EPISODE 11: Open and Shut

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The finale. We know who killed Tim Kono! Don't listen if you haven't watched Episode 10. This week Elizabeth in KK sit down and chat with the one and only Martin Short. They go over his history with Steve Martin, how he got involved with the project, and what's next. PLUS more from Executive Producer Jess Rosenthal on how Only Murders started! AND a convo with Rachel Burger, co-writer of Episode 10 with John Hoffman; they discuss her journey as a writer, working backwards when writing a mystery, and the Document of Reveals!

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Straw media. One of our role
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got so many great interview tips from
Him we took a class at the learning

Anna. That's learning annex. Yeah, well, many often said the sea

was interviewing and to listen. Well, that's where will startles to our first

question. so much bigger celebrities were
born on your birthday, March twenty six.

We Have Kara Knightley Alan Arkin and
billy warlock from Baywatch. Yeah,

yeah, I think Diana Ross too. And Diana Ross. So what are

your thoughts on human cloning? I'm
I'm I'm a fan. I'm a fan

pro cloning. FROL welcome to episode
ten of only murders in the pod,

the season finale. If you haven't
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Kevin Lawn, and we're looking behind
the scenes and mining for clues as

we meet the casting creators of the
Hulu original series only murders in the building.

Today on the POD. More from
executive producer Jess Rosenthal, writer Rachel

Burger and the one and only Martin. Short, as of now, we've

seen the entire first season. So
listeners, be where. We know who

killed Tim Cono. If you haven't
watched, hit the pause button, get

caught up and come right back so
we don't spoil anything for you. We

know, we know who. So, keener, yes, Kevin, we've

now seen the final episode of Season
One. Yes, we did. And

what have we learned? Okay,
I'll tell you what we learned. We

learned that Jan was the murderer.
This whole time, I was just sexy

bassoonist, ah man. I can't
even believe it. And we also know

that bunny is now dead. Yes, bunny is dead. She was.

She's with the Fishies, you know
what I'm saying, in the Hoodie,

in the Hoodie, the tide is
sleeping with the fishies in the tide hoodie.

So we'll have to see what happens
in season two. Yes, we

will. Last week executive producer Jess
Rosenthal started telling us about that faithful lunch

over in Monocito with Steve Martin and
Dan Folkelman. So truly, we were

sitting there at lunch and Steve just
kind of blurted it out. Do you

want an idea? And he proceeded
to tell us about this fascination of his

he's had with true crime to this
day. Dan and I wonder what did

we say at that lunch that made
him comfortable enough for him to offer this

to us? We're very lucky,
and so at he he sort of set

it during salad and by the check
all kind of had a handshake agreement that

we were going to go do this
thing and we were. I don't know

if he thought we were serious,
but of course we were awfully serious.

Dan and Jess were thrilled they were
about to embark on a life changing journey

with a comedy icon. But Steve
never particularly planned to beat in it,

but then he talked to me about
being in it. But he has later

said that if Marty had said no, I don't want to do it,

I problem. You know so,
but I don't think but I was not

influential in him doing it. Marty
Shuret might not think he was particularly influential,

but that's not the way everyone else
sees it here show runner and Co

Creator John Hoffman, talking about Steve
Martin. He had it for a few

years. He had originally conceited it, I think, for three older actors,

sort of New York actors, that
he was at a party and sort

of recognized there were three various steemed
New York actors there and he's a doing

I could imagine an idea that I
have fitting them. And then if,

a little while later Martin Short said
to him something about, you know,

we're old actors, we could do
that idea of your you know, and

and and I think Steve Balked about
that a person. Then he just the

idea kept lingering in his mind until
he shared it with Dan and then shared

it with me. There was a
moment where we said so, Steve,

sort of what do you what do
you want to play? Like? What's

your job? What's yours? Like? He thought about it for a second.

He was like no, I've never
played an actor, or maybe I

want to play an actor. And
I had this whole mental block and I

was like, am I gonna tell
Steve He's wrong? I just meeting the

man and I very sheepishly said,
you know, you did play an actor

in three Amigos a movie. I
could quote chapter and Verse Back To you

and he said, Oh yeah,
Cuz you're right. I guess you're right,

but it is he's just that type
of guy. But it was interesting

to me. He just he forgot. Did you guys ever have alternate titles

for the show? Never Steve as
he gave us the idea for him that

the title was sort of the joke, which was that this group of people

would solve crimes in the building,
solved murders in the building. But because

he's a little older, he is
a little lazier, it's like, well,

he heard about a murder down the
blocks, like the only murders in

the building, and so it just
became its started with a cute joke that

that kept going. We can't even
begin to tell you how excited we were

to welcome Martin Short to the podcast. We talked to him over zoom from

different sides of Los Angeles while he
sipped what looked like a delicious glass of

wine. He left politely at our
good jokes, stared blankly at us after

our not so good jokes. Kevin
and was generally a delight and during our

conversation we learned that in an alternate
universe, Martin shore could have been a

doctor. I started off I wanted
to be a offer huh, and then

I took two years of premeds and
then I realized I didn't care about science.

I just was a fan of Chad
ever on medical center. So that

wasn't enough to get me there.
So then I switched to social work because

that allowed me more time, because
I was a big brother, I was

involved in and helping the world and
so I thought that would something I want

to do. But it also freed
up time for me to do theater at

universe. And and then that's fourth
year university. I sudden went yeah,

I should maybe take a year off
and try this acting. But but definitely

had that, had I not work
that year, I would have I was

not going to be, you know, doing this for fifteen years unemployed.

So I thought if I hadn't worked
that year, I would have been back

to social work, helping men to
kind. And what did you do?

You remember your first job, or
a job that when I still was the

I audition for a production of Godspell
in Toronto and got it. So now

it was very confusing. I was
still in university. I still had the

final exams and now I was commuting
to rehearses. And it was an amazing

production because everyone of the ten people
hired, most of them, became really,

really famous, Huh, and it
was one of those it was like

Victor Garber was Jesus Guilder Radner for
first lay, Eugene Levy, Andrea Martin,

Martin, Short, Dave Thomas,
Paul Shaffer became a musical director like

that. Past that was a twenty
five year old Stephen Schwartz hit and I

really gets here and I easterday.
Okay, so you and Steve Martin ever

worked together a lot, obviously,
over the years, three Amigos, love

father the bride, your live shows
and more recently your Netflix special. Just

can you tell us a little bit
of how your relationship has grown and developed?

And I'd love to know how you
guys met to we met in July

of one thousand nine hundred and eighty
five. I've a slight rain man thing

with memories, and July a eighty
five and we met at his home in

Beverly Hills. Was Old House you
doesn't live there now, where I picked

up a script or three Amigas and
I've never met him and but I could

not believe, you know, I
walked into this house, beautiful house,

but it was also like there was
a Picasso and there was a hopper and

it was a hackney. It was
like insane. And so and again I

was a big fan of them,
but I never met him. So I

said, how did you get this
rich because I've seen your work, and

he immediately kind of look like this, he started laughing and he said,

can you get the script to Martin
Short, you know. So that it

was right away a very back and
forth relationship and then we started making the

movie around, I guess, started
shooting December of eighty five. And you

know, you make movies and sometimes
you're on location for months and months and

you're so intimately involved in the crew
and the cast and everyone knows everything about

each other and then you never see
them again for thirty five years. But

in but sometimes you make a conscientious
effort. You'd kind of go like I

made a film with Lawrence cast and
once and I thought I don't want to

let this guy go and we're still
friends. So Stephen I kind of were

like that. And so it and
chavy too. So the three of us

would have dinners with our wives,
the amigoets we go and in our kind

of kept growing and growing and but
even and then we made, you know,

for the films together. But even
without those films we were still we

really bonded and had we knew that
this was going to be, you know,

we both wanted it to continue with
friendship. Back on episode eight of

the PODCAST, when we talk to
actor Dave find joy randolph, who plays

detective Williams, she told us about
how heartwarming it was to see Steve and

Marty's friendship in real life. They
are so cute, you know, like

probably in their rider, they have
a they get driven, you know what

I mean, like an SUV.
These little guys are so adorable. They

wrote together, but they couldn't be
a part of you know, mean like

some the set to the you say
it was like fil get in my car.

It was horrible because you're coming different
locations. You know, we have

different drivers, but what we would
do is, if we happened to be

finishing at the same time, we
would share a car going home and drink

white wine illegally in a moving vehicle
with Steven, say steved say you want

more so the driver, you want
more of that Diet Pepsi, or like

Diet coat, which meant red one. You can never crack that could but

they had that. Mean that's so
beautiful to have a solid relationship for so

long first and it's like they don't
even know they're doing this and they're just

being themselves and hilarious. And the
stories. Yeah, we've heard from a

lot of the writers in past episodes
that they weren't allowed to be on set

due to covid but they were able
to get a glimpse of the action through

an APP called Que Take Monitor.
Here's Rachel Burger. She Co wrote episode

ten with John Hoffman and because it
was in New York, they would already

be in the middle of filming.
So I would like wake up in the

do my morning routine and like just
see them like you know, it'd be

like Stephen Marty like practicing lines or
like Steve playing the Concertina, and I'm

like this is so fun. And
then what? So you would catch like

the in between moments and then I
do remember it was like really fun.

I paid more attention, obviously,
when it was like my episode filming,

and I remember it's the weirdest thing
to hear like the actors like running lines

and being like does that sound right? Is there a different way to say

this? And I'm like watching was
like wine on my phone, like I

have the say this because you get
my tax like I got it and like

and he's like right, that was
a great fix. And it's just like

trying to like be in real time
with them right, like this entity that's

not there. It's really I have
no idea how the vine it sounded like

it was a fun set. I
have fun watching it, but yeah,

it was. That's very cool.
Yeah, that's really cool. All three

of the show stars are executive producers
of only murders in the building, and

with executive producer credit comes certain privileges. For Marty, he says he wasn't

involved in the writing process particularly,
but he was involved in a creative process.

Like if I get a new script, I have my yellow highlighter in

one hand, but I have my
pain on me and what the pin does

is says to me, Oh,
I could say that line more that way

a or Oh that's another version of
that line. That's funny, or I

could also say that I'm writing so
the first take, you kind of deliver

what the writer wrote. A respect
to a writer who spend a lot of

time, writers for many and then
they want to say no, Marty,

to do any ideas, and then
you want to improvise one, you know,

and so it's by the end result
you don't quite know. Did I

say that? The big say it
doesn't matter. Yeah, since fired brother,

but you must always deliver initially their
words. There was one particular scene

that we wanted to know more about
exactly how much was improvised and how much

was written. Saga, bottom balls
what she called me, but boom,

boom bull, she had a way
with the names. Well, mobile ball,

saga bottom balls and SAG axciting.
Look they're exiting. Oh Yeah,

good eye. Yeah, I mean, I think again, it was written

that way and we might have augmented
certain elements of it or started singing.

Maybe it was just a singing,
you know. I mean that is what

it's supposed to be. The script
provides one level. I don't think anyone,

director, producer, studio wants Steve
Martin, Martin Short, to just

Instelena Gomes, to just like robots, save the lines. You know they

want and what would all of our
spend beyond it. How would you change

that? And then, and and
sometimes I'll right lines to John Hoppin.

What have you said that? Oh, I love that. Let's try that.

I mean, it's and then,
at the end of the day,

the editor and the director Germans what
works best for the see, I'm not

there the name. Yeah, it's
all about collaboration. Sometimes people remember exactly

where a joke came from and other
times the joke is born from a collective,

creative process, and that's the true
magic of a great team. Okay,

if you, Steve or Selina had
to solve a murder, who would

be the best at it and who
would be the worst at it? Well,

I would be the worst at it
because I get right. It's probably

Steve and Selena would be equally good
because they're actually into true crime. And

they not. No, I'd rather
listen to an old recording of pippin.

But they you know, Steve knows
every he liked listens endlessly, and she

actually went to crime fester. Cry
On. I'm close. That's nothing.

Say you don't listen to any to
crime podcast or anything. Tell you what.

Yeah, it's why I listen to
me because there's so much despair in

the world, M and you know
we're civil war or we having a civil

war, and the insanity of I'm
not wearing a mask, and all this

lunacy. It's depressing to me.
And it is simple lines by people of,

let me phrase this nicely, not
the greatest intelligence so often and it's

depression to so murder and sinister disappearances, etc. Or to Pressington. So

I'd rather listen to not that.
Yeah, something more a peat, but

I'm happy to make a financial profit
from but also your character saw it in

a different way to in a different
light. It wasn't just he thought more

like I'm broke. The way to
make money, monetize and on that I

relate to all. We're going to
take a quick break. When we come

back. What is the document of
reveals? Plus Martin shorts, always in

pursuit of a good hang. Welcome
back. Today we're talking to executive producer

Jess Rosenthal, writer Rachel Burger and
the one and only Martin Short. Believe

it or not, we've managed to
talk to every single credited writer on season

one, when everybody in the room
was like so nervous to come on here

and I'm like, bring me on, I have nothing to spoil. I'm

so excited to finally talk about it. Though she had seen a lot of

writers rooms before, only murders,
this was the first time Rachel was in

one herself. Oh my gosh,
what a journey, you guys. So

I actually started in the producer's office. I know you talked to jazz last

week. So I been working with
Dan and Joss for a very long time

and you know, he kind of
talked to you guys through like how the

development goes. So I was kind
of in that world and so when they

went on that lunch meeting with Steve, it was just like another really cool

meeting. I was like, Oh, yeah, I'm cool. If you

new to show for like let us
know. Totally come with you. And

then they came back the next day
and it was just like, Oh,

Steve Martin wants to work with us
and it's going to be a murder mystery

and you know, Martin shore wants
to be involved, and it just kept

getting cooler and cooler. So I
was a part of the process like developing

it with like John and everybody.
Like I was like on a deep dive

on the Internet, figuring out like
murder mysteries and podcasts and like finding all

these like really cool images to support
the pitching. And and then when it

came time to staff the room,
John was really gracious and was like do

you want to continue this journey with
me, like coming, like come be

the writer's assistant and you and I
will co write the nally. So I

was felt super prepared to come in
and I also was the only person that

started in the room from the very
beginning and also the only one that knew

what episode I was going to write
going into it. So there was like

so much yeah, so that was
like really fun. Now that they're into

season two, Rachel has moved up
in the world. She's in the room

as a staff writer and they have
someone new to do all that tough writers

assistant work. So that was a
lot of like sitting and listening to people

talk all day. So it was
really important to me at least that I

had like a better night's sleep,
because then it's like Oh, I have

to type and make sure I'm getting
every single thing someone saying and then like

if I'm lacking, it's totally my
bad and you know, we're crafting a

murder mystery, you need to have
all these like details down. But yeah,

so that and you know, we
would do the room and then kind

of over lunch I would be organizing
the morning's notes and then in the afternoon

we would finish, and then sometimes
we would have debriefs with John if he

needed help with like any you know
sorting of like our brains, and then

I would have to, you know, sort the notes out and then send

it out to everybody. And it
all feels very boring what I'm saying this,

but it was just a lot of
like tedious note taking and making sure

everything was like organized. One of
the hardest parts about being in a digital

writers room rather than an actual room, especially with the mystery, was that

there was no physical shared space to
outline important information. You know, in

the room you usually have this like
big brain trust of like white boards and

timelines and WHO's connected here and everybody's
story, and so we didn't have like

a whiteboard that we could just look
at and say this is what we need

to work on and this is this, and so there was a lot of

like Google documents and a lot of
like okay, guys, this is what

was revealed episode one and here's the
document of reveals. And so there was

a lot of just like extra organizing, which is fine, we make it

work. It was a lot of
impervising. Everybody was super, I think,

adaptable because of that, but you
know, we got stuff done.

Yeah, did you mention it?
A document of reveals? Oh my gosh,

yeah, that's what I called it. It was just like the what

is going to be revealed in this
episode? So like episode one, what

is revealed in here, here is
all of our clues, and then episode

two it's like here's our top suspects
and how the clues might relate. So

I just called a document of reveals, like what are we saying to the

odd like you know. So we
did keep track of the mystery from one

to two, and I had noah
and Megan. We're also really huge supporters

in that of like, if I
couldn't be in a room, they would

also be taking notes. And then
it was like, let's combine everything.

What do we have? and Noah's
actually like with the show through all,

through production and everything, and so
he was able to live. Oh yeah,

no, this person was on flour
to this person was on that like

he's on it and I'm just like
how do you remember all the songs?

Crazy, so it's good to have
more than one brain just on it got

you, guys, is crazy.
Yeah, speaking of reveals, now that

we know it was Jan who killed
Tim Rachel, can finally tell us about

some of the ways the writers work
backwards to carefully unfold the mystery? You

know, I think there was one
day when we were a big skying,

which is kind of like this like
let's all dump our brains into like what

we would want to see in this
like show, and we were talking about

like fun people in the building and, you know, someone pitched, you

know, up the sooners from the
fill and then we were kind of looking

up, like what the cleaners like? Oh, the bassoon cleaner kind of

looks like a sex toy, and
that came directly from us just being like

Oh, and that, I think, is like what's sparked us all to

be like Oh. So early on
I think we came to that conclusion and

it was just kind of like figuring
out how it all works at the very

end, which obviously you get to
when you're breaking your story. We loved

watching Amy Ryan's performances Jan turned from
love interest to villain. Roses are red,

violet's Sur blue. WHO SHOULD I
kill? Maybe it's you know,

I think she surprised us all even
just like how delightfully like he's delicious,

he is at the end and she's
like, Oh my God, she's enjoying

this, like it was so great
to watch. Yeah, we could not

have asked for a better person to
play her like. Truly, it was

like watching it. It was like
her saying everything we wanted her to say

and then like having the right amount
of I like you and then yelling you

in and I'm being like, Oh
my God, we but did you actually

do it? Or my God.
Yeah, it was like she was her

fast. She was a perfect sexy
bassoonist murderer. I got that was her.

By the end of episode nine,
it seemed almost too obvious that jam

would be the killer, and so
we thought it was just another red herring.

I mean I think every you know, a part of a deliciously good

murder mystery is the Mister Act,
and I think there's some things that you

know. John was able to have
the scripts longer than some of us and

you know him understanding where, you
know, if we were in episode working

on episode, you know, seven, but he understood what needed to be

done in episode one and two,
so then sometimes he would like insert things

as we progressed in the story.
I don't even know what constitute that are

red herring because, like I feel
like Redd is picking up on so much

stuff, like everybody's like looking into
gut milk, and I was like it's

really my thing, my fit.
I don't even think that was intended to

be a red herring. It was
just like a fun joke we all enjoyed

and we're like, Oh, I
guess it's working that it's like something that

it's not. I think it's an
every episode of it is, because it's

like the joke was that Ursula has
like this like Sun Business and it was

just to us. We all delighted
in the fact that, like Ursula is

just selling these to everybody in the
built like she is desperate. We have

so many listeners talking about how,
Oh, it had to be Ursula,

that's her other side. Do you
know? Everyone thought so. That was

a that was a good one,
totally. Yeah, you know, she's

definitely shady. I don't know she
killed all the people, but she's definitely

saying he's a lot of suction systell. There's a lot now there to awesome

work things. It's been a long
journey for US crime solvers, and those

of you who got stuck on the
idea of sting being the killer, you're

not alone. On Monday I did
Jimmy Kimmel show and we're old buddies and

we went to dinner afterwards in juniors. This when I think he was dying

for me to tell I wouldn't tell
it. He said, I think it's.

I think it is. If I
think it is, therefore probably isn't.

So I'm going you know. So
that's just like wait, I'd like

to know when. Did you know
who the murderer was? Did you know?

Did you get all your scripts in
no way in advance or yeah,

you didn't know until very close to
oh. And for you, did you

as yourself? Did you figure out? Did you try and figure out who

it might want be? And you
know I mean aventure. They told us,

but it really I bet. I
mean I can't remember exactly, but

maybe by show six we knew.
Yeah, and Joe Suspected. I did

this a season three of damages and
in that show, no one knew anything.

Even Lang close didn't know you,
and this is like we had one

showed to go. You know.
Wow, obviously oliver is a fan favorite

on the show. Can you tell
us a little bit about him? Um,

well, I would say that Oliver
is narcissistic, but in not in

a horrible way, but not in
a perfect way. I mean the fact

that his relationship with his son is
not what it should be and he acknowledges,

I think in the third episode,
he he's made mistakes in his life.

So I think it's a weird bounce. You know, with show business

you have to be on one level
narcissistic, but it's like making a perfect

stew. How much narcissism do you
put in? Because if you put in

too much and then you alienate your
family and friends because it's just about you,

it's too much. And I think
he has regrets. You know,

there is a great line in the
song my way regrets. I've had a

few, but then again too few
dimensions. I think Oliver would have more

than that, you know, but
I also think he would say, God

damn it, I if you want
to accomplish what I was trying to accomplish

you have to be narcissistant. So
there's that element. I think he's charming.

I think his charm has won him
a lot of what he wanted to

win and but he's lost his marriage
and he is a strained relationship with his

son. So it's not ideal.
there. I love this show because is

there's so many different layers. It's
just there's so much humor and then the

drama and then also the slew thing. But it just it's also beautifully shot.

HMM. Yes, you know,
I'm not to name drop of wine.

Of Steven Spielberg's a very good friend
of mine. I showed him first

two episodes a while ago and one
of his things was the cinematic nature of

it. Very close. Yeah,
how do you know? It looks gorgeous

now. Both you and your character, alliver, are three quarters Irish.

What do you think your Irish background
brings to your roles? Well, I

don't know if it brings anything that
roles, but I do think it.

I think if you're Irish and you
grow up in a cliche Irish family,

there is a great openness, there's
a great you know, there are arguments.

I mean if I remember when I
was sixteen, I held, I

mean I hid tape recorder under our
dying room table Christmas dinner and my kids

would hear it and they think will
that might as well be be recorded in

Bellevue melodist. It was like explosive
arguments and then within two minutes ever,

was laughing and that's very Irish.
And a toast and and then toast.

Yeah, I'm the youngest of five, like your I think you're the youngest.

Device says, yeah, that's what
we had. We had like we

would just yell and yell the on. Then I love you, lots of

I love you. So I mean
on the tape such your Bob Dar Ark

made guard made in that goddamnly and
you pick up that and then two minutes

later I was laughing his stories.
It's insanity. It is the opposite of

ordinary people. It's impossible to talk
about making this show without talking extensively about

covid and how being in the middle
of a global pandemic affected every aspect of

the production. Ultimately, we were
awfully lucky and I was just so proud

of our crew for pulling together and
are really tough time. Comedy is such

a tough thing to nail, and
so Stephen Marty in particular would say they're

so used to crew laughing during takes
and just to hear muffled her umps was

not something that they were used to
and there's so fabulous take by take,

and so it was awfully difficult.
But our wonderful director, Jamie Babbitt,

said something that I always stuck with
me, which was just like, you

know, it's up to us to
keep all of this, the world and

all of its problems, out of
our stages and to just create this little

box of magic where they can be
wonderful and light and airy and and that

was the mission. According to everyone
we talked to, Disney had a very

strict onset protocol to keep the casting
crew safe, sometimes with both a mask

and a face shield, and and
they were allowed to take those shoels.

Even the direct who now has to
see, does that look good? But

she's looking threw a mask and I've
been a show, but the caraman are

pretty close to you and you could
see them last and you would get that

sense. But what was hilarious was
like the script assistant by the Monitor over

there. You'd forget it line.
What is it. Okay, that does

make it harder, it does make
it a little larger. It does Steven

Marty and Selina, but Steven Marty
they sort of you know, and in

the best ways. They can sort
of hold court like no other. And

Marty in particular has games that he
wants to get everyone involved with. And

so one of his games, for
example, is name, name a celebrity

and let's see if Steve's met him
her, and so invariably he has.

I said, all right, have
you met the Queen? No, but

I didn't run into Princess Di once
and he has a whole story about Princess

Di. He is a fabulous Elvis
Presley story. He tells this wonderful moment

with Jackie Onassis where he was in
a because way for Goodo at the time

and it had become a real sting
on Broadway and he was at a party

and there she was and she gee. I'm really interested to see it.

I haven't seen it yet and I
think he jokes that he was a little

nervous around there and said well,
you might want to, you know,

get on that I could help.
I you know, there's not many tickets.

I it's were barely popular and Jackie
and Assis apparently said I think I'll

be okay. Thank you, though, thank you, thank you for the

back row offer. Under my hat
early on and I decided I was going

to do everything wrong. And they're
really not supposed to ask idols and famous

people about their lives and like in
the great moments that we're all curious about.

My just decided I'm going to do
everything wrong and I'm going to ask,

and so I steve but playing strange
and automobiles, John Candy, and

so graciously we'll talk about John and
his love John in the film and Steve

the Sunder, a live King Tut
what was that night right? And he

to his and Marty's part, they
just have incredible memories. I couldn't I

can't remember what I had for breakfast
and they're gross extraordinary. And we know

that you had Steve and Martin from
the beginning. What was the process of

finding Selena Gomez? I recalled distinctly. It was the great Dan Fogel.

Then it was really just a maestro
when it comes to casting. I must

say, and I don't think he
said her name precisely, but what he

said was it wouldn't it be great
if we cast someone who was just an

alien to them, just truly alien
in all forms? And so that was

our mission and so, funny enough, I really enjoy enjoyed that James Cordon,

comedian or nuts a car is,
because carpeal carry up the excuse me,

and she had just done one with
him and she's so wonderful in that

interview, just full of life,
and she has who sort of has her

legs up on the car dashboard in
a way that seems a little unsafe,

and she's funny and she's magnetic and
it always stuck with me, and so

as names came about, I think
I happened to be the one that kept

up. I think this Selena Gomas
could be it. My God, what

do you brilliant idea? I wonder
if she'll do it. And then we

found it. You wanted to do
it and and then we all met on

zoom, but we never actually fishing
that and covid was part of it until

the first station in recent years,
before coming together for only murders Steve Martin

and Martin Shore. I did a
number of live shows together. Marty's only

requirement is at the project is a
good time. You know, eat like

doing our live shows. If we
didn't love doing it, we wouldn't do

them. I mean, we kind
of have the rank covered. So it's

not really about that. It's about
the joy of doing it, and part

of the joy of any working situation
for me is the hang often more important,

because when you make a movie,
for example, you don't know if

it's going to be any good,
but you so. You can't control the

himself, but you can control the
the the journey of doing it and and

the experience of was it fun?
Did you have a riot doing are the

memories great for doing and I think
that Steve and I and Selina, we

found a share a similar approach to
working, which is that you keep the

set loose, happy, you have
a ball and and, by the way,

best of luck if it works,
though. I mean I I made

I made movies where you go after
week two, Oh that's for Oh rectoris,

or okay, well, what do
I do? Oh, I know

what I'll do. I reasel as
many takes as I can. I will

give him a fast, small,
let me fast, low, big,

middle. I'll give them everything so
that I can go home and say,

well, he eats, an idiot
heals. He'll make the wrong choice,

but he has everything he needs.
I toast myself my tendencies to work in

happiness enjoy it. From said,
that's it's important to me. If there's

fighting, I say oh, see
in my trail. But this is one

of those rare combinations where the process
was spectacular, the cast was spectacular and

then now the result of spectacul so
it's kind of a home run fuel and

people like it and people like it, people love it. We know at

the end of the episode that Bunny
episode ten, that Bunny is the person

in the tide Hoodie who is on
the floor with Selenia gold. On hold

on, when is this released?
This is after the day after, after

tea. Yes, we're not spoilers. Yeah, is there anything you can

tell us about that and what it
leads into for next season? No,

sir, we'll just have to wait
this have to wait. Well, can

you tell us a little bit about
what to expect in season two at all?

No question. That's why I went
up with that question. What's Dage

are you at right now? Marty
wouldn't give us anything, so we tried

Rachel. So where are you at? Now in season two. We're a

few months and so we're we're moving
a log I don't want to reveal to

you, but know what I'm like
allowed to say about it. We are

in the process of making it even
more awesome than it is. We may

know now who killed Tim Cono,
but who killed bunny? Coming up next,

we make our guesses and share what
our listeners had to say. Spoiler

alert. Most of you were wrong. We still love you, though.

So, Kevin, is it time? Yes, this is your favorite time.

Are we doing this too early?
No, it's the WHO done it?

Summit season. To you, this
should be good. Yeah, do

you want to do? I will
open your envelope. Okay, good luck.

Are you getting better at that?
And you think it is nobody?

Okay, no, I you know. As in season one, I am

not a fool. I am not
going to predict. I don't know yet,

so I won't be wrong. That's
all I'm saying. Instead, I'm

just going to say no guess.
Thank you very much. You're wrong.

Last season. Oh, how dare
you, sir? Okay, so now

I'm going to do yours. Okay, here we go. Yeah, I've

been practicing that. Smith ripped you
said Theo yes, be little much to

you and all your wrong guesses.
Thank it was wrong. I did think

it was a dead body, but
not the right one. And thank you,

and I'm off to me. I
always take it. This was fantastic.

Are He who, on its summits, will see how our pants out.

Yeah, thanks for listening to episode
ten of only murders in the pod.

Please keep sending your thoughts and theories
to us at only murders at Straw

hut Mediacom. We'll be taking some
time off, but we'll be back for

season two next year and we're planning
on releasing tons of great bonus content in

the meantime, so keep an eye
out. Only murders in the pod is

a production of Straw hut media,
hosted by Elizabeth Keener and Kevin Lawn,

produced by Ryan Tillotson, Maggie Bowls
and William Sterling. Associate producer is Steven

Markley, music by Kyle Merritt,
and big, big thanks to John Hoffman,

Ari Abishet and the entire Hulu team. Okay, Kevin, all right,

now, this is some fan mail. Fan Mail. Oh, you

got me saying it. See,
it's touch you. I guess. All

right, I'll give in. I
won't say listeners anymore. Okay, we'll

call it fan mail. So thank
you everyone for who rode in and we're

so excited. We're just going to
throw some names out and you know,

a lot of you were wrong,
but you're with us. Well, we

are with the people who are right. Oh, go ahead, who guess?

Jan We have Shawnee, Michael,
v Gabriel and Lindsay. Wow,

they're the smarties. Everyone else is
wrong. Everyone else is wrong, and

we're just going to throw some names. Thank you, Julie, Mindy Anna

from Miami, and from Miami,
Matthew, Anastasia Ali. Oh A,

lie Ali, you thought Bunny and
now Ursula, and you were wrong both

times. Wow, anthony, Zachary
and Beatrice, Angela, Jesse, Mary

Jamie. Ah, God, all
the people listen. Thank you. And

anyone. Yea Ai, they thought
it was Lucy. Well, who knows,

season too, Lucy might come in. Well, we can do a

special shout out to special shout outs. Well, why are we doing a

special because they didn't really guess anybody. They didn't guess any but they just

wanted to send in some famail.
All right, well, then that's really

special. Sat good theories, but
not a not a big sell. Okay,

Nay, more is that? I'm
pronouncing that right? Yes, Jenny,

Charlotte, Helen and Shabrina. Shabrina, Shabrina, what a cool name.

Oh my God, thank you all
so much and thank you for Ooh,

and Ali came up with nicknames for
us. What there is keener,

cats, who keena and lawn ponds. Keeter gets a lawn. Wow,

I will thank you. Thank you, Ali. All right, Kevin.

So we weren't able to get to
everyone, but thank you so much everyone

who has sent any emails in.
We appreciate it. We read all of

them. Yes, and ice,
I sleep with them under my pillow.

Moving on, thank you. Everybody
well with their fans now. Okay,

thanks everyone,
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