Psychic Rehab
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EPISODE 8: Oh the Horror!

Show Notes

Ever feel so crazy you just want to scream? Or how about watching other people scream, on screen? Or scream at people screaming in a wrestling ring? Well, tune in to this very special and scream-worthy episode of Psychic Rehab. I talk about the therapeutic value of watching horror and exploitation films with horror scholar and author Kier- la Jenisse as well as the merits of cheering and booing for faces and heels in professional wrestling matches with activist Carmela Prudencio and artist Eddy Miramontes. Therapy doesn’t always take place in an office. Join the conversation and help fight the stigma against mental illness, it’ll be a scream. Available at Strawhut media dot com, Apple podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your pods.
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Order House of Psychotic Women:
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