EPISODE 100: LGBTQ Healthcare w/ A.G. Breitenstein


Show Notes

Finding health care as a queer individual can be terrifying. Sometimes it can feel impossible. The system is often ignorant to the LGBTQ community. And any queer-competent healthcare providers can be hours away by drive or months away by appointment. That’s why A.G. Breitenstein sought to make healthcare accessible. She’s had first-hand experience with poor medical care and knew there had to be a better way. So she started Folx Health, the first digital-native health platform designed specifically for the queer community. Be sure to follow FOLX Health on IG! Your host is Levi Chambers, co-founder of Gayety. Follow the show and keep up with the conversation @Pride. Want more great shows from Straw Hut Media? Check out or website at strawhutmedia.com. Your producers are Levi Chambers, Maggie Boles, Ryan Tillotson and Edited by Sebastian Alcala Have an interesting LGBTQ+ story to share? We might feature U! Email us at lgbtq@strawhutmedia.com. *This podcast is not affiliated with Pride Media.

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