EPISODE 264: World's Top Counterfeiter Turned Artist Arthur J Williams Jr


Show Notes

On this week’s On the Rocks, we welcome one of the world’s most notorious counterfeiters turned artist, Arthur J Williams Jr, who turned to learning art while spending a third of his life in jail. His sought-after money-themed oil paintings incorporate the same level of detail found in his counterfeit work. All his works are painted in layers with many of the security features found in real currency including watermarks and many revolutionary painting tropes that have become his signature, including iridescent ink that is only visible under a black light, canvases done with three-dimensional paint, and elaborate prints on NASA space material. Joining in the conversation is our guest co-host, podcaster/producer/writer Liz Culley from the Scissoring Isn’t A Thing podcast and your host with the sassy most, Alexander Rodriguez.  From Straw Hut Media Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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