EPISODE 10: Double Time

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Elizabeth in KK get the scoop on the music of Only Murders with composer Siddhartha Khosla. They chat with Executive Producer Jess Rosenthal on what exactly an EP does as well as how some of the elements of the show were brought together. AND an inside look at the bassoon with Michelle Grego, second chair bassoon of the LA Philharmonic Orchestra. PLUS a clue and where are we at with season 2?!

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Straw media in our plan. The
La Philharmonic and I happen to have a

night off. We're working at a
Hollywood ball that night and I my husband

and I were here and I were
turned on the show and had watched several

episodes and all of a sudden incomes
to the sooners into the elevator and I

looked at that case and I went, Oh my God, it's going to

be a soon. Welcome to episode
nine of only murders in the pod,

the second to last episode of Season
One. If you haven't already follow us

on Apple, podcast, spotify or
wherever you're listening in from, we're putting

together some exciting bonus content for our
listeners in our lead up to season two.

I'm your host, Elizabeth Keener,
and with my co host and friend

Kevin Lawn, we're looking behind the
scenes and mining for clues as we meet

the cast and creators of the Hulu
original series only murders in the building today

on the pod, composers of Dartha
Kosla, executive producer Jess Rosenthal, and

a little bit more from second chair
bassoon of the La Philharmonic Orchestra, Michelle

Grego. As of now, we've
seen the first nine episodes. So listeners

beware. If you haven't watched,
hit the pause button, get caught up

and come right back so we don't
spoil anything for you. Okay, Kevin,

yes, keener, this is time
for summary. Yes, for episode

nine, entitled Double Time. Yeahs. So what do we know? We

know that Jan is not dead.
She was stabbed and she says she didn't

see who did it. Right.
Oh, we meet Charles stunt double,

played by Jane Lynch. She's brilliant, honestly brilliant as hilarious. That's her

name. Say it again, Zazpetechi. Yes, and she briefly joins the

crime solving team. Yes, to
this Chagrin of Jan, who is like,

they didn't welcome me like this,
but they embraced that. Poor Jan.

She's not welcomed and she gets stabbed, he cuts and she plays the

bassoon. But that's an exciting thing
for us. Yesu, rough week.

It's a rough week, or can
and we do know that bunny has evicted,

Oliver changed his locks and Oliver is
now staying with Mabel. Yes,

who knew? And Oscar apparently is
staying with Mabel. So that's all yes,

Andre, I'm staying together, and
and I see bads being redone.

Yes. So we know that bunny
just called a vote to evict all of

them, Charles, Mabel and Oliver. What's wrong with her? She has

an agenda. She does have an
agenda. She said, like Joe Way

Agenda. She's saying that everyone complained
about them. They had seven complaints each

or something like that. Do you
really think that happened? Well, who

would question her? That's true.
I wouldn't question bunny. I wouldn't question

bunny either. She probably evict both
of us. We do know that the

only person who came to their defense
was Howard Morris, the cat guy,

but then he voted to a victim
after bunny bullied him. Yeah, I

know, he had his moment and
then kind of and then he lost his

spine. Yeah, I know,
but we still love him because he also

had complaints against him. He shored. Oh, that's right, so she

was kind of threatening him. She's
cruel. Charles, Oliver and Mabel believe

that the only way to save their
apartment is to figure out who the murderer

is. Yes, because that would
solve everything. Yeah, all the problem.

But so it would solve. That
would solve the show, would vindicate

them. It would vindicate them this
time. Oh, I love them,

please do it. And we also
know that the trash bag tim was carrying

in the elevator did not come from
his own apartment. Remember, Mabel noticed

that the straps, the strings to
it were different. Calls. Yes,

well, if fine handle was blue, ones like exactly? Maybe red?

Maybe your color blind? Yeah,
it's okay. We know that Tim was

seeing someone before he died and that
they had been having a loud sex who

do you think it was? I
don't know, I'm excited. There were

a lot of sex toys. One
look like a kitty toy right. Speaking

of sex toys, we know that
one of the sex toys they found in

Tim Cona's apartment was actually a bassoon
cleaner. Remember, we thought it might

be a catoy. It's all right. Was it cates to believe that Jane

and Tim May Have Been Sleeping together? Wow, yeah, a bassoon cleaner.

How do you use that besides clean
bassoons? Maybe they were just cleaning

bassoons? MMM, well, maybe
a bason cleaners, just to Bisson cle

you know what? Sexy bassoonist.
Yes, Kinky, sexy bassoonist. MMM

and Jan lied about being first chair
bassoon and Charles knows. What else is

she lying about? Well, I've
been thinking a lot about this. Do

you think she was the first chair
and she got demoted to second chair and

was embarrassed? That could be a
possibility, because then all the things that

we think of that she's lying here
and lying this, and maybe she really

isn't lying. Maybe there are other
three, but they're white lies Er.

Something has something, something into yeah, but it as I said, had

a very busy week. She did
not. They or may have not gotten

stabbed herself. Always Stab Yourself.
Oh yeah, I do it all the

time. I mean you know,
stabatoe. All right, well, that's

it. That's it in the summary. Does summary For this week? Yeah,

one more to go, I know. Okay, so we're going to

do a quick round of would you
rather, and it's so quick it's just

one question. Would you rather chug
for Gut milks or court of Demons?

Dip Go? I'M gonna go with
Gut mom because we have shut on the

show. It tastes good, so
I feel like I'm going there. And

it was a Steve Suggestions. Like
I think maybe there's some alcohol in there,

and so that sounds fun. That's
Jess Rosenthal, Gut milk lover and

executive producer of only murders, in
the building. He's also an executive producer

on the hit NBC series. This
is us. But what exactly is an

executive producer? So I have a
bit of a dream job and that it's

executive producers across shows and companies.
I find can do all kinds of things.

On this one it was the sort
of well, first begging for a

lunch with Steve Martin for three years. Please, please, please, to

the aging. It's just fun lunch. One day he said all right,

if you and Dan drive up to
Manestuito, I'll have lunch of you and

and so one. One aspect of
being an executive producer is simply persistence.

And how are you going to create
these projects? And the first couple moves

of a project are a big deal. Sitting Down with Steve and having him

say so you want an idea that
that was a good first move. Were

you in production for only murders and
this is us at the same time?

Yeah, we were last year.
The way we had Dan and I kind

of split it up is. Dan
was here in Los Angeles on this is

us. You also just had a
baby and so Travelington York was not in

the cards, and so I went
to New York, awfully so, and

was on set for these five six
months. Another US over from this is

US came with the music. said
KOSLA is our fantastic composer and he's an

old friend of Dan and I.
We all went to pen together to Dartha.

Kosla, or SID as people call
him, had a band called gold

spot back in the early he was
signed a universal went on big tours and

even played glastonbury with Arcade Fire And
B York. Ultimately, though, that

band was like the thing that helped
me become a composer for television film,

You know, my music, and
replaced in TV and films. And and

Dan full woman was, you know, even a a friend of mine from

college. He was a big fan
of what I was doing too, and

always recognize that to hear that is
it, he's like, I think he

can do this too. You know, sit is work with Dan Fokelman a

lot over the years and has been
scoring this is us during its entire six

season run, and Dan created as
a showrunner of that, Dan also produces

only murders and and to Dan introduced
me to John Hoffmann, who you guys

have interviewed on your podcast, because
I've actually my wife and I've been listening

to your podcast on. Thank you. Yes, listeners, awesome. It's

so good. It's so good and
thank you. And and we've been we've

been listening to it on. We
took taking a couple roun trips recently and

and I'm like, let's put on
the only murders podcast. Sid says he

plays a little bit of everything,
but most of his composing happens alone with

a piano. When you listen to
the music and only murders, though,

you hear a lot more than just
piano and voice. There's an entire forty

piece orchestra for that. Said says
he has a team to help him,

but yeah, I think most of
the heart of the score is beginning on

me, on piano usually, and
just sort of like and then developing from.

Sid's interest in music started when he
was very young. He told us

his mother had a beautiful voice but
not a great year. His father,

on the other hand, had a
great ear but not much of a voice.

He likes to think he got the
best of both of them, and

his mom supported his musical talents throughout
his growing up until I wanted to do

it, until I wanted to do
as a career. Yeah, and then,

and then, like the then,
like the you know, the Southdaisan,

mom comes in and she's like,
no way, let's stop there.

This law school pamphlets in your dining
room table. It's starting to say that

because I I when my senior year
of College, I apply, I took

Bel set to apply for lost and
then and then I canceled my score and

because I wasn't happy with how the
there a long story, but he made

up. Can See my score because, like the truck, the proctor ended

all the sections early and I was
like, I'm not gonna get my best

score, let me cancel it.
And then I end up starting a Bandon

and and then you start different scores, a whole score of music. There

you go. See. Its career
involves creating theme music for TV and movies

and we were curious if there was
a song that could be a theme for

his own life. Theme Songs for
my own life would be would be something

from my childhood, and that would
be like. You know, that would

be like this nineteen, the music
that my parents would listen to. So

it's like he's like old lollywood singers
from the S and seven and they I

mean I'll tell you the name of
the song, but no one's going to

know it. It's you didn't now
put that Bah up. It's by Muhammad

Rocky MHD R Afi. Can check
it out. It's about here's the original

music from the one thousand nine hundred
and sixty seven film, the jewelsy,

no hope, that bitch and and
it's very sort of like quirky, melancholic,

you know, slightly humorous, but
also like slightly off put, like

something sudden, unsettling, like something's
not right. Awesome and was pretty much

like did you were only murders scored. Jess says that said was one of

the first calls after the pilot was
written. Said read the script, hold

tell us what you think. I
wrote Dan an email after I read the

script and I said one line.
I said murders is magic. That's all

I wrote. And John to this
day says that because Dan forward to that

email to John and John says you
got the show in those murders in those

times. Sid says it was that
email that got him into the room with

Dan Jess and John Hoffman. Up
to this point, throughout the pandemic,

with all production stopped it, sid
had been spending a lot of time alone

composing, inspired by the music of
Eric Sat and Philip Glass. I played

some of that music that I was
writing for John over the phone and then

I also played him what I never
thought was going to be the theme of

the show and I was like,
Oh, I got this too. After

reading the script. I was like, I'm feeling this for whatever reason,

and and John was like, wait
a minute, what was that thing that

you just played? And I played
it for him. WHOA and I was

told and I played that for John
and he was like, I'm done.

He was like that you go said
that's my theme, and I was like,

what are you talking about? I
was like I just was like.

I was like, what do you
mean? That's my theme, and he's

like now that's it. That's my
show right there. Sid was surprised because

he thought of the music as a
work in progress, and that's the beauty

of like the right collaboration and the
right partners that you work with right it's

like someone recognizes something in you that
you didn't even know you had, which

is what my relationship with Dan Fogelman
has been like for my entire scoring career,

is that he recognized that. I
can see he wanted me to score

his stuff and I didn't think I
could score like I was like, I'm

in a band. I was like, I don't know, this is like

and that piece right there is very
much inspired by the music that I,

like, grew up listening to.
When they can, they went moved to

the US. Hearing said story about
the magical way the theme music was realized

reminds us of how magically a lot
of elements seem to have come together on

the show. Well, when you
have Steve Martin and Marty Sort and Selina

Gomez in your cast and you basically
get anything in any when you want to,

it's too sid worked with the producers
to develop the final mood and tone

of the music. Direction from producers
generally on the project was in finding the

sound of the show. They were
like, Hey, can you find something

that feels old, classic but modern
as well? How do you do that?

Sort of a philosophy was born early
on on this show, which is

like we just felt like this show
should be a clash of the modern or

the there the classic meets the modern, and so really that sort of infected

all of these departments and in particular
music, and so for Sid I think

that was like he went towards a
classical piece of music but done in modern,

interesting ways. When seed was first
composing the title music, he recorded

it using the instruments he had in
his studio, a piano, an auto

harp and a couple of xylophones,
and it was then fulldoman that said to

me. He's like, can you
toughen this up somehow, like just toughen

it up, I want to feel
something a little more aggressive. And and

then another producer, J was like, Hey, how do you make this

a little more New York? So
I took those directions. We had this

drummer come in to play the main
title on Home Depot Buckets. So what

you're hearing there is home depot buckets. It's like a street musician that you

might see like in the subway and
and playing the playing along, and so

that's that sort of completed that and
it's just these wonderful touches that kind of

makes the music sort of come alive
and and the hope is, you know,

feel like New York, which,
of course, is such a mix

of classic and modern itself. If
you're curious about how the process of composing

a score works, we were too. Composers work differently in all like everyone

has their own process. Some composers
like to work to what's called lock picture

right, and so the producers and
editors have already put the picture together,

it's not changing and ain't at this
point goes to the composer. It's filled

with all sorts of like temporary music, known as temp music, that sort

of like Holp, this place holder. The problem with temp music, said

says, is that it leads the
creative direction and as a composer you end

up chasing a sound or a feeling, which can be very limiting, and

especially on a show like this,
which is such a creative process, like

from every element of the production,
everyone has a created vision individually at their

brain to this thing, and so
I work very early in the process.

So editors will send me stuff,
directors will send me scenes and I'll work

the kind of tying into that where
there are themes to specific characters or episodes

there's more of like a tonal thing
that happens as opposed to thematic. So

here let me go back to it's
better if I sort of explain on the

piano. Yeah, for these do. And so the other piece I started

writing was right, and that becomes
a sort of like our cony at theme,

like in the elevator when they're going
to stayings place. I sent that

to John Too, before I that's
before I saw any picture. I was

like, I'm this, shows making
me, making me feel that, and

John's like, Yep, that's awesome. Like that. We need that to

variations on that theme come up throughout
the episodes and in different situations. Oliver's

Day dreams, for example. These
fantasy sequences are all based on the it's

all based on that where he's interviewing
everybody and he's like back of the line,

you know, and Selina and Kim
Conno have sort of their own sort

of like almost like distortpeing, sort
of like version of whatever that is.

It's more the when she's imagine him, Hey, look, what are you

doing, you know, talking.
That's like haunting. As Sid Watch the

show come together, he started to
incorporate more and more bassoon into the music

and there was some concern early on
from the producers like, wait a minute,

like wait, we're not used to
hearing bassoon like and, but it

was also justified because I think the
bassoon has this reputation of being overly comedic

to and and I think the sort
of like the direction for me on the

score was keep the score as dramatic
as possible to, you know, like

we're I'm playing into the seriousness of
what's happening. I'm not playing into the

comedy. Ever, I try not
to. Obviously there's some quirkiness to the

score, but it's not like you
don't listen to the score and put on

headphones, listen to it and start
like laughing out loud. You know,

you but in the context of somewhat
some of what happens, you do laughs.

There were a lot of challenging aspects
to balance, and creating the score

for only murders episode seven, the
boy from six B was especially difficult.

Sid told us that there had been
discussion to make the entire episode silent,

without even a score. Ultimately,
though, they decided to keep the music

even if there was no dialog.
Normally, when I score something I look

at sort of like the the dialog
as the lead singer. Let's say we're

talking about a band, right,
and dialog, but actors are talking that

sort of like your lead singer,
and then the music is the band around

right as how I sort of see
that when I'm working on score oftentimes.

But now we didn't have a lead
all of a sudden, right, there

was no lead singer, there was
no dialog, nobody to stort of carry

it. So the the melodies that
that just that line alone told a lot

of the story and it was just
sort of how I sort of change the

instrumentation around it to sort of set
the right mood. But that episode was,

I mean, just for me,
just creatively, just like the one

of my proudest things that ever gotten
to do, you know. So that

was the most challenging one to do
for the series. It was the most

challenging. I mean, well,
the finale for me was the most challenging

in terms of the amount of heavy
liftings, though. Wait for that.

We're going to take a quick break. But when we come back, Michelle

Grego teaches us everything we never learned
about the bassoon. JES UPDATES US on

season two and Seid gives us a
clue. Welcome back. Today we're talking

to executive producer Jess Rosenthal. Composers
a DARTHA KOSLA, and bassoon is for

the La, Phil Michelle Grego.
So I have my passoon next to me

and basically it's for main pieces to
the instrument. So this is the bottom

of the instrument, or the boot, and it has all these wonderful keys.

All these are for my right thumb. Okay, so the next piece

is called the wing joy, like
a chicken wing. I don't know why

they called the wing joint, but
it's there's the wing joint, so it

just likes in there. It just
it's basically cork and it fits in five

picepork and you have to be kind
of careful how to assemble it. The

funny story about me with the bassoon
was the first time I saw what in

a lesson it was already put together
and then the teacher helped take put it

back in the case. When I
got home to show it to mom and

dad, I didn't know how to
put it together. The next piece is

the long joint. So it's basically
the longest joint. But now we're kind

of coming into our own. Believe
it or not, your left thumb is

responsible for nine keys. That's what
I mean. What if it's complicated?

It's crazy, a little bit crazy. And then the last piece is the

bell, which of course goes on
top. And then I'm not done yet.

where he we have to put a
read on it, right. So

we have to put into like local
like vocal chords, but it's a vocal

with the B Bocl it kind of
right. It's called a crook sometimes.

So very, very good. And
then if I going to just blow water

without a read, I get nothing. Okay. So then my read,

which is a double read of a
little tip opening and I make all these

and it has to have a little
bit of water to make it vibrate,

and then it kind of dead pro
but it makes a no because, yeah,

or took my headphones off so I
can kind of hear myself. Huh,

and they're that soon. That was
for those of you, like me,

that don't know much about the bassoon. It's a double read would win.

Instrument in the tenor and base ranges, another double read would win.

You probably do know is the oboe, which is smaller and plays in the

higher range. But soon, though, it's just it's bigger, it's more

cumbersome. Of The fingerings are really
complicated. You have to be a certain

height. You can't be short and
Pete in larger orchestra's most bassoon sections have

four players, and Michelle's the La
Phil. She's the only female bassoon player

and while the instrument tends to skew
male, she says more and more women

are breaking that glass ceiling. Now
in terms of like first bassoon players and

major orchestras, I can think of
Nancy colours and Pittsburgh and duty the player

in New York, which for me
that's like great, I'm just so happy

to see women sitting in the first
chair. I'm the second share, so

I'm not second best, but I'm
more the supportive actress. Is whatever right.

Michelle told us that as soon as
Jan walked onto the elevator and episode

three, she could tell by the
case that there was a bassoon inside.

Well, the funny thing is that
case had all these stickers on it and

bassoon players don't do that. So
will do that a shallow case will be

covered with all the travels that they've
done lasts. But soon players are a

little more nondescript. There they have
a little fancier case or case with the

little dated I'll say that. But
I still knew by the size of it

and the way she's carrying it.
I was like that's that's my life.

We actually notice a lot of similarities
between Michelle and Jan. Just like Jan,

Michelle also started out on the flute
before moving to the bassoon. I

was entering the ten grade and high
school and my band director approached me.

I was a good flute player,
you know, and he kind of picked

a couple of us that were sitting
in the first and second shares and he

said how about playing the bassoon,
and I said sure, and then I

I said alcohol and talk to my
parents, but I left his office and

went to the band room and looked
up on the wall to figure out what's

a bassoon, as many do.
So he said yes, before you really

knew want it. Well, I
know it sounded, I don't know what

it looks like. I can I
get yeah, exactly, and I grew

up in Minnesota and carrying it in
the snow drifts. That's kind of an

issue right. I then went home
to my parents and they said no,

you're not going to play the bassoon, because of course they didn't know what

it was either. And I went
back to my band director. He called

my dad and talked him into it
with the word scholarship. He said if

she can play, if she can
play bassoon, well she'll get a scholarship

for college. That's amazing. Was
He right? Absolutely. I went to

three different colleges and I got one
at every school. That's amazing. How

while Michelle may not have a sexy
bassoon tshirt like Jan she does have a

lot of other swag. I'm wearing
bassoon, read hear it, and I

have my covid masks with the bassoon
on it. She is wearing it.

Well, I have my trusty coffee
mum with old bassoons on it, and

my Christmas artaments are packed away,
but I have several Christmas pastoons for the

Christmas tree. But when I saw
that shirt on the TV show, I

stopped the TV, took a photo
and I have it for life. I'm

like, Oh my word, one
of my clothes. Those high school friends,

she still plays your plays in the
Minnesota Opera and we just talked the

other day and I told her I
was going to be doing this and she

was telling me what pussum things she
had and I'm not going to quote what

her shirt said. Just wage was
like, I'm not knowing that pro admittedly,

were a lot more suspicious of Jan
these days than in Michelle Grego.

Jan might be a murderer. Michelle
definitely is not. Before we said goodbye

to composer, said Kosla, we
decided to see if he had any inside

knowledge on who the killer was.
We're up to episode nine. We have

not seen the last episode yet.
We wanted to ask you, because a

composer, did you have clues in
your music? Yeah, yeah, that

was fast. You know. The
only thing I will say about that.

Is it yet? There is a
clue. There's there, there, there's

a clue or clues in the music, but the clue is in. The

early on it was unintentional. Who? But as the season progressed, I

in red. I was like,
Oh, okay, this could be intentional.

That's all I will say. And
I promised. I have promised after

the finale, I promise you can, we can do this again. I'll

tell you that. Oh, excellent, awesome. And of course, with

season one almost over and the opportunity
to talk to an executive producer. We

had to get the scoop about season
two. What's going on with season two?

Can you tell us what's happening right
now? It's an exciting time.

The writers are writing and so it's
such a wonderful process to see these the

continuing adventures of our trio and where
they might go from here. So scripts

are being written, production is melting, stages are being built and we begin

again and fall in New York.
Will it be ten episodes again? I

believe so. Ten episodes. I'm
nice. Well, the CAST, the

writers, the directors are everyone's phenomenal. Has there been talk of Emmy's or

Golden Globes or any kind of awards? Chee from your lips early on,

meeting a hero of my Amy Ryan, I just adored shows of her.

She's been on some of my favorite
shows of all time. That in a

wire in the office is that amy? You got a sprinkle some of this

magic thing you have on ours and
she promised she would. So it sure

seems like at the end of the
day, like everyone else we've talked to,

Jess is grateful that we're all enjoying
watching the show as much as they

enjoyed making it. The joy and
spirit that it was to make the show

was so palpable on set and in
the process, and I'm just so thrilled

that it feels like that spirit and
joy has come out through the show itself.

Coming up next, KK and I
make our guesses and make sure you

stick around until after the credits to
hear the last round of listeners submitted theories.

But before that, a quick but
enthusiastic shout out to all the music

educators out there. The only reason
I'm doing what I'm doing is because I

had a band director who believed in
me and picked me out and supported me,

and I still know him and I
think music education is the key for

anyone and everyone to be able to
do what I'm doing, because I really

shouldn't be doing this. I could
just doesn't make sense what I'm doing this,

but I am and I it's like
when I'm a lottery to do this.

I'm really happy doing it. Okay, Keavy, yeah, it's time.

It is. That's my favorite time
and I remember what you call it.

I know. Why don't you say
at this time this is time for

the WHO done it? Summits.
Yeah, I've been taking my ginkle Beloba

and if I met kicked in.
And this isn't the part of the podcast

where keener and I each put who
we think murder, Tim Cono into an

envelope and open it now. So, keener, do you want to open

mine? Yes, I will open
yours. So here we go. Okay,

careful, it is bunny, bunny. Oh, I'm going on money

to exclamation with. Well, she
is like something's the matter with her.

As I mentioned before in the first
episode, all of her son at his

house had a stuffed bunny on the
counter and I feel like that's just so

good. That could be a red
herring. Yeah, we're ready. Okay,

Bunny, very good. Why are
here with mine? Right, here

we go. You did he still
need help with this bunny? The first

time we both agreed, so I
feel like it maybe one other time,

I can't remember, but this one
for sure. I didn't think it's funny.

This week I just think there are
too many things and pointing to her.

There's too like that. She could
you know, and some of ore

we're going to get to new emails. But really they pointed out that that

she is has access, she has
acted the building, everything she's able to

get people a victim. Yes,
and she got a lot of Tim Kno's

boxes and packages, so that was
really great. I'm so happy that I'm

agreed on something in the world.
So, listeners, do you have a

theory about who killed Tim Kno?
Let us know. Email us at only

murders at Straw hut Mediacom. Thanks
for listening to episode nine of only murders

in the pod. Only murders in
the pod as a production of Straw hut

media. The show is hosted by
Elizabeth Keener and Kevin Lown, produced by

Ryan Tillotson, Maggie Bowls and William
Sterling. Associate producer is Stephen Markley.

Music by Kyle Merritt and big,
big thanks to Jon Hoffman, Ari Avishet

and the entire Hulu Tin. See
you next week again from keeter's closet.

Bye. Okay, so Keavy.
Yes, now we're going to fan mail,

yes, listener mail, but we
know what I'm going to give it

to you. Yeah, there was
somebody who was a brandy. Thank you.

She said if she wasn't a listener
and she was a fan, she

would be a keener for here Kane
her. Thank you. Brandy. Thank

you, Brandy. Okay, so
some from some of our listeners. Here

we go. Yeah, Derek and
Katelyn, we're just, you know,

there's so many we just want to
get well, just kind of someone up.

Who they think? Yeah, and
thank you. They really some of

them really fleshed things out, but
just had to be right. Derek and

Caitlyn think it's jams. Caitlyn thinks
jen maybe in on it, but she

doesn't think Jim actually murdered Tim Con. Okay, so it's a group,

yes, with her. Okay,
thank you for excellent all right, the

next one. Oh, all right, on the bunny wagon. WHO's on

the Bunny Wagon? Besides us?
There's a lot of the BUDDERS, a

lot. There's Jennifer. Oh,
Jennifer's back. She thought it was theo

before, but Jennifer from New York
is trying again. Yeah, after her

failed theodemus. You know what failed? How many of you had you and

on heavy with the Odemus did okay, and then also Valerie jumped on the

Bunny Bandwagon, and then Alicia with
it's also a a lie, right,

a lie. So Ali thinks it's
bunny. I'm going to read this because

she had ter see things right,
because she has threatened Oliver and we see

all over get a threat. Bunny
means business. She wanted Oliver to stop

the podcast because she didn't want demons
to go down because he's her biggest contributor

to building dues and donations. Tim
Cono try to take him down, so

she had to kill him in order
not to lose any money. Sexy bassoon

is lady probably knows something, because
the killer went after her, unless it

was staged and she sits at her
window off and to play the bassoon like

real window. You know, Alfred
Hitchcock who since the one day or is

mentioned. There's something. There's someone
else involved. She's going to piggyback on

an instagram theory that will has a
hand in this as well, but she's

ninety nine percent sure it's bunny.
So there's a lot of a lot of

things that she said which was really
in her oh there's something. I just

want to read this part because this
is interesting. Remember there was a clue

from one of our guests about an
anagrams and all it was like hitten in

the script, someone in the script, and I'm just going to read this

from Ali. Yeah, I really
think it's bunny, based on the clue

that the murderer is the actor whose
birthplays is an Anagram from dialog of one

of the first seven episodes. I
think I've found it. The actress was

born in Miami. I don't remember
which episodes they are. All these are

all from I was going crazy this
morning. Well, we're we're going crazy

reading that. She doesn't need that
was a deep, deep died, but

good for you. So we have
a few people who also think it's Oscar's

Dad, the building superintend right,
right, I thinks that. HMM,

Robert, yes, and chloe.
And chloe, does you know? They

all feel like there's revenge because his
son was, you know, was in

jail for ten years something that he
didn't do it. He's in vengeance and

he could have been like bunny.
He has access to all the units exactly

around it. It wouldn't be suspicious. Exactly right. So the grudge and

access, they all thought. Oh
what else chloe said? She said that

we're amazing host in that she loves
our PODCAST. Oh, chloe, I

think I read that like ten times. Thanks close you're the best. Okay.

So also, I think chloe also
thinks Jan is Theo's mom. Yes,

she said that. Yeah, okay, so let's see who thinks it's

Lucy. Yes, so lucy is
Charles, kind of step daughters, think,

extreme friends daughter. Yeah, remember
that? Because, well, holly

thinks it's it's Holly Lucy, because
because there's some sort of penmanship conspiracy thing

that's going on at his with the
no no that were left on the yea

and a Valentine state card that I
don't remember, but she, holly seems

to remember seeing that looked all the
same in writing. And also also suspecting

lucy is Anthony Zachary and Beatrice from
Dallas Texas. They think Lucy's about the

age of the hearty boys and maybe
was excluded shouted or she she may have

been hardy boys and herself because she
didn't get included. But also we have

to remember they sent us a really
great picture. Thank you, guys.

And Beatrice is their dog. Who
Ya Kee Claire, to be clear.

Thank you. So now going on
to the one person who thinks it's less

last, or the doorman, and
that is so Janet thinks that Lester is

Zoe. He's Dad. Now,
if you recall Zoe's family is super wealthy

and owns the eleventh floor holding your
flock cone right, so I'm going to

say that is probably wrong. Yeah, I think. I think he said

put a pin in it, yeah, which is like the perfect thing.

Will Circle back to that, Janet. Yeah, that's wrong, but good

job, Janet, good try.
Okay. So then also we have oh,

heather, heather, Heather thinks it's
Oscar, yes, the Tidye Guy,

but we know him as Oscar now. And now she thinks that the

weight, which also Mabel's love.
Yes, and trade. We got it

all. He's doing. He has
a lot of like like, like,

you know, ty die, ten
year in jail. You know, it's

like now he's making out with Selina. Yeah, okay, so, but

the biggest motive is revenge. Say
That's because he went to jail for ten

years. That's right. And I
was riding there. Was broading. What

doesn't look like he was rotting when
he came out. Heves pretty fine s

on the inside. Oh God,
aren't we auntoly? Are We all good?

Point. So now we have two
people who think it's Dr Stanley.

Remember Dr Stanley? He does.
Then Mo, he's the therapist Er als

and on floor six and the two
people are Sarah thinks it's Dr Stanley,

and so does Leslie and North Carolina. Yes, and I'm going to read

Sarah's because she really yes, she
had some good guess, some really good

points. Here we go. What
if Tim's death was an accidental poisoning covered

up to make it look like a
suicide? We see on the talks report

tim is on an antidepressant and we
know we came from floor six with a

parent suicide notes to the trash bag. And we know that the resonant therapist,

Dr Stanley, lives on floor six
and she says takes Mendmo. Remember

that. Theory is Dr Stanley accidentally
gave him a lethal dose of Secho barbital

used for insomnia, which interacted with
both alcohol and his antidepressant and killed him.

In order to make it look like
a suicide to save his own hide,

the doctor pulls the fire alarm and
enters Tim's apartment to stage a suicide.

And then she gives us a little
bonus. Jan admits she's in therapy

and, as obviously shady and suspicious, she may be a patient of Dr

Stanley's. Being blackmailed into infiltrating our
group in order to steer the investigation away

from the doctor or her as an
accomplice. I'm watching you could have been

a warning for him. Stanley.
And then she gives an extra bonus.

Let me another NUS, another body. We know neighboring apartments can overhear conversations.

Remember that you mentioned that about the
this because that was in the first

episode. As the park nowther than
bent in the bout, she stood up

and listen. So, with teddy
living in six B and Stanley and six

see, he could have overheard Oliver
talking about the podcast. For that matter,

Jan and six a could have as
well. Why do all the bad

guys live on the same floor?
And then she had extra, extra bonus.

I mean she went bonus on top. She's like she's so and she's

out. You know what I'm saying? The the DOC, could have easily

poisoned Winnie because Oliver never locks his
doors. Super Bonus. This also exsplaze.

Why we see UMA pop out to
give Charles the stink eye while he's

waiting on Mabel inside Teddy's up Teddy's
apartment. She lives in three F but

was in a session on sixth floor. So and that's Woma. You remember,

she's our funny, funny woman.
That's like give the glass, one

happens the finger. Yeah, the
bird, the bird lady took the bird,

flipping in the bird in the beginning. So so that makes us wonder.

Is Tim Conno a patient or was
he under Stanley right? Why are

they all on the sixth floor?
And, as she mentioned, there we

do know zas found the two glasses
and Tim Conna's apartment. That had liquor

in it. So we know he
had a guest and maybe that liquor interacted

with his medication. By the way, when you says ask, you guys

say the whole name Zaspataki always and
on that knows Z ASPATAKI. We're out.

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