EPISODE 15: Persons of Interest & Famed

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Show Notes

The time has finally come! KK and Keener are back and bringing you behind the scenes of the much awaited Season 2 of Only Murders in the Building! Join our true crime loving duo as they dive into the first two episodes. We’ll learn the origins of the Cocotini with show runner and co-creator John Hoffman, discuss the two sides of fame with co-writer of episode one Noah Levine, and sling one liners with Uma Heller herself, Jackie Hoffman.

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From Straw Hut Media 


STRAWT media. Yeah, I mean, I'm sure I'm really Steyn made that

you're even saying your character. You
are. Well, take it, it

will is you. M Yeah,
you AHOULD GUESS WHO's back. We are,

yes, we are, but who
are we? We're a couple of

true crime efficionados. Oh yes,
we are kind of like Charles, Oliver

and Mabel, the three main characters
in the hula original show. Only murders

in the building. Now in season
two and we're here making our own podcast

about a show where the characters make
a podcast about a murder. Why are

we here? To solve a murder
and to try to figure it out before

all is revealed in the season finale? We may not be in the Arconia

ourselves, but we'll get some inside
information for members of the cast and crew

and clues to help us piece it
all together. WHO Today will be talking

to? Co Creator and show runner
John Hoffman, episode one, Co writer

Noah Levine and Uma Heller herself.
Jackie Hoffman will learn about fame versus infamy

in New York City, the origins
of the Koco tiny and the role Jackie

Hoffman didn't land when she auditioned for
the show as of now. We've seen

the first two episodes, so listeners, be where. We're going to give

you a quick recap and if you
haven't watched, hit the pause by stream

episodes one and two now and come
right back so we don't spoil anything for

you. Episode one, so much
happens. Charles, Oliver and Mabel are

being interrogated by the police and bunny
was stabbed eight times with a knife,

but the murder weapon was replaced by
Mabel's knitting needle. There released, but

their persons of interest and they're told
they're not allowed to make any more podcast.

Charles gets asked to do a reboot
of BRASO's uncle Brazo's Mabel Meets Alice,

an interesting young artist, who invites
her to join her artist collective.

Amy Schumer has moved into stings old
apartment. She talks to Oliver about adapting

the PODCAST FOR TV. Sinda cannings, only murderers in the building, is

out and she's making our trio look
very, very guilty. We learned that

right before bunny died she said the
words fourteen and savage. They sneak into

Bunny's apartment and find her bird,
Mrs Gambolini. They learned that a million

dollar painting has been stolen from her
apartment and she's got a secret elevator in

her closet. Then the painting turns
up in Charles's apartment and it's his dad

and another woman. So they decide
they have to do the podcast and prove

their innocence. Okay, now episode
two. A lot of history in this

one. With learned that Bunny's grandfather
was the architect of the Arconia and he

put secret pee poles and passages throughout
the building. We meet Bunny's mother,

Leonora big bunny, and she wants
to know who killed her daughter and she

wants her missing porny painting back.
Charles, Oliver and Mabel tried to secretly

return the painting without getting caught,
but it doesn't go as planned and it

ends up in Amy Schumer's apartment.
We learned that the painter, Rose Cooper,

died a mysterious death. She lived
across the street from the Arconia and

Charles's dad was sleeping with both her
and Leonora. When Leonora finally sees the

painting, she says it's not the
original. So the painting is still missing.

And there's a love story butting between
Mabel and Alice. Hmm, that's

a nice painting, John. Are
Thirty balls in that painting behind you?

We're curious. We're this is John
Hoffman. He's the CO creator and show

runner of only murders, plus he
directed the first two episodes this season.

John was our very first guest last
year and so it feels only natural for

him to be our first guest this
year. You'll actually be hearing from him

throughout the whole season, and John
is a fan of our podcast. Well,

he's a listener. You know,
he's a fan. Check it out.

So happy to be back. I
can't believe it. An amazing show

and amazing podcast, I think.
Just let me get it out there,

huge fan of what you did last
year, and I honestly all of the

writer producers on our show. We're
just delighted. They were like, we

don't know we're doing. I loved
all of first of all, I felt

like I learned a lot more from
them when I was lettle said and and

I learned from myself. I was
like, Oh, they which are riffed.

Here is the evidence. You're right
for once, KK. He's a

fan to kick things off with John. We were curious how they decided where

to pick up the story for season
two. Get Ready, you've only seen

episodes one and twenty two. When
they want into well, chills, I

know. So the decision there at
the where to start, was what I

thought long and hard about actually,
and I was very much intrigued, of

course, by the ending of where
we left them off, but where we

would start in a way that felt
both like the show we love and know

and then flip it hard. You
can be the talk of the town of

New York, can be one sided
or the other side of right and it's

infamous or famous. So good side
of the bad side, and what happens

when the good side of the bad
side come together is what was really intriguing

to me for our trio. Yeah, so, immediately plopping them down on

the hot seat where they've landed themselves
at the end of season one, to

be quickly interrogated and sent out into
the New York world that is now looking

at them completely a new yeah,
bad, we don't have a question for

this. The Michael Ravaport, oh
my just was hilarious, incredible, incredible.

I Love Them. It feels so
authentically New York to write, and

you did. He's just got an
easy everything about him swing so perfectly into

this part of detective creps and then
the match of him with Detective Williams in

the way they played. That was
an incredible day on set, I have

to say, because, you know, we shot Steve, Marty and Selina,

you know, individually and and so
Michael and Davine both had to play

their stuff three times all the way
through for many different angles. So I

want to say Michael dropped about four
thousand F bombs that day. I know

his work found different colors and ways
to say yeah, I see. We're

all dazzled by by the two of
them that day, particularly and together,

and they kept going geese. That
was fun. Yeah, got loosened up,

it was we don't really we rarely
get away from script on set,

honestly, but on that day just
let Michael Riff a bit. Speaking of

the script, John Co wrote episode
one with Noah Levine, who was our

script coordinator on the show and you
know, someone I had worked with on

grace and Frankie for a bit,
and I just I think it's very important

to bring writers along and sort of
you know, helped elevate them and and

move their careers along quickly. If
you recognize real talent, he certainly has

the yeah, here's Noah. I
mean, I love John. John's like

the easiest person in the world to
work with. He's just like relentless positivity.

This season the writers were still in
a zoom room, but things were

different in other ways because of the
vaccine everything. Like we were, the

writers were able to go on side, thankfully, for their episodes, which

was really fun. It's for the
first episode, for this one that you

wrote with John. There must have
been a lot of set up to do.

What was the process like for structuring
that content? There's there's so much

that we owed and it was kind
of figuring out how to frame the whole

season with this theme of like being
the talk of the town with them.

You know, I don't think any
of them thought that by starting this podcast

then being our heroes like that,
they would end up being suspects themselves some

day. There is a launch path
and that is necessary for an episode one.

Right, here's John Hoffman again,
and then it's the approach on that

episode and how do you best sort
of you know, teas as well as

keep the surprises coming for both the
characters and the audience. You know,

our show is bizarre to write a
half how a comedy which is also a

mystery, because the mystery needs to
be plotted out really the whole way through.

So you don't really get to start
the first episode do you figure out

the whole damn thing. So it's
very complicated. So everything that's in each

episode is very specifically chosen as to
how we're parsing out information and how we're

twisting towards the ultimate resolve and so
basically giving the audience and our own sort

of sensibilities a springboard into a season
built on this idea of of how do

you both both the thing about New
York and infamous, famous, and how

do you navigate those two worlds happening
all at once to you that kind of

particular New York famous night, and
then the other side of it, which

is how do you podcast and help
get yourself out from under this horrible dark

cloud that you know is not true
but as being presented as such by your

hero, your heroin podcaster over here, as well as the cops who are

looking at evidence, as well as
someone who would then you realize is actually

framing you continually through this time.
So it became a real mountain for them

to sort of climb while being assaulted, so that all of that is a

very disorientating experience for them and they
realize. I think the structure for the

first episode is all of them realizing
nobody's in this situation but us three.

We're the only ones who can understand
the situation we're in and relate to each

other and we're hanging on to each
other if we're going to try and get

out of it. And the only
way out of it is to find the

truth, and that's what we come
to by the end of the episode when

Mabel says, do you still have
that boom like right, and yeah,

they know that what they've got to
do is the difficult thing that they've been

told they can't do and they shouldn't
do. But you know, it's New

York and people don't go quietly in
New York and that's fair decides not to

do. We've been warned not to
speak out. We're speak our truth,

to just let others tell our story, but we here at only murders in

the building. We will not be
going quietly yield it. Here's Noah again.

It's all about like putting yourself in
the position to have scrutiny by making

this podcasts or now having the scrutiny
of the law and having, you know,

a big audience at the same time
watching their moves. So the structure

really came from that question of like
what it means to be the talk of

the town and how to resist.
And can they resist continuing podcast saying now

that they're being told that's the last
thing I should be doing? In actually

an episode one, Charles and Oliver
are ready to start season two of their

podcast, but Mabel is the one
who needs it's a little convincing. You

Know Mabel, obviously, and season
one we saw that she's dealt with a

lot of death in her past and
her friend group and all of that,

and so her character is going to
be trying to really move on in a

real way and we'll see that.
Steve, I think, more than the

other two, kind of can't resist
the urge to podcasts because that, like

in season one we saw how much
that like added, you know, like

warmth and purpose and his life.
and Oliver is like all about how can

how can I use this attention to
get even more attemption. Focus all eyes

on me. You are all persons
of interest now. Thank you. Each

of our trio is seeing both the
benefits and the drawbacks of their new found

fame. Oliver has an opportunity to
sell season one other podcast to Amy Schumer,

but he keeps getting cut out of
the spot like wow, look at

this, hold of this second.
They crack me out. This is such

bullshit. You know I'm also involved
in this. Enables got a troubling new

nickname, but she's also being recognized
as an artist for the first time.

Bloody Mabel. Hashtag Bloody Mabel Mabel. This is autis facts. With that

off glory little office collective downtown.
Maybe you've out of us. I know

this is insane, given a little
guy through strange sending a random video message,

but I really love your mirror and
I haven't been able to stop thinking

about it. Anyway. I know
this is awesome minutes, but the gallery

I have a little openation of I'm
in wondering if you wanted to come.

So sending you lots of love and
home tip. By and Charles has an

opportunity for a BRASO's reboot, except
it's not quite what it used to be.

We're picked up for a series already, eighteen episodes on CBX. WHOA

crazy right with Naomi Jackson. I
love her. Who she playing? She's

Brazos, she's and I would be
uncle Brazos. The fame or infamy is

pretty complicated for all three of them
and will dive deeper into that with John

and Noah. After the break for
Mabel and her romance, people are going

to be happy about that, that
she's finding some happiness instead of death.

Right, you know, it's all
sadness. Can you elaborate a little bit

on the potential relationship with Mabel?
Analysis I don't know what I'm allowed to

say. Did We just accidentally stumble
upon a clue? There? Here's Noah

trying to explain who I hope.
So yeah, no, I think we

were all just like, how do
we show a a side of Mabel?

What would she want to try as
far as moving on? And so when

she gets this message on her instagram, it's more about how do I,

you know, pursue this other interest
than how do I pursue a new person?

And so I think we were we
were all trying to look at it

from that angle. She's in this
new situation and she just wants to,

you know, find a new part
of herself. She wants to move on

beyond it. Here's John Hoffmann again. She says, you know, I've

had enough, I need to get
away from death. Yeah, and she's

a young woman with talent and has
never had the access points that allowed her

to get into world's that she's dreamed
about. And for this bizarre circumstance to

put her sort of square in the
center of a Social Media Storm, in

this small way in New York,
with our own Hashtag that's unflattering and draws

bloody mabel. You know, Bloody
Mabel, Bloody Mabel. If I'm going

to be that, I mean this
outreach from a dream place, from an

artist collective the likes of which she
would love to have joined years ago,

if there was ever a possible way
to get an invite into something like that.

I think in Mabel's eyes, she
swayed to go to that gallery that

night after that outreach from Alice because
as of something's connected, but there was

about connection as well. Her Art
has finally connected right out of nowhere,

and it's literally on the wall in
her living room and it meant a lot

last season to her. So I
think that's the part that I'm not sure

she would have gone, even with
the flattery, yeah, toward Alice had

it not been connected to I've gotten
some affirmation for something I care about out

of nowhere, and either to say
no to that in this moment feels wrong,

but you know, it's a scary
time to go out of my house,

but I'm going to swing that lay
and hopefully he didn't join a cult.

That's just make sure, you know, take a alice. Never did

say that it wasn't a cult,
that's true, but we hope it's not

a cult because it's a really good
opportunity for Mabel to finally find some happiness.

Oh don't we all want to find
that? It's this dual thing that

happens where the worst thing that's happened
has actually given me access to something that

and that's a theme for all,
yeah, but but Mabel particularly. I

think it's also interesting. The whole
show has always been sort of built around

classic meets modern, and so you
know, I think you know in the

modern way of you know, romance
and every romantic stories and opening up,

you know, people's Worlds, the
way this story has started to do for

all of our characters in season one
and now further in season two, looking

at, you know, the possibilities
for themselves. And New York has a

way of opening people up and allowing
them to sort of explore parts of themselves

that they may be surprised by,
which I love. Murder can open a

door turn and murder has opened a
big door for Charles, who is finally

landed an acting job after years of
being forgotten. The writer seemed to have

had a lot of fun being mean
to Charles. Here's Noah. There's a

joke that the producers had him listed
as an a dad. It's like he's

literally, you know, success of
the podcast and now being potentially a murder

suspect has literally brought him and his
career back from the debts. But the

producers are also worried he might go
to prison, so they keep making his

part smaller. The success of the
podcast and their own messy involvement isn't just

complicating their careers, it's also gained
the attention of their hero, podcaster,

Sinda canning. I guess she's not
really their hero, anymore. Through new

podcast, only murderers in the building
will probe into the Arconia and three residents

who remain prime suspects in the grizzly
stabbing death of funny folders. It's funny

because he is in some ways a
reason that they you know, the word

got out, but they were doing
this podcast in the first phase when in

season one she's on Jimmy in and
making fun of them and then, Lo

and behold, obviously she drove traffic
to their podcast. So I think she's

a little but hurt that now you
know, they have this successful podcast and

she obviously needs a new head herself. Our tree is podcast is such a

hit actually, that the new resident
celebrity in the building is even a fan.

Well, hello there, Amy Schumer. Well, hello, I mean

amy shoomer, is so fantastic and
I'll have to say was our fastest.

Yes, she likes the show,
she knows and has worked with and Love

Steve Martin and just came right to
us with this. But we said,

here's what you're doing. Some people
are very reticent, I think, to

represent themselves. Yeah, in a
show, and you know how to do

that. And it happened. All
very quickly with a me actually, and

she and I spent some time over
a weekend working on some of the stuff

with in her scenes and making them
her own, because in this case it's

not a thing I've tended to do, but in this case it's her voice

as and and what kind of colors
she wants to do with in the context

of playing herself. So in that
case we just loved the I you know,

sort of the running wonder of you
know, who's in the penthouse now,

as right as a thing for our
show going that's baste out like the

possibilities of a rotating thing that like, you know, Oh, amy's going

to be dissatisfied in that apartment potentially
very soon. So who's coming next?

Not for teas, but that's a
full I knew we wanted for that character

for the piece was to reflect immediately
for the audience. Oh, their podcast

is out in the world and people
know about it. Yeah, the ones

that are in the building know about
it. So now you have a fan

coming to you about your podcast in
our show is very Meta and you'll just

be able to say things like well, second seasons are tough and letting our

own nero sees about that come out
a little bit here and there, maybe

a little too much, but it
was still fun to play. So perfect.

It's all so perfect. Oh my
God, makes sense. I mean,

you know they're flopping about the way
they put their podcast together, but

here they are getting praise and someone
very shrewd to saying, you know,

what do you do with that?
Think, because I'm kind of into it

and and that felt really right for
a me. Hey, do you think

that's the whole reason she moved into
the Arconia? Oh, good question,

hilarious. Amy Schumer was a surprise, but you know who else was a

delight to see? KK WHO is
that? The incredible Shirley Mcclain. WHO

you or Shirley Mcclain? Okay, that's

a very knowledgeable question, and maybe
someone tipped you off to that question.

Oh No, in the weirdest of
situations in world. So I found myself

getting to know Shirley Mcclain many,
many years ago now, and we've become

delightful friends. I Adore her power. Cocoatin. He's yes, literally,

Cortini is what we drink every time
we got together. Oh No, what,

no, kiddicks comes from many brunches
and dinners with rolly mcclane herself.

Oh, that's hilarious. Who introduced
the Cocatini? To whom? Like,

who was? Did she to you? Well, ctally introduced you the Cocatini.

Yes, and I was very much
like Howard in episode two, sort

of like Oh, assuming it's a
chocolate Martini. Yes, that's what I

would have thought, because I'm not
a big fan of coconut in general.

But a coca Tini, yeah,
it's delicious. or It's worth trying the

Mcclain cocutaine. We need to put
that in our limclain cocotin ingredients. The

official cocky Yi murders and building listeners. You can go and taste a sureley

McClean approved coco tiny at Jeoffrey's and
Melbot. We also have a recipe for

one. You can make it home
in the show notes. When we were

working on the script and we sent
Kristin Newman script right for episode two and

we sent the script off to Shirley
for her consideration, was very, you

know, pragmatic. I was just
like slip that Cocutini in there. Oh

yeah, see she's reading it she's
like, I'm she's actually reading it,

but surely called me after reading it. She said, Oh, you clever

thing. Of course I'm doing this
and I'm the CO contain was the reason

over the edge. Yeah, it
meeting Shirley Mcclain on set and just being

around her was one of the most
insane and special and hilarious things. Here's

Noah, but the seeing where she
was cutting the cheeks. I need to

see it dying like as all right, over Y. Yeah, and it's

Sureley Mcclain's voice as Leonora folder that
introduces us to the secret in the architecture

of the Arconia. Here's John Hoffman
again. It's a cliche at all time

to say, you know, the
building is a character in the story just

as much as the other real characters, but in some way I genuinely wanted

it to be and it. I
think it was due in large part to

the success of the work of our
production designer last year, Curt Beach,

and our production time. It's your
Patrick how and all of his their team's

creating these means on sin that is
is very alive and vivid and specific for

all of our characters to live in
and creating the world of the Arconia married

to the extraordinary exterior that we were
able to shoot at the billboard in Manhattan

and have this very evocative building and
then let the building and it's history in

form as long as the stories are
informing our characters, either backstories, their

central, you know, crises,
or their central conflicts and things they're trying

to discover and work through across any
of the stories we're telling. So in

this case I like to know the
history of our characters in relation to the

story and the two people were discussing
in episode two are Charles and Bunny and

their specific relationships to the building and
through that Lens it felt really intriguing to

me to sort of really go down
the biographies and explore what what could have

been the relationships to why, as
Charles in this building and when we see

the past he had with his father, looking up at that building, wishing

for that and to sort of correct
that loss in some way or to maybe

prove his father that, prove that
he was a little better than his father,

to rise above in some way,
is maybe why he chose this building

to live in, or just a
simple romantic New York dream and then bunny

learning that bunny had lived every day
of her life in this building and had

family that built this and then built
in things that she knew about and manipulated

for her own reasons, but also
so kept probably good watch over some of

the secrets of the building. And
now that plea's gone, all bets are

off. Yeah, which is why
she probably became the board president, even

though no one liked her, she
was board president, and there's a now

there's another board president who people know
and likes. Yeah, ready for her,

I mean, and they like fantastic
way. Do you see? It's

really a great yeah, I love
it. That scene where we meet Nina

Lind for the first time. That's
Bunny's memorial and, similar to Tim Kno's

memorial in season one, it puts
almost all of our characters in the same

place at the same time. Oh, it's such a great scene and we'll

talk more about that after the break. With the help of one of Bunny's

only friends, oh my, Heller, oh goodie, the murderers are here.

What the Hell Are you doing?
We brought dip. Oh My,

being nice, I invited them,
became to pay our respects with a screw

top. What happened? You couldn't
find a box fur Soloma Howard. Now

we've got Nina going on there.
That they've all got agendas. Here's John

Hoffman again. Yeah, they all
got agenda. Is Very specific, and

you're right, it's whenever you have
this, these group scenes, I find

them remarkable because we're, you know, we're so lucky to have this brilliant

cast of unbelievable characters from New York, you know, and they have great

resumes and lives they've spent both on
in front of the camera and on the

stage. Yeah, and and that
feels what I've loved the most is you

get incredibly inventive and specific actors who
are also, you know, just innately

interesting, if not the typical people
you might see our TV show in your

daily ROK. Know, really feel
very deeply New York. And you know

who is very deeply New York?
My character. Yeah, it is you,

Yuma. This is Jackie Hoffman.
She plays Uma Heller, the Arconia

resident who's always flipping the bird.
Wasn't there like the five hundred and ten

to you my I was just trying
to think about before ten three cents.

You're a little late. Yeah,
central central time. I don't know about

you, but when I imagine a
typical New Yorker, I see Jackie Hoffman.

Yes, Uma Heller is the quintessential
New York character, and I think

New York made me what I am
and made Huma what what she is really.

I mean it's funny. It's I'm
filming now, I've been filming now

in Vancouver and Canada, and it's
just like, you know, if I'm

just an alien being. You know, the people just don't get, you

know, the direct miss and and
a very I think I was like and

then that's the excuse, you know, for my appalling behavior. She's from

me. Or boom is one of
the many are Conia residents that makes an

appearance at Bunny's memorial, and it's
always so fun to have all these great

characters together in one place. It's
everybody, you know, and everybody the

the I mean not just not just
the big names, but, you know,

everybody in the building too. Brought
it on every take and they were

all I was just amazed at how
like, you know, like no one

would let it collapse. are ones
like, you know. This is my

for second moment. I'm not going
to let this get away from me during

game that they did. Yeah,
and then you know, it just culminating

with Shirley Mcclain, who you know, who like I'm look, I'm like

Wu, she's like off the fucking
rails. But then you look at the

work she does and I'm like,
Oh my God, like you buy everything,

like I just watch the episode.
She has amazed, amazing. Surely

for clay? Oh, forget about
it. Oh my God, piece of

work. Let me just say it
seems like Uma really hates Charles, Oliver

and Mabel. Why does she dislike
them so much? That's it, like

a really good question. She does
seem to see the with hatred around them.

I almost feel like if I was
a type of person who would develop

a character history, I almost feel
like there's had to be something at her

past, like she auditioned for for, you know, for Oliver, and

he rejected her. Or are you
know she met Brasos the street and asked

for an autograph and he dister,
like you know, and Seleni. You

have to hate on principle because she's
young and pretty and and it's got everything

going for her. Maybe for an
extra on Brazos, I think yes,

or couldn't even get the extra like. That's the thing is. That's so

funny. You hate them so much
and then you say they they'll never know

why because it's not worth it to
tell them everything. It's dripping with acid.

Yes, it is. Here's a
fun fact. Keener riveted Jackie Hoffman

originally auditioned for the role of Earth
Law. Ten cases of Gut Milk Right.

I actually audition with that and its
scene was by a file cabinet and

I actually have a file cabinet my
home and I audition with a real file

cabinet. I'm like, I got
this, it's a real file cabinet,

it's mine. Your method that yes, that I did not get it,

but then they offered me, oh
my Heller, which I saw was a

classic Trackie Hawkin Roll, because it
fairly exists. Well, that may have

been true for last season, but
it feels like we're getting to know Uma

a bit more this season. We're
getting to know her especially through her relationship

with Howard Morris, played by Michael
Cyril Crayton. Ah, well, I

adore Michael, I mean we i
Michael, you did a web series way

back when the kids were doing what
they pulled a web series? Yep,

there wasn't. It was called Jack
in the box because he actually in real

life worked in a box box office. So he played a character called Jack

and it was Jack in a box
and I played a very oma like woman,

like a classic matten a lady.
I need set but you know,

God, that was so so we've
known each other for ever more just delighted

with each other. I adore him. So that was a hoot and I

love how these two characters are are
coming together and you can't, you know,

if you could still say the words
Fag Hag. You know, you

kids don't know that. That was
not meant to be. You know that

that was her. You know she's
she's his, his, he's my gay

friend. Yeah, I think that. I think that's in their lgbtfh isn't

it? Like it's not. And
there I think he's so but I love

them together. So I hope we
had to see more and more and I

what I love is that your characters
are similar, but he's more, you

know, he says it in a
quiet way, but he's very, you

know, like passive aggressive, and
you're just aggressive, aggressive, which is

right, lovely it's just so.
So it's good. Someone's a Chad more

bossy volume as power, and we
also got to know her and Uma during

our interviews. She's quick with the
one liners in real life and on set.

I love that. I didn't originate
the joke, but I did throw

in after the screw top one.
What's the matter? You couldn't get a

box. So yeah, so that. Yeah, no, they may count

on me to. You know,
either gets people really angry at me and

gets me in trouble or people count
on me to do it. Funny.

had a real life for a rotic
guard. A lot of people didn't know

that. I think it's too much
surprised, but he was a fucking free

powered its rose cooper painting that she
has. It's very porny and naked man

wrapped around a woman's like very balls
forward. HMM. Maybe all on one

Sday, very balls forward, very
balls completely literally literally. Did anyone sit

for it? Absolutely, absolutely.
Well, clearly it is. We don't.

Yes, we who's but WHO's the
woman? Do we know who that

is? We don't know yet.
been assumptions made about who that woman is.

Yeah, maybe bear out to be
true, and you never know.

Our show might surprise you amazing.
And we went through many versions, truthfully,

of the that central painting for the
season two with, you know,

the balls forward. But you know, we wanted it to feel of something

legitimate and and the history around Rose
Cooper the artist and what we learn about

our rose cooper the artist, and
that carries forward as we go forward to

that's a central part of our mystery. That does come back around him many

ways with some discoveries up ahead.
One discovery we we make by the end

of episode two is that the painting
is not the original. That's right.

When they all go up to amy
Schumer's Penthouse. That was one of the

most memorable days of our show,
and we've had many to be on a

set that day and you could feel
it amongst all of them. When you've

got amy schoomer, Steve Martin,
Martin Short, Selina Gomez and Shirley Mcclain

unnaly seen together. That was sparky. Yeah, I thought I will say

about that. It was delightful and
you know what, KK It's deliciously delightful

to be back, and yes,
I use the double d back at the

Arconia, back at the night,
back with our fans are listeners. It's

good to be back with season two
after all the love that season one.

God, people came back there with
like humbold and and amazed. But but

I was at the screen actors guild
awards and we were still all seething with

quiet bitterness when we didn't win.
But no one was like to Ted last.

So let's Merder. It said last
last. So whatever. Yeah,

you guys would be the biggest suspects. I won't library with the SAG award.

But before we get into our guesses
on who killed bunny, we did

get a clue from Noah. We
only clue I will give you is that

this year we really had a find
with the anagrams. Oh Oh, thank

you, and, by the way, I just want to say no,

in the in the like first couple
episodes, there are so many clues and

red herrings, whatever they are.
We did we did a lot of planting.

We were we were farmers. Yeah, you were farmers really, yeah,

hode and Hode, and it was
fantastic. Hey, KK, you

know what an Anagram is, right, of course, but why don't you

tell me? Well, you know, you change letters around, so I'm

just going to say last season.
I did this the very first episode,

and I'm going to say something.
Ready, Mabel, change it around.

Blame. That's wres of do you. Thank you very much. Oh,

you're giving me something. Okay,
moving on. That's all I have to

say. Okay, Kayky, you
know what time it is right? Oh,

it's my harm time. It's time
for the WHO done it summit,

and this is where keener and I
based on the first episodes. We've seen

episodes one and two. Guess who
we think the murderer is. Write it

down on a piece of paper,
put it in a sealed envelope and open

it for the first time right now. I love that you have all those

visuals when they just are going to
hear a rip. So it's awesome.

Okay, would you like to go
first? I'd like. I'd like for

you to go first. KK.
All Right, here's my envelope. Blame.

Oh, Sinda canning. Yeah,
how you the PODCAST produce? You,

sir? Yes, by Tina Fey. Okay, Kak, amazing.

Now tell me why. You want
to tell me why I send a canny.

I am going to tell you why
I pay send a canning. I

think she's jealous of our trio,
stealing the spotlight from her. I think

she's very petty because she named her
podcast only murderers in the building, or

she's just a thief. And if
you notice, when bunny was found dead,

she's wearing a tight eye hoodie,
but it's the merchandise from the fans

show of only murders in the building. I think that was kind of sticking

it to them. Kate more minor, but I feel like she also didn't

want to travel for a podcast,
so she wanted to stay local. And

furthermore, it wasn't Sinda. I
think it was poppy, her assistant,

because Sind is always mean to her
and she's framing her. Okay, are

you ready for Mine? You're kind
of going to flip for mine. Are

you ready? Here's my ready.
Okay, you can rip it. Here

we go, and keener thinks the
murderer is poppy, Sinda canning's assistant.

I can't believe said that. You
don't get to you only get one,

and what's funny is that you.
Okay, here's my take on yeah,

wait, why did you pick poppy? So mine is similar to yours,

but her world is smaller. So
it's really everything that you said, but

towards Sinda canning. She wants to
she wants to be famous, she wants

to get some accolades from Sinda,
who's always so mean to her. She

loves the one that looks identical to
her, you know, syndicant Zer Psychoh,

but to her, but she's cruel. She's so cruel and she has

some great ideas, but she burns
her every time. So, my greatness,

she's very dismissive to poppy. Yes, and the way, you know

what, I'd even think about the
merchandise thing. But she probably has to

deal with all that and everything because
she is maybe the lowly second or third

assistant, or whatever you want to
call her. You know what I'm saying.

Although, Hey, I've been in
assistant so and nothing lowly about that.

So anyway, that I can't believe. You said that. Now you

said that second you you can't count
poppy. You only said so. I

can know you said. If it
wasn't, it just can do you can

do that next time. I win
this one. Thanks for listening to season

two, episode one, of only
murders in the pod. Our inbox is

open again, so please send over
your thoughts and theories to only murders at

Straw hut mediacom and if you're enjoying
the show, please please leave us a

rating and review. It really helps
people future fans find the show. Only

murders in the pod is a production
of Straw hut media, hosted by Elizabeth

Keener me and Kevin Lawn me,
produced by Ryan Tillotson and Maggie Bowls.

Associate producer is Stephen Markley. Original
music by Kyle Merritt and only murder order's

theme music by Sadartha Kosla. And
a big, big thanks to John Hoffman,

Xavier Solace, Luisa Moultini and the
entire Hulu team.
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