a small town in Oklahoma.
Trio heavily suspects Sinda is the onewho murdered bunny. They decided to talk
to poppy to learn how to getSinda to confess. A poppy shares Sinda's
worst fears, which include uh theinside of a tomato and slow motion.
While they're there, poppy gets amessage that Sinda is dropping the season finale
the next day. She orders aliver worst and Marmalade Sandwich to go and
leaves. Oh No, it's Sinda. The finale of only murderers is dropping
tomorrow. Um, can I geta liver worst and MARMALADE SANDWICH TO GO?
Um. The trio invites the residentsof the Arconia plus Alice, Sinda
and poppy to their killer reveal party, which their live streaming from Bunny's apartment.
We first think it's Sinda, butthen Mabel says it's Alice, and
Alice Stabs Charles. They tie upAlice and Sinda congratulates Mabel on her excellent
detective work and tells her she shouldhave her own podcast. This sense poppy
over the edge. She starts sneezing. It turns out she's allergic to Mrs
Gambolini. The whole Party has beena ruse. Charles isn't dead. Everyone
was in on it. Detective Williamsand the police storm and arrest poppy and
creps. They were in it together. After Charles gets his date with the
makeup artists from BRASOS, Mabel Paintsover her mural with alice and Oliver finally
comes clean to will about the DNAtest. They're okay and Oliver gets an
invitation to direct a play on Broadway. A year later it's opening night.
The Star of the show, BenGlenroy, is clearly upset with Charles,
who's his Co Star in the plan. Then minutes later he drops dead on
stage. We have our next murder, KKH somebody. Over the weekend our
producers traveled to New York City tovisit the only murders pop up. They
talked to some of the fans there. So I was talking with my dad
about this. We were getting reallyinto it and we were thinking, like
what if Alice designed in the giantugly being on top of the building,
uh, which I think makes sense, you know. And then also,
Um, if she was like designedit or was involved in building it,
then she would have knowledge of likethe blueprints or the passage wages in the
buildings and stuff. Even though shedoesn't live in the building, she would
still know how to get around thatway. and Um, I already think
she's like she was kind of obsessedwith Mabel before they met. So I
think it's possible, but you know, the girlfriend was the murder on the
last season. Yeah, you know, listen, we had some great fan
guesses. People actually guessed, didn't? People Guess Poppy. Some, a
lot of people guess people who werecorrect. They guess poppy. They were
and they did guess that it were. Some of them guessed it was two
people because it was creps correct,and so you know, he was glitter
guy and Douche bag. But youknow, but you know what? A
lot of people get strong. Yes, you don't talk about yourself like that.
K K. were you right?All out of the tent? Any
of them? Oh, Oh myGod. Do you want to ask me
if I was right? No,I don't. You got it once.
No, twice, two times.Oh my God. But I flipped out
when you were like, you know, in the first episode on the envelope
comes out, I'm like, Ah, me now, Oh my God.
But you know what, I hadno clue it really was. I was
just like shooting the brief last year. I tried her last year, you
know. So I know. Iwas like she's on a wave Blan,
I am on a different wave length. If only he could have stayed on
that wavelength. I, on theother hand shall for the red herring of
Sinda. Well, we both didthat. And before into there was Alice,
there was Marve Ursula. We LoveUrsula. I loved how many people
out Ursula did it everything. Onesuspicious moment of dumping some things out of
a box in a dumpster, episodetwo, just and also when we were
shooting at that day, Vanessa,who was so brilliant in that part,
Fa uh just has attitude about everythingshe does, and so I said,
okay, well, you know,this is your just dumping out. She
said, no, what am Ithinking? I'm like, you can give
me a little bit of something likeso you heard something from up around there
that you didn't like her. Someonesaid maybe someone yelled something at you or
you thought you heard it. Justa little bit of like don't, don't
mess with me, and then shemoves on. But that look was almost
like something was suspicious about certainly NinaLynne um one of the obvious ones,
I guess, but so many peopleguessed. So many people guessed her husband,
and they're like he did it,he's a he's a ninjas. We
were needing him very badly because weknew there was a deficit of body types.
That could be in that hallway.That could also be in the locker
room in episode seven, Glitter Guy. Um, every little thing, you
know, sort of the the handyou see opening the lockers, when we
reveal it's a Caucasian man's hand thatleft it like okay, who who?
And you go through your list.Um. So all of that was part
of the thinking and it's amazing tomeet the way people watch the show.
It's very gratifying, even though Isay it's a thing that makes my nightmares,
but it is very complicated. Man. You're a complicated man. It's
gonna real it just means every littlething you do matters and I don't know
if this I don't know if thisis benefiting or I can't ask myself these
questions honestly, but I'll to sharewith you that I was not like a
TV viewer, like a lost viewerlike you know. I was not that
person. I don't watch a trailerfor the next big marvel movie and Go,
Oh, they've called and captain,I don't have any idea of that
kind of thinking. I don't takedeep dives into stuff like this the way
people do around shows like that.So I've always felt like, Oh God,
I've got that audience here. Insome way I stepped up my you
know, detailed storyteller. Did youknow it was poppy when you wrote her
into season one? INTO SEASON ONE? No, no, I I quickly
came to the decision. There werea few options for the killer in season
two. In between right as soonas we wrapped season one and you know,
planning season two, we had afew options and and poppy was one
of them. But I quickly cameto poppy and thought that felt like the
most fun version of it. Um, the Challenger was always how do we
hide her, as you know.Um, but, but I felt like
the most part you got good.You got so good. Congratulations. You
really knocked us for loot. Well, so well. Is the killer.
Can you believe that we had thekiller on the show and had no idea
who we were talking to? Yes, I mean it happened to us last
season two, so maybe this isa pattern. That could be a big
clue. Somebody just listened to ourshow and be like that's probably the person.
At least this time we got tohave the killer back to explain herself.
Here's actress, a Dina Verson,who plays poppy or Becky Butler?
When did you first find out thatyou were the killer, and how did
you find out? Did someone pullyou aside? Did you read it in
the script? How did that allgo down? Yeah, I um,
I had found out that I wasgoing to be doing season two and then
they were like negotiating with my agentsand like negotiations, negotiations are like taking
a long time and it was likeweird and people weren't telling me stuff and
I was like, what's the problem? and kindly my manager was like,
the producers want to have a zoomwith you, and I was like this
could go very well, a verybad trouble. And so I had a
zoom with Jess and John and theytold me they were like you are the
killer, and what did you feelas as an actor, like getting that
part, like you're the killer.What did you feel in that moment?
You know, I was like shutthe F B. I was so excited,
which is also so weird to belike I get to be a terrible
murderer, but it's just the factthat they trusted me with the role and
like to have such an integral thingto be like, well, they can't
fire me. Um, and andthat's why the negotiations were taking so long.
Um, like when you you know, I have a certain contract with
the Union Orderber, then you're supposedto be credited a certain way. But
they kept going back and forth,I guess, with my agents being like
we're gonna pay her this much,but we're we can't credit her, and
they were like why not? Andfinally they were like, okay, we'll
tell you. They had to tellthem too. The yeah, and then
it was. It was so bizarrebecause when we UM, my first day
on set, just for that episodeone where like we're like knitting in like
the couch Indian. Yeah, Um, I was like so excited and I
was like I'm like a big partof the gang this season. And then
I got on set and I waslike nobody knows. Absolutely nobody knew.
Nobody in the crew knew, nobodyin the cast knew, and I was
like Oh okay. So then theywere like, I think that when I
left that day, Um, Ithink Selena was like, well, we
see you again, and I waslike I don't know. That is so
amazing that the whole season, witheverybody and everything, I didn't get to
Um, have a little reveal,which was fun because with the all the
like suited up masks people, theyI think I wasn't really supposed to do
all of that, but I onlydid episode four where I'm in the passageways
and I sneezed. That was me, Um, and I like put on
this creepy outfit and like walked downto the sound stage and like passing crew
members, I saw them all likedo double takes and they were like and
you could just hear the whispers andthey were like, oh my go and
beater than the crew all knew Um. So that was really fun. So
then they whenever I was on setafter that, there was always kind of
like a wink and Um and itwas fun um to kind of have that
secret with them. But after thatshot they like with the lighting, like
they had me in leggings under thesuit and like you could see my legs
and they were like, I've gotkind of skinny legs and they were like
that's weird, and so then theylike put on like these like men's car
heart pants under them, so thenyou could see it and then they could
like see my boobs and they werelike hunch more, hunch more, and
then like and and so I thinkafter that they were like, let's just
get a body double. So thatand then I think sometimes a buddy double
was a man and sometimes it wasa woman. And and then I think
it was for the best because thinkingof like in the diner scene and stuff,
if, like, you know,there's like people who watched when you're
filming on location, just like youknow, fans or or whatever. Yeah,
and if, like people were likewhy was bunny having a scene with
poppy? Yeah, Oh, thatwould be the end of it. Read
it. Read it, yeah,read it. Did get ahold of her
face in the passageway as she sneezed. They were comparing that dark image with
the faces of all the suspects,and Dina saw it too. I was
horrified to never did I want tosee my ski mask face here. That
was episode four and she should becredited for being in that episode. And
so, God love her, Ihad to talk to her and say,
can we not have you credited,because well, they got no, of
course, are you crazy? Don'tgive it away with a something like that.
So it was a dance of thatand even though, you know,
there were enough people on message boardswho were looking and wondering car Delavian wasn't
in that episode. So they werethinking that's a in that episode, but
that was a different contract negotiations.Is He red hearings that you don't even
have to put them in, theyjust happened. Just happened exactly. Can
you walk us through the process ofstructuring your entire season once you've decided who
your killer is? Well, thiswas a different season in that way because
it was very intentionally laid out andsome people have liked it it a little
bit more. Some people have hadquestions and things like that, which makes
sense to me, but it wasvery intentionally laid out that this would be
a very disorienting season for the trioUm. You know careful what you wish
for with success around a murder investigationif you're amateurs to that, and a
podcast if you're amateurs to that Um. And they stepped in it in a
big way and now they're being framedand the framing keeps multiplying, making it
very difficult to podcast about evidence thatpoints to you. And I think tied
into that, of course, isthe emotional stories that get sparred for all
three of them with events that happenedjust in life and with events that are
tied into you know, discovering anotherbody in your home and someone you know
and all of that the trauma aroundthat, and then this big story that
Charles has around his father that's beingawakened and examined all at once. So
very disorienting and very destabilizing, noteasy to investigate, and so many people
do. Did wonder, like howmany threads could could could be thrown out
there and how could it all comeback together again? I hope we were
successful at doing that by the endof it. Um and definitely the structure
was set up to hide poppy,obviously as much as possible, because some
people, I think at the beginningof the season, keener, I'm not
talking about others maybe, probably wasthe culprit, the brilliant of some we
had to be wary of. Right, right, right. So I was
definitely like, okay, we haveto really hide her here, and we
did that in a few ways andmany times by giving her an episode where
she was the narrator and the perspectiveand give her a story that points to
what could help to motivate her todo a thing like this, but also
make us feel for her and makeus imagine it could go either way.
She's either going to turn on theperson who really did it or she's going
to dive deeper in trying to getherself outside of the situation in a way
that, you know, saves herass. So, Um, that that
all felt structurally interesting. But ultimatelywe were really excited by pulling, pulling
of threads together in the finale inthis big, full on way. More
importantly, make the trio, afterall this disorientation, step up and dazzle
you and and let it pay offfor them where they are the ones leading
this investigation at the end of theday and putting all of the puzzle pieces
together and as the only as theway they only could. Um. So
that felt very exciting and satisfying andwas very much part of the plan.
Um, I was excited to keeptwisting within the finale and and to Um,
you know, play structurally with youknow, things that are set up,
what you see, and then comeback to those moments, the moment
in the diner over there, overthe fourteen sandwich. You know, this
feels like a pretty good time forsandwich break. We can back more about
that sandwich I really don't even knowwhat you're talking about. Well, like,
what I'll say is we were wewould talk about this movie and this
this thing in this movie, andthen I went and rewatched the movie and
I was like, Oh, Itotally fucking misremembered it, and I'm we
did it. We're doing it completelywrong, but I good like figuring it
out based on those really didn't referenceit. You just thought your referencing.
Plus, writer is Mateo Borghese andRock Chabowski. Finally tell us about the
movie they were referencing with. Itis the liver worst in Marmalade Sandwich thing.
Yeah, is that just I thinkit was made up. Um,
I'm pretty sure was made I thinkthat. I imagine it in the writer's
room. They just like they werelike what's it? Disgusting Diner Sandwich,
and they just like bounced it around. Personally, I think it sounds kind
of delicious. A chopped liver fanright. Yeah, it sounded really good,
like sweet with the liver. Imean it sounded awesome actually. And
Uh, yeah, I did stealone of the like Um, the table
menus and it's from the Penner,from a picker. Yeah, KK Adda.
And I agree that a liver worstand marmalade sandwich sounds pretty tasty.
I mean it does. On theother it does, it does. Bunny,
on the other hand, was disgustedby it. Can I get a
liver worst and MARMALADE SANDWICH TO GO? Hi, Cinda. I'm sorry,
I'm gonna way back. They wereto read. Oh my God, it's
horrible. Liver worst and MARMALADE.Is that a thing? It's the owner's
sister's favorite sandwich. Bonnie was sodisgusted we had it on the menu.
She called it freak food. Well, I hard agree with Bun Bunn on
that one and and understand it's avery New York thing. In my feeling
when we came to that, Iwas like, okay, this is insane,
but it is very New York.Here's John Hoffman. Like a character
like bunny would be so offended bythat sandwich and by that person who ate
it the day before she died.It was that horrible girl, is what
she's thinking, who that horrible sandwich. The only thing she's got to share
is sandwich. Right, but thatis so funny. It's so New York,
right. She'd Bunny New York untilthe end. She is going to
get that clue. That that isthe clue. That's all I got on
that horrible girl. Stop talking tome about that painting. This episode was
Co written by Rob Troubovsky and MateoBorghese, who also wrote episode five along
with John Hoffman, so we hadto have them back on the podcast to
answer to the vague clue they gaveus all those weeks ago. In regards
to fourteen savage, there is amovie that we are referencing, but I
can't say what it is, butI'll come back to it in you know,
asked me to get after episode ten. It's time we learned what that
movie is here. Yes, soit was this fourteen savage thing and we're
like, what does that sound like? And you know, getting to fourteen
sandwich, and the movie we weretalking about was this Gene Hackman movie,
the conversation, where where Gene Hackmanis like a wire tapper, kind of
eavesdropper Guy, and the movie startswith him recording, Um, a couple,
or what you think is a couple, who are walking around in there
and he's listening and he hears themsay something which is he'd kill us if
he had the chance, and helistens to that, he records that and
he listens to it over and overand over again, and then what you
realize is it means something different dependingon the emphasis. He'd kill us if
he had the chance. He'd killus if he has a chance. So
that's what we hope fourteen savage onenice in rewatching and rewatching the conversation which
I did with Ben Smith while wewere writing it. Uh, he uses
a completely different take at the end. So it sounds nothing like it because
they're thinking the fact that it wasthe same bit of sound. But it's
well worth watching for people it's agreat movie. The conversation great movie,
even though it ended up having almostnothing to do with only murders. But
here's an instance where a conversation doesrelate to the show from John Hoffman.
To have a conversation like last yearwith my dear friend Jane, how to
show and say, okay, nowyou're going to die at the end of
this and you know, but doesn'tmean I don't love you, it doesn't
mean I don't want you in theshow still, because you still have to
be in the show in season two. No, matter what, and I
do think that's the plus. Youknow you're either going to die or you're
going to be the killer, andthose are the tougher conversations and flashbacks exactly.
And yet I also keeping everyone alittle onnage, like how long am
I meant for this show, becausethere is that feeling of like make the
most of what you have that youknow we all feel around making the show.
Before a detective craps. was thereanother accomplice you were thinking for poppy?
Yeah, there was. There wasa that was one that had some
alternates to it as we were evenin the writer's room, as we were
even in building out the season andworking on the episodes. So there were,
you know, some things have tobe modular. This is also the
thing as much as you want tolike craft something clever Um, then you
find in production you're at the whimor will of Oh my God, guess
what, that actor just got ajob in Australia and will not be back
here to shoot, and you're likeah Um, so certain things like that
have to play, you know,and keep yourself, you know, loose
enough to have variations. Now,this was one of the things that we
always knew that would be intriguing andmight tie in again with your red herring
question, U and some loose endsand things like that. There were some
questions left over from season one andthere will always be questions left over that
we are keeping track of that.Maybe we want to answer that one now,
you know, and things like that. So potentially someone in the world
of Teddy Demas Um, in theworld of service the precinct, that might
have been handling some of like theTim Kono Stuff, and where did that
evidence go? Something's happening out there. So having some tie into that and
also a long game at play thatyou know ultimately you want to care about
and have all of the characters beemotionally invested in. So what would what
would what would it take for aguy like that, and it usually will
be in the in the lane ofeither potential earnings or new fresh cash and
flux um or love, and Ithink both of those things taking, you
know, play here made and thenMichael Rappaport just being fantastic. One lingering
question that was brought up at theend of season one and played us through
season two was who texted Charles Oliverand Mabel on the night of Bunny's murder
and in this episode we finally learnwho, but maybe not exactly why.
Things were wrong right from the start, right from that night that I texted
you to get out of the buildingand you come back to your apartment.
There are things that we asked theaudience to put together that that aren't in
the finale. You know. ThereI think there are questions that will come
up for people M and I thinkone of them I knew we had to
answer who texted them on the roofthat night. There was an interesting thing
and I'm trying to remember why itis and I didn't. I still don't
know, so I'll ask the audienceand I'll ask you. But there was
an assumption that the person who textedthem only texted Charles and Oliver on the
roof. Now, meanwhile we sawthem get that text, but Mabel had
a lot to deal with that night. But I don't think we can assume
that Mabel wasn't texted as well.So and actually so we kind of correct
that in this moment. You seethe text go out. We go to
that moment. It's very brief,as poppy is saying, that moment I
texted you on the roof. Itall went wrong from there, and so
the answer to why would she textit was definitely a setup. You know
she was with creps. The planwas we'll call the cops to come to
the Arconia. There's a something badgoing down at the Arconia. There's a
murderer on the loops. Um,I heard a woman scream. Whatever they've
told it's like there's panic at theArconia and those cops and the sirens are
heading towards the Arconia that night andthe plan was for poppy to say get
out of the building now and totext them. The plan originally was she
knew they were up on the roofand she was going to have them run
down and be running out of thebuilding and a panic as the cops pull
up and they're wondering hold it,hold it, hold it, or what
people would have seen them screaming torun out of the building and, Lo
and behold, there's a woman's bodyin Mabel's apartment, lying dead on the
floor. So who looks like themost likely culprit? That was the idea
that all the poppy had. Theproblem was that Mabel came back to get
another bottle of champagne at the wrongtime. Mabel should not have been there,
UM, in the original plan Umand seen her ultimately go out the
door and down the whole and actually, this is a this is another uh.
I think it's okay to say this. Um, originally it was not
a sneeze. Originally I was barkinglike a dog. Good question, I
think. I think that they wereoriginally going to have a part of Betty's
backstory that like I had used ata self defense when I was becky.
Um something about like bark, likelike I was hiding and like I would
bark. There's something feral about me. But it had scared somebody off in
my past, I think. Andso when we were shooting the episode,
one John came up to me andwith this like big smile and he was
like Hey, do you think youhave like a bark in you? And
I was like yeah, wait,what do you mean? Well, I
thought he meant like emotionally, likea real one, and he was like
he was like a like a deepbark, and I was like, uh,
like a dog and he was likeyeah, and I was like sure,
yeah, totally. And so whenwe shot that in the passageway.
I was barking Um. And thenwhen we shot episode six, they were
like so now we need to recordyou sneezing because we changed it and you're
gonna Sneeze, and I was likeokay, and they were like let ma
get like a deep sneeze and Iwas like okay. And so then after
we shot the scene with Jimmy Russo, they like just like in a room
full of crew being standing watching meand like a boom mic, they were
like just sneeze a bunch of timesand then they say like put it in
the post. Told you all.Okay, poppy, you know my rule.
Two Sneezes in my p this meansyou need to self quarantine for a
week. Remember last time we talkedto Adina for episode six, back when
we thought she was just the abusedassistant to Cinda canning? Yeah, yeah,
she told us that she originally auditionedfor the role of Sinda. Someone
has to drop that. I haveto go back and find that audition and
show you her audition, for whichI had always had the dream of Tina
fey playing Sinda. But you know, at that point we were like,
well, that's the dream. Butlet's find Cinda. So we auditioned a
few people and we've got some amazingauditions for that part, but really none
other more amazing than Adina. KK John Hoffman sent us that audition so
we can listen to it. Yeah, so here's a little snippet of that
right now. Testing, testing,we're good. Not everyone gets a second
chance. Some get one but chooseto pass it by, because sometimes a
second chance is just another chance toget it wrong. You know what it
feels like to be buried up toyour chest in sewage? What like a
peabody? See, I'm funny,Cinda. I hope this isn't rude,
but your voice sounds a little different. Yeah, like it's. Well,
investigative radio requires a certain tenor untilnext time. This is into corning and
it was I don't know how todescribe it, but immediately just feeling like,
okay, well, that we haveto find something else for her,
because we get the dream of Tinacame true. How do we then continue
this relationship, because this young ladyis remarkable, and Adina says when she
learned who poppy really was, shesaw a world of possibility open up.
When I had that zoom with Johnand just they told me that I would
be becky and I was like Oh, then I'd better start working on my
Oklahoma dialect and they were like Oh, yeah, I, yeah, can
you do that? And I waslike yeah, they originally, I think,
had I thought that anything was gonnabe like maybe a little different.
Like they were playing with an ideaof maybe like probably can only confess if
she's recording into a microphone, andso at that point we were talking about
like is it in the NPR voiceor is about it being Oklahoma? Guy,
like uh, and then I waslike when she gets really mad,
there's like the Oklahoma come out.I'm like a dialect nerd. So like
I was like really excited about thatpossibility. I like thinking that, Um,
she learned her other dialect by listeningto NPR. So since you knew
that before you even started filming seasontwo, did that change how you portrayed
pop? You at all? NotReally. I started at first, I
kind of like for episode six,I started to be like psych myself out
about like well, what is whatis the lie and what is the reality,
and what should I play? Andbut then I was like poppy is
a really good liar and I'm justgoing to play it at face value,
Um, and the writing kind oflike added in the little nuggets that,
if you go back you can kindof see, like, I don't know,
even just like the correcting of likethe pronunciation of chicken, like that's
like a huge clue that like,you don't quite wouldn't think about it.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, you'reright. She is a big freaking liar,
but such a good one because weall rooted for her these poor poppy
getting frushed by Cinda, but shewas just the biggest liar. But still,
I mean, maybe I'm biased,but I still feel like poor poppy
if a character like poppy had hadsuccess, some small success, by,
you know, Um creating a mytharound herself to have some success, much
like the Rose Cooper story, right, so rose cooper is an artist who
disappeared herself and found the greatest successwith her art. And we describe how
poppy found that kinship with Rose Cooperand tried to get Sinda to do that
podcast to no avail. And thenwe imagined the world where poppy did her
research, as a good poppy would, um, and discovered that Oh bunny
folder has the painting has a paintingof Rose Cooper's and bunny folder lives in
that building where these three shmows whocame in interviewed with Sinda UH and they're
making a podcast. So all ofit began to form, and then that's
where it began to feel like anatural that poppy might be at work in
creating her second myth, hopefully wouldlead to some more success. I think
that she just never got recognition fromany body and I think that it's just
like and then this kind of smarterand more clever that she became in her
secret life, the more she neededthe recognition that I think it just kind
of excluded and then at the killerreal party they just like put a dagger
into her, into her wound ofmeeting regnition. We're going to take another
break. So so much to talkabout today when we get back, the
killer reveal party, plus what toexpect in season three. I have chills.
They multiplying. Oh yeah, Olivia, can you tell us about the
big group scene? That would bethe killer reveal? Where the killer reveal?
We heard it was at forty shoot. It sounds like there was a
lot of moving parts and a lotgoing on there. Can you talk about
that? Oh my God, wasthere? Yes, they're so much to
share. I mean it was masterfullydirected by Jamie Babbitt first off, and
because of the four days shoot,you know it. We knew certain characters
just had to be in that scene. But you have to understand we're making
a television show where we're asking peopleto be there in month one to shoot
this little bit of here and there. You know, keep keep, you
know, characters that we love inthe Arconia alive and then, Lo and
behold, everyone's working happily. Iwant them all to work and continue working.
So pulling everyone back together as muchas we could for this big group
scene in the Arconia was a challenge. You know, you have Tina F
A, you have Jackie Hoffman,who's in Vancouver doing a show now,
and Tina F A has a lifebigger than all of us and and and
she's, you know, all overthe place. And how do you get
them all for this huge scene?You know you need Um. So that
was a real ballet Um and thena real orchestration of planning from Jamie Babbott.
H M hm. You never know, it maybe at Dina told you
this? I don't know, Ican't tell, but there were times when
many of those actors we're not inthe same room together, Um, from
day to day while shooting that samescene. Tina could only be there for
one of those four days. So, Um, there was this uh stand
in who like was this sweet youngactress who happened to look like her from
the back. And and she gotshe did the scene with like reading the
lines, like she did the scenea million times with like these legends,
and I was like what a coolshe was, like I'm just the background
actor. And like she happened,she got tapped like the day before to
do this and Um, and sowe taught everybody's coverage with this like sweet
standing and then, Um, andthe last day they turned and Tina was
there. I mean and you wouldnever know it, like from the final
cut, which Michael Ciril Crayton andI watched. I was in New York,
and he's so very good about thiskind of thing. He like,
Um, do you have any ofthe future episodes? Like yeah, so
I said come over and I'll showyou if you really want to see them.
So I ended up showing it wasabout that time it was the blackout
episode, Episode Eight, which isso central to and then it was like
this fun to watch it with him. So I was like you don't want
to see the finale, do you, and he was like what? And
so that was a thrill to sortof sit next to him and watch that.
But he was there, of course, you know, all four days
or not. He was one whowas also only had limited time. So
it was it was all piecemeals inmany ways Um and so that was the
exciting part. was at the endof watching it with Michael. He was
immediately like you would ever know howthe hell we shot that madness of and
it's very exciting like that was workingafter a lot of worry. Only the
killer could have known there was agirl hiding in the walls that night.
Her name is Lucy and yours isbecky. Who told you that? We
did. I wasn't stabbed. It'sall theater. We've been on to you
since this afternoon. We all have. I don't understand what's happening. It's
over, Kiddo. I know thegame you played with me in Oklahoma and
they know the game you played withthem in this overpriced building, and I
only really think it once. Theother times we're acting rights for all acting.
I did, Oh my God,code of many colors. I mean,
I just can't even everything. Everyoneis a dream, though. That
sweet spot for us is having asmany people as we can, you know,
in a scene, because you endup with a scene full of like
knockouts. Everyone has something to doand say and you can't wait to hear
from everyone. So every one ofthem the show in in a crazy way.
You know, you're sort of likeyou have to almost edit yourself down.
But that was a very complicated sceneto write and also shoot, and
you're sort of tracking like a fewthings at the same time. You're tracking
what, what, what the audiencethinks is happening in each of those moments,
what the trio is really doing andwhat what we want poppy what they
want poppy to be thinking. Um. So we were constantly sort of like
trying, and you're trying to haveit happen as quickly as possible because you're
scared that people will figure it outand and turn off the show and you'll
lose your job and die in disgrace. Um, my, my, my.
Laying out the creative process. That'swhat happens? Yeah, that's what
happens. Yet steaks, those arethe steaks. We like. The idea
of Charles being stabbed. I thinkthat was we like that one. I'm
trying to remember how it came together. Here's more from Mateo. Well,
I think it was important to bothsurprise poppy and there's a surprise poppy surprise
the audience. So it felt likethere had to be one curveball, kind
of that nobody who's watching it andput the audience in kind of poppy shoot
and says this is happening. Soturning it on out with someone that we
all knew people would suspect at thispoint. Who you know who's that suspicion
is kind of well earned as well, and there's enough kind of clues for
people to rightfully assume it was her. Was a nice little beat and you
know, part of that is toget people feeling like uh, poppy would
be feeling, which is like,Oh my God, what is this?
She cracked what? And and tohave her, you know, boss and
idols and suddenly cast her away andkind of embrace nap ball in that moment
we really had to sell it.So that was it and then in selling
that, I think Charles getting stabwas also really liked, and having this
big theatrical element was obviously Um thatinvolved the whole building. was just felt
like a nice way to wrap inOliver and, you know, wrap in
the whole building as well. It'sa killer revealed party, as in a
party that reveals a killer or arevealed party that going to be killer.
It will all be explained and Cinda. We have our recording devices on,
so you may want to turn onEurope. I have a girl for that.
Poppy. Please start recording everything.Would you like me to wire anyone
who just used to be just recordall the smart things I say and all
the dumb ship that they grunted?Oh my God, okay, go ahead.
Welcome to our killer reveal party,where we will reveal buddy's killer.
It's also a killer party simultaneously.I think we had that idea that they
would call it. That what reallyUm surprised, I mean, and that's
just what it said in the script, like, you know, it's a
it's a killer reveal party or something. But then this the way that the
set um was dressed and like theprops people and everybody, you know,
elevating it with like those banners andthe cakes and stuff. I wish we
could say that that was in thescript. I don't think much of it
was. That really was just like, you know, the thing you love
on these shows is like people fromthe you know, from the different departments,
having these great ideas. What isthat? So you signed a big,
juicy thirty million dollar podcast deal.The problem is you don't have a
juicy story to podcast, so yougo looking to inventor by lone woman who
gets murdered. Enough big fancy apartmentbuilding. Honestly, not that gray.
But we were talking about the unravelingof Cynda canning in episode ten. And
what are what are the things thatwould, you know, make her upset,
and I did say very quickly,like she's there. She's very afraid
of the inside of a tomato Umand she does not like slow motion.
That's literally talking. Where did wait, where did this come from, John?
Where did this come from in thatbrainy years? Where did they do
pop out? That did pop outalmost back to back, and I just
I thought, I sort of saidwe won't do this, but this is
like an example. They have tobe weird things like this and they were
the first two things that came outand and I remember the writer's going okay,
so basically, and then they're inthe we're on zoom, and so
they would go in the chat andthey're like, we're doing that. So
they kind of took it over afterthat, but I will never forget like
those days of you know that that'sone of the if I could point to
certain scenes that are like the dreamsfor me, the Quartet, the trio,
on one side of a booth inthe diner in episode ten at the
very beginning, with poppy opposite,and poppy is telling them that send a
bit of information and it's all ofthem reacting and Charles is writing things down
like tomato, and Oliver is like, Oh, I get that she does
not like the inside of a tomato. Oh, I can see that.
I'm terrified by tomatoes on the insideof one awful. Okay, I guess
that's something we can work with,is it, though? What are we
gonna invite Sunda over and make hera salad? Oh, this sounds weird.
The tomato was normal. She's veryafraid of slow motion. I'm sorry.
I went to a super bowl partywith Sinda and every time there was
an instant replay, I saw hershiver and then start to faint and then
cry a little bit over the slowmotion, slow motion. She does not
like it and making that real andwe kind of get it. Yeah,
people have issues with a texture oftomatoes. They didn't. I do not
like it. And John, Igotta tell you you didn't. I mean
you said it, but when theydid the slow motion, you two character
actors that were able to do thatslow motion and it was unbelievable. They
admitted so much. The love ofthat moment for me is like the I'm
just saying I love my show,but there are moments that like's them,
but the setup has to be right, so that you dropped that in the
beginning and then you forget about itbecause so many other things are happening and
you complete and then the minute Stevestarts bursting, you don't really know what's
happening and then it slowly hits youlike Oh, ship, he's exactly so
good. Of course, H whyare you moving in slow much going?
And then Bam he's backing it upwith rolling this thing out and whipping like
the magician Steve Martin can be.It's a little napkin off of a tomato.
It's so insane, but he commitsin that way and in slicing it.
I remember being on set with himand and I was kind of giving
him that thing and I can holdit up here like and he was like
yes, but then he does it. You're like and he squeezed it's heaven't
it's insane. You know, there'sso much going on in the show,
but in the finale, the ideathat it's called I know who did it
and that Mrs Gambolini in some wayis a little heroic, because bird molting.
That was a problem for the allergicpoppy in helping to expose all of
that stuff fun. We did thisscene so many because I had to get
coverage on everybody. It was veryfun. Sometimes Mrs Gambollini would get a
little scared because there were so manypeople and so like when Charles reveals that
he's not actually dead, Um,and there's the scream. Like most of
those screams, we had to belike really quiet, or else the bird
with a freak out and then flyacross the room. Um, really,
Um. Oh, and this isjust a really odd side note, but
that bird was just so lovely andlike beautiful and and Um when they were,
when they were like setting up theshot, they have like actor doubles
that come in to stand in thepositions so um while they lined up the
lighting and the cameras and stuff,and they had a stuffed like a taxidermy
exactly that same kind of bird,but they had to bring Mrs Gambolini fully
offset before they could bring in thetaxidermy because it wi she would get really
upset. Isn't that like? Andlike there was like one time when,
like I could see that like thebird with the tackle, dury word was
like being brought on before was bumblingwas off and I was like put my
body between it's like we cannot dothis to this little creature. Is there
anything you want to say to thefans now that the secret is out?
Apologies, yeah, I'm really sorrythat poppy's ego got the best of her
Um in a really horrifying way.Murder is never okay unless it's like,
I mean sure there's maybe one percentof murder that it's like acceptable, and
this is not one of those.Even though poppy turned out to be a
murderer, the real Adina verse andseems like a Sweetheart, doesn't she?
Yes, yes, you know,wolf and sheep's clothing. I'm just kidding.
No, she is fantastic. Shegave the greatest rap gift. And
what what I honestly mean this?I was so blown away by it.
I walked into my office right towardsthe end of shooting season two, and
I hope she doesn't mind be sharingthis, but I see this long box,
beautiful, and I open it andit is a it's a butcher knife
and inscribed on the butcher knife is, I'm sorry, Poppy, Oh my
God, wow, come on,everything about this knife is beautiful. I
hope the brother goes into a humanbeing, but it was really no fingers
cost. Okay, let's see ifthis is a short answer, we'll send
to be back in season three.Mm Hmm, these are very good questions.
I hate my answer. That's whyI'm hesitating. I hate it.
You know my answer is made.Yeah, we'll take maybe, we don't
care, we'll take a poppy.Listen, whether you die or get arrested
for murder clearly doesn't mean you're offthe show. That I hope to keep
that tradition going. If only forthe love of these actors, for our
cleverness and being able to maybe bringthem back. There's a couple of possibilities
for sure, and and I feellike Amy Schumer is going to get knocked
out of the penthouse of some thirdperson is going to get in there now.
Absolutely there was. There was nothingmore that I was because I think
a lot of people are like amy, she we're coming back, and amy
were like, well, she didsay not until you clear your names.
Can we get together on this?That was her last thing, right,
and they don't do that until theend of the episode time, and she
got very busy. She got shewas she was also hosted in the Oscars,
which is one line that I hadto cut at some and I had
that one saying, by the way, where is Amy Schubert in the show?
And so I think she's hosting theOscars. That was a little trem
Metta. Fans have pointed out thatseason one seemed to be a maple focus
season and season two seemed to bea Charles Focus season. So we asked
John if we could expect season threeto focus on Oliver. Yes, I
would ever want that. We needmore Martin Shorty. I mean I think
we're it's a you know, theend of the season clearly points to a
world in which is his Um.Yeah, we got a glimpse into what's
in store for season three in thelast minutes of the season finale. It's
very exciting to be introduced to PaulRed's character, Ben Glenroy, and we
never could have predicted that the murderthey would be solving in season three was
a person we hadn't met yet,exactly, K K, an entirely new
story we don't know much about.Good luck tonight. H thanks. Good
luck. Is a curse in thetheater. I know that well. You
don't think I know that. Ijust didn't mention it to be polite to
you. Piece of ship. Hey, hey, we got two and a
half hours to get through. IfI can do it, you can too.
I'm the pro here, all right, you don't have to worry about
me. Be Smart, stay awayfrom her. Why? What are you
gonna do? I know what youdid. We you know, we have
a sense of what those things andsome of what that means. I mean
now we really know, and wehad we had a looser idea of what
exactly Charles and Ben Glenroy are talkingabout in that really veiled conversation that they're
having before Um then dies and andso it's kind of like you're talking about
it the whole time. You knowand but it's you leave yourself some room
to discover some things and definitely there'sthat moment is going to expand in season
three and you'll you'll you'll understand evenmore of it than we did at the
time that it was filmed. Howdo you anticipate next season to be different
than this season? Specifically, onlymurders in the building? Is it only
murders in a building? Will therebe more murdered? Interesting question. Um,
yes, I was excited to havesomeone asked me that just so I
could say, hank tight, we'renot authorized to respond to them. Keener,
was there clue that we received thatyou think helped you, because you
did pick poppy twice. I know, you know I'm telling you. I
just I'm stuck on the sweatshirts andthe hoodies. Man, the sweatshirts and
hoodies had me going from right becauseyou even said that the very first pilot
episode from yes she had that reddish, orange ish hoodie on and I don't
know what compelled me to go backthere, but it did, and that
was a good clue. There wasone more little clue John had for us,
right. We noticed that season twohad a lot of two's. Bunny
had Mrs Gambolini. Charles got anon murderous love interest. Are there any
others? You know, I dothink of things in that way. You
know, clearly the father's theme goingon in this season, but also pairings
were another big thing, and Iwill I have a feeling, not to
tease, but at least right nowit could all change, but I have
a feeling we're going to be dealingin threes. TRIFECTA. We'll take it
even. Gout milk, gut milk, zero, right. There was that.
That shot wasn't in the cut too, and I was like hold one
second, get that. Where's thecase? That can back right. What
would the third gut milk be called? Gut Milk, classic Keto Gut milk
like Ben Philippe's reddit handle. GutNut milk, got Oat milk, the
non dairy version? The Non Dairyversion? Yes, Oh my God,
she would take a guest for nextseason's murderer who killed Ben Gilroy yes,
I killed, doesn't stop us.I'M gonna say it's Charles's UH makeup artist
girlfriend like Andrea Martin. Um,I think, oh, that's good.
You know, I might as wellsay Howard, you may as well Howard,
you're it and you're gonna you're gonnaYodel your way into prison, and
that is a rap. Thanks forlistening to season two, episode ten of
only murders in the pod. Eventhough this season is over, our inboxes
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season three isn't far away, butin the meantime keep a lookout for some
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Original music by Kyle Merritt and onlymurders theme music by Sadartha Coolslaw. Big,
big thanks to John Hoffman, XavierSalas, Louisa Maltini and the entire
HUU team. So, keener,yes, I was just checking the fan
mail one last time and I justwant to say again everyone, we listen,
I mean we read them all andwe really listen to what you have
to say and we like to putthat out there because you have some great
ideas and some really fun ones too. So thank you. And you know
what, keener, a couple ofpeople did guess the correct murderer is poppy.
Who who were guessed it? Juliettefrom Arizona, and we're going to
give a partial credit to Adam fromSlovenia, who guessed it was poppy,
along with Alice, so we'll giveup half credit for that one. But
I don't think Bonnie Ali Renee fromthe Netherlands, Seth and Sekira Georgia,
Cindy Richard from London, amber out, Bettina, Dennis and heather from Texas.
Thanks everyone, all over the world. Thank you everyone, and thank
you for the compliments, and keepsending them, because we will read them
and we will just keep sending thecompliments. We will read those. We
read those over and over them.They're under my pillow and actually framed on
the wall. So thank you everyone. Thank you, thank you everybody,
for your your theories and thoughts.We were to say it, but can
you guys give some sort of likeit's a wrap on season two or something
to us, just like end it, like end it with that, just
something the same time, whatever youwant, whatever you have to say,
it like that sandy words you want, but something like you know, I
hate to put you on the spot, but it'll be a great end if
you both kind of give us somethinglike that, anything, something, something
that's like uh and uh, andthat's the last will here of this God
about. You said that's all folks, that's all folks. I haven't heard
that before and I think that has. There's something to that one, I
don't think legally. And Disney,you're allowed to you. Yeah, and
there's season two, beating ceaselessly againstthe current. How does the Great Gaspian,
what's that, born into a realwriters writers? How does Um?
How does pinning its weaken huh runrun against the run, run river run.
We should sing that against the endof season two. And then it
loops back again to the beginning ofthe book and then we can start that,
you know. Yeah, yeah,man of Les and I I just
hope that season two answers for onceand for all, the question who is
Ted? Last so you really nervousabout people recognizing me as a murderer?