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KK is joined by Poppy White herself, Adina Verson as well as Season 2 Episode 6 co-writers Ben Smith and Joshua Griffith. They discuss Episode 6 “Performance Review” and answer questions live!Join us on the next LIVE REDDIT TALK Wednesday 7/27 @ 3:30pm  PTEmail us YOUR theories and guesses at onlymurders@strawhutmedia.comFrom Straw Hut Media


Anoop Desai aka The Djinn joins a live Reddit Talk where he answers questions about Season 4 Episodes 4.Join us on the next LIVE REDDIT TALK Thursday 8/4  @ 1:00pm  PTFrom Straw Hut Media


Straw hot media. I'm Matthew.
This is a new a k a the

Jin Uh, and we are taking
questions. In fact, we're about to

take one right now. If you
have a question and you want to come

up here and ask it live,
just raise your hand and we will bring

you up. Yeah, come on, breathing, it's sowhelming heart Bizzar has.

So tell me why would anyone want
to be alive does not have a

reputation before she arrives? But Trust
me, we have way more funny after

life. We have way more funny
after life. How are you a new

I'm doing really well. Thanks for
having me. I'm I'm excited to be

here all right. So, if
you're ready to just start fielding questions,

I have Lego and then we have
some folks in the chat who are excited

to to give you questions. Just
to get the ball rolling, I will

ask you one from someone who could
not make it today. Let me pull

their question up. This is from
Kira Lou on discord, who could not

make it today but left a question
with me. They said you spend a

lot of time playing against Cavon and
Harvey, since obviously most of your scenes

are with Nandorin Guillermo, but is
there any other character in the show that

you would like to have more scenes
with, and, if so, how

do you imagine those scenes going?
Oh Man, Um, yeah, most

of my scenes are with with Cavon
and Harvey, just by the design of

my character. I mean it's kind
of a hard choice because everyone on the

show is so funny and so like
such a joy to work with. Um,

I think I think a Jin Naja
kind of team up would be really,

really interesting. Um. Natasha is
such a great, great actor and

an amazing improviser. Um. That's
one of the things that I've just kind

of realized by watching the show when
it comes out and then having been there

in person, is just how much
stuff gets cut out just because it's it's

Improv and it's Um, you know, it's it's unscripted. It doesn't work

for it all to be in there, and Natasha is one of the best

at that. I would I would
love to have a little bit of gin

and and Naja interaction. That sounds
like it would be a lot of fun.

I think everyone would be into that. And you mentioned you said that

you used to like you were a
fan of the show before you were on

it, right. Yeah, yeah, for sure, that's awesome that you

get living out the dream, just
getting on the show that you were a

fan of. It is, I
mean, and I I mean I thought

season three was was my favorite season. I mean just if you look at

I mean if you just Jackie Daytona, and I mean that's a pretty season

making episode as it is, but
just the way that all the characters have

evolved from season one to season four
and then to be, you know,

be able to be a part of
that and, Um, you know,

a big part of that, and
this season is is really just, I

mean what, what a dream.
It's a dream for the fans too.

They're they're loving the jet. Uh. Speaking of we have a fan here.

Uh. What is this? Name? Book sns skates, books and

skates. Books and skates are skates. All right, come on down,

books and skates. Make sure to
UN mute your mic to ask your question.

Hi. Hi, my name is
fired, for my books to ground,

because I do books and skates at
the same time. But yeah,

like what, what is? What
do you think is the funniest cust member

that like Fox up the scene the
most? Then you have a lot of

bloopers about it. I mean again, because thank you for your question.

I think because I spend so much
time with harving Cavan, it is really

I mean, I'm I'm sure you
guys remember that scene where Um Cavan is

kind of crossing off his wives and
and he says something like Oh, that

you know, this one, I
think, is smarter than me, so

you know, I'm gonna Cross her
off. That scene. The way we

film, that lasted about ten minutes
and it was just him riffing on on

like reasons to cross out, you
know, these these wives, and I'm

so happy that they didn't put me
in that. I mean they must have

realized because from from take it wasn't
written in that way, right, and

in the script it was just kind
of Um Nandor crosses out wives and talks

about it. So that was completely
up to Cavan to to come up with

the you know, with the reasons, and I lost it. I mean

it was just one continuous tape.
I was laughing the entire time. Um,

I think, came and looked over
at me one time and it's like,

you know, he thought I was
like writing in my notebook because my

head was down, but really I
was. I Like I couldn't put my

head up because if the camera happened
to catch me, it would just I

would just be cracking up. So
I have so much respect for all of

them. Like I said, as
as improvisers, I mean I had an

experience with with Klan. Every time
I was on set he would he would

make me laugh. He's such a
great improviser, such a great actor and

warm person too. Thank you for
yeah sound he sounds like a really fun

person to be around. Absolutely,
that's that's that's my guy. Thank you

so much. That's a great question. Uh, and now we have big

Marion Barry. Three thousand and five
right. Chicago residents are sorry you didn't

DC residents DC. Yeah, as
a DC resident, loved the name.

My my DC friends are gonna kill
me that I said Chicago. I'm sorry.

It's one of my friends, DC
Nell, is in Chicago. I

think that's where my my it's fair
enough. All Right, Mary and Barry

hit us with the question. Make
sure to UN meet your mic. Thank

you so much. Um, my
name is Evelyn. I kind of just

picked a random red it's name here, so I hope you enjoy it.

Thank you for choosing me. Um, I wanted to ask while you were

filming on the show, did you
get to do any Improv of your own

in any scenes and, you know, did you enjoy it? That's my

question. Thank you. Thank you. Um. Yeah, I mean it's

it's one of the foundations of every
you know, the way that we we

filmed every single scene is um to
make sure that we get what's on the

page and and the scripted show as
it was intended by the writers. And

then, you know, after we
do take one, there's you know,

we kind of fall into oh it
would be funny to stay this year,

and you know. So there's a
gradual kind of improvisation that comes in and

then the last take of every scene
is is just we call it funzies.

I think we were Harvey and I
were talking about it on the podcast last

week and it's it's amazing. I
mean everyone gets improvised, everyone just kind

of gets to to throw stuff at
the board and see if it sticks.

I mean that was my favorite part
of of shooting. I mean the scripts

are amazing and you know, I
I it's one of those things where I

would be on the plane to go
shoot a scene or two to go shoot

an episode and I'll be laughing a
lot on the plane because the scripts are

are so funny. But the ability
to improvise, and especially around that group

of people, Um was, was
really a blessing and I enjoyed it thoroughly

the last time that I I mean, you know, I did Improv in

in high school and but it's just
to be able to flesh out a character

like that. I think that's what
the what the Improv is is so good

for and, like I said,
there's you know, and I've seen this

said elsewhere, we could probably make
another show of just the Ad Libs and

then the Improv Um. But I
think the reason it's so successful in the

show is everyone is so confident in
their character. There's so much work that

all all the actors do too,
to find their characters and the backstories and

it is this ridiculous world, but
to be able to ground it in an

improvisation is really a gift. So
I I adore doing it and I just

wish that, you know, there
was there was some way that that y'all

could see that. Of course,
you know, we're constrained by the by

the time limits of actually making a
TV show and not an Improv show.

Thank you so much for answering my
question. Just want to say you're a

great addition to the cast and I
watched with my parents. We all love

it. So thank you so well. Thank you so much. Thank you

so much, and I to your
folks thank you. I'll be sure to

tell them they're going to freak out. All right, now we can allow

grinning stand who's been waiting very patiently
up here, to ask their question.

Hi, thanks so much. Sorry, Mi Mike Wasn't working before. Thanks

so much for joining us. Um, thanks for having you. I I

wanted to ask what it was like
coming onto an already established cast and how

that might feel different as an actor, you know, like who, along

the crew or the cast did you
find that you got on the fastest with,

or who did you learn the most
about the show's work at this from?

Yeah, that's a that's a great
question. Thank you. Um,

it was, I mean it was, you know. I mean I was

pretty nervous walking onto that set at
first. Part of that is because I'm

a fan of the show and there
is, you know, an expectation of

you know, this is gonna be
Great. Like you have to add to

it you have to be there for
a reason. Um. Very quickly,

though, I've found so much acceptance
on the set. Um, my my

first scene that I filmed in this
season. You you'll see, I think

next next episode, Um, episode
five, and that was with with Cavon.

So camon was the first person that
Um, that that I worked with

and I interact with, and it
was just such a you know, again,

it was so welcoming. Um,
and I know, in talking to

him, like the way that stuff
moves around in the show, you never

know, like you know, we
we have scripts, but you're never like

sure what the storyline is gonna be
in three episodes or four episodes. It's

it's always changing. We have drafts
that you know the writers are still writing

and you have to see how you
know what the chemistry is like and where

the season is going. But I
think, Um, well, I know

when when I first showed up,
I think Cavan was like, okay,

this guy's here for for one or
two UM scenes or one or two episodes.

and and you know, luckily we
we got on really well that that

first uh, that first time,
but I think I just kind of kept

showing up after that and uh,
and you know, got got to,

of course, work with everyone during
that time. But, UM, yeah,

and and you know, as you're
there and as you spend more time

there, it's it becomes more and
more of a family. You know,

you get to hang out, Um, you know, we get to hang

out with each other when we're not
shooting. We get to, you know,

hang out in each other's trailers and
and, you know, really come

to to be friends working on this
thing together. And and my my thing

and one of the reasons I say
that this is one of the highlights,

if not the highlight, of my
career. So fine, I'm talking about

the music industry. I'm talking about, you know, acting. Is that

my approach to everything that I do
is always, you know, I I

tell people, do good ship with
your friends. That's that's all I want

to do. And it was so
evident from day one that shadows was going

to be that for me. And
and to see the effect that it has

on all of Y'all and see the
effect that Um, see the fact that

it's coming through right like the chemistry
that we have as character is but also

as actors on the same set.
To see that chemistry coming through is is

just is so gratifying for me.
So I hope I answered your question,

but yeah, I just had to
say like, it's, it's it's been

the pleasure of of my career to
to do this so far. Yeah,

that's excellent. Thank you so much. Of course, I love the the

enthusiasm that that is so obvious that
you have for this show. Just in

the way you're answering these questions.
It's so clear how much you love the

show that you're working on. No, it's and it's, and it's hard

not to it's and it's. It's
contagious, it's infectious. Um, maybe

that's not the language to use,
but Um, it is. Uh,

it is something that we all feel. That's all right. I think this

is the one virus we everyone wants
to catch. Um, all right,

we have kph. I don't know
how the heck you'd pronounced that, but

you are up next. Maybe you
can tell us how to pronounce your name.

So My name, uh, is
the actually Greek phonetic spelling of the

island of Creek. Oh, cool, fancy. So that's how you could

say uh, so new. Thank
you so much for doing this. Of

course. Of course I wanted to
ask really quick uh Allah, Aladdin and

the genie. Will we ever hear
the GIN sing? Um, you,

you will not. Um. I
think I already used this joke on twitter,

but I didn't want to step on
baby collins feet. But Um,

no, you, you, you
won't. It's Um. You know,

for for better or worse, I
don't know. Do Do you think that

would I wonder if the GIN as
a character sings, I feel like his

singing voice would be a little a
little gravelly, a little, you know,

I don't know. It's singing in
an accent. I will say,

is pretty hard. So I know, I don't I don't really know if

I'm up to the challenge as it
as it exists. But yeah, no,

I the opportunity never never came this
season and and I'm I'm more than

happy for Um, for for mark
two to fill the singing shoes on this

season. Thank you so much.
For sure. I just want to point

out for those of you know in
the audience you don't know, nuke was

an American idol contestant. I hope
you don't mind me saying that. No,

not at all. It's it's true. I mean it is. This

is, uh, you know,
a funny story. In fact, how

I knew who you were before the
show came out, before you were on

the show, rather because I saw
you on American idol, you know,

a decade ago. I think it
was yea. Uh so that was fun

saying, wait a second, I
think I recognized this guy. I'm I'm

floored by the number of people who
who recognized me just kind of in daily

I mean, my my appearance is, I mean I think changed pretty drastically

in the last thirteen years. But
Um, I'm I'm so I'm so shocked

by that. But you know,
again, like having the response to this

character has been insane, even just
to see people like, Oh my God,

that's him from from thirteen years ago, people having thesing memories. I

will say that. and Um,
I'm just glad to you know, have

people, uh, you know,
keep keep up with my work. Um,

so, that's that's very nice.
We speaking of, uh, you

know, American idol and in the
show. What what was that career path

like for you? How did you
get from from American idol to what we

do in the shadows? Well,
Um, so, when I finished idol,

this this is, you know,
we went on a fifty city tour

that was two thousand and nine.
I, you know, started my journey

in the music industry. What what
I what I kind of found at the

time was that there was and in
the music industry. There was a certain

stigma attached with Um. Being on
idol Um. At that point, the

show I had been around for eight
years. You know, you you had

you're Kelly Clarkson's and Jennifer Hudson's and
Carrie underwoods and and what have you.

But, you know, the market
began to be flooded with with us.

So it was it was kind of
tough feeling and because of that, because

I kind of felt like people weren't
taking me seriously at that point, I

started releasing music and writing music under
a pseudonym, that's totem. That's that's

why my social media handles are totem
sound Um and had to had to,

you know, a fair amount of
success with with totem Um as totem.

So not only was I, you
know, releasing music is totem and and

you can find that on spotify.
It's, you know, a couple,

you know, millions of plays on
on there, but I was writing a

lot of music for pop artists around
the world. You know, I was

spending some time in soul, South
Korea, writing K pop. I was

I was writing, you know,
Swedish style pop stuff in in Um,

in Stockholm and in Oslo. It
was in L A, you know.

So I was doing a lot of
that and what it turned into is I

was doing more behind the scenes stuff, writing songs that I was performing.

Um, just because of the,
you know, realities of the music industry.

It's it's Um, you know,
it is what it is. But

I I just at a certain point
I got really tired of of being in

a studio all day. Um,
my my love and my goal and my,

you know, my passion is is
being on stage, is performing,

is being in front of the camera. So I got a great opportunity to

audition for a Broadway like a lab
of a of a show that was going

to Broadway. Um, and it's
just kind of a way that, you

know, you test out the material, put it on its legs. Um.

To be able to audition for that, saying an act and then to

be a part of a cast and
perform something was really I mean, I

I'm I missed it and I you
know, I mentioned I uh, you

know, acted in middle school and
high school and and, but then I

kind of just went straight into music. So to be a part of a

Castigan was really awesome for me and
I kind of I had was already getting

a little burnt out and a little, you know, unfulfilled writing and being

in a studio all day. So
I kind of made the decision I want

to try and make this work.
Um and I, you know, started,

started from the bottom. Um,
in in that industry and in acting,

and Um got a chance to be
in a great off Broadway show written

by, you know, one of
the best pop songwriters on the planet,

Ross Golan. Um Working with Joshua
Henry and Ryan Vasquez and Sierra and the

show is called the wrong man.
This was and you know, everything from

there has just been a process of
trying to hone this muscle, trying trying

to make this industry, you know, a home and somewhere where I feel

comfortable and somewhere that I feel like
I'm adding, I'm adding something to the

projects that I'm a part of.
Um and again, the the you know,

my my north stars, do great
ship with your friends. So,

as you know, that's that's what
led me here and I'm again so gratified

that I have actually found what I
was looking for. That's that's a rare

thing and I think to be,
you know, to to be in kind

of the pop culture conversation, you
know, twice in in two decades for

very different things. Uh, is
an experience, but I I couldn't have

gotten here any other way. You
know, I don't other I don't know

any other way other than to to
follow what you want to do and and

work hard and hope that it works
out. That's an awesome mantra to have.

I think we all need to sort
of take that on. Just do

stuff with your friends, do have
fun. That's great. Have Fun.

And you know, when I say
do, do a good ship with your

friends, it's like that's that's work, that's you know, when I'm hanging

out with my friends, like we're
writing stupid songs or we're or we're,

you know, going to restaurants and
bar is in talking about it and talking

about what makes that great. You
know, it's there. There is there's

a certain degree of like needing to
immerse yourself and whatever you're doing. That

is so necessary, I think,
for us is as just human beings,

to be present in what we're doing
and I think that that for me,

it's I feel more present when I'm
with people that I love. That's awesome,

all right, makes you meet your
night intellectual purpose. Yeah, I

got it. I thank you.
Thank you for taking my question. I

think one of my favorite things about
what we do in the shadows is the

way they take like real monster and
magical lore and just turn it into something

like really, like hilariously mundanely modern. So, so like I love like.

I love the stories of the GIN
and like how they they stayed true

to the fifty two wishes instead of
just three. And I really really liked

how how you played the gin,
because you were so like you were like

that customer service representative that is just
overworked and has been doing this for way

too long and that that attitude was
hilarious. And I was just curious as

to, like how much you knew
about the mythos of gin going into this

role and how, like, if
they gave you any kind of direction on

like how to how to make that
like modern and funny. Yeah, thank

you. Thank you for your for
your for your comments and and the question.

Um, I truthfully very little about
you know, a gin as as

it is in in in leastern culture
and and you know, like, truthfully,

very little. Um. The thing
that I was kind of guided towards

in my initial audition was was exactly, you know, kind of that the

GIN is accountant, you know,
he's he's he's dry, he's, he's

he's there too well to hold you
know, Nandoor to account Um, and

and that there was. There was
very little like how how should I put

this, that that all of the
characters are so out of this world,

like you said, and that the
gin should represent something that is not not

huge, right, like it's it's
like not goofy, not not Um,

not way out there and big,
but something super dry, super like.

Yeah, so I as soon as
I got that, I really, you

know, didn't do a lot of
work into the into the mythological part of

it, because of exactly what you
said, because this is such a twenty

one century show, you know.
I I kind of wanted to represent that

the best I knew, how which
the image that came up for me immediately

was so my my dad is from
Bombay and when you when you go to

Bombay and you know there are these
people who are you know, if you

need a radio fixed, or you
need, you know, to make copies,

or you need to to do whatever. You know, you have to

go to these little stalls and these
little boots and they kind of do it

for you. And and I swear
every one of these guys has been there

for forty years and he's annoyed that
you're there. He's a nobody has to

help you. And that was just
the first image that came to me,

and so I think the glasses kind
of came from that, because the the

idea being I'm looking down doing something
and you just like interrupted me in the

middle of what I'm doing. Um, and then, you know, the

body language and the kind of and
and because of the way that that,

that kind of came into its own. It necessitated all of the you know,

I'm not trying to be big,
but there's a lot of like I

acting, there's a lot of like
side glances and you know whatever, and

I think that that's what makes the
character so cool and it it just is

kind of by accident, right.
It's it's from this one image that I

had and trying to stay true to
what they what they asked me to do,

which is which is being accountant I
love that. I thought it was

very effective. It's very effective because
the normally are like they were originally demons

who are like trapped and they can
only be free when they grant fifty two

wishes. But because they're bitter about
being powerful and being trapped, those wishes

end up like screwing over the person
who had the lamp. So it was

it was really, really funny to
to see how you reacted in Nandor's request,

like, like dude. Really I
love the fact that it wasn't going

to be like a magnanimous genie.
You know that that it wasn't going to

be like Robin Williams and a Laddin. It wasn't going to be like what

can I do for your friends?
It was there. There's some there's some

contention there, which I like.
That's great. I like that. I

mean I think everyone loves the get
done with it, because there's a little

bit of us. I think everyone
just seen a little bit of themselves in

that. Um Okay. And next
we have a little witchen guy who,

by the way, if I'm allowed
to shout them out really quickly, I

think I recognize from the discord is
an awesome what we do in the shadows

cost player. So happy to have
come up here. Okay, UM,

so I've seen some of the other
cast members talk about how incredible the set

decoration and props on set are,
Um, and some of them have like

picked out their favorite things that they've
seen on set. Is there anything that

you've kind of seen that has been
like your favorite little trinket or piece of

this set that just like really intrigues
you? Oh, that is that's a

great question. Um, Oh,
I'm gonna think about that because, yeah,

there there are so many. Um, I have to say I don't

think I have a specific one because
there there would just be way too like

you, you notice something new literally
every every time you're shooting a scene.

So I can't I can't say like, oh, that was my favorite.

What what I do enjoy is that
the way that the show is shot right

like it is in this document and
this this documentary style, and so I

love the if if you could see
how many, and I hope this doesn't

take anyone out out of it,
but like if you could see how many

people are hiding behind things just trying
to do their jobs. Um, camera

people, lighting people, sound like
it's it is the room is full.

If if there are, there are
two people in there. But because you

have to get this angle and and
it and it has to be like a

specific way. All of those props. I mean, of course, I

mean they are so detailed, they
are so but and and I'll just I'll

give you an example, like this
last episode where, Um, you know,

Nandor rubs the lamp and and I
show up and he wishes that Mar

will will will change your mind about
wanting to come along. Um, you

know, we had to shoot that
where I was like crouched behind, uh,

one of the probably one of the
tables, and then the way the

camera moves, I'm literally traveling behind
them so that it looks like I'm just

showing up out of nowhere. And
and I am so amazed by the fact

that they do very little, like
it's more this season, but when it

comes to transitions like that, there's
there's no like C G E, there's

no cutting. It's just like we'll
hide duck and then pop up or like

you need to be over there,
we can see you in the shot.

So I know that I'm not answering
your question, but but I I like

that's the thing that impresses me about
the way that this stuff is shot,

as opposed to just the props,
is that it's so masterfully set up as

a set. Yeah, but that's
awesome. Thank you so much. Great

Question from a great cost flare.
They do. Uh, they do uh

NA cosplight, and it is top
notch. Like I was not sure it

wasn't a set photo at first.
Oh, I want to I want to

say, let me if I will
send them to you at some right.

Yeah, gets them too. Um, I have a little game for you

to play. Okay, because I'm
sure you've been asked a million times,

like what would you wish if you
had a gene or Egain of your own?

I want to flip the script,
uh and say, you know,

let's put you in the position of
the GIN. Uh. Someone comes up

to you says this is my wish. I want to see how you would

spin it. You know how you
would get them. Uh. So I'm

gonna give you, I'm gonna give
use some wishes and I want to I

want you to tell me how you
would spin them back at them. Okay,

we'll start simple. So the first
one. The first one is I

wish I was the wealthiest person in
the world. Yeah, I would.

I would make you wealthy and and
like piles of Dogshit. That's a good

one, because they specify, but
current in specify currency. That's good.

That works all right. I wish
that the person I loved loved me back.

They would love one specific feature of
you that you could only demonstrate,

like when you were in your weakest
position. That's good. That's that's like

like some weird, kinky stuff like
yeah, yeah, I was gonna say

I don't want to be to to
but you know, no, this is

what we do in the shadows.
We can, we can. You know,

we're fine. That is true.
There was an entire episode about about

Penis and argument. Yeah, exactly, which, by the way, the

fact that you know, they spent
so long trying to knock out of the

park without you tricking them was hilarious. I mean props. Yeah, uh

so, the last, the last
question and perhaps the hardest. I wish

for world peace. Oh Yeah,
world peace. Sheez, I I guess

there's some way to to UH.
I mean, that's just so sad because

like wouldn't it wouldn't be great.
But I guess world piece. I guess

I would give you a rock,
because that's that's a piece of the world.

Um, you didn't specify how spelled
or what you're actually talking about.

So yeah, I would, I
would, I would give you a piece

of of the coprust of the earth. Wow, I guess you have to

write out your requests from now on. I'll take anything I can. I

can get anything. We have way
more fun. We'll get the next person

up now. UH, party poisone, Poi Zone. Maybe Party poisone.

Come on down. Um. Um, loving what the GIN this season and

I'm very excited to see what other
chaos that you can unleash um in the

next six episodes that we've got.
Um. So my question for you is,

let's say, Nandor exhausted all of
his whisp not. I'm sorry,

Nandor still has wishes, but he
has no other ideas what he should wish

for. Um. So he asks
the GIN. What should I wish for?

So, based on, you know, the amount of time, the

short amount of time that the GIN
has been in the Vampire Household, what

do you what would you suggest Nandor
wishes for? What would I suggest Nandor

wishes for? Um? You know, I would say, and I've kind

of said this before, is that
like there there is a point at which

the GIN is takes a little bit
of pity on on on him. Um,

I think that I would want him
to wish for his own happiness in

whatever like, in whatever form that
is right, like Nandor is one is

so caught up in thinking that,
oh, this is gonna make me happy,

this is gonna make me happy,
this is gonna make me happy,

but it's he doesn't really take time
to look at himself like that's why the

character is hilarious. That's why the
character is tragic, right. So,

like I would want him to to
be happy, you know, to to

wish for his own happiness and and
not have any kind of preconceived notion as

to how how that occurs. Cool. Thanks, hi, I'm just on.

There we go. Looks like you
got your mic working. I finally

got to work in. Um.
So I have a short question. What's

it like being the straight guy for
like twelve hilarious comedians? Um, it's

you know, it's the the the
only thing I can say is that it's

a lot easier than having to do
what they do every every scene. Um.

That that having been said, there
is it's it's rewarding because there's such

a wealth of comedy to respond to. You know, one of the things

that the GIN is there to do
has just responds to all of the wackiness

that goes on and and like I
forget it was, but you know,

to be the audience is kind of
Um Avatar there, and so it's it's

fun, it's Hilarious, it's Um. Yeah, I mean it's it's fun

more and more than anything, I
gotta say, yeah, I have a

part B how easy is it not
react like at all as you stand there

in the corner judging them so harshly? You know, one of the things

that happens when you when you play
a character over the course of a season

is is that you find the beats
with the other actors and the other characters

and and I I really found myself
kind of thinking like the gin more often

than not. So when you know
a lot of that judgment that's in the

Jin's eyes, Um, and you
know, after some of these requests is

real like you. You know,
you start you start thinking like your character,

you start reacting like your characters.
So, uh, it's at a

certain point it just felt like we
were the same person. and Uh so

some of these stupid wishes. I
was like, you're you know, I'm

thinking to myself, you're you're an
idiot. And and again, it's so

easy when the actor opposite you is
such a great actor too, and they

play it so convincingly. Awesome.
So now we have we have a few

more people with their hands up.
Are you good to keep going? Yeah,

sure, awesome. UH, some
kind of human nerd. Sounds like

a Jackie Dayton I would call him. So some kind of Human Nerd is

actually what Colin Robinson calls the troll
that is trolling him for trolling. I

don't think Jackie Daytona would identify as
a nerd personally. That's that's true.

That's true. Uh So my question
is Um, as someone who wears glasses,

when I see how the GIN wears
his glasses at the very tip of

his nose, all I can think
is that they probably fall off all the

time. And I guess one of
my questions is, do they actually fall

off all the time, or is
there some bringing holding them up there?

And two, do you think that
that is something that the GIN would appreciate,

that it's annoying people around the world
that he wears his glasses like that.

Uh Man, by the way,
I know exactly what we're talking I

am I am a glasses where,
contacts where now, but but I've been

a glasses where since I was two. I have terrible so I I get

that. Like when you when you
see someone who's wearing their glass you know,

it's the same thing like when you
see someone who doesn't wear glasses a

lot and they like have smudges on
them, you know, and you just

want to be like clean your glasses, Um, and and you want to

do that little like nose thing where
you just kind of like inch him back

up. Um, there there's nothing
keeping them in place, you know,

the only way that they stayed there
is that I had to take them off

in between every take because they are
on like about to fall the whole time

and there's just nothing I can do
about that because, Um, I'm not.

Yeah, like I guess that's actually
a good like I wouldn't want them

to stay there the whole time.
Like very similar to to you and I'm

sure people who wear glasses that are
seeing the character like it's just it feels

like an itch you can't scratch to
have them there. Um, so anytime

we were, you know, we
were in between tanks, I would take

them off immediately once, once the
director yelled cut. So I I commiserate

with you, Um, but yeah, it's just it's just one of those

things I had to I had to
uh, it makes the character, so

I was just happy to do that. Yeah, I think it's a really

great character detail. And you know
the pen thing that I think I heard

you UH created that in your audition. It's really cool. Thanks so much

for answering my question. Oh,
thank you. Awesome, and I apologize

for suggest saying that Jackie Daytona could
be a nerd obvious thing. Obviously he's

the coolest among us, uh,
because a boy from Tucson, Arizonia.

Um, okay, we have I
keep thinking about the volleyball team detail of

that episode. I mean that's the
funniest part to me anyway. Yeah,

I know, let's talk about that. I mean I'm happy to just talk

about because that's my favorite episode of
the show hands down. Yeah, I

I think it might be mine too. Um, there's so many just weird

details and then, of course,
like Luke skywalkers, and it's I mean

it's it's it's not. Um,
yeah, it's. It's an amazing episode.

It really, really is. I
mean to think that you have this

show with Mark Hamill on it,
uh, you know, this Wacky,

ridiculous comedy show, and here's Mark
Cambll as this you know, Raven hair

vampire, not raven hair, but
you know, like the white hair vampire.

Is Amazing. Yeah, okay,
now we have smoked cafe. Hi,

guys, as someone who come from
the background of both you and you

and the Cavon, like a shady
street kind of thing, I'm like really

flabber ghasted at the representation here because
it's unlike anything I've seen and watched lately.

And I noticed, obviously with caveon
and the idea that the genie,

when the genie concept came up,
the cavan quickly Um corrected Guillermo and said,

you know, it's not a genie, it's it's a gene and that

it would be calling man if you
think and like, way is that coming

from? Is that coming from Cavan? Is that coming from Tika, like

I mean, is this a country
like collective contribution? Um, a great,

great question, Um, and you
know, don't, don't leave that

Parissa fatory, who plays who plays
Marwa M as well. And there there

is, I mean that bit,
I think was was in the script actually.

So, so it Musta it must
have come from from the right ears.

But I think there is, there
is a way in which it plays

out in real time for the audience
as well, because you know the fact

that we do there in the states, uh, you know, primarily Um

and yeah, if someone on M
was was saying, I forget it was

an instagram or twitter somewhere that,
you know, the gin as a piece

of Miss Marvel came out right right
before we did and it kind of you

know, kind of kind of explained
that thing to people who were watching both

shows. But I think it was
an important bit of dialogue just so that

the audience who might not be familiar
with Um, you know, with with

that part of the culture, kind
of knew what we were talking about Um.

But but I am really I'm glad
that they put it in. I'm

glad that the representation is there.
I mean I I you know, one

of the things that I love about
this show and I love about the character

and kind of the and and it
goes. It goes everywhere, right from

from wardrobe to set, to dialogue
too, to everything is at like representation

doesn't mean like inovert like preachiness about
a certain culture, right like, because

at a certain point that's not like
what anyone wants to see, needs to

see it. It's not a documentary, it's a stupid show, right like.

It's it's supposed to be stupidly funny. And but I do agree with

you that any any ways in which, you know, not just not just

shadows, but any show can can, can weave in a bit of story

just to explain to people, like
this is what we're dealing with. It's

it's not and, you know,
to like lead the audience on a journey,

like here's the etymology of the word. I think it's fascinating. I

agree with you that. I'm I'm
honored that, you know, I could

be a part of it in that
way, but it's just it's so nice

to see exactly. Yeah, like
I agree with that and like thank you

for being a part of it and, you know, being a great parts

of it as well. And I
think it's just that for me it's the

idea of it's not accu it's on
a daisy. Representation it's it's just done,

as parts of you know, the
Eavy Day, and it's like,

Oh, this is us, here
we go. So thank you totally,

of course. Of course, thank
you. Yeah, I mean, you

know, it's it's a responsibility of
of pop culture, of TV, of

music, of anything, to to
to represent the world and society and and

this, this is the world.
So you're telling me that the world has

gin in it. So, uh
well, yeah, all right. Now

we have K and D. my
question was basically, Um, as a

one of my friends who can't make
this. Um, she said she's from

Toronto, and so she's asking,
is there like anything you enjoyed about Toronto?

Were you able to do anything fun
there? Yeah, Um, I

really like Toronto. Um, it's
I live in New York, so it's

like, uh, you know,
a little, a little calmer, which

is which is nice. Um,
I like hugging out a lot on like

Um, King West, Queen West, that that area. Um, I

I love like new restaurants and food
and, you know, booze and drinks

and everything. So, like it
was. It's a great town for that.

It's it's a really nice like food
town and just going out and and

meeting people at, you know,
bars and restaurants. Everyone is so kind

and, Um, I met a
lot of friends there. So it's it's

really been. Yeah, it was. It was an amazing, you know,

three months and of course I was
there kind of on and off.

I wasn't there the whole time,
but yeah, those were kind of my

favorite areas. I think King West
and Queen West, Um, and then

there was a. It was a
great Um. There's a restaurant called mark

or by by mark and they and
they have like a no, God,

I'm getting it wrong. See,
this is what happens when you don't go

somewhere for six months or seven months
and you just forget it all. I

it's. It's one of those things
I like, I can see how to

get in my head, but I
can't remember the name of the place.

Great, like Rumbar, like it's. It's amazing the things that are in

Toronto that you're like we're we're in
Toronto, Canada and the biggest rum selection

I've ever seen in my life is
at this place. UH, and it

doesn't make there's like cognitive dissonance,
but I really enjoyed it. Um,

it's. It's. It's just a
fun town. And it's and it's,

uh, like I said, very
similar to New York when and that,

like I was just walking around and
meeting people and there's so much, like

there's so many different ethnicities that have
enclaves, and so you get to taste

so much amazing food and meet great
people. So I'm very much enjoyed it.

Yeah, thank you, and also
just want to say you're definitely a

fan favorite and, like, I
think everyone is rooting for you to come

back in future seasons. Oh,
thank you. Thank you so much.

Yeah, and it sounds like you
wouldn't mind returning to Toronto, so I

would love it. I would,
I would love to return to Toronto.

I would love to, you know
again, like I said, work with

my friends again on on, you
know, such such a great show and

and to to have this kind of
support for a show is just, I

mean, y'all have no idea how
how lucky Um, you know, everyone

associated with this thing feels that that
you guys are here and engaged and watching

and it's it. It feels,
I mean, it feels great to to

to be a part of it and
then put it out in the world and

to have this kind of reception.
So thank you so really quickly. I

got absolutely roamed by social media last
week for not pressing harder on the future

of the show and trying to kind
of pry a little bit. I know

you can't spoil anything, UM,
but people want to sort of get some

glimpse, and so whatever you're comfortable
saying. A lot of people are theorizing

that the GIN is a shipper,
Um, and that he is trying to

press Guillermo and Nandor together, especially
with that twist wish where every time men

uses his penis he's gonna think of
Guarmo. Now, Um, is that

integtional? Are you playing him that
way? Was that it? was that

something you you wanted to give off, or or is that just something that

the audience is reading into? Um, I think that, Um, as

comfortable as you don't. Don't feel
pressure. Yeah, I will, I

will. I will say this that
the GEARMO, when when he says that

he is in a, in a
good place, Um, in in you

know, episode two or three,
he's not lying. Um. So that

is I think Garmo does feel like
he's he's in a he's he's a good

place. The question is, how
how does how does that get messed up

if it does right and and how
does and how does Nandoor figure into that?

Um, that's that. That's what
I'll say, um of that.

Yeah, I love that little twist
and I think we we we heard very

briefly at the beginning of this most
recent episode that Garmo was on the phone

with someone who who he said,
I love you too. So I don't

know. Man could be anything,
could be his mother, I don't know.

Yeah, it's and and and this
will be a a season long thing,

I I think. Um, you
know, you see, you see

so much great background, um about
Garmo, and I think Harvey said this,

his his family and kind of the
lengths to which, you know,

he feels like he wants to win
and should go because he's obviously it's been,

you know, slighted, but I
mean they shipped him across an Engstran

and I think that kind of stuff
doesn't really go away overnight. Um.

So, yeah, I think that
that is a compelling part of this season.

Got It. I think everyone's very
compelled. I think that's right.

We have, uh, it looks
like intellectual purpose wants to come back up

and ask another question. Um,
hearing you talk about Guillermo. That just

made me think, Um, do
you think or would guiermo be able to

wish himself to be, to be
a vampire, or is that like not

as strong a goal with him anymore? Well, I just kind of from

a it's only nandor that can make
the wishes. Um, Nandor rubbed the

lamp. So I am I am
kind of like you know that. That's

that's who I'm serving. Um,
I think that the GIN accepts that Guillermo

is a part of the equation there. But uh no, I don't.

I don't think that Guiermo could could
wish for anything. Oh, that's right.

UH, yeah, I wonder what
could nandor wish for Guermo to be

a vampire? Sure, I guess
the question is if you could just do

it himself as a vampire, right. Know, I mean his wishes have

been really stupid, so I don't
haven't put anything past them. Yeah,

he could, but he wished could
be a human though. I don't know.

Uh, we have some more people
who have questions. Got To keep

it going. We have some kind
of human nerd has another question. So

so that question actually made me think
of the fact that it's interesting that Nandor

has not wished away any of the
negative aspects of being a vampire. Like

theoretically, it seems like the Jin's
power are is unlimited. Like it's not

like, oh, I can't bring
people back from the dead, I can't

make people fall in love. No, it's just like, no, he

can do absolutely anything. And Uh, I guess this was less of a

question more a remark. The it
Um Nander just really has so many good

things he could wish for and instead
he's wishing to change a woman's hair three

times. Well, I you know
who who asked this question earlier. Like

you know, what would the gin
want and Ander to wish for? Like

there there is so much, and
I mean it's really the course of the

show right, like there's so much
that is him wanting to be happy and

not knowing how to get that.
So I think he's he's doing it the

best that he knows how how to
do with, you know, with with

his uh kind of confident stupidity.
And there is I mean there and to

me like to to to the GIN
like great, like it means I'm gonna

teach you a ton. It means
this is going to be very enjoyable for

me to watch. Right. So, Um, but yeah, you know,

he, he, he could wish
for anything, I guess, but

it's more about you know, what
someone does wish for says as much about

them as it does about anything.
Right. Yeah, I think that's one

of my favorite aspects of the comedy
is that, for most of the wishes

that Jin doesn't even need tosabotage them. He just hears them and he's like,

wow, that's the stupidest thing you
possibly could have asked for. I'm

just gonna get it to you,
like, let's let's go, this is

great. Yeah, I'm gonna be
done with this job. It's a nine

five. I'm going to be done
at too, you know, totally at

the rate he's asking these. All
Right, Um, we have account terrible

it scares me. Hopefully they're not
a terrible person. Hi, hi,

I wasn't on here in the beginning, so forgive me if this is already

asked, but when you went into
the show and just playing the Gin,

what did you expect the fan response
to your character to be, and how

does that compare to what's happening now? Oh, I mean not not that.

I mean I didn't expect anything because
because it's, you know, like

it's it's Um, at the beginning, you know, as an actor it's

it's a it's a Gig, you
know, like you're you're, you're going

to and of course it's one of
my favorite shows, but it's still like

all right, I don't want to
mess this up. Um, the the

amazing part about this has been,
you know, not only being in Toronto

and working with that cast and and
feeling like it was, you know,

one of the best experiences I've had, but the responses come afterwards, which

is, you know, in my
wildest dreams I might have thought like Oh

yeah, like everyone will love this
character, this like dry just kind of

like motherfucker of a character. and
Um, the fact that people do is

is great and I think, you
know, it speaks to kind of the

universality of what he's seeing and the
love of the show, the love of

of just the the the family that
this show portrays. Um, so it's

I mean it's just kind of the
best possible plus minus, uh that I

could have imagined. Well, yeah, everybody is loving the GIN. I

love all the fan art and all
the fan content. I love all the

fan art like it's it's so that
was the first thing I I kind of

noticed where I was like, Oh
man, this is Um, this is

real, like this is you know, people are actually paying attention to the

character, because I think as a
straight character in the in the show,

it is like, all right,
is is it going to be interesting?

So I'm I'm happy that and you
know, that's again, great writing,

great directing, great editing. We'll
we'll do that. Um, so I'm

I'm happy worked out that way.
I cannot imagine looking at social media and

seeing fan art of a character that
you play. It's incredible. I I

must imagined. It's incredible. It's
incredible to see the amount of talent um

out there. It's it's incredible to
to, you know, feel the love

and to feel that you know,
people are paying attention and and and again,

as an actor, that's all you
can hope for is that you're you're

making a worthwhile contribution, you know, Um, to something that you love.

And then I've been lucky in that
regard. That's awesome. That,

that really is awesome. That attitude. Al Right, Marian Barry, is

another question. Hi, thank you, guys. I just had a quick

question that I thought of. Um, like I loved the Cameos on the

show, like I loved seeing Vanessa
Bayer and Danny Trejo. Like. I

was just gonna ask in the previous
seasons or in this season, were there

any cameos from celebrities that you really
liked seeing? Um, I mean I

loved Mark Hamill again in in Um, the Jackie Daytona episode. That was

it was just like I didn't even
know it was him. Honestly, Um,

I was twoday years old when I
found that out. So yeah,

yeah, yeah, exactly. Um, I mean, I'm I I love

Nick Role. I think nickols hilarious. So anytime you know the whole sign

and with the hat and it's just
it's I think my favorite cameos are like

the stupidest plot lines. Those,
those tend to be my favorite cameos because

I just like that kind of humor
and Nick Kroll is is such a anny

funny dude. Um, I wish
I could have been a part of Um,

you know, some of the cameos
this season. I just you know,

I was I was in gin land, but Um, yeah, I

think I think Nick Ral is gonna
be a favorite. Mark Camill's gotta be

a favorite. Do you have anyone
that you would have liked a cameo?

And he dreamed Cameos for the grown? Well, I guess I would have

to be in it first, right, like yes, as a fan or

yes, right, as as as
a fan. I maybe I can answer

that more. Uh, you know, staying on the Nick Kral train,

I mean I think John Laney would
be a pretty funny vampire or the two

of them doing there. You know
they're well, he's already a character,

but somehow having those two old men
that they that they play as. Yes,

just too much tuna, as God. Yeah, I absolutely love,

Love, love love that netflix special. So that that was a good full.

It's so good. It's so good
I cannot imagine too much tuna on

what we do in the shadows thing. We'll leave ourselves with that image.

Um, for today I have been
matthew. He has been a noop.

Uh. Do you have any anything
you'd like to leave other than too much

tune? Anything you'd like to leave
our lovely audience? I again, I

just I really, from the bottom
of my heart, want I want to

thank you, guys, and want
to thank all of the fans, Um,

who who watched the show, who
who give you know, my character

is so much love and so much
life, Um, outside of the show

and it. I can't tell you
how much it means to me. Um,

I know everyone else in the cast
feels the same way. So thank

you, guys, for for being
a part of this and for caring and

loving and, um again, giving
the show the life that it has.

Well, thank you so much for
me and from from all of the fans

of the show. Thank you for
coming out and thank you for for playing

such a wonderful character. Like I
said, it's it's been my pleasure all

right. So I will see everyone
back here next week, same time,

same annal, with hopefully Harvey back
on UH. So don't miss out.

Good bye everyone, bye. E. Then it's so whelming. Hot bizar

has to tell me. Why would
anyone want to be live behind the shadows

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